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									                                                                         Yvonne Hansen
                                                                                     PhD (Chem Eng)
                                                                                     Curriculum Vitae

18 Kemms Road                                                                       Tel: +27 (0) 74 243 7408
Wynberg, 7800                                                                       Fax: +27 (0) 21 797 1383
South Africa                                                                               yvonne@tgh.co.za

Expertise _________________________________________________________________________________________

Environmental engineering PhD with international exposure. Specialist in impact assessment, including
Life Cycle Assessment and Risk Assessment. Thorough understanding of primary industries, solid waste
management issues, soil and groundwater chemistry with experience in pollution plume migration
modelling. Keen interest and commitment to continued professional development in decision-making,
sustainability and all aspects of environmental policy, management and assessment.

Education and Awards _____________________________________________________________________________

Postgraduate School of Industrial Ecology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim,
Norway 2007
    -    Industrial Ecology: Theory and Concepts
    -    Life-Cycle Assessment
University of Sydney, Australia 1998 – 2004
    -    Doctor of Philosophy
    -    “Impact Assessment of Solid Wastes from Primary Industries – An Integrated Approach”
University of Cape Town, South Africa 1994 – 1997
    -    Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (Honours)

2007            European Union Marie-Curie sponsorship to attend PSIE courses
1999 – 2002 Harry Crossley Bursary
1998 – 2002 Henry Gritton and Florence Mable Postgraduate Scholarship
1994 – 1997 Dean’s Merit List
1994 – 1997 Entrance Merit Scholarship

Skills and attributes __________________________________________________________________

Problem solving
    -    Creative and systems thinker with flair for visualising and conceptualising complex problems
    -    Strong research, critical thinking and analytical abilities
                                             Yvonne Hansen

    -   Excellent written and spoken presentation skills characterised by a lucid style and structured
    -   Formal report writing and published peer reviewed journal articles
    -   Experience in lecturing, running workshops and presenting research to diverse audiences
        including industry and government
Professional qualities
    -   Enthusiastic, proactive and adaptable
    -   Self-disciplined, self-motivated and conscientious performer
    -   Able to prioritise heavy workloads to meet objectives and deadlines
    -   Demonstrable leadership and team working skills
Broad knowledge base
    -   EIA, EMS, multi-criteria decision making, sustainable development, sustainability indicators
    -   Solid waste characterisation and management in mining and minerals processing industries with
        excellent understanding of mechanisms and impacts of acid mine drainage
    -   Environmental geochemistry and geohydrology, fate and transport modelling
    -   Impact assessment including Life Cycle Assessment and Risk Assessment approaches and tools
    -   Aspects of International, European and UK policy and legislation
Computational modelling and IT
    -   Conceptual and numerical model development
    -   Proficient in all Microsoft Office Applications
    -   Proficient in groundwater flow and mass transport modelling. Experience with MODFLOW,
        MT3D, RT3D, SURPAC2000 and PMWin
    -   Familiar with a number of e-mail, internet and other software packages, including CorelDRAW
    -   Experience with several specialist process engineering modelling and simulation tools, including
        AspenTech Aspen Plus, Hyprotech HYSYS.Plant, PSE gPROMS

Relevant experience __________________________________________________________________

2007 - present
Principal Consultant for The Green House

Senior Research Fellow under the African Centre for Cities at the Department of Chemical Engineering,
University of Cape Town.
-   Contributed to the development of an Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan for the City of
    Maseru, Lesotho, under a UNEP funded project.
-   Developed Pilot activity in collaboration with local consultants to test aspects of the ISWMP
-   Ran workshops and awareness raising activities

Research fellow on the TSEC-Biosys consortium project “A whole systems approach to analysing
bioenergy demand and supply” at the Centre for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey
    -   Responsible for day-to-day project management, communication with consortium partners and
        key bioenergy supply chain stakeholders and dissemination of project outputs
    -   Main activity to set up and manage focus groups to scope out a sustainability framework for
        bioenergy systems
                                               Yvonne Hansen

    -   Contribute to the development if a multi-criteria approach to assess the sustainability of
        bioenergy systems

2005 – 2007
Research fellow on the Carbon Trust/EPSRC funded C CaLC project “A Systematic Approach to
Estimation of Life Cycle Carbon Inventory, Carbon Footprints and Embodied Carbon” at the Centre for
Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey
    -   Contributed to the development of a general life cycle methodology and decision-support tools
        for calculating environmental and economic impacts of life-cycle carbon inventories for the
        Building Materials and Chemicals industry sectors
    -   Proposed a standard data acquisition methodology and databases for use in carbon inventory
    -   Developed a questionnaire to assess industry views, requirements and data quality and
    -   Drafted marketing documents, position papers and scoping studies
    -   Explored options for the application of the methodology in the Building Materials sector to
        examine different business, political and economic scenarios for carbon management and
        reduction, and estimate the environmental and economic implications of low-carbon materials,
        products, processes and services

Independent consultant to WARNKEN ISE (Warnken Industrial and Social Ecology) (Pty) Ltd
    -   Collated meta data statistics and reviewed online carbon calculators available in the U.S. and
        Australia for the project “Carbon Offset Product Definition”; produced meaningful results under
        time constraints

Independent consultant to University of Cape Town ( for INFOTOX (Pty) Ltd)
    -   Critically reviewed the technical background document “Risk Assessment Methodology for
        Metallurgical Waste Disposal by Landfilling”, part of the Waste Management Series published by
        the Department of Water Affairs & Forestry, South Africa
    -   Collated review team comments and generated report

2004 – 2006
Consultant on Water Research Commission project (WRC K5/1550) as part of an initial postdoctoral
research position at the University of Cape Town.
    -   Reconciled different team perspectives and priorities to obtain consistent and achievable
    -   Developed and implemented a conceptual methodology for the quantitative prediction of
    -   Designed an inventory of solid wastes and associated impacts for the South African Minerals
    -   Analysed inventory and detailed procedures for maintenance and extension of database
    -   Undertook technology transfer of leachate generation modelling expertise, providing a critique of
        current capabilities and prioritising future model direction
                                             Yvonne Hansen

    -   Compiled and presented detailed project reports in a way that was accessible to both technical
        and non-technical WRC board members

Selected Publications _______________________________________________________________

Milà i Canals, L., Clift, R., Basson, L., Hansen, Y. and Brandão, M. (2006) Expert Workshop on Land Use
        Impacts in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). 12-13 June 2006 Guildford, Surrey (UK). International
        Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 11 (5) 363-368.
Broadhurst, J. L., Hansen, Y. and Petrie, J. G. (2006) Waste characterisation and water-related impact
        predictions for solid mineral wastes: a new approach. Final report, WRC project K5/1550, Water
        Research Commission, South Africa.
Stewart, M., Hansen, Y. and Petrie, J. G. (2004) Critical issues for Life Cycle Impact Assessment in
        minerals processing and metals refining In Green Processing 2004, proceedings of the 2nd
        international conference on the sustainable processing of minerals, Fremantle, WA.
Hansen, Y., Notten, P. J. and Petrie, J. G. (2002) A life cycle impact assessment indicator for ash
        management in coal-based power generation. Journal of the South African Institute of Mining and
        Metallurgy, 102 (5), 299-306.
Hansen, Y., Notten, P. J. and Petrie, J. G. (2002) The environmental impact of ash management in coal-
        based power generation. Applied Geochemistry, 17, 1131-1141.

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