Kreitman Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowship

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					                                    Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
                               Kreitman School of Advanced Graduate Studies

              Kreitman Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowships
                              Terms of the Kreitman Post-Doctoral Fellowships

1.        Applications for the academic year commencing October 2008 must be completed and
      submitted by January 31, 2008. Candidates intending to begin their Fellowship during the
      second semester of 2008-2009 must also apply by January 31, 2008.
2.        Candidates are required to ensure that we receive all the required application material,
      including at least 4 letters of recommendation (on the appropriate forms) by our final application
3.        Fellowships are open to candidates who received the doctorate within the last 3 years.
4.        Fellowships are not available to those who received their doctorate at BGU.
5.        Fellowships are not available to those who already hold a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at BGU.
6.        The Fellowship is $20,000 per year. Funds for travel to professional meetings are also
7.        The Fellowship is renewable for a second year. The Steering Committee of the Kreitman
      Foundation Fellowships conducts an annual review on the progress of all Fellows and is
      responsible for approving renewal.
8.        Preference will be given to candidates who can be absorbed into regular academic positions
      in the departments and institutes of Ben-Gurion University.
9.        Fellows are required to be present on campus at least 3 days during the week, so as to
      enable integration in the Department and participate in campus activities including those
      organized by the Kreitman Foundation Fellowships.
10.       The Fellow may be required to participate in teaching one course each semester or assist in
      a laboratory, as part of his/her program for academic development.
11.       Post-Doctoral Fellows are required to devote their efforts to fulfilling their approved
      research program and refrain from outside employment. Requests for exceptions are to be
      submitted to the Director of the Kreitman Foundation Fellowships.

      Applicants may explore relevant Departments and Faculties by referring to the BGU homepage, at