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					                                                                            Corrected Copy 1/16/2009

                     Trinity Presbyterian Church, Palm Coast
Sunday, January 25, 2008                                                          11:00 AM

Convening of Meeting
      Opening Prayer
      Determination of Quorum and Approval of Docket
      Approval of Minutes of 2008 Congregational Meetings
      Membership Statistics and New Member Listing

Pastoral Report

Reports of Committees and Organizations (except Treasurer and Finance)

Election congregation-at-large members of the 2009 Nominations Committee

Recognition and thanks to Elders and Deacons retiring from active service

Report of the Treasurer and Finance Committee
      Review of the 2009 Church Budget

Other Business


Thanks and Recognition
     Posthumous Presentation of Humanitarian Award to Mrs. Christine Giesecke, by Gloria

Adjournment, following prayer

                             JANUARY 27, 2008

The congregation of Trinity Presbyterian Church, Palm Coast, Florida, held its twenty-eighth
annual meeting on Sunday, January 27, 2008, in the Sanctuary at 11:10 AM as a continuation of
the Worship service of 10:00 AM. The meeting was moderated by Rev. Dan Graham, and the
Clerk of Session, Jane Pellmann, served as secretary.

Following prayer, the secretary read the call for the meeting and advised that a quorum was
present. The meeting was called to order by the moderator. The docket proposed for the
meeting was approved on motion.

The minutes of the 27th Annual Congregational Meeting of January 28, 2007 were presented and
approved on motion, without exception. The secretary also presented the minutes of the Special
Congregational Meeting of September 16, 2007, for the dissolution of the relationship between
The Rev. Dr. Jeffery DeYoe and the congregation. These were approved on motion.
The membership statistics for 2007 were presented as follows:

                                    Active Affiliate Total
MEMBERSHIP December 31, 2006         655   27        682
GAINS      Reaffirmation               8    0          8
           Transfer                  13     0         13
           Confirmands                 3    0          3
           Affiliate                   0    1          1
LOSSES     Death                     16     1         17
           Transfer                  11     0         11
           Active to Inactive         50    0         50
           From Affiliate to Active    0    1          1
           Removed from Rolls          8    1          9
           December 31, 2007        594    25        619

On page 6 of the Annual Report the names of individuals received into membership in 2007 were
listed by the date of their reception. The membership reports were received on motion.

The Moderator called the attention of the congregation to the Annual Report of the Pastor
presented on page 7. This report was a compilation of Pastor DeYoe’s and Rev. Graham’s
activities, as well as Rev. Weigel’s activities. The Pastors’ report was received on motion.

The Moderator next directed the attention of the congregation to the reports of the Board of
Deacons, the Session Committees (with the exception of Nominations, the Treasurer and
Finance) and other organizations of the church that were presented on pages 8 through 26 and in
the addendum. Members of the congregation were encouraged to direct questions and comments
to the various committee and activity moderators or chairpersons. It was noted that under the
Mission Committee’s budget, allocations to the various areas of mission had changed, although
the total amount remains the same. Each report was received as information on motion.

The Moderator then directed the attention of the congregation to the report of the Nominations
Committee on page 27 of the report. Elder Tabit presented the nominees for the office of
Deacon. They are as follows:

       Class of 2009 Liz Monaco
                     Jean Parish

       Class of 2010 Lori Davenport
                     Pat Dixon
                     Paul Eckstein
                     Jack Johnson
                     Jane Lippian
                     Norma Rogero
                     Bob Settles
                     Maxine Watson

The Moderator asked for nominations from the floor. There being none, nominations were
closed on seconded motion and the nominees for Deacon were elected unanimously.

Elder Morris presented the nominees for the office of Elder. They are as follows:

       Class of 2008 Ashley Reynolds – Youth Elder
       Class of 2010 Olivia Braxton
                     Robert Cahill
                     Ross Royce
                     Donald Scott
                     Karen Thomas

The moderator asked for nominations from the floor. There being none, nominations were closed
on seconded motion and the nominations for Elder were elected unanimously.

Following the election of the officers, the following were nominated from the floor as members
from the congregation-at-large on the 2007 Nominations Committee.
              Debbie Bonner
              Priscilla Cahill
              Colin Earle
              Sharon Heldwein
              Becky Reynolds

Only five members were required, and there were no further nominations. Accordingly, the
nominations were closed on seconded motion and the nominees to the Nominations
Committee were elected unanimously.

The Nominations Committee presented their slate for the Pastor Nominating Committee. They
are:  Olivia Braxton             Marie McCray
      Paul Eckstein              Helene Read
      Julie Gullikson            Ross Royce
      Blair Hickson              Edward Peart
      Loretta Johnson            Steven Yeh

The Moderator asked for nominations from the floor. Sinclair Stickle and Brittany Gynizio were
nominated. Nominations were closed on seconded motion. Since the size of the committee had
not been established, all the nominees were elected unanimously.

 Members of the 2007 Nominations Committee were recognized and thanked for their work in
preparing the slates of elder and deacon nominees, as well as the nominees for the Pastor
Nominating Committee.

The Moderator called forward and presented Resolutions of Thanks and Recognition for their
faithful service and contributions to the following officers of the church retiring from terms of
Active Service:

ELDERS         Ray Bonner           DEACONS           Ruth Andersen
               Russ Bryant                            Jane Gaulding
               Don Scott                              Norma Grimes
               Hawley Rogers                          Kay James
               Andrew Earle (Youth)                   Helene Read
                                                      Gayle Spivey
                                                      Joye Wood
CHURCH TREASURER              Bob Roberts             Alyson Bonner (Youth)

The Moderator directed the attention of the congregation to the Finance Committee Report and
the budget for the year 2008 (previously approved by the Session). These were in the Annual
Report on pages 28 through 35B and in the addendum. 2007 was a difficult year financially for
Trinity. Revenue goals were not met and the cash flow became a problem. TLC did very well,
making a profit of $21,256, enabling the church to end the year with a $15,191 deficit. Beginning
in 2008 Stewardship will be a separate committee.

Because Rev. Graham is under contract with the church as an Interim Pastor, there was no need
to address the Pastor’s Terms of Call this year.

The attention of the congregation was turned to the 2007 Necrology Report on page 37 of the
Annual Report. The Moderator offered a prayer in remembrance of those members of Trinity
who had died during the year.
As the last order of business at this meeting, the newly elected Elders and Deacons were
ordained and/or installed as follows:

ELDERS: Ordained and Installed: Olivia Braxton, Robert Cahill, Ashley Reynolds
        Installed (prev. Ordained): Royce Royce, Donald Scott, Karen Thomas
DEACONS: Ordained and Installed: Jean Parish, Lori Davenport, Jack Johnson, Robert Settles,
                                 Maxine Watson
         Installed (prev. Ordained) Liz Monaco, Norma Rogero, Patricia Dixon, Paul
                                   Eckstein, Jane Lippian

The Moderator offered special thanks to those who had helped put the packet together and
assisted in making the Annual Congregational Meeting come together.

Following the singing of a final hymn and prayer by the Moderator, the meeting was adjourned
at 12:10 PM.

______________________________                     _____________________________
      Moderator                                          Secretary

                         PALM COAST, FLORIDA

After having been announced in worship on Sunday, September 7, 2008, and Sunday, September
14, 2008, the congregation of Trinity Presbyterian Church held a meeting on September 14,
2008. The meeting was called by Session for the purpose of approving the church entering into a
first Mortgage/Deed of Trust and Promissory note with the Presbyterian Church (USA)
Investment and Loan Program, Inc., in the amount of $487,000.00. The meeting was convened
during the 8:30 AM worship service.

The Rev. Daniel Graham, Interim Pastor, moderated the meeting, and Elder Jane Pellmann,
Clerk of Session acted as Secretary. The meeting was called to order with prayer, by the
moderator at 8:45 AM. A quorum was declared. Elder Robert Cahill, convener of the Church
Finance Committee was called up to the chancel to answer any questions from the congregation.

The moderator stated that a gift from the late Christine Giesecke in the amount of $100,000 has
been applied to the principal of the current mortgage. By refinancing the mortgage, the church
will save about $12,000 a year.

Ballots, with the Resolution and a place to vote had been distributed to the congregation in their
bulletins. The Moderator read the Resolution, and asked for questions. After questions were
asked and answered, the Moderator asked the members of the church to mark their ballots, and
place them in the offering plates when the offering was taken.

A motion to recess the meeting until the 11:00 AM worship service was made, seconded, and
approved. The moderator closed this part of the meeting with prayer at 8:52AM.

The meeting was re-convened at 11:15 AM with prayer by the Moderator. A quorum was
declared. The Moderator read the Resolution and again explained the circumstances under
which this approval is being asked of the members of the congregation. He asked for question
from the congregation. Being none, he asked the members of the church to mark their ballots
and place them in the offering plates when the offering was taken.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made, seconded and approved. The meeting was
adjourned at 11:21 AM with prayer by the Moderator.

The counting of the ballots showed that the resolution was approved.

_______________________________                              ________________________
            Moderator                                              Secretary

                         PALM COAST, FLORIDA

After having been announced in worship on Sunday, September 21, 2008, and Sunday,
September 28, 2008, the congregation of Trinity Presbyterian Church held a meeting on
September 28, 2008, in the Sanctuary. The meeting was called by Session for the purpose of
electing Elders and Deacons for the Class of 2011.

The Rev. Daniel Graham, Interim Pastor, moderated the meeting, and Elder Jane Pellmann,
Clerk of Session acted as Secretary. The meeting was called to order with prayer, by the
moderator at 12:15 PM. A quorum was declared.

The Moderator called Elder Joseph Monaco, convener of the Nominations Committee to the
Chancel. Elder Monaco read the names of those persons nominated for the office of Elder. The
Moderator asked for nominations from the floor. There being none, a motion was made and
seconded to cast a unanimous ballot for the slate. This motion was approved and the following
were elected to the office of Elder to be ordained and installed on January 25, 2009: David
Corson, Phyllis Olivier, Helene Read, Robert Sanders, Stephen Smith, for terms of 3 years, and
Jacob Davenport, Youth Elder for a term of 1 year.

Elder Monaco then read the names of those persons nominated for the office of Deacon. The
Moderator asked for nominations from the floor. There being none, a motion was made and
seconded to cast a unanimous ballot for the slate. The motion was approved and the following
were elected to the office of Deacon to be ordained and installed on January 25, 2009: Colin
Earle, Wendy Earle, Cathie Huff, Holly McDermott, Nancy Pearson, Millicent Peart, Jane
Powell and Becky Reynolds for terms of 3 years, and Brandon Earle, Youth Deacon for a term of
1 year.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made, seconded and approved. The meeting was
adjourned at 12:20 PM with prayer by the Moderator.

_______________________________                            ________________________
            Moderator                                            Secretary

                         PALM COAST, FLORIDA

After having been announced in worship on Sunday, November 9, 2008, and Sunday,
November 16, the congregation of Trinity Presbyterian Church held a meeting on
November 16, 2008, in the Sanctuary. The meeting was called by Session for the
purpose of electing one elder to replace an elder who was elected in September and has
withdrawn, for the Class of 2011.

The Rev. Daniel Graham, Interim Pastor, moderated the meeting and Elder Jane
Pellmann, Clerk of Session acted as Secretary. The meeting was called to order with
prayer, by the moderator at 12:12 PM. A quorum was declared.

Speaking for the Nominations Committee, the Moderator placed in nomination the name of
Dennis Eidson. The Moderator asked for nominations from the floor. There being none, a
motion was made and seconded to cast a unanimous ballot for the nominee. This motion was
approved, and Dennis Eidson was elected to the office of Elder to be installed in January with the
rest of the Class of 2011.

The Secretary read the minutes of the meeting. A motion was made and seconded to approve the

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made, seconded and approved. The meeting was
adjourned at 12:16 PM with prayer by the Moderator.

___________________________                                 ________________________
      Moderator                                                   Secretary

                         MEMBERSHIP STATISTICS 2008

                                        ACTIVE   AFFILIATE TOTAL
MEMBERSHIP - December 31, 2007           594          25    619

Gains – 2008

By Affirmation/Reaffirmation of Faith     14          0     14
By Letter of Transfer                     12          0     12
From Affiliate to Active                   3          0      3
Confirmands                                5          0      5
                      Total Gains         34          0     34

Losses – 2008

By Death                                  15          0    15
By Letter of Transfer                      8          0     8
From Active to Inactive                    0          0     0
From Affiliate to Active                   0          3     3
Removed from Rolls                         1          0     1
                      Total Losses        26          3    29

MEMBERSHIP – December 31, 2008           601         22   623

January                          June
Carolyn Frisbie                  Patrick Barclay
John Soave                       Sheryl Sumlin-Barclay
Ellen Soave                      Kristian Barclay
James Spencer
Merilyn Spencer
February                         Sean Michael Seepersaud
Albert (Abe) Higginbotham
Betty Lou Higginbotham           August
Kathy Link                       Jennifer Michelle Hess
                                 Danny Steven Seepersaud
March                            Rebecca Bower
Brenda Lee Digby                 Dorothy Cornelius
Kevin Digby                      Jean Seepersaud
                                 Kyle McCrossen
May 11 (Confirmands)             Steven Brandt
Henry Boyd Fulmer IV             Kelly Brandt
Andrew John Read
John Gilbert Reynolds (Jake)     September
Allyson Beatrix Smith            Catherine Huff
Alexandra Hawley Towne
May                              Edward Manen
Alice Sears                      Trudy Manen
Kristin Clark Desranleau         Nancy Morris
                                 Keith Logocki

               Pastoral Activity Report for 2008
                 Interim Pastor Rev. Dan Graham
                Parish Associate Rev. Rea Weigel
               Parish Associate Rev. Betsy Haynes
                 Chaplain Sheryl Sumlin-Barclay
Members: Home Visits – 40
            Hospital – 38
            Nursing Homes – 6
            Hospice – 3
            Other - 41
Non- Members:
            Home Visits – 8
            Hospital – 1
            Nursing Homes – 0
            Hospice – 0
            Other - 8
Total - 157
            Staff: Plenary – 50
            Staff: Individual & Small Group – 86
             Other Meetings – 248
            Presbytery of St.Augustine – 4
            Communion – 25 (including 1 Hospital Communion)
            Baptisms – 9
            Memorial and Committal Services – 17
            Weddings – 1
            8:25 AM – 143
            10:55 AM – 190
            Other Services: Ash Wed. – 81; Maundy Thurs. – 124;
            Good Friday – 146; Christmas Eve – 563
     Vacation – 26
     Study Leave – 13
Visitation Staff (Weigel, Haynes, Barclay)
      All Contacts – 738

                   Christian Education Committee Annual Report
2008 has been a challenging year for members of the Christian Education Committee of Trinity
Presbyterian Church. It has been a time of transition and reorganization and working with Kelly
Baker, full time Director of Children and Youth Ministry. Since the vacancy of the Director of
Christian Education, members of the Christian Education Committee, the Director of Children
and Youth Ministry, and various other volunteers have assumed these responsibilities and
duties. Highlights for the year include:

Sunday School
Educational classes were offered for preschool-adult year round.
Three /Early FourYear Old Class: Bible Time Anytime – A Bible study curriculum that
consists of Old Testament units and one unit on the early church. This resource is specifically
written for Young Children (Ages 3-5). Children will learn about God, God’s love for us and
God’s friends. Meets Rm#30 Guides: Becky Grimm and Jeanette Belt.
Four Year Old thru First Grade Class: Young Children & Worship
The stories and practices of our faith and worship in special ways. Meets in the Edinburgh
Room #71 Guides: Karen Thomas and Fran Hess
Second thru Fifth Grade Class: Bible Time Anytime – A bible study curriculum that consists
of Old Testament units and one unit on the early church. Children will learn about God, God’s
love for us and God’s friends. Meets in the Sundloff Room #70 Guides: Mary Stratemeyer,
Shelley Kleinfelder, Stacia Davis, and Sandy Malcolm.
Sixth/Seventh Grade Class: Claim The Life: Word – Learning and living the life of a disciple.
Meets in the Knox Room #36 Guides: Joan Morris and Brenda Digby
Eighth Grade Confirmation: Professing Our Faith: PC(USA) Curriculum. Meets in the
Christian Education Office, next to pastor’s study. Guide: Dan Graham
Sr. High Class: Claim The Life: Promise – Growing as God’s disciples through meaningful
study and action. Meets in Geneva/Youth Room Guide: Kelly Baker

Vacation Bible School
Vacation Bible School was held August 4-8, using Rainforest Adventure, A Tree Top Bible
Blast. 2007 Augsburg Fortress. 57 children attended and shared their favorite songs in worship
the following Sunday. The offering went to a mission in Peru called. “Living Waters of the

This year’s recipient of a $500.00 college scholarship went to John Kleinfelder.
The Weller scholarship of $1,000 went to Tina DeYoe.
Summer Camp Scholarships
Five $50.00 scholarships were awarded to attend Montgomery Presbyterian Conference Center

Summer Potluck Suppers
The Christian Ed. Committee sponsored three well attended potluck suppers:
June 18th, a discussion on the film, “The Mission” led by Dan Graham. July 16th, Fair Trade,
Parrish Jones, and August 6th Plight of the Sudan, Tina Jaeckle.

College/Career Students
Lorrie Blue-Angle continues to provide birthday, holiday and special occasion greetings on
behalf of the church.

Youth Fellowship
Trinity Troopers - Middle School - Sr. High
See Kelly Baker Report for details on Montreat, Easter Egg Hunt, Confirmation Sunday, 3rd
grade Bible distribution, Trash to Treasure, Spaghetti Supper, Sexuality Series, D.C.
Pilgrimage, coffee hour, Christmas caroling, and more. . . . .

Safety Ministry for Children & Youth
To insure the safety of all under our care this ministry was instituted and two sessions were
conducted providing information, criminal check, fingerprinting for all volunteers who work
with our youth. We will continue to do this from time to time.

Advent Devotional Booklet
Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the wonderful Advent Devotional Booklet
produced again this year and especially to Lois Settles for all her work.

Church Library
Trinity’s Weller Library continues to see a usage increase. We presently have about 1,960 books
on the shelves. Maudie Parker, Librarian, oversees the upkeep/updates and book repairs to the
library. Her dedication is appreciated by many.

Many thanks to the following members who worked so hard and faithfully on Trinity’s Christian
Education Committee in 2008 serving Easter Breakfast, Confirmation Sunday, Rally Day and
more. . . .
Elders, Joan Morris, Edwina Tabit, along with Shelley Kleinfelder, Donna Decina, Lois Settles,
Kelly Baker, June Carlson, who served as mentor to Kelly Baker, and Youth Elder, Ashley

We welcome all to this ministry and to the work of this committee. Please, prayerfully consider
becoming involved working with our young people as a volunteer or as a committee member.
We need your support physically and prayerfully as we continue to do God’s work without the
benefit and professional direction of a Director of Christian Education AND Director of
Children and Youth Ministry this coming year.

Respectfully Submitted,
Edwina Tabit
Christian Education Committee Chair

                                     Annual Report 2008

For the year, we had the following columbarium activity:

              Sales of Niches – 9

              Interments – 8

              Disinterments – 2

              Niches given up - 2

Income for the year was $4,500 with expenses of $187. We currently have 110 niches available.

Respectfully submitted,
Dave Joy
Columbarium Manager

                                  ANNUAL REPORT 2008

The responsibilities of the Congregational Life Committee are to plan and provide refreshments
for the memorial services, assist with set up and clean up for special church activities and help
with pot luck dinners sponsored by other groups. Also included in the Congregational Life
committee are the Holiday Fair, Senior Adult Ministry and Trinity Times.

The members of our committee are Carol Graff, Shirley Richards, Pat Dixon, Queenester Jones,
Barbara Maerz, Millicent Peart, Ginny Ferriol, Peg Williams and Mary Batailo. We meet the
first Monday of every month at 10am. We discuss what is pending and make decisions about
food and who will work. We often have to rely on women in the church to help us provide the
food. During this year, we also have purchased new tablecloths. Thanks to the hard work of
Dave Corson, we now have all our supplies located in the back room of the kitchen in new
cabinets. He also built new cabinets for the plates and cups that were housed underneath plastic.

The Senior Adult Ministry(SAM) is an active group of Seniors that meets mostly once a month.
It is chaired by Queenester Jones. Some of the activities we have sponsored during the past
years are Honton Landing River Cruise, seminars at Camp Montgomery and musical entertainers
such as Eleanor Greenwood. We also have soup and salad luncheons with speakers, travelogues
and bringing in baby pictures and guessing who belongs to them. We have also had lunch and
seen a play and had lunch at Aunt Catfish’s Restaurant. Future plans include a Flagler County
tour, a progressive dinner, a history of our church and a Barber Shop Quartet sing along.

The Trinity Times committee keeps the congregation informed with all the news of the church
with their monthly mailing. The members are Stacy Anderson, Editor, and Dale Baker, mailing.
The committee includes Ginny Reisinger, Anna Martin, Ginny Ferriol, Al Burgess, Barbara
Davis, Lynne Churchin, Del and Jeanette Smith, Joan Morris and Shirley Robinson.

During this year, The Congregational Life Committee provided set up,snacks and drinks for the
Bethune-Cookman Choir. We provided the set up and food for the Confirmants Dinner. We
helped set up and serve the New Member Dinner. We helped at Health Ministry Pot Lucks and at
the Holiday Fair Pot Luck dinner. We also hosted the reception after the Messiah concert.

The main focus of our committee is to provide refreshments at a reception after the memorial
services. This year we had 12 memorial services. We offer a variety of food and beverages
during the reception. We then ask the family if they would like us to send food home with them.
The members of my committee work with tireless dedication. If it is a large memorial service,
we also ask members of the church to bake or make sandwiches.

I would like to thank all the people who have worked for me, helped me set up and serve and run
the Congegational Life Committee. During my three years as Elder for Congregational Life, I
have been truly blessed with the Christian dedication of all those people.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Graff, Elder

                                      HOLIDAY FAIR
                                      Annual Report 2008

This year the Holiday Fair took place on November 7th and 8th. Pastor Dan opened the Fair with a
prayer. The hours were the same as last year. On Friday, we were open from 8:30 to 4pm and 9
to 2pm on Saturday. With the present economy, we were worried about the number of people
attending, but were pleasantly surprised. We had a steady stream of people most of Friday and
people came back on Saturday because we told them we would lower our prices about 11am.

We decorated Mehaffey Hall on Wednesday and set up the tables on Thursday. It looked like a
Christmas Shop. In addition to the regular booths we have, we added Attic Treasures back. They
and Closet Clutter were in Kepler and Geneva rooms. We also added a golf shop out in the
courtyard which they shared with plants. A map was made of the location of all the booths and
distributed as people arrived.

The kitchen was renamed this year. It was called Bob’s Soup Kitchen in memory of our dear
friend, Bob Copeland, who always made the soup and passed away this year. They again offered
soup, sandwiches and hot dogs. They did a lively business during the lunch times.

We closed at 2pm on Saturday. We donated some of the left over furniture to Habitat for
Humanity and the Family Life Center. The rest was taken to Good Will.

The spirit of volunteerism is alive and well at Trinity. The Fair is a large undertaking that starts
planning in the Spring. It would be impossible to have the success we do, without all of our
volunteers. They set up, took down, baked, did crafts all spring and summer, worked the booths
and helped count money. The dedication and the work of all those who helped, exemplify our
Christian spirit.

On Tuesday night after the Fair, we had our volunteer pot luck dinner. We raised $5400 for the
Church and its projects. Thanks to all of you who gave your time and effort this year.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Graff, Holiday Fair Chairperson

                           ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2008

The Evangelism and Membership Committee strives to:
   • Recruit and assimilate new members into Trinity Presbyterian Church
   • Project a visitor friendly church environment
   • Provide opportunities for meaningful fellowship for Trinity members

                                       Highlights for 2008

Nametags: One project for 2008 provided the opportunity for members to have attractive new
magnetic nametags. Current members gave donations to fund the cost of their own nametags;
new members received nametags free. Over 300 nametags have been made for members.

Visitor Contact: Committee members regularly contacted over 150 visitors to Trinity discussing
their worship experience, answering questions, and inviting them to join the church. The
committee used a combination of contacts which included personal visits, phone calls, and
postcards mailed to visitors. The committee updated the Visitors Welcome Packet and added a
map of the church as well as the new Mission committee pamphlet. The committee sent special
mailings to invite newcomers to the church: a postcard advertising all the Lenten and Easter
events and another announcing the October events for Pack the Pews month. A postcard listing
the special Advent services and concerts was sent to all individuals on the visitor contact list in

Inquiry Classes: Interim Pastor Dan Graham hosted Inquirer’s classes held the last Sunday of
each month except for July and November. In 2007, Trinity gained 34 new members which
included five 8th grade confirmands. The committee added a second picture collage to the
Narthex wall to display all the 2008 new members. New members completed the New Member
Interest Form and their interests were forwarded to committee chairmen so that all could quickly
get involved in the many activities at Trinity.

New Member Dinner: The Evangelism Committee hosted the New Member dinner in February.
New members for 2007 and 2006 were honored guests as there had not been a dinner in 2007.
The evening allowed each committee head or activity chair an opportunity to spotlight that
organization. The Master Greeters gave all who attended a warm welcome and introduced the
new members to other church members.

Greeters: The 19 trained Master Greeters extended welcomes to visitors and members each
Sunday as well as at all church events. New teams recruited the greeters to welcome worshipers
at the door: Nancy Pearson and Carol Graff for the 8:25 service and Lorrie Blue-Angle and
Sally Smeaton for the 10:55 service. Even though he had moved away, Juan Galan continued to
make the schedule for his team to collect the pew pad sheets each Sunday, the source of our
visitor names to contact. We are most grateful for the service of all these members who help
make Trinity a welcoming church.

Trinity Men’s Association: The Trinity Men’s Association resumed monthly dinner meetings in
October. Each month’s meeting had a speaker. Attendance has increased. Dave Corson and Jim
Smeaton are co-chairmen of this project.

Active committee members during 2008 include: Priscilla Cahill, Juan Galan (until he moved
to Miami), Carol Graff, Nancy Pearson, and Joan Zicht. Elder Ray Bonner served part of the
year. The hard work and dedication of all these committee members is most appreciated.

                                         Respectfully submitted,
                                         Carol Corson
                                         Chairperson           January 3, 2009

                           FACILITY CARE COMMITTEE
                                      2008 Annual Report

2008 was another busy year for the Building & Facilities committee. One of the most
noteworthy accomplishments was the creation of the Trinity Presbyterian Disaster Protocol Plan.
A comprehensive plan to deal with natural disasters such as hurricane, fire, flood, and tornados.
As a part of this plan, a comprehensive inventory of all church property was taken.

We had three church clean up days. Thanks to those who came out to help, a lot was
accomplished. The hedges, plants, and grounds around the buildings and facilities were very
nicely shaped, trimmed, and cut.

The building suffered a near lightning strike which blew out our fire alarm system. New controls
had to be installed at a considerable, but necessary, expense.

Security around the buildings was greatly improved with the installation of security lights around
the outside of the buildings. Meetings and communications with the Palm Coast Sheriff’s
Department resulted in more frequent police patrols through and around the driveways and
parking lots. The duties of the custodians were updated and adjusted to provide for a custodian
presence during normal daytime working hours and those times that meetings are held during the

The church was enrolled in the Florida Power & Light “Business On Call” program which could
result in energy savings of over $2,000.00 dollars per year.

Throughout the year the Building & facilities committee members dealt with the usual repairs
and problems associated with the facilities such as: Painting, cleaning out closets and rooms to
create more space, building and rearranging cabinets, repairing lawn sprinklers, rodent
extermination, replacing floodlights on the cross, replacing ceiling tiles, building shelves,
plumbing repairs, etc. etc.

Contractors were called in to replace the mirror in the narthex ladies room. Broken glass also
was replaced in the Kepler Center Conference Room. Glass must also be replaced in the church

Negotiations are currently ongoing for the replacement of outdated and malfunctioning copy
machines. Replacement will be expensive but very necessary.

Respectfully submitted,
Elder Leo Richards

                            MEMORIAL COMMITTEE

The Memorial Committee continues to be an important ministry of Trinity Presbyterian Church.
Memorial gifts provide a means whereby the memory of a loved one is honored and events
signifying God’s mercy and grace may be remembered. The following Memorials will be
dedicated in January, 2009:

Youth Choir Robes in memory of William Powell.

Choir Music Covers in memory of William Powell.

Yamaha electronic keyboard in memory of Roy Metz.

Donation to Proverbs Scholarship in memory of Joseph Hamel.

Furnishings for an additional TLC classroom in memory of Dorothy Zergebel.

Committee members : Kathie Blackburn, Ann Brogan, Barbara Davis, Marilyn Kopach, and
Joan Nelms.

This Committee has responded to some very important needs of our Church with dignity and
sensitivity and with God’s help, will continue to do so.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn Kopach

                            Missions and Social Concerns Committee
                                                  Annual Report

Members of the Missions Committee are actively involved in a number of missions activities. We have chosen to
emphasize local missions so that we may have a hands-on approach. The members of our committee believe that
missions is a major function of the church, and has been directly commissioned by Christ. The many activities of
this committee are summarized below..
HOPE Network: Trinity, along with ten other churches in Flagler County, supports the HOPE Network. A total of
459 resident families were assisted in 2008 to prevent evictions or cutoff of essential utilities. Trinity, with the help
of the Deacons and the Holiday Fair, provided $4,150 in financial support to the HOPE network.
Native American Missions: Trinity continued to provide assistance to our sister church in Chinle, Arizona and the
Cook School, also in Arizona. Approximately $1,320 in financial support was provided in addition to teaching
Hungry Children Program: This is also known as the Family Food Program, and was established through a
bequest from Trinity member Gilda Blair, with additional contributions from members of the congregation.
Monthly food vouchers of $100 were given to nine families with a total of 24 children this year. The children's
names were also included on the Christmas Angel Tree to receive Christmas gifts from members of the Trinity
Health Ministries: The Health Ministries program and the Parish Nurse are under the auspices of the Missions
Committee and present their own report in this booklet.
Duvall Home: A non-profit residential facility for the developmentally disabled that Trinity has been assisting for
some years. Besides financial contributions, collections of clothing and other items were made in April and October
and delivered to the home. Residents were also included on the Christmas Angel Tree.
Resource Center: The Resource Center struggles to keep up with the needs of the people of Flagler County in a
difficult economy, with a 53% increase in requests in the month of November alone. 404 Thanksgiving baskets and
343 Christmas baskets were distributed.
Family Life Center and Safe House: This shelter is continuing to operate at nearly full capacity while working
with a lean budget. A number of special fund raising activities are held each year. Children in this program were
also included in the Christmas Angel Tree program.
Self-development of People: This committee met four times in 2008. Two proposals were considered, but no
grants were made this year.
Christmas Angel Tree: This project, which is under the auspices of the Missions Committee, was carried out this
year by the youth under the direction of Kelly Baker. 90 persons received Christmas gifts through this program in
CROP Walk: This annual event is conducted by Trinity along with three other churches in Flagler County; the
organizer of the event this year was Becky Grimm. $5,518 was raised to combat world hunger, with 25% of that
money remaining in this county as a contribution to the Resource Center.
Special Offerings: Five special offerings are received each year to support the following ministries: One Great
Hour of Sharing, Jamaican Ecumenical Mission, Peace Offering, Native American Offering, and Christmas Joy
Mission Fair: This fair was held in September to inform the members of the congregation about Trinity's mission
activities. This has become an annual event and continues to be well received by the congregation.

Respectfully submitted,
Delmont Smith, Committee Chair

                                    PARISH NURSE
                                   Annual Report 2008

The work of the Parish nurse is a part time position working in conjunction with the Pastors, and the
Deacon Moderator to address health and spiritual issues within the congregation. Ministries of this type
have been encouraged by our denomination for over 10 years and information is available on the
denomination web site This ministry is meant to be an educator of health issues from
normal to disease entities, medications, insurance issues, social assistance within our community,
nutrition and wellness information etc.. This is done with phone calls (437), visits to home (44),
hospital (30), nursing homes (35), and at church (73). I attend monthly meetings of the Resource council
of Flagler county interfacing with many organizations providing social services in the county and report
that information to the PW Team. Check our bulletin board frequently updated health articles.

This year most of the monthly Trinity Times health related articles were researched and written by
myself receiving positive input from readers. I assisted our youth worker Kelly Baker in teaching the
human sexuality classes to middle school youth utilizing PCUSA curriculum, helped organize and run
the CPR/Defibrillator class for youth workers and ushers, shared appropriate information to/ from the
Deacons, worked to get speakers for the 2 yearly pot luck dinners ( More for your food $$), encouraged
support to the Free Clinic in Flagler county with donations of unused medications. As usual, blood
pressure screening (41) was done at the Holiday Fair in November. With other staff I attended a day
long mandated Presbytery in-service at Montgomery Conference Center.

The Parish nurse and Health Ministry report to the Mission and Social Concerns committee of the
Session. We welcome to the Health Ministry committee any active or retired health worker or persons
with a strong interest in health and wellness. Please contact any committee member for information.

Respectfully submitted,
 Loretta A. Johnson BSN, RN

              2008 Personnel Committee Summary Report

Resignations – 4

Additions – 4; 1 Full Time

Work Agreement Non-renewal – 1

Exit Interviews – 2

Staff Reviews – 18

                                TRINITY PRESBYTERIAN WOMEN
                                       Annual Report 2008

Membership in Presbyterian Women is open to all women. Presbyterian Women members are those women who
choose to participate in and be supportive of Presbyterian Women through circle membership. Presbyterian Women
shall determine its own leadership, program and budget. Decisions shall be made by voting or consensus at
gatherings that have representation from appropriate groups.

The Grace Black Team”, five previous moderators presided as “acting moderators” over the team after Mrs. Black
expired at the beginning of her term as moderator. The coordinating team met monthly (except July and August)
and the four Bible Studying Circles met monthly (except July, August, and December) and took turns hosting the
quarterly luncheons.

A delegation of members attended the 24th Annual Gathering of the St. Augustine Presbytery at the Palms
Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville, FL in January. The annual Spring Retreat of Presbyterian Women of St.
Augustine was held in April at the Montgomery Conference Center.

Acting Moderator Betty Lou Singalewitch attended the World Community Day Service at the Palm Coast United
Methodist Church in November and one of the three services held by Church Women United.

Acting Moderator Pat Dixon coordinated an annual project at the end of our study year, collecting and shipping
Horizon magazines and bible study books to our “sister church”- Trinity Presbyterian Church in Chinle, Arizona.
Several weeks later we were informed that the church had been burned and vandalized. Communion paraments
made by our church members - Diane Mettler and Patricia Dixon – were also lost. Our coordinating team sent a
monetary donation to help in rebuilding their facility.

Acting Moderator Patricia Yarotsky oversaw an alternating committee including former moderators Pat Dixon,
Marie McCray and Betty Lou Singalewitch in developing the 2009 Presbyterian Women’s directory. Mrs. Yarotsky
then edited the directory before presentation to Mrs. Stacy Anderson for typing. Mrs. Virginia Ferriol and Mrs.
Donna Guerin did the printing. Mrs. Karen Stickle, due to be away at this time, pre-arranged the gathering of this
efficient team. A second group, some members of the Coordinating Team, then completed the process of putting
the New Year’s directory together for presentation to members at the December luncheon.

Acting Moderators Bobbie Wrassmann and Olivia Braxton engaged the luncheon presenters.

                                           2008 Quarterly Luncheons
                                           Hosted by the Four Circles

        February:    Darlene Kinard, Licensed Wildlife Trapper, Flagler County
        May:         Beebe Kelly, Recreation Director, Benton Village Retirement & Assisted Living, Flagler

        September: Obinnana Chukwuanu, Legal Aid Lawyer, Volusia & Flagler Counties

        December:    Rev. Dan Graham, Installation of Officers; TLC Musical presentation; Honorary Life
                     Membership Presentation to Carol Graff and Queenester Jones

        Special Offerings:         Birthday Offering – May Luncheon
                                   Thank Offering – December Luncheon
                                   All Circles continue to support their selected projects

This was a challenging year and, with God’s grace, the Presbyterian Women’s Coordinating Team was able to
conduct its meetings and business through the cooperative efforts of the whole team and church staff members.

Respectfully submitted by:
Grace Black Team – Bobbie Wrassmann, Olivia Braxton, Pat Dixon, Pat Yarotsky, and Betty Lou Singalewitch

                         2008 FINANCIAL REPORT

Mission of the Church World Wide                                       425.00
Presbyterian Women in Presbytery/Synod                                 160.00
Special Missions Projects (Chinle)                                     265.27
Church Women United (includes Miriam Circle’s Special Project)         713.72
Family Life Center                                                     600.00
Honorary Life Membership (Carol Graff & Queenester Jones)              190.00
Memorial Gifts (Grace Black & Karen Scott)                             100.00
Thank Offering                                                         170.50
Birthday Offering                                                      146.04
Least Coin                                                             100.10
Special Awards Project (Plaque – Christine Giesecke)                    83.00
Guest Speaker Expense                                                   75.00
Study Guides                                                           396.00
Sunshine                                                                43.00
Historian Expenses                                                          0
P.A.C.E. (Faith & Rainbow Circles’ Special Project)                    170.00
Thornwell (Rebecca Circle’s Special Project)                            93.00
Duvall (Miriam)                                                         70.00
Leadership Training, Conferences                                            0
Postage                                                                  8.20

TOTAL                                                                $3991.10
Special Mission Project:
 Interfaith Coffee:
    Beginning Balance                                              92.31
    Receipts from Sales in 2008                                   520.40
    Total Cost of Coffee in 2008                                 -398.50
    Account Balance                                              $214.21

Trinity Presbyterian Women’s Association Balance: 1/1/2009           $1022.63

All funds have been disbursed.
The books were audited by Wendy Rogers.
This report is respectfully submitted by:

Maudie N. Parker, Treasurer
Trinity Presbyterian Women

                     BUDGET - 2008 & 2009

Mission of the Church Worldwide                       $ 425.00
Presbyterian Women in Presbytery/Synod                  160.00
Special Mission Projects                                100.00
Church Women United                                     400.00
Family Life Center                                      600.00
Honorary Life Membership                                190.00
Memorial Contributions                                  150.00
Literature                                               25.00
Guest Speaker Expense                                   100.00
Sunshine                                                 50.00
Historian Expenses                                        75.00
Leadership Training, Conferences                        200.00
Postage                                                  25.00
Miscellaneous                                            50.00
Special Awards Projects

TOTAL                                                $ 2550.00

                           TLC EARLY EDUCATION CENTER
                                 2008 Annual Report

Trinity Loving Care (TLC) Preschool continues to be one of the top early education centers in Flagler
County. The administrative staff now consists of Liz Bourke, Director, and Cindy Church, Assistant
Director. The support staff includes 6 teachers, 7 teacher asst. and/or aides, and 3 student aides. As well, a
part time office secretary has been hired to assist with excess paperwork.

The veteran TLC staff have been recertified with their Child Development Associate credentials. New
employees are currently in training to receive their beginning certification.

The Director has her State of Florida Directors Credential and her National Administrators Credential. All
staff is CPR/First Aid credentialed.

TLC has 2 Pre-K classes, an older 3’s class, a combined older 2’s and early 3’s class, and 2 18months
thru 2 & 1/2 year old classes. The current enrollment is 78 students with approximately 56 children in
attendance daily.

TLC is still working on reaccredidation from NAEYC. NAEYC has reinvented (in their own words) the
criteria for accreditation. Unfortunately, TLC may not be able to meet all the physical environment and
education qualifications needed, but we’re putting up a good fight.

TLC met the Dept. of Children & Families and the Dept. of Health licensing requirements for 2008 and
the new certificates are posted on the parent information board. As well, they were assessed and approved
by the Early Learning Coalition of Florida which is another tedious assessment. The ELC are now
following the NAEYC guidelines closely, however not quite as demanding.

2008 was a year of unexpected transitions for the staff. These transitions include a new head of church
staff, an additional classroom, additional staff, loss of veteran staff, and increased expectations and
paperwork from NAEYC. Job descriptions have also changed to meet these new needs. I am happy to
report, thus far, the staff have handled all this with professionalism and a positive attitude. Despite the
outcome of future NAEYC results, Trinity Presbyterian Church can be very proud of the dedication to the
education that TLC provides to the children of their community. Of course, TLC could not do this without
the consistent love and support from the church members themselves. This does not go without
recognition and appreciation.

The community absolutely acknowledges it. For example, there is more than a handful of school teachers’
children enrolled in TLC. They agree there is no better place for their young ones to be.

In the upcoming year of 2009, TLC will be featured in a major Palm Coast magazine. The owners of this
magazine are very appreciative of what the TLC staff has done for their child over the past few years.
There will be no charge for this honor of exposure.

The fiscal year has ended with TLC showing a substantial profit.

TLC’s endeavor is to continue to be an important ministry in the life of the Trinity Presbyterian Church.
Unavoidable economical issues facing all of our society today will hopefully not have an adverse affect
on TLC’s contribution to its life support, TPC.

Submitted by Liz Bourke

                            WORSHIP & MUSIC COMMITTEE
                                      Annual Report for 2008

The Worship & Music Committee of the Trinity Presbyterian Church is composed of several
subcommittees. This report will review the work of each subcommittee for 2008.

Lay Readers: Several lay readers resigned in 2008 after many years of faithful service to Trinity.
Several new youth lay readers were added to our roles and we are looking for approximately 4 -5 more
lay readers for 2009. Don Scott is the chair of this subcommittee. Volunteers are needed.

Communion Servers: Jane Pellmann continues to do an excellent job acquiring servers for monthly
communion services. While it is often difficult to find sufficient elders/deacons, Jane always gets the job

Ushers: Several usher and usher captains resigned in 2008 after many years of dedicated service. Dave
Joy, chair, quickly replaced these folks with competent new members. The ushers not only serve at the
weekly worship services, but at special events as well. A member of this committee contributed to the
purchase of three new robes for the children’s choir. Thanks to the generosity of one of Trinity’s
members, we were able to purchase a defibrillator, and first aid training was provided to more than thirty

Acolytes: We experienced many problems finding acolytes in 2008. In December, the committee was
reorganized under the direction of both Donna Decina and Sue Roberts. Donna Decina took over the
Committee in early January 2009 and will acquire and train acolytes in 2009. A training session will be
held for new acolytes in mid January 2009. An Acolyte Manual was developed to provide guidance to
acolytes and their parents.

Sanctuary Guild: Maudie Parker and her committee continue to do an excellent job of providing
services for Sunday worship and other events. The Guild lost two members in 2008 and will be looking
for replacements for 2009 and beyond. Contact Maudie Parker if you are interested. New flower cards
are now in the Narthex for 2009. More than 92 plastic candle holders were lost during the Christmas Eve
Service and will have to be replaced for the 2009 service. The Guild was assisted by Pastor Dan and
Edwina Tabit for the assembling of the Christmas tree and the greening of the church for Christmas.
Rumor has it that Pastor Dan single-handedly put up the tree.

Audio Technicians: Jason Towne and his subcommittee continue to provide Trinity with quality sound
services on Sundays and for special events. Although much of our equipment is getting old and
outdated, the committee has made the most of the equipment. Discs are made of each service and
distributed to shut-ins.

Music: During 2008, the Chancel Choir gained 9 new members and lost 8 members (some temporarily
and some permanently), due to illness and moving away from Palm Coast. The Children’s Choir has
grown from 5 or 6 singers to 16 singers. Attendance is excellent and parents are very supportive. The
Ladies’ Trio (formerly Ladies’ Quartet) has become the Ladies’ Ensemble, thus allowing all women in the
Chancel Choir to participate. The Youth Choir and Gioioso had no significant changes.
-       The Children’s Choir sang for Maundy Thursday Service.
-       The Chancel Choir led a Tenebrae Service on Good Friday.
-       The Chancel Choir participated in the United Methodist Choir Festival, Saturday, April 19.
-       Youth Choir sang for Graduation Sunday, May 18. Youth Choir graduates,
        Allison Bonner and Justin Register received Choir Recognition awards.
-       Chancel Choir “Messiah” rehearsals began June 11.
-       Chancel Choir’s first annual Choir Retreat was held August 15 & 16 and was led by Linda and
        Tim Hodges.

-       Gioioso participated in First AME’s annual Choir Day, Sunday, October 19.
-       First annual Handel’s “Messiah” concert presented by Chancel Choir and guests, Sunday,
        December 7 with more than 700 in attendance.
-       Gioioso presented a Christmas program at the Town Center Friday, December 19.

During 2008, the Handbell Choir lost several ringers. A "Minute for Handbells" was given in the Fall and
several new people have become involved. Two of these people have been incorporated into the choir
and doing a terrific job. They, along with several others are now attending a Handbell Class each
Wednesday morning. As these "New ringers" progress, they will be included in the choir as needed. The
class is open to anyone interested in learning about Handbell ringing. Contact Lillian Warner for details.
On Christmas Eve, the Choir played during the pre-service period interspersed with carol singing and
were well received. The new year holds great promise for growth in both technique and joy in presenting
this special form of music in our worship and concert opportunities.

Greeters: Carol Corson continues to provide quality greeters for all events. A Master Greeter training
program was developed and implemented in 2008.

Communion Preparation: Working on her own, Ginny Ferriol continues to provide full communion
preparation for our monthly services.

Nursery:    Colleen and Kathleen Connors continue to do an outstanding job handling our Nursery

Special Events Committee: The following events took place in 2008, bringing many non-members into
our church for an enjoyable afternoon or evening of quality arts & music. It is truly an evangelistic
outreach of the church. Many thanks go out to all the committee members, who work so very hard, and
those outside the committee who helped in any way (i.e. sound tech, clearing the Chancel, ushering,
programs, help with set up and clean up – and those who were so welcoming to newcomers in our midst!)

January 18, 2008        Alex Nguyen’s Jazz Conceptions Orchestra with Annie Sellick
February 3              FOURtepiano (returning in February this year)
March 30                Young Masters Concert (returning in May this year)
April 20                Soundburst – A concert of the TPC Music Department
May                     UNF Chamber Singers
October 22              Bethune Cookman Chorale
November 9              Portraits, The First American Black Divas of Song & Opera
December 7              Handel’s Messiah (standing room only!)

Through the efforts of Monika Drake, we were able to obtain an arts grant from the City of Palm Coast to
augment the artists’ fees for the 2008-2009 schedule of events. It was a successful year, with all
proceeds going towards the Wm. J. Bellamy, Jr., Music Scholarship Fund.

We are always looking for new members to serve on this committee of hardworking, fun people. If you
are at all interested, please let Jan Roberts or Julie Gullikson know. We also appreciate any thoughts on
new talent we might showcase as one of our events. Thank you for your continued support.

Members: Bart Cope, Carol Corson, Monika Drake, Julie Gullikson, Linda Hodges, Jan Roberts, Ross
Royce, Karen Thomas, Stacy Anderson.

Other Areas of Note: Thanks to the generosity of many of our members, we added 100 new hymnals
and more than 60 new Bibles to the sanctuary in 2008.

We praise God for the Life and Service of our Brothers and Sisters in Christ who entered
                            The Church Eternal during this past year

              Garnet Simmons                               January 4, 2008

              Grace Black                                  January 7, 2008

              Lynne Salisbury                              January 14, 2008

              Roy Metz                                     February 24, 2008

              Russell Simmons                              March 1, 2008

              Richard Hrbek                                March 28, 2008

              William Quantz                               April 7, 2008

              Patricia Irwin                               April 24, 2008

              Colin Kerr                                   April 28, 2008

              Albert (Abe) Higginbotham                    April 21, 2008

              Charles Robert Kimmel                        May 15, 2008

              Robert Copeland                              June 28, 2008

              Joseph Hamel                                 August 25, 2008

              Karen Scott                                  August 26, 2008

              William McKenney                             October 28, 2008