U.S. Army National Guard Field Artillery by ProQuest


Lessons learned consisted of battlefield video teleconference, high capacity line of site radio AN/TRC-190 Vl and V3, Satellite Transportable Terminal Vl and V2 training, Joint Network Node V6, Battalion Command Post Node, Basic Information Technology, Basic Routing, Advanced Routing, Cisco Call Manager and Call Manager Express, Redcom Slice, Basic Telecommunications, Network Management, Shared Memory Parallel Computer, Solar Winds, Information Assurance and Detailed Planning Engineering Modules-Integrated System Control. The fielding will upgrade the former Joint Network Node satellite capability to access the Ka-band defense Wideband Global Satellite, reducing reliance on commercial Ku-band satellite. 197th Fires Brigade, U.S. Arnry New Hampshire National Guard, Concord Volunteers On the eve of ahistoiic deployment, the New Hampshire National Guard's 1 97th Fires Brigade honed its warfighter skills by learning the Army's Standard Integrated Command Post System during a three-week annual training at Camp Grayling, Mich., in May.

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