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            Hands Off!                Issue No 5, 1 Sep 08

Are you ready to go? Kitbag prepared, boots polished, whistles poised, cards in pocket, pencils
sharp…no, well you should be it‘s the start of the season and those first appointments should
be looming……but, do you know your ARs from your elbows – so to speak? Do you think ELVs
are characters from Lord of the Rings? If so, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear; where have you been
holidaying this year – the moon? ELVs – or more correctly Experimental Law Variations – or
rather 13 of them are now in the Northern Hemisphere game, that‘s us by the way! So how will
these 13 ELV change our rugby lives, hopefully not that much, but you will need to read on if
you are not already aware of them. Oh yes, ARs – Assistant Referees, for those who thought I
was being rude. See ELVs below, told you they would be some changes….

(PS yes I know this edition is late, it was ready to go by the 1 Sep but the IRB kept sending stuff
out to the Sec who kept sending it to me. Guess what, now you‘ve got it, so you have been

Sec’s Corner
The 2 pieces of big news from the Sec is that we have a new Hon Sec and a new Chairman.
                                                   Following on from the AGM held on RAFRU
                                                   Cup Finals Day in May, and for those that
                                                   have been holidaying on the moon, Wg
                                                   Cdr(Retd) Andy Rolfe finished ‗attending‘ at
                                                   RAF High Wycombe on Friday 29 Aug 08. I
                                                   cannot say ‗finished working‘ as that would be
                                                   a travesty of justice and besides, Andy freely
                                                   admitted to me that he has never done an
                                                   honest day‘s work in his Air Force career.
                                                   Now he has to get used to that concept, an
                                                   honest day‘s work and is now working hard
                                                   retraining as Mr (Desig). Therefore, Wg Cdr
Chris Goss has stepped up to the mark (sorry about the pun) and taken over Andy‘s mantle.
Chris is an active Level 7 Referee in the Bucks Society and an even more active member of
Henley RFC. Thus, please keep Chris informed of your locations, contact details and all the
other bits of gumpf he will be sending your way; if you have not seen it already. We also have a
new Chairman, things don‘t stop around here you know. Wg Cdr Al Davies has fulfilled his term
in office and stepped down, with Wg Cdr Mike Priestley assuming the role for his tenure. Mike

is a well known RFU Panel TJ (of some repute it has to be said) and has contributed an article
for this newsletter. We wish Al all the best continuing his blowing in Norfolk, (even if he does it
in the PINK and Grey with West Norfolk….Ed) and hopefully we‘ll see him in the RAF Blue
again soon. Seriously, Al has steered the society through some ‗difficult‘ times in the past and
we are now enjoying a renaissance which is as a direct result of all the hard graft put in by Al
and Andy, so on your behalf, I offer our collective thanks to them and wish them well in their
own future endeavours. To Chris and Mike, good luck and we‘re right behind you (just as
normal, the rest of the referees are always behind play), so now read on.
PS. the Picture. Well, that‘s the glorious Team of 4 whom, magnificently led by our departing
Hon Sec (Andy) and Chairman (Al), presided over the RAFRU Warrington-Morris Shield Final
on a super May day in 2008. By pure chance the superb West London Barbarians triumphed
over RAF Marham in a close fought (well, no, we were 20 points ahead by the end!). Sorry, did
I say we, well, yes, I have to declare here that I am the OIC of the BaaBaas, and yes, I may be
somewhat biased, and yes I did play in the game, but then again, I wasn‘t caught and I wasn‘t
penalised, so you can‘t blame me…..Remember Rule Number One in the Front Row – DON‘T

RAFRURS Support to Akrotiri 10’s 2008
– Or, How to Top Up Your Suntan At Public Expense
Eight RAFRURS Refs (Mike Priestley, Mark Salter (Ref Manager), Gary Williams, Dave
Squires, Phil Ware, George Whitecross, Dave Patterson and Andy Oliver) and two visitors (Gaz
Fairbairn (RN) and Shaun Curry (Army)) provided the UK contingent to support Cyprus SAS
John Holland and his band of merry Mediterranean whistle blowers for the RAF Akrotiri
International Floodlit Rugby 10‘s.
In its 24th year, the 10‘s was run over a day less with games in the league stages starting at
1700 hrs and concluding with the last kick off at 2200 hrs. Teams of three were provided for all
League and early knock out stages with teams of 5 for the Finals so most referees were
involved in at least 6 games per night.
As usual the UK based refs were well catered for by John and June Holland. This allowed Gary
Williams to get his beach time in and also meant that Hon TDO had some students for the
ELRA course.
All referees made it to Cyprus and back (even with a few false starts and delays courtesy of our
wonderful AT fleet!). The rugby was of its usual standard and produced some excellent Finals
                                                                 with the Royal Marines winning
                                                                 the Cup (brilliantly managed by
                                                                 Dave Squires) and Nicosia
                                                                 Fijians (sorry Barbarians)
                                                                 winning the plate. Even Akrotiri
                                                                 won something carrying off the
                                                                 Ladies Test series.
                                                                   Back Row: Gaz Fairbairn, June
                                                                   Holland, Gary Williams, George

Whitecross, Alberto Cohen (Argentinian Navy), Dave Smith (RFU TJ), Doug McAllister, Mark
Salter, Tim Carpenter, Dave Patterson, Rick Woods.
Front Row: Shaun Curry, Keith Elliott, John Holland, Mike Priestley, Andy Oliver, Phil Ware,
Dave Squires
Of course we must have some referee awards.
Class Act of the week: Dave Patterson. Left the last night party early after refusing several
drinks (― I have to be up early tomorrow to get to the Air Terminal for the early check in (you can
see it coming can‘t you??)) Dave Patterson slept in!!!
Care in the Community Award: Dave Squires. So concerned was Dave by the exertions and
the heat that he made it is dying duty to ensure that all referees suitably rehydrated each
evening prior to retiring for a solid night of sleep. (Orange Lucozade and Vodka, Red Bull and
Vodka, Tonic and Gin, Coke and Whisky) Dave made sure it all was drunk in copious amounts.
Slip of the week. Which National Panel TJ do you know who went to the 08 Akrotiri 10‘s and
on Finals Night right in front of the VIP Enclosure whilst running backwards straddled the 22
metre line flag post and ended up sprawled flat out!! (Ed if you publish that you are in
trouble!!—Always up for a challenge – Ed (or should I say ex-Ed??)))
Blag of the week. Mark Salter exalted TDO gives away half the budget of the RAF Careers
service (loads of gizzits legally acquired so he says!!) Ground Hostesses lured in with Frisbees
and pens and stickers. Then Wg Cdr Priestley and Party all priority loaded first on to aircraft.
Our Army colleague was amazed at how brazen the blag was…. Of course we just played along
with it and took the benefits.
We look forward to the plans for the 25th Anniversary extravaganza that will be the 2009 Akrotiri
International Floodlit Rugby 10‘s

Law Clarifications and other Good Gen
Despite the ELVs taking precedence over most people‘s minds this close season, there have
been a couple of other interesting points which the Referees Department and the IRB wish to
highlight to all active referees, coaches and indeed players: Dangerous Play, the Tackle Area
and the Scrum Engagement Sequence.
‘Dangerous Play’

There is a growing concern amongst the medical profession, coaches, players, administrators
and judiciary about the conduct of players when entering rucks and mauls and when clearing
out players on the fringes of tackles, rucks and mauls which is considered dangerous. A DVD
has been produced that demonstrates such actions and includes examples of illegal and/or foul
play. The DVD will be circulated with a hard copy of this correspondence through appropriate
Society Secretaries.

The relevant parts of Law are very specific as detailed below:

       Law 10.4 (i) Players must not charge into a ruck or maul without binding onto a player in
       the ruck or maul.

       Law 16.2 (b) A player joining a ruck must bind onto the ruck with at least one arm around
       the body of a teammate, using the whole arm.

       Law 17.4 ( c ) Players joining the Maul

       Players joining a maul must do so from behind the foot of the hindmost teammate in the
       maul. The player may join alongside this player. If the player joins the maul from the
       opponents side or in front of the hindmost teammate the player is offside. In addition the
       Aide Memoire for the IRB Panel referees enacted at RWC 2007 stated:

               • Zero tolerance to players who charge into rucks and mauls without
               • Zero tolerance to players who clear out opponents not involved in ruck
               and maul.

Match Officials, Citing Officials and Judicial Officers are requested to be vigilant
and apply Law and appropriate sanctions when players are involved in
dangerous play of this nature.

‘The Tackle’

You may be aware that the iRB have this summer issued a directive stating that ―match officials
at all levels of the Game must referee the Tackle (Law 15) and the Ruck (Law 16) in
accordance with the written Laws‖. The iRB correspondence further states that ―it has become
evident that players are going to ground over or on ball carriers which has become known as
sealing off. On some occasions they remain in that position and fail to move away contravening
Law. Furthermore players are going to ground or on top of players after a tackle thereby
ensuring that the opposition cannot contest possession. Such actions are in breech of Laws
15.6 (g), 15.7 (c) and 15.7 (d). Referees are requested to be more vigilant in this area of the
Game and to ensure that both teams are treated equally at the breakdown.‖

Referee Department Guidance:

1.    Please remember that the iRB are simply asking officials to referee the EXISTING Law.
There have been no new Laws introduced in this area of the Game

2.     The tackler MUST remain the referee‘s first priority i.e. he/she must immediately release
the tackled player and get up or move away from the tackled player

3.      Referees must remain vigilant that both attacking and defending players remain on their
feet after a tackle has occurred and do not VOLUNTARILY go to ground

4.   If arriving players go to ground, due to their momentum, beyond the ball, and the ball is
immediately available, then play should be allowed to continue

5.    If arriving players go to ground due to their momentum but NOT beyond the ball, then
they must be proactive in making the ball available

6.    If a player ―latches onto‖ the ball carrier and both players fall to ground, then they must
be proactive in making the ball available

Please note that an iRB DVD, which highlights the illegal actions of players in this area, will be
sent to Society Secretaries from Twickenham in the next few weeks.

Scrum Engagement Procedure

You may be aware that, in a domestic competition in New Zealand , referees are inviting front
rows to engage by saying ―crouch, touch, engage‖. This change is being trialled with iRB
approval in New Zealand; however, under no circumstances should this engagement
procedure be applied at any level of our domestic rugby. The present engagement procedure
must be followed unless we are otherwise directed by the iRB.

Thus, C,T, P, E is still to be used until otherwise informed.


The NZRU has requested a ruling relating to Law 20.3

Law 20 was amended with effect from January 2007 - a four stage engagement process was
introduced (c,t,p, e). This was promulgated to reduce the impact and the velocity of the
engagement process. There are some teams who employ a practice whereby the Number 8
does not bind in accordance with Law prior to the scrum engagement. The Number 8 stands
and pulls back on the locks shorts and then pushes the locks forward which would appear to
increase the impact of the engagement process and can increase instability. {i.e. The Chariot

Law 20.3 (f) states - Binding by all other players. All other players in a scrum, other than
front-row players must bind on a lock's body with at least one arm. The locks must bind with the
props in front of them. No players other than a prop may hold an opponent.

The NZRU believe that this means that the Number 8 is obliged to bind in accordance with Law
20.3 (f) on engagement and if he does not do so renders himself liable to sanction with a
penalty kick.

The Designated IRB Members have ruled the following in answer to the
question raised:

The Designated Members confirm that all players including the Number 8 are required to bind in
accordance with Law 20.3 on engagement. Additionally Law 20.7 heading states WHEN THE
SCRUM BEGINS whilst 20.7

(a) states: Play in the scrum begins when the ball leaves the hands of the scrum half The word
play within the body of the Law indicates the start of the contest for the ball rather than the
engagement process. Players must therefore conform to the Laws from the time that the scrum
is awarded including Law 20.3.

ELVs – and other questions you were afraid to
Well, now to business. For those that enjoyed their holiday on the Moon, some background
reading for you. For the rest of the Human race, please enjoy but you may wish to skip to the
table below….

ELVs To Be Trialled. On 1st May 2008, the International Rugby Board (iRB) announced that it
had approved a global trial of Experimental Law Variations (ELVs) for a 12 month period
commencing 1st August 2008. The trial at all levels of the Game will involve only a selection of
the 23 ELVs that have been undergoing experimentation in approved tournaments around the
world over the past 2 years. The ELVs that are to be trialled worldwide and, thus, in the
Community Game in England from 1st August, are detailed below. In November 2009, iRB
Council will consider all of the ELVs being trialled; a decision will then be made as to whether all
or any should be accepted into full Law.

Additional ELVs. Selected ELVs are currently being trialled in various competitions in the
Southern Hemisphere; they will continue to be trialled. In addition, further selected ELVs will be
trialled in an ―elite‖ Northern Hemisphere competition in season 2008/9.

                             ELV                                                          Key Point (s)
Assistant Referees
Assistant Referees can assist referees in any manner               This currently happens. Under the ELV, touch judges will
required when appointed by a match organiser                       be known as ―assistant referees‖
Posts and Flags around the Field
The corner posts, and posts at corner of touch in goal and         Under the ELV, a player can touch the corner post in the
dead ball line, are no longer considered to be in touch in         act of scoring and the try be awarded; this assumes that
goal except when a ball is grounded against the post.              neither the ball or the player carrying the ball are in touch
Lineout and Throw
When a defending player receives the ball outside the 22           Under current Law, if the ball is passed back into the 22
metre line and passes, puts or takes the ball back inside          and then kicked directly into touch, the lineout is in line
the 22 by any means, the following can occur:                      with where the ball crossed the touch line
   If the ball is kicked directly into touch, the lineout is in
    line with where the ball was kicked
   If a tackle, ruck or maul is subsequently formed and
    the ball is then kicked directly into touch, the lineout is
    where the ball crossed the touch line
A quick throw may be thrown in straight or towards the             Under current law the ball must be thrown in straight.
throwing team‘s own goal line
There is no restriction in the number of players who can           Under current Law, the team throwing in the ball
participate in the lineout from either side (minimum of 2)         determines the maximum number of players in the lineout
The receiver in a lineout must stand 2 metres back from            This is not stipulated under current law; the ―receiver‖ is
the lineout                                                        the player waiting to receive the ball from a lineout who
                                                                   must stand between the 5m and 15m
The player who is in opposition to the player throwing in          Under current law the player standing in the area between
the ball may stand in the area between the 5 metre line            the touch line and 5m may join the lineout as soon as the
and touch line but must be 2 metres away from the lineout          ball is thrown. This can still happen but this player must do
                                                                   so from a start point 2m from the lineout. He must remain
                                                                   onside as per current law.

Pre-gripping, lifting and using another team mate to lever   Under current law none of these actions is allowed.
is allowed                                                   Players may pre-grip a team mate providing they do not
                                                             pre-grip below the shorts from behind and below the thighs
                                                             from the front.
Players may defend a maul by pulling it down                 Current law states that ―a player must not intentionally
                                                             collapse a maul‖, which will remain the case. Under the
                                                             ELV, a player can pull down a maul by pulling a player
                                                             down from his/her shoulder to hips
Remove reference in Law to head and shoulders not to be
lower than hips
The offside line for players who are not in the scrum and    Under current law players not in the scrum are offside if
who are not the team‘s scrum half is 5 metres behind the     they are in front of the hindmost foot of a teammate bound
hindmost foot of the scrum                                   to the scrum.

NOTE. On the serious side, please be aware that this guidance is from the RFU. RAFRURS
members who are members of, or governed by other (less fortunate than themselves) such as
the SRU or WRU (just a bit of banter there to make the Welsh contingent feel as though they
have not been deprived in this edition – Ed!) MUST check with those organizations as to their
application of the iRB ELVs. Similarly, if you as a (fine upstanding) RFU referee are appointed
to a fixture with a touring side from one of these areas, you must confirm with the match
organizers under which ELVs the match is to be played. I would assume they should all be the
same, but it is in your interests (and legal expenses) to check first

Just to help you with some more thoughts on the cold black and white of the ELVs we have
discussed above, several members of the RAFRUS Committee attended a Southern Region
Federation Training Day on 17 Aug 08 with the ELVs top of the agenda. Reproduced below is
the summary of that Training Day with some pointers you may wish to consider before your first
run out this week…..

Southern Federation 17th August 2008
Experimental Law Variations
Feedback from Workshop Sessions
On 17 Aug 08, several members of the Society along with representatives from Oxfordshire,
Buckinghamshire and Hampshire Referees Societies attended a traing day at Newbury RFC
where all the 13 ELVs were discussed. From that day, the following summary sheet was
produced based on the discussion groups held thoughout the event. These are replicated
below for all society members‘ review and consideration. These are just thoughts that aim to
provoke self-appreciation and ask you how you would handle the stages of play identified within
them. Enjoy.
Main priority is SAFETY - Engagement
                             - Body angles
                             - Binding

5 Metre Offside line    - Applies to both teams
                        - Need to widen peripheral view to manage this, so
                        - where to stand?

SH Offside Line         - Minimal impact

No. 8 Slingshot         - Get them all bound before the engage sequence

Back row moves          - Expect more
                        - Higher importance that we police the area around the gain line
                        - beware defending flanker / No 8 breaking early

Early action            - Manage the situations at first

Signalling end          - suggested we do this as per lineout when maul is formed
                        - caution on this so as not to be seen to favour the defence

Pulling down            - Offence to pull down own team mate
                        - Beware action other than pull e.g. leg sweep, throw etc. as
                         this constitutes a collapse

Positioning             - not only to see ball but to judge on illegal pull down
                        - extra mobility required
Existing law            - players detaching
                        - pulling players out rather than down

Successful pull down    - communicate ―Pulled down‖
                        - If ball playable, ―play it‖
                        - Beware player on the ground – safety

Unsuccessful pull down – still a maul, communicate ―unsuccessful‖
                        - if no opposition attached call to ―use it‖; give time

Red zone                - goal side more important?
                        - propensity for illegal pull down

Business as usual       - what‘s the fuss?

Communicate             - tell hooker and receiver, and manage the 2 metres

Positioning             - depends on numbers whether front/back
                        - is there a need to move further away and widen the angle?
                        - be prepared to move more quickly
                        - beware tail defender getting a ―flyer‖

Red Zone                - players are more unforgiving of errors
                        - police the front and follow ball
                        - goal side?

Quick throw in          - higher focus on lineout formed
                        - manage players in front of kicker chasing the ball and then
                         preventing a quick throw

Returning ball to the 22 - need to be aware of what happens in area just outside the 22
                             - What happened to the Ball immediately before it was kicked….

Now already, there have been 2 clarification requests from the IRB on the wording and
interpretation of these ELVs, and these are presented here for your information.

The FIR has requested a Ruling from the Designated Members with regard to

ELV Law 20.12 (d) and (e).


(d) The scrum half whose team does not win possession of the ball must not move to the
opposite side of the scrum and overstep the offside line for that scrum half that runs through the
hindmost foot

of that player‘s team in the scrum.

(e) The scrum half whose team does not win possession of the ball must not move away from
the scrum and then remain in front of the offside line for that scrum half that runs through the

foot of that player‘s team in the scrum. The above considered we submit the following queries:

(1) Is the scrum half whose team has won possession of the ball allowed to move away from the
scrum, from the throw-in side without crossing the offside line that runs through the ball or from
the opposite side without crossing the offside that runs from the hindmost foot of his team‘s
hindmost player in the scrum so he can receive a pass from his team‘s number 8 playing the
scrum, provided the same number 8 does so with no delay whilst the scrum half moves away
from the scrum?

(2) Must the scrum half whose team has been awarded the scrum remain at a distance no
greater than 1 metre from the scrum on both sides, namely the throw-in side and the opposite,
until his team‘s number 8 plays the ball from his feet in the scrum?


The Designated Members have ruled:

(1) The scrum half of the team who has won possession of the ball is allowed to move away
from the scrum without crossing the offside line that runs through to the hindmost foot of the
hindmost player in the scrum so that the scrum half can receive a pass from the no. 8

(2) The scrum half of the team who wins possession does not have to stay at a distance of no
greater than 1 metre from the scrum as indicated in (1) above, but the scrum half of the team
that does not gain possession must stay close to the scrum.

Secondly, The FIR has requested a Ruling from the Designated Members with regard to ELV
19.7 – Forming a lineout.

Player between touch and five metres. The team not throwing in must have a player standing
between the touch line and the 5 metre line on that team‘s side of the line of touch when the
lineout is formed. That player must stand at least two metres from the five metres line.

Since the ELV 19.7 (a) reads:

―Minimum. At least two players from each team must form a lineout.‖ and 19.7 (b) reads:
―Maximum. There is no restriction to the number of players from each team participating in the
lineout. Each team can decide how many players participate in the lineout and there is no
requirement for there to be an equal number of participants from each team.‖ We believe that
the non-throwing team should be allowed to determine whether to field a player between the
touchline and the 5-metre line or not, as set out at 19.7 (f), when playing a lineout.


The Designated IRB Members have ruled that 19.7 (f) states that there must be a player in
opposition to the player throwing in the ball who must be between the touchline and the 5 metre
line and that player must be at least 2 metres from the 5 metre line. The provision 19.7 (f) is in
addition to 19.7 (a) and (b).

RAFRURS Committee Members
There have been changes since the last edition, so please note these new details:

Chairman: Wg Cdr Mike Priestley – DFTS 95221 Ext 4306, or BT (01494) 494306, Fax 95221
4455;    e-mail    on   DII:  Air   Health-MedPersPol       SO1,    or   t‘Interweb  e-mail:
Hon Secretary: Wg Cdr Chris Goss – Christopher.Goss509@mod.uk
Training and Development Officer: FS Mark Salter – markwsalter@hotmail.com
Corporate Comms Officer: Sqn Ldr Iain Jackson – norops-movsoc@northolt.raf.mod.uk
Training and Development Team:
       Sqn Ldr Dave Mason – david.mason479@mod.uk
       Sqn Ldr Clive Leatham – unkown – posted to Ramstein AFB, Germany, still another
elusive Pimpernel
Deputy Secretary – CT Dave Squires – skg-skedites@esair.dlo.mod.uk
Service Area Secretary (Appointments) Area 5 – Flt Lt Scott Galbraith, RAF Brize Norton.
Details TBC
Service Area Secretary (Appointments) Area 6 – CT Andy Watson –
Service Area Secretary (Appointments) Area 7 – Sgt Mike Kimm - Depth-

Tea Break Quiz Number 5
Answers to Tea Break Quiz Number 4.

Again many thanks to the Royal Navy Referee‘s Society and their illustrious (see the Naval
reference?) publication ‗In Touch‘, here are the answers to last edition‘s quiz.

Q1.   What power does the Referee have to stop an injured player from continuing to play?


      If the referee decides, with or without the advice of a doctor or other medically
      qualified person, that a player is so injured that the player should stop playing, the
      referee may order that player to leave the playing area. The referee may also order
      an injured player to leave the field in order to be medically examined.

Q2. Can the Captain approach the Referee and politely request that he overturns a decision
he has just made?


      All players must respect the authority of the referee. They must not dispute the
      referee's decisions. They must stop playing at once when the referee blows the
      whistle except at a kick off. Penalty: Penalty Kick at the place of infringement or
      where play would next commence.

Q3.   What must the ball be made of?

A3.   LAW 2.3. The material of the ball must be leather or suitable synthetics.

Picture Quiz

Another input from our naval colleagues, ‗In Touch‟, how many incorrect bindings can you see
in this picture? Answers on a postcard please!

Now, bearing in mind the thread of this edition, no, ELVs not Orks!!, these questions are from
Rugby World, so many thanks to David Rose and the team at Rugby World.

Q1. As he dives to score, the Reds‘ right wing grounds the ball at the base of the corner post.
Do you award the try? Why?

Q2. The Red fly-half kicks the ball upfield and the Blue wing catches it, runs five metres and
passes to the Blue full-back, standing inside his own 22-metres. He is then tackled, a Ruck
forms and the Blue No 9 passes the ball to his fly-half who clears upfield to the opponent‘s 22
directly to touch. Where is the lineout awarded? Why?

Not so much a quiz question this one but more of a general discussion „What would you do?‟
      During a 7s tournament team A score a try to go 2 points in to the lead. On being
      asked the question, the referee indicates that there will be time for a restart but that
      would be the last play. Team A's kicker, from the half way line, kicks the ball back
      towards his own try line and into touch (in play).
      His team start jumping up and down hugging believing they had just pull a victory from
      the jaws of defeat.


      The actual events were like this. The referee consults one TJ and restarts the game with
      a free kick for team B, where they promptly go and score a try to win the match (Knock
      out semi final); followed by much debate and an official complaint to the competition
      From talking to a couple of you, the general feeling is that the referee was right to say
      last play but what they did was un-gentlemanly. However, the ball in theory did not go 10
      and in 7s, this is a free kick to Team B so the referee was right.

      Comments, questions, queries????? To Dave Squires please……

RAFRU & CS Fixture List 2008/2009
We have some additional information this time around, as it‘s the start of the season, here for
your delight is the latest RAFRU Fixture List, as at 21 Aug 08.
Wed 3               RAF Cup
Wed 10              Binbrook Bomb                             RAF Halton
Sun   14            Academy v Dudley Kingswinford                                  KO 1400hrs
Wed 17              Vets v Defence College                    Shrivenham
                    RAF Sharks v 25 Regt RLC                  Deepcut
                    RAF Wolves v West Midlands Police         Birmingham
Sat   20            Help for Heroes match - Twickenham
Wed 24              RAF Cup
Sun   28            U23 XV v United Hospitals                 London               KO 1400hrs
Mon   29 – 6 Feb    Veterans Trg Camp                         Jersey

Wed 1               RAF Cup
Wed 8               Divisional Matches
Wed 15              RAF Cup
                    Women v Nottingham University
Sat   18            U23 XV v Chinnor                                               KO 1430hrs
Tue   21            CS v Plymouth Albion
Wed 22              RAF Cup
Sun   26            U23 XV v Cheltenham                                            KO 1430hrs
Wed 29              RAF Cup
                    Vets v Bury St Edmunds

Sun   2             Women v Trojans - Portsmouth
Tue   4             Divisional Championships Finals      RAF Halton
                    CS v Barbarians                      Plymouth
Wed 5               Divisional Championships Finals      RAF Halton
Mon   10            Academy v Henley                                       KO 1930hrs
Wed 12              RAF Cup
Mon   17            Academy v Stourbridge                                  KO 1930hrs
Wed 19              RAF Cup
Sat   22            U23 XV v Army                        RAF Halton        KO 1400hrs
                    Vets v Troughton's Trotters Select   RAFC Cranwell
                    20 Anniversary Match                                   KO 1400hrs
Wed 26              RAF Cup
Sat   29            U23 XV v RN                          HMS Collingwood   KO 1400hrs
Sun   30            Women v Wasps - Sunbury

Wed 3               RAF Cup
Sun   6             Vets v Dudley Kingswinford
Wed 10              Academy v Cheltenham                                   KO 1900hrs
                    RAF Cup
Wed 17              RAF Cup

Sun   11            Women v Loughborough
Wed 14              RAF v Cambridge RFC                                    KO 1930
                    Vets v Cosford Based W Midlands club Veterans Team
Wed 21              RAF Cup & Shield KO Matches
Tue   27            RAF v Oxford University
Wed 28 – 2 Feb      Senior XV Training Camp
Fri   30 -- 6 Feb   Women's Training Camp

Wed 4               RAF Cup & Shield KO Matches
Sun   8             Women v Stoneygate
Wed 11              RAF v Cambridge University                             KO 1915

                    Vets v RAF Scotland - Kinloss
Wed 18
Fri   20            Women v British Police
Wed 25              RAF v Moseley
                    Vets v Lincolnshire Vets                Sleaford (TBC)

Wed 4               RAF Cup & Shield Quarter-finals
Sun   8             Vets v Leicester Droglites (TBC)
                    Women v Old Albanians
Wed 11              RAF v East Midlands                     Peterborough
Wed 18              RAF Cup & Shield Semi-finals            RAF Halton
Wed 25              RAF v Henley Alliance
                    Vets v Lincolnshire Vets                Sleaford (TBC)

Wed 15              Inter-Service v Army                    Aldershot
Wed 22              Inter-Service Royal Navy                Newbury
                    Newbury - RAF 10‘s

Sat   2             Inter-Service Army v RN                 Twickenham
                    CS U23 XV v England Students
Wed 6               RAF Cup & Shield Finals                 RAF Halton

RAFRU & CS Fixture List 2009/2010
Now just to say we keep you updated, here is the next batch for your diary, as far we as know
them at this stage…..As at 22 Aug 08

Wed 1               RAF Cup

Wed 9               Binbrook Bomb                           RAF Halton

Wed 16              Divisional Matches

Wed 23              RAF Cup

Wed 30              RAF Cup

Wed 7      Divisional Matches

Wed 14     RAF Cup

Wed 21     RAF Cup

Tue   27   Divisional Championships Finals   RAF Halton

Wed 28     Divisional Championships Finals   RAF Halton

Wed 4      RAF Cup

Wed 11     RAF Cup

Wed 18     RAF Cup

Wed 25     RAF Cup

Sat   29   U23 XV IS Match

Wed 2      RAF Cup

Sat   5    U23 XV IS Match

Wed 9      RAF Cup

Sat   12   U23 XV IS Match

Wed 16     RAF Cup

Wed 20     RAF Cup & Shield KO Matches

Wed 3      RAF Cup & Shield KO Matches


Wed 17                 RAF Cup & Shield Semi-finals            RAF Halton

Easter Fri 2 - Mon 5

Sat    10              IS v RN                                 Portsmouth

Wed 21                 IS v Army                               Newbury

                       10's Competition                        Newbury

Sat    1               Inter-Service Army v RN                 Twickenham

                       CS U23 XV v England Students

Wed 5                  RAF Cup & Shield Finals                 RAF Halton

The internet links below are offered as useful information sources for Society Referees. The
RAFRURS cannot guarantee the quality of the pages offered and is not responsible for
information contained therein. If members have any other useful links, please e-mail the editor
(see Contact details above) with your recommendation and I‘ll add it to this list. It is hoped that
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Just highlight the link, copy and paste into the Address bar of your Internet Browser, probably
MS Explorer and hit <Return>.

The first link this edition is to highlight our very own website – trumpets please…..

RAF Rugby Union:                   http://www.raf.mod.uk/rafrugbyunion/

RAFRU Refs Society (YES US!):

                                   Use this to navigate around and see loads of good gen,
                                   copies of Hands Off! and other stuff. Hopefully, we can add
                                   to this site and use it as a real treasure chest of information.
                                   Any ideas on what we should and should not include, please
                                   send to the Editor.

RFU: www.rfu.com                   Useful further links for the Community Rugby pages, RFU
                                   shop, and a great ―Refs Forum‖ ideal for those “I learnt about

                               reffing from ….” Moments

RFU Referees Dept:


                               Use this LONG Link to obtain very useful Referee forms, such
                               as abuse forms and various other admin forms.


                               Use this link to access the Injury Forms mentioned above
RFU Referees Forum:


                               A good link to view the current issues under discussion at the
                               Grass Roots level.

Law Interpretation:            http://www.rugbyref.com/lbyc/index.htm
                               Just a discussion point but with good visual aid to define the
                               scenarios presented, useful perhaps but may be dated, refer
                               to most recent Law Book issued to you by Hon Sec and IRB
                               for definitive answers.

Kit:   www.refkit.com          predominantly a football site, but useful for the bits and

RN ‗In Touch‟ magazine:        http://www.navyrugbyunion.co.uk/page.php?id=16

And Finally……
                                          Thanks go to John Barlow for spotting this Rugby
                                          fan, (by the way John, have you seen the RAF‘s
                                          new E&D Training Package????

                                          Seriously, thank you for wading through a lot of
                                          information in this edition; I hope it has been of
                                          some use to you all. As always, please, please,
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internet site and to maintain our RFU website. Any volunteers PLEASE?? Good opportunity for
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