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					Posted to the web on: 29 February 2008
Punishing Iran will compromise
UN integrity, says SA’s Minty
Hopewell Radebe

Diplomatic Editor

THE integrity of the United Nations (UN) Security Council could be compromised if it goes
ahead with its proposed resolution to ostracise Iran — now that Tehran has star ted adhering
to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) expectations, says ambassador Abdul

SA has successfully inter vened in the 13- year-old stalemate between Iran and the agency.

Minty, who is SA’s representative on the IAEA board of governors, said yesterday that
although Iran had not yet ratified the additional protocols by the security council, it had
nonetheless implemented them and complied with the agency in terms of access to

The security council members — the US , Britain, France, Russia and China — wanted the
country to completely suspend its enrichment processes and sign the additional pr otocols.
They have threatened sanctions on Iran.

Their draft resolutions include asset freezes and travel bans on some Iranian officials.

Briefing the media in Pretoria via a link from Norway, Minty said the security council should
not take any action against Iran before seeing the IAEA repor t, which would be tabled at the
UN on Monday.

He said the repor t was backed by several US intelligence agencies’ repor ts confirming that
Iran was not building nuclear weapons.

“The proposed resolution of the security council is based only on the past repor t, which was
tabled in November and w hich did not reflect much more co-operation from Iran.

“In this new report, Iran has gone fur ther, beyond its prescribed agreement,” he said.

“Therefore, it is important not to risk any rupture in the relationship between IAEA and

Minty said IAEA did not find a “single item that has been lost or diverted to militar y
Asked if there were concer ns within the IAEA about the declassified western intelligence
indicating that Iran had conducted high- explosives tests and design wor k on a missile
warhead , Minty said Tehran had dismissed the intelligence as false and had answered all
the IAEA questions about its nuclear programme.

What was now outstanding was the question of w hether it had been arming itself by
building stocks of other forms of weapons and that some of the knowledge about uranium
enrichment had come from Pakistan.

SA would call on the security council to delay a vote on a new round of sanctions to give
Iran more time to address the IAEA concerns.

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