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									                                                   The MUST HAVE qualification for organisations
                                                   and individuals concerned with improving their
                                                                         IT Service Management

        ITIL foundation  Presented by David Llewellyn Jones (DLJ)

           Three Day Foundation Certificate Course in ITIL V3
           • Service Management                         • Service Transition                        • Technology and
             as a Practice                              • Service Operation                           Architecture
           • The Service Life Cycle                     • Continual Service                         • Related Standards
           • Service Strategy                             Improvement                                 and Frameworks
           • Service Design

                                                    06-08 April 2011                      05-07 October 2011
                                                    08-10 June 2011                       07-09 December 2011
                                                    10-12 August 2011

PDA is a Member of the ALC Group

                  Also available:       › ITIL Capability › ITIL Lifecycle › ITIL Expert                    See inside ->                      1101
                  ALC	Group	is	accredited	by	ISEB	as	an	Accredited	Training	Organisation	for	ITIL	V3	Foundation,	ITIL	V3	Capability	and	ITIL	V3		
                  Manager’s	Bridging	courses.	ITIL®	is	a	Registered	Trade	Mark	of	the	Office	of	Government	Commerce	in	the	United	Kingdom		
                  and	other	countries.
ITIL V3 foundation
Course Description
                                                                                Course Presenter
The	ITIL	Foundation	qualification	is	no	longer	a	“nice	to	have”	for	IT	staff	   	
looking	to	make	improvements	for	their	teams	or	their	organisation;	it	         David	Llewellyn		
is	no	longer	a	differentiator	for	individuals	seeking	advancement.		This	
                                                                                Jones	(known	to		
qualification	is	simply	a	“MUST	HAVE”	for	any	organisation	or	department	
or	individual	concerned	with	improving	IT	Service	Management.                   all	as	DLJ)	is		
                                                                                Principal	Trainer		
The	ITIL	Foundation	course	enables	certification	based	on	the	                  and	Head	of		
internationally-accepted	IT	Infrastructure	Library.	The	focus	is	on	
an	integrated	approach	to	IT	Service	Management	through	cross-
departmental	processes	and	implementation	of	effective	communication	
                                                                                Services	at	PDA	(Singapore	
channels.		Attendees	learn	a	common	vocabulary	and	a	shared	                    member	of	the	ALC	Group).	
understanding	of	IT	Service	Management	best	practice.	Find	out	the	             	
common	sense	way	to	get	the	job	done	efficiently	and	effectively,		             With	his	engaging	style	and	
increasing	up-time	(availability),	reducing	IT	costs	and	most	importantly	      unparalleled	depth	of	knowledge	
ensuring	that	IT	Services	deliver	value	for	their	customers.                    of	IT	Service	Management	and	
                                                                                IT	Governance,	DLJ	is	one	of	the	
Learning Outcomes                                                               most	highly	regarded	authorities	
Enabling	each	participant	to:                                                   in	Asia.		Originally	from	the	UK,	
•	 Understand	the	Service	Lifecycle	from	Strategy	and	Design	through		          DLJ	moved	from	Sydney	to	
	  Transition	to	daily	Operation                                                Singapore	in	early	2008	and	
•	 Understand	the	benefits	of	a	common	IT	language                              quickly	established	himself	as	the	
•	 Understand	the	roles	of	Application	and	Technology-based	teams,		            “must	see”	trainer	for	his	ability	to	
	  Operations	and	Service	Desk	functions	and	how	they	interact	through		        communicate	the	complexities	of	
	  formalisation	of	processes                                                   the	ITIL	and	COBIT	frameworks	
•	 	dentify	the	strengths	and	possible	areas	of	further	improvement	for	
   I                                                                            in	down-to-earth	language.	Refer	
   their	own	organisations                                                      to	our	Faculty	web	page	for	more	
•	 Understand	the	issues	of	implementing	ITIL	processes	into	an		 	             details.
	 organisation	and	creating	a	cycle	of	continuous	improvement

Who Should Attend                                                               Team Training
The	ITIL	Foundation	course	is	appropriate	for	all	IT	staff,	but	more	
specifically	people	in	the	following	roles	should	attend:                       This	course	is	available	for	private	
                                                                                presentation,	either	on	your	own	
•	   IT	Manager                                                                 premises	or	“off-site”.	There	are	
•	   CIO                                                                        many	advantages	to	in-house	
•	   IT	Line	Managers                                                           training.	Please	contact	us		
                                                                                for	an	obligation-free	quotation	and	
•	   Process	stakeholders
                                                                                to	discuss	your	requirements.	
•	   Service	Delivery	Managers                                                  	
•	   Participants	wishing	to	progress	to	higher	qualifications	in	              Email	to
	    IT	Service	Management

What is ITIL                                                                    On-Line Learning
The	Information	Technology	Infrastructure	Library	(ITIL)	is	a	best	practice	
                                                                                The	ITIL	Foundation	Certificate	
IT	Service	Management	process	framework	developed	by	the	Office	of	
                                                                                course	is	now	also	available	online.	
Government	Commerce	(OGC)	within	the	UK	government.	It	has	been	
                                                                                E-learning	can	offer	a	good	solution	
developed	in	collaboration	with	leading	industry	experts,	consultants	and	
                                                                                if	you	are	in	a	remote	area	or	have	a	
practitioners	over	the	last	15	years.	Since	its	launch,	ITIL	has	been	widely	
                                                                                high	volume	training	requirement.
accepted	throughout	the	world	as	the	de	facto	standard	for	best	practice	
in	IT	Service	Management.                                                       Contact	us	for	further	details		
                                                                                (email	to									1011
Three Day Foundation Certificate Course in IT Service Management

Course Contents
1.   Introduction                         6.    Service Transition
     -	 History	of	ITIL                         -	 Change	Management                   The	ITIL	Foundation	Certificate	
     -	 ITIL	Qualification	scheme                  S
                                                -	 	 ervice	Asset	and	Configuration	   is	an	internationally-recognised	
                                                   Management	(SACM)                   qualification	and	is	a	prerequisite	
2.   Service Management as a                                                           for	further	qualifications	in	ITIL.	The	
                                                -	 	 elease	and	Deployment	            exam	is	set	by	the	official	Accreditor	
     Practice Service
                                                   Management                          APMG	and	is	offered	via	an	
     -	 Service	Management
                                                -	 	 ervice	Knowledge	                 accredited	examinations	institute.	It	
     -	 Processes                                  Management                          comprises	a	60-minute	40	question	
     -	 Roles                                                                          multiple	choice	examination	and	is	
                                          7.    Service Operation
     -	 Organisation                                                                   held	on	the	last	day	of	the	course.
                                                -	 Incident	Management
3.   The Service                                -	 Event	Management                    ITIL V3 Intermediate
     -	 Life	Cycle                              -	 Request	Fulfilment
     -	 	 he	Structure,	Scope,	
        T                                       -	 Problem	Management                  We	have	available	the	full	range	
        Components	and	Interfaces		                                                    of	ITIL	V3	Intermediate	certificate	
                                                -	 Access	Management                   courses	leading	to	ITIL	Expert	
        of	the	ITIL	Library
     -	 ITIL	Service	Life	Cycle           8.    Continual Service Improvement          certification:	
                                                                                       ITIL Capability:
                                                -	 	 he	Continual	Service	
4.   Service
                                                   Improvement	Model                   •	 Operational	Support	&	Analysis
     -	 Strategy
                                                -	 	T	Governance	across	the		
                                                   I                                   •	 Service	Offerings	&	Agreements
     -	 Service	Models                             Service	Life	Cycle                  •	 Release,	Control	&	Validation
     -	 Service	Portfolio	Management
                                          9.    Technology and Architecture               P
                                                                                       •	 	 lanning,	Protection	&	
     -	 Demand	Management                                                                 Optimisation
                                                -	 	 eneric	requirements	for	
     -	 Financial	Management
                                                   an	integrated	set	of	Service	       ITIL Lifecycle:
     -	 Return	on	Investment                       Management	Technology               •	 Service	Strategy
5.   Service                                       U
                                                -	 	 nderstand	how	Service	
                                                                                       •	 Service	Design
                                                   Automation	assists	with	
     -	 Design                                                                         •	 Service	Operation
                                                   integrating	Service		
     -	 	 ervice	Catalogue		                       Management	processes                •	 Service	Transition
                                          10.    Related Standards and                 •	 Continual	Service	Improvement
     -	 Service	Level	Management
                                                 Frameworks                            •	 Managing	Across	the	Lifecycle
     -	 Capacity	Management
                                                -	 ISO/IEC	20000
     -	 Availability	Management
     -	 	T	Service	Continuity	
                                                -	 ISO	27000                           Drive Your Dollar
        Management                              -	 ISO	9000                            Further!
     -	 	nformation	Security		                  -	 ISO	19770                           Our	Voucher	Scheme	is	the	ideal	
        Management                              -	 ISO	15504                           solution	if	you	have	a	team	to	train	
     -	 Supplier	Management                     -	 SixSigma                            but	cannot	have	them	away	from	
                                                                                       the	office	all	at	the	same	time.		
                                                -	 COBIT                               Pre-purchased	vouchers	allow	your	
                                                -	 CMMI                                staff	to	be	released	on	a	selective	
                                                                                       basis	-	minimising	impact	to		
                                                                                       the	business	and	customer		
                                                                                       operations	-	yet	at	the	same	time	
 Learning Method                                                                       ensuring	you	get	significantly	
                                                                                       discounted	rates.	Convenient	and	
 A	balance	of	theory	and	practical	examples,	this	is	a	fast	paced,	three-day,	         easy	to	administer.	
 instructor-led	course	featuring	a	combination	of	lectures	and	exercises.	             	
 Participants	enjoy	practical	activities	to	ensure	understanding	of	concepts	and	      Contact	us	for	an	obligation-free	
 terminology.	The	course	examines	the	ITIL	framework	in	general	and	all	the	key	       quotation		
 processes	and	functions	needed	to	ensure	successful	delivery	of	IT	services.          (email	to

                       HOW TO REGISTER                                                                               ENROLMENT FORM
                                            Register Online                                                          ITIL Foundation
                                                                                                                     Name 1	(Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms)
                                            Send your details by email
                                            Fax the Enrolment Form below to:
                                            Fax:	(021)	570	5798	                                                     Mobile	
                                            From	any	other	country	+62	(21)	570	5798
                                                                                                                     City	/	Date
                                            Any queries please call
                                            Customer Service
                                            Tel:	(021)	570	5800	                                                     Name 2	(Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms)
                                            From	any	other	country	+62	(21)	570	5800		
                                            Send all correspondence to:
                                            PDA	C/o-	Pacto	Convex		
                                            Lagoon	Tower,	B-1,	The	Sultan	Hotel	Jakarta	                             Mobile	
                                            Jl.	Jend.	Gatot	Subroto,	Jakarta	10270
                                                                                                                     City	/	Date

              	        COURSE INFORMATION                                                                            Organisation Name
                       FEES and DATES:                                                                               Address	

                       ITIL V3 Foundation Course + Exam                             US$ 1285 + PPN

                       SAVE with Team Discounts	
                       			2	or	3	delegates	10%	discount	
                       			4	or	more	25%	discount	
                                                                                                                         		 Cheque	payable	to:	Pacto Convex
                       The course will be held at a high quality centrally-located hotel.
                       Full details will be on your confirmation letter and can also be                                  		 Purchase	Order	No.:
                       found on our website.

                       COURSE INFORMATION
                       The course is held from 9.00am to 5.00pm with registration from                               Person Making Booking
                       8.30am on the first day. Upon enrolment you will be sent
                       a confirmation letter giving full details.                                                    (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms)

                       TERMS and GUARANTEE                                                                           Position	
                       To ensure your admission to the course, fees are payable in
                       advance. To guarantee your satisfaction we offer a money back                                 Phone
                       or full credit policy. Details will be on your confirmation letter and
                       our website. Cancellations with full refund will be accepted up to                            Email
                       10 working days before the course. After that time no refunds
                       can be given, but substitutions may be sent at any time.
                                                                                                                     Send Invoice To
                          Full	course	schedule	available	on	our	website



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