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					-(Deleted Scene) Originally going to be the cliffhanger for “The Art of War” The scene is set late in the afternoon. There’s still sun outside but it’s getting darker. A ranch house is seen and a man is seen watching the news on television in his living room. Anchorman: “…and the efforts of the Marshall Plan are still being enacted in order to aid the war torn regions of Western Europe. In other news today, a pair of British passenger jets flew over the Atlantic, twice in the same day....” (Cut to the television showing footage of the jets…the anchorman continues to report…) Man: “Honey, what’s for dinner tonight?” Wife: (from the kitchen) “Left-overs.” Man: (groans): “You wanna order in?” Wife: “Not tonight. We need to save our money. Maybe next week.” Man: “I promise you I’ll take you out, honey.” Wife: “Yeah, you better.” The man’s wife walks into the living room. Wife: “You know, it wouldn’t hurt you to pick up some of this mess. Don’t you ever get tired of watching the news?” Man: “Gotta know what’s going on in the world, dear.” Wife: “Well here’s a news flash: the yard looks terrible. Any plans on doing something about that?” Man: (doesn’t answer) Wife: (shakes her head and walks out towards the screen door): “Honey, 5 more minutes than I want you to come in and wash up, okay?” A boy is seen playing catch with his friend outside. Boy 1: “Okay, mama!” The two boys continue to play catch, when one of them over-throws the other one. Boy 2: “Nice job, doofus.” Boy 1: “Crud. I’ll get it!” The ball rolls across the street near a bench at a bus stop, where a man is seen sitting by himself reading a book, which is Island by Aldous Huxley. It is revealed to be Jacob’s Enemy. Boy 1: “Sorry, sir.”

Jacob’s Enemy: “No problem, son.” (He puts his book down and picks up the ball and hands it to the boy, their hands quickly touching. The boy puts it in his mitt) Boy 2: “Hey!” (Boy 2 turns around) “I didn’t realize the time! It’s getting late. I have to get back home before dark, or else my dad’ll have it in for me.” Boy 1: “Alright, Willie. See you tomorrow at practice.” (Boy 2 runs home. Boy 1 turns around to Jacob’s Enemy) “Thanks, Mister.” (He starts walking away) Jacob’s Enemy: “Hey hold on a sec…” Boy 1: (stops, turns around) “What is it?” Jacob’s Enemy: “Can I ask you a question, son?” Boy 1: “Sure.” Jacob’s Enemy: “How do you feel?” Boy 1: (confused) “I feel fine. Why?” Jacob’s Enemy: (directly) “Are you really?” Boy 1: “Why wouldn’t I be, Mister?” There’s a pause. Jacob’s Enemy: (candidly) “How long has your dad been beating you?” Boy 1: (surprised and confused) “What? How did you –“ Jacob’s Enemy: “I know. It’s ok. I’m not going to tell anyone. Your secret’s safe with me.” The boy seems startled. Jacob’s Enemy: “Please. You don’t have to be scared.” Boy 1: (cautiously) “Are you with the police?” Jacob’s Enemy: “You can say that…” Boy 1: (lets his guard down, feels embarrassed and looks to the ground) “Sometimes, my dad gets angry. I know he doesn’t mean it…” Jacob’s Enemy: “Look, you don’t have to explain anything to me, son.” They both look at each other Jacob’s Enemy: “It’s okay, Christian.” (He rests his hand on the boy’s shoulder) Christian (looks puzzled) “How did you know my name?” Jacob’s Enemy: (pauses, and leans in) “You wanna know a secret?” The camera pans into Christian’s face. Black screen – L O S T

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