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									             Internal wiring for electrical equipment
                          Electrical Appliance Assemblies

The Quality Connection

                                                                           Product range LEONI Cable Assemblies

                                                                            Cord sets
                                                                            Cable harnesses for electrical appliances of all kind
                                                                            Battery connection cable
                                                                            Customized assembly

based on experience
                                                                           Our product range
                                                                           ■ cable sets for traditional household appliances such as irons,

                                                                             coffee-makers, vacuum cleaners and white goods
                                                                           ■ cable sets and wiring for solariums, electric lawn mowers and

                                                                             central heating units
LEONI is one of the world‘s leading producers of high-qual-                ■ cable harnesses for professional copiers

ity cable sets for the automotive industry. Our remarkable                 ■ installation of control cabinet according customer specification

success in this business is based on pioneering innovation                 ■ battery connection cables for emergency power equipment and

and many years of experience in assembling harnesses from                    electric forklifts
cables that are produced in house.                                         ■ special test leads featuring extremely high insulation resistance,

                                                                             strain relief elements and pre-assembled test probes
LEONI is applying all this experience and innovation potential to the      ■ coiled cable – you benefit from the experience base which we

production of cable sets for the electrical equipment industry. LEONI        have accumulated during production of more than 250 million
Cable Assemblies has, in the past, focused on power cables but the           shaver cables
company is now expanding its product range to include this new line.
                                                                           As is the case at all LEONI production facilities worldwide, we use
The benefits are obvious. Customers now have the option of ordering        modern machinery to produce this product range. In-process quality
all the wiring they need for their equipment, from the power cable to      control and finished-product audits prior to shipment ensure that you
the pre-assembled cable set, from a single source. This reduces the        receive the renowned LEONI level of quality meeting the most strin-
technical, administrative and logistical effort involved. Customers also   gent safety requirements. Each cable harness is label tagged,
have the assurance that all the products they receive are of the same      after succesful testing.
high quality. In order to support our customer as a system supplier,       LEONI – The Quality Connection.
LCA also offers the internal wiring apart from cord sets. Our engineers
will support you also during the most complex design.
If the device which you need to have   …does not necessarily mean that we can not offer the wiring or as-
wired is not listed here…              sembly for it. Simply contact us. We will work together with you to find
                                       the best wiring solution or would be happy to offer cable sets or cable
                                       assemblies that meet the requirements specified in your drawings.

                                                   1     	Cable harnesses for professional copiers

                                                                                                                  Source: OCE

    Source: Bosch


                    Source: Philps

                     High quality
Source: Philps

                     for high standards

                      2   Motor connection cable set for vacuum cleaner

                      3   Coiled cable for telescopic tubes

                      4   Cable assembly for coffee-maker with insulation
                          displacement connection

                      5   Harness for washing machine


        Flexible, innovative
        and reliable

         6   IDC technology in cable harness
             for refrigerators
         7   Cable harness for freezers

         8   Special customized plugs

For superior

9    Battery cable for electric forklifts and
     emergency power equipment

10   Harness for central heating units

11   Measurement cable assembly with test probe


Source: Viessmann

The right solution
for every connection

12   Lamp socket assembly for solarium

13   Connecting cable and coiled
     cable for solarium

14   Spiralized cable for different applications

15   Coiled cable for wireless industrial equipment



                                                                              Source: Motorola


     It is impossible to show you all of the products that
     we make in this type of brochure. We hope, however,
     that by giving you a broad overview of our activities we
     can inspire you to come up with your own ideas of what can
     be done.

     You may find a product in this brochure that is just right for your
     application or which could be modified to suit your needs. But if not,
     you can now rest assured that we have what it takes to find the right
     solution for your cabling or connection problem no matter how
     difficult it might be.
     Give us a try.
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