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                   Lunch                       Box
Thank you for enquiring about The Lunch Box Genie!

We are here to make your life a little less hectic by doing what has become for
you a tedious task….
Wish 1 Granted !

No more thinking of what to pack into your child’s lunch box, allow us to pack a
personalized, wholesome and nutritious lunch of your choice …..
Wish 2 Granted !
Simply choose the foods that your child enjoys the most and it will magically
appear at their school before first break….
Wish 3 Granted !
Choose an amount that you would like to spend everyday and we will pack a
wholesome and nutritious lunch to that value.

Four options are available and each option must include a roll and a fruit.

Option 1: R15-00 pack – roll + fruit + 1 item from the menu list.

Option 2: R20-00 pack – roll + fruit + 2 items from the menu list

Option 3: R25-00 pack – roll + fruit + 3 items from the menu list

Option 4: R30-00 pack – roll + fruit + 4 items from the menu list

Please Note: The Sweet Menu will be used only on a Friday, unless

A different option can be chosen for each day of the week. Simply indicate this
on your application form.

Not only do we offer lunch packs for school, but also cupcakes and/or Magical
Party Packs to celebrate your child’s birthday. These too can magically appear
on their special day!

Project Genie
With your support the Lunch Box Genie will grant one extra special wish. For
every twenty children in your school who experience the magic carpet ride, the
Genie will feed one less fortunate child. Help us to create the magic in someone
else’s life!
                    Thank you for your support

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