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How to Breakup with Your Boyfriend for Good


Breakups are tough and sometimes inevitable. Regardless of whether you are the one being dumped or the one doing the dumping, breaking up is difficult. But how you handle a breakup says a lot about you. It is important to handle a breakup gracefully. If you handle it properly, you will be able to get over the breakup quickly and will also preserve any relationships associated with it.

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									   How to Breakup with Your
     Boyfriend for Good

Breaking up with your boyfriend is never easy. It's not easy on you or him. Relationships sometimes have to end and this is a step by step guide
on the easiest way to do that and make it stick. Don't let a bad relationship ruin a good life!

Things you'll need:

           resolve
           an off button on your cell phone (sometimes)
           ability to be calm

      o                  1
                  Ending a relationship is not a fun thing but there are some things and can make it suck less. First off don't breakup in a fight.
                  The chance that you will get back together is greater.

      o                  2
                  Be sure you want to end the relationship before you end it. If you have resolve about you choice you will stick to it.

      o                  3
                  I believe that breaking up with someone is best done face to face. It makes more of an impact with the boy your breaking up
                  with. I would choose a coffee shop or something of that sort. A place not overly crowded would be best.

      o                  4
                  If it helps write down what you want to say to him. This helps by making sure you do it. If you can't say it you can always give
                  him your words by letter.

      o                  5
            Why? Why? :) Be honest with him if he asks why. Tell him resolutely why you are doing this. Be strong! The stronger you look
            the less he will fight.

  o                6
            Wish him all the best! Tell him that you only want what is right for the both of you. Be kind but firm!

  o                7
            Don't answer his phone call, messages or texts at all! This is not an option. It's not good for the both of you. Wait about a
            month before you talk to him on any regular occasion.

  o                8
            Tell your friends and your mutual friends you have broken up and are not on break or getting back together.

Tips & Warnings
       Don't ignore him if you run into him. Make a point to say hi even if you don't want to.
       If you were friends before maybe you could be again. You'll need to wait for a month or more.
       If he is beating you get out now! This article is not meant for abusive relationships.
       If you are in abusive relationship it's not your fault ever! Get help from friends or woman's shelters.

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