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					     BULLETIN CULTUREL         March 2011

                                                                                         SEMAINE DE LA
           CINEFRANCO                         CANADIAN MUSIC FEST                        FRANCOPHONIE

                                              THOMAS HIRSCHHORN

March is the month of francophonie, and in Toronto two outstanding related
events are held around the international day on March 20 : various cultural
structures come together to celebrate the « semaine de la francophonie » ;
while the Cinéfranco festival offers you for the 14th year a large selection of   Contents
francophone films – including numerous recent French films.
                                                                                  PAGE   3    - Festivals
Another not-to-be-missed event takes place in Toronto in March : Canadian
Music Week, with its 800 artists and four days of non-stop concerts. This year,   PAGE   11   - Visual Arts
the French Trade Commission in Canada organizes in partnership with the           PAGE   12   - Lecture
Consulate general of France in Toronto a “Focus on France” : you will have the
opportunity to see on this occasion almost ten artists or bands from France,      PAGE   13   - Cinema
during a “France” showcase and several other concerts.                            PAGE   15   - Television
You shouldn’t miss either the outstanding retrospective dedicated by the TIFF     PAGE   16   - Professionals
Cinémathèque to one of the most acclaimed contemporary French actresses :
Sandrine Bonnaire.

 Claire Le Masne, Cultural Attaché
                                   MARCH 2011
Monday       Tuesday      Wednesday      Thursday       Friday       Saturday     Sunday

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                           CANADIAN     CANADIAN      CANADIAN       CANADIAN     CANADIAN
                          MUSIC WEEK   MUSIC WEEK    MUSIC WEEK     MUSIC WEEK   MUSIC WEEK
                                                    T. HIRSCHHORN
                                       VAGABOND     A NOS AMOURS LA CEREMONIE    JOAN THE
                                                     HER NAME IS                   MAID

    14           15           16           17            18             19           20

                                       SEMAINE DE    SEMAINE DE     SEMAINE DE   SEMAINE DE
                                       LA FRANCO-    LA FRANCO-     LA FRANCO-   LA FRANCO-
                                         PHONIE        PHONIE         PHONIE       PHONIE

    21           22          23            24            25             26          27

  PHONIE       PHONIE       PHONIE       PHONIE        PHONIE         PHONIE
              CHLOE        CHLOE         CHLOE
             DELAUME      DELAUME       DELAUME

    28           29           30           31

                                         IMAGES          Editor : Claire Le Masne
                                        FESTIVAL         Cinema & TV : Marie Herault-Delanoë
                                                         Layout & Literature : David Gressot
CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK                                                                 MARCH 9-13

             The Canadian Music Week is one of the longest-running and main music industry
             destinations in Canada and North America, with a world class reputation, more than 2000
             delegates, 800 bands, 650 media and concerts all over the city. It is not only an
             opportunity for the audience to discover new trends but also for the labels, programmers,
             bookers etc... to meet worldwide executives.

                         On this occasion, the French Trade Commission in Canada, in partnership
                         with the Consulate general of France in Toronto, organizes a “Focus on
                         France”, which includes a special showcase highlighting new musical trends
                         through the performance of 5 bands :

                         DUB INC. - 9pm
                         Dub Inc. has been the band symbolizing the best of the Reggae "Made in
                         France Renewal" of last decade. The late 90s and early 2000 seemed to
                         announce the decline of some emblematic bands, when Dub Inc. brought a
                         whiff of fresh air on French reggae scene. An explosive mix with dancing

                         1979 - 10pm
                         Under the influence of brit-pop, these 5 cosmo-rockers have kept the same
                         inspirations since the beginning of their formation : the passion for melody,
                         the energy of sound, the rush of shared experience on stage. The spaceship
                         NineteenSeventyNine makes its way through a romantic, melancholic and
                         mellow universe… Ever heard of “moon-rock” ?

                         YETI LANE - 11pm
                         The music of Yeti Lane sounds reinvigorated since they became a duo. The
                         polite and polished indie-pop of the album is roughed up : their new
                         influences effortlessly melt pop melodies and tribal beats, krautrock synths
                         and crunching guitars, to unveil modern psychedelics.

                         MARXS - 12am
                         In his early childhood, Marxs looks, fascinated, at his father’s vinyl deck
                         while it's turning and says his first word "disque" (record). Ever since, notes
                         and rhythms are wandering in his universe with the speed of sound. Marxs
                         musical life is influenced by electronic music, hip hop, funk and pop and
                         artists such as Daft Punk, Justice, Jamiroquaï or Radiohead.

                         NOONE - 1am
                         Noone is born for the stage. This artist moves, changes identity,
                         experiments, thinks, works, performs and asserts himself like a great Marvel
                         hero. With a subtil mix of breakbeat – dubstep – electronica, Noone knows
                         how to burn the dancefloors.

                                                 "FOCUS ON FRANCE" SHOWCASE
                                                THE RIVOLI - 332 QUEEN ST. WEST
                                                   THURSDAY, MARCH 10 - 8PM
                             TICKETS : 5-DAY FESTIVAL WRISTBAND ($75) OR $10 FOR THAT SHOW ONLY
                                                         ALL AGES, 19+

        In parallel, the following French bands will also be playing :

        From jamming with the Stones at Dave Stewart's wedding to backing vocals for
        U2, Medi has done it all. His constant touring earnt him support slots with
        Supergrass, KT Tunstall and Duffy and lead him to play all over the world. It is
        this apprenticeship that has given Medi the skills he so gracefully brings to his
        début album. Having already proved he’s completely at home with a pair of
        drumsticks in his hands, he has also been blessed with a soulful guitar style as
        well as a rythmic keyboard style likened to Stevie Wonder. Combine these with a
        voice that can melt butter from a mile away and you have the ingredients of a
        record that will prove as addictive as it is soulful.

                                       PHOENIX CONCERT THEATRE
                                          410 SHERBOURNE ST.
                                       THURSDAY MARCH 10 - 10PM
                                             ALL AGES 19+

            CHRIS COMBETTE
            Chris Combette has given the Caribbean islands & Guiana musical scene some of
            its most sophisticated recordings. The delicate balance of his influences (bossa
            nova, reggae, calypso, mazurka...) mingle into an original style, illustrated
            through his earlier albums, which brought him a wide recognition. He is now
            achieving his new album, rather accoustic, but still full of his mixed vibrations.

                                               THE CENTRAL
                                            603 MARKHAM ST.
                                        THURSDAY MARCH 10 - 8PM
                     TICKETS : 5-DAY FESTIVAL WRISTBAND ($75) OR $10 FOR THIS SHOW

            The band members, from Marseille, were initially evolving in a neo-metal style
            likened to Incubus, Korn or Deftones. They decided to keep the best elements
            of each, melting them into something different, emulating a new horizon of
            metal. With machine-like drums, crushing guitars, pounding bass, powerful
            vocals and a touch of electronics, their style is influenced by Pantera, Machine
            Head, Fear Factory and some black-metal bands.

                                           THE BOVINE SEX CLUB
                                           542 QUEEN ST. WEST
                                        THURSDAY MARCH 10 - 10PM
                     TICKETS : 5-DAY FESTIVAL WRISTBAND ($75) OU $10 FOR THIS SHOW
                                                AGES 19+


 CINEFRANCO                                                                             MARCH 25-APRIL 3
The 14th edition of Cinefranco, the only francophone film festival in Toronto, will be held at the TIFF Bell Lightbox
from March 25 to April 3.
This festival, whose purpose is "to celebrate and promote French language cinema in Ontario", will screen around 20
French films. Like last year, it will be preceded by a "School program", for French students and teachers, from
February 22 to March 4.
We have selected 6 films amongst their very diverse program.

                                       EIGHT TIMES UP
                                       Xabi Molia, 2010, 103 mn
                                       Elsa barely gets by on casual jobs and hopes to find stable employment so
                                       that she can regain custody of her son, Mathieu. Her neighbor on the same
                                       floor also goes from one interview to the next, consummately failing to
                                       score a job each time. Their situation is increasingly precarious, but both try
                                       to bounce back in a world that seems to reject them : "Seven times down for
                                       the count, eight times back on their feet" ?
                                       Sunday March 27 - 8:15pm

                                       Marc Fitoussi, 2010, 107 mn
                                       Boldly unconventional and cheerful, that's how one could describe Babou.
                                       Never having cared about social conventions, she is suddenly faced with the
                                       realization that her own daughter is ashamed of her and therefore refuses to
                                       invite her to her wedding. Hurt in her pride, Babou tries to regain her
                                       daughter's respect by starting anew.
                                       Tuesday March 29 - 9pm

                                       ENSEMBLE, C'EST TROP
                                       Léa Fazer, 2010, 96 mn
                                       Clémentine and Sébastien, young parents stretched between their jobs and
                                       their children, have to accommodate Sébastien’s mother, Marie-France,
                                       determined to stay with them since she has discovered that her husband,
                                       Henri, is cheating on her and that his mistress is expecting a baby…
                                       Friday April 1 - 8.45pm

                                       MY FATHER'S GUESTS
                                       Anne Le Ny, 2011, 100 mn
                                       80-year-old retired doctor Lucien has a big personality. And his commitment
                                       is such that, without telling his family, he has just married young and flashy
                                       Tatiana to protect her from deportation. But his daughter Babette, and his
                                       son Arnaud soon realize that the old man has fallen in love with the gorgeous
                                       yet self-interested Moldovan woman. The family dynamics suddenly dive into
                                       Saturday April 2 - 7.30pm

        Olivier Nakache & Éric Toledano, 2009, 103 mn
        Thirty something man-child Alain cannot handle being a father. His wife Nathalie
        is always glued to her family : her brother, a lawyer who brags and owes
        everybody money ; her sister in law who raises her daughter like a horse in a
        show and her other sister who has completely lost it... But how will Alain be
        able to survive these family ordeals ?
        Sunday April 3 - 5pm

        TETE DE TURC
        Pascal Elbé, 2010, 87 mn
        When physician Simon pays a call to a menacing housing project, his vehicle is
        ambushed by rock-throwing youths, including high schooler Bora, who launches a
        Molotov cocktail but then rushes to save the doc before his car explodes. As
        Simon rests in a coma, Bora tries to avoid exposing himself to the cops and his
        hot-blooded seamstress mom, but he's soon beaten down by drug dealers angry
        that the neighborhood is now filled with roving reporters and police patrols.
        Saturday April 2 - 2pm

                                      TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX
                                     350 KING STREET WEST

                           FOR MORE DETAILS : WWW.CINEFRANCO.COM

 SEMAINE DE LA FRANCOPHONIE                                                                       MARCH 17-26
The "Semaine de la francophonie", which will take place from March 17 to March 26, in different spots of Toronto,
will be the occasion to join various activities focused on the French language and culture.
Exhibitions, lectures, films, musical evenings, activities for the young audience and much more events will be


9am : Exhibition of photographs – Focus on the Toronto
francophone community – by Stéphane Chu.
Until March 31 at the Alliance française de Toronto - 24
Spadina Road. Free admission.

12pm : Lunch & lecture with Ontario's first French
Language Services Commissioner, François Boileau.
Campus Boréal - 951 Carlaw Avenue. Free admission.


10am & 2pm : Krik ! La Reine Soleil est là – A singing
show for a young audience (5 to 10), with tales from
Toronto Public Library - 35, Fairview Mall Drive. Free

12pm : Humanidad – children at work – The artists from
Quebec Miki Gringas and Patrick Dionne show their work
on the economic exploitation of children.
Until March 24.
Glendon gallery - 2275 Bayview Avenue. Free admission.

                                                               "SOIREE JOIE DE VIVRE !"
6:30pm : Cinefranco preview – Cinefranco and AMDT.
Movie screening : Amours voilées directed by Aziz Salmy.       7pm : Cocktail – With the dance company Corpus.
Graham Spry movie theatre – CBC Radio-Canada - 250             Harbourfront Centre - Lakeside Terrace Room - 235
Wellington Street West. Free admission.                        Queens Quay West.
                                                               9pm : Robert Charlebois – Avec tambour ni trompette.
7pm : Creative Lab – Surprising and unreleased creation        Harbourfront Centre - Brigantine Room - 235 Queens
by three artists from the Lab.                                 Quay West.
The Art Lab - Distillery District - 55 Mill Street - Cannery
Building, Studio 317. Free admission.                          Cocktail & show : $40 in pre-sell / $45 on the spot.
                                                               Show : $30 pre-sell / $35 on the spot.
7pm : Reading circle – Talk about Le Ciel de Bay City
written by Catherine Mavrikakis.
Toronto Public Library - Succursale Richview - 1806            11pm : DJ Medecine Man.
Islington Avenue. Free admission.                              Harbourfront Centre - 235 Queens Quay West.
                                                               Free admission.

    WEDNESDAY MARCH 23                                             FRIDAY MARCH 25

    6:30pm : Cinema opening – Cinefranco and AMDT.                 7pm : Opening of Cinefranco festival.
    Movie screening : En attendant Pasolini directed by            Movie screenings : Impasse du désir (Swiss movie) and Y
    Daoud Alouad Syed.                                             en aura pas de facile (from Quebec), with actor Rémy
    Graham Spry movie theatre – CBC Radio-Canada - 250             Girard in attendance.
    Wellington West Street. Free admission.                        Tiff Bell Lightbox - 350 King Street West.
                                                                   $12 / $10 for students and seniors.
    7pm : Mon coeur mis à nu – staged by Louise Nolan.
    Until March 26.
    Glendon Theatre - 2275 Bayview Avenue.                         SATURDAY MARCH 26
    $10 / $5 for students.
                                                                   2pm : Animalab’ – Drawing workshop for children.
    7pm : Labo-Show Evening – Presentation of different            The Art Lab - Distillery District - 55 Mill Street - Cannery
    short films, performances and music.                           Building, Studio 317. $5.
    The Art Lab - Distillery District - 55 Mill Street - Cannery
    Building, Studio 317. Free admission.                          5pm : Morrocan cultural evening.
                                                                   Metropolitan Centre - 3840 Finch East Street.
    7:30pm : Presentation of the tale Tristan et Iseult by         $40 for adults / $20 for children (5-14) / Free for Age -5.
    Stéphanie Bénéteau.
    Alliance Française de Toronto - 24 Spadina Road. Free          7:30pm : Cabaret & songs Sous le soleil de Brassens.
    admission.                                                     Alliance Française de Toronto - 24 Spadina Road.
                                                                   $12 for adults / Free for members and students from
                                                                   the Alliance française de Toronto.


    11:55am : Lunch at the Canadian Club of Toronto –                FOR MORE DETAILS : WWW.SEMAINEFRANCO.COM
    Lecture by Marcelle Lean and film directors for the
    launching of Cinefranco 2011.
    Fairmont Royal York Hotel - Imperial Room - 100 Front
    West Street.
    $48 for members / $60 for non-members.

    5:30pm : Cocktail with the Association of francophone
    Stage Door Lounge - Novotel Toronto Centre - 45, The
    Esplanade. Pay what you drink.

    6pm : Games evening.
    Alliance Française de Toronto - 24 Spadina Road. Free

 IMAGES                                                                                  MARS 31-APRIL 9
The Images Festival is the largest festival in North America for experimental and independent moving image culture,
showcasing the innovative edge of international contemporary media art.
Over the past years, due to the closing of many African movie theatres, the absence of a local market and the
inability to attract international funding, the African Cinema has been declared dead. The program Reframing
Africa, featured in the festival this year in partnership with the Consulate General of France in Toronto and the
Institut français, aims to bring together and confront the different approaches of African filmmakers that enriches
the debate about art and representation on this continent.


Jean-Marie Teno, Africa's preeminent documentary filmmaker, has been producing and directing films on the colonial
and post-colonial history of Africa for over twenty years. His films have been honored at festivals worldwide, in
Berlin, Toronto, Rotterdam, London... Teno has been an artist in residence at the Pacific Film Archive of the
University of California, Berkeley, and has lectured at numerous universities.

                                                PROGRAM 1 : REPRESENTATION OR REALITY ?

                         Questioning reality is the driving force that has led many Africans to take up the camera in
                         the effort to make sense of the mess in a post-colonial Africa faced with ongoing issues of

                         Un certain matin
                         Fanta Régina Nacro, Burkina Faso, 1991, 15 mn
                         One day, while working in the bush, Tiga the villager sees a woman fleeing for her life,
                         pursued by saber-wielding madman. In an attempt to save the woman, Tiga grabs his gun
                         and shoots...

                         Pourquoi ?
                         Sokhna Amar, Senegal, 2005, 8 mn
                         In a long and poetic movement, words of sorrow and pain unveil dark and untold secrets
                         and questions…

                         Jean-Marie Teno, Cameroon, 1985, 13 mn
                         A poetic and ironic conversation between two characters exploring two faces of the same

                         Mati Diop, Senegal/France, 2009, 15 mn
                         The odyssey of Senegalese friends who attempt a life-threatening boat crossing.
                         Melancholic and mysterious, the film addresses the perils of illegal migration.

                         Poussières de ville
                         Moussa Touré, Senegal, 2001, 52 mn
                         When Moussa Touré sees a 7 year-old boy alone in the center of Brazzaville late at night,
                         he tries to take the child home to his family, only to discover that the boy is homeless.

                           PROGRAM 2 : PERSPECTIVES : IN MAMBETY'S FOOTSTEPS

          A tribute to one of the greatest filmmakers in African history : Djibril Diop Mambéty.
          Inventive, burlesque and challenging at the same time, Mambéty’s ground-breaking films
          opened up new avenues. These works remain entirely relevant today as emerging
          filmmakers struggle to document the social and aesthetic changes facing contemporary
          African societies.

          Portrait of a Young Man Drowning
          Teboho Mahlatsi, South Africa, 1999, 11 mn
          A wounded man called Shadow limps through a black and white landscape of burned-out
          buildings, funeral processions and memories in color. He wants to bathe, to clean his
          wound, but he finds no one willing to let him use their water…

          Wanuri Kahiu, Kenya, 2010, 22 mn
          One of the rare science fiction films in African cinema, as described by its director :
          "Pumzi is a visual ode to life. A life that has within it that which is good, that which is
          beautiful and that which is love. Pumzi is the essence of all these. Pumzi is my breath".

          Waramutsého !
          Auguste Bernard Kouémo Yanghu, Cameroon, 2008, 21 mn
          A film about friendship, fate and unpredictable circumstances of life.

          Le Clandestin
          Zeka Laplaine, France, 1996, 14 mn
          In this satire in the style of Hollywood silent movies, a stowaway journeys around a city
          beset by difficulties as he tries to find his feet and to stay out of the clutches of a zealous

          Le Franc
          Djibril Diop Mambéty, Senegal, 1994, 44 mn
          A poor and indebted musician, Marigo, finds solace in playing his congoma until it gets
          confiscated by his irate landlady. Marigo tries his luck at the lottery, and despite winning,
          finds himself unable to cash in his winning ticket. The film is a burlesque allegory of the
          lottery of life in urban Africa.

                                            JACKMAN HALL
                                       317 DUNDAS STREET WEST
                               PROGRAM 1 : REPRESENTATION OR REALITY ?
                                         MONDAY APRIL 4 - 9PM
                           PROGRAM 2 : PERSPECTIVES : IN MAMBETY'S FOOTSTEPS
                                         TUESDAY APRIL 5 - 9PM
                                   ADMISSION : PAY WHAT YOU CAN

                                FOR MORE DETAILS : WWW.IMAGESFESTIVAL.COM/
Visual Arts
THOMAS HIRSCHHORN                                                         MARCH 11-MAY 29

                                        EXHIBITION : DAS AUGE (THE EYE)

                    Das Auge (The Eye) is one of Thomas Hirschhorn’s largest and most visceral
                    sculptural installations yet to be presented. Selected to represent his native
                    Switzerland at the 2011 Venice Biennale, Hirschhorn is renowned for his
                    sprawling, immersive artworks that use everyday materials, found images from
                    the news and mass media, and impassioned graffiti-like texts to engage
                    audiences in actively thinking about politics and philosophy. Hirschhorn is
                    interested in the aesthetics of political protest – slogans, placards, provocative
                    photos – and in moving people to think and act critically in the world.

                    Sprawling over the gallery’s largest space as well as a specially constructed
                    mezzanine, the ambitious Das Auge (The Eye) was first presented at the Vienna
                    Secession in 2008. Crafted out of paper, packing tape, colour photocopies,
                    stuffed animals, mannequins, and other provisional materials, the exhibition is
                    based around the image of an eye that sees only the colour red. The entire mise-
                    en-scène is dominated by the juxtaposition of red and white: the flags of
                    Canada, Switzerland and other nations; the veins in an eye; blood on snow. The
                    artist has written: “Das Auge [The Eye] does not see everything – but it sees
                    everything that is red. Das Auge only sees the colour red. Thus it can only show
                    red, it can only name red, and it can only ‘be’ red.” Potent and overwhelming,
                    Das Auge links perception and voyeurism with the politics of the body, all-seeing
                    eye to all-too-fragile flesh.

                    Thomas Hirschhorn (born in 1957, Bern, Switzerland) lives and works in Paris.
                    Since the 1980s, the former graphic designer has evolved to a radical sculptural
                    installation practice.
                    Recent solo exhibitions have taken place at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2004),
                    Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston (2005), Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich
                    (2005), Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Castilla y Leon, Spain (2006), Musée
                    d’art contemporain de Montréal (2007), and Museo Tamayo, Mexico (2008). He
                    was included in documenta 11, Kassel (2002), 27th São Paolo Biennale (2006),
                    and the 55th Carnegie International, Pittsburgh (2008). Hirschhorn has received
                    the Marcel Duchamp Prize (2001) and the Joseph Beuys Prize (2004).

                                               OPENING RECEPTION
                                      THURSDAY MARCH 10 - FROM 6PM TO 10PM
                                                THE POWER PLANT
                                             231 QUEENS QUAY WEST

 CHLOE DELAUME                                                   MARCH 22-24


                 On the occasion of her last book's publishing, Le Deuil des deux
                 syllabes (L'Une & L'Autre Publisher), the author and specialist of
                 autofiction Chloé Delaume will give several lectures in different
                 universities of Ontario. She will read some excerpts of her best
                 seller books, such as : La règle du je (an essay on "autofiction") and
                 Dans ma maison sous terre.

                 Chloé Delaume is the author of more than ten books published by
                 Verticales, by Le Seuil in the collection Fiction & Cie, by Naïves
                 and by Léo Scheer. She also created and is the director of the
                 collection "Extraction" at Joca Seria Publishing.

                                         TUESDAY MARCH 22
                                        MCMASTER UNIVERSITY
                                  1280 MAIN STREET WEST - HAMILTON
                                           FREE ADMISSION

                                     WEDNESDAY MARCH 23 - 12H30
                                          GUELPH UNIVERSITY
                                     50 STONE ROAD EAST - GUELPH
                                            FREE ADMISSION

                                         THURSDAY MARCH 24
                                       UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO
                                    105 GEORGE STREET - TORONTO
                                           FREE ADMISSION


In the tradition of the Cinematheque’s tributes to formidable actresses and actors — we are pleased to announce a
select program highlighting the career of the daring, dimpled and dignified Sandrine Bonnaire. Still young at 43, her
astonishing early success has allowed her to work with some of the greatest French directors.

                                  À nos amours
                                  Maurice Pialat, 1983, 102mn
                                  As raw and anguished as adolescence itself, Maurice Pialat’s masterpiece
                                  announced Sandrine Bonnaire to the world, giving the fresh-faced fifteen-year-
                                  old her first role, and one of her finest.
                                  Friday March 11 - 9pm

                                  La Cérémonie
                                  Claude Chabrol, 1995, 112mn
                                  One of the best films of the nineties and essential Chabrol, La Cérémonie unites
                                  Bonnaire with another of France’s greatest actresses, Isabelle Huppert, in this
                                  adaptation of Ruth Rendell’s bestseller, A Judgment in Stone.
                                  Saturday March 12 - 5:30pm
                                  Friday March 18 - 9pm

                                  Her name is Sabine
                                  Sandrine Bonnaire, 2007, 85mn
                                  Bonnaire’s first directorial effort – a personal film about her younger sister
                                  Sabine, who was diagnosed with autism after years of misunderstanding and
                                  psychological suffering.
                                  Friday March 11 - 6:30pm

                                  Joan The Maid
                                  Jacques Rivette, 1994, 336mn
                                  An epic medieval diptych which portrays Joan of Arc as a flesh-and-blood farm
                                  girl, and depicts her rise and fall through a series of episodes.
                                  Sunday March 13 - 3:30pm

          Queen to play
          Caroline Bottaro, 2009, 97mn
          A repressed middle-aged chambermaid discovers chess, and sets her town’s
          rumour mill to spinning when she pursues a local doctor to help her excel at the
          Friday March 18 - 6:30pm

          Les Innocents
          André Téchiné, 1987, 96mn
          A tale of lust and intrigue about a woman who attends her sister’s wedding and
          finds herself in a romantic dilemma that mirrors France’s cultural, political and
          ideological climate.
          Tuesday March 15 - 9pm

          Philippe Lioret, 2001, 97mn
          A romantic comedy about a married businesswoman who unexpectedly falls in
          love with a performer in a traveling improv troupe.
          Wednesday March 16 - 6:30pm

          Monsieur Hire
          Patrice Leconte, 1989, 81mn
          A sumptuously designed psychological thriller about a meticulously dressed
          peeping tom who spies every night on his neighbor, the polished beauty Alice.
          Monday March 14 - 6:30pm

          Agnès Varda, 1985, 105mn
          An enigmatic teenaged hobo named Mona roams the Midi during the harsh of
          Thursday March 10 - 6:30pm
          Saturday March 19 - 6:30pm

          Under The Sun of Satan
          Maurice Pialat, 1987, 93mn
          A controversial winner of the Palme d’Or at Cannes, Pialat’s adaptation of the
          novel by Georges Bernanos is a restrained, unsettling account of a young priest
          who tests his holy abilities by accepting a challenge to face the devil incarnate.
          Thursday March 17 - 6:30pm

                                         TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX
                                        350 KING STREET WEST

14                               FOR MORE DETAILS : HTTP://TIFF.NET/
Television                                            THE BULLETIN CULTUREL
                                                   PRESENTS A SELECTION OF TFO
                                                     FRENCH CINEMA PROGRAM

       LE GRAND VOYAGE                         ALL IS FORGIVEN                 FOCUS ON FRANCOIS OZON
       ISMAEL FERROUKHI                        MIA HANSEN-LOVE                             SITCOM
       FRANCE, 2004, 102 MN                   FRANCE, 2006, 100 MN                   FRANCE, 1998, 76 MN

                                       Separated from her biological
                                       father for more than a decade, a
                                                                              The adventures of an upper-class
                                       teenage girl living with her mother
                                                                              suburban          family      abruptly
                                       in Paris sets out to reconnect with
                                                                              confronted      with     the   younger
                                       her wayward dad.
                                                                              brother's      discovery     of    his
Reda, summoned to accompany
                                                                              homosexuality, the elder sister's
his father on a pilgrimage to                THURSDAY MARCH 3 - 9PM
                                                                              suicide attempt and sado-masochist
Mecca, complies reluctantly - as
                                                                              tendencies. And it all started with
he     is   preparing      for   his
baccalaureat and, even more                     CODE UNKNOWN                  the arrival of a newcomer.
important, has a secret love
                                                                                    SATURDAY MARCH 19 - 9PM
relationship. But the trip across               MICHAEL HANEKE
Europe in a broken-down car is                 FRANCE, 1999, 112 MN
also a chance to renew the                                                       WATER DROPS ON BURNING
connection       between        two
generations: upon arrival in                                                             ROCKS
Mecca, both Reda and his father                                                        FRANCE, 1999, 81 MN
are not the characters they were
at the beginning of their trip.


                                       Paris, a man throws a bag of half-
                                       eaten pastry into a beggar's lap.      Germany in the 1970s, a young
                                       Separate lives intersect for the one   student, Franz, allows himself to be
                                       moment, around this pastry bag,        picked    up    by    50-year    old
                                       and all are altered. We follow each    businessman,     Léopold.   Léopold
                                       as repercussions of the incident       provokes Franz into revealing his
                                       play out.                              homosexual experiences and soon
                                                                              manages to seduce him. Six months
                                              MONDAY MARCH 7 - 9PM            later, Frantz has moved in with
                                                                              Léopold and they appear to live as
                                                                              an ordinary married couple.

                                                                                   SATURDAY MARCH 26 - 9PM

      The Centre National du Livre
      Translation Grant Program.
      Application deadline : April 10, 2011.

      Institut français' Grant Program to
      Publishers for the Acquisition of
      Application deadline : April 15, 2011.
                                                         A registered charitable organization, the Alliance
        FOR MORE DETAILS, PLEASE CONTACT                 Française is dedicated to promoting the use of
                DAVID GRESSOT :                          French and the appreciation of cultures that
                                                         share the French language in their common
                                                         heritage. Established in 1902 with approximately
                                                         6,000 students and members, it operates as a
                                                         cultural centre and language school with three
                                                         centres in the Greater Toronto Area. Accredited
                                                         by the Federal Government, it is the largest
                                                         private French language school in Canada, with
                                                         centres in Mississauga, Markham and North York.


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