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					                        BEACH MUNICIPAL FCU
                                                                                                   VOLUME 2, ISSUE 4

                                              THE PIPELINE
                                               FALL 2007

                                              ARE YOU CREDIT WORTHY?
 ISSUE:                                       Many people rely on credit in          CAPITAL -- what if you
                                              o r d e r t o a f f o r d l a rg e r   don’t repay the debt?
                                              purchases, like homes and              What do you own that has
ARE YOU CREDIT                 1              cars.     Sometimes we want            value or could be used to
WORTHY?                                       credit for things like internet        repay the debt?
                                              purchases and other items
JUMP$STAR’S                    1
                                              because shopping with credit           Answers         to   these
                                              cards can be safe and conven-          questions help lenders
WHAT TO DO IF                  2              ient. One day you will probably        decide whether or not
YOU HAVE AN                                   look to establish credit, too.         they will give you credit.
ACCIDENT                                      But before a lender agrees to
                                              give you that credit, they need        BUILDING YOUR
HOW TO WIN AN                  2              to know that you’re credit             CREDIT HISTORY
                                              worthy. They look at the your          There are many ways you can         •    Pay your bills on time and
                                              credit history, which is a record      establish your credit history.           in full.
THE SOONER YOU START,          3              of your payment activity, before
THE BETTER!                                   they decide whether or not to          •   Always have a well-             What you learn now about han-
                                              let you borrow money. Here’s               managed checking                dling money will follow you into
FREE MUSIC!                    4              what you need to know now so               account. This shows that        your future. Did you know that
                                              you can get credit later.                  you handle your money           your credit activity will stay with
                                                                                         responsibly.                    you for seven to ten years?
                                              THE THREE C’S OF CREDIT                                                    That means mistakes you make
WAYS TO GET                    4
                                              CAPACITY — can you repay the           •   Don’t “bounce” checks, or       when you’re 16 will still be
                                              debt? Do you have a job? Do                write checks when you           affecting you when you’re 26
                                              you have any other debt?                   know there is not enough        years old!
                                                                                         money in your account.
                                              CHARACTER -- will you repay the                                            Establish good financial habits
                                              debt? Have you used credit                                                 now and lenders will most likely
                                              before? Do you pay your bills on       •   Open a savings account
                                                                                         and make regular depos-         see you as being credit worthy
                                              time?                                                                      later.

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                                              Imagine the possibilities...then       list of careers that support your
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Running for student elections     Before you start campaign-      ning by talking to people in     When students see that you
doesn’t have to be scary.         ing, determine your issues.     the hall or at lunch. Remind     get things done, you could
                                  Why are you running and         them to vote.                    easily win the next time.
Start by learning about your
                                  what will you do if you win?
school campaign rules and                                         3. Make posters and signs.       Learn more:
deadlines.                                                        Make up a catchy slogan that
                                                                                                   Visit and
                                  1. Give a great speech. Start   helps other students remem-
Get the nomination                                                                                 click on the Googolplex logo.
                                  with a story to get people      ber your name.
                                                                                                   From there visit then AJ’s
Don't miss your chance be-        listening. Then quickly move
                                                                  Win or lose                      Mall, click on information
cause you waited for some-        on to your issues and the
                                                                                                   and enter “win an election”
one else to think of you!         reasons you’re a good person    If you win, be prepared to
                                                                                                   in the search bar.
                                  for the job.                    work hard. If you don’t win,
You can do the job, so ask
                                                                  there are other ways to make
someone to nominate you!          2. Build your network. In-
                                                                  a difference
                                  crease your chances of win-                                                            Googolplex
Start Campaigning

                                  WHAT YOU SHOULD DO WHEN YOU’RE INVOLVED
                                  IN A CAR ACCIDENT
                                      involved.                   •   Don’t     hastily   accept   •    Keep a list of emergency
                                                                      claim settlements at the          contacts at all times.
                                  •   Get   the   names    and
                                                                      scene of the accident.
                                      addresses of other                                           •    Have a medical card
 Let’s face it, getting into an                                       You don’t always feel
                                      drivers, witnesses, and                                           with you if you have
accident is not something we                                          back, neck and other
                                      injured persons.                                                  allergies to any medica-
plan or hope for. Statistically                                       injuries right away.
                                                                                                        tion, or have a condition
speaking, though, you’re          •   Make rough drawings of
                                                                  •   Notify    your   insurance        that requires special
bound to be in at least one           the scene showing the
                                                                      company.                          attention.
during your lifetime. Do you          position of the cars and
know what to do if and when           other details. Use a cell   •   File a written report with   •    Pens or pencils.
it happens? Here are some             phone camera if                 local or state police if
tips:                                 possible to record the                                       •    Paper or a note pad.
                                                                      required by law.
                                      actual scene. Regard-                                        •    Flashlight.
•   Stop immediately, but do                                      •   Keep calm, don’t argue,
    not obstruct traffic. Be          less of how small the
    sure to warn oncoming             accident may have been,         accuse anyone or admit       •    Flares.
    cars by putting on your           you’re going to be              guilt.
    hazard lights or setting                                                                       •    First-aid kit.
                                      shaken up. Don’t rely on
    up flares.
                                      your memory to give you                                      •    Blanket.
•   Turn your ignition off and        the details you’ll need     In case of emergency you
    guard against fire.                                           should always keep the fol-      •    Jumper cables.
                                      for the insurance
•   Assist anyone who is              company. Having photo-      lowing information in your
                                                                  vehicle:                         •    Rag or paper towels.
    injured, then call the            graphic evidence might
    police.                           become extremely            •   Always carry your insur-     •    Trash bag.
                                      important if the other          ance ID card and vehicle
•   Write down the license                                                                         •    Disposable camera.
                                      driver remembers the            registration.
    numbers, makes and
                                      accident differently than
    models of other cars
                                      you do.
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Just because you're a fresh-           joining clubs in school.          W i t h
man or sophomore in high               Find some that coincide           college
school doesn't mean you                with your particular              just two
can't start planning for               interests and sign up. Not        m o r e
college. The sooner you start,         only do they look good on         years
the better!                            college apps, they also           away,
                                       give you great experience         y o u
High school is a time for
                                       and, believe it or not, can       should
parties, learning to drive, and
                                       actually be fun!                  have a good sense of              present it to the college.
finally starting to be treated
                                                                         what you like to do and           Fill out your college appli-
like an adult, right? Of course     • Read a good book. Read-
                                                                         ask yourself "would I want        cations early in the fall
it is. But, even though you            ing is a great way to
                                                                         to do this for the rest of        and have an English
might not agree, it should             prepare. Chances are
                                                                         my life?".                        teacher read through
also be a time to try to               that you'll be doing a lot
receive the best education                                                                                 your essays to get their
                                       of it in college so get
and college preparation                                                                                    opinions.
                                       used to it now. I              Junior Year
possible.                              recommend reading The                                            • Apply for scholarships. A
                                       Winter of Our Discontent.      • Enroll      in   challenging       lot of people choose not
The journey to a college
                                       Great book.                       classes. This is probably         to because it can be a
education begins in high
                                                                         the most important year.          very time-consuming task
school. After all, it's your high
                                                                         After all, when you send          and you're not guaran-
school records that get you
                                    Sophomore Year                       in     your      college          teed to win one. But think
into college or get you
                                                                         transcripts, they'll likely       about it this way...if you
rejected. So it's important to      • Don't get in trouble. I
                                                                         end with the last semes-          apply for 10 and get just
lay a good foundation early            know, this sounds stupid
                                                                         ter of your junior year. So       1 of them, isn't it still
on. Trust me, you'll thank             but it's very true. When
                                                                         this is your time to shine        worth the time?
yourself later on. Here’s a            you first get your license,
                                                                         by getting A's in difficult
little planner that you can use        you're given countless
                                                                         classes.                       • Don't screw up! A lot of
while in high school:                  new freedoms. I've                                                  people begin to "slack"
                                       watched a lot of friends       • Take your SAT's your jun-          their senior year after
                                       do a lot of stupid things         ior year. In fact, I suggest      they've been accepted to
Freshman Year                          and I suggest you think           you take them more than           college. Don't do that!
• Challenge yourself and               before you act. Last thing        once because your high-           You still have to send in
    keep your grades up. If            you need is to get hurt or        est score will be kept.           your transcripts at the
    you think you can handle           get a criminal record                                               end of the year and you
                                                                      • Go to college fairs. These
    an honors class, don't             (which wouldn't please                                              can      actually     be
                                                                         are great times for you to
    take a different class that        colleges).                                                          unaccepted!
                                                                         chat with some colleges
    would be too easy for           • Take     writing    classes.       you're interested in at-       Don't just blow college off by
    you. And be sure to keep           Sophomore year is a               tending.                       saying "oh, it's still three
    your grades up...a bad             good year to perfect your                                        years away...I don't need to
    start in high school can           writing skills so be sure to                                     worry about it yet". A good,
    be hard to recover from            enroll in some writing         Senior Year                       healthy start will pay off when
    later on.                          classes, even if you're an                                       your senior year comes.
                                                                      • Apply to colleges. This is
• Get involved. Freshman               "expert" writer.
                                                                         your time to put all of
    year is the time to start       • Notice     your    interests.      your stuff together and
                                                                                                                       Chris Stallman
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                           There are      and jogging--it's substantial.    occasions such as birthdays,       since they probably expect
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                           many ways      than a few dollars, you try to    What you do with money gifts       Plan your discussion strategy
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                                          need to spend money to win        it for a special item or occa-     your money to work for you.
  Where to find money
                                          money, so you might not           sion. Then they'll feel good       That's right. The credit union
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                                                                                                               Need tips on how to save
  any other places where people           state lotteries require buyers    Of course, you'll need to fol-
                                                                                                               money? Go to Secrets to
  may drop coins and dollars. A           to be 18 years of age. Be-        low through on your plan,
                                                                                                               saving for easy ways to save
  great deal of money is dropped          sides, a person has a better      since they'll probably ask you
                                                                                                               your money. Remember, not
  and lost everywhere. If you're          chance of getting hit by light-   about it.
                                                                                                               spending your money will
  alert and look for money, you may       ning than winning a multi-
                                                                            Earn your own                      make money for you. Benja-
  be surprised at how frequently          million-dollar jackpot.
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                                                                                                               saved is a penny earned.
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