How to Maintain Etiquette during a Breakup

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					How to Maintain Etiquette
   during a Breakup
Breakup etiquette is sometimes hard to follow. Of course it would be easy to send an
email or text message stating that the relationship is over, but it is the wrong way to treat
a person. Courtesy requires you to do the right thing.


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              Speak face to face, if possible. Although breakups are uncomfortable, they
              require you to be sensitive, and this is best accomplished in person.

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              Make a phone call if you can't meet. Long distance relationships may be
              ended by phone.

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              Be honest about your reason for ending the relationship without laying
              blame. Sometimes it is easier to lay the blame on the other person or bring
          up specific issues. However, letting the other person know that the
          relationship is not working out for you without bringing up specifics is a
          better way to go.

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          Allow the other person to ask questions and react to the news. A
          relationship is made up of two people, and both deserve the right to talk
          when it is ending. Answer questions honestly and but don't engage in
          arguments if the conversation becomes too heated.

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          Give each other time to heal. It is hard to stop talking to someone you have
          been in a relationship with, but it makes the breakup even harder to get
          over if you continue talking.

Tips & Warnings
         If you want to have a continued, platonic relationship after your breakup, you
           must give yourself time away from each other before attempting a friendship.
           Emotions run high during a break up and time away from each other is the only
           way to eventually have a friendship. Take at least two months off with no or
           minimial contact.

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