How Can You Laugh Your Way through a Breakup by charleshogue


Loneliness after a breakup can be difficult since being alone tends to make you focus on the loss of relationship. There are things you can do, however, to battle breakup loneliness.

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									 How Can You Laugh Your
  Way through a Breakup
Breaking up is hard to do. We know all that. We even know all the songs about all that. It
stinks. Sometimes, however, we can help it along with some friends and some shared
laughter. After all, there's always something out there to laugh about. Sounds crazy, but
try it--what do you have to lose?

Things you'll need:

      A few good friends, or at least one good friend
      Movies and a television
      Comfort food
      Games

   o           1
             Go ahead and admit that you feel crummy, but also realize that you can
             plan to escape from all that. First things first: call your best friends together-
             -as many or as few as you choose.

   o           2
    Prepare some goodies for your pals. Try nachos or French bread with lots
    of fruit and dip. Dark chocolate fondue with cherries and oranges...the
    possibilities are endless, but pick something that's really a treat.

o     3
    Get comfy. Wear your oldest pair of jeans, a soft fuzzy sweater and your
    really ugly house slippers. Tell pals to come in relax clothes. Make comfort
    food--is yours spaghetti, banana pudding, mom's pot roast or hot cocoa with
    marshmallows? Surround yourself with all the things that make you feel
    warm and safe and loved.

o     4
    Have fun. Get silly. Watch a movie tonight with pals that makes you laugh.
    Try those goofy TV shows with home videos. How can you not laugh at
    animals and kids looking ridiculous? And it's so much more fun with friends.

o     5
    Plan a pizza PJ party with Dominoes and Canasta and Margaritas. Or get a
    new video at the library on Hip Hop dancing and give it a whirl. Try a get
    together at the local skating rink or amusement park. Do something
    different--maybe some things you outgrew but loved as a kid. Play Twister
    or Parcheesi. Get a hula hoop. Take some giggly girls to see a goofy movie.
    Remember what giggling really felt like.

o     6
    Plan several of your tomorrow nights tonight when you're feeling better than
    you thought possible. Could you take that class you've put off? Go see that
    museum exhibit or ballet that you couldn't go to before? Enjoy your new
    freedom with things you had no time for before.

o     7
    Call all those people you've been meaning to get together with. Plan to
    have dinner one night - cook at home for them if you're not flushed this
    week. Go out for coffee with that coworker you've always wanted to get to
    know better. Babysit for the new mom at work or offer to pet sit your
    buddies' lively chocolate lab. Pick things that you'd consider fun.

o     8
    Do some volunteer work where you'll have fun. How about helping with a
    little kids T-ball team or planning a Barbie Birthday for kids who are
    developmentally disabled? Call around and see what would give others a
          good time and lift your spirits, too. Choose somewhere you're going to hear
          some laughter!

  o         9
          Remember that healing takes time but how you spend that time is up to you.
          Filling it with helping others to laugh will bring you laughter and meaning
          and a great deal of love...and isn't missing all that just what you were crying
          about? Come on and give it a try. You don't have to feel like it. Just do it
          and the feelings will come.

  o         10
          Remind yourself again and again that you ARE going to get past this and
          life will be good again. Life will be better than it ever was before one day.
          Tell yourself as often as you need to that you can hang on for this one day.
          Soon you'll actually feel better and this will be behind you for real.

Tips & Warnings
         Surround yourself with people who love you and lift you up.
         Wear cheerful clothing--fix your hair--put your makeup and good clothes on.
         Eat and sleep right. Get some fresh air and exercise.
         Don't make huge decisions after a big upheaval in your life. Wait till things
          settle down and you can think more clearly.
         Don't stay by yourself much at the beginning. You will only go downhill with
          your own company right now.

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