RESUME OF LOBBYING WORK
Below is a client-by-client description of the contract lobbying work of
Maureen O’Haren since 2000, by subject area. This includes the periods
during which Maureen O’Haren lobbied with the firms Miller, Owen &
Trost and Isenberg/O’Haren. Some of this work was done in conjunction
with Phil Isenberg.


Access Dental/Premier Life (2002-present)
Since 2002, we have represented Access Dental, a dental care HMO
serving the Medicare and Medi-Cal population, on legislative, budgetary
and regulatory matters as well as dentists supply.

AIDS Project Los Angeles (2002-present)
We began representing AIDS Project Los Angeles, one of the premier AIDS
advocacy organizations in the nation, during the middle of 2002 and
continue to provide general representation and advocacy on priority
legislation. Our representation includes strategic planning and staffing of
sponsored legislation.

Bay Area Addiction Treatment and Research/California
Detoxification Programs, Inc. (2002-present)
Our representation of BAART/CDP began in mid-2002 and involves
advocacy on legislation relating to narcotic treatment programs, budget
and regulatory issues.

California Association of Health Plans (2000-2005)
Between 2000 and 2005, Maureen O’Haren provided general
representation and advice on legislative and regulatory matters to the
California Association of Health Plans, which is the statewide trade
association representing the HMO industry. During the 2000 legislative
session, our advocacy work included protecting health plan arbitration,
leading a coalition of interests involved in health care discount programs,
negotiating legislation relating to prescription drugs and clinical trials,
overseeing clean-up legislation pertaining to the precedent-setting 1999
HMO reform package, and negotiating legislation relating to health care
liens, among others. We also monitored the budget process with regard to

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the new Department of Managed Health Care and the regulatory
implementation of the 1999 HMO reform package. Our work for the
Association shifted to regulatory matters in 2001, and continued
exclusively in that area. We advocated before the Financial Solvency
Standards Board regarding regulations implementing an oversight
program for capitated medical groups and independent practice
associations, a part of the implementation of the 1999 legislation, and on
a variety of other regulatory matters relating to claims payment,
independent medical review and arbitration.

California Hospital Association (2000-2010)
The California Hospital Association is the statewide trade association
representing California’s 460 hospitals. Isenberg began representing the
association in 1999. O’Haren represented the Association in later years on
health information technology legislation, locums tenens legislation and
other matters.

Center for Policy Reform (2002)
During 2002, pursuant to a subcontract with Jim Gonzalez & Associates,
another lobbying firm, O’Haren represented the Center for Policy Reform
to win passage of SB 1695 (Escutia), which would allow an Emergency
Medical Technician I to administer a life-saving drug called naloxone.

City of Hope (2008 to present)
We provide strategic advice and legislative advocacy on legislative,
regulatory and budget matters to City of Hope, a premier cancer research
and treatment facility that is one of 40 National Cancer Institute-
designated comprehensive cancer treatment centers in the United States.
We have worked on sponsored legislation as well as general advocacy.

Delta Dental Plan of California (2007 to present)
We provide strategic advice and advocacy on regulatory and legislative
matters to Delta Dental, which is the largest dental insurance plan in the
country. We have successfully obtained amendments from several bills to
protect specialized health care service plans from mandates and
administrative burdens imposed on full-service plans.

HealthMarkets (2009 to present)
We provide strategic advice and advocacy representation for this Texas-
based carrier specializing in the individual insurance market. We have
lobbied on matters relating to health insurance standards and health care

Health Plan of the Redwoods (2000)

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We represented Health Plan of the Redwoods during 2000 in a focused
effort to pass legislation that would provide this regional non-profit health
plan, based in Santa Rosa, with rating flexibility in the small group
insurance market. This legislation represented the first rating change to
the small group reform law passed in 1992. We successfully shepherded
the legislation through the Legislature in three months without opposition.

HemaCare Corporation (2000-2002)
HemaCare Corporation, the only for-profit FDA-licensed blood bank in the
United States and the only known for-profit blood bank in California that
pays donors of apheresis platelets, retained Isenberg between 1999 and
2002 to extend its legislative exemption allowing the company to pay
donors of single-donor platelets. This two-year effort, which O’Haren
assisted in, strongly opposed by the nonprofit Red Cross and other blood
banks, ended early in August with the defeat of legislation allowing the
continuation of the company’s compensation practice.

Indoor Tanning Association (2004 and 2007)
During 2004, we represented the national trade association of the tanning
industry. We fought legislation that would have prohibited the use of
tanning facilities by anyone under 18, and successfully obtained a
compromise prohibiting children under 14 from using tanning salons.
During 2007, we won amendments to legislation that strengthened the
prior law.

Long Term Care Group (2007)
O’Haren lobbied DHCS and the California Partnership for Long-Term Care
to first obtain the opportunity for this major national insurer to apply for
approval as a Care Management Provider Agency in the Partnership
Program. We the worked successfully with the company and Department
staff to obtain that approval.

Lumetra (2004)
During 2004, we represented this non-profit organization, which provides
quality assurance and evaluation programs to the federal Medicare
program. We helped introduce Lumetra and its top executives to key
government and legislative officials involved in health care oversight and
workers’ compensation reform.

L.A. Care Health Plan (2001-2003)
We provided lobbying services to this public health care plan from 2001 to
2003. During 2001, we provided lobbying services to the health plan on
legislation dealing with conflict-of-interest problems faced by its Board of
Governors. During 2002, we continued to represent them before the Fair

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Political Practices Commission on pending regulatory matters pertaining to
this conflict-of-interest issue and provided legislative advocacy as well. In
2003, we again staffed sponsored legislation that was ultimately signed by
the Governor.

Molina Healthcare of California (2000-present)
Since 1999, we have provided general legislative representation and
political and strategic advice to Molina Healthcare of California, which is
one of the largest Latino-owned businesses in California and now a
publicly-traded corporation. Our focus is on the Medi-Cal and Healthy
Families programs and their impact on Molina Healthcare of California.

Southern California HIV/AIDS Advocacy Coalition (2000-2003)
Between mid-2000 and 2003, we provided strategic planning advice and
legislative representation to the Coalition, which advocates on behalf of
individuals living with HIV and AIDS as well as organizations that serve
these individuals. We have shepherded sponsored legislation on the
coalition’s behalf, and advocated in favor of a broad range of legislation
relating to housing, health care, AIDS research, job training and
employment placement, and other issues relating to those affected by this

Western Health Advantage (2006 to present)
We represent this four-county health plan on general legislative issues.
We provide information and advice on health plan legislation and health
care reform.

Word & Brown (2000-present)
Since September 2000, we have provided regulatory and legislative advice
and representation to Word & Brown, a California health care brokerage
that operates a small-employer health insurance purchasing exchange in
Southern California. This work includes interpreting enacted legislation,
lobbying pending legislation, watching for business opportunities,
providing introductions to legislators, developing political contributions
strategy and determining legislative strategy for the new session.


Anaheim Public Utilities (2007 to present)
With Phil Isenberg, we have represented Anaheim’s water and power
utilities on legislative issues of concern and provide strategy and
information on emerging issues.

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California Squid Fishermen’s Association (2001)
Isenberg and O’Haren represented the California Squid Fishermen’s
Association in 2001 on legislation pertaining to the state’s management of
the squid fishery. This included lobbying in support of two companion bills
that successfully delegated permanent authority for the management of
the squid fishery—the state’s largest fishery in terms of revenue—to the
Fish and Game Commission, pursuant to the seminal Marine Life
Management Act of 1998. We helped build a coalition of fishermen and
environmental groups, and successfully blocked hostile, competing

Irvine Ranch Water District (2003-present)
Since 2003, we have represented this innovative Orange County water
district on matters relating to water recycling, water conservation, state
water policy, state budget and all legislation affecting the district,
including measures relating to local government requirements, wetlands,
and regulatory oversight of the state’s water systems.


Alliance of California Tribes (1998-2004)
Isenberg began representingthe Alliance of California Tribes in 1998. After
O’Haren joined him, they represented this organization until the end of
2004, when the organization dissolved. ACT was a non-gaming coalition of
eleven California Indian tribes promoting non-gaming legislation of
interest to Californian tribes. ACT’s successful efforts included Governor
Wilson signing its first bill to allow state agencies to cooperate with Tribes
on non-gaming economic development.

In addition, ACT sponsored the successful addition of language to the Park
and Water Bond Acts, Propositions 12 and 13 on the March 2000 ballot,
allowing tribes to compete for funds for recreational facilities, water
projects and cultural centers. Among the issues we worked on for ACT
during the 2000 legislative session was an ACT-sponsored bill, signed by
the Governor, that authorized tribes to pay the premium share for tribal
members who are eligible for certain public health care programs and also
memorializes an agreement negotiated with Blue Cross and Blue Shield to
market and sell group health insurance to tribes. In addition, Isenberg
was instrumental in the passage of legislation (later vetoed) to block the
Gregory Canyon Landfill development in San Diego County and ultimately
successful legislation, SB 18 (Burton), protecting Native American sacred
sites. We also worked on improvement of Native American curriculum in
public schools, tribal justice systems and participation in state
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infrastructure loan programs. In 1998, Isenberg represented the Tribal
Alliance of Northern California, the predecessor of ACT.

Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation (2004-present)
Since 2004, with Isenberg, we provided general representation to this
tribe, including matters relating to compacting negotiations, legislation
(gaming and non-gaming) and the state budget.


Automated Power Exchange (2000-2003)
We provided general representation for Automated Power Exchange—a
Silicon Valley, Internet-based power exchange—from 2000 to early 2003.
Our focus was on monitoring legislation pertaining to energy trading, the
California Power Authority, renewable energy and the overall structure of
the deregulated marketplace. We were involved in the discussions over
aspects of the deregulation legislation, energy supply and market
oversight. One of APX’s major concerns was the mandate that the
investor-owned utilities buy and sell power into the California Power
Exchange, a mandate that was eliminated by the Federal Energy
Regulatory Commission in December 2000.

FPL Energy (2000-2002)
From 2000 to mid-2002, we provided general representation and strategic
advice to FPL Energy, a power generator and subsidiary of Florida Power &
Light. We provided advocacy, guidance on regulatory matters as well as
strategic advice on dealing with the intense legislative focus on energy
matters. We also provide advice on a charitable contributions strategy for
the company.

Independent Energy Producers (2003-present)
Since 2003, we have provided legislative advocacy services to this trade
association of the independent energy generators. We have been involved
in legislation relating to renewable energy, utility regulation and
procurement of energy.


California Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs (2001-2004)
We represented the California Alliance between 2001 and 2004 on
cooperative programs with the state and funding opportunities for the
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Clubs’ various youth programs, as well as on legislation of interest. With
Isenberg, we were involved in two appropriations for club programs during
the 2001-2002 Budget process, as well as with getting the Clubs involved
in energy conservation programs sponsored by the Davis Administration.
During 2002 and 2003, we also were involved in successfully maintaining
an appropriation for the Boys & Girls Clubs.

El Morro Community Association (2001-2002)
We represented the El Morro Community Association, an association of
mobilehome park residents in Southern Orange County who were fighting
to preserve their community. In 2005, the State of California finally
removed all residents from the park. Our representation involved
providing preliminary political strategic advice and working with a team of
consultants to develop strategy for preserving this historic community.


Orange County Children and Families Commission (2001-present)
The Orange County Children and Families Commission is one of the 58
county commissions created by Proposition 10 of 1996, which allocates a
portion of the tobacco tax to child development programs for children
from birth to five years. Since 2001, we have provided strategic advice on
the budget as well as legislative representation on legislation of concern to
the commission, and work cwith the state Commission on strategy and


Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (2000-2004)
From 2000 to the end of 2004, we provided general legislative and
regulatory representation to the Alliance, which is the national trade
association for domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers. We
represented the Alliance before the Legislature on matters pertaining to
auto dealerships, Lemon Laws and the administrative procedures of the
Air Resources Board. We also worked with them in crafting strategy
relating to the Zero-Emission Vehicle mandate, which has been under
consideration by the Air Resources Board since the fall of 2000.

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