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					2009 Thrivent Builds Homes
 Make News with Thrivent
                   January 28, 2009
                        Nicole Doebert,                       Cheryl Winget,
                        Web Site & Marketing                  Media Relations Specialist
                        Collateral Specialist
Presenters:                                     Kelsey Midthun
                                                Media Relations Specialist

    Pat Ostruszka                Miranda Moderson
    Director, Marketing and      Thrivent Builds Mobile
    Communications               Coordinator

You want us to do what?
Ongoing publicity expectations for
Thrivent Builds Homes

• Read “Habitat Affiliate Publicity Coordinator
  Role Description” quick reference guide”
   – Attend training calls
   – Make a media plan
   – Use tools
   – Order an outdoor Thrivent Builds sign
   – Lead publicity efforts for/at events

• Watch “Media Relations 101” webinar

Recipe for dynamic media outreach

• Start thinking about a
  comprehensive, year-long media
  plan now
• Include your affiliate’s usual build
  events and milestones
• Add some new twists
• Keep it dynamic!

                                                                                                      Thr ivent Builds w it h Habit at for Hum anit y
                                                                                                                    Sam ple Media Out reach Plan

Key m essages:
1. Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity is increasing Habitat’s capacity to build more housing. “Thrivent Builds with Habitat” programs encompass financial,
   volunteer and advocacy components.
2. Volunteers are needed! Visit to learn how you can help and sign up.
3. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans is committed to helping people achieve economic independence and has a 100-year history of helping its members help
4. Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to eliminating poverty housing by providing simple, decent and affordable homes. It is important to reach out and help more
   families each year and this can only be done through innovative alliances such as Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity.
 X   Due           Event /             Audience              Tact ic/ To Do                      Responsibilit y      Not es/ Tools & Resour ces
     Dat e         Milest one
 X   12/ 05        Send national       Media                    Fill in template w ith          LCSS-TB              Thrivent Builds Homes Resources – Media
                   announcement                                  RFO/ affiliate information      Habitat Publicity    contact and promotion
                   new s release                                Email from Habitat affiliate,   Coordinator             New s release template
                   template to local                             place follow up calls on                                Regional media contact list
                   media outlets                                 12/ 08/ 08                                              Talking points/ key messages
     1/ 2 -        Volunteer Leader    Thrivent Chapter      Recruit volunteer leaders for       LCSS-TB              Thrivent Builds Homes Resources –
     completion    Recruitment         members,              upcoming Thrivent Builds            Habitat Affiliate    Volunteer Recruitment:
                                       congregation          Homes projects                                              Up to our ears in committed volunteers
                                       members                  Invite potential volunteers                               (training Webinar)
                                                                 to a community or                                       Volunteer Recruitment QRG
                                                                 congregational                                          Leadership Recruitment Bulletin Insert
                                                                 meeting/ presentation                                   Leadership Recruitment
                                                                 about upcoming TBH                                        New sletter/ Web Text
                                                                 projects.                                               Role Descriptions (for multiple
                                                                                                                          Recruitment Self-Mailer Template

1/ 02 -      General              Thrivent Chapter     Recruit volunteers for builds       LCSS-TB                Thrivent Builds Homes Resources –
completion   Volunteer            members,             Be sure to also act on leads        Habitat                Volunteer Recruitment:
             Recruitment          congregation         generated from                      Affiliate/ Publicity       Community Meeting Invitation
                                  members, Habitat     w w w that      Coordinator                 Postcard Template
                                  volunteers           w ill be sent to the LCSS-TB.       TB Chapter                 Presentation – Post-Home Selection
                                                                                           Specialist                 Thrivent Builds Homes Recruitment
                                                                                           TB Congregational           Video
                                                                                           Champion                   Volunteer Recruitment Poster
                                                                                                                      Volunteer Recruitment Bulletin Insert
                                                                                                                      Volunteer Recruitment New sletter/ Web
                                                                                                                      Volunteer Recruitment Ad Template
                                                                                                                      Volunteers Needed New s Release
1/ 02 -      Volunteer            Thrivent Financial   Ask Thrivent Financial Reps to      LCSS-TB                Thrivent Builds Homes Resources – Financial
completion   Recruitment of       members              get involved in their local         FRs                    Rep. Involvement:
             Thrivent Financial                        projects and to invite their                                   How to Get Involved w ith Thrivent
             Reps                                      members to participate.                                         Builds Homes – For Thrivent Financial
                                                                                                                      Thrivent Builds Homes Recruitment
                                                                                                                  FR Resources available on FieldNet:
                                                                                                                      Fleximail postcards
                                                                                                                      Field Ads
2/ 1         Placement of Site    Media, public        Order and place a Thrivent          Habitat Affiliate      Thrivent Builds Homes Resources –
             Signage                                   Builds Homes sign at each build                            Signage/ Displays:
                                                       site.                                                          o Build Site Outdoor Sign Order Form
3/ 1         Family story         Media, public,            Prepare partner family bio    Habitat                Thrivent Builds Homes Resources – Media
                                  congregations             Take digital partner family   affiliate/ publicity   contact and promotion
                                                             photos (high resolution)      coordinator                Family bio guidelines
                                                            Educate partner family                                   Families selected new s release template
                                                             about Thrivent Builds                                    What it means to partner w ith families
                                                            Seek media interest in                                    QRG
                                                             covering family/ TB project
                                                             from beginning to end.
                                                            Offer half-page version of
                                                             family bio to supporting
                                                             churches as bulletin insert

4/ 15    Ground-breaking    Media,                 Plan and promote                     Habitat Affiliate      Thrivent Builds Homes Resources –
                            Thrivent Chapter       groundbreaking event                                        Groundbreaking Event:
                            members,                   If there are multiple build     Support from:              Groundbreaking Groundbreakings
                            Congregation                sites in the area, try to       LCSS-TB                     Training Webinar
                            members, Habitat            coordinate several on the       TB Chapter                 Groundbreaking QRG
                            volunteers                  same day for greater            Specialist                 Groundbreaking Planning Worksheet
                                                        impact.                         TB Congregational          Groundbreaking People House
                                                       If media do not cover,          Champion                    example
                                                        send high resolution                                       Groundbreaking Ad
                                                        digital photo w ith                                        Groundbreaking New s Release
                                                        suggested caption                                           Template
                                                        immediately after the                                      Groundbreaking Bulletin Insert
                                                        event                                                      Groundbreaking New sletter/ Web Text
                                                                                                                   Habitat Celebrations Booklet
11/ 15   Dedication         Media,                 Plan and promote your                Habitat Affiliate      Thrivent Builds Homes Resources –
                            Thrivent Chapter       dedication events for your                                  Dedication Event:
                            Members,               Thrivent Builds Homes projects.      Support from:              Making the Most of Your Dedications
                            congregation               If there are multiple build     LCSS-TB                     training Webinar
                            members, Habitat            sites in the area, try to       TB Chapter                 Dedication QRG
                            volunteers,                 coordinate several on the       Specialist                 Dedication Planning Worksheet
                            Donors                      same day for greater            TB Congregational          Dedication Ad
                            VIPs (Government            impact                          Champion                   Dedication New s Release Template
                            officials, sponsors,                                                                   Dedication Bulletin Insert
                            etc.)                                                                                  Dedication New sletter/ Web Text
                                                                                                                   Dedication Direct Mail Postcard to
                                                                                                                   Habitat Celebrations Booklet
11/ 25   Celebrate/         Thrivent Chapter       Thank all volunteers and             LCSS-TB                Thrivent Builds Homes Resources –
         Thank volunteers   Members, church        donors for all they’ ve done to      Habitat Affiliate      Volunteer Recognition:
                            members, Habitat       help w ith the 2008 Thrivent                                    Thank You Certificate
                            volunteers/ donors     Builds Homes projects.                                          Volunteer Thank You Ad Template
12/ 05   Post-build media   Media                  With partner family’ s               Habitat                Thrivent Builds Homes Resources –
         outreach                                  permission, reach out to media       affiliate/ Publicity   Promote Thrivent Builds Overall
                                                   to cover family’ s first Christmas   Coordinator                Thrivent Builds Overview Fact Sheet
                                                   in their new home                                               Family Bio Guidelines
                                                                                                                   Communication Photo Release Form
                                                                                                                   Regional Media Lists

Tools, tools and more tools…

• Media tools
• News releases
• Special event tools (wallraising,
  dedication, etc.)
• Webinar trainings

Reporting your successes

• Cheryl and Kelsey want to know about
  your media successes
   – Newspapers
   – Radio
   – Television
   – Magazines
   – Online

Reporting your successes

• The information that we like to know
   – Name of print publication or
     broadcast program
   – Date of publication or broadcast
   – Time
   – Title/brief excerpt
   – Name of reporter or interviewer
   – Web address

Reporting your successes

When you have a great story, you can…

1. Send us an e-mail with all the details
2. Fax or mail us a copy of the article
3. Work with your local Affiliate Project
   Leader to get media stories included in
   their Thrivent Builds Affiliate
   monthly report

Tips and Tricks for More Thrivent
Builds Media Coverage

• Use a free press release distribution site
• Send your release to the Associated Press
• Send your release to your local media
  outlets with an additional local spin
• Send your release directly to niche or
  industry outlets
• Add your release to your own website or
• Set up Google or Yahoo alerts about your
Making news in the newspaper: writing
and submitting your own article or
letter to the editor

Paul Kent, Deputy Executive Director for
  Tulsa Habitat for Humanity

Reaching Lutheran churches
Bethany Kuehne, Church Relations VISTA
  volunteer, Central Minnesota Habitat for

• Thrivent Builds Community Kick Off
  Meetings and/or area church meetings
• Building relationships
• Inserts, newsletters, other typical
  communication channels

If you have questions about this

        Cheryl Winget (Habitat for Humanity International)
        Media Relations Specialist
        612-844-6498 (fax)
        Minneapolis, MN

        Kelsey Midthun (Thrivent Financial for Lutherans)
        Media Relations Specialist
        612-844-6498 (fax)
        Minneapolis, MN