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					Climate Change Adaptation Resources Binder for Local Planners in the San Francisco Bay Area
Annotated Table of Contents for the Resource Binder (Prepared by San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Staff. September 2009.)

Key Topics              Document Title                         Description & Key Information                                Document Name

Folder Name: Science and Impacts

Climate change          Understanding and Responding           Brochure that provides a primer on climate change
science. Impacts,       to Climate Change.                     science. It highlights findings and recommendations
adapting and            The National Academies. 2008           from the National Academies’ reports on climate
mitigating (National)   Edition.                               change.
                                                               Another good primer document/brochure to help
                                                               public to understand Earth's climate, impacts of
Climate change          Climate Literacy: The Essential
                                                               climate change, and approaches for adapting and
science. Impacts,       Principles of Climate Sciences.
                                                               mitigating change. Principles in the guide can serve
adapting and            A Guide for Individuals and                                                                         Climate Literacy Booklet.pdf
                                                               as discussion starters or launching points for
mitigating              Communities. U.S. Global Change
                                                               scientific inquiry. The guide can also serve
(in general)            Research Program. March 2009.
                                                               educators who teach climate science as part of their
                                                               science curricula.
                        DRAFT 2009 Climate Action
                                                               MUST READ: California Climate Action Team’s
                        Team Biennial Report to the
                                                               biennial science assessment report on climate                Climate Action Team Biennal
All Impacts (CA)        Governor and Legislature.
                                                               change impacts and adaptation options for                    Report Mar09.PDF
                        California Climate Action Team. July
                        Living With a Rising Bay:
                                                               Draft report describes the current state of
                        Vulnerability and Adaptation in
                                                               knowledge regarding the potential impacts of sea
Sea level rise and      San Francisco Bay and on the
                                                               level rise on the region. It identifies vulnerabilities in
resulting issues        Shoreline. Draft Staff Report.                                                                      BCDC SLR Report draft.pdf
                                                               the Bay Area’s economic and environmental
(Bay Area)              San Francisco Bay Conservation and
                                                               systems, as well as the potential impacts of sea
                        Development Commission (BCDC).
                                                               level rise on public health and safety.
                        April 2009.
                                                               Institute's report on vulnerabilities of the CA coast
                                                               to impacts of sea level rise. Includes cost estimates
Sea level rise and      Impacts of Sea Level Rise on the
                                                               for replacing lost/damaged infrastructure as well as
resulting issues        California Coast.                                                                                   Pacific Inst SLR Report.pdf
                                                               pro-active measures to protect infrastructure.
(Bay Area)              Pacific Institute. May 2009.
                                                               Report includes separate values/ analysis for SF Bay

Key Topics             Document Title                           Description & Key Information                              Document Name

Folder Name: Science and Impacts

                                                                Report "analyzes data on the disparate impacts of
Heat waves, poor air   The Climate Gap.                         climate change and climate change mitigation
quality and            University of Southern California. The   policies on low socioeconomic status (SES) groups
environmental          Program for Environmental and            in the United States that is relevant to the California
justice issues (CA)    Regional Equity (PERE). May 2009.        context." Includes recommendations for addressing
                                                                the gap issues identified in the report.
                                                                Article presents the results of a survey of California’s
                                                                local pubic health officers conducted between
                       Preparing for Climate Change: A          August and October 2007. The survey gauged
                       Perspective from Local Public            health officers’ concerns about the public health
Public health          Health Officers in California.           impacts of climate change, programs in place that
                                                                                                                           Public Health Impacts CA.pdf
impacts (CA)           Louise Bedworth. Environmental           could help to mitigate these health effects, and
                       Health Perspectives. Volume 117,         information and resource needs for better coping
                       No. 4. April 2009.                       with a changing climate. Background information
                                                                includes overviews of public health-related impacts
                                                                of climate change in CA.

                                                                Report (~20 pages) looks at how the insurability of
                                                                homes and businesses might be affected by
                                                                increases in risk due to climate change -- specifically
                       Coastal Communities and                  flooding.This report looks at the impact of climate
Flooding and           Climate Change Maintaining               change on flood risk at a number of coastal
insurance issues       Future Insurability.                     locations around the world, considering sea-level          Lloyds Flooding Insurability.pdf
(international)        360 Risk Project. Lloyds. September      rise, the effect of wind speed on storm surges and,
                       2008.                                    at one location, changes in land use. Clearly-
                                                                written; good descriptions of methodology and
                                                                terminology; and well-chosen and presented case
                                                                Research paper from UC Berkeley, Dept of
                       California Climate Risk and              Agricultural and Resource Economics takes a look at
Economic risks and     Response.                                costs of climate impacts and responses by sector.          CA_Climate_Risk_and_Response.
impacts (CA)           Fredrich Kahrl and David Roland-         The Real Estate section (starts page 73) provides          pdf
                       Holst. UC Berkeley. November, 2008       interesting (and eye-opening) comparisons and
                                                                dollar values.

Key Topics            Document Title                           Description & Key Information                            Document Name

Folder Name: Adaptation Planning Principles and Process

                                                               Relatively short document that articulates guiding
Adaptation planning   Identifying Adaptation Options.
                                                               principles for adaptation, types of adaptation
principles and        London Climate Impacts Group.                                                                     ID_Adapt_options.pdf
                                                               strategies, selecting adaptations as well as
guidance              2009.
                                                               examples of generic and specific adaptation actions.

                                                               Guidebook for adaptation planning. Probably too
                      Local Government Climate
                                                               detailed to be especially useful for local planners.
Adaptation planning   Change Adaptation Toolkit.                                                                        Australia
                                                               However, Page 2 of the Background ((Exhibit 1.1)
principles            Cities for Climate Protection                                                                     Toolkit_CCPAdaptation_Final.pdf
                                                               has a nice articulation of guiding principles for
                      Australia Adaptation Initiative. 2008.
                      How Resilient is Your
                      Community?: A Guide for
                      Evaluating Coastal Community
                                                               Has an excellent illustration (Figure 3-1) of what the   How Resilient Your
Resiliency (Coasts)   Resilience to Tsunamis and
                                                               term "resilience" means on Page 3-2.                     Community.pdf
                      Other Hazards.
                      U.S. Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning
                      System Program. USAID. 2007.

                                                               A “how-to” manual for taking adaptation all the way
                      Preparing for Climate Change: A          from theory to implementation, specifically designed
                      Guidebook for Local, Regional            for local and regional governments. This guidebook
Adaptation planning                                                                                                     KingCounty Prepping CC
                      and State Governments.                   provides detailed information necessary for policy
guidance                                                                                                                Guide.pdf
                      ICLEI; King County, Washington;          construction, a table of possible adaptive strategies,
                      Climate Impacts Group, 2007.             a framework for assessing vulnerability and a
                                                               section on implementation and lessons learned.

                                                               Description of five critical elements that an estuary-
                                                               wide adaptation plan needs to include to earn
                      Adaptation Planning for the              recognition in the Climate Ready Estuaries program.
Estuary-wide          National Estuary Program.                This is an overview-level report, so it does not
adaptation planning   U.S. EPA Climate Ready Estuaries         include specific guidance for creating a plan.
                      Program. May 2009.                       However, it does reference specific sections of
                                                               other guidance documents than may be more

Key Topics            Document Title                         Description & Key Information                             Document Name

Folder Name: Adaptation Planning Principles and Process
                      Ask the Climate Question:
                      Adapting to Climate Change
                                                             Document summarizes adaptation progress by the
Adaptation planning   Impacts in Urban Regions.                                                                        Urban Leaders Adaptn Init
                                                             Initiative partners (including SF). Most interesting is
in urban areas        Urban Leaders Adaptation Initiative.                                                             Report.pdf
                                                             the discussion of lessons learned (pages 4-7).
                      Center for Clean Air Policy. June
                                                             This report is focused primarily on city and urban
                                                             region government level and provides a high-level
                      Cities Preparing for Climate
                                                             process and case-study oriented overview approach.
Adaptation planning   Change: A Study of 6 Urban
                                                             The framework detailed in the report focuses heavily      6 Cities Prepping for CC.pdf
in urban areas        Regions.
                                                             on stakeholder input. There is a collection of
                      Clean Air Partnership. May 2007
                                                             adaptive steps and anecdotal examples and best
                      Resilient San Francisco:
                      Advancing San Francisco’s
Adaptation planning                                          Presentation outlining (starting slide 11) the
                      Climate Adaptation Plan.
process and                                                  structure and process for the city of San Francisco's     SF Adaptation Planning (05-04-
organizational                                               vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning          09).ppt
                      Wade Crowfoot, Office of Mayor
structure                                                    efforts that are being initiated (Summer 2009).
                      Gavin Newsom. BAAQMD
                      Conference. May 4, 2009
                                                             Guidebook on adaptive management (which is not
                                                             synonymous with adaptation) techniques. The
                                                             guidebook identifies the "conditions in which
                                                             adaptive management should be considered, and
                      Adaptive Management: The U.S.
                                                             describe the process of using adaptive management
                      Department of the Interior
Adaptive                                                     for managing natural resources." Chapter 1 is a
                      Technical Guide.                                                                                 Adaptive Mgmt TechGuide.pdf
management                                                   good primer on adaptive management and helps
                      U.S. Department of Interior. 2009
                                                             the reader understand what it means to say that a
                                                             project/program will be "managed adaptively" and
                                                             how to determine whether that's an appropriate
                                                             management approach for addressing various
                                                             climate change issues.

Key Topics            Document Title                           Description & Key Information                           Document Name

Folder Name: Adaptation Planning Principles and Process

                                                               Risk assessment and management guide for
                      Climate Change: Developer's
                                                               developers. Module 3 (starts page 15) provides
                      Risk Management Guide.                                                                           DevelopersGuidetoRiskManagmen
Risk management                                                potentially relevant information for planners about
                      Canada Climate SMART. August                                                                     t.pdf
                                                               adaptation and risk management (starting page
                      Building California’s Climate-
                                                               Defines "decision-support" and how to make it
                      Related Decision Support
                                                               effective in the context of supporting decision
                      Capacity and Fostering Social
                                                               makers, policy-makers and managers for climate
                      Science Contributions. (DRAFT)
Decision support                                               change adaptation. Includes recommendations for         Decision Support Moser.pdf
                      Dr. Susanne C. Moser – Susanne
                                                               state and federal agencies to help overcome
                      Moser Research & Consulting and
                                                               barriers to adaptation planning at the local level
                      University of California, Santa Cruz .
                                                               (starts page 8).
                      August 2008.
                                                               Article delivers a dose of realism, pointing out that
                                                               the assumption that we in the U.S. will successfully
                      The Climate Crisis and the
                                                               adapt to climate change affects is not well-
                      Adaptation Myth.
                                                               supported by our planning and management
Adaptation failures   Robert Repetto. Yale School of                                                                   Adaptation Myth.pdf
                                                               mindsets and methods to date. Included here
                      Forestry & Environmental Studies.
                                                               because it provides a clear articulation of common
                      Fall 2008.
                                                               obstacles to adaptation and review of why
                                                               adaptation is not happening already.
                      Preparing for the impacts of
                      climate change in California:
                      Opportunities and Constraints            Review of barriers that CA planners face in
                      for Adaptation. A Report from            addressing climate change impacts in their work,
Adaptation barriers                                                                                                    Prep CC Impacts CA.PDF
                      the California Climate Change            and what they need to be able to overcome these
                      Center.                                  barriers.
                      Prepared by Amy Lynd Luers and
                      Susanne C. Moser. March 2006.

Key Topics           Document Title                       Description & Key Information                            Document Name

Folder Name: Engaging Communities and Decision-Makers

                                                          Section 3.1 of this report on urban and regional
Community            Cities Preparing for Climate
                                                          adaptation planning efforts has an excellent review
engagement in        Change: A Study of 6 Urban
                                                          of community engagement and awareness-building           6 Cities Prepping for CC.pdf
urban adaptation     Regions.
                                                          approaches taken by the 6 cities, as well as the
planning processes   Clean Air Partnership. May 2007.
                                                          effectiveness of these approaches.
                     Public Listening Sessions: Sea
                                                          Fascinating report of a series of public listening
                     Level Rise and Population
                                                          sessions held in NC to help the public learn about
Community            Growth in North Carolina.
                                                          sea level rise and population growth in the              Public Listening Sessions
engagement on sea    The Abermale-Pamlico Conservation
                                                          Abermarle-Pamlico region and give participants           Report.pdf
level rise           and Communities Collaborative, and
                                                          opoprtunities to share their concerns about potential
                     the Abermarle-Pamlico National
                                                          impacts of these issues.
                     Estuary Program. February 2009.
                                                          Compiled list of community engagement weblinks to
                                                          background information, case studies and service
                     Community Engagement                 providers. This resource was compiled by Pete
                     Weblinks.                            Peterson, Executive Director of Common Sense             Community Engagement
engagement web
                     Pete Peterson. Common Sense          California, a non-profit (non-partisan) organization     Weblinks.doc
                     California. September 2009.          with the state mission to "engage the citizens of this
                                                          state in the policy decisions that affect our everyday
                                                          Toolkit describes pariticipatory methodologies to
                                                          document local impacts of climate change and to
                                                          devise appropriate adaptation measures that local
                                                          communities can implement themselves. These
Community            Climate Witness Community            techniques were developed for use in Pacific South
engagement and       Toolkit.                             West communities, so some of them are clearly not        WWF Climate Witness Toolkit.pdf
climate change       WWF - South Pacific Programme.       applicable in the SF Bay Area. BUT, keep an open
                                                          mind and consider how some of these methods (or
                                                          modified versions of them) might be unique yet
                                                          effective community engagement tools for climate
                                                          change adaptation in Bay Area communities.

Key Topics            Document Title                       Description & Key Information                             Document Name

Folder Name: Tools, Data Sources and Eg Adaptation Actions

                      Adapting to Climate Change
                                                           Guidance and ideas for integrating adaptation into
                      Impacts: A Good-Practice Guide
Example adaptation                                         sustainable development (Section 2.3, beginning           Good Practice Guide Sustainable
                      for Sustainable Communities.
actions                                                    page 18), and examples of adaptation actions/plans        Comm.pdf
                      London Climate Change Partnership.
                                                           in the case studies reports (Part 4, starts page 43).
                      October 2006
                      Adapting to climate change: A        An impressive compilation of case studies of
                      case study companion to the          adaptation actions ranging from use of climate
Case studies of
                      checklist for development.           resilient building materials to designating and           Case Study Companion.pdf
adaptation actions
                      London Climate Change Partnership.   designing "sacrificial" lands to prevent flooding of
                      March 2007.                          key infrastructure and residential areas.
                                                           A report of baylands habitat recommendations that
                      Goals Project. 1999. Baylands
                                                           includes information on existing stressors on
                      Ecosystem Habitat Goals.
                                                           wetlands habitats and species that may help local
                      Prepared by the San Francisco
                                                           planners assess vulnerabilities of shoreline habitat to
                      Bay Area Wetlands Ecosystem
Bay Area wetlands                                          climate change impacts. Additionally, Chapter 6 on        SFBaylands Ecosys Habitat
                      Goals Project.
habitat information                                        restoration provides practical information on costs,      Goals.pdf
                      U.S. Environmental Protection
                                                           design, and management of wetlands restoration
                      Agency, San Francisco, Calif./S.F.
                                                           projects that may be relevant to projects that
                      Bay Regional Water Quality Control
                                                           employ habitat buffers for protection against
                      Board, Oakland, Calif.
                                                           shoreline flooding.
                                                           This Synthesis provides a brief introduction to key
                                                           physical impacts of climate change on estuaries and
                                                           a review of on-the-ground adaptation options
                      Synthesis of Adaptation Options      available to coastal managers to reduce their
Adaptation options    for Coastal Areas.                   systems' vulnerability to climate change impacts.         CRE_Synthesis_Adaptation
for estuaries         U.S. EPA Climate Ready Estuaries     For each option, the synthesis describes what             Options.pdf
                      Program. January 2009.               climate stressor and additional management goals
                                                           are addressed, benefits and constraints of the
                                                           option, and examples of specific locations where the
                                                           option has been implemented (where available).

Key Topics             Document Title                          Description & Key Information                            Document Name

Folder Name: Tools, Data Sources and Eg Adaptation Actions
                       Why Climate Change Makes                Article outlines benefits of riparian restoration for
                       Riparian Restoration More               ecological adaptation. "Riparian ecosystems are
Riparian restoration   Important than Ever:                    naturally resilient, provide linear habitat connectivity,
                                                                                                                         Riparian Restoration as
and ecological         Recommendations for Practice            link aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, and create
adaptation             and Research.                           thermal refugia for wildlife: all characteristics that
                       N E Seavy, et al. Ecological            can contribute to ecological adaptation to climate
                       Restoration. 27:3. September 2009.      change."
                       Safer from the Start: A Guide to
Wildfire and
                       Firewise-Friendly Development.          Guidance on minimizing fire risk to new residential
residential                                                                                                             Firewise Safer-From-the-Start.pdf
                       National Fire Protection Association.   development near the wildland/urban interface.
                                                               Draft report of design guidelines provides thorough
                                                               review of low impact development (LID) principles
                                                               integration into stormwater design guidelines in the
                       San Francisco Stormwater                urban watershed. Excellent illustrations and
Low impact                                                                                                              SF
                       Design Guidelines.                      numerous examples of how the design guidelines
development (LID)                                                                                                       StormwaterDesignGuidelines.pdf
                       City of San Francisco. February 2009.   are put into practice. (Note that SF is by no means
                                                               the first to use LID in stormwater design. However,
                                                               of the documents on the topic, this is a nice
                                                               example of a design guidance document.)
                       Low Impact Development (LID):
                       A Sensible Approach to Land
                                                               Overview of low impact development (LID)
                       Development and Stormwater
Low impact                                                     techniques for stormwater management in
                       Management.                                                                                    LID and Stormwater.pdf
development (LID)                                              residential areas. Looks at benefits and challenges of
                       California Water & Land Use
                                                               LID, and ways to address challenges.
                       Partnership. California Coastal

Key Topics            Document Title                          Description & Key Information                          Document Name

Folder Name: Tools, Data Sources and Eg Adaptation Actions
                      CEQA and Low Impact
                      Development Stormwater
                      Design: Preserving Stormwater
Low impact            Quality and Stream Integrity            Technical guidance on using low impact
development (LID)     Through California                      development (LID) in stormwater design for CEQA        LID and CEQA.pdf
and CEQA              Environmental Quality Act               mitigation.
                      (CEQA) Review.
                      The Governor's Office of Planning
                      and Research. August 2009.
                      Abstract of Stream Setbacks and
                      the Law.
                      Talk by Ellison Folk, Shute, Mihaly &
Setbacks, buffers                                             Review of case law pertaining to stream setbacks
                      Weinberger LLP. Conference on                                                                  SetbackLaw.pdf
legal analysis                                                and buffers used as a planning tool.
                      Stream Setbacks, East Bay
                      Watershed Center, Merritt College,
                      Oakland. Jan. 13, 2005.
                                                              Helpful guidance for local jurisdictions on the
                      Climate Change, the California
                                                              Attorney General's positions on CEQA review
                      Environmental Quality Act, and
                                                              requirements for General Plan updates. Almost all of
CEQA and impacts of   General Plan Updates:
                                                              the FAQs concern GHG mitigation, except for the
climate change on     Straightforward Answers to                                                                     CEQA and General Plan Updates
                                                              last question (page 6) which asks if local
development in a      Some Frequently Asked                                                                          FAQs.pdf
                                                              governments must analyze impacts of future climate
General Plan          Questions.
                                                              change on development in the GP. Bottom line
                      California Attorney General’s Office.
                                                              answer: yes. No guidance on how to do this,
                      September 2009.

                      Sustainability and General Plans:
                      Examples of Policies to Address         Resources and examples policies from a variety of
CEQA and climate      Climate Change                          sources on addressing climate change by
                                                                                                                     CA AG Office_General Plan Eg
change policies in    California Attorney General’s           incorporating sustainability into General Plan
                                                                                                                     Policies CC.pdf
General Plans         Office.                                 updates. Compiled by the CA Attorney General's
                      California Attorney General’s Office.   office.
                      September 2009.

Key Topics               Document Title                       Description & Key Information                         Document Name

Folder Name: Tools, Data Sources and Eg Adaptation Actions

                                                           Legal analysis that examines "land use planning
                                                           options by which coastal states might retain some of
                                                           their public trust tidelands in perpetuity no matter
                         Rising Seas, Coastal Erosion, and
                                                           how much the sea rises at least in areas that have
Legal review of          the Takings Clause: How to Save
                                                           not yet been developed. A key assumption of this
shoreline land use       Wetlands and Beaches without
                                                           analysis is that policies should protect coastal         Takings Titus.pdf
policies and sea level   Hurting Property Owners.
                                                           property values. " Great review (from legal
rise (National)          James G. Titus. Maryland Law
                                                           perspective) of various policy tools available to land
                         Review. Volume 57, No. 4. 1998.
                                                           us planners and how they play out with rising sea
                                                           level. (Does not really deliver on its promise (in the
                                                           title) but definitely valuable information.)

                         Marin Countywide Plan.
                                                              MUST REVIEW: Great example GP policy language
Example policy           Marin County Community
                                                              for adaptation in GOAL AIR-5 and its corresponding    Marin County GP 2007.pdf
language                 Development Agency. Adopted
                                                              policies (starts page 2-105).
                         November 6, 2007.
                         Example Climate Change
                                                              Example language for an adaptation planning           Example Climate Change
Example policy           Adaptation Planning Resolution.
                                                              resolution. (Very similar to what Marin County        Adaptation Planning Resolution
language                 Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly.
                                                              adopted in its General Plan in 2007.)                 Kenai.doc
                         Example Council Motion for
                                                              Example language for a council motion to pursue       Example Council Motion for
Example policy           Combined Mitigation/Adaptation
                                                              development of a climate change mitigation and        Combined Mitigation Adaptation
language                 Plan.
                                                              preparedness plan.                                    Plan King.doc
                         King County, WA. 2007.
                         Examples of Adaptation Planning
                         in Bay Area Communities.
Example adaptation                                       Summaries of various adaptation planning efforts           Bay Area Communities
                         Compiled by San Francisco Bay
actions (Bay Area)                                       and actions in Bay Area communities.                       Examples.doc
                         Conservation and Development
                         (BCDC) Staff. September 2009.

Key Topics            Document Title                         Description & Key Information                            Document Name

Folder Name: Example Adaptation Plans

                                                             Comprehensive, well-organized adaptation section
Adaptation plan       Climate Plan.
                                                             with clear and proactive adaptation strategies and       King County climateplan.pdf
(County-level)        King County. 2007
                                                             initiatives. Pages 99-138.
                                                             Recommendations from the Counties various Climate
                                                             Change Advisory Task Forces for Built Environment,
                      Second Report and Initial
                                                             Natural Systems, and Economic, Social and Health
                                                             Adaptations (starting page 9). Each recommendation
Adaptation plan       Miami-Dade County Climate Change
                                                             is supported with the Task Force's rationale. Due to Miami Dade Plan.pdf
(County-level)        Advisory Task Force. Presented to
                                                             the large size of M-D County, many of the
                      the Miami-Dade Board of County
                                                             recommendations are more appropriate for
                      Commissioners. April 2008.
                                                             implementation at a regional (as opposed to local)
                                                             With the stated goal of making "Berkeley resilient to
                      Berkeley Climate Action Plan:          the impacts of climate change" the plan identifies
                      Chapter 6 Adapting to a                policies and implementation actions for achieving
Climate Action Plan
                      Changing Climate.                      this goal. The implementation actions are primarily      Berkeley CAP- Chapter 6.pdf
                      Berkeley Climate Action. Adopted by    ones that can be implemented without further
                      the Berkeley City Council June 2009.   analysis of climate change vulnerabilities, and are
                                                             extensions of existing sustainable practices.
                                                             The chapter “Our Environment” includes
                      City of San Rafael Climate Action      recommendations for adapting to sea level rise,
Climate Action Plan
                      Plan. (Draft)                          increasing local crop production, participating in the   San Rafael Climate Action Plan.pdf
                      January 2009.                          Marin regional vulnerability assessment, and
                                                             creating a local vulnerability assessment.

Key Topics             Document Title                         Description & Key Information                             Document Name

Folder Name: Example Adaptation Plans

                                                              Has Adaptation section (begins page 37) with a very
                                                              well-written introduction that clearly and concisely
                                                              lays out the reasons why adaptation (in addition to
                                                              mitigation) is essential for Homer and, in general,
Example introduction   City of Homer Climate Action
                                                              the climate change-related impacts and issues that
to adaptation          Plan.                                                                                            Homer Alaska Plan.pdf
                                                              the city needs to address. Recommendations are
chapter                December 2007.
                                                              aimed at creating a resilient local economy,
                                                              protecting existing infrastructure, being prepared for
                                                              extreme weather events and wildfires, and adopting
                                                              wise policies for future development.

                       Ahead of the Storm: Preparing
                                                              Very nice presentation of the City of Toronto's
                       Toronto for Climate Change --
Overlap mitigation                                            mitigation and adaptation strategies. Especially
                       Highlights.                                                                                      Toronto-Ahead of Storm.pdf
and adaptation                                                effective illustration of how the city's mitigation and
                       Toronto Environment Office. April
                                                              adaptation actions overlap on page 3.
                       Climate Change: Challenge to
                       Urban Planning, Infrastructure         Presentation about vulnerability assessment that
                       and Sustainability - A New York        NYC did for hurricanes. Goes through the steps
assessment for                                                                                                          NYC Storm Vuln and Adaptn.pdf
                       Example.                               done (using HAZUS software) to assess impacts and
storms (City-level)
                       Klaus H. Jacob. Columbia University.   issues. Includes ideas for adaptations.
                       November 2007.
                                                              Example of a county-level assessment of sea level
                                                              rise vulnerabilities, and recommendations that
                       Somerset County, Maryland:             address suggested modifications to the County’s
Example policy
                       Rising Sea Level Guidance.             planning and regulatory mechanisms, including the
update for sea level                                                                                                    Somerset SLR Guidance.pdf
                       Prepared by URS & RCQuinn              Floodplain Management Ordinance/Building Code,
rise (County-level)
                       Consulting Inc. September 2008.        Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Regulations,
                                                              Comprehensive Plan, and Hazard Mitigation Plan.
                                                              (Prepared by a consultant.)

Key Topics             Document Title                         Description & Key Information                            Document Name

Folder Name: State and Regional Adaptation Planning Efforts

                                                              MUST REVIEW: Addresses climate change impacts,
                                                              risks and adaptation strategies for six different
                       2009 California Climate                sectors in CA: Public Health, Biodiversity and
                       Adaptation Strategy: Discussion        Habitat, Ocean and Coastal Resources, Water
                                                                                                                       CA Adaptation Strategy
All impacts (CA)       Draft.                                 Management, Agriculture, Forestry, and
                       CA Natural Resources Agency. July      Transportation and Energy Infrastructure. Note that
                       2009.                                  in the "Preliminary Recommendations" (starts page
                                                              7), recommendations 3-5 and 9 are specifically
                                                              applicable to local planning agencies.
                       The Future is Now: An Update on
                       Climate Change Science Impacts
                                                              MUST READ Chapter 5. Sums up for CA (as of May
                       and Response Options for
                                                              2009) adaptation needs and adaptation-related
Status of adaptation                                          science for CA underway. Particularly informative is
                       Susan Moser, Guido Franco, Sarah                                                                Future is Now.pdf
research (CA)                                                 Table 2, page 68 that provides comparison of
                       Pittiglio, Wendy Chou, Dan Cayan.
                                                              Hazards-based approach vs. Vulnerability-based
                       Prepared for the California Energy
                                                              approach to adaptation planning.
                       Commission Public Interest Energy
                       Research Program. May 2009.
                                                              Summarizes the various Bay Area climate change
                       A Guide to Bay Area Climate
Mitigation and                                                planning efforts. Many of the efforts are solely
                       Plans and Planning Processes.                                                                   A Guide to Bay Area Climate Plans
adaptation (Bay                                               directed at emissions mitigation. Provides a (slightly
                       Bruce Riordan, Joint Policy                                                                     May 2009.pdf
Area)                                                         outdated, but) good overview of what's happening
                       Committee. Updated May 15, 2009
                                                              on Climate Change in the Bay Area.
                                                              Adopted Joint Policy Committee action on climate
                                                              change (adopted August 2007). JPC consists of 4
                                                              regional agencies: Association of Bay Area
                                                              Governments, Bay Area Air Quality Management
                       Bay Area Regional Agency
                                                              District, Bay Conservation and Development
Adaptation (Bay        Climate Protection Program.                                                                     JPC Action on Climate
                                                              Commission,and Metropolitan Transportation
Area)                  Joint Policy Committee (JPC). August                                                            Protection.pdf
                                                              Commission. Document describes goals and
                                                              strategies of the JPC Joint Action on the Regional
                                                              Climate Protection Program, and the roles of the
                                                              different regional agencies in implementing the

Key Topics            Document Title                       Description & Key Information                            Document Name

Folder Name: State and Regional Adaptation Planning Efforts

                                                           Priority activities for the JPC agencies for 2009-2010
                      Regional Agency Climate
Adaptation (Bay                                            under the Climate Protection Program. JPC Action         JPC Climate Memo March 20,
                      Priorities for 2009-10.
Area)                                                      #6 calls for BCDC and ABAG to coordinate a               2009.pdf
                      Bruce Riordan. JPC. March 2009.
                                                           regional/local approach to climate adaptation.
                     A Summary of the Coastal
                     Commission’s Involvement in
                     Climate Change and Global
Adaptation (CA Outer                                       An update of Coastal Commission activities on            Coastal Commission Update
                     Warming Issues for a Briefing to
Coast)                                                     climate change.                                          Dec2008.pdf
                     the Coastal Commission.
                     CA Coastal Commission Staff.
                     December 2008.
                     CEQA Guidelines. Sections
                     proposed to be added or
Mitigation and CEQA                                        Proposed amendments to the CEQA Guidelines to            Proposed CEQA Guidelines GHG
(CA)                                                       address climate change -- mitigation only!               Mitig.pdf
                     The Governor's Office of Planning
                     and Research. April 2009.
                                                        On September 24, 2008, BCDC hosted a research
                                                        forum for regional experts in policy, planning,
                                                        science, and engineering. The forum focused on
                                                        research for identifying vulnerability to, projecting
                      Climate change research needs     future impacts from, and developing effective
                      for the San Francisco Bay coastal adaptation strategies for Bay area climate change.
Adaptation research
                      sector.                           The discussion groups focused on: physical                  SF Bay Area Research Needs.pdf
needs (Bay Area)
                      Will Travis, Steve Goldbeck and   processes of the Bay and habitat conservation,
                      Adam Parris. BCDC. October 2008.  shoreline development, and social science, legal and
                                                        policy issues. The research ideas generated from the
                                                        forum and through ongoing partnerships with Bay
                                                        area agencies, governments, and research
                                                        institutions are summarized in this document.
                      California Coastal Commission
Adaptation research   Climate Change and Research
                                                        Summary by the Coastal Commission of research               Outer CA Coast Research
needs (CA Outer       Considerations.
                                                        needs identified for CA's outer coast.                      Needs.pdf
Coast)                CA Coastal Commission. September

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Folder Name: State and Regional Adaptation Planning Efforts
Sea level rise     A Sea Level Rise Strategy for the
                                                       Thought piece that outlines the need for a new Bay   SF Bay SLR Strategy Thought
adaptation (Bay    San Francisco Bay Region.
                                                       Plan and a strategy for developing the plan.         Piece.pdf
Area)              BCDC. September 2008.
                                                       An overview of the Adaptation Assistance Program
                                                       that BCDC, ABAG and other partners are developing
                   Bay Area Adaptation Assistance
Adaptation (Bay                                        to build local-level capacity to address climate
                   for Local Governments.                                                                   AAP 3-pager.doc
Area)                                                  change impacts and issues. COMMENTS ON THIS
                   BCDC. September 2009
                                                       DOCUMENT ARE WELCOMED. PLEASE SEND THEM
                                                       TO sarap@bcdc.ca.gov

Annotated Web Links Library

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Climate Change Science & Impacts

                                                         Definitive body for global climate projections.
                    "IPCC."                              Summary for Policymakers is a good executive
General info
                    Intergovernmental Panel on Climate   summary of the consensus science. However, there      http://www.ipcc.ch/
                    Change (IPCC)                        is much more information on projected changes for
                    "Climate Change at the National
General info                                             Links to reports on climate science and impacts       http://dels.nas.edu/climatechange
(National)                                               prepared by the NAS.                                  /
                    National Academies of Science

                    "Climate Action Team & Climate       Links to information about California's programs to
General info (CA)   Action Initiative."                  reduce GHG emissions, reports about climate
                    California Climate Change Portal     impacts, and adaptation strategy.

                                                         A website that was created to explain to people in
General info        "Climate Choices."                                                                         http://www.climatechoices.org/ne
                                                         the United States what climate change will mean for
(National)          Union of Concerned Scientists                                                              /index.html
                                                         us, our children, and our grandchildren.

                                                      The report summarizes the science and the impacts
                                                      of climate change on the United States, now and in
                                                      the future. It focuses on climate change impacts in
                                                      different regions of the U.S. and on various aspects
                                                      of society and the economy such as energy, water,
                    "Global Climate Change Impacts
All impacts                                           agriculture, and health. It’s also a report written in  http://www.globalchange.gov/pub
                    in the United States. June 2009."
(National and                                         plain language, with the goal of better informing       lications/reports/scientific-
                    U.S. Global Change Research
Regional)                                             public and private decision making at all levels. Scale assessments/us-impacts
                                                      of discussion is not refined enough to be directly
                                                      applicable to most Bay Area planning decisions, but
                                                      overview of impacts in "Regional Climate Change
                                                      Impacts" (Southwest) and Climate Change Impacts
                                                      by Sector" are good overviews.

Category              Webpage "Title" & Host               Brief Description                                        Link

Climate Change Science & Impacts (cont’d)

                                                           Excellent resource for grabbing relevant literature
                      "United States Fish and Wildlife
                                                           recommended by experts in topical areas such as
                      Conference on Climate Change &
Climate impacts                                            geology, hydrology, ecology, biology, forestry,          http://www.fws.gov/pacific/Climat
                      Coastal Ecosystems of the
research (CA)                                              policy, and management. Includes videos of               echange/meetings/coastal.cfm
                      Pacific Northwest."
                                                           presentations and annotated bibliography of
                      U.S. Geological Survey
                                                           recommended literature from presenters.
                                                           Links to numerous reports of climate change
Climate impacts and   "California Climate Change           research in CA. Of particular interest to planners are
adaptation research   Research Center."                    the reports under the "Impacts and Adaptations"
(CA)                  California Climate Change Portal     and "Climate Monitoring, Analysis and Modeling"

                      "Climate Change Planning
Sea level rise        Program."                            Links to maps and draft (April 2009) report on sea
(Bay Area)            San Francisco Bay Conservation and   level rise impacts to SF Bay and its shoreline.
                      Development Commission (BCDC)

                                                           Links to sea level rise inundation maps, GIS data
                                                           downloads of inundation information, and the
                                                           Institute's report (May 2009) on vulnerabilities of the
                      "Impacts of Sea Level Rise on
                                                           CA coast to impacts of sea level rise. Includes cost    http://www.pacinst.org/reports/se
Sea level rise (CA)   the California Coast."
                                                           estimates for replacing lost/damaged infrastructure     a_level_rise/
                      Pacific Institute
                                                           as well as pro-active measures to protect
                                                           infrastructure. Report includes separate
                                                           values/analysis for SF Bay Area.
                                                           Links to power points from a series of excellent
Climate impacts       "Climate Change Resources."          presentations by scientific experts (hosted by the CA    http://www.scc.ca.gov/index.php?
research (CA)         CA Coastal Conservancy               Coastal Conservancy) concerning impacts of climate       cat=26
                                                           change to natural systems in CA.
Climate impacts and                                        MUST REVIEW: Exhaustive and well-organized list of
                      "Climate Change Adaptation."                                                                  mateadaptation/index.php?option
adaptation                                                 adaptation resources from international to local
                      NOAA Coastal Services Center                                                                  =com_content&view=frontpage&I
(International)                                            levels.

Category                Webpage "Title" & Host               Brief Description                                       Link

Climate Change Science & Impacts (cont’d)

                                                             Link to information about the Forum which works to
                                                             develop information about sediment in the
Sediments,                                                   watershed and coordinate efforts of different
                        "Alameda Creek Watershed
watersheds and                                               agencies, stakeholders, and land owners in the          http://www.sfei.org/alamedacreek
                        Sediment Forum."
marshes                                                      watershed. Included here because it has a nice          /about.html
                        San Francisco Estuary Institute
(Bay Area)                                                   presentation of conflicting sediment management
                                                             objectives in watersheds for SF Bay with climate
                                                             change impacts.

Adaptation Planning Principles and Process

                        "Adaptation resources:                                                                       http://www.ukcip.org.uk/index.ph
                                                             Good list (1 page) of guiding principles for
Adaptation principles   Principles of good adaptation."                                                              p?option=com_content&task=vie
                        UK Climate Impacts Programme                                                                 w&id=78&Itemid=194

                                                             Link to the Urban Leaders Adaptation Initiative,
                                                             launched by CCAP to "serve as a resource for local
                                                             governments as they face important infrastructure
                        "Urban Leaders Adaptation            and land-use decisions that affect local adaptation
Adaptation in urban                                                                                                  http://www.ccap.org/index.php?c
                        Initiative."                         efforts and empower local communities to develop
regions                                                                                                              omponent=programs&id=6
                        Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP)   and implement climate resilient strategies." Check
                                                             out links to a report and Capitol Hill briefing by
                                                             Initiative partners on Adapting to Climate Change in
                                                             Urban Regions.

                                                             Link to report that "examines the growing need for
                                                             climate-related decision support--that is, organized
                                                             efforts to produce, disseminate, and facilitate the
                                                             use of data and information in order to improve the
                        "Informing Decisions in a
Climate-related                                              quality and efficacy of climate-related decisions."     http://www.nap.edu/catalog.php?
                        Changing Climate."
decision support                                             Worth paying attention to decision-support literature   record_id=12626
                        The National Academies Press
                                                             because it seems to be a funding focus for the
                                                             NOAA Sectoral Applications Research Program grant
                                                             which local govts can apply for (see Opportunities
                                                             page on NOAA Climate Program Office page).

Category            Webpage "Title" & Host          Brief Description                                         Link

Engaging Communities and Decision-Makers

                                                    Links to reports, studies and op eds about civic
                                                    engagement (under the News & Resources link) as
                                                    well as case studies of civic engagement projects
                                                    (under Projects link) compiled by CSC, a non-profit
Civic engagement    "Common Sense California."      (non-partisan) organization with the state mission to
(CA)                Common Sense California (CSC)   "engage the citizens of this state in the policy
                                                    decisions that affect our everyday lives." CSC works
                                                    with city governments, school districts, and civic
                                                    organizations to sponsor, advocate for and consult
                                                    on community engagement efforts.

                                                    Book on public engagement in federal agency
                                                    decision making. It concludes that, "when done
                    "Public Participation in        correctly, public participation improves the quality of
Public engagement   Environmental Assessment and    federal agencies' decisions about the environment,"
and integrating     Decision Making (book),         and "increases the legitimacy of decisions in the
science             published 2008."                eyes of those affected by them, which makes it
                    The National Academies Press    more likely that the decisions will be implemented
                                                    effectively." Of particular interest may be Chapter 6,
                                                    "Practice: Integrating Science."

                                                    Website about the WWF Climate Witness program
                                                    that documents stories from people around the
                                                    world who share how climate change impacts their          http://www.panda.org/about_our
engagement and      "Climate Witness in Action."
                                                    lives here and now. Potentially a method for              _earth/aboutcc/problems/people_
climate change      WWF
                                                    engaging certain communities by recognizing               at_risk/personal_stories/
                                                    personal connections to climate change impacts.
                                                    Check out the Climate Witness Map for stories.

Category                 Webpage "Title" & Host            Brief Description                                         Link

Tools, Data Sources and Example Adaptation Actions

                                                           MUST SEE: Excellent visualizations of global climate
                                                           change. Useful for demonstrating to people the
Visualizing climate      "Eyes on the Earth."
                                                           magnitude of impacts in the Artic and the                 http://climate.nasa.gov/
change (Global)          NASA
                                                           atmospheric changes over the historic and recent

                                                           MUST SEE: Excellent (and accessible) resources
                                                           specifically to help coastal planners make effective
                         "Applying Social Science to
Social science                                             use of social science applications in their work. Site    http://maps.csc.noaa.gov/socialsci
                         Coastal Management."
applications                                               has tools, how-to-guides and case studies for             ence_2/
                         NOAA Coastal Services Center
                                                           various social science applications such as surveys,
                                                           focus groups, community mapping and much more.

                                                           Click on California on the map to go to an interactive
Graphing and                                               mapping tool that allows the user to create
                         "WestMap Climate Analysis &
mapping tools for                                          timeseries graphs of precipitation or temperatures        http://www.cefa.dri.edu/Westmap
                         Mapping Toolbox."
historical climate                                         by county. Although the maps solely represent             /
                         Western Regional Climate Center
factors (CA)                                               historic conditions, they could be useful illustrations
                                                           of climate variabilities at local scale.

                                                           Link to CanVis, a visualization program used to "see"
                                                           potential impacts from coastal development or sea
                                                           level rise. Users can download background pictures
                                                           and insert the objects (hotel, house, marina, or
Tool for visualization   "Tools: CanVis."
                                                           other objects) of their choosing. The software is         http://www.csc.noaa.gov/digitalco
of sea level rise        NOAA Coastal Services Center's
                                                           used by municipalities to brainstorm new ideas and        ast/tools/canvis/index.html
impacts                  Digital Coast
                                                           policies, undertake project planning, and make
                                                           presentations. NOTE: UPCOMING, FREE ONLINE
                                                           TRAININGS FOR CANVIS SOFTWARE: October 21,
                                                           2009; November 18 2009; December 9, 2009.

Graphing and                                               Excellent state and sub-regional climate data from
mapping tools for        "California Climate Tracker."     historic and real-time climate sensors. Allows user to    http://www.wrcc.dri.edu/monitor/
historical climate       Western Regional Climate Center   construct map and data graphics on precipitation          cal-mon/frames_version.html
factors (CA)                                               and temperature trends.

Category                 Webpage "Title" & Host                Brief Description                                        Link

Tools, Data Sources and Example Adaptation Actions (cont’d)

                                                               A MUST REVIEW: Well-organized, referenced and up
Vulnerabilities to sea                                                                                                  http://cf.valleywater.org/Water/W
                                                               to date library of climate change information. Click
level rise;                                                                                                             here_Your_Water_Comes_From/
                         "Climate Change Portal."              on "Sea Level Rise" link to view and use specific
information about all                                                                                                   Water%20Supply%20and%20Infr
                         Santa Clara Valley Water District     information and tools related to this impact. (For
impacts. (General,                                                                                                      astructure%20Planning/Climate%
                                                               South Bay cities and counties, click on the link under
South Bay Area)                                                                                                         20Change/portal.cfm
                                                               #2 in the Tools section.)
                                                               Link to an ongoing integrated set of projects that
                                                               take regional projections of precipitation,
                                                               temperature, and sea level rise and model the
                                                               cascading effects on Bay-Delta morphology and
                                                               species. Include publication list and data from
Sea level rise data
                         "USGS CaSCADE Project ."              downscaled models. NOTE: Under "Other                    http://cascade.wr.usgs.gov/index.
downloads (Bay
                         U.S. Geological Survey                Documents" heading, look for link to Google Earth        shtm
                                                               overlay files for sea level rise in SF Bay (under
                                                               "Potential Inundation due to Rising Sea Levels in the
                                                               San Francisco Bay Region, Noah Knowles, 2008.")
                                                               GIS ESRI software-compatible sea level rise data are
                                                               also downloadable from "San Francisco Bay" link.
                         "ABAG San Francisco Bay Area
                                                               Links under "Hazards Maps and Information" to
Impacts analysis         Local Hazard Mitigation                                                                        http://quake.abag.ca.gov/mitigati
                                                               interactive maps showing areas at risk of flooding,
(Bay Area)               Planning."                                                                                     on/
                                                               wildfire, landslide, etc. (based on historic data).
                         Association of Bay Area Governments
                                                               Links to the chapters of the Multi-Jurisdictional
                                                               Hazard Mitigation Plan for the Bay Area. The Plan
                                                               has chapters that address infrastructure, health
                                                               care, housing, economy, government, schools and
                         "ABAG San Francisco Bay Area          education, environment and land use. For each of
                         Local Hazard Mitigation               these sectors, the chapter includes various
Policies to mitigate
                         Planning."                            mitigation strategies to address earthquake,
                         Association of Bay Area Governments   flooding, wildfire, landslide, tsunamis, hazardous
                         (ABAG)                                materials release and dam failure. The chapters
                                                               additionally outline regional priorities for these
                                                               strategies. Hazard mitigation planning is one
                                                               component of climate change adaptation planning.
                                                               It is good to be aware of this Bay Area effort.

Category              Webpage "Title" & Host               Brief Description                                      Link

Tools, Data Sources and Example Adaptation Actions (cont’d)

Designs to minimize                                        Introduces ways of communicating about wildland
                      "Communicator's Guide to
fire hazard at                                             fire issues so we have a basic framework to reach      http://www.nifc.gov/preved/com
                      Wildland Fire."
urban/wildlands                                            mutual objectives of protecting people and natural     m_guide/wildfire/index.htm
                      National Interagency Fire Center
interface.                                                 resources.
                                                           Links to a model ordinance and examples of stream
                                                           buffer ordinances. Buffers serve as natural
                                                           boundaries between local waterways and existing
Example ordinances    "Aquatic Buffers."                   development. They help protect water quality by
for establishing      US Environmental Protection Agency   filtering pollutants, sediment, and nutrients from
stream buffers        (USEPA)                              runoff. Other benefits of buffers include flood
                                                           control, stream bank stabilization, stream
                                                           temperature control, and room for lateral movement
                                                           of the stream channel.

                                                           Review of on-the-ground adaptation options
                                                           available to coastal managers to reduce their
                      "Adaptation Options Relevant to      systems' vulnerability to climate change impacts.
Adaptation options in Estuarine Management Goals."         For each option, the review describes what climate     http://www.epa.gov/climateready
estuaries (National)  U.S. EPA Climate Ready Estuaries     stressor and additional management goals are           estuaries/adaptationoptions.html
                      Program                              addressed, benefits and constraints of the option,
                                                           and examples of specific locations where the option
                                                           has been implemented (where available).

                                                           Links to EPA's grants and programs that offer direct
                                                           technical assistance to local governments for
                                                           implementing Smart Growth. EPA recognizes the
Smart growth and      "Smart Growth Portal."
                                                           links between Smart Growth and adapting to climate     http://www.epa.gov/smartgrowth/
adaptation            U.S. EPA
                                                           change impacts, so it is worth keeping this website
                                                           in mind as a potential source of adaptation-related
                                                           funding and support.

Category               Webpage "Title" & Host          Brief Description                                        Link

Tools, Data Sources and Example Adaptation Actions (cont’d)

                                                       The Coastal Risk Atlas (CRA) project goals aim at
                                                       aiding hurricane preparedness efforts by providing
                                                       the data and methodology necessary to conduct
                                                       vulnerability assessments for the coastal United
                       "Coastal Risk Atlas."
Risk mapping (not                                      States. NOT USABLE FOR CA. Included here as an
                       NOAA National Coastal Data                                                               http://www.ncddc.noaa.gov/cra/
CA)                                                    example of a NOAA tool that CA may want to seek.
                       Development Center
                                                       For example, the Demographic Vulnerability
                                                       Assessment Tool could assist Bay Area communities
                                                       with assessment of environmental justice issues
                                                       related to climate change impacts.

                                                       Link to NOAA's Climate Program Office:
                                                       Opportunities page. Worth reviewing to understand
                                                       the grants available through Regional Integrated
Grant funding for      "Opportunities."                                                                         http://www.cpo.noaa.gov/opportu
                                                       Sciences and Assessments (RISA) and Sector
adaptation research    NOAA Climate Program Office                                                              nities/
                                                       Applications Research Program (SARP) (click on the
                                                       "View Information on programs accepting individual
                                                       applications" link and scroll to the bottom.)

                                                       Main page for the Climate Ready Estuaries. (SF
                                                       Estuary is a pilot project in the Climate Ready
                                                       Estuaries program.) Overall, the information is not
Adaptation in          "Climate Readies Estuaries."    geared for local communities. However, we did            http://www.epa.gov/climateready
estuaries (National)   U.S. EPA                        review the resources available at Coastal Toolkit link   estuaries/index.html
                                                       and separately included those that seemed most
                                                       useful for Bay Area local governments in this virtual
                                                       Description of managed retreat as an adaptation
                       "Managed Retreat Strategies."   strategy to address issues caused by sea level rise      http://coastalmanagement.noaa.g
Managed retreat as
                       NOAA Ocean & Coastal Resource   and increased storm surge and erosion. Describes 2       ov/initiatives/shoreline_ppr_retrea
adaptation strategy
                       Management                      example managed retreat projects in Pacifica and         t.html
                                                       Ventura California.

Category              Webpage "Title" & Host            Brief Description                                          Link

Tools, Data Sources and Example Adaptation Actions (cont’d)

                      "Four California Coast LID &      Presentations and speaker contact information for 4
                      Permeable Pavement                workshops held in April 2008 by the CA Coastal
                      Workshops: Reining in the Rain:   Commission on low impact development.
Low impact design     Watershed-Friendly “Low           Participants learned about "practical application,         http://www.coastal.ca.gov/nps/lid
(LID)                 Impact Development” Site          design, implementation, and maintenance of LID             _workshops.html
                      Design & Permeable Pavements      techniques, and their economic and ecological
                      for Stormwater Management."       benefits, from industry experts and local
                      CA Coastal Commission             practitioners with first-hand experience."

                      "Low Impact Development for       Case study of a Low Impact Development project             http://www.kingcounty.gov/transp
Low impact
                      Roads, Military Road S. at S.     that also served as an adaptation strategy for future      ortation/kcdot/Roads/Environment
development (LID)
                      272nd Street."                    increased flooding at the site due to climate change       /LowImpactDevelopment_Military
adaptation example
                      King County, WA                   impacts.                                                   Rd.aspx
                      "Cedar Grove Mobile Home Park     Case study of a community subject to repeated              nment/waterandland/flooding/floo
Flooding relocation
                      Acquisition."                     flooding. The county purchased the land and worked         d-control-zone-
adaptation example
                      King County, WA                   with residents to relocate.                                district/programs/cedar-grove-
                                                        A review of strategies for mitigating urban heat
Urban heat island     "Urban Heat Island Mitigation."                                                              http://www.epa.gov/hiri/mitigatio
                                                        island (HI) effects, and a listing of federal, state and
mitigation            U.S. EPA                                                                                     n/index.htm
                                                        local actions to mitigate HI.

                                                        Description of solar carports. This is clearly a GHG
                                                        emissions mitigation strategy, but it may also help
Urban heat island                                       mitigate urban heat island effects. No specific          http://www.designmatrix.com/pl/e
                      "Solar Carports"
mitigation                                              research has been done to test this, but US EPA's        copl/solar_carports.html
                                                        Heat Island (HI) Mitigation program identifies
                                                        shading in parking lots as a priority for HI mitigation.

                                                        Fact sheet from the Ecology Center in Berkeley
                                                        about how to design, install and use greywater
                      "Installing and Using:            systems for homes. The Center’s building has the
Greywater systems     Greywater."                       first permitted greywater system in CA. The fact
                      Ecology Center                    sheet has links to resources for learning more (e.g.
                                                        classes), buying kits and design drawings for the
                                                        Center’s system.
Category               Webpage "Title" & Host                 Brief Description                                       Link

Tools, Data Sources and Example Adaptation Actions (cont’d)

                                                              MUST REVIEW: Website provides info on how to
                                                              address the challenges arising from storms, floods,
                                                              sea level rise, and climate change, and provides a
                                                              menu of tools for successful coastal floodplain
Example policy and     "Massachusetts SmartStorm              management. Although the site is Massachusetts-
regulatory language,   Coasts."                               centric, it is worth the time to check out the links    http://www.mass.gov/czm/storms
FEMA information,      Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone   (and sublinks) under "StormSmart Coasts Buildling       mart/
legal analyses, etc.   Management                             Blocks" and "Background and Resources". Site
                                                              resources range from legal analyses of "No Adverse
                                                              Impact", to guidance on how to interpret FIRMs, to
                                                              an example bylaw for accommodating projected sea
                                                              level rise in development.

                                                              Link to all the materials and video from the Planning
                        "Planning for Climate Change"
Education about                                               for Climate Change Workshop offered by Padilla Bay
                       Workshop.'                                                                                     http://nerrs.noaa.gov/Training/pa
impacts and                                                   National Estuarine Research Reserve (WA) in April
                       National Estuarine Research Reserve                                                            dillabay/project.html
adaptation options                                            2009. The September 22 & 23, 2009 Bay Area
                       (NERR) System
                                                              workshops were modeled on this piloted workshop.

                                                              MUST SEE: Video and links to info about an
Innovative outreach    "Role Play Exercise Rallies MD
                                                              innovative negotiation role-play that demonstrated
and education about    Coastal Communities Around
                                                              the key challenges and policy options coastal           http://maryland.coastsmart.org/
impacts and            Climate Change."
                                                              communities face. The role-play exercise was done
adaptation options     Maryland Coast Smart Communities
                                                              in MD with coastal community decision-makers.

                       “Rising Tides”                         Webpage for a design competition held by BCDC in
Innovative ideas for
                       San Francisco Bay Conservation         July 2009 for innovative designs for addressing sea     http://www.risingtidescompetition
addressing sea level
                       and Development Commission             level rise in estuaries. Winning ideas are posted and   .com/risingtides/Home.html
                       (BCDC)                                 BCDC plans to make all entries available.

Category              Webpage "Title" & Host               Brief Description                                       Link

Example Adaptation Plans

                                                           Large collection of climate change action plans and
                                                           reports. Each linked document has a summary info
                      "Planners Energy and Climate         page with a synopsis of the resource content and
List of adaptation                                                                                                 http://www.planning.org/research
                      Database."                           more detailed information about Strategies, Tools
plans                                                                                                              /energy/database/
                      American Planning Association        and Techniques described or included in the linked
                                                           reference (very useful). (The linked documents are
                                                           not organized into sub-categories -- not so useful)

State and Regional Adaptation Planning Efforts

                                                           Executive order from Governor directing the CA
                                                           Resources Agency to initiate a National Academy of
                                                           Sciences Sea Level Rise Assessment for CA coast;
Studying impacts                                           development of a CA Climate Adaptation Strategy;
                      "Executive Orders S-13-08."                                                                  http://gov.ca.gov/executive-
and adaptation                                             use of a range of scenarios for sea level rise in
                      Office of the Governor                                                                       order/11036/
planning (CA)                                              planning for construction projects; and OPR and
                                                           Resources Agency to develop state land-use
                                                           planning guidance related to sea level rise and other
                                                           climate change impacts

                      "Climate Action Team & Climate       Links to information about California's programs to
General info (CA)     Action Initiative."                  reduce GHG emissions, reports about climate
                      California Climate Change Portal     impacts, and adaptation strategy.

                      "Climate Change Planning
Sea level rise (Bay   Program."                            Links to maps and draft (April 2009) report on sea
Area)                 San Francisco Bay Conservation and   level rise impacts to SF Bay and its shoreline.
                      Development Commission (BCDC)

                                                           CA Coastal Commission's climate change page.
                      "Global Warming and Climate
General info (CA                                           Includes link to a review of the CA Coastal             http://www.coastal.ca.gov/climate
Outer Coast)                                               Commission's legal authority to address climate         /climatechange.html
                      CA Coastal Commission
                                                           change in its decision making.

Category            Webpage "Title" & Host        Brief Description                                       Link

State and Regional Adaptation Planning Efforts

                                                  CA Coastal Conservancy's climate change page.
                                                  Includes links to the Conservancy's new climate
                    "Climate Change Resources."                                                           http://www.scc.ca.gov/index.php?
General info (CA)                                 change policies for projects, adaptation resources
                    CA Coastal Conservancy                                                                cat=26
                                                  for ecosystems, and excellent series of presentations
                                                  offered by the Conservancy.


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