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S Setu up sm msX Xbox x


									smsXbox Se
s        etup Guide

Setu msX x
S up sm Xbox
Step I
Y have a choice of regi
You                   istering and using as:

            SMS User
        SMS Sponsor

          eSMS User : go reg
    1. free                          www.smsX
                           gister at w
              a             MS
                   As freeSM User, you a your SMS message recipient are not charged for t SMS credit used by you
                                             and           S                          t             the                        ur
                             All             d
                   account. A sponsored SMS sent by you are paid for by sponso                                   s,
                                                                                      oring marketing companies (but each SM   MS
                   sent by you will carry also their sponsore marketing messages).
                             u               o              ed          m
              b    Some Spo                  nies
                             onsor compan have a sc         cheme that rewards you, (you as the Us who sent a sponsored SM
                                                                                                   ser                         MS
                                                            r                          ill
                                                                        ervices) and wi pay you a c
                   message that resulted in a sale of their product or se                                        g
                                                                                                    commission, gift voucher o or
                             ms               s             nd,
                   other form of rewards in cash or kin using referrerTRACK.
              c.            MS               get
                   As freeSM User, you g to use also the futureSM feature which allows yo to send SM messages i
                                                            o           MS                          ou          MS              in
                   the future the next day, month or y                  r
                                                           year. Good for important reeminders like renewals (insu
                                                                                                                 urance, road-tax,
                   passports), wishing cust                 ed           y                         gs
                                             tomers or love ones happy birthday, season greeting etc.
              d.   The widge                  t
                             etSMS widget enables you, as freeSMS User to insert smsXbox into your own websites and/o
                                                            ,           U             t             o           w              or
                             t               s
                   blogs that your visitors get to send s   sponsored SM free or to s
                                                                       MS                          S            b
                                                                                      send free SMS sponsored by you, carryin  ng
                   your business or marke    eting message es.

    2. SMS Sponso : go reg         www.smsX
                         gister at w               for    sales & pr
                                 f more s        rofits
              a.   SMS Spon                se            eatures of the freeSMS User (see above).
                             nsors get to us all of the fe            e
              b.   The differ              en             ser
                             rence betwee freeSMS Us and SMS Sponsor is that freeSMS U             User gets to use SMS free o of
                   charge wh hereas SMS Sp               for
                                            ponsor pays f the SMS cr                 sonal or business reasons.
                                                                       redits for pers
              c             on,
                   In additio you have a range of mar    rketing tools that can be us to increase sales of you products an
                                                                       t             sed                         ur           nd
                   services li bulkSMS, r                and
                                           referrerSMS a advertoria    al.
              d    The bulkS                             plan
                             SMS feature allows you to p and bulk send SMS me        essages to rec                            ct
                                                                                                   cipients listed in you Contac
                   List, with filters.
              e.             t                            ,                                        CK             r
                   For a first in SMS referral marketing, you can use the smsXbox referrerTRAC feature to reward sender        rs
                   of your sp               S             hat
                             ponsored SMS messages th resulted in a sale for y                                    ces
                                                                                     your products and/or servic by trackin    ng
                   who is the freeSMS me                               ng
                                           essage sender and rewardin him/her – I                  nd            w
                                                                                      Incentivize an Sell more with smsXbox.
              f.   The advertorial feature allows you to post adve    ertisements, v vouchers, disccounts and ot  ther marketinng
                                           f              d
                   communication free of charge linked to free SMS credits spons     sored by you.
                                                                                                                               happy remembering

              g.   Sponsors pay USD200 p                 ach          S
                                           prepaid for ea 2000 SMS credit sponso      ored.
                                                                                                                                          b i

Step II
U fr or spons at www.smsX
Use ree     sor              com

For         al       on        ox           it        st,        Desk at +603 6250 2870,
F additiona informatio or smsXbo SMS credi ReSeller Lis call HelpD
send email to admin@sm
s           o                              us
            or contact u at
Another realtime business informa
A                               ation solution by

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