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									MCFC –
Health Trainer.

Thursday January 29th 2008 – North West Health Trainers Conference


• Registered charity of Manchester City – working in
community since 1986

• Lead by Alex Williams MBE made up of19 full time
members of staff and 30 casual coaches

• Working across four themes: Sport and Adventure;
Health; Skills and Enterprise; Young People

• Engaging with over 200,000 people a year between the
ages of 6 - 75 across Greater Manchester
      Health Programmes
• Aims to use the power of football
and branding of MCFC to improve
health and well-being

• Partners: NHS Manchester,
Manchester City Council, Football

• Works with over 40,000 people a year

    Getting Manchester Moving
          MCFC Health Trainer
• In June 2007 became the first professional football club to
have a Health Trainer based with it

• Role to act as ‘health buddy’ for hard to reach members of
the community

• Worked with over 80 clients with referrals from MCFC
media outlets and wider community

• Adopted as model of best practise by Premier League and
Department of Health

 Health Trainer role
• Based at the City of Manchester Stadium

• Supporting CITC Health Programmes

• Provides health expertise to CITC

• Outreach work at community settings

• Referrals from , CITC activities, GP’s,
key workers and partners

• Use’s MCFC match tickets as incentives

• Each client gets up to 6 sessions with HT
• MCFC brand is a great tool when trying to engage the

• Clients excited to be invited to and attend the stadium for

• Inviting marginalised and hard to reach groups to matches
or for stadium tours can be great for developing confidence
and self esteem.

• MCFC brand also attracts greater proportion of men onto
the service

• Costs nothing

• Partnership with PCT

• Additional funding

• Expertise / pathways

• Profile

• Value to MCFC staff members
    Partnership benefits
• Opportunity to reach large local fan base

• Chance to target hard to reach groups – i.e. 18+ males

• Provides credibility to target groups

• Positive public relations

• Access to funding - partnership has generated over


      Tom Flower – CITC Strategy Manager: 0161 438 7715/

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