How to Heal From a Breakup

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					How to Heal From
   a Breakup

Breaking up is often harder for the person that is being broken up with. While the person
that is conducting the breakup is busy thinking about what they are going to eat for dinner,
the person that is being broken up with is thinking about how they are going to survive
the emotional devastation. The good news is - healing from a breakup is absolutely
possible. Millions of people do it each week.

Things you'll need:

      Trash Bin
      Emotional Strength

   o           1
             Don't beat yourself up - Many people verbally abuse themselves with a
             barrage of negative and assaulting thoughts. This is unhealthy, because
             what you think about, you become. A break-up can break your spirit if you
             let it. Keep the thought system positive and refute any assaulting thoughts
             that come.
  o         2
          Move on - Hanging around the ex's home or job uninvited is considered
          stalking in most states. The worst thing that a person can do is refuse to
          accept the breakup and attempt to hang on to a person that doesn't want to
          be with them anymore. By pursuing someone who doesn't want to be with
          you, you are only hurting yourself!

  o         3
          Out with the old - If there are things that are constantly reminding you of the
          person who broke up with you get rid of it. Reflecting on past relationships
          is like pouring salt into a wound that is attempting to heal. Let go of the
          memorabilia that could be infringing on your healing.

Tips & Warnings
         Get out - A breakup is a great opportunity to reconnect with friends, families,
          and acquaintances that were probably neglected over the course of your
          relationship. It is also a time to mingle and meet new people. Just remember
          that hearts are normally fragile and vulnerable after a breakup and rushing into
          a new relationship too soon is a bad idea.
         Be patient - The pain probably won't go away in a day. If it does go away in a
          day, than you probably didn't really love that person to begin with. Healing
          takes time, and is not something that can be rushed. Be good to yourself and
          patient with your heart, and eventually the broken heart will mend itself.

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Description: Breakups are tough and sometimes inevitable. Regardless of whether you are the one being dumped or the one doing the dumping, breaking up is difficult. But how you handle a breakup says a lot about you. It is important to handle a breakup gracefully. If you handle it properly, you will be able to get over the breakup quickly and will also preserve any relationships associated with it.