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Newsletter No. 9                                                           Wednesday 10 June 2009

Greetings Everyone                                                                 REPORTS/
NEWS INSIDE...                                                                    PORTFOLIOS
Curriculum Parent Information Evening; School Scarf; Disco; Your child’s report and portfolio
Children Returning from Overseas; Reports/Portfolios;       will be sent home on Thursday 2nd
Parent/ Teacher/Student 3 Way Conferences; Mufti Day;
Science Fair; Grandparents Day; EZ Girls Soccer; EZ Chess; July.
Counsellorʼs Corner; BDSC Parent Information Evening
Dear Parents and Caregivers
                                                                           3 Way Conferences
 CURRICULUM PARENT                        DISCO                         These will be held in Term 3 this
INFORMATION EVENING                                                     year on Wednesday 29 July from
                                     The school disco will              1.00 - 8.00 pm and on Thursday 30
We would like to extend an           be held on Thursday 25th June      July      from 3.15 - 6.00 pm.
                                     from 7.30 - 9.00 pm. Tickets are Interview request forms will be
invitation to all parents and
                                     limited. Invitations to this event sent home in due course.
caregivers      to   attend   our    with further details will be sent
curriculum consultation evening      home tomorrow.
from 7.30 - 9.00 pm on Thursday 18                                                MUFTI DAY
June. Supervision for children
will be available.                                                       A school Mufti Day will be held on
                                         Children Returning              Monday 15 June. Your child may
                                           from Overseas                 receive an invitation to this event.
Our review process of the Revised
NZ Curriculum will be outlined.
                                     The Ministry of Health letter of 2nd The cost per student for mufti is
Curriculum teams will share and
                                     June suggested that children $2.00. Mufti Day guidelines are
seek your input on the policies
                                     returning to New Zealand from enclosed with this newsletter.
and programmes in each of the
                                     affected areas overseas, but
learning areas.
                                     who are not showing any symptoms         SCIENCE FAIR
Please mark this important date      of flu, should be kept at home for a
                                     week.                                Science Fair projects are now
in your diary. This is a great
                                                                          well underway. Display boards
opportunity      to be  further
informed and involved in your        Affected areas are: USA, Europe, are available for purchase every
                                     Japan and Australia.                 morning before 8.40 am in the
child’s learning.                                                         Science lab at a cost of $7.00

                         SCHOOL SCARF                                    All projects are due
                                                                         in to school by
We are pleased to be able to offer for sale a school scarf for $15.00.   week one of Term 3.
The scarf is navy blue double layered polar fleece with the school
logo. A sample of the scarf will be on display in the school office.
Please complete the tear off slip below and return it with your         GRANDPARENTS DAY
cheque/cash ($15.00) by 3.00 pm on Friday 26 June 2009. Please
make cheques payable to Somerville Intermediate School.              This is to confirm that we are
                                                                     holding an “Open Day” for all
The scarves will be made to order and will be distributed in Term 3.
Please name them immediately. Please note that these scarves are an Grandparents of the school on
optional item of our uniform.                                        Wednesday 24th June 2009,
________________________________________________________________ and we would like to invite all
                          School Scarf Order                         Grandparents to visit from 9.30
                                                                     am through to 12.00 noon.
Student’s Name: __________________________________ Rm No. _____
Cheque/Cash enclosed for $15.00.                                         An invitation with further
                                                                         details is enclosed with this
Parent Signature: _________________________________
Page Two                                                           Somerville Intermediate School
                         EZ GIRLS SOCCER                                             Counsellor’s
YEAR 7                                                                                 Corner
On 19th may 2009, the Year 7 girls soccer team set off to play a              I recently read an article by Dr Leonard
tournament at Lloyd Elsmore Sports Centre. The girls who competed
were: Jenna Wilson, Lucy Roskruge-Jones, Narise Hansen, Ainsley               Sax (MD and PhD from Maryland
Thorpe, Anna Sewell, Abby Tibbits, Rhianna Yates, Ashley Thompson,            USA) about the differences between
Lucy Barrett, Natasha Mouat, Jodie Ryan, Claudia Williams, Kaitlin            young men and women. This was not
Tilbrook and our two coaches Mrs Hansen and Mr Naidoo. The                    the usual 'Men are from Mars and
tournament was broken into two groups, our team was in group B.               Women are from Venus.' His research
At the tournament we played against BBI, Baradene, Tamaki and                 has led him to the conclusion that men
Ellerslie. We won two matches, lost two and one of                            and women are wired up differently.
our games was cancelled because Elim pulled out,
which meant our team got the points. We came 3rd                              Men's hearing is not as sensitive as
overall in our group. At 1.30 pm our team had a fun                           women's. Men - how many times have
game against Mission Heights Junior College which
we won 6-0.                                                                   you been asked whether you needed
                                                                              your hearing tested!! In the area of
At the end of the day we all went home tired because                          sight, Sax says there also are
we all played so well and had such a great day!                               differences. He explains that there are
                                    Reported by: Anna Sewell & Abby Tibbits   two aspects to our vision. One is the
Year 8                                                                        magnocellular division (the 'M'
The year 8 girls soccer team has had an extremely successful season.          division) which detects direction and
For the EZ tournament we travelled to Riversdale Reserve in                   speed of movement; the other is the
Avondale. We narrowly lost our first game 1-0 against Baradene. We            parvocellular division (the 'P' division)
then played Farm Cove Int. and won 5-0. This enabled us to go                 which helps us discern colour and
through to the next round where we were up against St Kents.                  texture. Sax says that men have greater
Thanks to our brilliant goals by Kirsten, Courtney and Hayley, and            resources in the M division while
the excellent goal keeping skills of Kendyl, we managed to keep them          women have a more even balance.
scoreless. Our semi final game was against BBI. This was a nail               Evidence of this is seen very young
biting game with Courtney scoring the winning goal. After much
celebration we had to concentrate on the final against Remuera Int.           when little boys overwhelmingly
Once again, both teams were very even. We won the final with a                prefer trucks - objects that move -
goal scored by Timea. The whole team were outstanding and all                 whereas little girls tend to go more for
deserved to be going to the Auckland Champs.                                  dolls.

On Wednesday 26 May, we travelled out west once again to play for Another area of difference is risk-
our zone. We played four very even games, eventually placing thirdtaking. If there is a warning sign at the
in Auckland. I would like to thank the many parents who not only  beach advising of dangerous currents, a
helped with transport, but also supported the girls every step of the
                                                                  young man is more likely to accept the
way.                                                              risk. This will raise his status among
The year 8 soccer team is Timea Egan, Hayley Bilk, Kendyl McGhie, his mates. The young woman who
Rebecca McCulloch, Courtney Rowse, Kirsten Oldfield, Kim Dwyer, does the same thing- just for the sake
Selina Robb, Jamie Lay, Ashley Khaw, Emma Erixon, Sophie Loader, of doing something dangerous-will be
Jessica Burns, Michaela Pietersen and Briar Kingston.             regarded by her friends as stupid.
                                              Reported by: Mrs Lonaye King
                                                                              Happy parenting of your young but
                                                                              very different sons and daughters.
                    EASTERN ZONE CHESS
                                                                              Kind regards
On 3rd June, three teams of enthusiastic and talented chess players           Ngaire Vakaruru
left Somerville Intermediate and went to Elm Park Primary to        
compete in the EZ Intermediate Chess tournament. Each team of
four players had to play seven other teams, with every game                   BOTANY      DOWNS       SECONDARY
counting towards their final score.      After many exciting and              COLLEGE - Parent and Student
challenging matches, the seven rounds of competition were over and            Information Evening
all the team’s points were tallied up.                                        2010 Intake - Year 9 Students

Somerville’s top team of Leo Zhu, Sai Naicker, Luke Li and James Lee          Date: Tuesday 16th June 2009
took first place by half a point and will go on to represent our school       Time:     7.15 pm to 8.15 pm
at the Auckland Champs. Our second team, consisting of Shivin                 Panasonic Performing Arts Centre,
Moza, Nikhil Harilal, Henry Wong and Jevin Graham, finished a                 Botany Downs Secondary College, 575
thrilling third and our third team of Aron Lam, Angad Vadgaonkar,             Chapel Road, Howick.
Virshudh Gulati, Neil Vadgaonkar and reserve Raymond Shen,                    Parking is available in the rear staff car
finished a credible eighth place.                                             park.
A special thanks to Mr and Mrs Zhu and Mrs Wong for their help                Kind Regards
with transport on the day, to the coach Mr Astell for his supervision
and organisation, and to all the superb students who played so well           David Ellery
at the tournament. Well done!                                                 PRINCIPAL

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