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									           SpeedStep New Installation Guide for RM CC3 Networks
The Server Installation must be done first and is identical to other Network Installations. See
separate instructions.

What is described here is the procedure for creating and allocating a package to
workstations. Ensure you are using RM Application Wizard 2 (download from
If you are updating an existing package, de-allocate the old package before deleting it
from the Server. Workstations will need to be re-started to complete the uninstall before
allocation of the new package.

1. Prepare one clean workstation using RM Restore (boot from prepared floppy creates
   clean partition).

2. Logon as systemadmin and ensure that your clean location is still clean (i.e. only RM
   Application Wizard and WinInstall LE should be allocated to it).

3. Check that no folder for the package already exists on Q:\ or RM Application Wizard will
   not complete the first scan.

4. In the RM Management Console, reset the Packagebuilder user profile (right click and
    Reset). Logoff systemadmin.

5. Logon as Packagebuilder and run RM Application Wizard. Select “Manage a Windows
   Installer Package”, “Create a Windows Installer Package”, then Next. Type the name
   “SpeedStep” and carry out first scan of the workstation.

6. When prompted select the file from the SpeedStep CD > Install/Network

7. Towards the end of the installation a Select
   Computer dialogue box appears. Select the computer
   with the dongle and click OK. Then click Finish on
   the InstallShield Wizard. If you get a message that
   ps_server10 is not found, or if the computer with the
   dongle is not visible on the list of computers to
   select, do the following:

    In Start>Run type the name of the computer (e.g. \\server123) and logon to this
    computer. You will see the list of shared folders which should include ps_server10. The
    Select Computer dialogue will now accept your computer name.

This sets the correct paths in ProSketch.

8. Ensure resolution is 1024 x 768 minimum. Run ProSketch and check that the Object
   Library is present in the Objects Tab (click in the space to see the icon).
9. Open a new file in ProSketch and save it to My Documents. This will set the default save

10. Delete the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\SpeedStep - the
    contents are not needed on clients as the object library is accessed from the server.

11. Insert the Interactive CD, run it, choose Documents and Install colour book. The save
    location is C:\Program Files\SpeedStep\Network Client\UserColorLibrary

12. If you are running Microsoft Word 2002 onwards, PCX files from SpeedStep will not
    insert onto the page when using Send to Word. Use the tool Inject PCX Filter from the
    Tools section of the Installation CD to add the necessary graphics filter. (This will
    become part of the package to workstations.)

13. Click “Start the Second scan” on RM Application Wizard. Click “Continue building the
    package” and Next. When the package is complete (about 20 min) click OK then Finish.

14. Logon as systemadmin and in the RM Management Console expand the Resources icon,
    select Program Sets, Design and Technology (or another suitable program set),
    Properties, Shortcuts tab. Select and transfer to the right-hand window the ProPainter and
    ProSketch shortcuts (the tools shortcuts are not needed by students).

15. In the RM Management Console select another workstation, right-click and select
    properties. Select the Packages tab and from the list of Available Packages select
    SpeedStep and Allocate.

16. Restart the second station and application should install. Logon as systemadmin and test
    ProPainter and ProSketch. Check that Objects Library is available in ProSketch.

17. Logon as a student and test the ProPainter and ProSketch (particularly printing). Beware
    that previously used user profiles may contain incorrect path information. Clean the

18. If there are problems in running some aspects of the programs (e.g. printing), logon as
    systemadmin and run RM ACL Detective (Start>All Programs>System Management)
    then run the programs. Finishing with ACL Detective creates a writeaccess.ini file in the
    package folder (Q:\). This can be edited if required. After saving writeaccess.ini files
    update the RM Applications Exemptions GPO. Create a shortcut on the desktop to:

    D:\ RMNetwork\Server\Utilities\RMAppGPOUpdateUtility\V1.4.1.0\
    RMAppGPOUpdateUtility.exe and run this program.

19. If a Firewall is operative on clients, please make exceptions for ProSketch.exe,
    ProPainter2000.exe and Port 8765. This is done in the RM Management Console.

Folder locations for resources
See instructions on Network Installation for copying resources to RMShared Documents.
Note that the folder PSLib(1.0) on the server is accessed from the workstations and is shared
as ps_server10.

Changes from previous documents are shown in blue.

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