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					     23RD SEPTEMBER 2005                      THE REALITY BEHIND EUROPE                                     FORTNIGHTLY £1

           Could ‘glasnost’ destroy the
               European Union?
   If successful a unique act of collaboration by British political parties in Brussels could
                   lead to the paralysis of Europe's decision-making process

T    he Soviet Union collapsed after
     introducing g l a s n o s t. Could the
EU follow a similar route to self-
                                              people back at home and reflect his or
                                              her own quite exceptional powers of
                                              persuasion. Given the language
                                                                                            rival the United States. It includes
                                                                                            those who grasp that it cannot succeed
                                                                                            without reform but who, like the
destruction?                                  problem and the limited curiosity of          reform communists of the Soviet bloc,
  The question is relevant because of a       television journalists few hang around        do not grasp that its inherently anti-
campaign to open up the debates of the        long enough to record this                    democratic nature precludes the
European Council of Ministers which           performance being repeated over and           possibility of fundamental change.
is backed by all the British political        again, or to question how it is that          Moreover, the reform process co-exists
parties in Brussels. The campaign was         seemingly irreconcilable diff e r e n c e s   with the unrelenting drive to further
launched by means of an official              have in fact been reconciled to the           integration which is reinforced by the
proclamation in the European                  benefit of everyone. Opening up this          Commission’s       determination    to
Parliament on the 6th September and a         process and requiring ministers to            enhance its own interests.
letter to The Times on the same day. It       record how they voted would plainly             To adapt Marxist ideology, opening
was the first time that all British           end this dishonest charade.                   up the political decision-making
political groups in Brussels have               It is here that parallels with the last     process would reveal the internal
joined forces.                                days of the Soviet Union are                  contradictions of the European Union
                                              instructive. In order to rival the United     as well as revealing to the European
        Exceptional Powers                    States, especially in the military sphere     electorates the full extent of the
                                              the Soviet Union, under the leadership        sacrifices made in their names.
  The signatories - the leaders of the        of Mikhail Gorbachev, introduced                The      British    campaign     for
Labour,      Conservative,       Liberal      pere s t ro i k a (restructuring). But the    transparency is thought to have the
Democratic, UKIP and Green parties            reformers grasped that meaningful             support of most north European states
in the European Parliament - have             change was not possible without the           - especially Denmark, the Netherlands,
placed the Prime Minister in an               parallel process of glasnost (greater         Sweden and Finland. But it is opposed
embarrassing position by demanding            openness). The reformers were trying          by France and other southern European
that he secures the goal of transparency      to renew soviet communism, not                states.
during the British presidency. With the       replace it. But while the conservatives
exception      of    the      communist       sought to prevent all change the                     Crucial Differences
dictatorships of North Korea and Cuba         reformers released forces that they
the Council of Ministers is the only          were powerless to control. As a                 Defending the indefensible the
political decision-making body to             consequence, a process that was               leaders of southern European states
reach its decisions in secret.                intended to breath new life into the          have suggested that opening things up
  If the British campaign were to be          ossified soviet system foreshortened its      would prevent ‘honest debate’ and the
successful could the EU survive?              life.                                         ability to horse-trade. Writing in The
  At present each minister emerg e s                                                        Times on the 6th September, Anthony
from the Council of Ministers to tell                  Unrelenting Drive                    Browne, the newspaper’s European
waiting journalists that the decisions                                                      Correspondent, pointed out that
taken represent a triumph for the              The European Union also seeks to                                   Continued on P.2

INSIDE: Thatcher put the consumer on a pedestal, but now the EU is knocking him off p.2 - UK presidency combines inertia
with an element of high farce p.3 - French no vote does not stop European defence p.3 - Chirac’s ‘vision’ survives referendum
result - and so does his rhetoric p.4 - UK under pressure to go fully metric p.4 - Majority still favour EU superpower p.4 -
Illiberal policies make countries poor p.5 - ECB is English p.5 - Tories ‘hiding light under bushel’ p.5 - ‘Friend of poor’ claim
exposed p.6 - Euro-judges quash bid to halt pan-European parties p.6                                                 VOL 10 NO 23
            Thatcher put the consumer on a pedestal,
              but now the EU is knocking him off
I  nvestment in public utilities has risen
   since privatisation while in most
cases prices have fallen substantially -
                                             achieving this would be to exclude
                                             paid-for public services from the
                                             Bolkestein services directive and to
                                                                                         proportion of Britain’s power industry
                                                                                         as well as several local monopoly
                                                                                         water suppliers. But as a result of the
but all of this is likely to be threatened   devise a new legal code for utility         utilities regime now emerging in
as a result of a new EU utilities regime.    companies with a strong anti-               Europe Britain could be kept out of
  Despite some recent increases in           competitive bias through a new              continental markets while its European
electricity prices an average UK             Framework Directive.                        rivals are protected from competition.
consumer now pays £95 per year less            In the debate about the future of           Meanwhile, the British Chancellor
than in the days of nationalised             public utilities Britain’s role has been    behaves as if it were Europe’s
utilities. In gas the comparable figure      supine, according to Sir Ian Byatt, the     protectionist ways, rather than the
is £125 although greater savings have        author of a study from the European         interests of British companies that are
been possible for those who have             Policy Forum. He warns: “The British        under threat: “We area now seeing the
switched suppliers. Ofcom has                should not repeat the situation in a        last stand of this protectionist wing in
calculated that the price of a basket of     debate on these issues in the European      the EU. You can’t shelter your
residential telecoms services has fallen     Parliament’s Committee on Economic          industries against competition any
by 26 per cent - from £77 in 2000 to         and Monetary Affairs - the Germans          more. There has got to be an open and
£57. An average basket of business           and the Austrians were very vocal and       not protectionist approach”, he told
fixed voice services has fallen by 21        the French did not become involved          European Finance ministers on the 9th
per cent.                                    until the last phase…The British said       September.
  In the water industry annual               almost nothing…”.                             “E u rope has got to face up with
investment has risen from an average           Sir Ian, the former water regulator,      America to the fact that protectionist
of £1.7 billion in today’s prices in the     says it is imperative that Britain should   policies are not only damaging the
1980s under nationalisation to an            join in the debate instead of allowing      world economy, but damaging the
average £3.3 billion throughout the 15       others to make all the running. He          European and American economies”.
years from 1990 to 2005. This has            seems puzzled why Britain should              Thus, the gulf between reality and Mr
resulted in better quality water.            have remained almost silent but he          Brown’s rhetoric grows ever wider.
  Cheaper and better quality utilities       surely puts his finger on the root of the   Protectionist measures can and do last
have underpinned Britain’s relatively        problem when he states: “The                for decades and have the potential to
superior economic growth and reflect         language of general interest, general       restrict growth and to impoverish
the Thatcherite vision of an economy         economic interest, missions, social         millions in the process.
in which the interests of the consumer       models and social and territorial             For a brief and glorious period Mrs
would be paramount.                          cohesion is unfamiliar and even alien       Thatcher placed the consumer on a
  Currently,       however,        France,   to the UK’s methods of thinking”.           pedestal. Mr Brown’s rhetoric cannot
Germany, Belgium want to create a              Open competition in Britain’s utility     conceal the fact that the European
special regime for utilities that would      markets has allowed EU ‘national            Union is in the process of knocking
subordinate consumer interests to those      champions’, particularly those from         him off - with the full acquiescence of
of the producer. The means of                France and Germany to buy a large           Mr Brown.

Continued from P.1

                      Could the EU survive ‘glasnost?’
exactly the same reasons were                to swallow deals that damage their          juggernaut would become permanently
advanced by British MPs resisting the        national interests. If it is no longer      stalled.
campaign to allow the reporting of the       possible to conceal what has been             Transparency surely spells doom for
Westminster Parliament more than one         agreed ministers will be reluctant to       the Council of Ministers - the world's
hundred years ago. There are, however,       sign up to such deals in the interests of   most secretive major decision-making
crucial differences.                         an artificial political entity to which
                                                                                         body since the demise of the Soviet
  The most important of these reflects       their countrymen feel neither loyalty or
the absence of a genuine European            affection. The result can only be to        politbureau. The truth is that the
demos. Lacking shared historical             paralyse the decision-making process        European Union cannot long survive
experience, common values and                on all controversial matters. Thus, at      the full glare of public scrutiny - which
customs, the electorates of the 25           the very moment when the EU is trying       explains why it is that glasnost will be
members are bound to find it difficult       to 'streamline' its affairs, the European   fiercely resisted.

PAGE 2                                                                                                 eurofacts 23RD SEPTEMBER
                 UK presidency combines inertia with
                      an element of high farce
                             The British government has lowered or abandoned
                                  key priorities in order to avoid conflict

T    he prospect that any of the EU’s
     declared aims might be achieved
during the British Presidency was
                                              British rebate for the simple reason that
                                              it is likely to find itself in a minority of
                                              one on this issue. The Government
                                                                                              President Chirac has declared that he
                                                                                              believes the present priority should be
                                                                                              to push for “a Europe of projects” -
always remote - and a good thing, too -       merely says it “wants to make as much           almost certainly the ones contained in
but the present situation appears to          progress as possible” in consulting             the constitutional draft so recently
combine inertia with elements of farce.       other members on funding the EU                 rejected by the French public (see page
It is not just that there is no possibility   budget       a     process       which     it
of agreements on the most                     acknowledges is bound to be
                                                                                                For its part, the EU Commission is
controversial issues that the EU must         complicated and lengthy - i.e. one
face up to, but that EU ministers cannot      which is not going to be concluded              busy drawing up its own list of
even agree about the subjects to be           during the British presidency.                  priorities.
discussed.                                      Just a few weeks ago the British                Never mind, Downing Street has its
  Britain’s reticence to show how it          Government said that it wished to use           own unique approach to achieving
wishes to proceed at the extraordinary        the presidency to define a new                  harmony. According to a Downing
EU summit scheduled for October 27-           European social model which would               Street spokesman, the Prime Minister
28th is reported to be adding further to      combine generous social provision               has been considering including in the
the sense of frustration among EU             with the added ingredient of economic           27th October summit programme a
ministers. Describing this situation, the     growth. It now says that it is working          “Relate-style” dinner with soft music,
Polish        President       Aleksander      on a letter which is not yet complete           wine, candle-light and fine food in
Kwasnieski said recently: “The weeks          (they don’t like to rush things at the          order to repair the fractured personal
are passing and scepticism is growing         FO) which, rather than defining such a          relations between ministers No gentle
all of the time: nothing is moving”. (Le      model, will simply describe the strong
                                                                                              readers, we did not make this up: it was
Monde, 9th September.)                        and weak aspects of each national
                                                                                              reported in the Financial Times on 1st
  It has been clear for some time that        model.
there were would be no meaningful                                                             July.
discussion about the Constitution. It is      New ways of excluding Turkey                      Mr Blair is happily married. He is
also clear that there will be no deal on                                                      perhaps unaware that marriage
the Common Agricultural Policy -                In its White Paper, Prospects for the         guidance agencies such as Relate do
which will merely be “reviewed”,              EU in 2005, published in February, the          not advocate reconciliation in all
despite the fact that reform of the CAP       Government promised to “drive                   circumstances, warning that a marriage
is, or was, listed as a top British           forward”          Turkish       accession       between incompatible partners can
priority. The British government now          negotiations which are due to begin on          lead to protracted unhappiness, despair
insists that when it comes to the CAP         the 3rd October. But since the French           and even mental illness. Where
the last thing it wants to be is              and Dutch referendum results almost             partners        are      fundamentally
“prescriptive” - as the official website      everyone except Britain has been busy           incompatible they are advised to make
for        the       UK        Presidency     competing with one another to devise
                                                                                              alternative arrangements. To assist
(www.EU2005.gov.uk)                makes      new ways of keeping Turkey out - so
                                                                                              such couples, Relate runs a “Moving
abundantly clear. How sensitive and           Turkish accession now enjoys a rather
kind to our French partners! And how          less prominent place in the                     On Workshop”.
supine!                                       Government’s more recently published              We are not sure what the political
  Nor will there be a deal on the             list of priorities, being dealt with in the     equivalent of a “Moving On
budget: many members would like one           same sentence as the application from           Workshop” would look like but there is
but the Government understandably             Croatia.                                        certainly a case for creating one: more
wants to avoid discussions about the            Meanwhile, from his hospital bed              than ever Britain needs to move on.

   French no vote does not stop European defence
 “The French and Dutch no votes did not have direct consequences for the evolution of the European Security and Defence
Policy (ESDP). We can continue to build on the foundations set down”, Gottfried Timm, president of the defence committee
of the Bundestrat interviewed in Le Figaro on 12th September.

eurofacts 23RD SEPTEMBER                                                                                                       PAGE 3
         Chirac’s ‘vision’ survives referendum result -
                    and so does his rhetoric
T    he French referendum result may
     have rocked the French political
establishment but it does not appear to
                                           13th Ambassadors’ Conference in
                                           Paris 29th August 2005.
                                             “Europe is not destined to be a vast
                                                                                       vigorously defend our trade interests
                                                                                       against unfair competitive practices…
                                                                                         “The European project is also based
have caused the French President to        f ree trade area diluted in the             on an imperative of harmonization.
modify in any significant way what he      globalised economy. Europe is first         Europe is not a race to the bottom as
normally describes as his ‘European        and foremost a political project based      re g a rds taxes and social benefits.
vision’ - or indeed his rhetoric:          on common values; a project based on
                                                                                       Europe stands for common rules to
  “I will be strongly reaffirming the      rules, the pooling of re s o u rc e s ,
                                                                                       level up social legislation, defend
F rench vision of a political,             cooperation and common policies.
                                                                                       consumers and public services and
ambitious, social and mutually-              “The heart of the European project is
supportive Europe. This is a vision        first and foremost a call for solidarity:   protect the environment…
France shares with Germany and             solidarity to enable Europe to defend         “Let us do our utmost to foster
which our two countries, the               its interests more effectively in a world   research and innovation, as we have
irreplaceable engine of Euro p e a n       in which economic competition is            begun to do with Germany. Let us
construction, will continue jointly to     becoming ever sharper; solidarity to        make the most of our industrial assets
support”, he said in a speech to the       s u p p o rt a European preference and      to create great European champions.”

                               UK under pressure to go
                                    fully metric
E   U officials are currently in
    “constant contact” with the British
                                           play it”. (Sunday Times, 28th August)
                                             The spokesman said that Mr
                                           Verheugen is seeking clarity on the
                                                                                       August 2005).
                                                                                         Britain committed to full metrication
                                                                                       in 1979, but won a derogation to delay
government in attempts to get a firm
date by which Britain will go fully        issue and that the EU Commission was        some measures, including the changing
metric, converting miles to kilometers     coming under pressure from British          of road signs and the abolition of the
                                           pro-metric campaigners to act.              pint of beer and the acre.
and pints to litres.
                                           However, a spokesman for the United           In 200 it became illegal to sell
  A spokesman for Günter Verheugen,
                                           Kingdom Metric Association denied           products by reference to the pound,
the EU Enterprise Commissioner said:
                                           that it was “strongly lobbying” the         pint or gallon - with the exception of
“in legal terms it is clear they have      Commission to ensure that the               beer. In 2001 market trader Steven
committed themselves to the metric         Government stands by a 25-year-old          Thoburn, who died from a heart attack
system - now we have to see how they       commitment to go fully metric,              earlier this year aged 39, lost a famous
deal with it. At the end of the day they   preferring, he said, to rely on             court battle to continue labelling his
will have to tell us how they want to      persuasion (Financial Times, 28th           products in pounds and ounces.

                Majority still favour EU superpower
S   eventy per cent of Europeans want
    the European Union to become a
                                           degrees in 2004.
                                             Sixty per cent of Europeans think that
                                                                                       permanent seat.
                                                                                        The poll also found that support for
                                                                                       Turkish membership of the European
“superpower”, and 55 per cent want a       the EU should have a permanent seat
single European army, according to a       on the UN Security Council, while 55        Union is falling. Twenty two per cent
                                           per cent of Americans are against the       are in favour, 29 per cent are against
poll by the German Marshall
                                                                                       and 42 per cent are undecided. In
Foundation Fund of the United States.      idea. Britain, the only European
                                                                                       France,     support      for    Turkish
The poll also showed that Europeans        country with a majority against the EU      membership is only 11 per cent and in
continue to have “strongly positive”       having its own seat, also opposed the       Germany it is 15 per cent. Thirty two
feelings about the European Union          idea by 55 per cent. Sixty two per cent     per cent of the British support Turkish
with an average of 67 degrees on a         of French people would support it,          membership, and 19 per cent are
scale of 1 to 100, down from 70            even if it meant Paris giving up its        against.

PAGE 4                                                                                              eurofacts 23RD SEPTEMBER
                 Illiberal policies make countries poor
                           and conflict-ridden
                      Economic data from America also casts serious doubts about
                            the alleged superiority of the EU social model

A    s the EU struggles to maintain its
     barriers against cheap textiles and
cheap food the full costs of illiberal
                                             included in a statistical study,
                                             economic freedom is about 50 times
                                             m o re effective than democracy in
                                                                                           averages 5.2 per cent compared to
                                                                                           13 per cent in the bottom quintile.
                                                                                         g In nations of the top quintile the
trade and economic policies are              diminishing violent conflict”.               average income of the poorest 10
revealed in the annual index of                In this year’s index Hong Kong             per cent is $6,451 compared to
economic freedom published jointly           retains the highest rating for economic      $1,185 for those in the bottom
by the Cato Institute in Washington          freedom, followed by Singapore. New
DC      and the Fraser Institute in          Zealand, Switzerland and the United         g In nations of the top quintile, only
Toronto. As its authors show, it is not      States tie for third place. The UK,
just that free economies enjoy the           Canada and Ireland are ranked sixth,          0.1 per cent of children are in the
highest living standards, have the best      seventh and eighth respectively.              Labour force, compared to 22.6
record on human rights, jobs and life        Australia, Estonia, Luxembourg and            per cent in the bottom quintile.
                                                                                         g Life expectancy is 77.7 years in the
expectancy, but also that their              the United Arab Emirates tied for 9th
prospects for avoiding conflict are          position.                                    top quintile compared to 52.5 in the
better than those of countries with            Germany is ranked 19th while France        bottom quintile.
unfree economies.                            lags behind in 38th position and Italy      g The top quintile has an average
  According to the authors of                in 54th The rankings of other larg e          per-capita economic growth rate of
Economic Freedom of the World 2005,          economies are Mexico, 59; India,66;           2.5 per cent compared to 0.6 per
nations with a low score for economic        China, 86; Brazil, 88 and Russia, 115.        cent for the bottom quintile.
freedom are 14 more times more prone           Significantly the index casts doubt on
to conflict than states with a high          the claims of high-taxing high-
                                                                                          The report, which underlines the
score. They say adherence to                 regulation states to provide superior
democratic values diminishes the             social provision - a finding which has     strong economic performance of the
prospect of conflict with other              clear implications for the current         Anglosphere economies also shows
democracies but economic freedom             debate on the most appropriate social      that economic freedom is increasing
generally does far more to keep the          model for the EU.                          world-wide, with 96 states improving
peace: “When measures of both                  The publications shows that:             their score since 1985, only seven
economic freedom and democracy are             g Unemployment in the top quintile       showing a decline and six no change.

                            ECB is English - well, almost
T   he euro’s central bank, the
    Frankfurt-based European Central
Bank, has over 1,300 employees.
                                             used by the EU, which looks and
                                             sounds as if it’s computer-generated.
                                             So lots of native English speakers are
                                                                                        distinguished French commentator
                                                                                        remarked: “It would have avoided a lot
                                                                                        of trouble if we’d simply adopted the
Despite the fact that the UK remains         needed in Frankfurt to render ECB          pound or the dollar as the single
outside the euro the ECB has more            texts and pronouncements into              currency in the first place”.
British employees (151) than French          impeccable English.                          Even more worrying for the French is
(123), though the Germans, not                 The whole point of the euro was to       that the de facto working language of
surprisingly, are the most numerous          turn the binary proposition “single        the entire EU is now English, a reality
(370).                                       currency equals single government”         that can only diminish the already
 One of the reasons for the strong           into reality. The same logic applies to    feeble enthusiasm of the ordinary
British presence is that the ECB’s           language as well: “single currency         citizens of the Continental EU for the
working language is English - real           equals single language”. That single       “Europe” their politicians have foisted
English, not the slightly weird version      language can only be English. As one       on them.

                      Tories ‘hiding light under bushel’
  “...the Conservative Party now             of a decade ago and any mention of the     areas of policy where its position
behaves as if its position on the future     EU would plunge it back into chaos. It     dovetails so well with the electorate’s.
direction of the EU is something to be       is not and it would not. Instead of         Stephen Pollard, From Labour to…?
kept quiet about at all costs. It is as if   hiding its light under a bushel, it        a Centre for Policy Studies pamphlet.
the Party was still riven by the disputes    should capitalise on one of the few

eurofacts 23RD SEPTEMBER                                                                                                 PAGE 5
           Tel: 08456 12 12 65 Fax: 08456 12 12 75 email: eurofacts@junepress.com
    An Unbeatable Manifesto                 be able to campaign on an unbeatable        £100 billion per year.
                                            manifesto of huge tax cuts. And no           If people knew they would each be
Dear Sir,                                   opponent could even plausibly pretend       better off out of the EU to the tune of
eurofacts (9th September 2005) reports      that these cuts were being made at the      £16,500 a year they would want out!
that “Direct Democracy: An Agenda           expense of the British National Health       We need a vote on EU exit now!
                                            Service or British pensioners. (The         Mr C. BATEMAN
for a New Model Party, written by 23
                                            comparatively tiny amount going to          Cumbria
of the Conservative Party’s youngest
                                            British farmers could still be paid to
and brightest talents” is committed to
                                            them without any formidable reduction              Is Clarke the Man?
the repeal of all measures transferring
                                            of the tax cuts to British taxpayers).
powers of the Parliament in London to       PROF. ANTHONY FLEW
the EU authorities.                                                                     Dear Sir,
  Since, according to a recent YouGov                                                   Even if it is true Kenneth Clarke is
poll, 50 per cent of electors in a               Time for a Referendum                  more electable than the other
referendum would vote to get out of                                                     candidates for the Conservative Party
the EU, a Conservative Party                Dear Sir,                                   leadership what is the point of having a
promising to do that and consequently       Ian Milne’s booklet “A Cost too Far”        Conservative leader who is to the left
being able to stop paying billions of       (Special Price £5.50 incl P&P from          of Tony Blair? .
British taxpayers’ money into that          The June Press) details the total cost of   JAMES TIDY
corrupt bureaucracy in Brussels, would      the UK of EU membership at about            Lancashire

         ‘Friend of poor’ claim exposed by sugar deal
E   U Commission President Jose
    Manuel Barroso could not have
chosen a worst moment to claim -
                                            more than 2 million tonnes of surplus
                                            sugar on to world markets in spite of a
                                            W TO ruling that such dumping is
                                                                                        there is still time to implement the
                                                                                        WTO ruling, the current plans do not
                                                                                        violate the rules. But aid organisations
against all the evidence - that the EU is   illegal.                                    such as Oxfam have widely
the world’s best friend to the poor.          The EU has been dumping subsidised        condemned the Commission’s plans
Writing in the Wall Street Journal          sugar on the world market - to the          for exploiting loopholes.
Europe on 12th September Mr Barroso         huge detriment of other sugar                 Mr Barroso, who had the effrontery
declared: “Today the EU is the most         producers - for 20 years or more. But       to “lay down the gauntlet to the United
open market in the world for the            the amount which it shortly intends to      States” to follow the EU ‘example’ in
poorest countries… the reality of our       dispose of in this way is ten times the     its support for the Third World ,did not
agricultural policy is rather unlike the    level in 2003 and more than twice that      mention the plan to rid itself of its
caricature. After, a decade of reforms,     in 2002 representing a very large           current      excess      sugar.     Nor,
the wine-lakes have dried up and the        proportion of its annual production of      unsurprisingly, did he make reference
butter mountains have melted away”.         17mn tonnes.                                to a recent, detailed and authoritative
  In the same day’s issue of the              The Commission, which this year           report by the American Congressional
Financial Times, however, Alan              submitted reform proposals to member        Budget Office which found that the
Beattie, that paper’s world trade editor    states which would cut prices to sugar      EU is responsible for 90 per cent of the
reported that the EU is about to push       producers, argues that since in theory      world’s export subsidies.

  Euro-judges quash bid to halt pan-European parties
A     bid by 24 Members of the
      European Parliament to prevent
the rise of state-funded European-wide
                                            a common and binding manifesto (see
                                            eurofacts for 30th January and 13th
                                            February 2004.) Meeting the costs of
                                                                                          Dismissing the challenge on a
                                                                                        technicality the Euro-judges arg u e d
                                                                                        that since the case had been brought
political parties has ended in failure in   the legal challenge out of their own        by individuals the plaintiffs did not
the European Court of Justice.              pockets they argued that the                have proper status before the court. In
  The MEPs, who included just two           legislation discriminated against those     order to achieve such status they
from Britain - Daniel Hannan and            who defined their roles in national         would have to turn themselves into a
Roger Helmer - mounted a legal              terms and that the proposals were           trans-national party - the very
challenge against a proposal that will      incompatible      with     the    EU’s      development that eurosceptic 24 are
permit the public funding of trans-         commitment to democracy and                 concerned to resist.
national parties contesting elections on    pluralism.                                    The legislation will now go ahead.

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“Leadership and Change:                                                             “EU fraud and corruption”
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Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign                                                     Saturday 15th Oct. 2005, 2.30 pm
         01692 402339                    Wednesday 5th October 2005, 1.00 pm
                                                                                    Speakers include: Ron Dorman,
Monday 26th Sept. 2005, 5.30 pm          “Why we should leave the European          Campaign Against Euro-Federalism
                                         Union”                                     Christopher Gill, Freedom Association
“Britain, the EU and Democracy”          Philip Davies MP, Shipley                  Chairman
Tony Benn                                Christopher Gill, Hon Chairman, TFA        Richard Shepherd MP
Kelvin Hopkins MP                                                                   Chairman, Michael Clark
John Mills                               The Regency Suite, The Ruskin Hotel,
Chairman, Austin Mitchell MP             Albert Road, Blackpool                     PUBLIC MEETING
                                         Admission Free                             Old Royal Public House, Church,
Creations, 78 West Street, Brighton                                                 Birmingham (close to Snowhill Station)
Admission Free (Free refreshments)                                                  Admission Free
Conservative Conference. Blackpool             Independence/Democracy
                                                     Group Rally                    United Kingdom Independence Party
         The Bruges Group                           0121 333 1536                              01503 230055
           020 7287 4414
                                         Friday 7th October 2005                    Saturday 22nd October 2005, 7.00 pm
Tuesday 4th October 2005, 12.45 pm       10.00 am to 5.00 pm
                                                                                    “EU fraud and corruption”
DEBATE                                   Speakers include;                          Roger Knapman, Leader, UKIP
The Conservative Party, where next?      Jens-Peter Bonde MEP, Nigel Farage         Malcolm Wood, SW Organiser, UKIP
John Redwood MP                          MEP, Sir Teddy Taylor, Philippe de
vs                                       Villiers MEP, Vladimir Zelezny MEP         MEETING & BUFFET
Steve Richards, Chief Political                                                     The Snooty Fox, Morval, Looe,
Commentator, The Independent             PUBLIC MEETING                             Cornwall
                                         Central Hall, Storey’s Gate, London        Admission Free
The Adam Room, The Claremont Hotel,      Admission Free                             (Tickets for Buffet £7 from UKIP, 5
North Promenade, Blackpool                                                          Battery Park, Polruan-by-Fowey,
Admission Free                                                                      Cornwall PL23 1PT)
      The Freedom Association                  The Freedom Association
                                                (City of London Branch)
                                                                                           DIARY OF EVENTS
           01746 861267
                                                     0207 488 4533                  2005
Tuesday 4th October 2005, 1.00 pm                                                   Labour Party         25-29th September
                                         Tuesday 11th October 2005, 12.30 pm        Conference
“The welfare state we’re in”
James Bartholomew, Author and            Ruth Lea, Economist and author             Conservative Party       3-6th October
journalist                                                                          Conference
                                         PUBLIC MEETING
The Regency Suite, The Ruskin Hotel,     The Counting House pub, 50 Cornhill,       United Kingdom           7-8th October
Albert Road, Blackpool                   London EC3V 3PD                            Independence Party
Admission Free                           Admission Free                             Conference

eurofacts 23RD SEPTEMBER 2005                                                                                        PAGE 7
 j                             THE JUNE PRESS - BOOKS
     Britain and the European Union:                                     The Missing Heart of Europe                    Plan B For Europe - Lost
             Alternative Futures                                          Does Britain hold the key to            Opportunities in the EU Constitution
   by Mark Baimbridge, Brian Burkitt and                                  the future of the Continent?               Edited by Lee Rotherham £7.00
            Philip Whyman. £7.50                                           by Thomas Kremer. £11.99               A collection of key Eurocritical papers
    A critical analysis of UK membership,                                Can nation states flourish in an          and speeches, which mark the path to
           with credible alternatives.                              integrated Greater Europe? A European            an alternative Treaty for Europe.
                                                                        businessman’s view of the likely
             A Throne in Brussels                                    impact of divergent national cultures.        A Guide to the Treaty Establishing
          by Paul Belien. Hdbk £25.00                                                                                  a Constitution for Europe
         A penetrating historical analysis                               The New Case for Europe:                        by Stuart Sexton. £5.00
           which warns that the EU is                               The crisis in British pro-Europeanism          A layman’s guide explains in simple
          heading the way of Belgium.                                       and how to overcome it                 language the essentials of the Treaty.
                                                                            by Roger Liddle. £6.95                                 CD
       The Case for Commonwealth                                    Roger Liddle was the Prime Minister’s
                Free Trade                                           policy adviser on Europe 1997-2004.             EEC Entry Campaign 1970-72
         by Brent Cameron. £11.26                                                                                     by Independent compiler £2.00
   The Canadian author explores at length                          Who’s Afraid of a European Constitution?         Uses startling new source material
    the pros, cons and practicalities of a                               by Neil MacCormick.£8.95                    showing how Parliament and the
      Commonwealth Free Trade Area.                                This book by a member of the European          people were deceived into supporting
                                                                   Convention on the Future of Europe and         entry. You will need a pdf reader such
           The Great Abdication                                     former MEP describes the nature and           as adobe acrobat.Free Educational CD
         by Alexander Deane. £8.95                                  purpose of the European Convention.                  (charge is for handling).
         The strap line explains all.
       “Why Britain’s decline is the fault                             Should Britain Leave The EU?                        Send Payment to
            of the middle class”.                                   by Patrick Minford, Vidya Mahambare
                                                                           and Eric Nowell £15.95                     THE JUNE PRESS LTD
   Britain and the EU:Time to Move On                              An economic analysis of the relationship.              PO BOX 119
        by Christopher Hoskin. £3.95                                                                                TOTNES, DEVON TQ9 7WA
        The EU malaise and the cure.                                           Alarming Drum
                                                                       Britain’s European Dilemma                        Tel: 08456 120 175
         The ECB and the Euro:                                         by Peter Morgan. Hdbk £19.95                   Email: info@junepress.com
          The First Five Years                                     An analysis of Britain’s relationship with
         by Otmar Issing. £10.00                                         the EU, Director-General of              WEB SALES www.junepress.com
   An upbeat assessement of the euro by a                               the IoD (1989-1994) proposes               PLEASE ADD 10% P&P (UK ONLY)
   member of the European Central Bank.                               alternatives to current failing EU.           20% for Europe 30% Rest of World

        e u ro f a c t s                                                          FOR “EU”
                                                                   European Commission         020-7973 1992
               SUBSCRIBE TODAY                                     European Movement           020-7940 5252
                                                                   Federal Trust               020-7735 4000       Conservative             020-7222 9000
                          RATES                                                                                    Rt Hon Michael Howard MP
UK                                  £28                                        AGAINST “EU”
Europe (Airmail)                    £38                                                                            Democratic Party             01684-891700
                                                                                                                   Mr Geoff Southall
Rest of World                   £50/$84                            Britain Out                  01403-741736
Reduced rate (UK only)              £14                            British Housewives League 020-8445 4848         Labour                       020-7802 1000
Reduced rate for senior citizens,                                  British Weights & Measures Assoc.               Rt Hon Tony Blair MP
students & unemployed only.                                                                    020-8922 0089
Special rates for multiple copies                                  Campaign against the Single Currency            Liberal                       01562-68361
                                                                                               07071-663876        Mr Michael Meadowcroft
     Please send me eurofacts fortnightly                          Campaign for an Independent Britain
      and the occasional briefing papers                                                       020-8340 0314       Liberal Democrats         020-7222 7999
               for the next year.                                  Democracy Movement          020-7491 3072       Rt Hon Charles Kennedy MP
       I enclose my payment of £.........                          Freedom Association          01746-861267
                                                                   Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign                 New Britain Party            020-7247 2524
          to eurofacts: PO Box 119                                                                                 Mr Dennis Delderfield
          Totnes, Devon TQ9 7WA                                                                020-7691 3800
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