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									     MARCH - APRIL 2004                                 OUR 14th YEAR                                                    OUR 79th
NEW FROM THE DIRECTOR                                               The original ones were stapled on, but I’ll have to use little bolts
We are still getting snow out here on the east coast, giving us     when I install them. I was surprised to learn that a foot of rubber
plenty of garage time to work on the ‘58’s. As you know my          gas line cost $1.49, and a six foot heater hose runs $10 bucks. So
engine is out at the rebuilders, and I am slowly scrapping off all  far all has gone well, and hope to be on the road again by the
the built up grease under the car.                                  middle of May. Since I like to work on the car myself, I only get
                                                                    Saturday to work on it. My cars are 15 miles away from my
                                                                    house, so it’s a planned event. Needless to say, I’d rather be
                                                                    working on my car then writing about it! Poor Dave is always
                                                                    upset with a late newsletter, but I can only be in one place at a

While the car is out of commission I took the gas tank down to get
the sending unit rebuilt. It cost about $100 bucks. I have run the
car out of gas repeatedly for the past four years, and thought it
was about time to address the issue. Also, I bought some
replacement wheel well rubber, splashguards on Ebay.

                                                                         This is the very well running engine that had 165psi in seven
                                                                         cylinders, and 90psi in the finally one. Just enough of blow-by to
                                                                         drive you crazy.
                                                                         NEW MEMBERS AS OF 3/18/03
                                                                         A BIG welcome aboard to our 5 new members who have joined
                                                                         with us since our last Newsletter:
                                                                         Troy Newman, FL; Jim Biagi, GA; Chris Corrado,
                                                                         MA; Paul Korczak, NY and Dave Batger,
                                                                         Welcome aboard , remember it’s better to wear them out, then rust
                          ++++++++++                                   A PLACE TO STAY FOR CADILLAC DAY MAY 16, 2004
          MEMBERS BY STATE AND COUNTRY                                The Museum of Transportation, Brookline, MA where Cadillac
AL-4, AK-1, AZ-9, AR-5, CA-68, CO-10, CT-9, DE-1, DC-1,               Day is held on the 3rd Sunday in May, has arranged for a Larz
FL-25, GA-10, HI-2, ID-4, IL-23, IN-4, IA-6, KS-6, KY-8, LA-5,        Anderson Auto Museum Room Rate at the Brookline Courtyard
ME-2, MD-9, MA-50, MI-22, MN-11, MS-6, MO-7, MT-5, NE-                Marriott. (1.5 miles from the Museum) It is a nice hotel. Less
1, NV-0, NH-7, NJ-20, NM-6, NY-54, NC-8, ND-1, OH-25, OK-             than a year old and has everything corporate clients or others may
4, OR-14, PA-27, RI-12, SC-2, SD-1, TN-10, TX-26, UT-7, VT-           need. The hotel has been advised as to the special needs of the
1, VA-9, WA-16, WV-1, WI-7, WY-1               AUSTRALIA-9,           Museum’s car enthusiasts and have made arrangements for show
AUSTRIA-1, BELGIUM-3, BRAZIL-1, CANADA-26, COSTA                      car owners to have a preferred parking area in their garage. They
RICA-1, CUBA-1, CZECH REPUBLIC-1, DENMARK-2,                          also have limited space for any trailers that may need parking.
ENGLAND-6, FINLAND-1, FRANCE-2, GERMANY-7,                            The Museum Rate is $159.00 per night both single
IRELAND-1,       MALTA-1,        NETHERLANDS-8,          NEW          and double occupancy, with an additional 10% off when 10 or
ZEALAND-2, NORWAY-4, SAUDI ARABIA- 1 SWEDEN-17,                       more rooms are booked. It is just another service the Museum
SWITZERLAND-1                                   TOTAL 671             can offer to the visitors attending car shows. For more
                                                                      information contact Denise Emens at (617) 734-1393. Visit their
    In 49 States, District of Columbia, & 21 Countries                website at
MODELS IN THE CLUB as of 2/29/04                                      WE GET LETTERS
E-Biarritz          72 N-Extended Deck Sedan                35        Each and every one of our 58 Cadillacs are special. More so to the
F-Convertible       55 P-Eldorado Brougham                  16        owner than to the rest of the club, but that is the way it is with
G-Coupe             80 R-75 Fleetwood Sedan                 18        everything. This is the story about why my 1958 Coupe Deville is
H-Eldorado Seville  48 S-75 Imp. Sedan (Limo)                9        special to me. I have been a auto collector since my 14th
J-Coupe DeVille     62 Z-86 Commercial                      11        birthday. My first car was a 1946 ford pickup, purchased in 1968
                       Chassis                                        for the whopping sum of $50. That was a lot of money to a 14
K-Sedan             85 TOTAL MODELS                        672        year old in 1968. The engine was frozen solid, and the
L-Sedan DeVille     62                                                body hadn't seen paint in a long time. I fiddled with it off and on
M-Sixty Special    100 X-Members Looking                   119        for the next two years finally getting it running but I did not have
                                                                      the resources to fixed it properly, so it sat in a corner of the
 POSTAGE POT DONATIONS                                                barnyard being an itching post for the cows. My next acquisition
 Thanks to all the members who have contributed to the                was a 1935 Plymouth sedan delivery. This car ran but suffered
 Postage Pot in the past. Donations to the Pot are always             from the same lack of resources as the old ford. Then I graduated
 welcome and we want you to know that we appreciate                   from highschool and Joined the Navy. When I returned from
 whatever amount you can send in. Since the January-                  Bootcamp, My father gave me a $50 bill and told me he had them
 February Newsletter was published we received donations              hauled away to the junkyard which according to him was where
 from: George Schwab, FL, Clifford Hornback, OK, Lena                 they had belonged all along.
 Jennemark, SWEDEN and Dave Batger, AUSTRALIA.
 We t hank you all

                 NEWSLETTER SPONSORS
 This issue of our Newsletter is sponsored by: George
 Serritella, IL; Duane Goodell & Charles Leutzinger, NH
 and Jack Buhrman, VA. (Jack recently dropped out of the
 club after he sold his ’58). The May-June Newsletter will be
 sponsored by: Wayne Witherspoon, TX; Franco Bernardi,
                                                                      I was devastated. At that moment, I swore to myself that I would
 CA and Paul Dumas, MA. It is our hope that each of you
                                                                      eventually finish a car just to show him I could do it. Years went
 would contribute an article about your ‘58 Cadillac. This is a
                                                                      by and things happened like a wife and children and college and a
 member’s Newsletter and we need your input. If we don’t
                                                                      career but in the back of my mind was the vow I had taken so
 receive articles from the members the Newsletter may have
                                                                      many years ago. I never stopped looking for that one car that was
 to be discontinued. All of you have a story to tell and when
                                                                      "the" car I would restore. In 1999, driving home from work, I saw
 it’s time for your sponsorship, please send us an article.
                                                                      a big old pink car sitting on the side of the street with a for sale
 Articles for the May-June Newsletter should be sent by April
                                                                      sign. I had no idea what it was but it had beautiful flowing lines
                                                                      and an absolutely horrendous paintjob. The next day, I pulled in
                                                                      behind it. A Cadillac Coupe Deville is what it was, The body
                                                                      was reasonably straight and wile it was rusty, most of it was
Any member who is not on line who wishes an up to date
                                                                      surface rust that could be easily removed. I took down the owners
Membership Directory (2/29/04) must request one from Dave
                                                                      information and tried to call him but no answer day after day.
Becker, by letter, post card or phone by March 31. (If phoning,
                                                                      And then, about a week later, it was gone. I ket trying to call the
please speak slowly and clearly to the answering machine.)
                                                                      guy and finally reached him a week after the car disappeared. The
                                                                      people living on the street had complained and the police had
                                                                      made him move it. I don't know how the police got in touch with

him, since I had never gotten a call back after at least 20                  57 /58 cads are around these parts.
messages.                                                                    Thank you,
                                                                             Jim Biagi -La Grange, Georgia
                                                                             2/18/04 email
                                                                             Dear Dave,
                                                                                 This is a follow up to Sunday's note.
                                                                                 I found my battery discharge culprit! It was a condenser from
                                                                             the voltage regular to ground. The little feller was shorted to
                                                                                 I discovered it by process of elimination. I'm glad I had the
                                                                             "problem" because it made me study every last inch of wiring on
 We met down at the car and talked it out, and I paid him more               the car and gave me confidence in the integrity of the wiring.
than the car was worth, but I could feel that it was "the" car that              This is very important to me because the real owner of this car
was meant for me. I proudly drove it home that day and showed it             is, believe or not, my fourteen year old ballerina daughter who
to my wife. Now my wife had been hearing about this car for 3                bought it because it was, more or less, "ballet" pink. In Georgia
weeks now and she was about done hearing about it if you know                one gets their driver's permit at fifteen, in other words, this
what I mean. Well when I proudly rolled into the driveway with               coming December. We're going to put in new coral mist carpet
my new car she just about came unglued. "How could you pay                   and six sets of 1958 style seat belts by then and we'll be ready to
for a car like that?" she said. I finally convinced her that it wasn't       roll.
always going to look that way so she calmed down some, but                       The other day I said coral interior, I should have said
"that car" came up in every argument we had for the next two                 bronze/black. The carpet is Coral. But be that as it may, I still
years. That was April 1999.                                                  don't see where 34 interior was "normally" offered with color 49,
To be continued                                                              or 49-12 in my case.
Tom Loveday                                                                  Jim Biagi -La Grange, Georgia
Oregon..                                                                                            +++++++++++
                                                                             A fire that destroyed GM's Hydra-Matic plant at Livonia, MI,
2/15/04 email                                                                in the fifties.
 Dear Mr. Becker,
    One of the things I wanted to start a dialog about is the fact
that, even though I teach Industrial Controls Systems at West
Georgia Technical College here in LaGrange I was, for five

years, General Sales manager for Bill Johnson Cadillac, and was a
"Crest Club" member my first year with Cadillac! I knew the
original dealer who passed on in 2002 at age 93. We often talked
about his challenging 1958 year with Cadillac, Pontiac and GMC
My other two topics of conversation are..............
One,                                                                                                     ++++++++++
 Even though my car is white over taupe with Coral interior, the             Robert Keyaerts was a Belgian engineer-businessman who
lit I have doesn't support coral as a standard option. Am I                  became wealthy in the seventies and eighties with a patent for
misinterpreting the order facts book or was it and "override"? The           chrome-plating aluminum and similar alloys. In 1984 he became
body tag and the build log info (from Cad Historical) confirm my             an avid collector of Cadillacs, building up a superb collection in
car is this combination from the factory. My car was originally              just a short space of time. After his death, his daughters Magali
from California and came to Americus Georgia many years back.                and Geneviève founded the Robert Keyaerts Cadillac Museum in
It came the remaining 90 miles about ten years ago to LaGrange               the Château de Planchoury, at Langeais in the Loire valley, in
and is very complete. Everything works, radio, rear speaker, fog             France. On display is a broad range of Cadillacs from the twenties
lights, windows, six way seat, spotlights, autronic eye, rear                through the eighties, including some very fine classics. The fifties
speaker, trunk release. Brake booster needs an overhaul.                     are well represented with three models from 1958 in the photo
Two,                                                                         below.
    One tiny problem recently developed. It is a milliamp voltage
drain that I haven't been able to pinpoint yet. With all fuses
disconnected, horn unplugged at steering column and relay, with
doors closed (there is no under hood lamp), clock "running"
between "rewinds" and dark at night I get the faintest of a spark
when I touch the positive post to the battery. After about nine
months of a new battery staying up even after sometimes sitting
1o-20 days, some minute current draw has now been causing the
battery to slowly run down after just four or five days. This
annoyance is what I am trying to correct and I need advice.
    I hope to become an asset to the club and know where many                                            ++++++++++

                Wreathed In Style                                        Nick Debenham, was then in the market for a 1962 Cadillac,
                                                                         but was taken with the Seville when browsing the auctions on
               Classic American Magazine (England)                       ebay. Nick recalls that the seller was more than helpful and
 The 1958 Eldorado Seville was the flagship vehicle for General          honest in describing the condition of the laid up luxury liner.
  Motors that year; Robert Daines takes a look at very original          'I received over 100 photos of the car,' Nick recalls, 'which
    unmolested example that's found its way to these shores              gave me a good idea of the shape she was in.'
 In 1953 Cadillac introduced its top the range ultra-luxurious           Having done his homework on the model and as a result of
(even by Cadillac standards) Eldorado. Built as a limited edition        the extensive photo history and correspondence with the
automobile the Eldorado sold for the then staggering sum of              owner Nick says he 'got a good feel of the car and what to
$7,750. This may not sound like mega bucks to today's buyers but         expect.' Subsequently a deal was struck and the Cadillac
in 1953 one could cruise out of the local Cadillac showroom in a         Seville was shipped out from its long time home in
Coupe de Ville for $3995 or a convertible for $4144.                     Cambridge, Ontario
    The following year the Eldorado was based on a specially
trimmed convertible - and came with a price trimmed down by
$2000. In 1956 Cadillac decided to bring out a hardtop version of
the Eldorado. To distinguish between the convertible model and
the hardtop the ragtop was christened the Eldorado Biarritz while
the tin top was dubbed the Eldorado Seville.
        The Eldorados were striking looking cars, but
  in the age of continual styling changes Cadillac
  decided to make the range even more distinctive in
  1957 and 1958. To that end the Eldorado Sevilles
  gained their own tail fin treatment in the shape of
  razor like shark fins protruding from the slender
  down curving rear fender. Along with the rest of the
  range the 1958 Eldo Sevilles gained standard dual
  headlights and additional bright work. Under                           Once the auto had arrived in the Old Country Nick began
    the hood the 365 cubic inch Cadillac V8,                             work on her in earnest. Being a mechanic by trade he was not
                                                                         daunted by the tired condition of the engine, but got straight
    developed 325bhp. All of those horses would be                       to work by removing the 365 cubic inch mill for a complete
    needed to move the 4,910lb auto from the driveway                    rebuild.
    and on to the gas station forecourt for another top
                                                                         One thing that a rebuilt Cadillac engine will be in severe need
    up of hi-octane fuel that was ingested via a triple                  of is gasoline, and plenty of it. Here Nick found a slight
    carb set up.                                                         problem as the gas tank was extremely corroded and had to
          Despite the rocket ship styling, additional chrome and         be taken out and reconditioned prior to firing up the new
abundance of power options and creature comforts, the auto               engine. While that was being done Nick turned his attention
industry suffered its worst post-War recession in 1958. The              to another vital area, the brakes. These were stripped down
economic downturn led to Cadillac selling 121,778 cars that year         and reconditioned to bring the stopping power up to par with
and in that wallet-tightening time very few of them were top of          the pulling power of the rebuilt Cadillac V8.
the line Eldos.                                                          With a clean tank and a fresh engine the Cadillac Seville was
          One of the Eldorado Sevilles that was sold that year was       soon performing as it had when it left the showroom in 1958.
destined to head North over the border to Canada, where it was           To add to that 'as new' feeling Nick was delighted to find that
purchased by one Bob McLagan. Mr McLagan drove the car until             the original brochure and handbook were still in the glove
his death in 1963. The GM luxury liner was then put into storage         box.
until 1972, when it was purchased by a classic car dealer. It was
at this time that the original colour was changed from Desert
Bronze to a slightly darker shade.
The classic Caddy's association with the McLagan family was not
yet over as it wound up back in the possession of Bob McLagan
Jr, who laid the car up on axle stands for three decades, before
deciding that the time had come to part with her in 2002.


In contrast to the poor condition of the engine Nick found
that the Seville's bodywork was in good condition, no doubt
due to its extensive period in storage away from Canada's
notoriously snowy weather and resulting barrage of road salt.
'I could only find a couple of small rust spots on the font
fenders,' Nick recalls, 'but as the body was so original I really
could not bring myself to start chopping it about.'

                                                                              The Seville rolls on a set of period Kelsey Hayes chrome
                                                                           wheels, which feature the aforementioned wreath and crest
                                                                           spinners. Nick describes himself as 'an all round classic
                                                                           American enthusiast' and to prove that point he has just
                                                                           returned from a 10 day buying trip in Florida, which saw him
                                                                           return to England with a 1969 Chevrolet Z28 clone and the
                                                                           daily driver van which hauled him around on his search for
                                                                           more classic iron.
   In fact Nick reports that all he really had to do to the                To fund the latest buying trip Nick had to sadly part with the
Seville's vast amount of sheet metal was to give it a really               Cadillac Seville, but he has nothing but fond memories of his
good cleaning and a polish to produce a gleaming finish. The               time behind the wheel of the top of the line Cadillac and we
Cadillac Seville's interior was also in good shape and as Nick             wouldn't mind betting that it won't be too long before this all
recalls 'totally original, right down to the dealer literature in          round US classic car fan finds another auto bearing that
the glove box.' A really neat period touch is the fact that the            famous wreath and crest parked on his driveway.
car is fitted with Cadillac's 'Crestcloth' which features the
famous Cadillac wreath and crest insignia repeated through
the seating fabric.

                                                                        This photo is on the cover of a CD titled “RIDE”. The
   Being a top of the line Cadillac of Fifties vintage the              name of the band is “The Big Diggity” and a member
Seville is fully loaded. The aforementioned 'Crestcloth' and            of that band is a member of our 1958 Cadillac Owners
leather-trimmed seats are six-way power items, while the
windows, including the quarter lights, are also power. The              Association, Mauriece Hamilton of Louisville, KY.
Cadillac also boasts power door locks and all the usual                 (front left in photo.). The ‘58 in the photo is owned by
refinements a late Fifties buyer would have expected on an              Mauriece and he also owns a ‘58 Extended Deck
automobile sporting the Cadillac badge on the hood.                     Sedan. Mauriece is a Saxophonist with several bands
                                                                        in the Lexington area. Two of which can be checked
                                                                        out at and
                                                                        Mauriece says, “What better thing to ‘RIDE’ in than a
                                                                        ‘58 Cadillac Convertible.”

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road you're trudging seems all up hill,
When the funds are low, and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest if you want, but don't you quit.

Life is strange with its twists and turns,                                                    Remember these gasoline signs?
As everyone of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about,                                             LOOK            FOR SALE            LOOK
When he might have won had he stuck it out;                                   1958 PARTS – MANUAL – BROCHURE – ETC.
Don't give up though the pace seems slow,                                   Glove Box Door $25.: Complete Front Bumper w/Brackets $200.; 1
You may succeed with another blow.                                          Set Door Edge Trim for 60 Special $10.; 3 Hub Caps w/Medallions
                                                                            $20.ea.; Instrument Panel $25.; 3 Back Up Lenses for 60 Special-1
Success is failure turned inside out,                                       new, 2 used $50.; 1 Back Up Lens Housing for 60 Special $5.; 2
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,                                     Fog Light-Turn Signal Lenses $10.; Pair Side Front Fender Trim
                                                                            w/Louvers (as is) $60.; A/C & Heater Control Fronts $10.;
And you never can tell how close you are,
                                                                            “Cadillac For 1958” Brochure $30.; Booklet “If The Shoe Fits” $8.;
It may be near when it seems so far;                                        Booklet “Hydra-Matic Diagnosis” $10.; 1959 Shop Manual $25.;
So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit,                              ‘58 (4 Page Original) “Service Tools” Brochure $15.; New in Box,
It's when things seem worse, that you must not quit.                        Borg Warner Headlight Switch $10.        (All prices include S&H)
                                                                                      Member Diane Robbeloth (425) 487-9863 WA

                                                                                            AN URGENT REQUEST
                                                                          It has come to our attention that there are members out there
                                                                          who have purchased computers and have an email address.
                                                                          Please help the club by notifying the Secretary-Treasurer so
                                                                          he can set you up to view the Newsletters on the Club’s
                                                                          website and or the Yahoo Group and save the club the added
                                                                          work involved and expense in printing and mailing the paper
                                                                          copy of the Newsletter to you. Thanks.
                                                                                                       FOR SALE
                                                                          Black 1958 Cadillac Sedan Deville - Style 6339EDX - $17,000
Here is a photo of my 58 at the moment for your site. It has a long
way to go but should be a good restoration. I will be on your site
regularly looking for information, parts, and ideas.
Dave Batger - Bibra Lake, Western Australia

                                                                          Mileage 46,000. Purchased in 1985 at Owls Head Auction. Turquoise
                                                                          interior with black and turquoise cloth. Seats re-upholstered with original
                                                                          material. Vinyl head liner and chrome strips. Repainted 15 years ago and
                                                                          still looks great. Motor rebuilt 2 years ago at $5000.+. Very good chrome
                                                                          and stainless. Many repairs over the years, have receipts. New radial
                                                                          wide white walls. Anodized gold grille. Presently registered. New glass,
                                                                          Have title and build sheet. VIN 58l100480, FW 20321. A really great car.
                                                                          Trophy won at Bonny Eagle Car Show in Maine.
                     IMPORTANT NOTICE                                      Nils Sjlaunder (207) 929-5555 ME - email:
                      TO ALL MEMBERS                                                                     ++++++++++
    We have mentioned to you many times in the past that we
    do not have the funds to return phone calls. If you do call
    the Acting Director, Technical Advisor or the Secretary-              Senior Citizens a Bigger Risk on the Road, Study
    Treasurer and they are not available, please call back. It            Says
    would be best to call between 8 and 9 PM (Remember
    time zones) as some of us work all day. Of course our                      Elderly Also More Likely to Die When
    answering machines may say leave your number and                                    Involved in Crashes
    we’ll get back to you, but that information is for our
    private use. If you are on line and you know the party                                   By: Dee-Ann Durbin, AP
    you want to reach has an email address by all means use               WASHINGTON (Feb. 18) - Drivers in their late 50s and early 60s are
    email.                                                                among the safest on the roads, but motorists who reach retirement age are
                                                                          much more apt to get into an accident, a AAA study finds.

      Drivers over 85 were nearly four times as likely to die in a crash as
middle-aged drivers, according to the study released Wednesday by the
AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. The study found that as drivers grew
older, they suffered increasingly from decreased perception and motor
skills. Frailty also caused serious injury and death in crashes that might
not kill younger people.
    The study also found that the elderly were more likely to get into
crashes while turning to the left, when drivers often must make quick
judgments about whether to stop or go. Drivers over 65 were 25 percent
more likely to get in a crash than middle-age drivers; drivers over 85                     Fleetwood 75 Sedan (405) 557-5339 $19,900.
were 50 percent more likely to get in a crash.                                                             ++++++++++
    Researchers have long suspected that older drivers were more likely to
die in crashes, but the study quantifies that, AAA spokesman Mantill
Williams said.
    Bella Dinh-Zarr, AAA's director of traffic safety, said the study also
makes clear that cases like last year's accident at a farmer's market in
California, when an elderly man hit and killed 10 people, are anomalies,
because seniors statistically are at greatest risk when involved in
accidents. The 87-year-old driver in that case survived.
    "The common misconception is that older drivers are a danger to
others, but the reality is, older drivers are a danger to themselves," Dinh-
Zarr said. "As a country, we should really be thinking of ways to help
older drivers."                                                                     Coupe $15,000.     (631) 831-0478 NY
    AAA did not recommend new laws to govern elderly drivers. Twenty-
two states already have such laws. Florida requires driver’s age 80 or
older to have their vision checked when they renew their licenses, while
New Hampshire and Illinois require road tests for those 75 and older.
    AAA says seniors should consider taking specially designed driving
courses; 35 states provide insurance discounts for drivers who take such
courses. Older drivers also should assess their driving skills regularly
along with their doctors, AAA said.
    Dinh-Zarr said vehicles could be modified to help older drivers.
Larger rear and side mirrors, larger and brighter dashboard displays and
seat belts that are easier to lock would help, she said. Dinh-Zarr said
seniors wear their seat belts more often than any other age group but
often complain that the belts are difficult to put on.
    She also said better lighting and signs at intersections and protected
                                                                                   Coupe $1,500. OBO    (615) 563-4160 TN
left hand-turn lanes would help decrease confusion among older drivers.
     The study, by the Texas Transportation Institute, analyzed police
records from 3.9 million crashes between 1975 and 1999. Those crashes
caused 90,036 fatalities. During that time, the number of licensed drivers
75 or older in Texas increased faster than other age group; they now
comprise more than 5 percent of Texas drivers.
    The numbers in Texas are mirrored nationally. The number of people
over 65 is expected to double over the next 30 years; by 2030, one in five
Americans will be 65 or older, AAA said.

      In storage for many years – shifted very smooth -
        original - never rebuilt $395.00 Cash & Carry                               Seville $21,500 (208) 338-6420 ID
  Bob Hutchings (781) 659-7325 - email                                                          (This is a member Gerald Kaup’s car-)


         60 Special, $8,500. (415) 564-9763 San Francisco, CA                                 Sedan    $16,000.   (770) 975-7494 GA

                                                                                                 Found on the web – what a shame!
               Convertible $37,500 (561) 286-8441 FL
                              ++++++++++                                        NEED A REPLACEMENT CIRCUIT BOARD FOR YOUR
                                                                                   Are your dash lights growing dimmer and your clock chugging
                                                                                when it rewinds? Do you have trouble with your dash lights in
                                                                                wet weather or for the first month after bringing your 58 out in the
                                                                                spring? The circuit board on the back of the instrument panel is
                                                                                made of a porous plastic that absorbs moisture and the connectors
                                                                                are uncovered raw copper that corrodes over time. I have had a
                                                                                printed circuit board layout engineer reproduce the artwork for the
                                                                                instrument panel circuit board so I can have reproductions
          Fleetwood 75 Sedan $19,900 (405) 557-5339 OK                          manufactured. They are not strict reproductions as the new
                                                                                boards are made of laminated fiberglass that does not absorb
                                                                                water. The board also has a urethane mask over the copper traces
                                                                                and is dipped in solder to stop corrosion on the connectors. All of
                                                                                your original hardware is reused and should be buffed with a
                                                                                green scrubbing pad to remove existing corrosion. The cost of the
                                                                                boards will vary depending on the interest that is shown. The
                                                                                more I sell the cheaper they will be. If I can only sell four of them
                                                                                the cost is approximately $175 each. If I can sell 9, the cost drops
                                                                                to $100 and if I can sell 20, the cost drops to $75. Beyond that, the
                                                                                price remains reasonably steady. If I can break even on the main
                                                                                circuit board for the instrument panel, I will have the engineer
              Biarritz   $ 89.000.   (314) 993-1330 MO                          produce artwork for the small circuit board that connects to the
                              ++++++++++                                        gas gauge and temperature gauge. These boards are of superior
                            A THOUGHT                                           construction compared to the old stamped plastic boards. The
                            By: Scott Deware
   All of us want our car to run smoothly and efficiently so we take time       outlines are all cut with a router including the lamp holder
to have them checked to make sure that all the mechanical aids are in           sockets. The FR-4 circuit board material is more rigid than the
running order…Lets think about an other important check-up to be made.          old material and resists cracking. All in all, this circuit board is an
How’s your driving mental attitude? Can’t you go over that and tighten it
up a little? Fill it with courtesy. For in that word…Courtesy…can be
                                                                                excellent replacement. I am not selling these for profit. I am just
found the key to most of our driving ills.                                      trying to get my own board but cannot afford to go it alone. If
   Courtesy often is nothing more than a highly developed sense of fair         interested, contact member…..
play… A friend told me once of driving along a narrow, unpaved                  Tom Loveday (541) 754-6353 CA
mountain road. Ahead was another car that produced clouds of choking
                                                                                            NOT ‘58 CADILLAC RELATED
dust and it as a long way to the nearest paved highway. Suddenly, at a              This is something you probably won't hear about from local or
wide place, the car ahead pulled off the road. My friend, thinking there
might be engine trouble, stopped and asked if anything was wrong. “No,”
                                                                                national news sources. Imagine, an Iraqi National having such
said the driver. “But you’ve endured my dust this far; I’ll put up with         feelings for American Military personnel.
yours the rest of the way.” There was a man of good manners, a man with             The picture of the statue below was made by an Iraqi artist
an innate sense of fair play.                                                   named Kalat, who, for years was forced by Saddam Hussein to
   Perhaps if all motorists were more courteous, possessed of the same          make the many hundreds of bronze busts of Saddam that dotted
degree of consideration as this driver, we would witness an automotive          Baghdad.
death rate far lower than ever imagined!                                           This artist was so grateful that the Americans liberated his
                                                                                country, he melted 3 of the fallen Saddam heads and made a
                                                                                memorial statue dedicated to the American soldiers and their
                                                                                fallen comrades.
                                                                                     Kalat worked on this night and day for several months. To the
                                                                                left of the kneeling soldier is a small Iraqi girl giving the soldier

comfort as he mourns the loss of his comrade in arms. It is
currently on display outside the palace that is now home to the 4th       LAST BUT NOT LEAST
Infantry division. It will eventually be shipped and shown at the         Dave found these motor mounts for the ‘58 at steel rubber
memorial museum in Fort Hood, Texas.                                      products. I check mine out, and plan to clean up the old ones and
                                                                          reuse them. Hopefully we will get some input of from the
                                                                          members for the next newsletter. It’s a big job for two people.

                                                                                                  Hollywood Diner
                                                                                         Marilyn, James Dean, Elvis and Brando

                                 Massachusetts was an early leader among drive-in states.
 It has the distinction of having hosted one of the first 5 drive-in theatres in America (the Weymouth Drive-in, which opened in May of
 '36), and also, four of America's first 15 drive-in cinemas were located in Massachusetts! Within ten years of it's first drive-in opening,
there were twenty located in Massachusetts, and during the peak drive-in years of the late 50's, the state had nearly 90 outdoor theatres in
    operation. Since that time, their number has declined very steeply, with 94% of them going dark; and presently, there are only five
                        remaining that we can enjoy and preserve (or, six, if you count a NH Drive-in that overlaps).
                                                                                 FIRST CLASS
                                1958 Cadillac Owners Association
                                Post Office Box 850029
                                Braintree, Massachusetts 02185
                                Celebrating 13 Years 1991- 2004

How to Give a Car Thief a Hard Time                                    make it more difficult to tow your vehicle. Thieves can use
    Car thieves aren’t out on the streets looking for a challenge.     tow trucks to steal.
They don’t want to work hard, and they don’t want to get caught.           5. If you have a garage, park in it.
That’s why the National Insurance Crime Bureau suggests a              Alarms, locks, and other visible theft deterrents make it clear
“layered” approach to protecting your vehicle. The more antitheft      to the thief that your car is well-protected. VIN etching is an
measures you take, the more likely the criminal will give up and       affordable theft deterrent. Chemically etching the vehicle
look for a quicker and easier job.                                     identification number onto the window, expensive
    “Your level of risk, budget and personal preferences will          accessories, and major parts of your car is effective because
determine how many and what kind of ‘layers’ you invest in to          it permanently identifies them as your property. This makes
protect your vehicle. Fortunately, one of your best lines of           the parts less desirable for chop shops. VIN etching also aids
defense is conveniently accessible and free – common sense,”           in the recovery of a vehicle if it is stolen. Similarly, dropping
said John Paul, AAA’s Car Doctor.                                      a business card, address label, or other information inside
    Don’t hand out invitations. Amazingly, many people make it         your vehicle’s doors will help identify it.
easy for a thief y leaving their keys in the ignition while running
into a convenience store or using an ATM. Theft-prevention
authorities warn that thieves are on the lookout for just such
occasions. Even if you are going to be away from your vehicle
for a short while, lock it up tight.
    Other sensible moves that make your vehicle less vulnerable
to thieves.
     1. Never hide a second set of keys in or on your vehicle.
     2. Don’t leave valuables in view. They may attract thieves.
          Likewise, if you park outside your garage, don’t leave
          the garage-door opener in your car.
     3. Park in well-lit, populated areas if possible.
     4. Use your emergency brake, and leave your transmission
          in park. Turn the wheels toward the curb. These actions


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