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					                                                       Jeff D. Pagel
                                         7401 Woodsmok e Road, Wausau, WI 54401
                                    (715) 359-8033 Cell: (715) 370-3472

Highly motivated Engineer, recognized as persistent and dedicated with proven ability to learn quic kly, take initiative,
effectively work well with ot hers and apply problem solving capabilities.

Skills and Accomplishments
   Skilled in programming in C and Assembly language; familiar with C++, Perl, Fortran, Pascal, Spin, HTML, PHP, MySQL
   A proven project leader that has demonstrated the ability to apply technical knowledge in the design and development of
    computer related products from concept through prototype and production
   Unique combination of hardware and software knowledge with real world product experience to thoroughly envision a
    total system solution
   Experienced wit h a variety of BIOS source code bases, including Phoenix , Award, AMI, and Insyde/SystemSoft
   Twenty plus years of ex perience working with computers, including extensive knowledge of Windows, MS-DOS and the
    inner workings of PC's; familiar with Linux, Macintosh and OS/2 operating systems
   Capable of utilizing various test and electrical equipment including oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, microprocessor
    emulators, Intel I²ICE, Transmeta‟s Vice and other lab equipment to meet objectives
   Awarded five U. S. Patents; # 6,348,973, # 6,091,507, # 5,805,183, # 5,790,150 and # 5,577,172; a “High-capacity
    protocol for packet-based networks”
   Familiar with and have coded for many computer industry standards including USB, PCI, ACP I, APM,
    PCMCIA/Cardbus/PCCARD and TCP/ IP, among others
   Experienced in using many programming tools including Soft Ice, Sourcer, Turbo Debugger, DB32, PVCS SourceSafe
    and Nort on Utilities. Very adept at reverse engineering when the need calls for it.
   Seven years of experience in the laser-printer technology industry, including designing and implementing high-resolution
    Postscript, PCL and direct interpreters

Professional History
Independent Contractor – JDP Engineering - Wausau, WI (2001-Present)
Designed and created a 1-wire switch/hub prot otype using Parallax‟s Propeller microcontroller.
Modified a BIOS for Microsoft for an unannounced/unreleased product.
Continued to provide BIOS support to Protrino for improved battery monitoring via the SMBus and a new 1280x600 LCD.
Continued to provide BIOS and Soft ware support for Via‟s line of wearable computers (see below). Via has since become a
  division of InfoLogix.
   Implemented USB CD-Rom boot device from scratch.
   Ported to the Via IICT, including touch screen, wireless networking, RDP and Citrix support .
   Added ACPI Battery Status to the BIOS. This involved some non-standard GP IO usage to compensat e for conflicting
    SMBus devices.
   Ported WinXP and Embedded WinXP to the Via Stick wearable.
   Updated the BIOS to add support for Transmeta‟s TM5800 including new CMS (Code Morphing Soft ware) and memory
    config files. Assisted in bringing up this new board.
   Wrote an external battery monit oring application using MFC and C++.
Adapted a reference Phoenix BIOS for a new Centrino based hand held computer for Protrino Inc. This design also required
  extensive programming of the H8 microcontroller based Keyboard/System controller.
Debugged a virt ual Com port device driver (vx d) for Third Wave Partnership, a Minneapolis Contracting firm. They had the
  original end-user contract and needed help debugging the code. I used SoftIce to determine the problem and got them
  back on track.

Senior BIOS Engineer – Via, Inc. - Burns ville, MN (1997-2001)
Lead BIOS engineer for Via‟s wearable line of computers. Worked with B IOS vendors to specify and adopt their source to
our specific needs. After initial delivery, maintained (debugged) the source code and added new features as needed. Wrote
several DOS and Windows device drivers for Via‟s custom hardware. Assisted the Hardware group with design changes,
debug and initial board startup for the following product families:
      Via IICT, a Transmeta TM5600/5800 with ALI southbridge design using Insyde (formerly SystemSoft) B IOS. Required
        learning the quirks of the Transmet a design including working with CMS images.
      Via II Stick, a variant of the IICT in an even smaller form-factor
      Via II, a Cyrix MediaGx based design using Award BIOS. Required learning the details of the MediaGx including their
        VSA (Virtual System Architecture) code.
      Via I, a 486DX4 and Cirrus Logic Sequia southbridge bas ed design using Phoenix BIOS
I also performed the following tasks for Via:
    Integrated Transmet a‟s Coolrun technology into the Insyde code bas e
    Added support to the Award B IOS to boot from a PCMCIA attached floppy or LS -120 SuperDrive
     Added a variety of APM and ACP I power management options to all the BIOSs
     Wrote flash upgrade utilities for all Via plat forms
     Wrote a variety of other utilities to test and debug suspicious hardware
     Worked onsite at Doctor Design in San Diego, CA and OEM Worldwide in ND to assist in startup of Via II.
     Wrote a „pen driver‟ for Pen Servic es For Windows to support Via‟s Touch Screen Displays.

Independent Contractor – JDP Engineering - Wausau, WI (1996-1997)
Primarily worked for Computing Devic e Int ernational/Ceridian. They had partnered with Via, Inc. on the Via I wearable
computer. Responsible for making their existing hardware work as specified. Since Via and CDI were partners, my duties
were similar to my duties at Via.
   Modified the Phoenix source to suit CDI‟s specific ations, boot wit hout keyboard, fix the audio, make APM work, support
     their flat panel, and other specific hardware
   Worked with the technical staff on the specifications for the next generation device, the Via II
   Worked through a variety of peripheral issues, making sure all the various PC-Cards and other devices they wanted to
     use actually worked
   Did general system and battery testing for usability and performance
Modified a standard Phoenix BIOS for Ascend Communications (now part of Lucent ). They used a custom embedded PC
platform for some of their high-speed network rout ers. I adapted the BIOS for their needs including redirecting BIOS
messages to a serial terminal, removing unneeded code and resolving device conflicts with their custom hardware.

Senior Software Engineer/Project Leader - LaserMaster Technologies Incorporated - Eden Prairie, MN (1990-1996)
As Project Leader, I was responsible for bringi ng many products to market. Led many teams of 7-20 engineers,
programmers, quality assuranc e and documentation person nel through design, development and final production on a variety
of printer products. Project Leaders at Las erMaster were required to participate heavily in the design/development /coding
process. Worked in the hardware department as a EE for eight months.
   Adapted a generic 8088 BIOS from Annabooks to work with 80386 and 80486 processors in an embedded PC system as
     a printer and to control a front control panel device for the Unity 1000 and Unity 1200XL product lines
   Project Leader for DisaplyMaker and DisplayMak er Express (DME) large format inkjet printers
   Designed and coded a custom RTOS for the Intel i960 to drive the DME, controlling head and paper motors, user
     interface and inkjet firing sequence
   Project Leader for the Unity 1000 and 1200XL laser printers, a completely new line of stand-alone, networked, Post script
     high-resolution print ers, 8 ½” x 11” and 11” x17”
   Project Leader for the Macintosh based Kx line of Printer Controllers. Using the MPW(Macintosh Programmers
     Workshop), coded a variety of programs to test the embedded controllers, interpret Postscript and allow background
     printing via PAP(Apple‟s Printer Access Protocol)
   Gained a working knowledge of Motorola 680x0, AMD 29000 and Int el i960 Assembly Language.
   Wrote a Net work Device Interface Specification(NDIS ) compliant network driver that runs over the serial port to work with
     Windows For Workgroups
   Coded many low-level routines to interface to the hardware, including Localtalk and EtherNet, real time critical Interrupt
     Service Routines and serial/ parallel communications using standard and custom hardware
   Designed a „secure media profiler‟ using an Altera EPM7064LC68

Test Engineer - Lee Data Corporation - Eden Prairie, Minnesota (1987-1990)
Designed, prototyped and debugged in-house environmental test equipment. Responsible for maintaining smooth product
flow through Printed Circuit Board Test, Environmental Burn-in, and Final Test areas. Provided extensive manufacturing floor
support for the Prom/Media Production Area. Was responsible for the repair and programming of Data -I/ O PAL – PROM
programmers and A DC and Rimage brand disk duplicators.
    Developed and implemented an automatic board level test during burn -in system using IBM A T's, Iveron process
     controllers, Bemco environmental chambers and custom designed 8085 based hardware
    Programmed the above hardware with Turbo-C and 8085 Assembly
    Developed Unit Under Test code for the above system in 80286 Assembly Language using Turbo -Assembler
    Wrote numerous support utilities in C, such as a fast disk verifier and a serialized label program
    Maintained and improved existing in-house and commerci al test equipment and apparatus

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (1987)
GPA 3.7/4.0 in Engineering, 3.6/4.0 overall, Graduated with Honors, Dean's Honor List
Additional Course s
Phoenix BIOS training, Phoenix International, Irvine, CA (1996)
Mini Masters of Soft ware Design and Development, College of St. Thomas (1990)
Advanced C Programming, Dakota County AVTI (1989)
Digital Control Systems Lab, University of Minnes ota, Minneapolis (1988)