Babies are such bright and beautiful spirits by barif


									Babies are such bright and beautiful spirits who bless us with their
presence and when they come into our world we are changed by their loving
and beautiful spirit. So if it is that great time when you have some good
news in your family or friends and you are in a state of confusion as
what shall be the perfect gift for to be given to the parents or to show
how much you care, baby gift basket would be a good idea indeed.

A gift basket shall always be appreciated whether it is going to be a
baby boy or baby girl. You can either purchase a professional baby gift
basket or you can also create one of your own. Mostly gift baskets in the
market are very expensive that could cost you over $100 and therefore if
you want to avoid spending much and also add a personal touch or care to
your gift, you can surely go for a handmade or customized baby gift

<b> How to create a baby gift basket? </b>

<b>1.</b> For creating a baby gift basket, you should determine the size
of the basket and if you feel that you won’t be in a position to fill a
large basket, you should preferably use a small basket. You need to buy
one such basket, raffia or tissue paper for filling, baby blankets, straw
or shredded grass that you will easily find in any craft stores.

<b>2. </b> Next consideration is whether the baby is a boy or girl and
whether it has already taken birth so that you can arrive at a decision
as what things will be required by the baby. Another thing is whether the
baby is the first child or not because if it is not the first arrival at
the home then the mother of the child will be having most of the
necessary things already at home.

<b>3. </b>An imaginative idea would be the use of a small laundry basket
that could sit upon a dresser or a baby bath tub or anything such as baby
diaper bag instead of using a actual gift basket. If it is the first
child in the home you can easily include most of the basic things such as
baby toys, rattles, baby shampoos, lotions, wiping diapers, burp clothes,
bibs, diaper rash ointments and various baby clothes.

<b>4. </b>If it is the case of second or third birth, you can create a
smaller basket including items for the other children that will not let
them feel left aside. You can fill with items such as coloring puzzles,
toys or snacks. You can also gift a labor basket to a mother who is
expecting with items that are needed at the hospital or relaxation tape
or CD, slippers, magazines, candy, hair clip, bubble bath, disposable
camera, calling card or gift certificates.

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