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Bulletin Nov 13-14 _2_


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									                                THE PARISH OF
                      OUR LADY OF SORROWS – ST. ANTHONY
                                                    Parish Office:
                                                3816 East State St. Ext.
                                                 Hamilton, NJ 08619

                                                   Tel: 587-4372
                                                   Fax: 587-7998

                                                  November 14, 2010
             3816 East State St. Ext.                                                 626 S. Olden Ave.

          Worship & Sacramental Life                                                  Parish Staff
          OLS: Our Lady of Sorrows Church                              Rev. Msgr. Thomas N. Gervasio, Pastor
              SA: St. Anthony Church                                   Rev. Eugene K. Savarimuthu, Adjunct
Weekend Masses                                                         Rev. Pierre M. Alabré, Haitian Ministry
Saturday:   4:30 p.m. (SA)                                               Rev. Oscar Sumanga, In Residence
            5:00 p.m. (OLS)                                                              Deacons
Sunday:     7:30, 9:00, & 11:00 a.m. (OLS)                     James Challender                        Joseph Jaruszewski
            8:00 & 10:00 a.m. (SA)                             Timothy Moore                               Kevin O’Boyle
            6:30 p.m. (Creole) (SA)                                                    Dennis Slavin
Holy Days of Obligation                                                                  Trustees
Vigil:        7:00 p.m. (SA)                                   Julianne DeCore                              Kenneth Sked
Daytime:      7:00 a.m., 7:00 p.m. (OLS)
              12:15 p.m. (SA)                                  Pastoral Outreach                        Joan Bartolomei
                                                               Youth Ministry                             Karen Craven
Weekday Masses                                                 Music Ministry                           Michael Amantia
               7:00 a.m. (OLS)                                 Parish Secretary                   Doreen Griffin-Gallway
               8:00 a.m. (SA)                                  Financial Secretary                            Clara Gioe
Holidays as announced                                          Bulletin & Calendar                        Denise Mikics
Sacrament of Baptism                                                            Haitian Apostolate
              11:15 a.m.: 1st Sunday (SA)                                       Ms. Magda Dorléans
              12:15 p.m.: 2nd & 3rd Sundays (OLS)                      530 S. Olden Ave, Hamilton, NJ 08629
Sacrament of Reconciliation                                                          588-8808
Saturday and by appointment
    3:15-4:00 p.m. (SA), 3:45-4:30 p.m. (OLS)                              Our Lady of Sorrows School &
                                                                           Religious Education Program
               Rectory Office Hours
                                                                      3800 East State St. Ext., Hamilton, NJ 08619
Mon – Thu:      9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.; 1:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Fri & Sat:      9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.; 1:30 - 4:30 p.m.       Donna Bacsik                                 Mary O’Boyle
                    Closed Sunday                              Principal                               Pre-School Director
                                                               Tel: 587-4140                                Tel: 586-1422
     Monthly Rosary & Weekly Novenae                           Fax: 584-8853                                Fax: 586-1214
       Rosary: 1st Sun of Month, 8:30 a.m. (OLS)                                       Mariyam Francis
Miraculous Medal Novena: Mon, after 8 a.m. Mass (SA)                             Religious Education Director
   St. Anthony Novena: Tue, after 8 a.m. Mass (SA)                         Tel: 587-4140            Fax: 588-0318
                             November 14, 2010
                      “The Lord comes to rule the earth with justice.” Psalm 98
           Mass Intentions for the Week                                          Mass Intentions for the Week
            OUR LADY OF SORROWS                                                       SAINT ANTHONY
SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13                                                 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13
5:00 p.m. Mary & Joseph Ragazzo                                       8:00 a.m. Andrew & Helen Beres                 *G. & J. Beres
                                   *Daughter, Joanne Fraytak                     Carol Rhodes                         *Joan Bennett
           Dominick Vizzoni              *Carl & Maria Vizzoni        4:30 p.m. Deceased Mortillaro Family Members          *Family
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14                                                              Dena & Stephen Plumeri          *Mom & Dominick
                                                                      SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14
7:30 a.m   Bob Werner                              *Wife & son
                                                                      8:00 a.m. For the People of the Parish
           Donald Henry                          *Henry Family        10:00 a.m. David & Patricia Johnson              *Mom & Dad
9:00 a.m. Rena Mangus                                   *Family                  Fortunato & Josephine Battisti             *Family
           Anna & Joseph Hamann *Clare McGrath & family               MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15
11:00 a.m. Frank Bailey                   *M/M Jack Michaels          8:00 a.m. Joseph A. Burawski             *Nancy E. Burawski
           Dohrenwend Family                            *Family                  Bill Normile                       *Barbara Teiss
MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15                                                   TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 16
7:00 a.m. Tony Capriotti                     *Sister & husband        8:00 a.m. Josephine Fox                                  *Son
           Deacon James Buchanan           *Judy Malloy                          Marguerite J. Kerlin                   *Mary Kerlin
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 16                                                  WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 17
7:00 a.m. Robert Bennett                  *Trenton Serra Club         8:00 a.m. Mary E. Dalton                          *Mary Kerlin
           Elyse Migliacci      *Jon & Elaine Adams & family                     Joan McBride                        *Mollye Carroll
                                                                      THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18
                                                                      8:00 a.m. Timothy M. Morgan                           *Family
7:00 a.m. John Yeandel                                  *Family
                                                                                 Theresa Randow                     *Peter Bonanni
           Thomas McCarty                        *Wife, Dolores       FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19
THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18                                                 8:00 a.m. May Ludlow                           *Mollye Carroll
7:00 a.m. William Bacovin       *Jon & Elaine Adams & family                     Alphonse Persichelli
           John Campisi                *Patrick & Sandy Ryan                                          *Barbara & Kevin Dohrenwend
FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19                                                   SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20
7:00 a.m. John Brennan                                *Children       8:00 a.m. Elizabeth Held                       *Helen Molnar
           Helen Novatkowski                            *Family                  Anthony Iero                     *Gail & Dave Bell
SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20                                                 4:30 p.m. Deceased Members of Frank Chiacchio Family
5:00 p.m. Jane Adams                        *Woodcock Family                                                                *Family
           Joseph W. Cimino              *Carolina L. Castaldo                   Deceased Shreck & Damiano Family Members
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21                                                                                                  *Denise Mikics
                                                                      SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21
7:30 a.m   For the People of the Parish
                                                                      8:00 a.m. Edward Patchofsky                             *Wife
9:00 a.m. Yeager Family & Kay                 *Carolyn Hawkes                    Frank Pellitteri                             *Wife
           William Hourihan *Jack & Marie Milazzo & family            10:00 a.m. Special Intention                            *John
11:00 a.m. Deceased Parish Choir Members & Directors                             Angelina White                             *Family
                                       *Michael Amantia, Esq.
           Robert Bennett               *M/M John O’Donovan              Liturgical Celebrations This Week
                                                                      Mon., Nov. 15                           St. Albert the Great
Please Pray for Our Beloved Deceased                                  Tue., Nov. 16                      St. Margaret of Scotland
Carol Agabiti                          Loretta Crosby                                                                St. Gertrude
Loretta Frascella                    George A. Helton                 Wed., Nov. 17                      St. Elizabeth of Hungary
Rosemarie McCabe                         Ulrie Merilus                Thu., Nov. 18                 Dedication of the Basilicas of
                  Antoinette Purcell                                                              St. Peter and St. Paul in Rome

           From the Pastor’s Desk                                              Stewardship Report
Dear Parishioners,                                               Weekly Collection: Nov. 7                         $23,192
    November is proving a busy month! The “weekend
regulars” at St. Anthony Campus may be wondering                 Life is meant to be a process of giving and sharing. At
                                                                 the end of time, you will reap a hundredfold of everything
what has become of me since the Masses there have
                                                                 you gave away—time, possessions, love.
been celebrated by a number of visiting priests. While
                                                                           Thank you for being a good steward!
I have been at St. Anthony’s for weekday Masses and
funerals, perhaps an explanation of my weekend                          Bishop’s Annual Appeal (as of 11/8)
circumstances is in order.                                       Pledged: $84,937   Paid $79,940       Donors: 453
    The situation is basically this: Since October 27 I          Thanks to many wonderful donors, our parish is at 94.4
have been the only parish priest “staff.” This will              percent of its goal. If we don’t make our goal, we get
remain the situation until the end of this week. (At             nothing back. But if we make goal, we will receive
least I am hoping so!) Fr. Oscar has been asked by               $13,500 plus half of any donations that take us beyond
the Bishop to be a temporary administrator of parish             our goal. So please help us receive by giving!
for about a month. Two days after this assignment
took effect, Fr. Gene had to leave for India for urgent                  A Note of Sincere Gratitude
family concerns. As a result, I have had to appeal for           Your generous response to our recent increased
help to neighboring priests. As a courtesy to the                weekly giving appeal undertaken at the behest of our
visitors, I have asked them to take the two St.                  Bishop has been wonderful! We see its fruits reflected
Anthony Sunday Masses rather than to celebrate                   in the rise in our weekly collection reports! It is a result
three at Our Lady of Sorrows, which I have celebrated.           of your understanding, support, and love for our
Unless a priest has the gift of bi-location as did St. Pio       parish community!
of Pietrelcina, it is not possible to celebrate at two           I add my thanks as well for your understanding with
church sites on Sunday. I have been hearing that I               the mail you have received. The letters were mailed
“abandoned” St. Anthony’s on Sundays. I am pleased               by Letter Concepts, a fundraising firm, and not from
that I am so missed but I would think most                       our parish office. There were a few “glitches” in the
parishioners there would welcome a change of                     process but I trust we addressed these as we were
celebrant! I have a feeling that the Sunday regulars at          made aware. Letters were sent to all households
Our Lady of Sorrows are by this point, anxious to see            (active and inactive) and in a few cases, our census
a “new face” and hear at different voice at the altar!           was not “updated.” Thanks for your responses and
    In any event, I am grateful for your understanding           support!
and for the cordial welcome you extend to our visiting
                                                                                      Thank You!
                                          With affection,
                                          Msgr. Gervasio         His Excellency, Bishop John Smith sincerely thanks
                                                                 all those who so generously contributed to this year’s
                 Memorial Mass                                   annual appeal!
                                                                 We are close to reaching our goal! Gifts are always
                For Our                                          welcome. All our donors are encouraged to fulfill their
    Beloved Deceased of the Past Year                            pledges. Thanks for supporting the programs of the
              Saturday, November 20                              Diocese of Trenton.
                    10:00 a.m.
            Our Lady of Sorrows Church                                 God Bless Our Newly Baptized
Join us in prayer for all those members of our parish                               Sarah Rose Byrne
and friends who have died during the past year. Let                                Kaylee Marie Shaw
us continue our love for each of them by uniting                                 Carmine Anthony Todaro
ourselves to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
                                                                     Early Deadline for Bulletin Items
Solemn Mass and Eucharistic Procession                           Items to be published in the bulletins for the
  Celebrating 25 Years of Perpetual Adoration                    weekends of Nov. 20-21 and/or 27-28 should be
     Next Sunday—November 21—11:00 a.m.                          submitted no later than Mon., Nov. 15. Please email
           Our Lady of Sorrows Church                            all bulletin announcements to
                  All Welcome!                                   Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

           Understanding the Mass
                                                                                25th Anniversary Celebration
                        The Collect
Historical Survey                                                                    Perpetual Adoration
The presence of this prayer dates from at least the fifth                           Sunday, November 21
century. After the Entrance procession, the presiding
celebrant greeted the people; a concise call or invitation                      Solemnity of Christ the King
to prayer, i.e., the Let us pray, followed; the people then          Mass of Thanksgiving & Eucharistic Procession
prayed in silence; finally, the celebrant summed up and                            11:00 a.m. Mass
concluded the silent prayer of all, as the people                      Followed by an Anniversary Luncheon in
responded with their Amen. In Gaul, the prayer was
                                                                           Our Lady of Sorrows Church Hall
known as the collecta, a prayer which “gathers together”
the intentions of the faithful. The Roman Latin texts have              ------------------------       ----------------------
been called “linguistic gems” because of their polished             I / We would like to attend the luncheon following Mass
style, clarity, spiritual content, conciseness, etc. The
unique character of the Collect was obscured by the                 Name _____________________________________
elimination of the time for common prayer in silence and
by the gradual addition of other orations                           Phone _____________________________________
commemorating various saints or mentioning special
petitions.                                                          No. Attending _____________
Generally speaking, the orations have the same                      Offering suggested: $5 per person
structure: an address, a petition, and a conclusion.                Return this form to the rectory by noon, Sun., Nov. 14.
During the prayer the celebrant raises and extends his
hands, a gesture recalling the praying figures found in
the catacombs of Rome.                                                       Parent Bingo Assignments
In the liturgical renewal after the Second Vatican                                 Parish Center Cafeteria
Council, an effort has been made to restore certain
elements of the earlier unique function of the Collect by           Workers, please arrive by 6:15 p.m. If you cannot
having it follow a time for silent petition and also by             make your assigned date, please switch with
                                                                    someone else on the list. If that is unsuccessful, call
stipulating that it is not to be followed by additional             Karen Carella (516-6705).
requests or commemorations.
                                                                    Nov. 20 (K)    Arias, Capasso, Dobrek, Dziedzic,
Reflection                                                                         Evanko
Serving more as the conclusion and climax of the                    Nov. 27 (K)    No Bingo—Happy Thanksgiving!
Introductory Rites, the Collect is a prayer of the gathered         Dec. 4 (K)     Foerter, Gallagher, Genicola, Gill,
community whose members are now aware “that they                                   Lienhard
are in God’s presence.” After an invitation which may be            Dec. 11 (K)    Lipari, Mathelier, Morreale, Piepsak,
expanded to focus upon the specific character of the                               Pitynski
celebration, the assembly silently expresses its needs              Dec. 18 (K)    Powell, Raymond, Rocco, Seremeta,
and desires which are then “gathered up” by the                                    Walsh
celebrant and presented to the Father through the Son               Dec. 25        No Bingo—Merry Christmas!
and in the Holy Spirit. All make this prayer their own by
acclaiming Amen.                                                      Weekly Sanctuary Lamp Intentions
Source: The Mystery of Faith, Lawrence J. Johnson, FDLC, 2003       One of the lamps that burned before the Blessed
                                                                    Sacrament in Our Lady of Sorrows Church last week
                  Help Make a Difference!                           was offered in loving memory of Jack Heller at the
                                                                    request of his wife.
                   School Board Positions Open
                                                                    One of the lamps that burn before the Blessed
             We are looking for two interested,                     Sacrament in Our Lady of Sorrows Church this week is
             generous persons to serve on our parish                offered in loving memory of Guy Fanelli at the request of
school board. The positions currently open are for                  Mr. & Mrs. Al Tallone.
persons who do not currently have their children                    The other lamp at Our Lady of Sorrows burns in
enrolled in our parish school. Board members would                  memory of Helen Viteritto at the request of her loving
be expected to attend monthly meetings (through the                 family.
school year) and assist the principal in strategic                  One of the lamps that burn before the Blessed
                                                                    Sacrament in St. Anthony Church this week is offered
planning. Interested parties are asked to submit a
                                                                    in loving memory of Flora Paterson at the request of
letter of interest and resume to Msgr. Gervasio.                    Jean Reid and family.

            Thanksgiving Sharing                                  The Tradition of the Advent Wreath
Once again, our parish Social Justice/Social                                     Starting the weekend of November
Concerns Committee will be collecting canned goods                               27-28, the Church will be celebrating
and non-perishable items to fill Thanksgiving baskets                            the season of Advent, a time to
for Mount Carmel Guild and Martin House. We ask                                  anticipate the birth of Christ, the Light
you to bring food for a Thanksgiving Day meal, such                              of the World. Our parish will continue
as frozen turkeys, potatoes, vegetables, stuffing,              its tradition of inviting families to carry the lighted
gravy mix, and dessert. We can also use gift                    Advent candle in procession at the beginning of each
certificates from local grocery stores or cash                  weekend Mass.
donations, which will be used to supplement the items           If your family is interested in participating in this
donated to make complete meals. Please bring your               special tradition, please arrive at church 20 minutes
donations to the Martin House truck in the parking lots         before Mass starts and let the deacon know that you
of Our Lady of Sorrows Church and St. Anthony’s                 are interested in carrying in the Advent candle.
Church at all Masses on the weekend of Nov. 20-21.
Last year, even in these hard economic times, our                               Pray for the Sick
parish generously provided over 150 turkeys,                    We commend to your prayers all the sick in the parish.
approximately 75 bags of groceries, and over $1,000             While not every name can appear in the listing below,
in food gift cards and cash donations to needy                  we remember all those who are ill and pray that they
families at the Martin House and Mount Carmel Guild             may know the Lord’s healing presence.
in Trenton. As these hard economic times continue,              David Bell, Henry Bianchi, Victoria Bilardo, Anna
there are many more families in need. Even those still          Bittman, John Bresnen, Carol Cerci, Jim Cleary, Ted
employed are struggling, especially those we refer to           Dolci, Paula Donahue, Suzanne Figueroa, Kristin
                                                                Garvey, Josephine Geraci, Wayne Giaquinto, James
as the “working poor.” People working full-time jobs
                                                                Kenney, Edith LaBella, Lorraine Lestician, Joan Louis,
(nurses aides, security guards, cleaning people,                Bernie McTighe, Richard Pepper, Isabella Petrino,
receptionists, and other low-paying professions) are            Charles Scarna, Dave Thoennes, Anthony Tonzini,
struggling more than ever to stretch their meager               Joseph Ungarini, Edward Ungrady, Elizabeth Watson
paychecks to cover the rising costs of gasoline,                Due to limited space and our desire to include the names of
heating oil, rent, and groceries.                               others, absent special circumstances, names will remain on
While times are tough for all of us, the poor need our          our list for one month only. Call the parish to have a name
generosity and support more than ever. As Deacon                removed earlier.
Joe Malloy was fond of reminding us, one day when
we are called home to the Father, He will ask us what                          Expectant Mothers Blessing
we did when we saw Him hungry, thirsty, cold, and                              "Most blessed are you among women"
naked in the faces of the poor. Joe always inspired us                        A special blessing will be given to honor
        to be generous, and in his memory, let us                             all soon-to-be mothers in honor of Our
         continue to serve God by serving the poor.                           Lady of Guadalupe on Dec. 12. This
         If you would like to help the Social                                 blessing will take place at the 10:00 a.m.
            Justice/Social Concerns Committee with              Mass at St. Anthony and at the 11:00 a.m. Mass at
               the turkey drive, Adopt-a-Family, or other       Our Lady of Sorrows. If you are awaiting the arrival of
                  activities,    please    call    Kathy        a child and would like to receive this special blessing,
                        McGlinchy at 890-8244 or send           please call Doreen at the rectory office (587-4372) by
                        an email to        Dec. 6, and leave your name. Please arrive 20
                                                                minutes before Mass on Dec. 12 and tell the deacon
   Welcome Sunday Is this Weekend                               you’re there for the blessing.

    at Our Lady of Sorrows Church                                                   Uggs Raffle
        Please come for coffee & conversation                   The OLS-SA Parish Sports Fundraising Committee
          after all Sunday morning Masses.                      will raffle off two pairs of Uggs at 3:00 p.m. on
                                                                January 30, 2011, at the OLS-SA home basketball
   St. Martha Sunday Is Next Sunday                             game. First prize will be a pair of Uggs Classic Short
                                                                boots; second prize will be a pair of Uggs Tasman.
       at Saint Anthony’s Church                                (Prize pictures can be seen at You
         Please join your fellow parishioners                   need not be present to win. Tickets are $4 each. To
            following the 10:00 a.m. Mass                       purchase yours, please call Lynn Langone at 777-
             for coffee and conversation.                       5034 or email her at
      Celebrating 25 years of                                        Bake Sale at OLS This Weekend
                                                                 The Mercerville Serra Club will conduct its annual
                                                                 fund raiser at Our Lady of Sorrows in the Church
                                                                 Meeting Room after all Masses this weekend. On
                                                                 November 20 & 21, baked goods will be on sale at St.
                                                                 Anthony’s after Saturday evening and Sunday
                                                                 morning Masses in the lower level of the church.
                                                                 Homemade pies, cakes, breads, and cookies will be
                                                                 featured and two gift baskets will be raffled off. Also
      Eucharistic Adoration                                      available will be Nativity Lawn Signs, which will be
                                                                 sold for only $6.
Practice established by Msgr. Edward O’Keefe in 1985.            Please support the Serra Club, whose main objective
 Adoration takes place in the Chapel of Mary’s Haven.            is to foster and promote vocations to the ministerial
                                                                 priesthood and consecrated religious life in the
Can the Blessed Sacrament be exposed in a
                                                                 Catholic Church.
monstrance or ciborium at the repository?
No. “The Blessed Sacrament should be reserved in a                              Seniors’ Activities
closed tabernacle or pyx. Under no circumstances may
it be exposed in a monstrance.”                                                    Senior Club #1
                                                                    Meeting: Wed., Nov. 10; 1 p.m.; St. Anthony Hall
    Source: Questions on the Adoration of the Blessed
   Sacrament: Committee on the Liturgy USCCB, 2004               Trip to Hilton (AC) on Nov. 18. Bus leaves St. Anthony
                                                                 parking lot at 9 a.m. Call Gloria (587-1944) for
                         Thanksgiving Day                        The Club will host a Christmas luncheon At Cedar
                  “Come celebrate and give thanks to             Gardens from noon to 4 p.m. on Monday, December 13.
                              the Lord.”                         For reservations, call Lucy (587-3273) or Gloria (587-
                  On Thanksgiving morning, there will            1151). Money for the luncheon is due at the
                  be a 9:00 a.m. Mass at Our Lady of             November 10 meeting.
                  Sorrows site. Blessed loaves of
                                                                                     Senior Club #2
bread will be distributed for you to share with your                    Meetings: Tuesdays, Nov. 16 and Dec. 7
family on this special day.                                                  1 p.m. in Church Meeting Room
                                                                       There will be no meeting on December 21.
             Caring Hearts Report                                   Our Christmas luncheon will be held on that day at
During October, 202 hours of service (e.g., visiting,                    Padrino’s on Kuser Road, at 1:00 p.m.
transportation, shopping, reassurance calls, and other
                                                                 Trips to Showboat Casino on Nov. 17 and Dec. 15.
chores) were provided by 37 volunteers to 30                     Bus leaves church parking lot at 9:30 a.m. Call Bea
persons.                                                         (528-0599) for reservations.
Caring Hearts volunteers provide non-medical
services to our homebound elderly and disabled                                     Senior Club #3
neighbors. If you would like more information on                  Meets Tues., Nov. 9, 1 p.m.; Church Meeting Room
joining this satisfying ministry, either as a caregiver or         Table 3 hosts. Bingo and cards follow meeting.
a care receiver, please call Anne at 586-6596.                   The club will hold its Christmas party at Stone Terrace
                                                                 at noon on December 7. The cost is $10. Please call
             OLS Preschool News                                  Carol Adams (586-9486) to make a reservation.
Thanksgiving is coming and we are all grateful for our           Our Seniors Clubs welcome new members! You do
families both at home and in the preschool. It’s not too         not have to be a parishioner to join the Seniors Clubs.
late to join us. We enroll children 6 weeks through
                                                                         AROUND THE DIOCESE
Pre-K. We are having our next Open House on
November 21 from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. Guided tours
are also available upon request. Our loving,
experienced staff would love to have you visit and see                Widows & Widowers Dance Social
all the special things we do and share with the                  The Mercer County chapter of the Widows and Widowers will
children. Please call 586-1422 for more information.             hold its monthly dance social on November 26, at 7:30 p.m.,
                                                                 at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 1451 Klockner Road,
           3710 East State Street Extension                      Hamilton. Refreshments will be served. For details, call
                              Marilyn (587-8959) or Regina (585-3453).
                Winter Wonderland                                    Villa Victoria Entrance Exams Scheduled
Hamilton Township’s Winter Wonderland—a fun-filled                   The Academy will host the SSAT Flex Test Entrance
time for the entire family, especially for children—is a             Exam on Sat., Dec. 4, at 9:00 a.m. Pre-registration is
two-night extravaganza held at Kuser Farm Park.                      required and can be completed at
Visitors may take a ride on the Holiday Express Train;               using Villa Victoria’s site #7954. Applicants may also
stroll through Santa’s Village, visit with Santa and Mrs.            take the test at a national site on December 11 by
Claus, stop at the petting zoo, bring a letter for Santa,            registering at The SSAT entrance exam is
tour Kuser Farm Mansion, visit the Jersey Valley Model               required for application to the ninth grade at Villa Victoria
Railroad Club display, experience the “living” Christmas             Academy.
Tree performance, and much, much more!
The Winter Wonderland will take place on Fri., Dec. 10                    Thanksgiving Ecumenical Worship
(tree lighting at 5:30 p.m.) and Sat., Dec. 11, from 5:30                       Sunday, November 21 at 7:00 p.m.
to 9:00 p.m. There is no admission fee but please bring
a new, unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots if you’re able.                   Memorial Baptist, 17 Highland Avenue, Yardville
Non-perishable food items also are being collected for a                     585-5296;
Holiday Food Drive. Parking is available at Trenton                       Refreshments will be served after the service.
Catholic Academy on Kuser Road. For additional                         Please bring one or two cans of nonperishable food
information, please call Hamilton Recreation at 890-4028.                 to help feed the hungry of Hamilton Township.

      The Opportunity Scholarship Act                                            Lovin' Life Logo Contest:
Catholic Schools continue to provide an important                    The Diocesan Office of Life and Justice is holding a logo
educational option in New Jersey, and they are a                     contest. The logos were designed by high school
needed resource for the mission of the Church to                     students throughout the diocese. The five finalists can
educate students of all economic incomes. S-1872/A-                  be found on the website and the top vote-getter will win
2810 (known as the Opportunity Scholarship Act) offers               a laptop and have their artwork displayed on pennants,
opportunities for parents who might be unable to send                shirts, etc. Please go to and vote
their children to a Catholic school or another nonpublic             for your favorite. The winner will be announced on the
school in New Jersey. In a series of questions and                   website on Dec. 1. Don't delay; place your vote today!
answers, the New Jersey Catholic Conference offers a
response to misinformation that has been promulgated                  Benefit Concert Rings Out “We Believe”
in many public forums.                                               The Community Christian Choir will offer We Believe In
                                                                     God’s Gift at St. Gregory the Great Church on Dec. 10 at
Q. Isn’t the bill an attempt to destroy public                       7:30 p.m. Free will offerings may be made for a local
education?                                                           charity at the concert. More than $135,000 has been
A. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because not              donated since 1995 to help HomeFront, Mt. Carmel
every school is not right for every student, all of New              Guild and others. For more information, please check
Jersey’s citizens benefit when the State makes efforts to            the website at or call 587-7076.
preserve and enhance all educational options—both
public and nonpublic. In S-1872/A-2810, the difference                           Christmas Carol Festival
between state aid paid to the district and the amount of             A Christmas Carol Festival will be held on Thursday,
the scholarship can be used for either an Education                  December 2, from 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. at St. David the King,
Innovation Fund (to spur reform in public education) or              1 New Village Rd., Princeton Junction. Sing traditional
retained by the district—depending upon which version                Christmas carols, and enjoy a wide array of delicious
of the legislation is ultimately enacted. In effect, districts       homemade cookies and baked goods, Wassail, coffee,
would receive funding for students that are not enrolled.            or juice. Step back from the hectic pace of the holiday
                                                                     season, and enjoy this special evening. All are welcome
                    You’re Invited                                   and there is no cost. Call 275-7111 for further
The Central Jersey Choral Society presents Our Favorite              information.
Songs, a pre-season event featuring solo works in
diverse musical styles, on Sat., Nov. 20 at 3:00 p.m. at                             Christmas Concert
St. David’s Episcopal Church, 90 S. Main St. in Cranbury.            The Orchestra of St. Peter by the Sea, conducted by
A silent auction will also take place, offering hand-crafted         Rev. Alphonse Stephenson will present a concert at St.
treasures; gift baskets; and more. A wine & cheese &                 Peter’s Church on Saturday, December 18 at 7:30 p.m.
dessert reception will follow the performance.                       Tickets cost $30 and are on sale at St. Peter’s Parish
Tickets are $15 and $12, and may be purchased at the                 Office (406 Forman Ave., Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742)
door. For details, please visit or           Please contact Dorothy O’Reilly at 732-892-0049, ext.
call 751-5805 or email                    10 or send SASE to have tickets mailed

Our parish has established a “Married Couples’ Ministry” and would like your input on ways to affirm and
strengthen the vocation of marriage. Please take a few minutes to express your opinions regarding activities and
events that you would support and find helpful. Thanks!

I (We) would participate in the following activities:
_____ Anniversary Mass including the renewal of vows.
_____ An opportunity for the celebration of the Sacrament of Penance.

_____Weekend at the Retreat House
       _____ Women                    _____ Men               _____ Couples              _____ Families
_____Days of Recollection
       _____ Daytime          _____ Evening
       _____ Women                    _____ Men               _____ Couples              _____ Families
_____Speakers (Workshops) on Marriage and Family Issues
       _____ Daytime                  _____ Evening
       _____ Parenting Skills                _____ Spiritual Life                        _____ Finance
       _____ Communication/ConflictResolution                 _____ Other________________________
       _____ Wine & Cheese Reception                    _____ Cocktail Party
       _____ Candlelight Dinner                         _____ Other ____________________
_____Social Events
       _____ Movie Night                     _____ Concert                        _____ Pilgrimage
       _____ Broadway Show                   _____ Family Night                   _____ Sports
       _____ Other            _________________________________________________________

Your ideas?_____________________________________________________________________

Help our planning: Anniversary Date______________ Children’s Ages ____________

Husband’s Age ___ 30 or under          ___ 31-40        ___ 41-50 ___ 51-60     ___ over 60
Wife’s Age         ___ 30 or under     ___ 31-40        ___ 41-50   ___ 51-60   ___ over 60

_____ I (We) would be interested in joining the Parish Marriage Ministry Team.


                     Return to baskets at church doors or to rectory mailbox
                              Adopt-a-Family, Adopt-a-Child for Christmas
The Social Justice/Social Concerns Committee once again invites you to share your love and your treasure this Christmas
with others in need, and in so doing, keep alive the memory of Deacon Joe Malloy and his wonderful model of Christian

                               Easy Steps to Adopting a Family/Child for Christmas
 1. Sign up online at or fill out the form below, including the number of children to
    whom you can give. Please print all information legibly. Place the form in the collection basket or drop it off at
    the rectory.
 2. We will send you your “adopted” family, including the name, age, size, and gift wish of each child. Requests
    made online will be answered as soon as possible (1-2 days); requests made by paper may take up to 1 week
    to arrive in the US Mail. Please be patient.
 3. Buy 1 toy and 1 item of clothing for each child. Please shop for this child as you would for a child in your own family.
 4. Please wrap the gifts and label them with the child’s name and your assigned donation number
 5. Bring the gifts to the OLS School cafeteria on Sunday, December 12, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m..

                                Some Changes for 2010 and Thoughts to Keep in Mind
 •    Gift wishes are just that—the wishes of children who watch the same commercials and want the same things
      your children and grandchildren want. Some may be too expensive for your budget. Do not feel obligated to
      buy anything that is above your means. You may substitute any suitable, age appropriate gift in place of the
      “Gift Wish.” Follow your head…and your heart.
 •    New for 2010: Most of the Martin House children in our program this year will be age 12 or younger. We prefer
      that you do not ask for children of a particular age or sex. Please open your heart to all the children in need.
 •    Don’t have time to shop or wrap but still want to share with a child this Christmas? Consider donating a
      Walmart or Target gift card to give as a gift to a needy teenager. Gift cards can be dropped in the collection
      basket or at the rectory in an envelope marked “Adopt-a-Family Gift Card Donation.”
 •    New contact: For additional information, call Kathy McGlinchy after 6 p.m. at (609) 890-8244.
                                                Adopt-a-Family Program
                                              (Please print all information clearly.)

     Name __________________________________________________________________________________
     Street Address __________________________________________________________________________
     City, State, ZIP __________________________________________________________________________
     Home Phone ______________________________                   Cell Phone _________________________________
     Email __________________________________________________________________________________
     Size of Family you would like to share with
                   _______ Small Family (2-3 children)

                   _______ Medium Family (4-5 children)

                   _______ Large Family (6-8 children)

                   _______ Single Child
______       I would like to save paper and postage. Please EMAIL my adopted family information to me.
______       I prefer to receive my adopted family information by US Mail.
                    Join Father Oscar on the 2010 OLS-SA Parish Bus Trip to
                                        The Christmas Spectacular
                                     at Radio City Music Hall
                                      starring “The Rockettes”
                                  Wednesday, December 15, 2010
                                           2:00 p.m. show
                                         Mezzanine Seating
                                         $85.00 per person
                     Buses will depart from Our Lady of Sorrows at 9:00 am.
                           Time for shopping and lunch on your own.
      Please complete the form below and return to the Rectory no later than November 30.

Name _________________________________________________________
Address _______________________________________________________
Daytime Telephone Number ______________________________________
Number of Tickets Requested @ $85 per person _____________________
Amount Enclosed _______________                         Cash ______       Check ______
                                        Tickets will be returned to you by mail.

                        Our Lady of Sorrows-St. Anthony Rosary Altar Society
                                        Christmas Wreath Order Form
                                  12” decorated wreath w/o stand - $14.00 each
                                 12” decorated wreath with stand – $15.00 each

Name ___________________________________________ Telephone _________________________________
                       (Please Print)

Number of Wreaths:        12” wreath w/o stand ________                     12” wreath with stand ________

Total Amount Enclosed _____________________________

Location (OLS or SA) where you will pick up Christmas Wreath ____________

   Put form and your check payable to "OLS-SA Rosary Altar Society" in an envelope marked “Christmas Wreath
              Order” and place it in the collection basket or drop it off at the rectory by November 29.

Christmas wreaths will be available for pick-up after all Masses on the weekend of December 11-12 at the location
you selected. If you have any questions, please call Betty (586-6771) or Carolyn (587-4938).


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