President-elect Report by wuxiangyu


									                                         Past President Report
                                    Janet K. Little, MPH, RD, LDN
                                             June 30, 2008

The mission statement of the ADA and PADA is “Leading the Future of Dietetics”.

PADA Strategic goals (adopted from ADA’s 6 Strategic Goals):
STRATEGIC GOAL #1: Build an aligned, engaged and diverse membership

Objective 1.   Retain current membership base while increasing members.
   a.   Matched membership on DMIS to their legislators.
   b.   Matched all PA libraries to their legislators.
   c.   Combined the two, sorting to show which members resided near which libraries.
   d.   Could also match programs in dietetics to their legislators.
Objective 2.   Establish Diversity Task Force and Implement Task Force Programs.
   a. Offered to Chair the Program Committee for AME 2011, LVDA will join Phila. DA.
Objective 3.   Inform high school and college students and the general public about career opportunities
               in dietetics.
   a. PSCA 2008 - JRuth Anne McGinley, HACC, Kay Witt, Messiah and Kristin Amicone,
      Lancaster General.
   b. Ten programs in dietetics registered to offer brochures about their programs, April 16, work
      April 17 and 18. Many materials are left.
   c. Today’s Dietitian donated issues to PADA for the exhibit. These were popular with the
      counselors but we still had many copies left over.
   d. Joined audience at Ginny Corcoran’s presentation on April 18, adding our brochures to Ginny’s
      table of handouts. PSCA has asked Ginny to return to speak in 2009.
   e. Encouraged Ginny to speak about nutrition issues that PSCA counselors asked us about when
      operating an exhibit at the 2006-8 annual meeting when she speaks next year.
   f. Encouraged Teresa Gustafson to approach PSCA about offering a panel session starring RDs at
      Hershey Medical Center, the location of PSCA’s 2009 annual meeting.
   g. Met up with counselor at Edison HS, Ruth Garcia, forwarded her contact information to Elaine
      Chopnick of LaSalle who is eager to meet students interested in dietetics.
   h. Sent comments and feedback about exhibits sessions to PSCA.
   i. Do not recommend that PADA support an exhibit at PSCA’s annual meeting. Rather, suggest
      that RDs give presentations to counselors of all levels.
   j. Learned that counselors working in elementary school must give classes about careers. This is
      a great opportunity for entrepreneur RDs to promote their practice.
Objective 4. Reflect efforts to achieve this goal through the PADA budget.
       a. PSCA budgeted in Career Guidance 6280.9a.
           Submitted vouchers for travel expenses for three PADA members helping booth.
STRATEGIC GOAL #2: Influence key food, nutrition and health initiatives in Pennsylvania
Objective 1. Develop, implement and communicate a PADA policy and legislative agenda
   b. Gave presentation at May 4 bod meeting about new business developed to help organizations
      develop their grassroots legislative networks. Automatic Precise Effective is its theme.
   c. PADA bod agreed to proceed with reviewing the agreement proposed by LobbySmart®.
   d. Continued work on LobbySmart ® and Active Constituent Opt_In TM, hired a website builder.
   e. Participated in DDC on May 6.
Objective 2.   Liaison with groups and individuals to advance PADA’s policy agenda.
   a. Guided incoming President-elect, Linda Crawshaw about editing the newsletter.
Objective 3.    Communicate PADA’s views on food, nutrition and health policies to a wide range of
a. Writing for D’tails newsletter for the Democratic Caucus still not progressing. Suggest holding off
    until communication is reestablished.
Objective 4.    Reflect efforts to achieve this goal through the PADA budget.
    a. PR has its own budget #6160 on page 2.
STATEGIC GOAL #3.                Increase demand for and utilization of services provided by members.

Objective 1.    Promote and support activities that bring recognition to members’ services.
        a. Planning PADAF library program for summer 2008. District can pick from there through the
        term ending on May 30, 2009. First BOD meeting held on June 18, board voted to start
        summer program. See PADAF report.
Objective 3.    Reflect efforts to achieve this goal through the PADA budget.
        a. Legislation/Licensure is part of the PADA budget, # 6150 on p 2. But, little
           reimbursement for mileage for our representatives on boards of other groups.

STRATEGIC GOAL #4: Empower members to compete successfully in a rapidly changing environment.

Objective 1.    Provide up-to-date leadership and professional practice education and
                resources to members..
    a. Attended committee meeting for AME 2009 on June 12 in Valley Forge.
    b. Volunteered to serve as Program Chair of AME 2011. Contacted “LVDA Stars”, chairs of
        AME 1994 and 1998, asking them to join the committee and others. The very lucrative AME
        1994 was held in Allentown and chaired by LVDA

Objective 3.    Reflect efforts to achieve this goal through the PADA budget.
    a. Newsletter/Website expenses appear on p 2 of the budget in #6080.
STRATEGIC GOAL #5: Proactively focus on emerging areas of food and nutrition.
    a. Giant Foods submitted a quarter-page ad starting in the spring issue of the state newsletter, bringing in
    $540. 00. So, it should appear again in the summer, fall and winter newsletters. The Giant supermarket
    that hired Mary Ann Moylan, RD, opened in Willow Grove on March 5.
Objective 1. Use selected priority areas as a guide for developing professional
                development programs, projects, poster sessions and publications.
   A. PADAF Book Purchase/Donate program at 29 Library Centers this summer can extend into 450+ more
       libraries if district dietetic associations, PA programs in dietetics, PADA members, school nutrition
       councils with RDs, etc. respond.
Objective 2. Form key alliances/partnerships that support PADA in selected priority areas.
   b. PA Public Libraries and public schools (East Penn School District, PA DOH & DOE.).
   c. Trying to contact PA Preferred Program ® at PA Dept. of Agriculture. Ruth Anne McGinley
        agreed to follow up in person as PA Preferred not replying.
Objective 3.    Reflect efforts to achieve this goal through the PADA budget.
    a. PADAF not budgeting for travel expenses to Library Centers. Could add to application for

Points for Board Discussion or recommendations
        1. Role of the districts supporting PADAF this summer and on their own from
           Fall 2008-May 30, 2009.
        2. Information, including ppt, about the PADAF summer library program
           appears on the PADAF section of the state website. nd how districts can get

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