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Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System _IPEDS_ - Federal


									Session #45
    Education Data System

         Jan Plotczyk,
 • IPEDS data collection
   –   2007-08 collection schedule
   –   2007-08 changes
   –   2008-09 and beyond
   –   Keyholder responsibilities
   –   Reporting compliance
   –   IPEDS training
 • IPEDS data use tools
   –   New College Navigator!!!
   –   New website
   –   Data Feedback Report & Executive Peer Tool
   –   Peer Analysis System
Acronyms Used
 •   KH = Keyholder
 •   SRK = Student Right-to-Know
 •   OMB = Office of Management & Budget
 •   TRP = Technical Review Panel
 •   HEA = Higher Education Act
 •   PPA = Program Participation Agreement
 •   FSA = Office of Federal Student Aid
 •   AIR = Association for Institutional
IPEDS Survey Components
 • Institutional Characteristics (IC)
 • Completions (C)
 • 12-Month Enrollment (E12)
 • Human Resources (HR)
 • Fall Enrollment (EF)
 • Graduation Rates (GRS)
 • Student Financial Aid (SFA)
 • Finance (F)
IPEDS Data Tools
 • COOL – College Opportunities
   Online Locator
 • ExPT – Executive Peer Tool
 • DFR – Data Feedback Report
 • PAS – Peer Analysis System
 • DCT – Dataset Cutting Tool
 • DAS – Data Analysis System
Data Collection
Collection schedule
 Registration opened         August X 4

 UserIDs to KHs              August X 4

 Survey materials posted     August X 4

 Status of registration taken August 29
 Letters to CEO (if KH not
                             August 31
Fall Collection

                   Institutional Characteristics
 Surveys           Completions
                   12-month Enrollment

 Collection open   September 5
 Keyholder close   October 17
                   October 31
Winter Collection
            Human Resources (required)
 Surveys    Fall Enrollment (available)
            Finance (available)
             December 5
             January 23
             February 6
Spring Collection
                   Fall Enrollment
                   Student Financial Aid
                   Graduation Rates
 Collection open   March 5
 Keyholder close   April 16

 Coordinator close April 30
Followup schedule
 Email to KH (collection open)       Open
 Letter to CEO (no registered KH)    Close   –   4wks
 Email to KH (no data)               Close   –   4wks
 Phone to CEO (no registered KH)     Close   –   3wks
 Phone to CEO/KH (no data)           Close   –   2wks
 Email to KH (no data, not locked)   Close   –   2wks
 Email to KH (no data, not locked)   Close   –   1wk
Changes for 2007-08
Changes for 2007-08
  • See following screens for information
    about which changes are mandatory
    for 2007-08
  • No race/ethnicity changes for 2007-
Institutional Characteristics
  • Institutional identification:
     –Collect website addresses for
      admissions and financial aid
      offices, instead of phone numbers
     –Add question: Does your
      institution have an online
      application? If yes, provide URL.
      Link will be added to COOL website
 • 12-month Unduplicated Count and
   Instructional Activity (old Parts E & F)
    –Remove from Enrollment survey
     collected in winter & spring
    –Create new component (E12) to
     collect these data in the fall
    –No changes to data collected, only
     to collection in which they appear
    –Mandatory in 2007-08
 • Part G, Retention Rates
   –Rather than collect only the rates
     for full-time and part-time
     students, collect the numerator
     and denominator and have the
     system calculate the rates
   –(now Part E)
   –Mandatory in 2007-08
Graduation Rates
 • Sections V and VI, athletically
   related student aid
    –Eliminate these sections from
    –Institutions will no longer be
     required to report these data to
     IPEDS, but will still be required to
     disclose these data, per SRK
    –Add item to report URL used for
2008-09 and beyond
  • Final guidance on Maintaining, Collecting,
    and Reporting Racial and Ethnic Data to
    the U.S. Department of Education
  • Published in Federal Register 10/19/07
  • For implementing 1997 OMB standards
Institutions notified
 • This Week in IPEDS, wk of 10/22
 • Newsflash
 • Posted on website
   – Newsroom, Announcements & Alerts
Race/ethnicity – some history
  • Proposed Dept of ED guidance
    posted in Federal Register
  • Public comment period ended
  • Final guidance includes
    discussion of comments received
Final Guidance
  • Calls for implementation no by
    Fall 2010, in order to report data
    for the 2010-11 academic year
  • Covers 2 separate issues:
     –Collection of R/E data by
     –Reporting of aggregate data to
      US Dept of ED
Collection by institutions
  •   Two-question format REQUIRED:
       1. Is respondent Hispanic/Latino?
       2. Respondent selects one or more
         – American Indian or Alaska Native
         – Asian
         – Black or African American
         – Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific
         – White
  • Standards call for self-identification
    of race/ethnicity
     –If missing, ensure that respondent
      is refusing rather than overlooking
  • Dept of ED encourages institutions
    to allow current students and staff to
    re-identify their race and ethnicity
Reporting aggregate data – 9
  1. Nonresident aliens
  2. Race/ethnicity unknown

  3. Hispanics of any race

  For non-Hispanics only:
     4. American Indian or Alaska Native
     5. Asian
     6. Black or African American
     7. Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
     8. White
     9. 2 or more races
R/E Technical Review Panel
 • IPEDS R/E TRP held last fall to
   discuss implementation issues, such
    –If students are no longer at the
     institution, how to report? (C,
    –If data are collected in 2 formats
     for several years, how to release?
Proposed implementation
 • 2008-09 and 2009-10
   –Optional years
 • 2010-11
   –Mandatory year for EF, HR
   –3rd optional year for C, E12, GRS
 • 2011-12
   –Mandatory for all components
5+7+2 Format
 • Will be used in data collection system in
   optional years
    • 5 = current categories
    • 7 = new categories
    • 2 = Nonresident alien, R/E unknown
 • Institutions have option to report
    – All individuals using current categories
    – All individuals using new categories
    – Mixed reporting
Proposed timeline
            HR, EF          C, E12, GRS
  2008-09, Current (5+2)    Current (5+2)
  2009-10 New (7+2)         New (7+2)
            Mixed (5+7+2)   Mixed (5+7+2)
  2010-11 New (7+2)         Current (5+2)
                            New (7+2)
                            Mixed (5+7+2)
  2011-12 New (7+2)         New (7+2)
Data Release
 • College Navigator
   –Show only selected R/E
    categories for comparability
 • PAS
   –Navigator categories
   –Raw data + flag
Data Release
 • DFR and ExPT
   –New categories when available
   –Navigator categories during
    mixed years
 • DAS and First Look pubs
   –Navigator categories
Questions for institutions
  • Categories needed for collection
  • Aggregation for reporting to
  • Data storage, file maintenance,
  • Re-surveying
  • Mapping or bridging
HEA Reauthorization
HEA Reauthorization

 • Senate passed its version in July (S1642)
 • House Republicans introduced a bill 10/4/07
   (HR3746), but House has also passed bill to
   extend current HEA through 4/30/08
 • Possible (but unlikely) that reauthorization will
   happen this year
 • When it happens, likely to have impact on
 • Bans federal unit record system
   – But calls for state pilot programs for unit
     record systems in up to 5 states
 • Calls for development of
   – Higher Education Price Index
   – U-CAN
      • Template for voluntary sharing of accountability info
        by institutions in consumer-friendly way
   – Net Price Calculator
 • Calls for enhancements to COOL
  – “so that it better meets the needs of students,
    families, and consumers for accurate and appropriate
    information on institutions of higher education”

 • Prohibits federal unit record system
 • Includes affordability reports for
   institutions whose tuition increases
   more than twice CPI over three year
   interval (version of College Affordability
   Index formerly introduced)

 • Calls for redesign of COOL
 • New data/additions to COOL:
   –   Instructional expenditures per FTE
   –   Faculty-to-student ratios
   –   Transfer rates for 2-year institutions
   –   Net tuition price of the institution for the 3
       most recent academic years; change in net
       tuition, sticker price, and CPI

 • New data/additions to COOL -- continued:
    – Link to the institution’s website with
      information of interest to students including
      mission, accreditation, student services
      (including services for students with
      disabilities), transfer of credit policies and,
      if appropriate, placement rates and other
      measures of success in preparing students
      for entry into or advancement in the
XML Upload
Still working with PESC…
  • On XML upload formats for
    IPEDS reporting
  • If ready during 2007-08 data
    collection we’ll release them
  • Else, should have them for
    2008-09 data collection
Keyholder Responsibilities
  • Register, and keep contact
    information current
     –Receive all email messages
      from ED
Keyholder Responsibilities
  • Coordinate all aspects of data
    submission at the institution level
     –Make sure all data are entered
      (step 1)
     –Make sure all surveys are edited
      and clean (step 2)
     –Lock the data for all surveys
      before the collection close date
      (step 3)
Contact the Help Desk if…
  • You have ANY questions
  • You haven’t received your
    UserID and password
  • You think your list of applicable
    surveys is not correct
  • You think a survey status is not
Contact the Help Desk if…
  • You have problems entering
  • You have problems resolving
    edit failures
  • You have problems locking your
  • You have questions concerning
    ANY follow-up email you receive
Reporting Compliance
Mandatory reporting of IPEDS
 • Reporting IPEDS is mandatory
   for all institutions with PPA with
   US Dept of ED for Title IV
   federal student financial aid
Mandatory reporting of IPEDS
 • Since 2002-03, Office of Federal
   Student Aid has been enforcing this
   with fines, warnings
 • Penalties for noncompliance include
   –Fine of up to $27,500 per violation
   –Institution’s eligibility to
     participate in Title IV programs
     can be suspended
        FSA Noncompliance Actions:
           Total Fines Assessed

$1,200,000      $1,241,000



 $400,000             $370,000
 $200,000                    $175,500
       $0                         $67,500
             2002- 2003- 2004- 2005- 2006-
              03    04    05    06    07
       FSA Noncompliance Actions:
        Institutions Fined, Warned
                                              # Warned
                                              # Fined
50               39      39
 0                               11      6
      2002-   2003-   2004-   2005-   2006-
       03      04      05      06      07
    2006-07 Nonresponse:
    # of Institutions

• IC = 2         • EF = 6
•C=1             • GRS = 7
• HR = 1         • SFA = 8

    Total institutions = 11
 • Unfortunately, it takes a lot of work
   to make these low numbers happen
 • We are doing a lot of followup,
   during and after collections
 • This fall we sent letter to CEO and
   KH of institutions that have had their
   one and only second chance
 • We also sent email/letter
   thanking CEO of institutions that
   locked ALL 2007 fall surveys by
   3 wks before close
 • Letter referred to KH by name
   so CEO would know who was
   responsible for this good thing
Important to Remember:

 • There are NO reporting
   extensions in IPEDS!!!
IPEDS Training
IPEDS Training
 • AIR & IPEDS are continuing to develop
   new training materials
    – Webinars
    – Tutorials
    – Online course – Basic IPEDS
IPEDS Training Materials
  • Cover both data submission and use
    – Beginning, intermediate, and advanced
  • Available FREE on AIR website:
 • On-demand
 • >11,000 downloads Jan – May 2007 !!!
 • IPEDS Data Collection Training Center
    – New Keyholders
    – All survey components
 • IPEDS Data Use Tools
    – Overview of College Navigator - soon
    – Overview of ExPT
    – Introduction to Peer Analysis System
    – NEW!!! New features of new PAS
Online course
  • FREE & open to everyone
  • Overview of IPEDS: A Self-
    Paced Interactive Course
    –Opened for registration July 16
    –600 registrations THAT DAY
    –900 registrations as of 9/21
    –70 have graduated - certificate
What’s next?
 • Video enhanced webinars
 • Podcasts – 10-15 min
 • More online courses
   –Advanced IPEDS
   –New Keyholders
Data Use Tools
Tools Help Desk!!!
  • For assistance with any IPEDS
    data use tool
  • 1-866-558-0658
College Navigator
COOL’s successor….
 • College Navigator
 • Located at
College Navigator
  • Offers a wide range of information
    previously found on COOL, such as
    –Programs offered, degrees
    –Retention and graduation rates
    –Price of attendance
    –Aid available
    –Campus safety
But also
  • Offers users valuable new
    information about colleges and
  • Does so in a way that is vastly
    more user-friendly
New Features - Search
 • Search toolbar on every page
   –Modify or change search from
    any page
 • Guided search feature
 • Search by name and AKA
New Features - Search
 • Expanded search options
   –   Programs offered, awards granted
   –   Tuition and fees (in-state, out-of-state)
   –   % admitted and test scores
   –   School size and type
   –   Campus setting, housing
   –   Location, distance from home
   –   Institutional mission (HBCU, TCU, single-sex)
   –   Extended learning opportunities for adults
   –   Intercollegiate athletics programs
New Features – Compare &
 • Make comparisons of up to 4
   institutions in a single view
 • Maintain a list of up to 15
   favorite institutions from
   different searches
New Features - Save &
 • Save sessions and receive an
   email with a link back to session
 • Export search results to easily-
   used formats, such as Excel
Plans for the future
  • Continuing improvements in
    content and function
  • Spanish version in the coming
  • Please send ideas, suggestions
New IPEDS Website
Redesign of IPEDS Website
 • Released in early May 2007
Redesign of IPEDS Website
 • Develop user-friendly website for
    –Reorganize content intuitively
    –Simplify site structure so users can
     find info
    –Update content
    –Enhance site appeal
    –Create design that enhances
New IPEDS Website
 • Opening page organized with three
   entry points based on user type:
     • COOL
   –Data users
     •PAS, DCT, ExPT, DAS
   –Data providers
     •Data collection system + materials
IPEDS Lifecycle
New features
 • Tool finder/Tool matrix
 • Newsroom
   –This Week in IPEDS
   –Announcements and Alerts
   –TRP info
 • Newsflash – specific IPEDS
 • Fact sheets
 • Calendar of events
Data Feedback Report &
  Executive Peer Tool
  • 2007 report emailed to KHs in
    mid-October and mailed to CEOs
    in late October
  • 2007, 2006, 2005 reports
    available through ExPT at
DFR & ExPT 2007
  • Enhanced ExPT
    –Add new figures (ExPT only)
    –Upload comparison group files
    –Replicate full version of DFR in
New figures for ExPT
  • Enrollment – detail by level
  • Transfers-in (2008)
  • Admissions
     – Yield rate, SAT/ACT
  • Personnel services by function (salaries,
    benefits) as % of total operating expenses
  • Core revenues and expenses figures by
    both percentage distribution by source
    and by per FTE enrollment
  • Endowment per FTE
Peer Analysis System
New Features
 • Multiple year selection for
 • Variable search feature
 • New navigation
 • PowerUser upload
 • Built-in trend reports
 • Grad rates templates
PAS – Forms Facsimile
PAS – Report Template
PAS – Report Template

   Downloaded version
Wrap Up Q&A
Contact Information
We appreciate your feedback and
 comments. We can be reached at:
                 Jan Plotczyk

IPEDS Help Desk        IPEDS Tools Help Desk
1-877-225-2568         1-866-558-0658

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