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WITH PRIDE by ps94506


									              WEAR YOUR


           Welcome to the Argyle Christmas Catalogue 2009                                           The New 2009 Argyle Calendar

Grab hold of our special festive brochure and
make your Christmas a Green one.

 I am reliably informed the Argyle Superstore is
the place to be this Christmas, with hundreds of
presents available for the Argyle fan in your life.

 You can buy anything from Romain’s goalie top
to an Argyle bedroom. The new calendar is also
available alongside many other special Green

  I have spent every Christmas for near enough
the last 15 years stressing about picking the right
team for the busy festive schedule. Don’t suffer
like I do – relax and enjoy your Christmas with the

 Happy Christmas to everybody with a Green

                                                                                                                   Argyle Calendar 09
                                                                                                                   The official Plymouth Argyle calendar for 2009.
                                                                                                                   Featuring all of your favourite players as well
                                                                                                                   as fixtures for the 08/09 season and Plymouth
                                                                                                                   Argyle facts and figures.
                                                      Match in a Box                                               Buy one for the kitchen, the office, the bedroom
                                                      The ideal gift for any Argyle fan. This box                  and anywhere else it will fit!
                                                      set includes a match ticket voucher and an                   Price £6.99
                                                      Argyle gift*
                                                      Adult      £25.99
                                                      U18        £8.99                                             Opening Hours...
                                                      U23        £17.99                                            Argyle Superstore        Argyle Centre Spot
                                                      O65        £17.99                                            Monday-Friday            Monday-Wednesday
                                                      *Free gift may vary from picture
                                                                                                                   9-5                      9-6
                                                                                                                   Non-Match Saturdays      Thursday
                                                                                                                   10-3                     9-8
                                                                                                                   Match-days               Friday-Saturday
                                                                                                                   9-3, 5-5.30              9-6
                                                                                                                   Sunday                   Sunday
                                                                                                                   Closed                   10.30-4.30

                                                                  Mail order 01752 558292
            Argyle Christmas Gifts                                            Argyle Christmas Gifts

A       B               A. Christmas Stocking   G. Christmas Teddy   J                   O                        P
                        Price £2.99             Price £8.50

                        B. Mug and Scarf Gift   H. Reindeer Toy
                        Set                     Price £7.75
                        Price £11.99
                                                I. Baubles (Design
                        C. Santa Stop Sign      One)
                        (Design One)            Price £5.49
                        Price £2.99
                                                J. Baubles (Design
                        D. Santa Stop Sign      Two)
                                                                                         M. Christmas Crest       P. Tree Christmas Card
C       D               (Design Two)            Price £4.75
                                                                                         Keyring                  Price £2.00
                        Price £3.49
                                                                                         Price £2.99
                                                K. Santa Pin Badge
                                                                                                                  Q. Christmas Mug
                        E. Santa Hat            Price £2.50
                                                                                         N. Christmas Crest Pin   Price £5.50
                        Price £6.50
                                                L. Santa Keyring
                                                                                         Price £2.50              R. Santa Toy
                        F. Antlers              Price £2.99
                                                                                                                  Price £7.75
                        Price £2.50
                                                                                         O. Snowman
                                                                                         Christmas Card
                                                                                         Price £2.00

                    F    I                                           K   L


                                                                     M   N


G                                           Mail order 01752 558292
                                  Puma Home Kit                           Puma Home Kit



                                                                   Socks Included

A. Puma Home Shirt     C. Puma Home Socks      A                                    F                     G
Sizes 32/34”           Size 12-3                       B
Price £29.99           Price £7.99
Sizes XL, 2XL, 3XL     Size 3-6
Price £39.99           Price £8.99
                       Size 7-11
Puma Long Sleeve       Price £9.99
Home Shirt (not
shown)                 D. Puma Home Ladies
Sizes L, XL, 2XL       Shirt
Price £42.99           Sizes 10, 12, 14, 16,
                                                                                    F. Home Kit Teddy     G. Rubik’s Cube
B. Puma Home Shorts    Price £39.99
Sizes 24”, 26”, 28”,
                                                   C                                A Teddy with Green    Can you solve this
                                                                                    paws and ears         Plymouth Argyle
30”                    E. Puma Home Mini-Kit
                                                                                    wearing the current   Rubik’s cube? Perfect
Price £14.99           Sizes 24-30, 36-42
                                                                                    Puma Home Kit.        for anyone who likes a
Sizes S, L, XL, 2XL    Months
                                                                                    Price £7.00           challenge.
Price £19.99           Price £29.99
                                                                                                          Price £9.99

                               Mail order 01752 558292
                                      Puma Away Kit                    Puma Away Kit

A. Puma Away Shirt        C. Puma Away Socks                                      F                     G
Sizes 24/26”, 26/28”,     Size 12-3
30/32”, 32/34”            Price £7.99
Price £29.99              Size 3-6
Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL,   Price £8.99
3XL, 4XL                  Size 7-11
Price £39.99              Price £9.99

Puma Long Sleeve          D. Puma Away Ladies
Home Shirt (not           Shirt
shown)                    Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14,
Sizes L, XL, 2XL          16, 18
                                                                                  F. Away Kit Teddy     G. Home and Away
Price £42.99              Price £39.99
                                                                                  A Teddy with Orange   Ball
                                                                                  paws, nose and ears   A green and orange
B. Puma Away Shorts       E. Puma Away Mini-Kit
                                                                                  wearing the current   mini football, perfect for
Sizes 24”, 26”, 28”,      Sizes 3-6, 6-12,
                                                                                  Puma Away Kit.        precision training or for
30”                       12-18, 24-30, 36-42
                                                                                  Price £7.00           younger children.
Price £14.99              Months
                                                                                                        Price £3.49
Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL    Price £29.99
Price £19.99

A                                                           D


                                                                 Socks Included

                            Mail order 01752 558292
The New Puma Goalkeeper’s Home Kit                                     The New Puma Goalkeeper’s Away Kit

                  A                                            D
                                                          B                          E

                          C                                        F

                 A. Puma Goalkeeper’s   D. Puma Goalkeeper’s
                 Home Shirt             Away Shirt
                 Sizes 24/26”-32/34”    Sizes 24/26”-32/43”
                 Price £29.99           Price £29.99
                 Sizes S, M             Sizes S, M
                 Price £39.99           Price £39.99

                 B. Puma Goalkeeper’s   E. Puma Goalkeeper’s
                 Home Shorts            Away Shorts
                 Sizes 24”-30”          Sizes 24”-30”                                                G                         H
                 Price £14.99           Price £14.99
                 Sizes S, M             Sizes S, M
                                                                                         G. Mitre Football          H. Mini Mitre Football
                 Price £19.99           Price £19.99
                                                                                         The official Argyle        A mini version of the
                                                                                         designed Mitre football,   Mitre Ball.
                 C. Puma Goalkeeper’s   F. Puma Goalkeeper’s
                                                                                         with Argyle crest          Price £3.99
                 Home Socks             Away Socks
                 Size 12-3              Size 12-3
                                                                                         Price £12.99
                 Price £7.99            Price £7.99
                 Size 3-6               Size 3-6
                 Price £8.99            Price £8.99
                 Size 7-11              Size 7-11
                 Price £9.99            Price £9.99                                              Mail order 01752 558292
                 The 08/09 Player’s Puma Training Range       The 08/09 Player’s Puma Training Range

A. Puma White Polo    E. Puma White T-Shirt   A     B                             I                       J
Shirt                 Sizes M, L, XL
Sizes M, L, XL        Price £23.99
Price £28.99
                      F. Puma Green T-Shirt
B. Puma Green Polo    Sizes M, L, XL
Shirt                 Price £23.99
Sizes M, L, XL
Price £28.99          G. Puma Black T-Shirt
                      Sizes M, L, XL
C. Puma Black Polo    Price £23.99
                                                                                 H. Puma Hooded           J. Training Vest
Sizes M, L, XL                                C     D                            Sweatshirt               Sizes M, L, XL
Price £28.99
                                                                                 Sizes                    Price £19.99
                                                                                 Price £18.99
D. Puma Rugby Shirt
                                                                                 Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL
Sizes 30/32, 32/34”
                                                                                 Price £23.99
Price £29.99
Sizes S-3XL
                                                                                 I. Puma Ladies Fleece
Price £34.99
                                                                                 Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14,
                                                                                 16, 18, 20
                                                                                 Price £18.99

                                                          E      F

                                                          G      H

                                 Mail order 01752 558292
    The 08/09 Player’s Puma Training Range                                                    The 08/09 Player’s Puma Training Range

                        A. Puma Tracksuit         D. Puma Fleece                                                               B    C
                        Sizes 24/26”, 26/28”,     Sizes 30/32”, 32/34”
                        30/32”, 32/34”            Price £29.99
                        Price £44.99              Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL,
                        Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL    3XL
                        Price £59.99              Price £39.99

                        B. Puma Sweatshirt        E. Puma Bubble
                        Sizes 30/32”, 32/34”      Jacket
                        Price £24.99              Sizes 26/28”, 30/32”,
                        Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL,   32/34”
                        3XL                       Price £49.99
                        Price £29.99              Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL                                                       D    E
                                                  Price £59.99
                        C. Puma Wet Jacket
                        Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL
                        Price £44.99

A                                                                           F                        G

                                                                            F. Puma Travel Shorts    G. Puma 3/4 Length
                                                                            Sizes 30”                Trousers
                                                                            Price £19.99             Sizes 26”, 28”, 30”
                                                                            Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL   Price £24.99
                                                                            Price £25.00             Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL,
                                                                                                     Price £27.99

                                                                       Mail order 01752 558292
The New Argyle Men’s T-Shirts                                                             New for Autumn, Men’s Polo Shirts

               C                        D                        G                        H
          A                                                                                                             I

                                                                 K. White Multi-Striped    M. Charcoal Polo Shirt
               E                        F                        Polo Shirt                Sizes M-XL
                                                                 Sizes S-3XL               Price £17.00
                                                                 Price £17.00
                                                                                           N. Striped Rugby Shirt
                                                                 L. Green Striped Polo     Sizes S-2XL
                                                                 Shirt                     Price £20.00
                                                                 Sizes S-3XL
                                                                 Price £17.00              N. Engineered Polo
                                                                                           Sizes S-3XL
                                                                                           Price £17.00

               A. Long Sleeve T-Shirt   F. Green Panel T-Shirt                                                      L       M
          B    Sizes M-2XL              Sizes M-XL                                                          J
               Price £17.00             Price £12.00

               B. Orange and Green      G. Green Multi-Striped
               T-Shirt                  Polo Shirt
               Sizes S-2XL              Sizes M-2XL
               Price £12.00             Price £17.00

               C. Green and White       H. Panel Polo Shirt
               Striped T-Shirt          Sizes S-3XL
               Sizes S-3XL              Price £17.00
               Price £12.00                                                                                         N       N
                                        I. 86 Polo Shirt
               D. White Kit T-Shirt     Sizes S-3XL
               Sizes S-3XL              Price £17.00
               Price £12.00
                                        J. Vintage Polo Shirt
               E. Orange Home Park      Sizes M-3XL
               T-Shirt                  Price £17.00
               Sizes S-2XL
               Price £12.00                                        K                                                                     Mail order 01752 558292
                          New for Autumn, Men’s Jumpers                           New Winter Range, Men’s Coats and Jackets

                                                                  I                    J
                                             A                D

                                                                  K                    L

  B                                               C                                                          M

A. Striped Jumper         F. Retro Jumper         E       F       N                    O
Sizes M-3XL               Sizes S-2XL                                                                        P
Price £30.00              Price £30.00

B. Zipped Jumper          G. Knitted Polo Shirt
Sizes S-2XL               Sizes S-2XL
Price £33.00              Price £25.00

C. Black and Cream        H. Sandy Jumper
Jumper                    Sizes M-2XL
Sizes S-2XL               Price £28.00
Price £33.00
                                                                  K. Striped Fleece     N. Crossbar Coat
                          I. Black Fleece         G     H         Sizes S-2XL           Sizes S-2XL
D. Khaki Jumper           Sizes S-2XL
                                                                  Price £19.99          Price £35.00
Sizes S-2XL               Price £20.00
Price £30.00
                                                                  L. Green Fleece       O. Soft Shell Coat
                          J. Fleece Lined Coat
                                                                  Sizes S-3XL           Sizes S-2XL
E. Multi Striped Jumper   Sizes S-2XL
                                                                  Price £20.00          Price £30.00
Sizes S-2XL               Price £29.99
Price £25.00
                                                                  M. Delta Coat         P. Rock Coat
                                                                  Sizes S-2XL           Sizes S-3XL
                                                                  Price £35.00          Price £35.00

                                                        Mail order 01752 558292
                  The High Quality, Exclusive Argyle 12 Range       The High Quality, Exclusive Argyle 12 Range

A. Argyle 12 Polo Shirt     D. Argyle 12 Cap                    E       E
A white Polo Shirt          A black baseball cap
with green stripes and      with green stitching
designer style buttons.     and embroidered
Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL      Argyle 12 design.
Price £20.00                Price £10.00

B. Argyle 12 Shirt          E. Argyle 12 Child’s
A casual white Shirt        T-Shirt
with embroidered            A printed T-Shirt
Argyle 12 logo.             available in pink or
Sizes M, L, XL, XXL         green.
Price £25.00                Sizes 6/7, 8/9, 10/11,              F       G
                            12/13 years
C. Argyle 12 Ladies         Price £10.00
Polo Shirt
A white, fitted Polo        F. Argyle 12 Hoody
shirt with designer style   A green, thermal fleece
buttons.                    with front pocket and
Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16     Argyle 12 branding.
Price £20.00                Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL
                            Price £40.00

                                                      A   B                               H                         I


                                                                                          G. Argyle 12 T-Shirt      I. Argyle 12 Gloves
                                                      C   D                               A black T-Shirt with      Green, fleece gloves
                                                                                          printed Argyle 12 logo.   with embroidered
                                                                                          Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL    Argyle 12 logo.
                                                                                          Price £15.00              Price £15.00

                                                                                          H. Argyle 12 Scarf
                                                                                          Green, fleece scarf
                                                                                          with Argyle 12 logo.
                                                                                          Price £10.00

                                        Mail order 01752 558292
        The 2009 Ladieswear Range                                                              New for Winter, The Kidswear Range

A   B                 A. Ladies Green Army      E. Ladies Pink           H                         I                       J     K
                      12 T-Shirt                Pacamac
                      Sizes 10-18               Sizes 10/12-16/18
                      Price £14.99              Price £12.00

                      B. Ladies Plymouth        F. Ladies Jacket
                      Argyle T-Shirt            Sizes 10-18
                      Sizes 10, 16, 18          Price £28.00
                      Price £14.99
                                                G. Ladies Jumper
                      C. Ladies Mayflower       Sizes 8-18
                      Ship T-Shirt              Price £14.99
                                                                         J. Green Army T-Shirt     M. Child’s Baseball
C   D                 Sizes 8, 10, 14, 16, 18
                                                                         Sizes 5/6-13/14 years     Cap                     L     M
                      Price £14.99              H. Child’s Rock Coat
                                                                         Price £9.00               Price £7.00
                                                Sizes 7/8-13/14 years
                      D. Ladies PAFC            Price £25.00
                                                                         K. Child’s Vintage Polo   N. Forever T-Shirt
                      Zipped Jumper
                                                                         Sizes 7/8-13/14 years     Sizes 5/6-13/14 years
                      Sizes 8-16                I. Child’s Stripe Coat
                                                                         Price £10.00              Price £9.00
                      Price £9.99               Sizes 6/12-18/24
                                                months 2/3-7/8 years
                                                                         L. Child’s Black Fleece   O. Argyle Hoody
                                                Price £20.00
                                                                         Sizes 3/4-11/12 years     Sizes 3/4-13/14 years
                                                                         Price £15.00              Price £17.00

E                 F                                                 G    N                                                 O

                                                                     Mail order 01752 558292
                        Just In, The New Babywear Range                                Hats, Caps and Scarves

A                                                C     D   H                      I


                                                 E     F   J                      K


A. Baby Jacket           F. Baby Tracksuit       G         O                  P          Q                                 T
Available in Pink or     Sizes 6/12-18/24                                                                  R           S
Blue (Blue not shown)    months. 2/3-7/8 years
Sizes 0/3, 3/6, 6/12     Price £19.00
Price £11.95
                         G. Blue Baby Set
B. Pink Baby Shorts      Sizes 0/3-6-12
and T-Shirt Set          Price £11.99
Sizes 0/3, 3/6, 6/12
Price £11.99             H. Black Piped Cap
                         Price £10.00
C. Argyle Supporter
Bibs                     I. Sandy Cap                      M. White Cap           Q. Green Striped Scarf
Price £6.99              Price £10.00                      Price £8.99            Price £8.50

D. Baby Bath Robe        J. Striped Bronx Hat              N. Black Mesh Cap      R. Black Bronx Hat
Sizes 6/12-18/24         Price £8.99                       Price £8.99            Price £9.99
months. 2/3-5/6 years
Price £16.99             K. Green Striped Hat              O. Plymouth Scarf      S. Green Bronx Hat
                         Price £7.00                       Price £8.00            Price £6.99
E. Baby Blanket
Price £9.99              L. Green Puma Cap                 P. Fleece Gloves       T. Grey Bronx Hat
                         Price £12.00                      Price £5.99            Price £9.99

                                                  Mail order 01752 558292
        Our latest range of Argyle Gifts                                Our latest range of Argyle Gifts



                                                                                              Q                  R                S
                                                                                         P. Pink Keyring             Pin Badges
                                                                                         Price £4.00                 Kit £2.50
                                                                                                                     Vintage Crest £3.00
                                                                                         Q. Men’s Wallet             Scarf £3.00
                                                                                         Price £11.00                Stadium £3.00
                                                                                                                     Map £3.00
            E                                                                            R. Credit Card Holder       Rosette £3.00
    D                F                                                                   Price £7.00
                                                                                         S. Ladies Purse
                                                                                         Price £12.00

H       I                A. Argyle Rucksack    I. Pitch Mug         M   N
                         Price £11.99          Price £6.00

                         B. Argyle Holdall     J. Three Crest Mug
                         Price £20.00          Price £5.50

                         C. Argyle Tie Bag     K. Black Mug
                         Price £7.00           Price £8.00

                         D. Argyle Boot Bag    L. Argyle Gnome
                         Price £6.99           Price £13.00

                         E. Argyle Lunch Bag   M. Flag Keyring
J       K                Price £7.99           Price £4.00          O   P
                         F. Argyle Wallet      N. Kit Keyring
                         Price £4.99           Price £3.75

                         G. Argyle Wash Bag    O. Stadium Keyring
                         Price £6.00           Price £3.00

                         H. Map Mug
                         Price £6.00

                                        Mail order 01752 558292
                Our latest range of Argyle Gifts                                             New In, Car Accessories

A               B                A. Autograph Set          H. Four Coaster Set       Q   R             U                               V
                                 Price £5.00               Price £6.99

                                 B. Colouring Pencil Tin   I. Men’s Sport Watch
                                 Price £6.00               Price £24.99

                                 C. Pair of Goblets        J. Black Striped Tie                                                                        W
                                 Price £36.00              Price £14.99

                                 D. Pair of Tumblers       K. Tie and Cufflink Set
                                 Price £36.00              Price £24.99                                                                            X
                                 E. Salt and Pepper Set    L. Green Striped Tie      S   T
    C                     H      Price £5.28               Price £23.99

                                 F. Cereal Bowl            M. Men’s Square
                                 Price £6.99               Watch
                                                           Price £37.99
D                                G. Egg Cup
                                 Price £3.99               N. Cufflinks
                                                           Gold or Silver
                                                           Price £19.99
        E   F            G
                                                                                                         O. Ladies Round        V. Giant Sticker
                                                                                                         Watch                  Price £3.00
                                                  K                                                      Price £37.99
                                                                                                                                W. Car Kit
                                                                                                         P. Ladies Square       Price £5.99
                J                                           L                                            Price £37.99           X. Car Scarf
                                                                                                                                Price £6.00
                                                                                                         Q. Dashboard Springy
                                                                                                         Price £4.00            Y. Steering Wheel and
    I                                                                       M                                                   Seat Belt Cover Set
                                                                                                         R. Air Freshener       Price £15.00
                                                                                                         Price £3.00
                                                                                                                                Car sticker
                                                                                                         S. Kit Dice            Available in Ball,
                                                                                                         Price £5.00            Stadium, Supporters
                                                                                                                                Kit, Flag, Crest and
                                                                                                         T. Car Tax Holder      Map Design.
                                                                                                         Price £4.00            Price £2.00 each

            N                                                                                            U. Car Pennant
                        O                             P                                                  Price £5.00

                                                         Mail order 01752 558292
                 New Argyle Bedroom and Nightwear Range                                                                                         Argyle Foundation

                                                                                                                                                                                                       gift for
                                                 A              B               C
                                            A. Piggy Bank           D. Men’s Dressing
                                            Price £6.99             Gown                                                                                                                               Argyle
                                                                    Sizes S-3XL
                                            B. Bedroom Plaque
                                            Price £4.00
                                                                    Price £25.00                                                                                                                      Supporter
                                                                    E. Pyjamas
                                            C. 3D Frame             Sizes 2/3-13/14 years                                                                                                             Prices
                                            Price £8.50             Price £13.00                                                                                                                      3 months                    £29.95
                                                                    Sizes S-2XL                                                                                                                       6 months                    £58.50
                                                                    Price £15.00
                                                                                                                                                                                                      12 months                  £117.00
                                                                                                                                                                                                         To order please call 01752
                                                                                                                                                                                                              562561 ext 117
Argyle Wallpaper        Argyle Pillowcase
Price £10.99 per roll   Price £5.50

Argyle Border           Alarm Clock
Price £8.00 per roll    Price £10.00            D                                             Sign your loved one up to the Argyle Foundation and
Argyle Curtains
Size 54x54 £22.99
                        Stadium Picture
                                                                                                 you will receive a gift pack to present to them.
Size 54x72 £29.99       Price £9.99                                                           The recipient will also be entered into a prize draw to
Argyle Single Quilt
                        30” (not shown)
                        Price £39.99                                                                             win a signed shirt
Price £29.99                                                                                        For guaranteed Christmas delivery please place orders by December 17, any order placed after this
                        Crest Cushion                                                              must be collected from PAFC. To be entered into the prize draw, gift packs need to be purchased prior
                                                                                                                                            to December 24.
Argyle Valance          Price £10.99
Price £19.99
                        Banner Bear                                                           With thanks to The Treasury for the use of their lounge, Scream Racing
Wall Clock              Price £6.99
Price £12.00
                                                                                             for the use of their powerboat and The Plymouth Argyle Ladies Team for
                        Bunzo Bear
                                                                                        E                                 modelling for us.
Argyle Dart Board       Price £8.99                                                           Also a special thank you to the Green Army for your continued support.
Price £24.99
                                                                                            Please note: Stock, Sizes and Prices were correct at time of printing. Plymouth Argyle cannot be held responsible if items are no longer available.

                                                                                                    Mail order 01752 558292
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Please note that PAFC cannot be held responsible if a player leaves the club or changes his squad number.
Shirt printing prices: Name and number £10, shorts numbers £1.50 per number, Coca-Cola armbands £5 a pair.

Plymouth Argyle use a Courier Delivery Service. This guarantees next day delivery following dispatch from the Superstore. All
parcels are insured and can be tracked.
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Location                                                                                  Cost         AM delivery           PM delivery
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   Telephone: Lines are open during Superstore opening hours only. We accept             10% Season
                                                                                        Ticket Discount
   payment by credit/debit (not Visa Electron or American Express) only over the phone. Custom Printing
   Post: Send your completed orders to Superstore, Home Park, Plymouth PL2 3DQ.             Postage
   When paying by cheque, goods will be dispatched upon clearance of the cheque.
                                                                                          Order Total
   Please make cheques payable to PAFC.

   Membership: Discount is on goods over £15 in value. Sale items and custom printing are not eligible for
   discount. Please ensure you take off any relevant discount before adding these.

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