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The MESH Team


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									                                           The Rock Team
   Ms. Bell – Ms. Karr – Mr. Sonetti – Mrs. Pope – Mrs. Dunn – Mrs. Idlas –Ms. DeJarlais – Mrs. Johnson

The Rock Team Newsletter is published weekly. It contains information about upcoming field trips, meetings, major
projects, vacations, and other events. It is one way we communicate with you. If you have questions for the team, please
call the school at 832-6276 or email any one of us.

Monday, May 3rd, 2010
        This Friday is the mid-point of the fourth quarter. Yes, the school
        year has certainly gone by quickly! We would like to remind
        students that their academic success in school should be their
        number one priority. As the weather is warming up spring fever
        may begin to spread. We hope that all our students will stay
        organized, complete assignments, finish the year strong and well-prepared for eighth grade.
        For students planning on participating in fall sports next year this is also a reminder that poor
        grades in fourth quarter will result in the lack of playing time next fall.

        Mr. Golde t-shirt orders have arrived and are being distributed. Mr. Dagesse will be placing an
        additional order next week. If students would like to purchase a t-shirt with Mr. Golde’s
        message, they need to bring Mrs. Pope $5 by Tuesday morning – before morning

        Next week Mrs. Pope will be asking students to complete a brief, simple survey about students
        and their use of technology. They will not be asked to put their name on the survey. The
        results will show us on average how many of our students have access to a computer and the
        internet outside of school. This information will help plan how to best include technology into
        instruction in the years to come.

Upcoming Events:
        Thursday, May 6 – Choir Concert, 7:30 PM
        Friday, May 7 – Mid-point of 4th Quarter
        Friday, May 7 – School Dance 6:30 – 9:00
        Thursday, May 13 – Orchestra Concert, 7:30 PM
        Friday, May 14th – Progress Reports sent home, Cattracks available
        Thursday, May 20th – Band Concert, 7:30 PM
        Monday, May 31 – No School, Memorial Day
                          Rock Team Assignment Calendar for Week of May 3 – 7th, 2010

                      Monday                Tuesday              Wednesday               Thursday                    Friday
                   Due:                 Due:                   Due:                   Due:                    Due:
Com Arts:

                   MAP Testing          Chapters 9 and 10 in   Chapter 11 in Red      Chapters 12 and 13      Chapter 14 and 15 in

                                        Red Scarf Girl         Scarf Girl             in Red Scarf Girl       Red Scarf Girl
                   Assignment:          Assignment:            Assignment:            Assignment:             Assignment:
                   Due:                 Due:                   Due:                   Due:                    Due:
                                                               China – WS #1 due
Geography: Pope

                   MAP                  China – from           China – the Cultural   China – the Cultural    China today, final
                   Testing              republic to            Revolution, view       Revolution, view        notes
                                        revolution, view The   The Last Emperor       The Last Emperor
                                        Last Emperor
                   Assignment:          Assignment:            Assignment:            Assignment:             Assignment:
                   China - Worksheet                                                                          Worksheet #3 due
                   #1 due Wednesday                                                                           Tuesday, 5/10

                   Book 2:              Book 2: Work with      Book 2:                Book 2: Complete        Book 2:
                   Tessellation         Similar Triangles.     Tessellation Project   Quiz #3 on parallel     Tessellation Project
                   Project due: Fri.!   (Section 5 – Module    due: Friday!           lines and angles,       due TODAY!
Math: Karr

                   (MAP testing)        6)                     Practice for           similar triangles.      Practice for Monday
                                                               Thursday Quiz #3.                              Test over Module 6.
                   Book 3: More         Book 3: Begin          Book 3: More Non-      Book 3: Review for      Book 3: Complete
                   practice with        Exponential Change     Linear Graphing.       Friday Quiz #2.         Quiz #2 on Distrib.
                   Distributive Prop.   & Non-Linear                                                          Prop., Solving
                   (MAP testing)        Graphing                                                              Equations, & Non-
                                                                                                              Linear Graphing.
                   Due:                 Due:                   Due:                   Due:                    Due:
                                                                                                              Dissection packet
Science: Sonetti

                                        Introduce Frog         Frog Dissection        Frog Dissection         - Correct and discuss
                   Finish Essay
                                        Dissection                                                            the frog dissection.
                                                                                                              -New Books
                   Assignment:          Assignment:            Assignment:            Assignment:             Assignment:
                                                                                      Finish the dissection   Reading

                             AFTER SCHOOL HOMEWORK PROGRAM

   Madison Middle School is starting the After School Homework Program on September 15, 2009.
The program will run Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30-4:15 in the LMC. You and your student make the
decision as to how often they attend the program. Some students decide to attend every Tuesday and
Thursday, others come once or twice a month. Students will be allowed use the materials and
computers in the LMC. Teachers supervising the program will be available to help students but will
not be able to do individual tutoring. All students are welcome to participate but must follow the
rules which are listed below. Students will sign in when they arrive and if they leave before 4:15, will
have to sign out. Your student will be asked to leave if they are disruptive and a phone call will be
made to let you know of this. Please be aware that we are unable to monitor an individual
student’s whereabouts. If you are concerned that your child may say they are going to the after
school program but then goes else where, it may be a good idea not to give permission for them to
attend. Please contact the Valley Transit, 832-5800, to find out the bus schedule if your child needs to
take the city bus home after the program is done. Contact Mrs. Cash, teacher, at 832-6276 or
cashlori@aasd.k12.wi.us with any questions or concerns.

   Permission to participate in Madison Middle School’s After School Homework Program-please
return to Mrs. Cash, Rm. 210 or the office.

All school rules apply.
Students must do homework or read a book or magazine.
Students are not allowed food and drink in the LMC.
Respect the rights and property of others.
Games on the computer are not allowed.

I agree to follow all school rules during the after school homework program.

____________________________________________ (student signature)

I agree to allow my student to participate in the after school homework program.

_____________________________________________ (parent/guardian signature)
__________ (date)

Phone number of where parent/guardian can be reached during this time____________

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