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Authors: Isabel Myers and Katharine C. Briggs

Purpose: To assess personality type/ preference on four dimensions.

Administer to: Individuals 14 years and older
Reading/Educational Level: 7th grade
Administration time: 15 – 30 minutes (number of items depend on form used)
Scoring Options: Hand scorable / Bureau Service / Online
Language Options: English

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• Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children (MMTIC): personality type assessment for younger children.

Report Options
• Complete Report: Save time and extend your organisational reach with this all-in-one Myers-Briggs® assessment plus
• Profile Report: Provide a basic profile of your client’s MBTI® type at an economical price.
• Interpretive Report: Delivers a concise yet thorough interpretation of your client’s MBTI® results.
• Interpretive Report for Organisations: Build on employee strengths and develop target areas identified in this report.
• Work Styles Report: Help any two people learn to work together effectively.
• Team Report: Develop and inspire teams with this report.
• Career Report: Find the best occupational match for your clients or students with this easy-to-read graphic report.
• Strong and MBTI Career Report: Provide clients with a complete career development picture.
• The Leadership Report using FIRO-B and MBTI: Help your clients learn more about their leadership style.
• MBTI Step II Profile Report: Explore the facets of your client’s MBTI® type.
• MBTI Step II Interpretive Report: Help clients see how their facet results show how they express their type preferences.

For more than 50 years, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Personality Inventory has helped millions of individuals
throughout the world gain insight into themselves and how they interact with others. The MBTI assessment helps people
transform themselves – by giving them a powerful tool for improving how they communicate, learn, and work.
         Isabel Myers’ unique implementation of Carl Jung’s theory of psychological type, the MBTI instrument, determines
references on four dichotomies:
• Extraversion – Introversion
• Sensing – Intuition
• Thinking – Feeling
• Judging – Perceiving
Combinations of these preferences result in 16 distinct personality types.

The MBTI instrument’s wide-ranging applications promote growth and development in many organisational settings, including
business, counselling, and education.
         The instrument is scored using item response theory (IRT), one of the most powerful item-rating methods in modern
test theory, ensuring the most accurate prediction of a person’s true type.
• Form M (Step I) includes 93 items and provides the basic MBTI four-letter type.
• Form Q (Step II) includes 144 items and provides the basic MBTI four-letter type and results on 20 facets of that type. It is
the next step in personal and professional development using the MBTI assessment. Form Q drills down to a finer level of detail
to explore personal variation within each type.
• MBTI® Complete brings together for the first time the genuine Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment and a basic gold
standard interpretation developed by type expert Allen Hammer, PhD. Endorsed by the Myers and Briggs Foundation, this one-
stop online offering boosts training effectiveness by automating participants’ introduction to personality type.

The first step in building great leaders and teams that excel is to start with the people and their awareness of themselves and
others. The Team Report makes that first step a springboard into accelerated high-performance development.