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The Parliamentarian Volume Issue


									                         THE BRITISH COLUMBIA
                           YOUTH PARLIAMENT
                                                                                                        VOLUME 76, ISSUE 2

                                                   T H E             PA R L I A M E N TA R I A N
                                                   JANUARY 2005

                                                               POST-SESSIONAL GREETINGS

PREMIER’S                      1                DOROTHY WONG ◦ PREMIER AND ARCHIVES
MESSAGE                                         MAIL TO: DOROTHY.WONG@BCYP.ORG

                                                   Greetings members!
BCYP APPAREL                   2
SALES                                              Welcome to a surprisingly very
                                                   snowy January! I hope you have
                                                   recovered from the sleepless
REGIONAL                       4
YOUTH PARLIA-                                      nights at session (due to the
MENTS                                              anticipation of the next fun-
                                                   filled day, I’m sure). Now that
PURDY’S                        9
                                                   you’ve returned to your regu-
BAR                                                larly scheduled program, I trust
                                                   you’ll be finding time to get
                                                   involved with BCYP’s numerous
                                                   projects, as discussed at the
                                                   end of December. It is each of
                                                   our responsibilities to fulfill the
                                                   legislation we passed.

                                                   The unfortunate thing about
                                                                                         ject, contact me and I can di-       that we do. We also try to vary
                                                   session is that you don’t get to
                                                                                         rect you in the right direction      the different days that we have
                                                   find out the other side of BCYP:
                                                                                         and most likely even answer          activities throughout the week,
                                                   service. BCYP’s other half only
                                                                                         your question.                       so make sure you come out!
                                                   starts after session, whether
                                                   it’s sandwich making or volun-
SPECIAL POINTS OF                                                                                                             All jokes aside, I hope you are
INTEREST:                                          teering at a soup kitchen. Re-        2. “Those Cabinet people are
                                                                                                                              able to discover the heart of
                                                   member, with BCYP, you only           kind of freaky” - you mean
•   22 January 2005 // Auc-
                                                                                                                              BCYP and why it is we do what
                                                   get out what you put into the         freaky in the good sense right?
    tion Solicitations // VAN-                                                                                                we do. Come see a child like
                                                   organization. I promise a whole       We're really a lot of fun and love
    COUVER                                                                                                                    Jordan’s face light up after a
                                                   new world of adventure and            what we do, so we'd love to see
                                                                                                                              week at Camp Phoenix, come
•   18-29 February 2005 //                         activities coming your way.           you out at the activities to know
                                                                                                                              see some random man with no
    Vancouver Youth Parlia-                                                              you better and show you that
    ment // VANCOUVER                                                                                                         association to BCYP bid outra-
                                                   I'm going to address a few of         we're not thaaaaat freakish. So
    (Applications: 3 February)                                                                                                geously on the silliest auction
                                                   the concerns usually raised by        give us a chance ;)
                                                                                                                              item, come watch your fellow
•   25-27 February 2005 //                         members in the following ex-
                                                                                                                              members act crazy at our social
    North Shore Youth Parlia-                      cerpt:
                                                                                         3. “I'm really busy” - of course     events by throwing sugar pack-
    ment // NORTH VANCOU-
    VER (Applications: 14                          1. “I've forgotten about the          you're busy! You are one of the      ets at each other, and come
    February)                                      projects at BCYP...” - have no        leaders of your community; we        watch youths in RYPs practice
                                                   fear, my dear! The fun-filled         understand that you have other       what we did just a few weeks
•   11 March 2005//Dining
                                                   journal contains all the contact      stuff on your plate. But you         prior. It truly is the experience
    out for Life // VANCOUVER
                                                   info of Cabinet. If you’re not        can’t always eat steak and no        of a lifetime.
                                                   sure which wonderful Cabinet experiment a bit
                                                   member is in charge of X pro-         with all the different projects
    VOLUME 76, ISSUE 2                                                                                               Page 2


    Greetings everyone,                                                             Also, the first quarterly Income Statement and Balance
    Session was fantastic! Everything about this year was just                      Sheet are included in this edition of The Parl (page 8). I
    amazing and just about everything was better than in all my                     encourage you to take a look at them, although they may
    previous years – the sittings, my workshops, my act, the eve-                   not make a lot of sense to you at this point.
    ning activities, and my roommates! I’d especially like to thank          Ministry of Corporate Relations
    everyone for their attention and responsiveness during the do-
    nation total workshops and the Supply Act!                               •      By the time you read this, I’ll have already mailed out a
                                                                                    truckload of corporate solicitation packages. Keep your
    As for the future, there’s a lot going on in my “worlds” at the
                                                                                    fingers crossed with me in hopes that we’ll receive some
    moment and here are the highlights:
                                                                                    positive responses!
     CRO of the 18th Vancouver Youth Parliment
                                                                             Ministry of External Affairs
    •      I’m busy recruiting applicants for the    18th   VYP. If you’re
                                                                             •      I’m in the process of creating a database of opportunities
           between the ages of 14 to 18 inclusive and live or go to
                                                                                    that lists various local, national and international youth
           school in Vancouver, Richmond or Delta, consider apply-
                                                                                    leadership and educational conferences and programs.
           ing to be a Member. If you’re the right age but live out-
                                                                                    The database should be available for your perusal soon,
           side of those areas, consider applying to attend as an
                                                                                    if it’s not already by the time you read this. If you’ve at-
           Ambassador. Application forms can be downloaded
                                                                                    tended one of the conferences listed and wouldn’t mind
           online at
                                                                                    having your name put under “members who have already
           The application deadline is February 3rd. Make sure you
                                                                                    attended,” please let me know. If you’ve attended a
           get your applications in by the deadline. If VYP’s popu-
                                                                                    conference that’s not on the list and think that it should
           larity is similar or greater to last year, I’ll only be consid-
                                                                                    be added, please e-mail me with a description of the
           ering applications that arrive on time.
                                                                                    conference and, if possible, the conference’s website.
     Ministry of Finance                                                            Finally, if you’re interested in attending one of the confer-
                                                                                    ences listed, please let me know and I’ll try to give you a
    •      The first donation total deadline is closer than you think!              hand in contacting the correct organization.
           Remember, you must have $25 in to me or postmarked
           by February 12th! Several people already have money
           in, but only three of them have met the first $25 mark.


    I was approached by several people on the            I will determine the method and time of pay-
    last day of Session who were interested in           ment, and the transfer of items on a case by
    buying T-shirts and scarves, but I was un-           case basis (e.g. if you go to UBC then we can
    able to sell them those things because the           meet there and you can pay cash, if you’re
    clothing items were already packed in boxes          going to the next Lower Mainland event then
    and/or in Dorothy's car. If anyone would still
                                                                                                                 BCYP Apparel Pricing List
                                                         we’ll meet there, if you live in the Interior or
    like to buy a T-shirt, scarf or some combina-        on the Island you’ll have to mail me a cheque
    tion of those items, please e-mail me. The           and I may have to mail you your items).
                                                                                                                 T-shirts for $10 each
    prices of items are still:                           Please be aware that if I have to mail your             Scarves for $15 each
    T-shirts for $10 each                                items to you (because you require your items            2 T-shirts =$15
    Scarves for $15 each                                 immediately or because that’s the only way I            1 scarf + 1 T-shirt =$20
    2 T-shirts = $15                                     can get them to you), you will be responsible           1 scarf + 2 T-shirts =$30
    1 scarf + 1 T-shirt = $20                            for the postage costs as well as the cost of
    1 scarf + 2 T-shirts = $30                           your items.
      VOLUME 76, ISSUE 2                                                                                            Page 3


      A warm welcome from San Francisco (where I add it has rained
      the ENTIRE time),                                                        If you know anyone who meets these qualifications please
                                                                               pass along their contact information and any helpful tips to
      I hope that you have all recovered from the stress, lack of sleep        me, and I will contact them. Please make sure you ask them
      and food, and the over all insanity that is Session. I have...           or let them know that I will be contacting them so I don’t sur-
      I want to thank all of you who showed interest in participating in       prise people.
      Camp, and anyone who has not had a chance to drop me a line              Also to all those who joined the mailing lists I will be contact-
      please do. The more the merrier.                                         ing the groups soon. Please respond to the Yahoo invite and
       A couple words:                                                         if you haven't had a chance to join, please drop me a line.

      1) I am still looking for a cook. The cook needs to have a mini-         So, I hope you all are enjoying being back at school. Let me
      mum 5 years food experience cooking, in addition they must               know if you have any questions, comments or concerns and I
      hold a current Food Safe. It is preferred that they have experi-         will see you all around.
      ence cooking for a variety of meals larges groups of people.              Thanks.
      2) If you approached me or sent me a note at session please
      respond again.


       Welcome to the world of Auction!!                                       Night Of: Dorothy Wong
        Session was awesome, and I had a great time getting to know            Co-chair: Travis Wong
       everyone. I am looking forward to a great year working on auc-          Tickets, Invitations & Sales: Dorothy Wong
       tion with all the members. I have already appointed an Auction          Co-chair: Travis Wong
       Committee made up of myself, Dorothy Wong, Danica Wong,                 Island Solicitations: Liz Tribe
       Travis Wong, Nicole Stewart, Emilie-Anne Paul, Paula Burrows,
       Liz Tribe, Jason Liu, and Dora Turje. More info were included in        There are many different ways for you all to participate in
       the e-mail digests. The chairs and co-chairs of the sub-                Sweet Dreams Dessert and Auction. For example the first
       committees are the following:                                           solicitations date in the lower mainland will take place or
                                                                               already taken place on Jan 22nd, and many more dates will
       Corporations:       Nicole Stewart                                      follow. I encourage all the members if your parents own a
       Co-chair: Jason Liu                                                     business, or you have special connections with businesses,
       Public Relations: Dora Turje                                            to try and get auction items. A REMINDER, PLEASE CONFIRM
       Co-chairs: Paula Burrows, Emilie-Anne Paul                              WITH ME BEFORE APPROACHING BUSINESSES FOR AUCTION
       Solicitations:      Edward Wang                                         ITEMS. We do not wish to double solicit a business.
       Co-chair: Travis Wong


 Hey all,
  As foretold at Session, I am moving back from California. By the time this
 Parl hits your mailbox I will be back in rainy Vancouver. Address and contact
 information will soon be available as soon as I decide where I am living and
 find a place and a phone and a job and a life…
 Soon in the life of the Attorney General, I will be attending Senate Legislative
 Review to present our legislation. After the meeting, you will receive a full
     VOLUME 76, ISSUE 2                                                                                      Page 4


     Dear Members!
                                                                     Plus, misc. 75th Session Photos, Camp Phoenix Photos, misc.
     I hope you have all recovered from the sleep deprivation        BCYP related photos, and my Anti-Leg photos.
     suffered at BCYP. No? Sux 2 b u. Anyway, I’ve set up an
     unofficial BCYP photo archive on my computer, feel free to      Where does one find such photos? Point your web browser to
     download the pictures I’ve gotten over the past few years: (please don’t use Firefox, it’s not work-
                                                                     ing with my ftp for some odd reason). Copy entire folders to your
     Aniz’s 76th Session (High Resolution – 1.07 GB)                 computer for best speed.
     Jackie’s 76th Session (26 MB)
     Spandan’s 76th Session (47 MB)                                  You have photos to share? Drag the photos (or entire folders) into
     Victor’s 76th Session (133 MB)                                  the “Uploads go here” folder!


     Ministry of Regional Youth Parlliaments              Again there are a number of ways to get involved in RYPs; some of the ways
                                                          are as follows:
     Well I don’t know about everyone else but I am
     totally stoked for RYP Season. Below is a list of    •       between 14 and 18 be a Member or an Ambassador
     dates for the RYPs planned this year and the con-    •       attend as a House Servant (email Liz so she can add you to the list)
     tact information for the Chairperson and Chief
                                                          •       RECRUIT MEMBERS! I just can’t stress this enough.
     Returning Officer (CRO). If anyone has any ques-
     tions they can feel free to contact myself, the
                                                           Yours in RYPs.
     Chairs, or CROs.
     Vancouver Youth Parliament
                                                          Ministry of Sessional Affairs
     Chair: Dora Turje (
     CRO: Danica Wong (              As Deputy Minister of Sessional Affairs, I’d just like to thank everyone who
     Dates: February 18th to 20th, 2005                   help make my job at Session easier and more enjoyable. Everyone who at-
                                                          tended the evening events and led group dinners, we couldn’t have done it
     North Shore Youth Parliament                         without you. I’d also like to extend a special thanks to Kerry Simmons and
     Chair: Corrigan Cassidy                              Sarah Bonner for the endless support and aide prior to Session and Negin
     (                        Mirriahi and Jenn Jay for their patience and help at Session.
     CRO: Victor Mung (
     Dates: February 25th to 27th, 2005                    It has been brought to my attention that there was a mix up with remote
                                                          controls for the Porsche and Viper. If the owner of the Viper to get in touch
     Thompson-Okanogan Youth Parliament                   with the owner of the Porsche to arrange a key exchange it would be appre-
     Chair: Nitsa Docolas (     ciated. Contact the Porsche's owner's agent, Julia Lockhart at
     CRO: Dustin Fuhs (    
     Dates: April 29th to May 1st, 2005                   Since I am Deputy Minister of ‘Sessional Affairs’, I’ve taken the time to list
                                                          my five favourite lame pick up lines which may aid Members to embark upon
     Vancouver Island Youth Parliament                    their own ‘Session Affairs’.
     Chair: Liz Tribe (
     CRO: Liz Tribe (                  •       Do you have a map? Because I just got lost in your eyes.
     Dates: May 6th to 8th, 2005                          •       Nice dress. It would look better on my floor.
                                                          •       If I said you had a great body would you hold it against me?
     Lower Mainland East Youth Parliament                 •       You must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind all
     Chair: Andrea Painter (                 day!
     CRO: Andrea Painter (
                                                          •       If I could rewrite the alphabet I would but U and I together.
     Dates: May 13th to 15th, 2005

                                                           Stay tuned for more pick up lines in the next Parliamentarian!
     VOLUME 76, ISSUE 2                                                                                       Page 5


     Dear Members,
     Are you a resident of the North Shore? Are you between the ages of 14 - 18? Do you want to
     learn more about legislation and debate more PMRs? Join the North Shore Youth Parliament!
     NSYP is being held on February 25 to 27, 2005. Have a friend or classmate who would also
     be interested? Invite them too! Want to be an ambassador? Apply! (Please say why you would
     like to be an ambassador in your personal statement).
     The application form is available below.


   Hey folks,
                                                 scheduled for February 18-20 at UBC.
                                                                                               Liz has finalised to find out when the
   Well, Session is over for another year        For anyone who didn’t get their hands
                                                                                               different RYPs are happening, and
  (my last year… *sniff*), and now the           on an application form at Session, a
                                                                                               get in touch with Liz to get on the list!
  rest of the year can get rolling! With         soft copy of the form is available from
                                                                                               I know I’m still looking for people
  Session behind us, I’m now a member            the BCYP website (the direct link is :
                                                                                               willing to help out as assistant clerks
  of Cabinet, which means I get the fun
                                                at NSYP, and I’m sure there’s room
  times of voting at Cabinet meetings – of
                                                 ationform.pdf, or navigate to the VYP         for clerks or other house servants at
  course, everyone is welcome to show up
                                                 section of the RYP page). Don’t forget,       the other RYPs later in the spring.
  and contribute to discussions Cabinet
                                                 the application deadline is February 3rd!
  may be having at a particular meeting.                                                       Well, that’s enough plugging region-
                                                 For anyone who’s interested in coming         als for one Parl. (Note to self: you’re
   Since as DS my job focussed on Ses-
                                                 to an RYP, but is too old to be a member      not the Minister of RYPs any more.)
  sion, I’m now free to turn myself to
                                                 or ambassador, all is not lost! It’s al-      But don’t just sit here reading my
  other things in BCYP. I’m helping out
                                                 ways possible to come to a regional as a      ramblings – get in touch with some-
  with PR stuff for Auction, and I’ll be
                                                 house servant of some sort, sometimes         one and get yourself involved! Re-
  helping with Camp, as well as going to
                                                 even for only part of the weekend             member, BCYP is what we all make of
  whatever service projects I can. The
                                                 (depending on the circumstances of the        it.
  biggest involvement I have coming up is
                                                 RYP). If you’re interested in getting in-
  the fact that I’m chairing VYP, which is
                                                 volved with RYPs, check the dates that

                                                                          LILLIAN JOHANNESEN ◦ ISLAND
                                                                          MAIL TO: LILLIAN.JOHANNESEN@BCYP.ORG

                                                                           Hey everyone,
                                                                           Session was great. The late night games and talks that went
                                                                           on and all the fun stuff discussed while we were in session.
                                                                           It is something you will never forget at least I know I won’t.
                                                                           Things on the Island are moving smoothly I'm starting to get
                                                                           plans together for the whole year. See you all throughout the
    VOLUME 76, ISSUE 2                                                                                          Page 6


    Hey everyone in BCYP land! I hope that         so keep your eyes open!                        2005. So, if you’re interested in attend-
    everyone had a great new year, and is                                                         ing as a member or ambassador, de-
                                                   Dining          Out        for      Life
    enjoying the return to classes. Andrea-                                                       pending where you live, please e-mail
                                                   ( is also fast
    land is getting busy and exciting, with                                                       me so that I can send you an applica-
                                                   approaching on March 11. For the past
    school, readings, work, theatre produc-                                                       tion once they’re approved! LMEYP is
                                                   few years, BCYP has gone to Milestones –
    tions, and of course, BCYP projects on                                                        going to rock this year, and we need
                                                   if anyone has any suggestions for differ-
    the go.                                                                                       enthusiastic folk to make it happen!
                                                   ent participating restaurants, please let
    And what projects are those, you might         me know. This is a great opportunity to        Well, that’s all from me. If you’re at UBC
    ask? Well, some of you might recall a          get to see everyone again after session,       and bored around Jan 19-30, be sure to
    sign-up sheet floating around at session       while stuffing out bellies with a good ex-     check out the Village of Idiots produc-
    for volunteering for Chinese New Year at       cuse! This year, I promise not to get lost     tion at UBC’s Freddy Wood Theatre. If
    the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese          in downtown Vancouver and arrive an            anyone’s interested in ushering as their
    Garden on Feb. 13. If you didn’t sign up       hour late. Really. If you’d like to partici-   ISP (and seeing great shows for free,
    at session, it’s not too late! Give me an e-   pate in this event but didn’t sign up at       too!) let me know, and I’ll try to hook
    mail, and I’ll add you to the list. I’ll be    Session, please let me know!                   you up. Have a great month everyone!
    posting updated event info to the e-mail
                                                   Lower Mainland East Youth Parliament is
    digest as I receive it from the coordinator,
                                                   tentatively going ahead to May 13-15,


    Hey everyone!!
    I hope that the remainder of your holiday was great and that you are enjoying your time back at school. I'd just like to thank you all
    for an amazing session, the enthusiasm shown was inspiring and I look forward to working with each of you throughout this year.
    As for the interior, there are many events coming up in your communities that I will be contacting each of you about. We are all so
    spread out, but I anticipate this working to our advantage since we have the opportunity to help out in so many areas. Also, I have
    sent out the donation hunt and I hope that you are well on your way with that fundraiser. The Thompson Okanagan Youth Parlia-
    ment is going quite well, it's going to be held in Kamloops April 29th to 31st; if you would like anymore information on it just let me
    know. I hope to see you all there :)
       VOLUME 76, ISSUE 2                                                                                          Page 7


        Greetings,                                  educational opportunities to the Member-
                                                                                                   liam Chow, if you wish to add any impor-
                                                    ship. I am pleased to recommend the 3rd
         Congratulations to everyone on an                                                         tant information into the digests. These
                                                    annual Vancouver Model United Nations
        absolutely fantastic session; I thor-                                                      will be sent out every Sunday throughout
                                                    Conference which will happen from Feb.
        oughly enjoyed it from the numerous                                                        the year and submissions are due by
                                                    24 to 28, 2005 at the Vancouver Hilton
        discussions on BIGCULT and multi-                                                          every Saturday night. All emails to the
                                                    Hotel in Metrotown. VMUN is the premier
        syllabic words to the intense debate                                                       membership are to be sent out only
                                                    highschool Model United Nations Confer-
        on the Kangaroo for the Education                                                          through William unless special privilege
                                                    ence on the West Coast of Canada. This
        Ministry’s budget. This year promises                                                      has been granted by the Internet Ministry.
                                                    conference will feature delegates from
        to be an exciting one for the Education                                                    If you do not get these email digests,
                                                    British Columbia and other parts of Can-
        and Internet Affairs Ministries.                                                           please let me know. Members with Shaw
                                                    ada who are high school students and
                                                                                                   Email Addresses are asked to use differ-
         As many of you all know, the biggest       passionate about diplomacy and global
                                                                                                   ent emails to receive digests as our server
        Education Project of the year is Youth-     issues. More information about the con-
                                                                                                   is very inefficient with Shaw addresses. If
        Speak, an essay contest for youth in        ference       can     be     found      at
                                                                                                   you also require a BCYP email address for
        Grades 8 to 10. If you are interested in This is a once in a
                                                                                                   solicitations let me know and I can ar-
        being a member of the judging panel         life time opportunity and if you are eligi-
                                                                                                   range for you to obtain a forwarding ac-
        or if you are able to fax information to    ble to participate, I strongly encourage
        schools in your region (Interior, Island,   that you attend!
        Vancouver), please let me know and I                                                       I hope that many people will send me
                                                    For the Internet Affairs Ministry, I will be
        would be glad to have you on the                                                           suggestions, comments, etc (hopefully
                                                    responsible for updating the webpage
        YouthSpeak Committee. It is my inten-                                                      using multifarious, multi-syllabic, florid
                                                    throughout the year. If you see any mis-
        tion to have as many people as possi-                                                      language – if you are having trouble,
                                                    takes on the webpage or feel that certain
        ble participating.                                                                will solve all of
                                                    content should be added, please don’t
                                                                                                   your problems). That’s all folks for the
         As Education Minister, I also promote      hesitate to let me know! Also for email
                                                                                                   Internet and Education Ministries!
                                                    digests, please contact my Deputy, Wil-


 Hello fellow Parliamentarians!
 I hope that everyone is getting back into the swing of things with school and work. It was great meeting all of you during session and
 meeting some really enthusiastic people from all across B.C. The first email digest has been sent out and I encourage all members to
 submit something to the digest. The digest is an opportunity to inform everyone in BCYP of events and activities occurring in the home-
 towns of all the members. Anyways I look forward to the rest of the BCYP year and encourage all members new and old to get involved in
 as many BCYP activities as possible. Until then, TTYL!


The PMR’s will be sent out soon as soon as Senate approves. Thank you letters have also been sent out, and if anyone wants to see them,
let me know.
In other news, I’ve just recently been appointed Deputy Minister of Community Fundraising. As Deputy Minister of Community Fundraising,
I will be supporting the Edward in every aspect of Auction from solicitations, to corporations, night of, and ticket sales. My main responsi-
bilities will include working with first year members to relay their input and encourage participation from all members. I will be sorting out
the different opinions from each of the sub-committees and relaying them to Edward. I will also be efficiently responsible for completing
administrative duties for Auction such as printing tickets, running errands, compiling lists of volunteers, and delegating the volunteers to
the areas in need.
That’s it from me.
   VOLUME 76, ISSUE 2                        Page 8

       VOLUME 76, ISSUE 2                                                                                             Page 9


 Hi Everyone!
 I hope you all had a fabulous New Year. Interested in the Purdy's Chocolate Bar Fundraiser to help with your donation total? Here is the additional
 The basic idea is to purchase Milk Chocolate Bars for $1.00 and subsequently sell Milk Chocolate Bars for $2.00 each. As there are not any liquid
 funds to make this happen, you should send to me a CHEQUE payable to PURDYS and then I will be able to provide the chocolate bars for you to
 One carton of chocolate contains 20 bars. One case of chocolate bars has four cartons, or 80 chocolate bars. So, for example, if you decide to
 purchase one carton of Milk Chocolate Bars, you would let me know first, then send the CHEQUE for $20.00 payable to PURDYS to me. And I will
 subsequently provide you with the chocolate bars which you would sell to earn back what you paid for the chocolate and also make 100% profit
 towards your donation total!
 As there is a 6 carton purchase minimum for the whole group, let me know when you decide how many chocolates you would be willing to buy and
 then subsequently sell. This should be done ASAP as this is time sensitive.
 There will be a central location where you will be able to pick up your chocolates in the Lower Mainland, or if problems occur other arrangements
 can be made for the delivery of the chocolates to your person.
 For Island and Interior members, as there needs to be a minimum of six cases purchased for one delivery location, contact me if you have a large
 order. I can arrange a delivery of six cases to almost anywhere in BC, however, as that is such a large amount areas like Victoria and/or Kamloops
 can be used as central locations for pickup. But first members would have to order six cases collectively in those areas for that to work out.
 Hopefully now you have a more detailed picture of how exactly you will be able to raise money for your donation total. Here is an example of how
 selling a case of 80 chocolates can really help to raise money for your donation total:
 One purchases 80 chocolates at $1.00 each.
 One sells 80 chocolates at $2.00 each.
 One has gained back the money they spent on the chocolates as well as making a 100% profit.
 One now has $80.00 to go towards the $125.00 donation total.
 I hope that helped clear up any confusion concerning the math. If you have any questions or comments contact me immediately as this is time
 sensitive. Please reply as soon as possible if you are inter-
 ested in being involved. EXTENDED DEADLINE FOR RE-
 SPONSES: JANUARY 19th. Thanks!


Hello everyone,
I hope that you had a brilliant time at Session! It was
great meeting you all in Victoria and I’m sure that I’ll
get to know you better throughout the year. Hopefully
you all didn’t sleep through your New Year and with
any luck you took tons of incriminating photos! Any-
ways just a little reminder about Public Relations; if
you plan on contacting your cities’ newspaper, or any
other form of media, it is ESSENTIAL that you talk to
me first. I’m sure that you are all thinking that this is
because I am an insane control freak- but it’s not,
there are reasons. It will look wildly unprofessional if
                                                            fore, when representing us (after having spoken with me) none of your political or
more than one person contacts the same paper –
                                                            religious preferences should be mentioned. If you have any more questions you all
even if you live in a town housing 300 people there is
                                                            know how to get a hold of me and I would love to hear from you.
a good chance that I might have already contacted
them. Also it is important that we have are consistent      I bet everyone’s happy to be back at school :p Loving the 11 inches of snow in the
about the message we display to the public. Please          Interior (without a snow day)!
remember that we are a non-partisan group and there-

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