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									RealProEdge FAQs


How do I consolidate an account?

To consolidate an email account, please visit Settings -> Fetching Mail ->
Consolidator Accounts. We support consolidation of POP and IMAP email accounts as
well as Hot mail, Yahoo!, AOL, etc. To consolidate your POP and IMAP accounts, you
will need to have your username, password and the mail server information handy.

How do I searc h for a message?

To search for an email message, type in your search
term in the search textbox on your right. By default,
the search will lookup for emails in the folder you’re
currently view ing. If you’d like to search other mail folders or specify more search
criteria, click on the ‘advanced search’ link for more options.

How do I create and use folde rs?

You can create and use your folders by clicking on
the ‘Folder Management’ icon on your left. Folders
can also be created by right -clicking on your list of
folders and selecting ‘New Folder’.

How do I use spell c heck?

To spell check your email before sending, click on the ‘Check Spelling’ button. This
will popup the spellchecker with suggestions for any misspelled word.
What are identities, and how should I use them?

Identities allow you to customize the From: email address when sending and replying
emails. To configure your identities, please visit Settings -> Web Settings - >
Identities. When composing or replying to an email, use the ‘From:’ drop down to
select the appropriate identity.

How does the spam filte r work?

We offer different level of spa m protection to make sure that your Inbox is spam
free. Our spam filters are based on Bayesian f iltering. When a message arrives, we
analyze several factors like originating server, content of message, etc to detect
spam. You can customize the spam sensitivity for your account by visiting Settings -
> Anti-Spam - > Anti-Spam Settings. Here are a few important notes about our spam

      All email originating from email addresses found in your Whitelist and
       Contacts folder will not be considered as spam.
      All email originating from email addresses or domain names found in your
       Blacklist will be marked as spam and delivered to your Spam folder.
      All spam messages detected by our filters will be tagged as ****SPAM**** in
       its subject line.
      You can train your spam filters by marking messages as spam or not spam by
       right-clicking on the message.
How do I send email to a group/list?

To send email to a group/list you will need to setup a mailing list. Mailing Lists allow
you to setup a single email address that when email is sent to this address it will be
automatically forwarded to a group of email addresses that you specify when
creating the list. To create a mailing list, visit Settings -> Forwards, Autorespond,
Lists -> Mailing Lists.

How often is my trash emptied?

By default, the Trash/Deleted Items folder is not set
to be emptied automatically. You will need to
manually empty it by clicking on the ‘Empty’ link
next to the folder.

Alternatively, you can setup an archive setting to automatically delete y our Deleted
Items folders if certain criteria are met. You can do so by visiting Settings -> Backup
& Archiving -> Specific Folder Archive Settings.
How do I create and use email rules?

To create email rules, please visit Settings -> Mail Rules - > Add a Mail Rule. Fill in
the form as outlined on this section. You can setup multiple conditions and actions by
re-selecting a value from the drop down list. To manage your email rules, visit
Settings -> Mail Rules -> View & Edit Mail Rules. You can change the order of the
mail rules. Rules listed on the top will be applied first.

How do I move messages from one folde r to a nothe r?

To move messages from one folder to
another, select the message by checking
the checkbox next to the message and
drag and drop the message to the
destination folder. Alternatively you can
select the message and use the ‘Move
selected to..’ drop down menu at the
bottom to move your message to another folder.

Can I mark messages read/unread, flag messages, etc?

To make as message as read or unread, simply right -click on the message and select
the appropriate option from the context menu. If you’d like to mark several
messages at once, click on the checkbox next to each message and repeat the above
steps. To flag an email, simply click on the transparent flag icon next to the email.

If you’ve disable right-click in your Webmail account, you can always use the
‘perform this action…’ drop down available at the bottom of your email list.
How do I use search folders?

Search folders are virtual folders that contains mail
items based on previously defined search queries.
The emails contained in these folders act as pointers
or shortcuts to existing emails. Therefore, if you
delete or change an email in a search folder, you are
actually changing or deleting the original message. By default, FuseMail is setup for
three Search folder - Unread Mail, Recent Mails and Flagged Mails.

To add additional search folders, visit Settings -> Search Folders and click on the
'Add New Search Folder' link. Fill in the form and make sure that you set your
conditions and select the folders that you do not wish to search in. We also offer an
RSS feed feature that links to the Search folder.

How does POP/IMAP work?

Both POP and IMAP are protocols used to retrieve emails from a server. POP is
however designed to only fetc h email from the Inbox folder and the email can be
deleted or kept after retrieval. IMAP on the other hand, can be used to fetch emails
from several folders. With IMAP, the emails and folders are always stored on the
server and synched with your email client.

How do I set up a vacation message/a utoresponse?

To setup a vacation message visit Settings -> Forward, Autorespond, Lists -> Setup
Vacation Message. Select an identity (reply name and address) from the drop down
and type in the Reply Subject and Reply Body. When you’re done, click on the
‘Update Vacation Message’ button.

To setup an auto-responder, visit Settings -> Forward, Autorespond, Lists -> Mail
Autoresponders and click on the ‘Add a new mail autoresponder to a domain name’.
Type in the account name and select the domain name from the list. Fill in the Reply
From, Reply Subject and Reply Body and finally click on the ‘Add Mail Autoresponder’

What happe ns when I archive messages?

As the number of emails in your account grows certain operations like searching will
take a lot of time to be completed. By archiving your messages, this helps to
increase the performance of your account. You can archive your messages by visiting
Settings -> Backup & Archiving. Once enabled, a new folder called ‘Archive’ w ill be
created along with any sub-folders you have. Messages that meet the archiving
criteria you’ve set will be moved there.

What are my We b Display Setting options?

We offer different options to customize the display of your Webmail account. To
review a list of display options, please visit Settings -> Web Settings - > Web Display
Settings. Below is a brief description of the different options you’ll find:

Your timezone                                Allows you to set your time zone. Email
                                             will be automatically stamped with your
                                             time zone when received.
Your Skin                                    Allows you to change the Webmail’s skin.
Lite Interface                               We offer a lite version of the Webmail for
                                             those on slower connection.
Disable Webmail Right Click Menu             Certain operations in the Webmail can be
                                             done quickly using right-click. You can
                                             enabled and disable it here.,
Open messages in new windows:                When view ing messages, you can set
                                             them to open in a new popup window.
Default compose mail format:                 Allows you to set the default compose
                                             mail format. Plain text offers no
                                             formatting, while Rich Text (HTML) will
                                             allow you to format your outgoing emails.
Reply in same format:                        You can set your replied emails to be in
                                             the same format (Text / Rich Text) as the
                                 originating email.
Read message in                  Allows you to configure the read message
Message list with preview pane   This will provide you with a preview pane
                                 at the bottom of the list of emails and will
                                 display selected email.
Size of message list window      Allows you to set the size of the message
                                 list window.
Number of messages to show:      The number of email to display in the Mail
Save column sort order:          Save the sort order of your emails so that
                                 the sort order is preserved next t ime you
Message list column order        Allows you to customize the fields on the
                                 Mail section; you can add and remove

      What are my v ie w options?

We currently offer 4 different viewing options for your calendars: 1 Day, 5 Day W ork
Week, 7 Day Week and Full Month. You can set your calendar to display in these
view by clicking on the links at the top.

      How do I create/use cale nda r folders?

By default, a calendar folder w ill already be created
in your account. If you’d like to create new
calendars, you can right-click on calendar folders
tree on your right and select ‘New Folder’ from the
context menu.

      How does this work with iCal?

iCal is a protocol that allows you to exchange calendar data. There are a lot of
software that supports the iCal standard and you can use them to sync and update
your RealProEdge calendars. To setup iCal for your calendars, visit Calendar -> iCAL
Remote Calendar and Tasks.
      How do I create an appointment?

To create a new appoint ment, go to the ‘Calendar’ section of your Webmail account
and click on the Create New Appoint ment button. This will bring up a new page that
you’ll need to fill in with your appoint ment info.

      How do I set a reminder?

When setting up an appoint ment, check the ‘Remote before’ checkbox and set the
number of time you’d like to be reminded before the appoint ment. In order to be
notified via email, you’ll need to setup a reminder address by clicking on the
‘Reminders’ link on your left.

      Can I c reate recurring a ppointme nts?

To setup a recurring appoint ment, check the ‘Enable Appoint ment Recurrence’
checkbox w hen creating a new appoint ment. You’ll be then allowed to choose the
frequency of the recurrence.

      What are my v ie w options?

We offer two different views for contact folders: Detail View and List View. The Detail
View will list your contact items along with their fields while the List View will only list
The Full Name, Company, Email, Home Phone and Work Phone.

      How do I add a ne w contact?

To add a new contact item, visit Contacts and click on the ‘Create New Contact’
button. Fill in the contact’s details and click on the ‘Save All Contact Information’

      How do I edit an existing contact?
To edit an existing contact item, click on the Edit button or right-click the contact
item and select ‘Edit’ from the menu. When you are done with your changes, click on
the ‘Save All Contact Information’ button.

      How do I create groups?

Groups, also know n as mailing list or distribution list allows you to setup a single
email address that when email is sent to this address it will be automatically
forwarded to a group of email addresses that you specify when creating the list. To
create a mailing list, visit Settings -> Forwards, Autorespond, Lists -> Mailing Lists.

      How do I use the RealProEdge Update Campa ign?

With RealProEdge Contact Update Campaigns you can let your contacts update their
own personal information. To setup a new update campaign, go to the 'Contacts'
section and click on the 'Contact Update Campaigns' link. Select a personalized
message to send to your contacts, and we will do the work for you. Each person in
the folder you select will be sent an email asking them to visit a URL if the personal
information contained in the email is incorrect. Once they have visited the URL they
can update, edit, or delete any part of their contact.
       How do I create/use contact folders?

By default, a contact folder will already be created in
your account. If you’d like to create new contact
folders, you can right-click on contact folders tree on
your right and select ‘New Folder’ from the context

       How do I move a contact from one folder to a nother?

To move a contact from one folder to another, simply
select the contact by checking on the checkbox next to
it and drag and drop it to the destination folder.

How do I increase my storage?
There is currently no way to update your storage amount online. Please contact us
and we will take care of your needs immediately: support@realproedge.c om

Can I c hange my password?

To change your password, login your email account and visit Settings -> Account
Maintenance -> Change Password & Secret Question/Answer. Please note that
changing your password w ill affect the password of your Webmail account , POP
account, IMAP account and the desktop notification client.

How do I use Mobile?

We provide a Webmail interface that is designed to be compatible with your mobile
phone. You can login w ith your username and password at:

How does tasks and notes work?

Tasks allow you to keep track of your current tasks and to-do list. To create a new
tasks, click on the ‘Tasks’ icon in your Webmail and click on the ‘Create New Task’
button. Similar to appoint ments you can set to be reminded about a particular task.

Notes allow you to quickly store short notes in your Webmail account. To create a
new note, click on the ‘Notes’ icon on your Webmail and click on the ‘Create New
Note’ button.

How do I use doc ument storage?

The document storage feature available from the ‘Storage’ icon in your Webmail
account allows you to easily store files and download files from your email account.
Its Windows Explorer-like interface enables you to control your folder hierarchy for
easier management. To upload file simply click on the ‘Upload a file’ link and use the
Browse buttons to select the file from your computer. Once selected, click on the
‘Save Files’ button to upload the file.

Are all RealProEdge settings compatible with a Mac/a ll browse rs?

While our Webmail interface has been designed for all major browsers and platforms,
you might still find some incompatibility issues when using Webmail 2.0. In that
case, we suggest that you login using Version 1.0 Classic.

Can I c hange the look and fee l of my Rea lProEdge pages?

You can change the look and feel of the Webmail display through our skins. To set a
different skin, login your Webmail account and visit Settings -> Web Settings ->
Web Display Settings and select a new skin from the drop dow n menu.

How do I change my time zone?

To change your time zone, login your Webmail account and visit Settings -> Web
Settings -> Web Display Settings. Use the drop down menu to set your appropriate
time zone.
Does RealProEdge work/display in othe r languages?

We use international encoding standards to render email in our Webmail. If you are
still unable to view certain emails, we recommend that you resort to an email client
or set the appropriate encoding in your Web browser.

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