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         (Rregistered under: Travancore - Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955)

                                       (Reg. No. ER-43/2007)

       (Minutes of Managing Committee Meetings , 10-02-08)

     (1) Dr. B.C. Nayak                             President                                          Tel: 2203100
     (2) Mr. Arun Kumar Das                         Vice-President                                          2305169
     (3) Dr. Jaganath Swain                         Secretary                                               2422208
     (4) Mrs. Manisha Dandapat                      Joint Secretary                                         2400341
     (5) Mr. Tusharkant Sahoo                       Treasure                                       Mob: 9447574728
     (6) Mr. D. Nayak                               Member-Social                                  Mob: 9947036418
     (7) Mr. Chinmaya Choudhury                     Member-Cultural                                Mob: 9847290494
     (8) Mr. Netajee Patro                          Member-Finance                                          2204775
     (9) Dr. Sujata Acharya                         Member-Editorial                               Mob: 9447987088
     (10) Mr. Pradip Kumar Patra                    Member-Audit                                            2536469
     (11) Mr. Siddharth Biswal                      Election Officer 2007-08                       Mob: 9847031942
     (12) Mr. Gynaranjan Samant                     External-Auditor                               Mob: 9447209318

      Note: This is the second “Executive Committee” of UTKALIKA-Cochin Oriya Association, Kerala.

I.      Minutes of MC Meeting dated 10 February 2008 and Current
The Managing Committee Meeting on 10th February 2008 started at 1800 hrs and ended
at 2030 hrs over contributory dinner. The main agenda for the meeting was UTKAL
DIVAS 2008. All the MC members as above, except Mrs. Sabita Panigrahi, Member-
Social and Mr. Pradeep Kumar Patro, Member-Audit were present. The President started
the meting with a silence prayer.

       Quarterly circular for January 2008 was issued.

     Discussion on Ethnic Food and Cultural Fest 2008 was concluded and the
      Accounts (Balance Sheet) as stated in the quarterly circular of January 2008 was

     Treasurer presented the bank accounts status. It was decided to donate an amount
      of Rs.1000/- for the SARASWATI PUJA held at Cochin Naval Base, Cochin-4.

     As on 10 February 2007, the strength of life members was 40 and annual
      members was 97.

     It was decided that, a letter of communication (say - printed inlands) will be
      issued to all the members of UTKALIKA for the collection of annual membership
      renewal fee of Rs.100/- and voluntary contributions from all members as donation
      for UTKAL DIVAS 2008 and to improve the financial status/savings of

     It was decided to invite Honorable Minister Shri Prafulla Chandra Ghadai,
      Minister of Finance as the Chief Guest, Admiral Rama Kanta Pattanaik and Mr.
      APM Mohammed Hanish, IAS as the Gusts of Honor.

     Dinner will be arranged during UTKAL DIVAS-2008. Modalities will be decided
      in the next meeting.

     Oriya Articles, Forwards for the Souvenir-2008 were finalized. It was decided to
      invite few more articles of interest in English to include in the Souvenir for the
      benefit of non-Oriya readers.

     Budget estimate was proposed for the UTKAL DIVAS-2008 which is shown
      separately in a table (Total estimate: Rupees 1.50 lakhs).

     Life Membership certificate was presented by the President to Mr. Bikash Ranjan
      Jena on his official transfer to Orissa.

     The meeting was concluded by 2030 hrs.

    II.       AGENDA FOR THE “MC” MEETING (15 March 2008):
                         “UTKAL DIVAS 2008”

              Attendance of Members
              Welcome address by President and Silent Prayer

              Report by Treasurer

                      1. Financial Status – Balance in account

                   2. Membership status
                   3. Recent collections towards Life Membership and Annual

            Funds for UTKAL DIVAS 2008

                   1. Funding from Govt. of Orissa
                   2. Advertisements received for UTKAL DIVAS-2008
                   3. Current collections

            Sambalpuri Dance Troupe

            Chief Guest and Guests of Honor

                   1. Honorable Minister Shri Prafulla Chandra Ghadai, Minister of
                      Finance - Chief Guest
                   2. Admiral Rama Kanta Pattanaik, Guest of Honor and
                   3. Mr. APM Mohammed Hanish, IAS, Gusts of Honor

            Dinner during UTKAL DIVAS 2008

            Souvenir 2008 – Articles

                   1. Messages (Orissa – Four: Governer, Chief Minister, Cultural
                      Minister, Minister - Shri Prasant Patsahani)
                   2. Status of Oriya typing matter from Bhubaneswar
                   3. English Articles

            Organizing Committee, UTKAL DIVAS-2008

            List of Pending Jobs

            Additional Points from Members

            Closing remarks – President / Secretary


       4-E, KB Apartment, Fatima Church Road,
       Alamkulam, Cochin-682020. Phone: 0484-206106

IV.    Date & Time of MC Meeting : 15th March 2008 (Sunday),
       1630 hrs.

          Table: Executive Committee Meetings and Purposes
           Date & Time          Venue           Discussion/Remarks
              Details of previous meetings (1 to 12) in previous Minutes
   13    28 October 2007         Mrs. Sabita Panigrahi -     Discussion regarding
                                 Residence, Common           Odissi Dance Programme
                                 Room                        on 4 Nov 2007
   14    08 December 2007        Mr. Netajee Patro           Discussion regarding:
         (1800 hrs)              Member-Finance              Ethnic Food Fest
                                 (Residence)                 (EVENTS INDIA)
   15    20 December 2007        Mrs. Sabita Panigrahi -     Discussion regarding:
         1800 hrs                Residence, Common           Ethnic Food and Cultural
                                 Room                        Fest 2008
   15    10 Feb 2008             Petro-House,                Discussion       regarding
         !730 hrs                Kochi Refinery              UTKAL DIVAS 2008
                                                             (6th April)
   16    15 Mar 2008             Mrs. Sabita Panigrahi -     Discussion:
         1630 hrs                Residence, Common           UTKAL DIVAS 2008
                                 Room                        (6th April)

Pages: Four

SECRETARY                                           PRESIDENT
                                                    Date: 15 March 2008

        -------------------------   END OF MINUTES ---------------------------

Sl.No.        Major Heads       Expenditure (Rs.)
                                                           In thousands

  1   Printing of Invitation Card, Oriya Banner – 20 for        4.0

  2   Hall booking                                             12.0

  3   Banner and Table, Chairs and stage decorations,
      Badges, Flower, Puja items                               10.0

  4   Light and Sound                                           8.0

  5   Local Transport                                          12.0

  6   Photograph and Vedio                                      8.0

  7   Momentos and prizes (10th & 12th Standard)
      Momentos for Out going MC – Members                       4.0

  8   Printing of Souvenir 2008, Oriya DTP,
      Honororium                                               70.0

  9   Drinking water, Tea, Snacks for the artists and
      guests                                                    2.0

 10   Dinner if arranged

 11   Guest House Booking
      Food expenditure for the Cultural Artists                12.0

 12   Miscellaneous                                            12.0

            Total estimate in thousands (Rupees)               150.0


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