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Important Information and Phone Numbers


									Important Information and Phone Numbers
Welcome to Lakehead University
The following is an introduction to the phone and network services available at Lakehead University. This
document contains material about the phone and voicemail systems, computer network and other
communications services available to you while staying in Residence, and using Telephony Services on our
campuses in Thunder Bay and Orillia.

                                                 AUTOMATED ATTENDANT                            Health Services                      343-8361
                                                                                                Human Resources                      343-8334
                                                 All incoming calls to residence
                                                                                                International Activities             343-8133
                                                 must first be directed through our
                                                                                                Learning Assistance Centre           343-8047
                                                 Automated Attendant             343-8888
                                                                                                Library                              343-8205
                                                                                                Native Support Services              343-8084
                                                                                                Parking Inquiries (Security)         343-8569
                                                 RESIDENCE ADMINISTRATION
                                                                                                Part-Time Studies (CEDL)             343-7730
                                                 Front Desk / Reception          343-8612       Pool (Automated Fieldhouse Hours)    343-8173
                                                                                                President’s Office                   343-8200
                                                 Residence Admin                 343-8512       Printing / Mail Room                 343-8409
                                                                                                Ombudsperson                         343-8061
                                                 Conference Services             343-8779       Research and Graduate Studies        343-8283
                                                                                                Scheduling                           343-8495
                                                 Residence Admissions & 343-8060                Sports Medicine Clinic               343-8188
                                                 Accounts                        343-8097       Student Placement & Co-op            343-8264
                                                                                                Student Affairs                      343-8522
                                                                                                Student Union                        343-8259
                                                 OTHER IMPORTANT NUMBERS
                                                 AT LAKEHEAD UNIVERSITY

                                                 Aboriginal Support Services         343-8085   EMERGENCY NUMBERS
TSC – Helpdesk                     346-7777      Admissions                          343-8500
Internally Dial Extension 7777                   Alumni Relations                    343-8155
Telephone or Network trouble, Network                                                           LU Emergency: Use HOTLINE Key
                                                 Athletics Facilities                346-7724
Configurations problems, Voicemail access        Bookstore                           343-8130
difficulties. Systems Account Creation, Print                                                   Pressing the Hotline Key is the
                                                 Campus Tours                        343-8500
Balances, Lab software and hardware                                                             same as dialing the following
                                                 Clothing Store (Intersection)       343-8961
support. Friendly advice on computer                                                            number.
                                                 Communications                      343-8177
software troubles. Drop in and visit us in the                                                  Fire, Emergencies, etc             ( 343-8911 )
                                                 Convenience Store (Junction)        343-8925
ATAC Building 2nd floor. Phone or email          Academic Advancement/Chaplaincy 343-8018                            Development                         343-8194
                                                                                                Lakehead U. Security               343-8569
                                                 Distance Education                  343-8210
                                                 Education Library                   343-8718
Campus Technology                  343-8770
                                                 Faculty Association                 343-8789
Internally Dial Extension 8770
                                                 Athletics                           343-8213   OPERATORS
The computer store sells network cards and
                                                 Financial Aid / OSAP / Scholarships 343-8206
other peripherals. We are located in the                                                        Dial 0 for LU operator
                                                 Food Services (Aramark)             343-8142
Braun Building BB 1070B.                                                                        Dial 9+0 for T.Bay Tel operator
                                                 Gender Issues Centre                343-8879
                                                                                                Dial 9+0+0 for Bell Tel operator
                                                 Graphics & Photography              343-8567
Telephone Features:
CALL TRANSFER                                                                                HOLD

To transfer a call to another extension                                                      To Place a Call on Hold:
      •     Ask caller to wait                                                               Press “Hold” key.
      •     Press “Trans” soft key                                                           Place receiver in cradle.
      •     Dial four digit extension number
      •     Advise called extension that you have a transfer call                            To Retrieve a Held Call:
      •     Press “Trans” soft key again                                                     Lift handset.
      •     Press the “Release” key or hang up                                               Press the flashing key.

The other two parties will remain connected                                                  HANDSFREE

                                                                                             To Place a Call on Handsfree:
CONFERENCE                                                                                   Press “Handsfree” key.
                                                                                             Replace handset in cradle.
To conference a call
     •    Ask caller to wait, Press “Conf” soft key                                          To Switch from Handsfree to Handset:
     •    Dial four digit extension or external number                                       Lift handset.
     •    You should inform the called party that you are setting up a conference call
     •    Press “Conf” soft key again                                                        PLACING A CALL

                                                                                             Make A Call – External – Local:
All three parties are now connected. You can add up to six people to a conference call by    Press your extension number Dial 9 + Number.
performing the above steps. You are the controller of the call, if you hang-up the call is   Lift the handset to speak.
disconnected.                                                                                or
                                                                                             Lift the handset Dial 9 + Number.
Note: If the number you are calling does not answer, press the flashing DN key again and     or
you will be reconnected to the conference.                                                   Press the Handsfree key Dial 9 + Number.

AUTO DIAL                                                                                    Make A Call – External – Long Distance:
                                                                                             Lift the handset.
To Program                                                                                   Dial 9 + 1 + Area Code + Number.
     •    Without lifting the handset, press the Auto Dial key you want to program           Wait for the signal tone (5-10 beeps) then put in your
     •    Dial the number you want to save on that key Remember to put a “9” in front of     Long Distance Authorization Code.
          external numbers                                                                   or
     •    Press the “Autodial” key again to store the number                                 Press the “Hands free” key.
                                                                                             Dial 9 + 1 + Area Code + Number.
To use the Autodial feature, lift handset and press the “Autodial” key you want.             Wait for the signal tone (5-10 beeps) then put in your
The number will automatically be dialed.                                                     Long Distance Authorization Code.

MESSAGE WAITING                                                                              Make A Call – Long Distance – International:
                                                                                             Dial 9 + 011 + Country Code + Area Code + Number.
A red light displayed at the top of your telephone notifies you of new voicemail messages.   Wait for the signal tone (5-10 beeps) then put in your
     •      Lift your handset                                                                Long Distance Authorization Code.
     •      Press the “Inbox” key
            (This will automatically dial into the voicemail system)                         RECEIVING A CALL

     •      Enter your Voicemail Box number                                                  When you receive an incoming call, you can answer it in
            (or press # key if calling from personal phone)                                  any of the following manners:
     •      Enter your password                                                              Lift your handset. You will always be presented with the
                                                                                             ringing line.
You may now listen to your messages.                                                         or
                                                                                             Press the flashing DN Key.
                                                                                             Press the “Handsfree” key.
Using Voicemail:
Your Voicemail System access number is Internal – 8000                 External – 343-8000
Your Mailbox Number is your EXTENSION number, followed by #.
Your Default Password is “11 + EXTENSION number”, followed by #.
Passwords must be a minimum of 4 digits.
Your messages will be saved for 10 days.
Your mailbox will be disabled if you login 3 times incorrectly. You will have to submit a Support Ticket to have this reset. Visit to submit
your Support Ticket Request

                                                                                        Record Greetings:
Internally from your own telephone:                                                     While logged in to your mailbox, press 82.
      •     Press “Inbox” key. Press #.
      •     Enter your password. Press #.                                               Press 1 for EXTERNAL greeting.
                                                                                        Press 2 for INTERNAL greeting.
Internally from another telephone:                                                      Press 3 for TEMPORARY greeting.
      •     Dial 8000.                                                                  (External greeting is all you need to record)
      •     Enter your mailbox number. Press #.
      •     Enter your password. Press #.                                               Press 5 to record. Wait for the tone, then record.
                                                                                        Press # to end your recording.
Externally:                                                                             To play your greeting, press 2.
     •     Dial 343-8000.                                                               Press 4 to return to your messages.
     •     Enter your mailbox number. Press #.
     •     Enter your password. Press #.

                                                                                        STEP 4 – PERSONAL VERIFICATION:
                                                                                        Record Your Name:
When you first get your mailbox, you must change the password to one
that is unique to you.                                                                  While logged into your mailbox, press 82.
Changing Your Password:                                                                 Press 9 for personal verification.
       •    While logged into your mailbox press 84.                                    Press 5 to record. Wait for tone, then record your name.
       •    Enter your default or current password. Press #.                            Press # to end the recording.
       •    Enter your new password. Press #.
       •    Enter your new password again. Press #.                                     You have changed your password, recorded your greeting and recorded
                                                                                        your name; you are now ready to receive messages.


You must record a greeting. Think about what your greeting will be
before you start recording. Sometimes writing it out helps. Your                        QUICK REVIEW CODES:

greeting can be up to 5 minutes long.                                                   Access (follow instructions)

There are 3 types of greetings that you can create:                                     2        Play
                                                                                        1        Skip back 5 seconds
EXTERNAL – this is a greeting that everyone will hear.                                  3        Skip forward 5 seconds
                                                                                        23       Increase speed level
INTERNAL – this is a greeting that will only be heard by someone calling                21       Decrease until the normal speed
from within the telephone system (from within Lakehead University).                     #        Pause
                                                                                        76       Erase or restore within the current session
TEMPORARY – this is a greeting that you can turn on temporarily. Your                   72       Play Envelope: (date and time)
callers will be forced to listen to this message. They cannot press # to get            83       Release the port (Goodbye)
to the end of the message.
Voicemail Features:
These features will work only within the Lakehead telephone system.

COMPOSING MESSAGES:                                                            TAGGING A MESSAGE:

This will allow you to compose a message and then send it to a group of        This allows you to “tag” a message “Urgent”, “Private” or
user on your voicemail system.                                                 “Acknowledgment”.
This way, all the users will hear the same message and you do not have
to call each one individually.                                                 Urgent: The message that is tagged urgent will be announced as an
                                                                               urgent message. (701)
Access (follow instructions)                                                   Private: The message marked as private is a message that cannot be
     •      Dial 75                                                            forwarded to anyone else. (704)
     •      List mailbox followed by the #. At the end of the list press # a   Acknowledgment: When a message that is marked acknowledgment is
            second time                                                        listened to, you will get a message in your mailbox telling you when the
     •      Press 5 to record message followed by the # key at the end of      message was listened to. (705)
            your recording
     •      Press 79 to send message
                                                                               DISTRIBUTION LISTS:

                                                                               If you are often sending messages to the same group of people, you can
                                                                               create a distribution list. That way, you can compose a message and
To reply to a message immediately after having listened to it.                 send it to the group rather than having to enter each number individually.
     •      At the end of the message press 71                                 You can also forward a message to a distribution list as well.
     •      Press 5 to record +#
     •      Press 79 to send or 76 to erase                                    Access (follow instructions)
                                                                                    •      Press 85
                                                                                    •      Distribution List Number (1 to 99) + #
                                                                                    •      5
This allows you to forward a message to someone in Lakehead. The                    •      Mailbox Number + #
system will ask you for a preamble so that you explain to the person to             •      0# (to delete)
whom you are forwarding the message, the reason you are forwarding it.              •      # (end of list)
      •     At the end of the message press 73                                      •      2 (review)
      •     Enter the destination mailbox numbers followed by the #
      •     Press 5 to record +#
      •     Press 79 to send or 76 to erase


Press the Services key to access the
following items:
• Telephone Options:
- Volume Adjustment
- Contrast Adjustment
- Language
- Date/Time Format
- Display diagnostics
- Local Dialpad Tone
- Set Info
- Ring type
- Call Timer
- OnHook Default Path

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