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					To the Administrator Addressed Digest
February 1 – March 1, 2010

Posted        Description                                                                 Recommended Action                                  Deadline
2/01/10       Texas Student Data System and Stakeholder Feedback                          Options to Participate: Stakeholder sessions        02/01/10
                                                                                          will be designed for teachers, campus
Opportunity   This letter is to introduce you to TEA’s new vision for a comprehensive,    principals, PEIMS Coordinators, and district        Opportunity to
to provide    statewide data system and to request your attendance at stakeholder         administrators. We encourage you to send a          provide feedback
feedback      forums this spring. The stakeholder forums, which will be held at           representative of each of these groups to the
              regional Education Service Centers across the state over the next four      forums or have them provide feedback
              months, will gather input from administrators, principals and educators     through one of the other options listed below.
              that will be used to design the new statewide data system.                        TEA will host 8 regional forums over
                                                                                                   the next four months (see Attachment
              A critical first step in the project design is feedback from users of the            A for details on locations, dates, and
              new system, including teachers, campus, district, and regional leaders,
                                                                                                   RSVP instructions), and CPE credits will
              and PEIMS Coordinators. Our objective is to design user-friendly
              reports, tools, and screens that will provide the different users of the             be available
              system with timely and pertinent information about student
                                                                                                 For those who cannot make a regional
              achievement and campus and district performance so that teachers and
              administrators can make more informed decisions to impact student                   forum, there will be one or more
              achievement.                                                                        webinars, the first one scheduled for
                                                                                                  Friday, April 16, 2010
                                                                                          There is a new project website which contains
                                                                                          key documents, and provides an opportunity
                                                                                          to give feedback

                                                                                          The TAA letter provides more information on
                                                                                          the project design, and the site below provides
                                                                                          information on the scheduled forums. If you
                                                                                          or your staffs are planning to attend a
                                                                                          regional forum, it will be important to RSVP
                                                                                          soon to ensure your attendance.

                                                                                          Attachment A - TSDS Regional Forums
To the Administrator Addressed Digest
February 1 – March 1, 2010

2/01/10       Request for Application # 701-10-107 - Science and Math Outreach            The purpose of this program is to develop and     03/04/10
              Grant Cycle 2                                                               implement partnerships among public,
RFA                                                                                       nonprofit, and for-profit entities and public
               TEA is requesting applications from public, private, nonprofit, and for-   school students to do the following:
              profit entities currently conducting outreach programs with a targeted
                                                                                              1. Enhance interactive science and math
              focus on math and/or science. Grant applicants may include, but are
                                                                                                 instruction for students by increasing
              not limited to, museums, planetariums, nature preserves, and traveling
                                                                                                 student access to museums,
              exhibitions providing science and math education to public school
                                                                                                 planetariums, nature preserves, and
              audiences. Texas independent school districts (ISDs), open-enrollment
                                                                                                 traveling exhibits.
              charter schools, and education service centers (ESCs) are not eligible
              applicants.                                                                     2. Improve teacher content knowledge in
                                                                                                 math and science within context-
              The purpose of this program is to develop and implement                            based learning environments.
                                                                                          Grant funds may be used to enhance or
              partnerships among public, nonprofit, and for-profit entities and public    expand existing outreach programs or to serve
              school students to do the following:                                        additional students. Grant funds may also be
                                                                                          used to add an outreach component to an
                                  existing instructional program.
                                                                                           Funds may not be used to develop or create a
                                                                                          completely new program.
                                                                                          See letter for additional important information
                                                                                          regarding this RFA.

2/01/10       Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate Incentive Program -          Detailed instructions for completing the
              Funded Components for School Year 2009-2010                                 required applications for each component of
Funding                                                                                   the Incentive Program will be provided as they
information   Funding allocated to the AP/IB Incentive Program by the 81st Texas          become available. In order to stay informed
              Legislature will enable the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to continue to     about program requirements and the latest
              fund the following three components of the program. 
                       incentive developments, district personnel
                                                                                          with AP/IB program responsibilities should join
 2009-2010 Funded Components:                                              the AP/IB Incentives Listserv by visiting:

                     Test Fee Subsidies                                        
To the Administrator Addressed Digest
February 1 – March 1, 2010

                     Teacher Training Reimbursements.                                    TAA letter provides much more information
                                                                                          on the three components of the program.
                     Campus Awards.


2/01/10       PEIMS Classroom Link Data Collection 2010-2011                              Federal and state requirements for the data     No new deadlines
                                                                                          listed do not permit TEA to phase in the        included in TAA
Action        TEA will begin collecting teacher assignments and student course            collection resulting in the need to gather a
required      completion data at the classroom level for grade levels one through         great deal of data quickly and accurately.
              twelve as part of the PEIMS 2010-11 data collection. This will allow the
              state to meet the eligibility requirements of the USDE State Fiscal         The following changes are required to the
              Stabilization Fund Phase II grant and comply with state legislative         PEIMS data collection for 2010-11 in order to
              mandates. Reporting requirements are limited for the first year of the      meet these requirements.
              collection and will be expanded in the 2011-12 school year.
                                                                                          Changes to the PEIMS Fall 2010-11 Collection
              USDE State Fiscal Stabilization Fund Phase II Grant
                                                                                          Changes to the PEIMS Summer 2010-11
              In order for Texas to be eligible for $1.1 billion in federal funds for     Collection
              school districts through the SFSF Phase II grant, the state must meet the
              data requirements of the America Competes Act by September 30,              The TAA letter from Commissioner Scott
              2011.                                                                       provides detail on these required changes.

              Legislative Mandates

                     TEC 32.258 requires the agency to establish a secure Student
                      Assessment Data Portal for use by school districts, teachers,
                      parents, students, and public institutions of higher education.
                      The system is required to permit comparisons of student
                      performance at the classroom level, and to enable teachers to
                      readily access student assessment data for use in developing
                      strategies for improving student performance.

                     Requirements for the Educator Preparation Program
                      Accountability System have been amended in TEC 21.045 (3) to
                      include the achievement, including improvement in
To the Administrator Addressed Digest
February 1 – March 1, 2010

                      achievement, of students taught by beginning teachers for the
                      first three years following certification, to the extent


2/02/10       2010-11 Professional Development and Project Share                        In addition to the training that will take place
                                                                                        in face-to-face settings, this year’s
Information   This is the second in a series to districts and open enrollment charter   professional development will offer a new and
              schools regarding professional development opportunities beginning in     innovative approach. Participants will be able
              spring and summer of 2010 and continuing into the 2010-11 school          to complete online training modules through
              year. The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)-based               the state’s digital platform. This new initiative,
              professional development will be offered to grade K-12 teachers and       known as Project Share, was announced in
              administrators and will address various topics such as the new science    November 2009 in a letter to the
              TEKS, end-of-course exams, math and science academies, and English        administrator addressed which may be viewed
              Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS). All professional development is    at
              designed to address content-specific TEKS as well as the College and
              Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) and the ELPS. The professional          9.html. TEA will also provide more information
              development offered through this initiative will be provided at no cost   about Project Share through the various
              to school districts and open enrollment charter schools.                  conferences scheduled for spring 2010.

                            In order for teachers and administrators to
                                                                                        receive the full benefit of the upcoming
                                                                                        professional development, both face-to-face
                                                                                        and online, districts and open enrollment
                                                                                        charter schools will be contacted by their
                                                                                        respective Education Service Centers (ESCs) in
                                                                                        the next few weeks with information about
                                                                                        the professional development opportunities
                                                                                        and schedule for access to the Project Share
                                                                                        platform. This access will also be provided at
                                                                                        no cost to districts and open enrollment
                                                                                        charter schools. Each ESC welcomes the
                                                                                        opportunity to work closely with its districts as
                                                                                        we transition to professional development for
                                                                                        the 21st century.
To the Administrator Addressed Digest
February 1 – March 1, 2010

2/02/10       High School Allotment Exceptional Uses Nominations                        Districts may self-nominate either the district   02/24/10
                                                                                        or a campus within the district by completing
Opportunity   The commissioner of education shall annually select for recognition       the attached form for submission by
              those school districts and campuses that offer exceptional high school    Wednesday, February 24, 2010. Districts
              completion and success and college readiness programs that are            selected last year may self-nominate again this
              implemented with high school allotment funds.                             year. Districts must nominate themselves to
                                                                                        compete in one of the following categories:
              High School Allotment Exceptional Uses Nominations
                                                                                          Preparing students for college readiness;
                                                                                          Increasing graduation rates;
                                                                                          Improving curriculum alignment or
                                                                                               preparing students for successful
                                                                                               transition from middle school to high
                                                                                               school or from high school to college;
                                                                                          Implementing innovative high school
                                                                                               completion and success programs or
                                                                                        See TAA letter for additional information

                                                                                        Attachment One – HS Allotment Nomination
                                                                                        Selection Form

                                                                                        Attachment Two – HS Allotment Press Release

2/02/10       Request for Application # 701-10-108 - Dropout Recovery Pilot             The announcement letter and complete RFA          03/04/10
RFA           Program Cycle 1, Year 2                                                   will be posted on the TEA website at

              TEA is requesting applications under RFA # 701-10-108 from applicants
              that received Dropout Recovery Pilot Program Cycle 1, Year 1, funding.    ities/forms for viewing and downloading. In
                                                                                        the “Select Search Options” box, select the
              The purposes of the Dropout Recovery Pilot Program, Cycle 1, Year 2,      name of the RFA from the drop-down list.
              grant are to (1) identify and recruit students who have already dropped   Scroll down to the “Application and Support
              out of Texas public secondary schools and who are not currently           Information” to view all documents that
              enrolled in a Texas public secondary school;                              pertain to this RFA.
              and (2) provide those students with services designed to enable them
              to succeed through a high school diploma path to college or an            An applicants’ conference will be held on
To the Administrator Addressed Digest
February 1 – March 1, 2010

              alternative path to college, as defined in the RFA.                        Monday, February 8, 2010 from 1:00 p.m. to
                                                                                         3:00 p.m. on the Texas Educational
                                                                                         Telecommunication Network (TETN) available
                                                                                         at each regional education service center (ESC)

                                                                                         See letter for additional information.

02/03/10      American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) Section              Under the new OMB guidance, the Texas              2/28/10
              1512 Quarterly Reporting Guidance Update                                   Education Agency (TEA) has determined that
Reporting                                                                                salary increases (including those due to HB        All corrections due
guidance      On December 18, 2009, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)            3646) paid with ARRA funds should be               By 5:00
              released new guidance changing the methodology for calculating job         counted when calculating jobs created or
              creation estimates related to ARRA funding. The new guidance requires      retained.
              jobs created to be calculated as full-time equivalents (FTE) on a
              quarterly, rather than cumulatively, basis and specifies that recipients   LEAs who need to correct data submitted for
              shall report jobs funded by ARRA dollars, rather than attempting to        the quarter ending December 31, 2009 should
              determine what jobs were created or retained due to the availability of    follow the procedures detailed in the TAA
              ARRA funding. OMB encouraged local education agencies (LEA) to use         letter to make the necessary corrections.
              the new methodology if possible when reporting for the quarter ending
              December 31, 2009, but recognized the challenges inherent in doing so
              based on short timelines and annual holiday scheduling. To address
              possible inaccuracies in reporting, OMB stated that, effective February
              2, 2010, corrections may be made to data submitted for the quarter
              ending December 31, 2009.

02/04/10      2010 Talent Pool Recommendation                                            Do you know relatively new elementary              03/19/10
                                                                                         educators (K-5) who stand among the nations’
Opportunity   Texas Education Agency is looking to identify emerging classroom           best, whose lessons are used as models, and
              teachers and principals. These educators may be asked to serve on          who have distinguished themselves above and
              advisory boards and task forces and may become candidates for special      beyond as quality professionals? These
              recognition programs. I would appreciate your recommendation of            individuals are building level personnel with at
              individuals who are of great value to your community and the state as a    least five years of experience, and recognized
              whole.                                                                     by peers and supervisors as extraordinary
                                                                                         leaders. While we are focusing on highlighting
To the Administrator Addressed Digest
February 1 – March 1, 2010

              Attachment to be used as nomination form.                                classroom teachers, submission of a principal
                                                                                       or specialist is also acceptable. Please focus
                                                                                       your recommendations on educators who are
                          outstanding and who have not received other
                                                                                       recognition for their talent and hard work.

                                                                                       If you know of an outstanding elementary
                                                                                       educator, please provide CONFIDENTIAL,
                                                                                       succinct, and specific information on the
                                                                                       enclosed form. All questions must be
                                                                                       answered, preferably typewritten and up to
                                                                                       three candidates can be nominated. Please
                                                                                       include a one-page narrative with this form
                                                                                       that addresses how each candidate meets the
                                                                                       criteria mentioned in this letter, and a resume
                                                                                       from their personnel file. Please keep this
                                                                                       recommendation confidential and do not
                                                                                       share with the individual. The deadline to
                                                                                       recommend candidates is March 19, 2010.

2/07/10       New FAQ document posted by TEA regarding graduation plans                Useful for help in understanding or explaining
                                                                                       current graduation plans.

2/09/10       2009-2011 Texas Ninth Grade Transition and Intervention                  Eligible Applicants                                3/31/10
              Continuation Program Grant Application
Funding                                                                                Grantees of the 2008-2010 Texas Ninth Grade
opportunity   The application for the 2009-2011 Texas Ninth Grade Transition and       Transition and Intervention Grant Program
              Intervention (TNGTI) Continuation Program became available for           who submitted their Mandatory Notice of
              download as of Monday, February 8, 2010.                                 Intent (NOI) are eligible to apply for the 2009-
                                                                                       2011 TNGTI Continuation funding.
              Purpose of Program: The 2009-2011 TNGTI Continuation Program is an
              initiative designed to effectively transition students from the eighth   See attached letter for reporting deadlines
              grade into high school and to increase the number of students moving     and other information
To the Administrator Addressed Digest
February 1 – March 1, 2010

              from ninth to tenth grade on time. The program provides a summer
              transition program from the eighth to the ninth grade for students at
              risk of low performance and/or failure as well as interventions, if
              needed, during their ninth grade year to support them in moving on
              time to the tenth grade. Program components include: a summer
              transition program, an early warning data system, and interventions.


2/10/10       Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN) Summer Courses                       In order for students to participate in this      Enrolment opens
                                                                                        opportunity districts and open enrollment         3/08/10
Information   House Bill 3646 of the 81st Texas Legislature created a state virtual     charter schools must meet certain
and funding   school allotment to fund courses provided through the TxVSN. When a       requirements which can be found within the
opportunity   student successfully completes an online course provided through the      TAA letter.
              TxVSN, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) provides a payment of $400
              per semester course to the district providing the course and $80 to the   Student requirements for participation are
              student’s district.                                                       included in the letter as well.

              Initially the state virtual school would support fall and spring TxVSN    Beginning the week of February 8, 2010, the
              courses; however, the Commissioner is exercising the option to fund       TxVSN Central Operations will offer “TxVSN
              seats available for students in grades 9, 10, 11, or 12 during summer     and Planning for Summer School” webinars to
              2010.                                                                     assist districts with planning and to answer
                                                                                        questions. Webinar dates and times are listed
                                                                                        on under Upcoming Events.
                                                                                        All TxVSN high school courses are aligned with
                                                                                        the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
                                                                                        (TEKS) as well as the iNACOL National
                                                                                        Standards of Quality for Online Courses. All
                                                                                        high school courses are led by a Texas-
                                                                                        certified instructor and dual credit courses by
                                                                                        a higher education instructor.

2/11/10       Revised Period of Obligation for Eligible 2009-2010 Federal Education     This change applies to school year 2009-2010      As appropriate to
Information   Grants                                                                    and subsequent school years for federal           program requirements
To the Administrator Addressed Digest
February 1 – March 1, 2010

                                                                                            education grant programs.
              This letter is to notify LEAs of an immediate change to the project end
              date for federal education grant programs, and thus the period during         In accordance with the Tydings Amendment
              which LEAs are permitted to obligate grant funds. The decision to             provision, any federal education grant funds
              amend project end dates addresses the Tydings Amendment provision             that are not obligated and expended at the
              (Section 421[b] of the General Education Provisions Act. that allows          end of the period in which they were
              grantees a period of 27 months to obligate federal education funds.           appropriated shall remain available for an
                                                                                            additional 12 months, for a total of 27
              The Division of NCLB Program Coordination will provide further detail in      months. The Texas Education Agency (TEA)
              separate communications regarding the subsequent impact of this               will implement the 27-month provision in the
              change to various NCLB program requirements, such as the Initial              following manner: LEAs will have 13.5 months
              Compliance Review Desk Audit Process.                                         to expend and obligate current-year funds and
                                                                                            an additional 13.5 months to obligate and
              Update to 2009-2010 Notice of Grant Award (NOGA) An updated                   expend applicable roll-forward funds. LEAs are
              NOGA to reflect the August 15, 2010, project end date will be issued to       advised that as a result of this change,
              LEAs with the release of maximum entitlements in Spring 2010. In              obligation periods may begin as early as July 1
              addition, the transmittal e-mail that accompanies the NOGA will show          of any federal fiscal year and continue through
              the revised expenditure reporting deadlines.                                  August 15 of the subsequent year. Therefore,
                                                                                            the current 2009-2010 Notices of Grant Award
               LEAs receiving funding for Title I, Part A, and Title IV, Part A, Safe and   (NOGAs) for the applicable grants will be
              Drug-Free Schools and Communities Program, will no longer report              revised to show as ending August 15, 2010.
              special expenditures to reduce their roll-forward amounts.
                                                                                            A list of 2009-2010 federal grant programs
              Grantees are reminded to review the applicable program statute and            whose obligation period and NOBA end date
              regulations as well as the award document for all of the programs listed      has been extended from June 30, 2010 to
              in this TAA to ensure they are in full compliance with such                   August 15, 2010 is included in the TAA letter.
                                                                                            2009-2010 New Expenditure Report Dates

                                                                                            Please note that the Expenditure Reporting
                                (ER) system currently reflects the new project
                                                                                            end date of August 15, 2010, for school year
                                                                                            2009-2010 federal education grant programs.
                                                                                            Accordingly, the 2009-2010 deadline dates for
                                                                                            the final and revised final expenditure reports
                                                                                            have changed to the following:
To the Administrator Addressed Digest
February 1 – March 1, 2010

                                                                                           Final expenditure report due date:
                                                                                                 September 30, 2010
                                                                                           Revised final expenditure report due date:
                                                                                                 November 1, 2010
                                                                                       It is important that the revised final
                                                                                       expenditure report submitted on or before
                                                                                       November 1, 2010, be 100% accurate.
                                                                                       Grantees will not be able to access the ER
                                                                                       system after November 1, 2010. TEA will not
                                                                                       pay any expenditure report received after
                                                                                       November 1, 2010 under any circumstances.
                                                                                       The decision is final and there will be no
                                                                                       opportunity for appeal.

                                                                                       New business processes intended to benefit
                                                                                       the LEAs in upcoming school years are being
                                                                                       implemented regarding the 2010-2011 NCLB
                                                                                       Consolidated Federal Grant Application.

                                                                                       The changes grantees can expect are included
                                                                                       in this TAA letter.

2/19/10       Potential Funding Reductions for 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 School          The agency was faced with some difficult
              Years                                                                    decisions, and while every effort was made to
Information                                                                            minimize the impact on direct services to
              State leadership asked each state agency to submit a plan to identify    students, the proposed reduction or
              savings totaling 5 percent of general revenue appropriations. In         elimination of some grant programs will have
              response to this request, proposed budget reductions to the Texas        a direct impact on school districts/charter
              Education Agency appropriations were developed by agency                 schools. Other proposed reductions or
              management and total about $135 million for the biennium (2009-2010      eliminations will have only an indirect impact
              and 2010-2011 school years).                                             whereby funding is not provided directly to
                                                                                       school districts/charter schools.
              The spreadsheet identifying the grant programs and/or initiatives that
              are proposed for either reduction or elimination is posted on the TEA    Please note these proposed budget
              website and is accessible at the following link:                         reductions do not impact any currently
     Please   funded grant programs (i.e., grant programs
To the Administrator Addressed Digest
February 1 – March 1, 2010

              note the dollar amounts in the columns are the amounts by which the       for which Notices of Grant Award (NOGAs)
              budget was reduced for each year of the biennium, respectively.           have already been issued or which are in


2/19/10       District Options for Instructional Materials                              As provided by HB 2488 and HB 4294, districts
                                                                                        and open-enrollment charter schools will also
              The 81st Texas Legislature passed House Bill (HB) 2488 and HB 4294        have options to order from the
              that provide additional options for instructional materials for school    Commissioner’s List of Electronic Textbooks
              districts and open-enrollment charter schools. Several of these options   and State-Developed Open Source Textbooks.
              will be available for the 2010-2011 school year. These new laws allow     The new legislation also allows for the use of
              school districts to decide whether printed and/or electronic textbooks    textbook funds to purchase technological
              best serve the needs of their student populations and give districts an   equipment to access electronic textbooks.
              opportunity to generate textbook credits. These credits can be used to
              purchase additional textbooks or electronic textbooks and                 As in the past, school districts and open-
              technological equipment that support the use of electronic textbooks.     enrollment charter schools will have the
                                                                                        opportunity to order new instructional
                            materials from the State Board of Education
                                                                                        (SBOE) list of materials approved in November
                                                                                        2009 under Proclamation 2010.
                                                                                        This TAA is filled with information on
                                                                                        processes and requirements in order to take
                                                                                        advantage of this new opportunity.

                                                                                        Another option for the selection of materials
                                                                                        available this year is Midcycle 2010 which is a
                                                                                        process that provides opportunities for
                                                                                        publishers to submit existing materials for
                                                                                        SBOE consideration that were not available
                                                                                        during the regular proclamation process. The
                                                                                        SBOE is scheduled to consider instructional
                                                                                        materials in several subjects for mid-cycle
                                                                                        adoption in March 2010. These include
                                                                                        materials for Math, Languages Other than
                                                                                        English, and Technology Applications.
To the Administrator Addressed Digest
February 1 – March 1, 2010

                                                                                       Textbook credits may be used to requisition
                                                                                       instructional materials adopted under the
                                                                                       mid-cycle process.

                                                                                       Results of each of these processes will be
                                                                                       placed in the EMAT online system for districts
                                                                                       and open-enrollment charter schools in April
                                                                                       2010. A series of webinars will be provided in
                                                                                       the spring to explain the instructional
                                                                                       materials options and textbook credits

2/22/10       Early College High School Designation Process                            Available benefits include:                      04/18/10

Information   TEA has developed a designation process for Early College High Schools          Recognition as an Approved Early
and           (ECHS). The designation process will ensure that districts operating             College High School
application   ECHSs maintain the integrity of the model, which was researched and             Eligibility for Exemption from Dual
              designed to target and serve students who may not otherwise consider             Credit Restrictions
              attending college.                                                              Eligibility for State Programs
                                                                                                    o Optional Flexible School Day
              Early College High School Designation Process                                         o ECHS Convenings
                                                                                              Membership in the ECHS Network
                                                                                              Access to Professional Development
                                                                                               and Technical Assistance
                                                                                              Strength of ECHS Model

                                                                                       Application requirements and other
                                                                                       information can be found in this TAA.

2/26/10       Application 2010-2011 District Awards for Teacher Excellence (DATE)      At least 60% of the grant funds must be used     04/13/10
              Program, Cycle 1, Year 3                                                 to reward teachers and principals who
Application                                                                            positively impact student academic
              TEA is requesting applications for 2010-2011 DATE Cycle 1, Year 3        improvement, growth, and/or achievement.
              Continuation. Current DATE Cycle 1, Year 2 grantees are eligible to      Remainder to be used as described in the TAA.
              apply for funding.
                                                                                       Districts will be submitting an abbreviated
To the Administrator Addressed Digest
February 1 – March 1, 2010

                        application. For districts who would like to
                                                                                        make significant changes to their plans,
                                                                                        district-level planning committees composed
                                                                                        of teachers and administrators must establish
                                                                                        goals consistent with and motivated by their
                                                                                        district improvement strategic plan. 

                                                                                        An amendment will be required to make
                                                                                        significant program changes.

                                                                                        Grant awards will be the same as Year 2.

                                                                                        Grant application can be found at:

3/01/10       Special Collections Report – SC5010 NCLB Data Request Form for            Open-enrollment charter schools, South           4/30/10
              Federal Funding and 2010-2011 School Year Application Process for         Texas ISD, and specific state schools need to
Action        Applicable NCLB Federal Programs                                          be aware of this requirement.
required as
applicable    Open-enrollment charter schools, South Texas ISD, and specific state      The SC5010 NCLB Data Request Form for
              schools will be required to provide actual enrollment data on the         Federal Funding (SC5010) will be made
              SC5010 NCLB Data Request Form for Federal Funding (SC5010) if they        available in eGrants March 1, 2010.
              intend to participate in applicable No Child Left Behind (NCLB) federal
              programs of the Consolidated Application for Federal Funding              Requirements and other deadlines for
              (SAS#NCLBAA11) for the upcoming 2010-2011 school year.                    submission of this important data are included
                                                                                        in the TAA.

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