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									IGCS 2008 site visit, September 6th 2007, Bangkok, Thailand


Prof. Ignace Vergote – Belguim
Dr. Wui-Jin Koh – USA
Prof. Satoru Sagae – Japan
Prof. Soon-Beom Kang – S. Korea
Prof. Efren Domingo – Philippines
Prof. Eng-Hseon Tay - Singapore
Dr. Uma Devi - India
Mr. H. Imam Rasjidi - Indonesia
Dr. Zeyi Cao - China
Dr. Chunling Chen – China
Ms. Katy Weare – Austarlia
Prof. Lai Chyong-Huey – Taiwan

Dr. Liora Shukovski – Kenes International

5 TGCS members:
Dr. Pornsom Hutacharern-Chair
Dr. Nakorn Sirisabya
Dr. Vasant Linasmita
Dr. Chaiyod Thirapakawong
Gp.Cpt. Dr. Veera Suraseraniwong
Points of discussion:

      Registration fee
           o Lower and Middle tier countries delegates, nurses and trainees will pay $150 and the
               upper tier country delegates $500 which are presume to be 1/3 of the participants.
           o A question regarding the Satellite Symposium registration fee of $100 arise, needs to
               be addressed and clarified.
           o A suggestion to charge nurses and trainees from low tier countries to $75 – need to be
               taken for approval to the council. Action: I. Vergote: Agenda teleconference

      Local Precongress IGCS Satelite Symposia was not recommended by the council before or after
       the congress due to conflict of interest and the fear of low attendance at the IGCS. (Currently
       only a Thai local symposium is planned). There are request from China, Taiwan, Japan and
       India. I. Vergote: Agenda Teleconference 10/9/2007.

      Silk fundraising auction is planned at the IGCS dinner

      A non-profit booth is requested for the fundraising PR

      IGCS is aiming to attract more disciplines to its society such as nurses, trainees, pathologists
       etc. The addition of a nurse & a trainee to the board will need the council approval.

      Ways to improve contacts with surrounding countries in Asia-pacific (AP) region
          o In general the aim is to add more members of this region to the IGCS
          o Add more disciplines to the society: Radiation-Oncologists; Gynecologists; Gyn-
              oncologists; Surgical-oncologists; Medical-oncologists; Pathologists
          o Topics to be included in the program: cervical cancer; ovarian cancer; trophblastic
              diseases; Breast including familial, screening & menopause; minimal invasive surgery
              (laparoscopy); Pelvic surgery; prevention.
          o TGCS will promote the IGCS 2008 meeting in their website and on their monthly
          o TGCS will use all their databases of Radiation-Oncologists, Gyn-oncologists,
              Pathologists, nurses to promote the meeting
          o Arrange cheap hotels around the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center from $25-
              $100 a night for participants from pour developing countries. Kenes should get links of
              hotels or packages from the local committee and verify if possible to add the
              information of the congress website.
          o The local committee has mentioned the option of guest-houses that exist in large
              numbers in Bangkok and might be a good solution for young physicians the AP region.
o   Pre & post congress holiday packages & tour within Thailand or in surrounding countries
    (Laos, Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.) can attract more participants to this location.
    Check the possibility to add this information to the website.

   Numbers of potential participants for each country:
       o Thailand          300
       o India             200
       o S. Korea          80-100
       o Singapore         50-100
       o Indonesia         100
       o Philippines       70 (if MSD/GSK will have a satellite symposium on HPV
          vaccination they might be able to bring 400)
       o China             100 (200 if IGCS can support young physicians)
       o Japan             200

   Nurses   activities at the congress:
        o     Get-together
        o     IGCS Membership
        o     Help to get nurses mailing list (Australia)

 Next step and deadlines:
       1. E-mail all possible disciplines (Radiation-Oncologists; Gynecologists; Gyn-
          oncologists; Surgical-oncologists; Medical-oncologists; Pathologists) by Oct. 1st.
          ACTION KENES.
       2. A letter from the local president to all local societies with . I. Vergote and WJ
          Koh Prof. Vergote has asked to get the local society president’s name
          together with the representative person in this meeting, in order to prepare
          this letter for Oct. 1st. Action: I. Vergote and WJK
       3. A list of hotels up to $25 should be provided to Kenes by Oct. 1 st by the Dr.
          Vasant Linasmita. ACTION/ Kenes.
       4. A letter from IGCS signed by Prof. Vergote, Dr. Koh and Katy Weare, will be
          sent to all IGCS member to ask for nurses names and addresses by the end of
          Sep. 2007. We hope to get the list by Dec. 1st and then follow it up with 3
          letters to the nurses in Feb. and May 2008 and September 2008. Action: I.
          Verogte and W Koh and Katy to draft first letter.
       5. Iuniors: to ask Dr Bermudez to invite the iuniors to prepare a programme
          before December 1st
       6. Scientific committee: ACTION WJK
                WJK to contact scientific committee members before September 15 th to
                   ask for topics
                Selected topics and their allocation to the different sessions to be
                   proposed by Oct. 15th Action WJK. Ask Scientific committee and local
                   Presidents for proposals of speakers before 15/11/2007
                Select invited speakers by December 1
                Invite speakers by Dec. 1st (Invited speakers which are IGCS members
                   are not paid)
   Social event organizers should propose two plans with quotes and pictures for the Gala
    evening with all details and options. One proposal is to have the get to gerther
    reception in Main hall I and Dinner party in Restaurant and terras (alternative hall C).
    We tend not to leave the convention center due to major concerns regarding traffic
    gems in Bangkok.

   Prof. Vergote and Dr. Vasant have described the industry prospectus to the local Thai
    pharmaceutical representatives and to the global pharma subsidiary reps. All
    participants got a prospectus and Liora’s card to be able to contact Kenes regarding
    sponsorship and exhibition options. We mentioned the possibility to accommodate for
    the small local companies on demand. All participants will get an e-mail with more
    details and a reminder in the coming weeks.

   General scientific topics for the brochure will be send by Prof Vergote to Iris, in allow
    the preparation and distribution of the brochure asap. We plan to send the brochure to
    a mailing list of ~7000 people, and at the coming ESGO bags and booth in Berlin Oct.

   The program was rearranged and adjusted by Prof. Vergote and Dr. Koh according to
    the participant’s comments and suggestions in the meeting, and will be send to Iris Ben
    Zeev from Kenes.

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