Help Yourself to Recover From a Breakup

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					Help Yourself to Recover
    From a Breakup

I wanted to begin this article with my own life lesson that my mother taught me; when I broke up with my ex girlfriend of 2 ½ years, I was
devastated... I thought it was the end of the world; I was depressed because I really loved her. I was about 20 years old at the time, I couldn't
focus at work and school, and I was totally out of it. I even cried myself to sleep at night.

But one day my mother heard me crying, she's never seen me this way before. After listening to what happened she told me her story.

"Imagine being married; imagine having two kids, now imagine the person you love cheating on you and breaking your heart. Now watch this
person that was a complete **** do a 180 and change, stop drinking, found a job that turned into a career, re-marry and have two kids and give
them everything they could ever want while neglecting the two kids who are you and your brother. "

As much as it hurts that she lost her husband;, she was able to move on and not hate him and single handedly raising my brother and I from
ages 5 and 7 on her own. After listening to her story; my situation, everything was in perspective.
She finished off her motherly tip with this.

"You are only 20 years old; you have the rest of your life to fall in love. Believe me when I say this, you will fall in love again."

She was right of course, I fell in love again, and I was heartbroken again, but then I fell in love again. Someday, we will meet the right person,
we were given two lungs, two feet, two hands but one heart, someday, and we will feel complete with the right person. Someone meant for me,
someone meant for you.

Oh, and if you're wondering, my mother remarried and she's very happy.

On the meantime, you can focus on your career.

Don't forget to wear a smile tomorrow; I hope this helps you.

Things you'll need:

            friends & family as a support system

      o                   1
                   Often times; we spend more time with our boyfriend/girlfriend and neglect our friends. Spending time with supporting friends
                   will help you move on.

      o                   2
                   Being single again doesn't mean you should start sleeping around; so respect yourself; meeting new people and going out on
                   dates will help you move on. Remember that " Love shouldn't dictate happiness. "
o          3
    Avoid listening to love songs; hold off from romantic comedies unless you're out on a date with someone new. When you miss
    your ex boyfriend or girlfriend; call your friends instead.

o          4
    We all have this gift called "Free Will "right? Depression is a choice; happiness is a mindset, focus on the brighter things in life.
    Although you are hurt, you need to take this experience and learn from it.

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Description: Breakups are tough and sometimes inevitable. Regardless of whether you are the one being dumped or the one doing the dumping, breaking up is difficult. But how you handle a breakup says a lot about you. It is important to handle a breakup gracefully. If you handle it properly, you will be able to get over the breakup quickly and will also preserve any relationships associated with it.