The Second Coming Who is Jesus Coming For

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              The Second Coming: Who
                is Jesus Coming For?

        hese days there is much talk about the end times, Bible prophecy,
        and the second coming of Christ. Believers and non-believers
        alike are recognizing the signs of the times and wondering if this
could be the Last Days that are spoken of in some way by most of the
major religions. Hollywood has fueled and capitalized on this concern by
producing many films with an apocalyptic theme. Radio and TV talk show
hosts have brought on numerous guests to discuss this hot topic. Even on
a national news broadcast I heard one commentator state that in a poll
nearly 70% of Americans believe we are living in the last days and that it
could even happen in the next few years.
    This book is not intended to debate whether or not this event will
actually happen. As a follower of Jesus Christ and one who has diligently
read and studied the word of God for many years, I know that the second
coming of Christ is a given. In John 14:2-3, Jesus says that He is preparing
a place for His disciples and promises to come again to receive them and
take them to be with Him. Also in Acts 1:9-10, when Jesus was taken up
to heaven after His resurrection and brief appearance to His disciples, an
angel declares that this same Jesus will return in like manner. There are
many other verses in scripture that also point to the certainty of this event
and even describe some of the events preceding His coming.


     The many Bible prophecies and end time descriptions are a matter of
intense study and debate today as people seek to discover the actual timing of
these events. There are numerous excellent books and teachings on prophecy
by people more scholarly than I, and I encourage you to prayerfully read or
listen to some of these…
     Since Jesus Himself stated that no on would know the hour or the day,
many have concluded, “Then why should we think and worry about it?”
However, He went on to warn His disciples that His coming would be sudden
and unexpected for those who were not prepared, just “like a thief in the
night.” Therefore, He commanded them (and us today) to watch, pray and
be ready!
     During the time of the first advent, in spite of the many prophecies
that were fulfilled exactly as they had been foretold and the miracles which
                  were meant to confirm His identity, many would reject
   Lk. 19:42-44   Him. Because their hearts were not prepared, they were
                  blind to the true nature of His Kingdom and they did not
                  know the time of their visitation or the things that would
bring true inner peace and well being. This would lead to their eventual
judgment and destruction.
     God knew how important it was for His people to recognize and receive
His Son so He sent John before Him in order to prepare them. John was
described as a forerunner of the Messiah who was to make ready a people
prepared for the Lord. He declared himself to be a voice crying in the wilderness,
                  “Prepare the way of the Lord. Make His paths straight.” The
     Lk. 1:17     message he preached of repentance and surrender made it
                  clear that the preparation required was a matter of the heart.
There were many religious people of the day whose outward appearance and
actions seemed to indicate they certainly were the ones who would be chosen.
They were proud of their good work and sure that God would be equally
impressed. However, they were rebuked by both John and Jesus as being a
“brood of vipers” and “whitewashed tombs”, looking good on the outside but
dead inside. Further, Jesus said they were people who honored Him with their
lips but their hearts were far from Him.
     Before His return Jesus promised that there also would be people who
would operate in this same manner as John, in the spirit and power of
                  Elijah, to prepare His people. Like John, they will desire
     Rev. 19:7    only to attend the bridegroom and help prepare the bride
          22:17   for the great marriage of the Lamb, which will only
          22:20   happen when the bride has made herself ready. So the

                                                    Preparing the Bride

friend of the bridegroom with the help of the Holy Spirit will continue to
make things ready for His coming. At the right time the Spirit and the
bride will say, “Come!” Jesus will say, “I am coming quickly.” To which
His prepared bride will exclaim, “Amen, Even so, come, Lord Jesus!”
     When Jesus returns, He will be coming in His full glory as the King
of Kings and Lord of lords, unlike His first coming when he emptied
Himself and became of no reputation taking the form of a baby. The day
of the Lord is declared to be a Great and Terrible Day for that reason. Truly
it will be a glorious day for those whose hearts are right and ready, but it
will be judgment for those who, for whatever reason, have not made the
necessary preparations.
     So, the important question in these exciting days is not when is He
coming, but who is He coming for and will I be among those He receives
to Himself? Since the Bible does say that many are called but few are
chosen, what must I do to be among the chosen, those invited to the
marriage supper of the Lamb? As we watch the signs of the times and see
the day fast approaching, we need also to be praying for and listening to
His instructions. “Lord, give us ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the
church in this crucial hour!” Then, if we are going to be among those who
are prepared for His coming, we must be willing to quickly and completely
obey Him in everything or risk being left behind (as the popular book and
movie series portrays!) What a terrible thing to hear the door being locked,
to know it’s too late, and to hear, “Depart from me. I never knew you…”
     I have asked the Lord to help me be one of the few who will be ready
and chosen to be with Him forever. How can I keep from being one of
the many on the path that leads to destruction, or one of the many who
will be deceived and fall away in these difficult last days? There are many
voices clamoring for our attention, and the church in America seems to
be going in so many different directions that it can be very confusing
and frustrating. How can I stay on the right path and keep from being
discouraged, distracted and/or deceived away from God’s intended purpose
for my life and His church? If you have had some of these same questions
and are also sensing the urgency of the hour, then keep reading. The answer
the Lord gave me brought me back to His original call for me to ministry
and is the subject of this book…