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									              Membership Spotlight
                      Becky Faulkner

I am a National Board Certified Teacher in Business Education. I taught
middle school for 18 years prior to my current teaching position the last four
years in the Business Department at Beddingfield High School. In addition to
teaching, I have been a member of the School Leadership Team. I belong to

My favorite part of teaching is the opportunity to be creative. When I was in
high school, I enjoyed typing, bookkeeping, band, and theatre. In college I
received a BS degree in Business Administration and Business Education
with a concentration in Art. I then went to work as a fire and casualty
insurance agent/office manager for 14 years. After 32 years, the light came
on; I experienced all of the above in order to do a good job as a high school
teacher. Now that I am a high school teacher, I teach Business Education. In
my Principles of Business class, I use the INVEST program (produced by the
Independent Insurance Agency of NC) to set up businesses as insurance
agencies. The final ingredient is acting, and I put on a pretty good act every

Claude and I have been married for 33 years and have one daughter,
Sharon, a real estate attorney in Greensboro, NC. She is married and has
our only grandchild, Claudia.

My tip for Career and Technical Educators everywhere is to remember, “For
a large percentage of our students, the skills they learn in our classes today
are what make them employable in the future, so help them experience as
much of their chosen field as we can.”

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