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					                                                                                                   218 Northbourne Avenue
                                                                                                     BRADDON ACT 2612
                                                                                                          Tel: 02 6262 7808
                                                                                                         TTY: 02 6262 7809
                                                                                                         Fax: 02 6262 7810

                                       DEAFNESS FORUM LIMITED
                                                     ACN 008 587 611
                           2010 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM)
                                           Citigate Central Sydney
                              169-179 Thomas Street, Haymarket, Sydney NSW
                                       Friday 7.30pm 22 October 2010

                                              APPOINTMENT OF PROXY

                                       Why should you nominate a proxy?
If you cannot attend the AGM in person, you can appoint a proxy by completing the steps below.

Proxies help us to meet the quorum (in other words, we are required by law to have a certain number
of voters), and so the meeting is able to proceed as scheduled. If we do not get enough voters the
AGM gets postponed.
                                                Step 1: Appoint a proxy
I/we being a member of Deafness Forum Ltd and entitled to vote appoint either

               (tick) Chairperson of the Meeting          OR
                                                                         Write here the name of the individual you are
                                                                           appointing if this person is someone other
                                                                                 than the Chairperson of the meeting.
                                                                                   Please print in BLOCK LETTERS.
                                                                           Do NOT print your own name here as you
                                                                          cannot appoint yourself as your own proxy.

                                             Step 2: You must sign here

I, _______________________________________________________________________________
                      (your name PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY)                                        (your signature

of ______________________________________________________________________________
           (name of your Association that is a member of Deafness Forum, or leave blank if you are an individual member)

have signed in the presence of ________________________________________________________
                                              (witness name)                                (witness signature)

Date ________________2010

                     Step 3: Instructions – tick, or you can leave this section blank
You can either tick your choices, or if you leave this section blank, your proxy will vote for you.

For          Against Abstain
                                   General Business Motion 2010/1: That the minutes of the 2009 Annual
                                      General Meeting be accepted as a true and correct record.
                                   General Business Motion 2010/2: That the annual report and audited
                                      financial statements for 2009/10 be acknowledged as received.
                                   General Business Motion 2010/3: That Duesburys Nexia be confirmed as
                                      Auditor for 2010/2011.

Proxy forms must be forwarded to the Deafness Forum office no later than close of business
Wednesday 20 October 2010. If that is not possible, forms must be deposited with the Company
Secretary at the AGM venue not later than 7.00 PM on Friday 22 October 2010 (addresses above).
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