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									                                                                                                                                                                               Address of Pope
                                                                                                                                                                               Benedict XVI to
                                                                                                                                                                               Mindanao, Lipa
                                                                                                                                                                                        page 4
Volume 3, Number 3                                                                                                       February - March 2011

 Pope Benedict XVI receives bishops from Mindanao and Lipa, including Cagayan de Oro Archbishop Antonio J. Ledesma, S.J. (far left)
                    at the Apostolic Palace for their ad limina visit, which started February 21 and ended March 5.

Archdiocese launches Social Action Month
                                                                                                                                                                     By Mary Anne Padilla, FSP, Louise Dumas

                                                                                                                                            Photo by Emann Machado
                                                                                                                                                  The Social Action Center of the
                                                                                                                                              Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro launched
                                                                                                                                              the Social Action Month on March 5,
                                                                                                                                              Saturday at the Capitol Grounds.
                                                                                                                                                  With the theme Faith in Action for
                                                                                                                                              Social Transformation, the day-long
                                                                                                                                              activity started with a Pilgrimage Walk
                                                                                                                                              from the Bishop’s House to the Provincial
                                                                                                                                              Capitol Grounds at 8:00 in the morning.
                                                                                                                                              After the booths were set up, a Eucharistic
                                                                                                                                              Celebration officiated by Rev. Fr. Salvador
                                                                                                                                              was held at 11:00 a.m.
                                                                                                                                                  After the mass, a program commenced
                                                                                                                                              to formally open the activities. The
                                                                                                                                              different Ad Extra Ministries were
                                                                                                                                              introduced by Ad Extra Director Rev. Fr.
                                                                                                                                              Nathan Lerio in the morning, and talks on
                                                                                                                                              the evolving ministries and their role in
                                                                                                                                              social transformation were also given in
                                                                                                                                              the afternoon.
                                                                                                                                                  Lay and religious orders have been
Participants during the Pilgrimage Walk along Velez Street to the provincial capitol. This year marks the first-ever Social Action Month cel- implementing various programs in helping
ebration, timed to coincide with the beginning of the Lenten Season.                                                                                                   SOCIAL ACTION/2
                                                                                                                                            Photo by Galileo Garcia

     Migrants Ministry celebrates
          25th Anniversary
By Louise Dumas                                the hoped resurrection, the time when
                                               families live a happily ever after under one
    The 25th National Migrants Day             roof.
opened with a concelebrated Mass                   Before the final blessing, the 25th
headed by His Excellency, Abp. Antonio J.      National Migrants Day Commemorative
Ledesma, S.J, with Msgr. Tex Legitimas, PC,    Project launched by Archdiocesan Migrants
Fr. Jun Balsamo and Fr. Steve Olario and       Ministry was blessed. The project was
deacons Rev. Erdman Pandero and Rev.           an innovation on savings and valuing the
Lino Macatol at the Capitol Grounds.           smallest things we have. 25 plastic water
    Celebrated on a Transfiguration            bottles were distributed to the different
Sunday, Rev. Erdman Pandero, in his            parishes under the Archdiocese and to
homily, likened the absence of a loved one     these bottles, 25 pieces of 25 centavo
felt by the families of migrant workers to     coins were dropped. Hoping that the Abp. Antonio J. Ledesma, S.J. blesses 25 water bottles each filled with 25 pieces of 25 centavo coins.
the absence felt by the followers of Jesus     parishioners would continue dropping The bottles will be filled with surplus 25 centavo coins for a savings project by the Migrants Ministry.
when he died. Rev. Pandero, a son of an        their 25 centavos which are just left
Overseas Filipino Worker himself, shared       scattered around the house, the ministry
the experience of being happy when his         hopes to make the parishioners see by
father comes home to them when he was          the end of the year how much all these
a child. But the reality of the situation of   ‘useless’ coins have totaled to. Today
many of the families is that despite the       alone, the entire amount gathered in the
happy reunions, there would again be the       bottles already reaches around P6,000.
pain of separation when the need to earn
exceeds the comfort of home. Like Christ
                                                   After the Mass, a program was held – a
                                               series of sharing and messages in support        Capistrano corner Gomez St., Cagayan de Oro City
before His resurrection, families need to go   of the migrant workers and itinerants,
through a lot of pain – the figurative pain                                                                       ( 857-1234
of suffering and dying – before attaining                                    MIGRANTS/2
 2            Pastoral          LAMDAG
                                                                                                                                                                             Feb - Mar 2011

  An Audience with Pope Benedict XVI
                                                                             Commission on Interreligious Dialogue, I told him our plans later this
                                                                             year for a Mindanao-wide consultation of peace and IRD centers con-
                                                                             nected with the Catholic Church. This year in October would be the 25th
                                                                             anniversary of the first Day of Prayer for Peace convened by Pope John
                                                                             Paul II in Assisi. I assured the Holy Father that we would also commemo-
                                                                             rate this anniversary with a similar gathering of religious leaders praying
                                                                             for peace at the local level.
                                                                                In this connection, we briefly discussed the unfolding events in North
                                                                             Africa and the Middle East. Coincidentally, in the Philippines, I told the
                                                                             Pope, we were commemorating the 25th anniversary of the EDSA People
                                                                             Power Revolution on this very day of my papal audience with him.
                                                                                The last topic of our discussion was the general pastoral situation of
                                                                             the archdiocese. Pope Benedict asked about the number of our priests
                                                                             and seminarians, our catechetical program, and the formation of parents
                                                                             and families as the first line for catechesis. I mentioned to him that the
                                                                             archdiocese has been blessed with more than a hundred priests but that
                                                                             this is not yet sufficient for attending to the needs of a million Catholics.
     As part of the bishops’ ad limina visit to Rome, I was given the op- We are also in the process of evaluating and strengthening our Catechet-
 portunity to have a personal audience with the Holy Father. This took ical Program, our Family and Life Apostolate (which includes the NFP
 place on 25 February 2011 in the Pope’s reception room. We started the Program), and our formation of Basic Ecclesial Communities.
 fifteen–minute audience with Pope Benedict himself checking out the            Noting that I am a Jesuit bishop, the Holy Father inquired about the
 location of Cagayan de Oro on an atlas map spread out on his table.         presence of the Society of Jesus in the Philippines. I mentioned to him
     Then I presented to him two publications on the archdiocese’s Natu- that we have Xavier University as the leading university in Northern Min-
 ral Family Planning program: a collection of articles, entitled “NFP – Val- danao. He was also glad to hear that there are five Jesuit universities in
 ues, Issues, and Practices,” and a Guidebook for Training of NFP Counsel- the country.
 lors. As he was paging over the publications, I gave the Holy Father an        We ended the audience with the Holy Father giving me some pasalu-
 over-all view of our All-NFP program which over the past four years has     bong in the form of rosaries and stampitas. Before leaving, I also asked
 covered nearly all our parishes. Moreover, our NFP training team has for his apostolic blessing – for myself and all our co-workers in Cagayan
 been invited to share our program with a growing number of dioceses in de Oro Archdiocese.
 Mindanao and other parts of the country.                                       Postscript: In a letter dated 5 March 2011, Archbishop Fernando Fi-
     As a positive response to the Reproductive Health bill issues (which loni from the Vatican’s Secretariat of State conveyed this message: “The
 the Holy Father had already heard about from other bishops), I told him Holy Father has asked me to thank you for the Natural Family Planning
 that our program was receiving increasing interest because it offers in- manuals which you gave to him. He appreciates the sentiments which
 formation on all modern scientific NFP methods, including the simplified prompted this gesture. His Holiness prays that you will be sustained in
 ones. The Holy Father’s immediate response was highly reassuring to your Episcopal ministry and filled with grace and peace.”
 me, and I am sure to all our NFP co-workers: “Yes, simplified methods
 are good for simple people.”
     We next dwelt on peacebuilding efforts in Mindanao. Pope Benedict                                                             With God’s blessings,
 was particularly interested to know more about our activities in interre-
 ligious dialogue and Muslim-Christian relations in the south. I described
 to him our ongoing dialogue efforts through the Bishops-Ulama Confer-
 ence and the Mindanao Week of Peace. As Chairman of the Episcopal
                                                                                                                 Archbishop Antonio J. Ledesma, S.J.

Social Action from p. 1                         rationale for the 4Ps which complements        Migrants from p. 1                               Bag-ong
                                                the poverty reduction and social
alleviate poverty. According to Fr. Lerio,
the event’s purpose is to raise public
awareness about Social Action programs
                                                development programs of DSWD, and
                                                Tulay – which invites volunteers to help
                                                DSWD in their work for values formation
                                                                                               interspersed with presentations from
                                                                                               the parishioners gathered from all over
                                                                                               Misamis Oriental.
in the archdiocese and to draw support          and livelihood programs for parents and            In Social Action Director Fr. Nathaniel                  Contributors
from parishes, government organizations,        beneficiaries.                                 Lerio’s message, he shared the melancholy                 Grace Marie M. Aguilar
NGOs, the academe, and different sectors.           Fr. Florencio ‘Boy’ Salvador, in his       of seeing his nieces longing to be with their                 Louise Dumas
He also expressed hope that Social Action       talk, expounded on two wisdoms of the          father who had to work in Saudi Arabia.                    Mark Harvey Elloren
programs will be better appreciated by          celebration’s theme, Faith in Action for       Fr. Nathan narrated how the children
the clergy, parishioners, and civil societies                                                  were shy at first and hid from their own            Rev. Fr. Rufino Cabatingan, SSJV
                                                Social Transformation. First is action born
in general.                                                                                                                                      Rev. Fr. Florencio Salvador, SSJV, SLD
                                                from faith. Faith, according to him has to     father, Fr. Nathan’s brother, when he
                                                                                                                                                         Rev. Fr. Alberto Uy, STD
    In the launching program also,              translate into concrete action to realize a    arrived. He stressed on the importance of
speakers from the Department of Social          social transformation. Second is action        the presence of the parent more than the         Marketing & Circulation
Welfare and Development (DSWD) were             guided by faith. Work for social change is     financial support needed by his children.                     Albert Camaddo
also invited. Mr. Primitivo Rufin, former       based on faith. What motivate the people           But again, the reality of the situation                    Grace Fernan,
Deputy Project Manager of DSWD                  to get involved and strive for social change   has made the OFWs to endure the                      Association of Pauline Cooperators
Poverty Reductin Program Reg. X; Ms.            are not philosophies, ideologies, culture      consequent pains of leaving their family                       Gloria Lagura
Cherilnu Acubo, Project Development             or any other reason, but faith.                again. Rightfully called the heroes of
                                                                                                                                               Lay-out and graphic design
Officer 2; and Mrs. Morena Fernandez,               The SAC utilizes the entire month          today, they suffer the distance to ensure
Social Welfare officer 4 introduced 4                                                                                                                            James Sia
                                                of March for parishioners to know              the future of their families, and in fact,
major programs for Poverty Reduction,           further the different venues they could        the entire nation as they are among the               Senior consultants
the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program         participate in and allow the movers from       biggest contributors to the Philippine               Abp. Antonio J. Ledesma, SJ, DD
(4Ps).                                          the different parishes to know each other.     economy.                                                 Mary Anne Padilla, FSP
    In December last year, Fr. Nathan           To this goal, all of the Ad Extra ministries       The ECMI-CBCP also sent a                   Bag-ong Lamdag is a newsletter published
signed a Memorandum of Agreement                are to each further organize an activity       representative, showing their support           monthly by the Social Communications Apostolate
with DSWD Secretary, Corazon Juliano-           unique to their apostolate as well as hold     for the programs the Migrants Ministry          of the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro, whose
Soliman during the consultation dialogue                                                       in the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro            aim is to link the various parishes, ministries, and
                                                an exhibit.
                                                                                                                                               apostolates within this archdiocese. For inquiries
with     non-government        organization         The activities also aim to encourage       is implementing. ECMI has programs              and feedback, send us an email at ascacdo@gmail.
volunteer groups to help evaluate the list      collaboration among the different Ad           that are responsive to the need of the          com. You may visit us online and leave a comment
of DSWD program beneficiaries.                  Extra ministries who play significant roles    OFW’s reintegration, encompassing pre-          at lamdagcdo.blogspot.com.
    Dubbed ‘Bantay ug Tuglay’, the              in the greater goal of social change. n        migration, during and post-migration                        Find us on Facebook:
MOA both had provisions for Bantay – a                                                         stages. n                                       Search for “Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro”
Feb - Mar 2011                                 Archdiocesan News                                                                                                                                            3
 SJVTS marks PCP
 II 20th anniversary
                                                         Prison chaplains, volunteers gather
By Mark Harvey Elloren

     To commemorate the 20th anniversary
                                                              for assembly in Tagaytay
                                                        Two bishops, 33 chaplains, 16 religious              Discussion on Concerns and Chal- serve, move on and look forward to a bet-
of Second Plenary Council of the Philip-            sisters and 169 lay volunteers attended             lenges in the Prison Ministry and Possible ter future.
pines (PCP II), St. John Vianney Theologi-          the 8th General Assembly of Chaplains               solutions followed. The participants were         The 8th General Assembly ended with
cal Seminary presented an exhibit with              and Volunteers in Prison Service (VIPS) on          divided into their ecclesiastical region. a Eucharistic Celebration presided by Bp.
the themes: Media and Communication,                February 3-6, 2011, at the Carmelite Mis-           Among the concerns and challenges men- Artemio Rillera, S.V.D. of the Diocese of
Church involvement in the State/Gov-
ernment, and Integrity of Creation. The             sionaries Center of Spirituality in Tagaytay        tioned were the problems of congestion, San Fernando de La Union, who is the vice
themes are the pressing issues facing our           City. The theme for the event was “To-              poor facilities, corruption, slow judicial Chairman of CBCP- ECPPC and Bishop of
Church in these modern times.                       wards justice that moves beyond punish-             process, lack of programs of rehabilitation, the Diocese of San Fernando La Union.
     This exhibit was one of the activities         ment”. The Archdiocese of Cagayan de                lack of volunteers and priests to attend to During this celebration, the participants
in the annual Academic Convocation of               Oro was represented by Prison Ministry              the prison concerns. Some participants ex- made a pledge of commitment. Each del-
the seminary last February 22-23, 2011.             Overall Chairman Fr. Angelo Durana, arch-           pressed frustration at their real “helpless- egate received their mission cross and a
The Academic Convention summarized                  diocesan VIPS Gilda Pates, Tess Serrano,            ness” in confronting the above problems candle signifying their desire to be a light
all the theories they learned in the class-         and VIPS representatives from Bugo, Bu-             but also reaffirm their commitment in the to others, instrument of healing and rec-
room through creative presentations such            lua, Gingoog, and Camaman-an.                       face of inmates expressing gratitude for onciliation. The units who requested to be
as songs, dance, exhibits, and debates on               The gathering opened with the intro-            their material and spiritual support.         accredited were also presented by Bishop
some issues. This year Academic Convoca-
tion’s theme was “Learning and preaching            duction of participating volunteer units by              Fr. Willy Samson, S.J., of the Ateneo Rillera, Gerard Ian Bernabe and Rodolfo
the WORD through the language of the                National VIPS Coordinator Gerry Bernabe             de Zamboanga University, spoke regard- Diamante with the certificate of accredita-
world.”                                             and a welcoming address by Bp. Pedro                ing “The Spirituality of Prison Ministry,” tion and a candle which they promised to
     The creative presentations, grouped            Arigo, Vicar Apostolic of Puerto Princesa           explaining that the basic movement in light each time they meet. n
according to the English class of the semi-         and chairman of the Catholic Bishops’               prison spirituality
narians, were a competition. One group              Conference of the Philippines Episcopal             is from hostility to
presented debates on the recent Repro-              Commission on Prison and Pastoral Care              hospitality, from
ductive Health Bill and they won the first          (CBCP-ECPPC). CBCP-ECPPC Executive Sec-             chaos to cosmos,
place. Some presented interpretative                retary Rodolfo Diamante then introduced             from sinfulness
dance and speech choir.                             the assembly’s staff and stated the assem-          to reformation,
     On the second day of the event, Bro
Karl Gaspar, CcSR, a noted Mindanao an-             bly’s objectives: fellowship and theologi-          and from slavery
thropologist gave a detailed symposium              cal and pastoral updating. Bp. Arigo then           to freedom. He
about the theme.                                    celebrated a Mass in which he thanked               explained       that
     This annual convocation is an effort to        the participants for their involvement and          the role of the
connect theology to other disciplines in            their desire to come together despite dif-          volunteers is to
academe and to improve the intellectual             ficulties.                                          provide an envi-
formation of the seminarians. Another                   Fr. Silvino Borres, S.J., President of the      ronment where
breakthrough this year is the renovation            Coalition Against Death Penalty and rec-            the prisoners may
of the seminary library by adding one floor         tor of San Jose Seminary, Ateneo de Ma-             develop a positive
from its original two-storey building. The          nila University, gave an exposition on the          outlook and posi-
renovation is expected to be completed
by April, ready for the next formation              aforementioned theme, followed by a talk            tive relationships.
year 2011-2012. The renovation of the               on “the various UN and local instruments            He urged the the
new SJVTS library is being funded by the            to enhance the dignity of the persons de-           volunteers to “un-
Jesuits, Japan province. The seminary is in         prived of liberty” by Atty. Ricardo “Bomb-          tie” the prison-
need of more funds for the completion of            bie” Sunga of the University of the Philip-         ers’ hand and feet Representatives from all over the Philippines gather for the 8th General
the new library. n                                  pines.                                              so that they can Assembly of Chaplains and Volunteers in Prison Service in Tagaytay.

        More than 500 priests                                                                               Fr. Ceballos inaugurates
       attend DCM convention                                                                                SJA commercial building
    More than 500 secular priests and 11 of         break the development of Mindanao” and              By Grace Marie M. Aguilar                                  The new commercial building contrib-
their bishops in southern Philippines attend-       urged them to seize the new “climate of                                                                    utes a lot for the progress of El Salvador,
ed the three-day Diocesan Clergy of Mindan-         peace”.                                                 Rev. Fr. Macky V. Ceballos, SSJV, the              Misamis Oriental especially now that it is re-
ao (DCM) convention held on February 14-16               He said local Catholic pastors must claim      School Director of St. Joseph Academy (SJA)            verted back to its cityhood status. The loca-
here in Zamboanga City. Thirty-eight of the         ownership of the exhortations made by bish-         inaugurated the new income generating                  tion of the building is also ideal for business
500 priests were from Cagayan de Oro.               ops of the Philippines regarding peace and          project (IGP) building March 4, 2011.                  as it is located along the National Highway.
    During the welcome Eucharistic celebra-         governance through their 26 pastoral letters            Before the blessing of the new building            The second floor of this two-storey building
tion at the shrine of the Nuestra Señora del        and statements on the two subjects from             took place, Fr. Ceballos celebrated a Holy             will be for the new classrooms and labora-
Pilar on Monday evening, host Archbishop            1986 to the present.                                Eucharist. The Mass was also timed for the             tory rooms. Once fully furnished, the class-
Romulo Valles told the priests that they                 Our bishops “are not wanting in their          First Friday mass of the school. After the             rooms will house better equipment and
stand on “sacred ground” where the Roman            statements” on these concerns, he told his          Mass, the school personnel, together with              facilities for learning. This preparation for
Catholic faith first took root and from there       fellow priests, and our challenge is to pro-        selected students, went to the commercial              new facilities and classrooms is undertaken
spread throughout Mindanao. Fort Pilar was          mote and implement their exhortations –             building area to join in the blessing. Fr. Ce-         to anticipate the implementation of the 12-
the home base of the first Spanish Jesuit mis-      from interfaith solidarity to fight against cor-    ballos, as head of the institution, led the in-        year basic education curriculum program (K
sionaries who came to evangelize starting in        ruption to total human development, among           auguration ceremony.                                   to12) of the Aquino administration.
the 1600s.                                          others.                                                 Meanwhile, Mr. Modesto M. Abaday,                      This income generating project build-
    Valles said during the mass that the first           The lessons in these pastoral letters and      School Principal, together with Mrs. Ceci-             ing is of great help for the school as one of
Zamboanguenos who lived in and around               statements are that peace is founded on de-         lia O. Rafols, School’s Academic Supervisor,           the sources of income to support its plan
the fort overcame hardships and dangers             velopment and social justice and on a need to       and some representatives of the lessees,               for a better and competitive educational
because they “placed all their trust in Our         work with peoples belonging to all faith tradi-     spearheaded the cutting of the ribbons.                system and able personnel. These commer-
Mother” and through her on “our Savior”.            tions as well as to foster peace education in       The rest of the lessees of the 12-space com-           cial spaces will start operating on March 8,
‘They prayed together, and that is how they         schools, he said. The overarching themes to         mercial building were also present to grace            2011. n
became church,”, he said.                           build peace and promote good governance,            the joyous event of the school.
    They taught by example, by the way they         he emphasized, are discipleship such as             Fr. Ceballos offered prayers
lived their faith and this is how each genera-      learning from the poor, participation through       and blessed each commercial
tion inspired the next, Archbishop Valles said.     inclusion of all stakeholders, communion            space of the building.
Even we priests in Zamboanga come to pray           that binds all together in common quests,               The school administra-
and light candles here, and we are inspired         and servant-leadership wherein the priests          tion, headed by Fr. Ceballos,
by the strong devotion of the people in Our         put themselves in the service of people.            together with Mrs. Rosita A.
Mother, he told the visitors.                            The archbishops and bishops also gave          Daya, former SJA Alumni Presi-
    The convention brought together the             short talks to the general assembly on topics       dent, initiated the construc-
diocesan priests, who total to over 700             ranging from environment to liturgy to up-          tion of the said edifice. The
in Mindanao, for pastoral sharings and to           coming regional ecclesiastical events.              groundbreaking of the build-
strengthen their bond towards one another,               Zamboanga archdiocesan vicar-general           ing happened on November
archdiocese’s publicity committee chairman          Msgr. Crisologo Manungas said the conven-           22 and the construction began
Msgr. David Alonzo said. They also engaged          tion is part of the two-year long centenary         in December 2009. The target
in sports activities in the afternoon of the sec-   jubilee of the archdiocese as the first diocese     to fully finish and furnish the
ond day; the third and last day was capped          in Mindanao. The main venue of the DCM              building is March 2011. Dif-
by a closing morning eucharistic mass in the        convention was the Tetuan parish’s St. Igna-        ferent fund raising activities
Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathe-           tius of Loyola church, which is also marking        were organized by the school
dral.                                               its 150th anniversary this year as the first par-   administration with the help of
    Ateneo de Zamboanga University presi-           ish established in Mindanao.                        the SJA Alumni Association and
dent Fr. Antonio Moreno gave the main talk               Msgr. Manungas as local DCM coordina-          Parents, Teachers, Students
on the second day on the subject of the con-        tor closely assisted DCM president Fr. Danny            Association of the school.
vention theme of “The Word of God, Our Re-          Fuentes of Davao Oriental in managing the           Some generous individuals
sponse to Good Governance and Peace”.               convention activities and requirements.             were also of great help as they
    Fr. Moreno told the participants that           (Press Release, Zamboanga Today Online )            extended their helpinga hand
“peace and good governance will make or             n                                                   and generosity to the school.       Fr. Ceballos prepares to bless the commercial building premises at SJA.
 4                                                                            Vatican                                                                                         LAMDAG
                                                                                                                                                                                        Feb - Mar 2011

       Pope: Lent Is Intense Time of Meaning, Not Sadness                                           life,” the Pontiff stated. “Instead, it is a precious   that oppresses it, to have us take part in his
                                                                                                    gift of God; it is an intense time full of meaning      joy.”
                                                                                                    in the journey of the Church; it is the itinerary            He urged, “Our world needs to be
                                                                                                    to the Lord’s Easter.”                                  converted to God; it needs his forgiveness, his
                                                                                                          He noted that Lent is “about putting into         love; it needs a new heart.”
                                                                                                    practice an attitude of genuine conversion                   The Holy Father observed, “We can all
                                                                                                    to God -- of return to him -- recognizing his           open ourselves to God’s action, to his love,
                                                                                                    holiness, his power, his majesty.”                      with our evangelical witness.
                                                                                                          “And this conversion is possible because               He continued: “We Christians must be a
                                                                                                    God is rich in mercy and great in love,” the Holy       living message; in fact, in many cases we are
                                                                                                    Father said.                                            the only Gospel that the men of today still
                                                                                                          “His is a regenerating mercy, which creates       read.
                                                                                                    a pure heart in us, renews our interior in a firm            “This is our responsibility, following the
                                                                                                    spirit, restoring to us the joy of salvation,” he       steps of St. Paul; here is another reason to live
                                                                                                    added.                                                  Lent well: to give witness of a lived faith to a
                                                                                                          Benedict XVI affirmed, “God, in fact, does        world in difficulty that needs to return to God,
                                                                                                    not will the death of the sinner, but that he be        which is in need of conversion.”
                                                                                                    converted and live.”                                         Benedict XVI urged, “Let us begin this
                                                                                                          Lent is “a journey of forty days where we         Lenten itinerary confident and joyful.”
                                                                                                    can experience in an effective way the merciful              “Forty days separate us from Easter,” he
                                                                                                    love of God,” the Pope said.                            said. “This ‘intense’ time of the liturgical year
                                                                                                                                                            is a propitious time to attend, with greater
                                                                                                    Conversion                                              commitment, to our conversion, to intensify
                                                                                                        He noted that we are “called to convert our         listening to the Word of God, prayer and
                                                                                                    hearts to God, conscious that we cannot carry           penance, opening our hearts to the docile
    VATICAN CITY, MARCH 10, 2011 (Zenit.              The Pope stated this in a homily for Ash      out our conversion by ourselves, with our own           acceptance of the divine will, for a more
org).- Although Lent is commonly thought of in    Wednesday, during a Mass he presided over in      efforts, because it is God who converts us.”            generous practice of mortification, thanks to
terms of darkness and sadness, it is rather, an   the Roman Basilica of St. Sabina.                     “He offers us once again his forgiveness,”          which we will go more readily to help our needy
intensely meaningful time for the Church, says        “In common opinion, this time runs the risk   the Pontiff stated, “inviting us to return to him       neighbor: a spiritual itinerary that prepares us
Benedict XVI.                                     of being marked by sadness, by the darkness of    to give us a new heart, purified from the evil          to receive the Paschal Mystery.”n

   Address of Pope Benedict XVI to the Bishops of Mindanao and Ecclesiastical
     Province of Lipa on the Occasion of their visit “Ad Limina Apostolorum”
My dear Brother Bishops,                          As you continue to strengthen catechesis          their younger confreres along the path                  into an honest and amicable dialogue with
                                                  in your dioceses, do not fail to include in       toward a mature and well-balanced way of                the followers of those religions whenever
    It is with joy that I welcome you as you      it an outreach to families, with particular       priestly living.                                        possible (cf. Nostra Aetate, 2). In doing
make your visit ad Limina Apostolorum. I          care for parents in their role as the first            Moreover, priests of all ages require              so, the Church works toward mutual
extend my cordial greetings through you           educators of their children in the faith. This    ongoing care. Regular days of recollection,             understanding and the advancement of the
to the priests, religious, and faithful of        work is already evident in your support of        yearly retreats and convocations, as well               common good of humanity. I commend you
your various dioceses. Our meeting today          the family in the face of influences which        as programs for continuing education and                for the work you have already done and I
affords me the opportunity to thank you           would diminish or destroy its rights and          assistance for priests who may be facing                encourage you, by means of the dialogue
collectively for the pastoral work you            integrity. I appreciate that providing this       difficulties, are to be promoted. I am                  that has been established, to continue to
carry out with love for Christ and for his        kind of catechetical formation is no small        confident that you will also find ways to               promote the path to true and lasting peace
people. As Saint Paul says, “Let us not           task, and I take the opportunity to salute        support those priests whose assignments                 with all of your neighbors, never failing to
grow weary of doing good; if we do not            the many religious sisters and lay catechists     leave them isolated. It is gratifying to note           treat each person, no matter his or her
relax our efforts, in due time we shall reap      who assist you in this important work.            how the Second National Congress for the                beliefs, as created in the image of God.
our harvest” (Gal 6:9). With these words,              Indeed, as diocesan bishops you never        Clergy, held during the Year for Priests,                    Finally, as we strive not to “grow
the Apostle encourages his readers to do          face any challenge alone, being assisted          was just such an occasion for renewal and               weary of doing good,” we are reminded
good to all, but especially to those of the       first and foremost by your clergy. Along          fraternal support. In order to build upon this          that the greatest good that we can offer
household of the faith. He presents us with       with you, they have devoted their lives           momentum, I encourage you to profit from                those whom we serve is given to us in the
a double imperative, one which is the most        to the service of God and his people, and         the yearly celebration of Holy Thursday,                Eucharist. In the Holy Mass, the faithful
appropriate to your ministry as bishops           require in their turn your fatherly care.         during which the Church commemorates                    receive the grace needed to be transformed
in the central and southern islands of the        As you are aware, you and your fellow             the priesthood in a special way. In                     in Jesus Christ. It is heartening that many
Philippine archipelago. You must labor in         bishops have a particular duty to know            accordance with their solemn promises                   Filipinos attend Sunday Mass, but this does
doing good among Christians and non-              your priests well and to guide them with          at ordination, remind your priests of their             not leave room for complacency on your
Christians alike.                                 sincere concern, while priests are always to      commitment to celibacy, obedience, and                  part as shepherds. It is your task, and that
    Regarding “those of the household             be prepared to fulfill humbly and faithfully      an ever greater dedication to pastoral                  of your priests, never to grow weary in
of the faith” who require your your               the tasks entrusted to them. In such a spirit     service. In living out their promises, these            pursuing the lost sheep, making sure that
apostolic care, the Church in your                of mutual cooperation for the sake of the         men will become true spiritual fathers with             all the faithful draw life from the great gift
respective regions naturally shares many          Kingdom of God, surely “in due time we            a personal and psychological maturity that              given to us in the Sacred Mysteries.
of the pastoral challenges confronting            shall reap our harvest” of faith.                 will grow to mirror the paternity of God.                    Dear Brother Bishops, I thank the Lord
the rest of the country. Among them,                   Many of your dioceses already have in             With respect to Saint Paul’s command               for these days of your visit to the City of
one of the most important is the task of          place programs of continuing formation            to do good to those not of the household                Peter and Paul, during which God has
ongoing catechetical formation. The deep          for young priests, assisting them in their        of the faith, dialogue with other religions             strengthened our bonds of communion.
personal piety of your people needs to be         transition from the structured schedule           remains a high priority, especially in the              Through the intercession of the Blessed
nourished and supported by a profound             of the seminary to the more independent           southern areas of your country. While the               Virgin Mary, may the good Lord bring
understanding of and appreciation for the         setting of parish life. Along these lines, it     Church proclaims without fail that Christ               your work to completion. I assure you of a
teachings of the Church in matters of faith       is also helpful for them to be assigned           is the way, the truth, and the life (cf. Jn             remembrance in my prayers and willingly
and morals. Indeed, these elements are            mentors from among those older priests            14:6), nevertheless she respects all that is            impart to you and to the faithful entrusted
required in order for the human heart to          who have proven themselves to be faithful         true and good in other religions, and she               to your care my Apostolic Blessing as a
give its full and proper response to God.         servants of the Lord. These men can guide         seeks, with prudence and charity, to enter              pledge of grace and peace. n

  Vatican creates online presence for John Paul II as beatification nears
                                                            atified Pope John Paul II.                  One more miracle must be approved                   for the moment, including English.
                                                                 The Vatican’s television center    before official recognition of his sainthood                Fr. Lombardi said that that they “would
                                                            and Vatican Radio have teamed           and subsequent “canonization” in the                    be happy if all those who, also from other
                                                            up with the Pontifical Council for      Church.                                                 sites and personal Facebook pages, wish to
                                                            Social Communications to produce            The Facebook page also offers a series of           link together to share this wealth of images
                                                            two new webpages on YouTube             year-in-review video clips—beginning with               and sounds.”
                                                            and Facebook.                           Pope John Paul II’s election to the papacy in               For him, the memory of the late-Pope
                                                                 The Facebook page offers au-       1978—that are gradually being uploaded to               lives on with youth today, but social net-
                                                            dio and video content to prepare        YouTube. The videos present images from                 works do even more to make his presence
                                                            “friends” and any other passersby       papal trips and speeches to highlight the               more easily accessible in a multimedia for-
                                                            for the beatification of the late-      major events of the individual years.                   mat.
                                                            Pope on May 1, 2011.                        According to a statement from the Vati-                 “We must seek to emit a huge wave of
                                                                 The viewer can see videos from     can, the projects carry the seal of the Vati-           positivity, of friendship, of spiritual values
                                                            the Vatican’s YouTube sites that re-    can and has the objective of “accompany-                through the open paths of social networks,”
                                                            count various milestones on Pope        ing” the faithful on the route to the May 1             said Fr. Lombardi. “And what could be more
                                                            John Paul’s path to beatification,      beatification. Through the intitiative, they            beautiful and powerful than the image and
                                                            including the Jan. 14 announce-         hope to make a part of the “vast documen-               voice of a Pope who was so loved by all of
                                                            ment of the upcoming ceremony           tary patrimony” of the Vatican television               humanity?”
                                                            in Rome.                                and radio archives available for greater ac-                He welcomed the collaboration of
                                                                 Beatification is a step on the     cess.                                                   all people, young and old, to spread the
By Alan Holdren                                             road to sainthood and John Paul             Father Federico Lombardi, SJ, Vatican               “positive messages, the messages of hope
                                                  II’s “cause” was approved this year by Pope       spokesman and director of both the radio                through social networks” and new tech-
    Vatican City, Mar 14, 2011 / 11:45 am         Benedict XVI after a miracle was attributed       and television centers, told Vatican Radio              nologies.
(CNA/EWTN News).- With the help of Face-          to his intercession. The miracle involved a       on March 14 that the webpages were creat-                   The new pages, located at www.you-
book and YouTube users, the Vatican hopes         French religious sister who was cured of          ed to put people back in contact with John              tube.com/giovannipaoloii and www.fa-
to create a broad audience for material on        Parkinson’s disease after praying for his         Paul II through images and words.                       cebook.com/vatican.johnpaul2, are now
the life and teachings of the soon-to-be be-      help.                                                 Videos are available in five languages              available online. n
LAMDAG      Features
Feb - Mar 2011              5
    Photos from the First
Social Action Month Launching

                           Balay Canossa Foundation.                                                                     Camiguin District.

  Ad Extra Director Fr.                       The MUST Dance Troupe present a native dance.                       L-R: Fr. Val Pozniak, S.M., Fr. Nathaniel Lerio, Fr. Boy
 Nathaniel Lerio gives the                                                                                       Salvador, Fr. Ricardo Pagatpatan, and Fr. Bong Polinar.
   welcoming address.

 Mr. Primitivo Rufin,        Ms. Fernandez and Ms. Cherilnu Acubo of DSWD                                The Ad Extra team with Fr. Nathan Lerio, SSJV
   former Project                     receive tokens of appreciation.
 Manager for Major                                                                                                                                        Photos by Emann Machado
 Poverty Reduction
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                                                                                                                                                                                          Feb - Mar 2011

Pope Benedict prays for victims of disaster in Japan, sends aid
                                                                                                           “Obviously, material, concrete aid is nec-        only have the government announcements,
                                                                                                      essary” to help the thousands who are suffer-          we have no other source of information. We
                                                                                                      ing, Msgr. Anthony Figueiredo, a Cor Unum of-          don’t even know what has happened to our
                                                                                                      ficial, told Vatican Radio. “Also, the bishops are     parishes in the towns and villages along the
                                                                                                      the first responsible for charity in the diocese       coast. We have no way of contacting them. I
                                                                                                      and they know the needs of the people.”                can only hope that the people of my diocese
                                                                                                           “The church wants to be there not only in         can stand together and be strong enough to
                                                                                                      the short term but especially in the long term,”       overcome this disaster.”
                                                                                                      after “many of the secular agencies have gone               In a message March 13 to members of the
                                                                                                      and there’s no one to help,” he said.                  Orthodox Church, Ecumenical Patriarch Bar-
                                                                                                           Bishop Marcellino Daiji Tani of Saitama,          tholomew of Constantinople said the Japa-
                                                                                                      one of the dioceses hit hardest by the disas-          nese tragedy demonstrates the threat posed
                                                                                                      ter, told the Catholic missionary news agency          by nuclear power plants and it calls for serious
                                                                                                      Fides that the catastrophe is a reminder that          reflection.
                                                                                                      “life is in the hands of God and that life is a gift        “With all due respect to the science and
                                                                                                      from God,” and he described the tragedy as a           technology of nuclear energy and for the sake
                                                                                                      challenge for Christians during Lent “to prac-         of the survival of the human race, we counter-
                                                                                                      tice and witness to the commandment of love            propose the safer green forms of energy,” the
                                                                                                      and brotherly love.”                                   patriarch said.
                                                                                                           However, he also told Fides, “Of particular            The Orthodox patriarch, who is a leading
By Sara Angle                                          Speaking in Italian after the Angelus, the     concern to us is the situation of the nuclear          proponent of a Christian environmental theol-
Catholic News Service                              pope said, “The images of the tragic earth-        power plant in Fukushima. But we must take             ogy, said in his message, “Our Creator granted
                                                   quake and the consequent tsunami in Japan          courage, with the help of the Holy Spirit.”            us the gifts of the sun, wind, water and ocean,
    VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Saying he, too, was      have left us deeply horrified.                          Reactors at the Fukushima plant were              all of which may safely and sufficiently pro-
horrified by the images of the death and de-           “I want to renew my spiritual closeness        hit by explosions and Japanese officials were          vide energy. Therefore we ask: Why do we
struction caused by the earthquake and tsu-        to that country’s dear people, who with dig-       working to avoid leakage of radiation. They            persist in adopting such dangerous sources of
nami in Japan, Pope Benedict XVI asked peo-        nity and courage are dealing with the conse-       ordered evacuations for hundreds of thou-              energy?”
ple to join him in praying for the victims.        quences of the calamity. I pray for the victims    sands of people.                                            Meanwhile, the director of Caritas Japan
    “May the bereaved and injured be               and their families and for all who are suffering        Bishop Martin Tetsuo Hiraga of Sendai,            told Fides, “This painful event may be an op-
comforted and may the rescue workers be            because of these terrible events. I encour-        the diocese most affected by the quake and             portunity to spread the values of the Gospel,
strengthened in their efforts to assist the cou-   age all those who, with laudable speed, are        tsunami, said many area residents, cut off             that is, the fraternity of all men and women,
rageous Japanese people,” the pope said in         working to bring help. Let us remain united in     without electricity and with some phone ser-           the building of common good, the recognition
English March 13 after reciting the Angelus        prayer.”                                           vice just restored, were unaware of the wors-          that every person has the dignity of a child of
prayer with visitors in St. Peter’s Square.            The Pontifical Council Cor Unum, the           ening situation at the Fukushima plant.                God and is important in the eyes of God.
    Government officials estimated that per-       Vatican’s charity promotion and coordinating            “You living in other countries have a much             “If with our work and our witness, we
haps 10,000 people lost their lives after the      office, announced March 14 that the pope           better idea of the tragedy,” the bishop told           can communicate that then from this evil
earthquake March 11 and the tsunami it trig-       donated $100,000 to the relief efforts of the      Vatican Radio March 15.                                will come good,” the Caritas official, Father
gered.                                             Japanese bishops’ conference.                           “We are terrified,” the bishop said. “We          Daisuke Narui, told Fides.n

  Dangers of Nuclear Power                                                                               Pope calls for aid to civilians in
     Many people wonder if nuclear power
 is a safe alternative even as they confess
                                                   taining the accident was more than all
                                                   the energy cost savings of all the nuclear            Libya; Catholic agencies step in
 that alternative forms of fuel are neces-         power plants in the Soviet Union from
 sary to meet the increasing demand for            1954 to 1990. Three Mile Island (1979)             By Carol Glatz                                         the Libyan authorities to surrender,” he
 power. For several years, nuclear power           was the worst disaster in the United               Catholic News Service                                  said.
 was the up and coming way to provide in-          States. Radiation contamination to sur-                                                                        “I still believe in the possibility of dia-
 expensive energy to populations around            rounding areas increased cases of cancer                                                                  logue to find a way out,” he added.
 the world. Popularity for nuclear power           and plant mutation.                                     VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- As fighting be-                  Meanwhile, Catholic aid agencies mobi-
                                                                                                      tween rebels and government forces in                  lized to provide assistance to some of the
 received crushing blows with disasters                The effects of the disasters are still be-
                                                                                                      Libya intensified, Pope Benedict XVI called            tens of thousands of foreign and migrant
 like Three Mile Island and Chernobyl.             ing uncovered. With radioactive materials
                                                                                                      for aid and assistance to civilians caught in          workers fleeing the violence who gathered
     Today the world holds around 436 nu-          that remain lethal for thousands of years,
                                                                                                      the conflict.                                          along the Libyan-Tunisian border.
 clear power plants in about 30 countries          experts may never know the true devas-                  “Recent clashes have caused many                       A spokesman for Jesuit Refugee Service,
 that provide around 15% of the world’s            tation caused by the accidents.                    deaths and an increasing humanitarian cri-             which runs a major operation in Malta for
 electricity. The reliability of the nuclear                                                          sis” in Libya, the pope said after praying the         refugees from North Africa, said the agency
 plants as well as their efficiency are in-        From waste to weapon - the plutonium               Angelus with pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s          was assessing how best to respond to the
 creasing, making nuclear power one of             created during the fission process can             Square March 6.                                        crisis at the border.
 the least expensive forms of power. The           be used to create nuclear weapons. It                   He expressed his concern over the                      Caritas Internationalis and Catholic Re-
 energy from just one small pellet of the          would only take 18 pounds of weapons-              growing crisis and said his prayers were               lief Services planned to start distributing
 enriched uranium that is used in the              grade plutonium to create a bomb that              with all victims and “those who find them-             2,000 meals and 3,000 bottles of water at
 plants can produce the same amount of             would cause the same damage as the one             selves in distress.”                                   the eastern border March 7. The effort was
 electricity as one ton of coal.                   dropped on Nagasaki in World War II.                    “I appeal for assistance and aid for the          expected to reach 5,000 people stranded at
     Nuclear power might be a great way                 The International Atomic Energy               people who are hit” by the crisis, he said.            the crossing into Salloum, Egypt.
 to provide energy, but the dangers of             Agency (IAEA) monitors the world’s nu-                  More than 1,000 people were believed                   The agencies planned to have their own
 the nuclear power outweigh the benefits           clear facilities to safeguard against the          to have died in the two weeks after pro-               distribution network established by March
 for residents located near a plant (or a          waste being used in weapons. Its power             democracy protests began in mid-February.              10, said a CRS spokeswoman.
 planned plant) and for many people con-           is limited. Some countries do not allow            A violent crackdown on the popular move-                    The effort is being coordinated by the
 cerned about the effects of nuclear waste         for regular inspections.                           ment also triggered a large exodus of peo-             U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees and
 on the environment.                                    Measurements can have uncertainties           ple, including migrants; more than 100,000             the International Organization for Migra-
                                                   making it impossible for the IAEA to de-           people were said to have fled to Egypt and             tion.
 The Downsides of Nuclear Power                    tect all possible diversions of the nuclear        Tunisia.                                                    Many of those fleeing from Libya into
 Waste products - nuclear power plants             waste. In one year, there is enough pluto-              Rebels opposed to the 42-year rule of             Tunisia at Ras Ajdir reported being intimi-
 produce energy from fission. That process         nium created around the world to create            Col. Moammar Gadhafi tried to take control             dated and having their mobile phones and
 splits the neutrons (tiny particles making        34,000 nuclear weapons.                            of cities in the country’s western and east-           cameras confiscated. In all, more than
 up an element) of the uranium atom and                                                               ern regions, and forces loyal to the Libyan            213,000 foreign workers have fled Libya
 leaves the plant with lots of energy and a        Environmental impact - the risk of acci-           dictator launched aerial bombing raids in a            since mid-February when the uprising be-
 man-made product of plutonium that is             dents from nuclear power plants is only            counteroffensive.                                      gan.
 now highly radioactive.                           one of the issues that concern environ-                 Bishop Giovanni Martinelli of Tripoli, Lib-            The Associated Press reported March 7
     Nuclear power plants have to find a           mentalists. Each of the steps taken to cre-        ya, said there were clashes “in the mosque             that about 110,000 people had fled to Tuni-
 way to store the waste plutonium so that          ate nuclear energy has an environmental            after prayers in central Tripoli” March 4, but         sia, 90,000 to Egypt and 3,000 to Niger. n
 it has time to lose its radioactivity. The        impact. The simple mining of the uranium           that most of the capi-
 average nuclear power plant produces              contaminates the groundwater and land.             tal is currently “well-
 20 metric tons of radioactive waste. Heat         The plants, animals and humans in the              guarded” by govern-
 and radiation from the waste corrodes             region are affected by the process. The            ment forces.
 any containers making transporting and            entire ecosystem can be damaged or de-                  However, “the
 storing the waste dangerous to the envi-          stroyed. The radioactivity of the waste            situation is very un-
 ronment. Even the parts and equipment             plutonium has many experts concerned.              certain and for the
 that come into contact with the waste be-         It has been predicted that just half a ki-         moment anything
 come radioactive (although this is a much         logram (or about one pound) of the plu-            is possible,” Bishop
 lower level of radioactivity). It takes tens      tonium - if evenly distributed around the          Martinelli told Fides,
 of thousands of years for the radioactive         world - could be enough to cause cancer            the news agency of
 levels to reduce to acceptable levels.            in the entire Earth’s population because           the Congregation for
                                                   of its high radioactivity.                         the Evangelization of
 Past disasters cost more than money -                 Nuclear power is still a young energy          Peoples.
 Chernobyl (1986) was one of the worst             source. There is much more that needs to                “In my view, the
 disasters in the history of nuclear power.        be studied before the benefits of nuclear          international embar-
 The accident cause radiation levels to rise       energy outweigh the dangers. (Recycle.             go and threats are Rebel fighters run from shrapnel during heavy shelling by forces loyal to
 as far away as Scotland. The cost of con-         co.uk) n                                           unlikely to convince Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi near Bin Jawad, Libya, March 6.
Feb - Mar 2011                                                              Columns                                                                                                             7
“Faith in Action for Social transformation” IUD ug aborsyon: may kalambigitan ba?
                                                  bana sa mga sukaranang panginahanglan sa            Pasiuna
                                                  isigkatawo.                                              Daghang sa atong kababaehan karon
                                                       Sa laing bahin, ang halad sa mga lampingasan   migamit o nagpataud og IUD ubos sa tin-
                                                  – kadtong nanlupig ug nagyatak sa katungod          guha nga malikayan ang pagmabdos. Apan
                                                  sa uban – dili gayud sa Diyos kamut-an; ang         wala sila masayod nga kining IUD magsilbi
                                                  maong sakripisyo nahimo lamang insulto sa           dili lamang isip kontraseptibo kondili isip
                                                  Diyosnong Kaayo. Kung buot kang kaloy-an            abortifacient o makapakuha’g bata sa ti-
                                                  sa Ginoo, pagpakita og kaluoy sa isigkatawo.        yan sa inahan. Aron kini masabtan, atong
                                                  Kung ikaw nangayo nianang imong gihikaw             ipatin-aw dinhi unsa ang IUD, unsa ang
  (Homiliya ni Boy Salvador atol sa Misa          sa nanginahanglan, ang imong pagpangayo             iyang lihok ug ngano nga kini usa ka paagi
   didto sa Provincial Capitol Grounds sa         usa ka pagbugalbugal sa kahitas-an.                 sa aborsyon, ug unsa ang kadaot nga ma-           song bata. Dugang pa niini, ang IUD mura
paglusad sa Social Action Month niadtong               Ang katilingbanong pagpakabana ka-             hatag niini sa lawas sa babaye.                   usab og silhig sulod sa sabakan nga maoy
               Marso 5, 2011)                     bahin gayud sa kasaulogan sa Eyukaristiya,                                                            hinungdan nga malaglag ang inosenteng
                                                  matud pa ni Papa Juan Pablo II. Sa iyang su-        Unsa ang IUD?                                     bata gikan sa matris sa iyang inahan. Sa
     Mahimo naman unta kadto nga saulogon         lat Mane Nobiscum Domine, siya miingon                  Ang IUD (o Intra Uterine Device) usa          maong mga paagi, ang IUD usa ka matang
nato kining Santos nga Misa didto na sulod        nga ang Eyukaristiya matawag lamang nga             ka gamay nga himan nga hinimo sa plastik          sa aborsyon.
sa Katedral. Apan nganong mibaktas pa man         matinud-anon kung kini mapadayag diha sa            ug may pormang “T”. Ipasulod kini ngadto              Ang Batakang Balaod sa Pilipinas ug ang
gayud kita padulong dinhi sa Kapitolyo Prob-      pagpakig-abin (solidarity) uban sa mga kabus        sa matris o sabakan sa usa ka babaye agi          Simbahang Katoliko adunay hiniusang baro-
insyal? Nganong gisaulog man nato kining          ug nanginahanglan.                                  sa iyang kinatawo para mapugngan ang              ganan nga ang kinabuhi sa tawo magsugod
Santos nga Misa dinhi niining publiko nga ha-          Patay ang pagtuo nga wala ihubad ngadto        pagmabdos. Ang binag-o nga IUD adunay             sa panahon sa conception o panagtagbo
wanan, init, alimuot ug masaba gumikan sa         sa buhat, matud pa ni San Juan. Ang pagtuo          sagol nga aktibong kemikal sama sa proges-        sa binhi sa lalaki ug sa itlog sa babaye. Sa
gapanglabay nga mga sakyanan?                     nga taman lamang sa pagpaminaw sa pulong            terone ug kobre (copper) nga makatabang           maong higayon usa ka sagradong kinabuhi
     Buot natong imantala agi niini nga ang       apan walay pagtuman diha sa lihok gipaki-           sa pagpugong sa pagmabdos.                        sa tawo ang nahimugso. Ug sanglit ang IUD
matinud-anong pagtuo dili magpabilin nga          sama sa tawong buang-buang nga nagtukod                                                               molihok sa pagpatay ning maong kinabuhi
pribado ug nga nalukong sulod sa Simbahan,        og balay ibabaw sa balas; pag-abot sa bagyo,        Unsa ang mga lihok sa IUD?                        pinaagi sa pagdumili niini sa sabakan sa ina-
kondili kinahanglan nga kini mapadayag gayud      kini naguba sa hingpit.                                  Adunay duha ka mga lihok ang IUD.            han, kini angay lamang nga tawgon og abor-
diha sa atong katilingbanong kinabuhi. Ang                                                            Una, kini makapugong sa pagpanamkon               tifacient o tigpanglaglag o tigpatay sa usa ka
relihiyon kinahanglan nga makig-diyalugo sa       2. Ang atong paglihok alang sa katilingba-          (fertilization) o panagtagbo sa binhi sa lalaki   inosenteng bata.
kalibutan, i.e., sa kultura, politika, ekonomi-   nong kabag-ohan nagsumikad sa pagtuo.               (sperm) ug sa itlog sa babaye (egg). Ang ke-
ya, ug uban pang mga gambalay sa kinabuhi             Ang nagtulod kanato sa pagpanginlabot           mikal nga nagauban sa IUD moguba sa pro-
sa katawhan. Ang matuod nga pagsimba              ug pagpaningkamot alang sa kausaban sa              ceso sa pagpangitlog (ovulation) sa babaye        Unsa ang kadaot nga mahimo sa IUD sa la-
maghatud kanato ngadto sa pagpanginlabot          katilingban dili pilosopiya, ni ideyolohiya, ni     ug maoy mohimong lagtok o mapikiton sa            was sa Babaye?
alang sa pagbag-o sa katilingban.                 kultura o bisan unsang hinungdan nga tawh-          duga (mucus) duol sa iyang matris, ug tun-            Gawas sa pagpatay sa mahimugso’ng
     Mahinungdanon nga masabtan kaayo             anon, kondili pagtuo. Unsa ang sangpotanan          god niini mahimong lisod ang paglangoy            bata, ang IUD dako usab og kadaot nga bu-
nato ang napiling tema alang sa atong So-         kung ang atong katilingbanong paglihok              ug pagsulod sa binhi sa lalaki. Samtang ang       haton sa lawas sa babaye. Ang mga batid sa
cial Action Month: “Faith in Action for Social    linamdagan sa pagtuo?                               copper wire nga giputos sa IUD maoy maka-         medisina magpamatuod nga ang IUD usa sa
transformation”. Duha ka mga kamatuoran                                                               paluya ug makapatay sa binhi sa lalaki. Sa        mga dagkong hinungdan sa abnormal nga
ang gihisgutan niining maong tema: 1) ang         a) Larawan sa Diyos diha sa matag tawo              ingon nga paagi, ang IUD usa ka matang sa         pagdugo sa babaye (hemorrhage), sa pag-
pagtuo nga mamunga ngadto sa lihok, ug 2)             Kung pagtuo ang gigikanan sa atong pa-          kontraseptibo.                                    kadaot sa iyang bat-ang (pelvic infection),
ang lihok nga linamdagan sa pagtuo.               glihok alang kausabang sosyal, ang sukara-               Ikaduha, ang IUD maoy makaingon nga          ug sa pagkasamad sa iyang matris.
                                                  nang prinsipyo niini mao ang pag-ila nga ang        dili makataput ang bag-ong nahimugso nga
1. Ang pagtuo kinahanglan nga ihubad              matag tawo gimugna sumala sa larawan ug             bata (approximately a week-old) ngadto sa         Panapos
ngadto sa konkretong lihok alang sa katil-        kasamahan sa Diyos. Kini nagpasabot nga ang         sabakan sa iyang inahan. Kasagaran, ang               Atong nasabtan nga ang paggamit og
ingbanong kausaban.                               sukdanan sa atong pagtamud sa dignidad sa           bata mahimugso diha sa fallopian tube sa          IUD dili lamang usa ka paagi sa pagpugong
    Sa umaabot nga Miyerkoles, mosulod na         matag tawo nagsumikad sa bili nga gihatag sa        babaye ug hinayhinay kining mobiyahe              sa pagmabdos kondili usa ka buhat sa pagpa-
kita sa liturhikanhong panahon sa Kuwares-        Diyos kaniya. Kini nagpasabot usab nga ang          padulong sa tagoangkan sa inahan, diin kini       tay sa inosenteng kinabuhi diha sa sabakan.
ma uban sa rito sa Badlis sa Abo ug disiplina     kalamboan nga atong gipangandoy alang sa            mopuyo sulod sa mga 9 ka bulan sa dili pa         Gawas pa niini, ang maong buhat makadaot
sa Abstinensya ug Puasa. Haum kaayo ang           tanan naglantaw, dili lamang sa materyal nga        ipanganak. Apan ang IUD nga ibutang sa sa-        usab sa lawas sa babaye ug makahimo ni-
mga pagbasa nga gipili alang niining atong        ting-usbawan, kondili sa malukpanon nga             bakan maoy molihok aron nga ang bata dili         yangsterile o dili na makapanganak. Atong
Misa sa paglusad sa Bulan sa Social Action        tawhanong kalamboan (total human devel-             makapahiluna sa maong tagoangkan. Ang             panghinaoton nga pinaagi ning maong ha-
nga nagtagik usab sa tukma nga kahulogan          opment). Ingon man, ang nagtukmod kanato            kemikal nga nagauban sa IUD mopauga sa            mubo nga katesismo, ang mga babaye ma-
sa mga balansayon sa Kuwaresma.                   sa pagpaningkamot sa pag-usab sa panag-             endometrium diha sa mga kiliran sa saba-          glikay na sa paggamit og IUD ug magkat-on
                                                  way sa yuta walay lain kondili ang damgo nga        kan (uterus lining) nga mao untay mohatag         sa paggamit og mga paagi nga subay sa des-
a) Pagpuasa                                       ang kalibutan kinahanglang mamahimong               og pagkaon sa bata. Tungod niini walay pu-        inyo sa Dios diha sa pagplano sa gidak-on sa
     Gipahinumduman kita ni Propeta Isaias        angay nga puloy-anan sa tanan nga mga anak          ruhan nga mabuhi ang bag-ong nahimug-             ilang pamilya.n
sa unang pagbasa mahitungod nga matuod            sa Diyos.
nga pagpuasa – ang pagpakaon sa mga gigu-             Tungod niini, kadto lamang sila nga sinati
tom, ang pag-atiman sa mga estranyo, ilo
ug balo, ang pagtabang sa mga kabus. Kini
                                                  sa mga pamaagi sa Diyos, sila nga nakaamgo
                                                  kinsa ang tawo sa mga mata sa Diyos, ang                     Mga katarungan nganong ang
nga matang sa pagpusa ang labing makapa-          makapasiugda sa matinud-anong kalamboan
himuot sa Ginoo. Dinhi atong masabtan
ang lintunganay nga bunga sa relihiyosong
                                                  sa tawo. Ginaingon nga ang “proyekto” sa
                                                  pagpanday sa maangayong katilingban mali-
                                                                                                                RH Bill angayan supakon
tulumanon sa pagpusa – maakuhon nga               hok lamang sa mga “santo”, sila nga nakaila                        (first in a series)
pagtagad sa panginahanglan sa kaigsuonan.         sa Ginoo ug nakasinati sa iyang gugma ug
Sa ato pa, ang boluntaryo nga pagpagutom          kaayo. Dinhi maamgohan nato ang kama-                    Mahinungdanon kaayo nga kitang mga
sa kaugalingon maghimo kanako nga mas             hinungdanon sa pakigsuod sa Ginoo nga               Pilipinhon nahibalo niining maong Balaodnon.
maamguhon sa nagapadayon nga kahimtang            mapalambo diha sa lawom nga kinabuhi sa             Subo lang kaayong palandungon nga daghan
sa mga kabus nga nanag-antus sa kagutom,          pag-ampo. Matud pa sa Sinodo sa Asia, ang           ang miuyon niini bisan wala sila mahibalo
dili gumikan sa ilang pagpuasa apan tungod        hamtung nga pagtuo nagkinahanglan sa pag-           o makabasa kon unsa ba kini nga klase nga
sa ilang pagkabanlod sa kapobrehon. Tungod        baton kanunay og duruha ka panan-aw: sa             balaod. Kon unsa kini ka dautan. Ania ang
niini, ang pagpuasa maghatud kanako ngadto        Diyos ug sa tawo.                                   mga katarungan kon nganong angayan kining
sa paghimo’g buhat sa kaluoy. Ang paghikaw                                                            supakon sa matag Pilipinhon.                      ngadto sa unom ka bulan ug may multa nga
nako sa akong kaugalingon magsangkap ka-          b) Pamaagi sa kalinaw, kagawasan ug kinab-                                                            napulo ka libo ngadto sa singkwenta ka libo
nako sa pag-atiman sa panginahanglan sa           uhi                                                     1) Kay ang kahulugan ning RH Bill             ug kon siya trabahanti o opisyal sa gobierno
uban.                                                 Sanglit pagtuo man ang tinubdan sa atong        Contraceptives mao nga gitawag kini siya          pagatanggalon sa iyang trabaho, ihikaw pa
                                                  panlimbasog, nan ang mga pamaagi nga                nga Essential Medicine o mahinungdanon            gayod kaniya ang mga benepisyo sa iyang
b) Buhat sa Kaluoy                                atong pili-on kadto lamang ang nahiuyon sa          nga tambal. Ug kay giisip siya nga tambal         pagretiro.
     Angay nga makapatandug kanato ang            mga mithi sa Gingharian. Ang mamahimong             kinahanglan ipabaha siya sa mga botika.
gi-asoy sa Ebanghelyo mahitungod sa Kata-         tigpasiugda sa matinud-anong kausaban sa            Unsaon man niya pagkatawag nga medisina               4) Dili usab husto nga ang mga bata nga
pusang Paghukom. Ang mga pangutana nga            katilingban kadto lamang sila nga nahigugma         kon dili siya tambal? Ang kahulugan sa            nagpanuigon og singko anyos pataas nga
iharung kanato anaa sa natad sa konkretong        ug nagpasiugda sa kalinaw, kagawasan ug             tambal mao nga siya moayo sa sakit. Ang           tudloan sa mga butang nga para lamang sa
paghigugma sa ubos natong kaigsuonan –            kinabuhi. Dili kini pakigbisog alang sa kabag-      kontraseptibo dili man moayo sa sakit, hinoon     managtiayon. Ang numero unong tumong
pagpakaon sa mga gigutom, pagbisti sa mga         ohan sa walay pagsapayan nga mayatakan na           mopatay siya sa kinabuhi. Unsa diay ang           diay sa pagtudlo mao nga mahibalo sila
hubo, pag-atiman sa mga masakiton ug mga          ang uban. Kung tinuod nga kabalhinan ang            pagbuntis? Usa siya ka sakit? Ang kinabuhi        unsaon aron dili maburos inigdako nila pinaagi
binilanggo. Ang tubag nato niining mga pang-      atong gipangandoy, gikinahanglan nga du-            gasa sa Dios, ug ang bata bunga sa gugma sa       sa paggamit sa kontraseptibo, imbis itudlo
utana maoy magtug-an unya kung makasulod          milian nato ang kabangis ug pandayon nato           bana ug asawa, dili tungod sa ilang kaulag.       ngadto sa mga bata nga ang pagkighilawas
ba kita sa Gingharian o dili. Daw makapahiku-     ang kalinaw. Dili tinuod nga ang mga ala-                                                             para lang sa mga hingkod nga nakasal na sa
rat ang pagpamalandung nga ang final exam         gad sa Social Action mga palaaway ug buot               2) Dili husto nga ang kuarta sa katawhan      simbahan, ug kini nga katungod dili kuhaon
dili mangutana kung nag-ampo, nagsimba,           makigsangka lang kanunay. Wala na gayo’y            pinaagi sa buhis gamiton aron ipalit og mga       gikan sa mga ginikanan, kay sila ang unang
nagmisa, nagnobena, nagrosaryo ba kita?           sama sa panaghugpong sa mga naghigalaay             kontraseptibo, nga kini gamiton aron mopatay      magtutudlo sa mga bata.
Hinonoa, pangutan-on kita kung mitabang           ug managsuon. Things always go better with          og kinabuhi. Nganong dili man gamiton aron
ba kita sa mga nanginahanglan? Pahimangno         friends.                                            ipalit sa tinood nga tambal, sama sa hilanat,         5) Ang estado walay katungod nga mosulti
ba kini kanato nga ang pagrosaryo, pagmisa,           Bag-o pa lang nato gisaulog ang ika-25 nga      ulcer, diabetes, highblood, tetanus, kalibanga,   ngadto sa managtiayon kon pila ang ilang
pagnobena ug uban pang buhat sa pagsimba          kasumaran sa malinawon nga “Edsa Revolu-            dengue ug uban pa. Dili nato tugutan nga ang      ianak. Likayan ang pagdasig sa magtiayon nga
ug pag-ampo dili garantiya nga kita maka-         tion”. Dili ba kadtong maong panghitabo usa         kuarta sa katawhan gastohon aron ipatay og        ang hustong pamilya mao ang pag-angkon
dayon sa langit? Nagpasabot ba kini nga wala      ka tataw nga pagpalihok sa pagtuo, usa ka           kinabuhi.                                         og duha lamang ka anak. Ingon man likayan
diay hinungdan ang atong mga balansayon sa        matuohong paglihok? Uban sa “balaanong                                                                usab niya ang pagpakita og pabor sa mga
pag-ampo?                                         garbo”, makaingon kita nga ang daghanang               3) Ang silot nga ipahamtang sa tawo            magtiayon nga duha ray anak. Hinoon ang
     Sa tradisyon sa Bibliya, ug sa unang mga     mga nasud nga nanlimbasug sa kagawasan              o ospital nga magdumili paghatag og               pamilya nga daghang anak maoy hatagan
magtutudlo sa Simbahan, nga gipadayon sa          nakakat-on gikan sa atong panig-ingnan.             kontraseptibo tungod kay supak sa iyang           unta og daghang tabang pagpakita nga ang
Mahisteryo hangtud karon, tataw kaayo ang         Apan ang atong kaulawan mao nga daghan-             konsensya. Kini nga balaodnon diniktador.         estado tinood nga nagpangga ka kabataan.
pagpanudlo sa kalambigitan tali sa pagsimba       an kanato wala pa gihapon makakat-on gikan          Walay makapugos sa konsensya, bisan ang           Ug gusto sa estado nga ang mga ginikanan
ug inigsuon nga paghigugma sa tanan, tali         sa maong panghitabo, sa ingon nga nahimo            gobierno aron ang tawo mobuhat og butang          responsabli diha sa pagpadako, pagpaeskwela
sa pagtuo ug lihok sa pagpatunhay sa kaan-        lang kini nga usa ka halandumong kasinatian         nga supak sa iyang konsensya. Ug ang di-          ug labaw sa tanan magtudlo sa mga maayong
gayan. Ang pagpanghalad og mga pagdayeg           sa katawhan apan wala tugoti nga magdasig           makiangayon mao nga ang tawo nga mosupak          pagtulun-an. n
ug sakripisyo makapahimuot lamang sa Gi-          kanato sa pagpadayon ug sa pagpaningka-             mahimong mabilanggo sa usa ka bulan                                           (To be continued)
noo kung kini mamunga diha sa pagpaka-            mot sa pagbangon n
 Photos from the audience
  with Pope Benedict XVI

                                                                                                                    Pope Benedict XVI receives Abp. Antonio J. Ledesma, S.J.

                                                                                                       The Holy Father presents a pectoral cross to Abp. Ledesma as a token of his gratitude.

                                        CBCP appeals for aid to Japan
     MANILA, March 16, 2011—The Catho-           affected by the tragedy, leaving many fami-           Japan is currently dealing with a nuclear       “Our donations will buy food, water and
lic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines       lies homeless and devastated from the loss       crisis after the tsunami destabilized several    shelter, and rebuild homes and schools,” he
(CBCP) has launched a campaign to raise          of their loved ones.                             nuclear plants, raising the risk of accidents    also said.
funds for victims of the devastating earth-           “Many areas experienced blackouts           and radiation exposure to the surrounding            Caritas Filipinas welcomes donations
quake and tsunami in Japan.                      as quake and tsunami damage has forced           population.                                      which will be forwarded to Caritas Japan, its
     The appeal is being made by the Na-         power plants to shut down putting a strain            Aid agencies are already working in the     partner.
tional Secretariat for Social Action – Justice   on electrical supplies,” said Manila Auxiliary   region especially on those with no access to         Donors are asked to course their dona-
and Peace (Nassa), the social action arm of      Bishop Broderick Pabillo, Nassa chairman.        public services.                                 tions through Nassa-Caritas Filipinas; PHIL-
the CBCP.                                             The 8.9 magnitude earthquake is the              “Although Japan is a world power, Chris-    TRUST BANK Account Name: CBCP CARITAS
     In a statement, the agency, also known      strongest in Japan’s history. But it was the     tian charity bids us to be one with those        FILIPINAS FOUNDATION, INC. Account No.
as Caritas Filipinas, said the appeal was cru-   30ft high tsunami which caused much of the       who suffer. The Philippines and other na-        Peso Account No. 00320-013956-5; US$
cial because of the scale of the tragedy.        devastation, washing away towns and infra-       tions have also received support from Japan      Account No. 0034-000138287; and Euro Ac-
     It said thousands of people have been       structure.                                       in times of need,” Pabillo said.                 count No. 0035-00000031. (CBCPNews) n

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as a nursery school, it has become one of the best schools in Northern Mindanao. Be it academic or sports, the school has
garnered many awards both in regional, as well as in national competitions.
All the students in Corpus Christi School are reared in an atmosphere that aims to
inculcate the mission of the school. The good performance and proper behavior of the
school’s graduates is a living proof of the fulfillment of the school’s mission.

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