Postal-vote-issue-flow-chart-EPE-FINAL - Template postal vote by pptfiles


									              Template postal vote issuing flowchart – European
              Parliamentary election

     Postal ballot paper must bear the unique identifying mark (UIM) and separate ballot paper
     number with prefix of suffix – to be printed on reverse of ballot paper

                          Ballot paper to be validated with the official

                          Number of elector to be marked on the                The corresponding
                          corresponding number list against the                number list is to be
                          ballot paper number and its unique                   sealed after the
                          identifying mark                                     issue and only
                                                                               opened to facilitate
                                                                               the checking of
                                                                               personal identifiers
The postal voters list       A mark to be placed against the elector
should be kept                 details on the postal voters list (or
secure, but each             proxy postal voters list) to confirm that
elector record                a postal ballot paper has been issued
should be marked
as the relevant
postal voting
                              Ballot paper number to be entered
statement is
                              on the postal voting statement

‘A’ envelope - must           Postal voting statement ‘A’ envelope,             ‘B’ envelope
be marked with                ‘B’ envelope and any information LRO              must be pre-paid
letter ‘A’, the words         thinks appropriate on how the postal              and marked with
‘ballot paper                 voter can obtain directions and                   the letter ‘B’
envelope’ and the             guidance in other formats to be placed
number of the ballot          in outgoing envelope and postal vote
paper issued to the           despatched – Rule 28(2) European
postal voter                  Parliamentary election Rules                      envelope must be
                                                                                addressed to the
                                                                                voter at the ballot
                              Receipt to be obtained from Royal Mail            paper address and
                              or commercial delivery firm                       must be pre-paid

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