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Unveils neW
medicine &

               Dr. Tom Scott (right), Associate Dean of Medicine, and first-year student
               Craig Campagna, stand outside the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry,
               opening in September on the UWindsor campus.
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                                                                                                                                                         Windsor 2008

                                                                                                                                                                            Publishers               Glenn Marshall
                                                                                                                                                     	                                               Steve Montague

             A message from Mayor eddie Francis
                                                                                                                                                                                    editor           Mike O'Drowsky

                                                                                                                                                           editorial	assistant                       Meagan Kashty
   In today’s global economy, location,           ground transportation links, creating stron-
                                                                                                                                                                    senior	GraPhic	                  Shawna Fraraccio
modern infrastructure, and skilled work-          ger connections to world markets.                                                                                       desiGner
forces matter more than ever. These are just         Windsor has an exceptionally skilled
three of the reasons why Windsor is a great       workforce, and our university and commu-                                                                          MarketinG	                       Allison Moffatt
place to live and invest.                         nity college provide highly skilled gradu-                                                                    coMMunications
   The region surrounding Windsor is home         ates and opportunities for life-long learn-
to 5.5 million people, and our communities        ing, training, and skills development. With                                                                             director	of	               Ed Martin
are exciting places for businesses to grow,       an eye to the future, a new $110 million                                                                                advertisinG	
families to live, and investors to succeed.       Engineering and Innovation Centre is being
The City of Windsor was rated the the num-        built at the University of Windsor, which                                                                               account	                   Lisa Trischler
ber one small city for business investment        will keep Windsor on the cutting-edge of
in North America by the Financial Times of        innovation and research.                                                                               advertisinG	services                        Barry Keen
London, and MoneySense magazine recently             We care about sustainability, and under-
ranked Windsor among the top 15 per cent          stand that today’s highly skilled knowledge                                                                       web	develoPer                    Eddie Ruminski
of communities in Canada for quality of life.     workers want to live in places with a high
We are also home to major corporate head-         standard of living, and a great quality of life.
quarters such as Jamieson, Green Shield,             That’s why we’re planning a new canal
and Chrysler, all companies currently taking      and urban village development that will
advantage of our strategic location.              extend our spectacular waterfront into the
   Our city is a transportation hub – with air,   downtown core.                                       The people of Windsor are ambitious,
water, rail, and road links that provide easy        We are also implementing initiatives            well-educated, and resilient. Our city is
access to markets across North America            focused on the environment and urban re-           Ontario’s best-kept secret, and we want to           Produced by Perspective Marketing Inc.
and around the world. Major investments in        newal, including moving towards the use of         share it with you. Together, our potential is          1464 Cornwall Road, Suite 5, Oakville, ON L6J 7W5
infrastructure will enhance our airport and       hybrid electric vehicles.                          your opportunity.                                            1-866-779-7712

A message from county Warden nelson santos                                                                                                               Perspective™ Windsor 2008 was produced independently of the City
                                                                                                                                                         of Windsor. Its contents are copyrighted and may not be reproduced
                                                                                                                                                         without the written consent of Perspective Marketing Inc. The publisher
                                                                                                                                                         is not liable for any views expressed in the articles and these opinions
   Within our communities of interest here           The balance achieved within our region                                                              do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher or the City of Windsor.
in Windsor and Essex County, there lies a         stems from the strength of our close-knit
significant movement and focus on enhanc-         communities who create an environment for
ing our position in the global marketplace.       success. Windsor-Essex represents a true
   While attracting new investment to a re-       ‘year-round’ destination with its collection
gion during any economic time is a chal-          of cultural festivals and celebrations. Take
lenge in and of itself, it is especially chal-    into consideration the immediate access by
lenging in times of significant change. As        land to Michigan and by water to Ohio, the
the global marketplace continues to put a         region blossoms as a ‘two-nation’ destina-
premium on diversification and the ability        tion with unlimited potential for more.
to adapt, Windsor and Essex County con-              Pursuing this potential for more while
tinues to represent a location that remains       reinforcing the strengths of the region, the
in a geographically preferred position.           Windsor Essex Development Commission
   With access to significant North Amer-         continues to lead the way in energizing
ican markets and home to a highly skilled         partnerships. Opening the door to busi-
and creative workforce, Windsor-Essex             ness and fostering successes, the WEDC
County represents a very welcoming                provides key insights and an approach that
place for discovery, investment and set-          focuses on the investor, one step at a time,
                                                                                                                                                         ABOUT THE COVER: Dr. Tom Scott (right), Associate Dean of Medicine,
tlement. Making this region all the more          and leading to greater innovation within                                                               and first-year student Craig Campagna, stand outside the new home of
attractive is our diversity in business, in-      the region.                                        you to discover all that there is to offer          the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Windsor Program, on the
dustry, education, culture, ethnicity, cul-          For those considering making their first        in Canada’s most southern communities.              University of Windsor campus. Opening this September, many hope the
                                                                                                                                                         long-awaited medical school will be the antidote to the doctor shortage
ture and rich history.                            trip or planning a return visit, I encourage       Windsor and Essex County welcomes you.              in this region.

                perspective Windsor 2008        tM

                               diversification for industry growth
                                                   A new report suggests that diversifica-
    MArketing Windsor                           tion is a key element in the future success
      to the World                              of advanced manufacturing industries in
                                                Windsor-Essex. Created by the Wind-
   The success of Windsor-Essex’s skilled       sor Essex Development Commission
trades industries is dependent on their         (WEDC) and Munro and Associates, Inc.,
ability to find local and global markets        Changing the Paradigm for the Machine,
in which to do business. Through a              Tool, Die and Mould Industry in Windsor
series of proactive initiatives undertaken      Essex offers an inside look at the state of
by the regional government and industry         the region’s machine, tool, die and mould
organizations, Windsor-Essex industries         (MTDM) industries, and provides insight
are inviting foreign investors to the region    into what companies within these indus-
and venturing across the world to spread        tries need to do in order to compete in the
the good word about the region.
                                                global economy.
   Mould makers in Windsor-Essex are hosting
                                                   A rising Canadian dollar and a lagging
an event through the Canadian Association
                                                U.S. economy have slowed motor vehicle           By expanding their offerings, Windsor’s skilled trades employers and workers can increase the odds of ensur-
of Mould Makers (CAMM) designed to
                                                production throughout North America.             ing a bright future in the advanced manufacturing sector.
promote the region’s manufacturing-based
companies to global investors.
                                                Detroit, consistently among the top three
   Entitled The Future is Here: World           North American automobile producing ju-            To combat this, towns and cities through-             tential of doing business with Windsor-Es-
Class Mould Making Trade Show, the              risdictions, has dropped off in recent years    out North America are recognizing that                   sex. The delegation also met with represen-
event will take place from November             leaving many Windsor-Essex-based service        more than one industry is necessary to sup-              tatives from companies from throughout
17-20, 2008, at the new Caesars                 and material providers looking for indus-       port a community; diversification into mul-              the British Isles.
Windsor. CAMM expects to welcome                tries interested in their offerings.            tiple economic sectors lessens the blow of a                One of the main topics of discussion was
approximately 50 investors to the event            The city’s MTDM sectors currently            downturn or economic slump in one indus-                 the region’s place among the world’s top
where they will be able to network with         employ between 10,000 and 14,000 peo-           try, allowing these towns and cities to carry            investment destinations. In 2007, Windsor
Windsor-Essex--based companies and              ple, comprising the region’s largest in-        on by serving other markets. Likewise, if                was named the Best Small City in North
attend seminars. Exhibitors at the event        dustry sector by employment. As a matter        Windsor-Essex companies can serve a mul-                 America to Invest In, as awarded by For-
will include Delcam, the Windsor-Essex          of fact, the MTDM sectors employ more           titude of sectors, their services will always            eign Direct Investment magazine, a subsid-
Development Commission, the Ontario             people than the combined workforces of          be in demand.                                            iary of the Times of London. The award is
Youth Apprenticeship Program, St. Clair         Windsor-Essex’s Chrysler, General Mo-              The WEDC and the Ministry of Economic                 based on more than 60 criteria used to de-
College, BDO Dunwoody LLP, and                  tors and Ford operations.                       Development and Trade are working togeth-                termine a city’s potential success.
Platinum Tool Technologies Inc.                    The Changing the Paradigm study states       er with local organizations and stakeholders                Windsor scored second place in the cat-
   Potential investors attending the event      that the the region’s MTDM industry must        to ensure a future for the region’s key indus-           egories of most business friendly city, and
will have a lot to take in. They will be able   understand that diversifying from their tra-    tries. In today’s economy, with fuel prices              best development and promotion. The city
to participate in individualized networking     ditional business interests can lead to con-    soaring and automotive production down,                  scored fourth place for both the best quality
programs with local companies; tour the         tinuous economic success. Instead of rely-      diversification is going to be the key.                  of life and the best economic potential, and
area’s many plants and facilities; observe
                                                ing solely on contracts from the automotive        But diversification does not mean un-                 scored fifth for the best human resources
the keynote dinner speakers; and attend
                                                industry, the study says that companies must    dertaking changes in infrastructure alone.               and for best infrastructure.
technical conference programs.
                                                look to other markets such as aerospace, oil    The city is also working to diversify                       Windsor-Essex is a competitive place to
   The event will be punctuated with two
                                                and gas, and medical.                           who Windsor-Essex does business with.                    do business. A highly skilled workforce and
of Canada’s most well known speaking
professionals, Paul Henderson and
                                                   Furthermore, companies that have long        Windsor-Essex is reaching out to locali-                 excellent educational institutes with pro-
Roberta Bondar. Henderson is best known         served the automotive industry already pos-     ties around the world to promote the city’s              gramming catered to the region’s MTDM
for scoring the game- and series-winning        sess much of the necessary knowledge and        competitive advantages.                                  sectors ensure a steady stream of educated
goal in the final game of the 1972              tools to quickly turn around their operations      In June 2008, representatives from the                employees. The local municipal govern-
Canada-Russia Hockey Summit Series,             to accommodate new industries.                  WEDC and community stakeholders ven-                     ments, along with the regional and provincial
and Bondar is best known for being                 In the past, many towns and cities have      tured to London, England, to present the                 governments, are ready to make investing in
the first female Canadian in space. The         relied solely on a single industry for eco-     region’s advantages to potential investors.              Windsor-Essex an obvious choice. And with
event organizers are hopeful that Bondar        nomic support. When the industry faltered,         While in England, members from the                    a diversification strategy compiled, the re-
and Henderson will attract significant          jobs were lost, companies went under and        WEDC met with the Canadian-British                       gion’s MTDM sector firms are ready to offer
publicity for the event.                        entire communities dissipated.                  Chamber of Commerce to discuss the po-                   their varied services to global markets.
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                        perspective Windsor 2008 tM

leamington: greenhouse
capital of north America
By Meagan Kashty                                 moniker of “Tomato Capital of Canada.”
                                                 Ontario is the largest producer of green-
   The Municipality of Leamington holds a        house tomatoes in Canada, with the industry
certain distinction in North America. Known      centred around Leamington.
as the “Greenhouse Capital of North Ameri-          The Municipality of Leamington actively
ca,” Leamington/Kingsville has more than         participates in the community’s agricultural
1,500 acres of enclosed greenhouse space in      endeavours, including the staging of the an-
the surrounding area, accounting for more than   nual Leamington Tomato Festival. With much
60 per cent of Ontario’s greenhouses – larger    of the community’s population employed in
than the entire U.S greenhouse industry.         the agriculture and greenhouse industries,
   “The greenhouse industry in Leamington        and the town’s history in these fields, Leam-
and neighbouring Kingsville is an economic       ington is committed to maintaining its place
powerhouse and one that has not been suf-        as Canada’s Tomato Capital.
ficiently recognized for its importance,”           “We are working on road improvements
says Leamington Mayor John Adams. “It            and highway construction which will improve
has quietly grown from a very small seg-         access to markets,” says Anne Miskovsky,
ment of our local agricultural economy to        Economic Development Officer for Leam-
one that contributes more than $5 billion in     ington. “We support the efforts of the Ontario
economic benefits.”
   Food processing and greenhouse opera-
                                                 Greenhouse Vegetable Association and other
                                                 industry groups to lobby on behalf of local
                                                                                                               Visit Windsor-Essex and raise your spirits!
tions comprise the primary local labour force    growers in a competitive marketplace.”                        Imagine great getaways, delicious dining, exciting excursions and non-stop nightlife just
in Leamington, with the region’s agriculture,       Leamington is also committed to main-                      a short drive away. Bring an appetite for adventure and make your way to Windsor, Essex
forestry, fishing and hunting sector employ-     taining another distinction. After being vot-                 County and Pelee Island. Affordable and accessible, this region resounds with life!
ing 3,433 people as of 2006 – approximately      ed “Best Place to Live in the Country” in
23 per cent of the region’s workforce. Toma-     the April 2006 edition of MoneySense mag-                     Culinary opportunities abound in Windsor-Essex. Taste the good life as the bounty of our
toes, cucumbers and peppers comprise the         azine, Leamington has continued its steady                    agricultural region inspires local chefs to new heights. Tour and taste at one (or more!)
majority of the crops grown in the region,       economic growth. The municipality is able                     of the thirteen wineries of the Lake Erie North Shore, Walkerville Brewery or the Canadian
though floriculture industries, which pro-       to succeed on an international level with its                 Club Brand Center.
duce potted plants and roses among other         produce, while at the same time maintain its
products, are also prevelant.                    small-town atmosphere.                                        Be sure to visit the all-new Caesars Windsor – Canada’s largest casino resort. Live the
   Leamington is in Essex County, the south-                                                                   high life with an enhanced rewards program and new amenities including a new hotel
ernmost point in Canada, providing the re-                                                                     tower, many new restaurants, and a 5,000-seat entertainment facility.
gion with the second longest growing sea-
son in the country. Excellent soil conditions                                                                  Get back to the simple life with visits to our beautiful
and proximity to Highway 401 and the U.S                                                                       parks and natural areas. The region is world renowned
border provide the region with additional                                                                      for the annual migrations of birds and butterflies. For an
competitive economic advantages.                                                                               exceptionally peaceful retreat, take a trip via ferry boat to
   Responding to growing demands for                                                                           Pelee Island – a nearby refuge complete with restaurants,
Leamington’s produce, the greenhouse in-
                                                                                                               winery and sandy beaches.
dustry has become more technologically so-
phisticated. The municipality has identified                                                                   Be sure to take it all in and live life to the fullest in
the need to support a range of sub-sectors,
                                                                                                               Windsor, Essex County and Pelee Island.
including technology, energy and waste
management. These industries will serve as
a source of employment for Leamington and                                                                      Windsor-Essex is full of life!
as an important incentive for investors.
                                                  The Municipality of Leamington takes pride in its role
   Because of its success in the agriculture      as Canada’s Tomato Capital. Here, tomatoes grow
market, Leamington has also earned the            in one of the municipality’s many greenhouses.               For free travel information check out or call 1-800-265-3633.
                                                                            perspective Windsor 2008     tM

                                                                         new power initiatives
                                                                           energize region
                                                                    By Meagan Kashty                                    studying the advantages of cogeneration
                                                                                                                        with the implementation of the Windsor-
                                                                       Windsor-Essex is making efforts to find          Essex Cogeneration Plant (WECP). The
                                                                    alternative energy sources to alleviate rising      plant produces both electricity and heat
With our flexible, quality programs and highly qualified faculty    concerns about the cost of gas and energy           from one source, making it more efficient
members, the Faculty of Nursing fosters personal and professional   and their effects on the environment.               and environmentally friendly.
development and ethical accountability, preparing nurses for new       Although finding alternative energy sourc-          Its impact extends throughout the Wind-
                                                                    es is not the easiest task, the benefits are sub-   sor-Essex region and also throughout the
challenges and continuously expanding roles in health care.
                                                                    stantial. The development of clean power            province. The plant supplies thermal energy
                                                                    sources will mean more profit in the future,        in the form of steam to the DaimlerChrysler
Undergraduate programs:
                                                                    since wind, for example, is a renewable en-         minivan assembly plant in Windsor, drasti-
 Collaborative Honours BScN                                         ergy source. It is also an attractive prospect      cally cutting its heating costs. The WECP
 Post-diploma BScN                                                  given the present expensive energy prices ex-       also sells electricity to the provincial grid
                                                                    perienced by Windsor-Essex residents.               with a contract arranged with the Ontario
Graduate programs:                                                     Ontario has always been a popular desti-         Electricity Financial Corporation.
                                                                    nation for wind turbine development, but               Windsor-Essex is also looking at plans
 MN or MSc - Advanced Clinical Nursing Field                        Chatham-Kent and Essex have received the            to cut greenhouse gas output from regional
 MN or MSc - Nursing Leadership Field                               most attention because they have the best           landfills and harnessing the energy to create
 MN - Primary Health Care Nurse                                     wind readings. The relatively flat landscape        electricity. Once it receives approval from
                                                                    surrounded by two lakes makes the area ideal        the Ontario Port Authority, the Essex-Wind-
 Practitioner Field                                                 for wind turbines. Several companies looking        sor Solid Waste Authority will be able to
                                                                    to use public land as a means of harnessing         begin drilling wells to capture these gases,
Diploma program:                                                    wind energy have approached city officials          which will then be converted into electricity
 Primary Health Care Nurse                                          wanting to explore wind harvesting opportu-         using generators.
 Practitioner Graduate Diploma                                      nities. Windsor-Essex has undertaken several           Windsor-Essex is also taking advantage of
                                                                    endeavours in developing its wind farm in-          its above average hours of sunlight by continu-
Visit our website or contact us to                                  dustry as a result of this growing interest.        ing to develop solar-powered technologies.
learn more about our programs.                                         On June 18, 2008, the Town of Kingsville            By developing technologies such as wind
                                                                    entered into an agreement with Brookfield           turbines and electricity generators to make
                                                                    Renewable Power for the construction of a           use of the region’s natural sustainable re-
Tel: 519-253-3000, Ext. 2258
                                                                    $500-million commercial wind farm – only            sources, Windsor-Essex is establishing a cul-
E-mail:                                           one of many deals the region will likely en-        ture of conservation for future generations.
                                                                    ter into in the future. Brookfield is looking
                                                                    to start a 148-turbine project over Kingsville
                                                                    and Lakeshore upon approval from the On-
There is no better time to enrol!                                   tario Power Authority, with construction to
                                                                    begin in 2009 and end in 2010.
                                                                       The construction of these wind farms
                                                                    will be beneficial for both Windsor-Essex
                                                                    and the entire country. Land in the region is
                                                                    clearly a valuable commodity, so companies
                                                                    looking to use it should be prepared to com-
                                                                    pete for its lease. More wind turbines would
                                                                    mean lower energy costs for residents and
                                                                    less greenhouse gas emissions – something
                                                                    that can be appreciated by everyone.                 With its supreme location, Windsor-Essex is a prime
                                                                       Windsor-Essex is not only looking into            destination for wind farms. The Town of Kingsville
                                                                                                                         is in negotiations with a private developer to install
                                                                    the benefits of wind energy, but is also             148 wind turbines.
                                                                                                      perspective Windsor 2008           tM

                researching the possibilities at UWindsor
By Mike O’Drowsky                                worth approximately $20,000, Altenhof is
                                                 studying evolutionary new energy absorb-
   A computer simulates a car accelerating       ing materials that will minimize the effects
down a narrow straightaway, slamming into        of an automobile rollover or side impact on
a brick wall. The data collected from the        a vehicle’s occupants.
digital occupants inside the computer-gen-
erated vehicle tell researchers how to better                  environmental
protect human passengers.                           While Altenhof is making cars safer, Dr.
    A young law student sees the plight of       Iris Xu is studying their effects on the en-
Latin American and Middle Eastern refu-          vironment. In conjunction with the U.S.-
gees in Canada and embarks on a career to        Canada Border Air Quality Strategy, Xu is
stem the tide of social injustice on an inter-   studying different sources and levels of air
national level.                                  pollution, determining that winds from the
   An assistant civil and environmental          nearby states of Michigan, Ohio and Wis-
engineering professor measures airflows          consin, as well as other parts of Ontario,
in the Windsor region to determine how           have a significant effect on the air quality in
westerly winds are affecting a communi-          the Windsor region.
ty’s air quality.                                   Xu has also studied mercury levels in
   And a graduate research student receives      the area. Working with Environment Can-
more than $100,000 to continue her re-           ada, the U.S. Environmental Protection
search in biochemistry.                          Agency and International Joint Commis-
   The connection?                               sion, she has developed a computer model
   The University of Windsor.                    to predict where mercury will be depos-
   Research at UWindsor is one of its de-        ited after it is released and how and when
fining elements. Through research and            it will change forms.
development in multiple disciplines, in-                                                               Carly Griffin has a lot to be excited about. The biochemistry doctoral candidate became the first UWindsor
                                                                                                       student to receive the Frederick Banting and Charles Best Doctoral Award from the Canadian Institutes of
cluding automotive, environmental, social                        social Justice                        Health Research. The award is worth $105,000 over three years.
justice and student research, UWindsor is           When someone broaches the topic of social
contributing to the betterment of local and      justice, the first thing that pops into a person’s
global communities.                              head isn’t typically research. But for Dr. Su-          Her current research identifies practical               Griffin, under the tutelage of Dr. Si-
                                                 kanya Pillay, advanced research is a means of        solutions to threats faced by developing                yaram Pandey, is studying the potential of
               Automotive                        understanding and predicting global market           countries regarding food security and glob-             a cancer-fighting chemical compound.
  Innovation has always been a part of the       trends and improving quality of life.                al trade agreements.                                       According to Griffin’s research, pan-
automotive industry. Faster, stronger and           “Trade, human rights and development                                                                      cratistatin – the natural compound she
more efficient vehicles get a lot of press,      are inextricably interconnected,” says Pillay.                  student research                             has been working with in her lab – has
but at UWindsor, safety is the top concern       “Any change to trade structures, particularly          Of course, what would a university be                 the ability to selectively kill cancer cells
of one researcher:                               in the arena of agriculture, has a direct effect     without students? UWindsor’s graduate and               while leaving healthy cells untouched.
  Dr. Bill Altenhof is a mechanical engi-        upon human rights and development.”                  post-graduate programming is what sets it               This fellowship will allow Griffin to con-
neering professor at UWindsor. Among                Speaking for those who are marginalized           apart from other institutes of higher learn-            tinue her doctoral work exploring how
other things, he is researching the effects of   is what drives Pillay. Working with refugees         ing throughout the country and the world.               this compound works and evaluating its
car accidents on infants to better understand    while attending law school at UWindsor                 Carly Griffin, a doctoral candidate in                capabilities.
what injuries can result, and what can be        sparked her interest in international affairs        biochemistry, has been recognized by the                   These are but a few of the many endea-
done to ensure the safety of all passengers.     and international human rights law.                  Canadian Institutes of Health Research                  vours being undertaken through the Uni-
  “It’s an area that has received very little       After graduating from UWindsor, Pillay            for her achievements, becoming the first                versity of Windsor. The institution empha-
study and funding,” says Altenhof. “We           practised commercial law before joining              UWindsor student to be given the Fred-                  sis on research excellence, and the zeal
don’t understand it and we don’t research it     the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights               erick Banting and Charles Best Doctoral                 with which its researchers conduct their
as well as adults.”                              (now Human Rights First), and served as              Award, worth more than $105,000 over                    groundbreaking work, has established
  Altenhof is not stopping there. Maximiz-       director of the Law and Human Rights Pro-            three years.                                            a unique culture at UWindsor – one that
ing a Natural Sciences and Engineering Re-       gram for the Television Trust for the Envi-            “It’s great to be recognized on a national            combines the hard facts of science with a
search Council of Canada Discovery grant         ronment in London, U.K.                              level for our research,” says Griffin.                  gentle humanitarianism.
                  perspective Windsor 2008        tM

                             UWindsor welcomes future doctors
   David Dudok wants more young people
from local high schools to follow in his
footsteps and pursue careers as physicians
in Windsor.
   Dudok enters his fourth and final year this
fall at the Schulich School of Medicine &
Dentistry at the University of Western On-
tario. In year three, Dudok opted to do all of
his clinical training in the Windsor region
through the Southwestern Ontario Medical
Education Network (SWOMEN), which
has its office at the University of Windsor.
   Clinical training is a demanding stretch
in the road to becoming a doctor, yet Du-
dok managed to act as an ambassador for
the Windsor medical education program
that begins this September.
   Medical students in Windsor will lift morale
across the community, says Dudok. “Young
people choose medicine because they want to
help. They are optimistic and will bring that
kind of energy to the community.”
   Dudok says that a significant number of
the medical students he has met in London
are interested in staying there to practise.
“That same kind of thinking will happen
here in Windsor,” he said, “when our medi-         David Dudok is among the first students at the new Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Windsor Program.
cal school has all four years going and en-
rollment is close to 100 students.”               accreditation bodies have given their sup-                The UWindsor program is happening                        In addition, many health care profes-
   He says that the students who come to          port, the medical education building is                quickly and for a lot less money, because of an          sionals have expressed concern that the
Windsor through the SWOMEN program                almost ready, the faculty and staff have               agreement between the University of Windsor              Windsor-Essex region has a particularly
for their clinical training have found the        been appointed and – most importantly                  and the University of Western Ontario.                   high incidence of heart disease, stroke
medical community and others to be wel-           – the students have been selected. The 24                 The Windsor medical students will be                  and Type 2 diabetes, well above the na-
coming and friendly.                              students who have chosen to study medi-                part of the well-established and prestigious             tional average.
   The medical education facility at              cine in Windsor are excited about this                 UWO Schulich School of Medicine &                           In 2001, the Windsor-Essex District
UWindsor has a price tag of $24 mil-              new venture and the staff and faculty of               Dentistry, though they will study at the new             Health Council concluded that there is
lion. The Ontario Government committed            the Schulich School of Medicine & Den-                 state-of-the-art medical education building              a correlation between physician access
$8 million to the project and the Univer-         tistry, Windsor Program, are ready to wel-             at the University of Windsor.                            and wellness.
sity of Windsor is launching a local and          come them.”                                               The building is on the UWindsor campus                   CPSO statistics support what David Du-
national fundraising campaign.                       “I’ve followed medical school develop-              and is on schedule for moving into during                dok says he learned at Western – commu-
   This spring and summer, the Schulich           ment in Windsor over the past five years               the summer. It is connected to the Toldo                 nities with medical schools tend to attract
School of Medicine & Dentistry selected           and now I find it hard to believe that I will          Health Education Centre, which includes                  and retain higher numbers of doctors and
the 24 students for the first class at the        be a member of the first-ever, first-year              UWindsor’s Faculty of Nursing and new                    other health professionals. Research also
Windsor campus. The group, the class of           class,” says Craig Campagna.                           modern lecture theatres.                                 shows that medical students who study in
2012, will be the first to receive all of its        Supporting the campaign to bring medi-                 Windsor and Essex County have one of the              their own communities will tend to set up
medical education in Windsor.                     cal education to the community were Wind-              lowest physician-to-population ratios in the             their practices close to home.
   “Everything is in place for the first-year     sorites from business, labour, education and           country. In 2005, the College of Physicians                 Dudok, the son of a Windsor skilled
class to begin their medical education in         government. A new medical school, how-                 and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) reported                  tradesman and a registered nurse, says he
Windsor in September,” says Dr. Tom               ever, is an expensive proposition that would           that less than five percent of southwestern              is eager to add to that trend by returning to
Scott, Associate Dean of Medicine. “The           normally take many years to start.                     Ontario doctors were accepting new patients.             his hometown to practise.
Educating doctors at the University of Windsor,
helping lives in the community around us.
                  perspective Windsor 2008        tM

            new entertainment investments to draw tourists
By Meagan Kashty

   The City of Windsor is enhancing its rep-
utation as a premier entertainment destina-
tion in southern Ontario. Investments from
the city, provincial government and private
investors are creating new sources of rev-
enue in the city and surrounding area.
   By renovating and re-branding Casino
Windsor, the city is preparing itself for a
deluge of tourists seeking high-value en-
tertainment. The expanded casino, newly
named “Caesars Windsor,” celebrated its
grand opening gala on June 19, 2008.

           caesars Windsor
   The province of Ontario, which owns
Caesars Windsor through the Ontario Lot-
tery and Gaming Corporation, put up $439
million to help with the casino expansion.
This included the construction of a new
369-room luxury hotel, a 5,000-seat enter-
tainment centre called the “Colosseum” and
a 100,000 sq. ft. convention centre.
   “We have been fully committed to
making a substantial investment in this            The newly unveiled Caesars Windsor features $439 million in new facilities, including a new luxury hotel, entertainment centre and convention centre. Photo Courtesy
                                                   of Caesars Windsor.
great facility,” said Kelly McDougald,
CEO of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming
Corporation. “The superb amenities give                Windsor Family credit Union                            The facility was built by the city and will             Windsor symphony orchestra
us a major edge in attracting new and re-            The construction of the Windsor Family                provide Windsor with a 6,500-seat specta-                   The Windsor Symphony Orchestra (WSO)
peat visitors.”                                   Credit Union (WFCU) centre, located on                   tor rink for the Windsor Spitfires Ontario               is campaigning for the transformation of the
   The City of Windsor was chosen to house        McHugh Street, is a recent development                   Hockey League team. The facility will also               Windsor Armouries building into a concert
the first Caesars property in Canada for its      intended to encourage active living within               house three community rinks, two large                   hall. The WSO has proposed the change in
strategic location and ease of access from        the community. Once completed in Decem-                  gyms and several banquet rooms. The ven-                 an effort to bring more patrons to the down-
two major urban areas. Caesars, owned by          ber 2008, the community centre will be the               ue is not limited to sports events, as con-              town core and attract more performers inside
Harrah’s Entertainment Inc., is one of the        largest in Windsor.                                      certs are planned for the centre as well.                and outside the Windsor region.
best-known casino brands in the world, and           “Windsor City Council identified a                       To help secure events, the WFCU has                      The renovation of the armouries would
is the world’s largest gaming company by          number of strong economic and commu-                     teamed up with Canada’s leading public as-               move the WSO out of its current residence
revenue, casino square footage and number         nity factors which resulted in the decision              sembly facility management firm, Global                  at the Chrysler Theatre, and would give it
of employees.                                     to build a new 302,000 sq. ft. recreation                Spectrum, a subsidiary to Comcast-Spec-                  an updated facility. The armoury has been
   The opening of the casino represents a         centre,” says Jan Wilson, Executive Di-                  tator. Global Spectrum manages the John                  vacant for several years, and its renovation
major step forward for the city’s economy.        rector of Recreation for the City of Wind-               Labatt Centre in London, Ontario, as well                would bring a new opportunity for Windsor
The casino is the largest in all of Canada,       sor. “Regionally there has been a growth                 as 70 other facilities in the U.S and Canada.            residents to experience culture, while pre-
and with 4,000 employees, Caesars is the          in ice sports such as speed skating, sledge              The company’s prestigious reputation will                serving a piece of Windsor’s heritage.
second-largest employer in Windsor. Its           hockey and broomball, plus many more                     help Windsor become an essential stop for                   These and other developments are key to
opulent facilities are sure to attract visitors   women and girls are eager to play hockey.                international performers and attractions.                Windsor’s economy. The city’s tourism in-
from both sides of the Canadian border,           In evaluating our existing single-pad facil-                The City of Windsor has also adjusted its             dustry draws significant revenue through in-
making it a leading entertainment destina-        ities, we realized that providing multiple               construction plan for the centre to include              frastructure and facility investment, and also
tion and an excellent addition to the De-         ice rinks in a single location would make                a stronger focus on accessibility and envi-              through the many people that visit the area’s
troit-Windsor market.                             good economic sense.”                                    ronmental sustainability.                                attractions, hotels and restaurants.
                                                                                                          perspective Windsor 2008              tM

                                              challenges and opportunities
   By Paul Riggi                                                                                                                                                   annually since NAFTA’s implementation
                                                                                                                                                                   in 1994, and the number of daily
   It is North America’s busiest trade cor-                                                                                                                        crossings between Windsor and Detroit
ridor, and it anchors the richest free-trade                                                                                                                       is expected to increase to 90,000 in 2020
area in world history. In short, the Windsor-                                                                                                                      from 54,000 in 2008, the Chamber of
Detroit border crossing, a study in chal-                                                                                                                          Commerce says.
lenge and opportunity, is big. It is so big, in
fact, that in a recent report, the prestigious                                                                                                                    • Chamber President and CEO Perrin
U.S. Brookings Institution said:                                                                                                                                    Beatty estimates that three million
                                                                                                                                                                    Canadian jobs and 7.1 million U.S.
  “If it stood alone as a country it would be                                                                                                                       jobs flow directly from greater bilateral
the second-biggest economic unit on earth,                                                                                                                          economic integration, with $1.5-billion
second only to the U.S. economy as a whole                                                                                                                          in trade moving between the two
and larger than Japan, the rising powers of                                                                                                                         countries every day, 40 percent of which
China and India, and the traditional heavy-                                                                                                                         travels through Windsor-Detroit.
weights of Germany and the U.K.”
                                                                                                                                                                    Anderson is starting on the job just as
   And the area now has a new champion in                                                                                                                         authorities appear to be finally breaking
Dr. William Anderson, formerly of Bos-                                                                                                                            down some of the most troublesome polit-
ton University, and recently named On-                                                                                                                            ical roadblocks that have developed over
tario Research Policy Chair in Cross-Bor-          Dr. William Anderson, Chair of the Cross-Border Transportation Policy at the University of Windsor, will be    the years. There are recommendations on
                                                   responsible for providing information and opinions to decision makers regarding cross-border transportation,
der Transportation Policy at the University        as well as for the development of a graduate program at UWindsor. Photo Credit: Kevin Kavanaugh
                                                                                                                                                                  the table for a new border crossing be-
of Windsor. As Chair, Anderson will head                                                                                                                          tween Windsor and Detroit, as well as a
UWindsor’s new Cross-Border Transporta-                                                                                                                           feeder route to Highway 401. Also, the
tion Institute, overseeing its twin tasks of       U.S. particularly, have led to occasionally               the Ontario Chamber of Commerce                      border issue is now on the international
providing policy options and expert opin-          severe delays at the border crossing.                     estimates that border delays cost the                political radar.
ion to decision-makers, and developing an                                                                    province $5.25 billion annually.                       Says Anderson: “Windsor-Detroit is
interdisciplinary graduate program.               • The thickening border and the failure                                                                         part of a massive regional industrial com-
                                                    – so far – of governments in Canada                       To be sure, the benefits of NAFTA and               plex with an international border running
   Among the challenges facing Ander-               and the U.S. to build a better gateway                 the Windsor-Detroit crossing are bringing              through the middle of it, and there are very
son and the Institute, as well as the entire        between their countries have hindered                  major benefits to Canada and the U.S., as              few situations like that anywhere in the
NAFTA trading bloc:                                 business and put future investment                     well as to Mexico:                                     world. Even in the European Union I don’t
• Since the 2001 terrorist attacks in the           at risk, says the Canadian Vehicle                     • For one thing, U.S.-Canada trade                     think there’s anything bigger than what we
  United States, security concerns, in the          Manufacturers’ Association. Indeed,                      has risen at nearly double-digit rates               have here.”

                                    detroit river crossing bridges gap
   With the Detroit River International              “The bi-national partnership is commit-               air quality and improving quality of life.”            Windsor-Essex Parkway alone could create
Crossing (DRIC) project, the cities of            ted to providing additional border crossing                 The project first took shape in 2000 when           up to 12,000 jobs.
Detroit and Windsor are teaming up on             capacity that is subject to appropriate pub-             the Ontario-Michigan Border Transportation               The proposed bridge will benefit the
a large-scale endeavour to increase eco-          lic oversight in both countries,” says Dave              Partnership was formed. The partnership’s              City of Windsor by alleviating traffic con-
nomic competitiveness throughout the              Wake, Planning Office Manager for the                    members include the United States Federal              gestion caused by truck transportation, and
region. Currently in the planning and de-         Windsor Border Initiatives Implementation                Highway Administration, Transport Canada,              will also relieve the strain on the Ambas-
sign stages, the DRIC project’s stated goal       Group at the Ministry of Transportation.                 the Michigan State Department of Trans-                sador Bridge. In June 2008, after years of
is to form a link providing safe, efficient          “By constructing a new end-to-end trans-              portation, the Ontario Ministry of Trans-              community input, the Canadian govern-
and secure movement of goods and people           portation system that will link Highway 401              portation, and the U.S. and Canadian fed-              ment announced that the bridge would be
across the Canada-U.S. border in the De-          to the U.S. interstate system, we will be tak-           eral governments. In addition to stimulating           constructed in the industrial area of Brigh-
troit River area.                                 ing trucks off local streets, improving overall          trade, it is estimated that once complete, the         ton Beach.
                  perspective Windsor 2008        tM

  Windsor international Airport charts new course
   The Windsor International Airport (YQG)        ing, office and retail developments and future     Agency to authorize any foreign air carrier         In addition, YQG has embarked upon a
has embarked on a mission to become a             cargo facilities at the airport, and 4,000 acres   to use YQG to transship international air        number of significant expansion projects
leader for global travel and trade, given its     of greenfield development abutting the air-        cargo, even if these rights are not provided     which aligns with its vision to grow as a pas-
enviable strategic location at the doorstep       port lands, it is poised to become a centre for    in Canada’s bilateral air transport agree-       senger and air freighter gateway in Canada.
of the busiest border crossing in the world.      business, a link in the new global economic        ments. The air cargo transshipment program          Scheduled for completion in Fall 2008, is
Situated across from Detroit, Michigan, the       supply chain, and a gateway to connect peo-         supports YQG’s multi-modal cargo devel-         an all-new modern 10,000 sq. ft. departures
airport is within 500 miles of key population     ple, customers and partners worldwide.             opment initiative and will help to ensure        lounge, which will include café, wine bar,
centres and the largest industrial markets in        YQG maintains the longest runway be-            that Windsor is competitive and capable of       children’s play zone, Wi-Fi workstations
Canada and the United States. YQG is adja-        tween Detroit and Toronto, resident 24-hour        growth in cargo and logistics. YQG works         and business centre. In addition, the three-
cent to all major international transportation    Canada Customs, and boasts the most clear,         with airline partners to increase the number     year landscape beautification plan was
corridors, uniquely connecting rail, highway      dry and bare pavement days in Ontario and          of destinations served as well as the fre-       kicked off which resulted in an impressive
and seaway in one central location.               Michigan. With no noise, load or aircraft          quency of flights. Travelers have a one-stop     new gateway entrance, and lush flowerbeds
   In July 2007, the City of Windsor assumed      restrictions, and few ground delays, YQG           connection to all domestic, U.S. and inter-      and tree gardens surrounding the terminal.
control of YQG and turned over the opera-         is the ideal choice for shipping speed, qual-      national destinations with the existing air         YQG is forging ahead on its long-term
tions to Your Quick Gateway (Windsor) Inc.,       ity and versatility.                               service provider, Air Canada                     strategic plans, reinvesting in its future and
  an independent federal share corporation           YQG participates in the international air         Jazz, offering seven daily flights to Toron-   responding to changing economic times
owned by the City of Windsor, and managed         cargo transshipment program, which allows          to. This year, Sunwing Airlines announced        with a determination to help the region
by an independent board of directors. With        air cargo to be moved through the airport          Windsor as its newest gateway with weekly        grow and prosper. When booking passenger
more than 2,000 acres of development po-          for shipment to third countries. The pro-          charter flights to the Dominican Republic        travel or air cargo transportation, let YQG
tential for aviation, distribution, manufactur-   gram enables the Canadian Transportation           and Cuba starting in December 2008.              become Your Quick Gateway to the world.

                                                                                                     Diversity is fundamental to the openness of any university’s intellectual
                                                                                                      engagement. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to be Canada’s most
                                                                                                       equitable and diversified university. We’re well on the way, with recent
                                                                                                        faculty hires that included 33% racialized groups and 41% women.
                                                                                                          Please join us in our pursuit of diversity and excellence. To inquire
                                                                                                           about faculty positions, call Dr. Janice Drakich, Director of Faculty
                                                                                                             Recruitment, toll free at 1-877-665-6608 or visit us online.

                                Dr. Chitra Rangan
                                Department of Physics since 2004
                                                                                                                       Odette MBA student Alex Hu makes
                                                                                                                      a presentation at Odette’s Centre for
                                                                                                                    Business Advancement and Research.

The Odette MBA Focuses on Dynamic Management
Understanding the different skills required to launch a product, manage it through growth, and revitalize it in a mature market

A DEMANDING SCHEDULE                                                 Your team will be assigned its own office or conference room.
                                                                     You will have deadlines.
You will be taking two classes every day, Monday to Friday.
You will be brought up to speed on business fundamentals             You will interact with corporate managers and executives.
and move quickly into three context-based modules that               You will produce written reports and presentations that
focus on the core stages of the basic business cycle: new            respond to the needs of your partner company. Are you up
product/market launch, managing in growth markets, and               to the challenge?
managing in mature markets. A final module at the end of
the degree will allow you to specialize.

At the same time, you will be working with a company on

projects that match the new/growth/mature market structure
of your classes. What you learn in class will be directly relevant
to the company projects. These team-based projects are real.
                 perspective Windsor 2008       tM

      new developments occurring throughout the region
  Business owners in Windsor and the sur-       the WindsorEssex Economic Deveopment
rounding area are displaying their contin-      Commission, Chatham-Kent Economic
ued confidence in the region. Several sec-      Development Services, and stakeholders
tors in Windsor are moving forward at an        from local renewable energy companies,
ever-quickening pace; new development is        the coalition’s purpose is to attract sustain-
occurring throughout the region, and both       able energy manufacturing opportunities to
the public and private sectors are working      southwestern Ontario.
to ensure that the momentum of Windsor’s           “With stabilizing markets in North
economy remains steady.                         America, increasing shipping costs and
                                                demands for local content, companies are
             manufacturing                      looking for opportunities to establish engi-
   The city’s manufacturing sector is still     neering, manufacturing and assembly lo-
alive well with some businesses even ex-        cations closer to markets. These resources
panding and creating new jobs. Northstar        exist right here” says David Timm, Vice
Aerospace Inc., which produces gears,           President of Strategic Affairs with AIM
components and spare parts for Rolls            PowerGen, a wind development company
Royce aircraft engines and CH-47 Chi-           active throughout the region.
nook helicopters, plans to hire 20 new             With the province intending to double its
machinists at its Windsor plant his year.       renewable energy capacity by 2025, Windsor
The new jobs in Windsor will complement         provides a significant opportunity for energy      Workers at Northstar Aerospace Inc.’s Windsor facility will soon be joined by 20 new machinists when the
                                                                                                   company begins hiring new employees later this year.
other hirings, including 50 new employees       manufacturers to establish their operations
at the firm’s Chicago, Illinois, operation,     in a competitive business environment.
and another 10 employees at its Anderson,                                                                           security                                                 tourism
Indiana, location.                                     industrial development                         Vince Dragovic, President and CEO                      Even with visits from out-of-country
   Northstar will need its new employ-             In May 2008, the Rosati Group entered           of Elite Protection Security Specialists,              tourists down, Windsor’s tourism indus-
ees considering its backlog is now more         into an agreement with Chrysler Canada to          started his specialized security company               try is benefiting from a surge in local pa-
than $450 million, up from $372 million         purchase 160 acres of land in the centre of        15 years ago with one employee. Today,                 tronage. People from the Windsor-Essex
at the end of last year. The company has        the city to develop Windsor’s newest busi-         he has about 140 people working for him,               Region are experiencing the possibilities
already received $114 million in orders         ness park.                                         and will soon add another 20 employees                 available in their own backyards.
for the CH-47 Chinook helicopters this             Grand Central Business Park will use            with the acquisition of three local compa-                One company that would like to explore
year, including $60 million announced           the land formerly occupied by the Chrysler         nies: Great Lakes Telecommunications,                  this new trend is Rose City Cruise Lines.
in June.                                        Pillette Road Assembly Plant. Rosati               Emerald Alarms and Integrated Security                 Rose City has received approval from
   “We are focused on transforming our          Group, established in 1969, has built              Communications.                                        Windsor City Council to establish a scenic
growing backlog into production to meet         over 6.5 million sq. ft. of commercial                And that is just the start of it. The com-          river tour of the Detroit River, disembark-
the needs of our customers,” says Glenn         and industrial facilities in the Windsor-          pany is investing more than $1.5 million               ing from Dieppe Gardens at the Lakeview
Hess, President and CEO of Northstar.           Essex Region.                                      in equipment and software upgrades,                    Park Marina at the northern end of Ouellette
   Its head office located in Chicago, North-      “This development being in the heart of         and plans are being made to hire up to                 Avenue. The river tour will offer a number
star is one of the aerospace industry’s larg-   the city and having rail access will be a tre-     50 more employees within the next three                of services including sightseeing, dining,
est independent manufacturers. In addition      mendous advantage and will create many op-         years to support the company’s approxi-                charter and wedding cruises, and will oper-
to gears and spare parts, the company also      portunities for the transportation and logistics   mately 650 clients.                                    ate from late spring until mid fall.
produces accessory gearbox assemblies,          industry supporting trade in this region,” says       Upgrades to equipment and software                     The City of Windsor and its many busi-
rotorcraft drive systems and other ma-          Tony Rosati, Co-Owner, Rosati Group.               include state-of-the-art security technolo-            nesses are working diligently to find new
chined and fabricated parts for helicopters        With the new park, Rosati Group will tar-       gies such as enhanced capability video                 ways to diversify, in the process drawing
and fixed wing aircraft.                        get research and development, light assem-         software, alarm monitoring systems, and                new business to the city and region. The
                                                bly, and logistics firms as potential tenants.     clip-on ID cards equipped with voice re-               economic shift is being felt everywhere,
                energy                          With Windsor’s proximity to large North            cording technology and distress transmis-              but initiatives being undertaken by the
  Energy manufacturing operations in            American markets and with the region’s             sion capability. These cards have a variety            city, its various stakeholders, and indepen-
Windsor and the surrounding area have           propensity for innovation, these types of          of applications and are ideal for use in               dent businesses are ushering in a new age
received a boost through the Green Collar       firms will complement the region’s existing        other sectors including medical, custodial             of economic competitiveness in Windsor
Jobs Coalition. Created in conjunction by       economic sectors.                                  and municipal.                                         and the surrounding region.
                                                                                               perspective Windsor 2008        tM

  canada’s southernmost college #1 in student achievement
    The student success at St. Clair College        While the college is proud of its          five years and have earned the most medals       educational assistant, autism and behavioural
speaks volumes about the calibre of the           renowned alumni of distinction, some of      since the competition started in 1997.           science and web communications developer
college’s programming and the faculty and         St. Clair’s more recent graduates have          Students from the college’s interior design   are just some of the examples of careers that
staff who support student excellence.             gained notoriety while still in school.      program took the gold medal in the U.S.-         are in high demand and St. Clair College has
   St. Clair College has a history of educating   For the past two years, Jamie Feenstra       based Eastern Region Interior Design Edu-        responded to fill those needs.
some of the country’s most successful business    and Andrew Marcolin have captured the        cators Council 2008 Student Competition.            Looking to the near future, St. Clair is
entrepreneurs, health care professionals,         National Championship in Mechatronics           St. Clair students are also renowned for      working to enhance the quality of life for
hospitality     specialists,    manufacturing     at the Canadian Skills Competition. This     their athletic achievements. In the past eight   students on campus with a state-of-the-
leaders, media gurus, and more. A sampling        year’s achievement earned them a coveted     years they have brought home eight gold          art, student-focused recreation and fitness
of St. Clair’s notable alumni include: Ray        spot in the World Skills Competition in      medals including one national champion-          “HealthPlex” for both its Windsor and
Tanguay, President of Toyota Canada; Mary         Calgary in 2009. In 2003, the Mechatronics   ship (women’s golf) and seven provincial         Chatham campuses.
Jo Haddad, President & CEO of Sick Kids           team from the college’s Chatham campus       championships (hockey, fastball, basket-            At the end of the day, employers and
Hospital, Toronto; Roy Conliffe, Senior           competed in the World Skills Competition     ball, cross country, badminton, curling, and     graduates say it best: a St. Clair College
Vice President, Labour Relations, Loblaws;        in Switzerland.                              women’s golf).                                   diploma, degree or post-graduate certificate
Dr. Olu Ogansakin, Cultural Diversity               St. Clair’s advertising program has had       St. Clair College has worked hard over        is a well recognized credential. More than
Advisor to the City of London, England;           more Advertising Educators Association of    the past several years to bring new and in-      93 per cent of employers surveyed say they
Dr. Laura Arbor, Pediatrician and practicing      Canada competition national award win-       novative programs to the college to meet the     value the skills and knowledge that come
Clinical Geneticist at the University of          ners than any other advertising program in   growing demands of employers around the          with a St. Clair College education. All of
British Columbia; and Robert Lawless,             Canada. St. Clair students have captured     world. New programs such as entertainment        this clearly supports the fact that St. Clair is
CEO, McCormick Group, Maryland.                   three national championships in the last     technology, power engineering technology,        Canada’s hottest college.
                 perspective Windsor 2008         tM

                        on par with Bordeaux and napa valley
   The Windsor-Essex Region is one of             Pelee Island’s situation along the same lati-       Back on the mainland, visitors are invit-         From September 4 - 7, visitors and resi-
Canada’s most celebrated producers of pre-        tude as regions such as northern California,     ed to visit Pelee Island Winery’s produc-         dents can take part in a number of activi-
mium wines. Competing with internation-           southern Italy, Spain and Portugal, puts it      tion facilities. Since 1982, the production       ties and seminars, all the while sampling
ally renowned regions such as Niagara and         on par with some of the top wine-producing       facilities of Canada’s largest estate win-        some of the region’s most delectable vin-
Bordeaux, France, Windsor-Essex offers            regions in the world.                            ery have been located on the mainland in          tages and culinary perfections. Many mu-
visitors a multitude of unique experiences.          Visitors to the island have more than         Kingsville, only 30 minutes from the Am-          sical artists, among them the Sam Roberts
One of the region’s most treasured offer-         10,000 acres of vineyards, farms, beaches,       bassador Bridge between Windsor and De-           Band and Alex Cuba, will provide live en-
ings is off the beaten path.                      parks and forests to explore. The island is      troit. A tour of Pelee Island Winery is an        tertainment, and a multitude of celebrity
   In the middle of Lake Erie there is a non-     dotted with quaint bed and breakfast inns,       ideal way to further acquaint yourself with       chefs will show visitors how to maximize
descript island, inhabited by approximately       perfect for spending a few nonchalant days       an amazing selection of wines, and also to        their hosting events.
150 permanent residents and accessible            on Canada’s southernmost inhabited par-          experience one of Canada’s most unique               Many of Canada’s most celebrated vine-
only by ferry.                                    cel of land.                                     wine destinations.                                yards and wineries are spread throughout
   As Canada’s oldest and southernmost               One of the island’s most visited destina-        The Windsor-Essex Region also hosts            the Windsor-Essex landscape. Visitors from
grape growing region, Pelee Island is home        tions is the Pelee Island Wine Pavilion. At      one of the country’s largest annual wine          both sides of the border make the journey
to the more than 600 acres of vinifera vine-      the pavilion, visitors can partake in a guided   festivals. The Shores of Erie Internation-        year-in and year-out. This year promises to
yards of the Pelee Island Winery. The island      tour of the winery’s operations, which in-       al Wine Festival is a feast for the senses,       be another terrific one for Windsor-Essex’s
possesses a unique, thriving microclimate         cludes a stroll through the vineyard, and of     and holds the distinction of being one of         vintners. For more information on the many
where sun, soil and climate all combine           course, samplings of some of Pelee’s award-      Canada’s Top 100 Festivals as named by            wine experience opportunities in Windsor,
to create ideal grape-growing conditions.         winning vintages.                                Festivals and Events Ontario.                     please visit

  Southwestern Ontario Vintners Association

                 ALEKSANDER ESTATE WINERY                            ERIE SHORE VINEYARD                          PELEE ISLAND PAVILION

                 COLCHESTER RIDGE ESTATE WINERY                      MASTRONARDI ESTATE WINERY                    SANSON ESTATE WINERY                               VIEWPOINTE ESTATE WINERY

                 COLIO ESTATE WINES INC.                             MUSCEDERE VINEYARDS                          SMITH & WILSON ESTATE WINES                        WAGNER ESTATE WINERY

                 D’ANGELO ESTATE WINERY                              PELEE ISLAND WINERY                          SPRUCEWOOD SHORES ESTATE WINERY
                        perspective Windsor 2008  tM

                                                                                                    Clean Water. Green Spaces. Clear Choice.

              A unique cultural
   The City of Windsor is full of entertain-      trips, poetry readings, folk music sing-
ing learning possibilities for the whole          alongs, and performances for children.
family. Whether the day’s events include             If fun-filled education is on the agenda,
the visual amusement of the Art Gallery           your first stop should be the Canada South
of Windsor, the auditory stylings of the          Science Centre. The centre offers 30,000
Windsor Symphony Orchestra, the his-              sq. ft. of space filled with interactive learn-
torical perspectives of Amherstburg, the          ing stations where children of all ages can
mind-blowing educational experience of            learn about dinosaur fossils, animal and
the Canada South Science City, or the the-        plant habitats and bio-diversity. Visitors
atricality of the St. Clair Centre for the Per-   can also visit the Human Bubble Area,
forming Arts, the Windsor-Essex Region is         where you can actually stand inside a giant
full of opportunity for fun and learning for      bubble. After your bubble excursion, visit
all ages.                                         Bob the Robot Dog to learn about artificial
   The Art Gallery of Windsor is the region’s     intelligence. The Canada South Science
first stop for a Canadian cultural experience.    Centre is open all summer long.
The gallery is home to a permanent collec-           For a more historical perspective on the
tion with more than 3,000 pieces of origi-        Windsor-Essex Region, the Town of Amher-
nal work, including sculptures, paintings,        stburg, located south of the City of Windsor,
photographs and videos. This collection is        is a step back in time. Amherstburg features
largely comprised of pieces from the 18th,        multiple museums and tourism spots that
19th and 20th centuries, but also includes        document the region’s place in North Amer-
artwork from the present day.                     ican history.
   The gallery is constantly staging new exhi-       The Town of Amherstburg is home to
bitions, including the upcoming Split Seconds     the Fort Malden National Historic Site of
exhibit by Monica Tap, opening August 31,         Canada. The original fort was constructed in
2008. Visitors can also view the ongoing Art      1796 by the British and was used until 1813
for Canada: An Illustrated History. The           when it was destroyed during the War of
exhibit showcases a collection that illus-        1812. The fort was rebuilt between 1838 and
trates the chronology of Canadian artwork.        1840 and was used during the Upper Canada
For more information on the various exhibits      Rebellion. Today, the fort is maintained by
hosted by the Art Gallery of Windsor, visit       Parks Canada and is open to the public.                         Other points of interest in the town in-
   For another sublime experience, the            clude the 210-year-old Gordon House; the
Windsor Symphony Orchestra has been one           North American Black Historical Museum,
of the region’s cultural mainstays since the      which details the region’s role as a final des-
mid-1940s. The 43-member, multi-award-            tination for the Underground Railroad; and
winning symphony is directed by John              the Park House Museum, a well-preserved           The Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) and the Essex Region
Morris Russell and performs several times         example of Victorian-era splendour. These         Conservation Foundation are working with the Windsor-Essex community
a week at venues throughout the region. To        and many other destinations demonstrate           to create a future of sustainability for this region. A healthy environment,
learn more, visit the orchestra’s website at      the incomparable history of the region and for a com-                take visitors back to a time when today’s
                                                                                                    vibrant economy and the human health of our residents are all
plete list of its upcoming concert series.        Windsor was merely a thought.                     connected. To learn more about what you can do to improve
   The St. Clair Centre for the Arts, a divi-        For these and many other reasons, the          the environment, visit our website.
sion of St. Clair College, offers residents       Windsor-Essex Region is a culturally and
and visitors a varied lineup of cultural indul-   historically significant section of Canada.
                                                                                                                                                  Essex Region
gences. The centre regularly hosts a variety      For information on the many cultural op-
of events including concerts, art exhibits,
puppet shows, theatre, social events, adult
                                                  portunities available throughout the region,
                 perspective Windsor 2008       tM

         Festivals, amenities capture area’s feel and spirit
   The City of Windsor and the surround-        come out and enjoy the region’s only festi-      most anticipated annually staged events. A      autumn air and the changing of the leaves
ing area boast a number of recreational         val dedicated to children’s entertainment.       fundraiser for the Gibson Gallery, Art by       by visiting Thiessen Orchards. While
amenities and various forms of entertain-         First staged in 1995, Children’s Festival      the River was inaugurated in 1967 and has       there, visitors can pick their own apples,
ment are available in the region. Festivals     offers kids the opportunity to play on the       been a staple of the region’s cultural scene    an annual tradition beginning this year
held throughout the year, each a unique         bouncy castles, have their faces painted,        ever since. Held over the weekend of            in early September and running through
representation of the various communi-          take part in arts and crafts activities, and     August 23-24 at Fort Malden National            to mid-October. Visitors can also enjoy
ties that make up Windsor-Essex Region,                                                                                                          wagon rides, the Kountry Kitchen, a pic-
perhaps best showcase Windsor’s unique                                                                                                           nic area, the play barn, and of course, the
culture and heritage.                                                                                                                            fresh apples and apple pie. Children and
   This year, the Town of Tecumseh,                                                                                                              adults alike have a variety of fun activities
Ontario, north of the City of Windsor,                                                                                                           to enjoy, and are sure to make memories
will host the 33rd annual Tecumseh Corn                                                                                                          that will last a lifetime.
Festival. The festival will take place from                                                                                                         The area also showcases a number of
August 21- 24 in Lacasse Park, and will                                                                                                          events that have been designed to raise
be the site of a number of events, includ-                                                                                                       support and awareness for various worthy
ing the crowning of the winner of the Miss                                                                                                       causes. One event – Shinerama – is a na-
Tecumseh Pageant, the annual parade, live                                                                                                        tionally held event designed to raise funds
music, and some of the region’s most de-                                                                                                         for cystic fibrosis research. On Septem-
lectable corn.                                                                                                                                   ber 7, 2008, students from the University
   For a more historical perspective on the                                                                                                      of Windsor will show their support and
region, the Olde Sandwich Towne Festi-                                                                                                           community spirit by staging a number of
val will take place from September 12-14                                                                                                         events to raise money for cystic fibrosis
throughout the western edge of the city                                                                                                          research. Be sure to keep an eye out for
in the shadow of the Ambassador Bridge.                                                                                                          students washing cars, shining shoes and
As the longest, most continuously settled                                                                                                        hosting a number of additional initiatives
Canadian community west of Montréal,                                                                                                             to raise awareness and funding.
Sandwich Towne is a community that is                                                                                                               Another such event is the Walk of Life
steeped in heritage. During the festival,                                                                                                        for Cardiac Rehabilitation, held in support
attendees can take part in a number of                                                                                                           of the Windsor-Essex Cardiac Wellness
events, including bus tours, face painting,                                                                                                      Centre (CWC). Walking from Sand Point
sidewalk sales and several breakfast, lunch                                                                                                      Beach to the Ganatchio Trail, funds raised
and dinner events at locations throughout                                                                                                        from the event go towards maintaining the
Olde Sandwich Towne.                                                                                                                             CWC’s free, six-month cardiac rehabili-
   One of the region’s oldest annual events                                                                                                      tation program, designed to assist people
is the Harrow Fair, this year celebrating its                                                                                                    following a cardiac event. The program
154th anniversary. From August 28 - 31,                                                                                                          provides training and counseling for car-
the Colchester South and Harrow Agri-                                                                                                            diac event sufferers, including informa-
cultural Society will stage a number of                                                                                                          tion on hospital-based exercise, nutritional
events that will include live musical per-                                                                                                       information, vocational counseling and
formances from artists such as Dale Butler                             Across from St. Clair College                smoking cessation.
and Friends, John Berry, Ronnie Prophet                                                                                                             Windsor is an excellent place to expe-
and James Gibb.                                                            Windsor Crossing would like to welcome                                rience all levels of active living and fam-
   Approximately 70,000 people attend the                                                                                                        ily fun. Through the many festivals and
festival each year, taking part in activi-                                                                                                       events held annually throughout the City
ties such as a children’s colouring contest,                                                                                                     of Windsor and Essex County, residents
contests for handcrafts, baking and various     watch their children sing their little hearts    Historic Park in Amherstburg, the more          and visitors alike can choose from a multi-
agricultural products, a pie-eating contest     out with kids karaoke. Since 1995, more          than 150 artists and artisans that sell their   tude of fun activities. In addition to those
and a tractor pull.                             than 60,000 people have visited the fes-         creations make this arts and crafts show        listed in this article, there are many more
   On September 20 and 21, the Rotary           tival with more than 6,000 attendees ex-         and sale the largest in Essex County.           festivals and events held throughout the
Club of Windsor will be hosting its annual      pected this year.                                  As summer turns to fall, Windsor-area         year all over the region. For more infor-
Children’s Fest. Families are invited to           Art by the River is another of the region’s   residents and visitors can enjoy the crisp      mation, visit
                     The “top”of
                   North America is
                   also the centre

                                  Why the Financial Times of London, England rated
                                  Windsor-Essex the top small city in North America:
                                  The Financial Times of London* recently selected Windsor-Essex as the overall top “small city”
                                  for business investment and development in North America. Why? Because we scored leading
                                  marks on all of these key indicators:

                                  • Economic potential             • Human resources                    • Quality of life
                                  • Infrastructure                 • Business-friendly environment
                                  We’re also central to most of the continent’s major markets, strategically positioned at the
* oreign Direct Investment
                                  heart of the NAFTA superhighway. If you’re thinking about where to locate your next operation,
 Magazine, a publication of the   think number one. Think Windsor-Essex.
 Financial Times of London

                                                                                              Think Number One.

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