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					         Stored Particle Atomic Research Collaboration
 Vienna University of Technolgy                                                             Vaish College, Rohtak
 CANADA                                                                                     Nuclear Science Centre, New Delhi
 University of Manitoba                                                                     Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
 York University                                                                            ITALY
 CHINA                                                                                      Inst. Naz. Fisica Nucleare, Dip. di Fisica, Catania
 China Institute of Atomic Energy, Beijing                                                  JAPAN
 Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, Beijing                        University of Tokyo & Atomic Physics Laboratory RIKEN, Wako
 Institute of Modern Physics, Fudan University, Shanghai                                    JORDAN
 Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou                          Hashemite University
 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Physics, Jilin University, Jilin                         POLAND

                                      254 participants from over 80 institutes
 Lanzhou University, Lanzhou                                                                Institute of Physics, Swietokrzyska Academy
 University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei                                       Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University
 Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, Wuhan                                          Institute of Theoretical Physics, Warsaw University
 Physics Department, Northwest Normal University                                            Institute of Nuclear Physics of Polish Academy of Sciences
 Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Aarhus                                  The Soltan Institute For Nuclear Studies
 DENMARK                                                                                    ROMANIA
 Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Aarhus                                  NIPNE National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering
 EGYPT                                                                                      INFLRP and ISS National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Phys
 Physics Department, Beni-Suef Faculty of Science                                           RUSSIA
 FRANCE                                                                                     Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow
 Laboratoire kastler-Brossel, Ecole Normale Sup. Paris                                      Institute of Physics, St. Petersburg State University
                                                                                            Institute of Metrology for Time and Space at VNIIFTRI

 INSP, Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie
 CIRIL Ganil                                                                                Institute of Spectroscopy of the RAS
 Ecole Normale Superieure – Lyon                                                            V.G.Khlopin Radium Institute, St.Petersburg
 Institut de Physique Nucléaire de Lyon                                                     SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO
                                                                                            Institute of Physics, Belgrade
March 2004 LoI and green light for Technical Proposal
 Ernst Moritz Arndt Universität Greifswald                                                  SWEDEN
 Forschungszentrum Jülich                            August 2006 SPARC session @ CAARI, Dallas
                                                                                            Chalmers University of Technology and Goteborg University
October 2004 First SPARC Workshop&CM @GSI
 Freiburg University                                                                        Stockholm University
 GSI, Darmstadt                                      August 2006 Memorandum of UnderstandingMid-Sweden University
                                                                                            Lund University
                                                     Sept 2006 Collaboration meeting @ Belfast, UK
 Institut für Kernphysik, Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen
January 2005 Technical Proposal submitted
 Institut für Atom- und Molekülphysik, Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen                     SWITZERLAND
 Sektion Physik, LMU Munich                          February 2007 SPARC Workshop&CM @ Paris
March 2005 Evaluation of TP  green light
 Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelberg                                             Department of Physics, University Fribourg
 Institut für Theoretische Physik, TU Dresden        July 2007    SPARC Theory Workshop @ GSI
                                                                                            Institut für Physik, Universität Basel
                                                                                            UNITED KINGDOM
             Evaluation of costs  green light
 Tübingen University
June 2005
 IKF, J.W.v.Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main     June 2008    SPARC sessions@ CEPAS, Cluj, Romania
                                                                                            Department of Physics, The University of Durham
                                                                                            Queen's University, Belfast
 Institut für Physik, Universität Mainz
                                                     2008    Strong Field workshop @ GSI             Augus
                                                                                            UNITED STATES
July 2005    SPARC part of the core facility of FAIR
 Institut für Physik, Universität Kassel
                                                                                            Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
 Institut für Theoretische Physik, TU Clausthal      2008 SPARC sessions@CAARI Dallas               Sept 2
                                                                                            Georgia State University
 Kirchhoff-Institut für Physik, Universität Heidelberg
July 2005 Collaboration meeting @ Rosario, ArgentinSPARC sessions@ HCI Tokyo
 TU Darmstadt                                                                                  Sept 2008
                                                                                            University of Missouri Rolla
                                                                                            Oak Ridge National Laboratory
 Physikalisch-technische Bundesanstalt
                                                     SPARC Workshop&CM @ Predreal, Rumania
 Mathematics Institute, University of Munich, 80333 Munich                                  Western Michigan University
September 2005 Cost planning for first stage
 HUNGARY                                                                                    Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
 Inst. of Nuclear Research (ATOMKI), Debrecen                                               Brown University, Physics Department

Sept. 2005 SPARC Workshop&CM @ Piaski, Poland Sept 2009 SPARC Workshop&CM@ Lisbon,Portu
 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
                                                                                            Univeristy of Texas at Austin
                                                                                            Kansas State University
                                                                                            Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory, Columbia University
January 2006 Technical Report36
Additional Activities                                           talks presented at conferences and seminars, 23 publications
     The SPARC-Collaboration:
          Atomic Physics
         Heavy Highly Charged Ions
             Relativistic Heavy Ions
                 Radioactive Nuclei
Extreme Static Electromagnetic Fields
            Extreme Dynamic Fields
•New concepts of Strong Field QED
•Correlated Many-Body Quantum Dynamics
•Precision Determination of Fundamental Constants
•New Decay of Highly Ionized Atomic Nuclei
•Tests of Fundamental Symmetries
•Fundamental Nuclear Properties from Atomic Data
        FAIR – Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research
     SPARC Experimental Stations




CN    DE    ES   FI   FR      GB   GR   IN    IT   PL   RO   RU    SE
Present design status
of experimental
installations at NESR
for technical reports
to be submitted

                        electron cooler
                  BMBF Verbundforschung

                 Verbundantrag deutscher Universitätsgruppen im Rahmen der

common application of 22 german university groups for the preparation of experimental
    set-ups to be used during the FAIR start period (submitted december 2008)
Internal Target section @ ESR
                        NESR
           gas jet          superfluid He
                     and micro-droplet H2 targets
                       (R. Grisenti et al., 2008)

     ion beam
    Target Development for In-Ring Experiments
    (NESR, FLAIR)                Design goal for NESR:
                                        jet-diameter below 1 mm;
    R. Grisenti (superfluid targets),   densities between 1011 and
    micro-droplet targets (H2, He),     1016 1/cm3
    Univ. Frankfurt): Helmholtz
    Young Investigator Group                       He-target

                                         107 Xe

    External                            106 Xe
     disturbances lead                   projectiles
     to fast liquid jet
     disintegration                     Droplet diameter ≈4 m
                                          Online imaging (diagnostics)
  Uppsala Electron Cooler Arrived @ GSI

after modification to be used as electron target in NESR
The Reaction Microscope at ESR for NESR

                       
 pulsed               E, B
 beam       
           E, B                        HF cavity

                               energy-, momentum balance in
                               single collisions    e--cooler
                               Gas jet


First results of
two electron                           Daniel Fischer et al.
momenta                                   Emmy Nöther Young
230 MeV/u U90+ - Ar                      Scientist Group, MPI-K
        Experiments with HCI and
        Intense Laser Beams                                          PHELIX Laser
                                                                               excitation in the NESR

                                                                                    via Doppler-shift


        x-ray laser with nickel-like ions
            x-ray emission spectrum

           Wavelength                                                                Dp/p~5x10-5

                                                                                       @ NESR:
                                                                          Zr         wide range of
                                             4d  4p


                                                                                 Thomas Kühl et al.
                                     6000    22.02 nm, 56 eV                             ions


                                                                                    up to 2s-2p (280eV) in
                                                       Wellenlänge                  Li-like Z=92 possible
      HITRAP: U92+ at rest


                                           matching section
HITRAP is getting commissioned              and cooler trap
                IH section   RFQ section
  DDB section
  @ Relativistic Energies
     Quantum Electrodynamics, Cooling, Crystalline Beams
        QED in Li-like systems

improved resolution factor of 10 to 20
1s 2 p 1/ 2
                             2γ
         280.6 eV

1s 2 2 s1/ 2                2γ

                                           boosted to
                                            280 . 6 eV

                                         H. Backe, arXiv:physics/0701056 (2007)
         Present design status of laser experiment at       SIS300



                                injection into beamline
                                               via mirror
detector space
/ spectrometer
            interaction length 25 m
            (i.e. ~2 x 12.9 m)         extraction
                                       via mirror
                                       and beam dump
technical report to be submitted 2009
                                          SPARC Money matrix

                                                         To be     To be To be      Total
                                           Costs FAIR_ applied    applied applied pledges,   Participant country
 PSP-                        costs Costs
             Package                     collaborat DE*  for by    for by   for   no R&D     (FAIR member and
 code                       SPARC FAIR
                                             ion        Germany    others R&D      (DE +        nonmember)
 1.3.1      SPARC SUM       10 480   5298   5182   5368

                Laser                      590     490    100    290                     615      290             DE
            Experiments Laser Cooling      330     330     0                             215                    DE, UK
          High-Intensity                                                   400                    260     160    100                                                   DE, UK
          Laser High-Energy-AP       640     240    100                                     543            DE, JP
          High-Energy                    190     190     0     200                                           DE, FR, SE
          Res. Coherent                    350      0     50            43        300                        DE, FR, SE, JP
          Exc. Pair Production    100     50     50                                                   DE, SE, JP

 * includes manpower cost

     generally the money matrix presents only the Investment cost
                                                SPARC Money matrix
                                                               To be      To be To be      Total
                                                 Costs FAIR_ applied     applied applied pledges,      Participant country
                                   costs Costs
PSP-code         Package                       collaborat DE*  for by     for by   for   no R&D        (FAIR member and
                                  SPARC FAIR
                                                   ion        Germany     others R&D      (DE +           nonmember)
  1.3.1        SPARC SUM          10 480   5298   5182   5368     AP at NESR          5568.9   3092   2507   3382   1762,4    850     567     5994,4     PL, DE, SE, RO, CHN Electron Target         1310    1310     0           198.9             300                CHN, DE, RU, UK, SE Internal Jet Target     807     657    150            130                                 CHN, DE, SE, UK, US
           Spectr. for Hard                                                                          DE, FR, PL, SE, IN, NL,                          90      0      90                     200
           X-rays                                                                                            CH, JP
           Spectr. for Soft                                                                         CHN, DE, FR, PL, IN, NL,                         130      0     130            75       250      70
           X-rays                                                                                            CH, JP Calorimeter            1000     200    800            411                                  CH, DE, SE, UK , US 2D / Polarimeter       316.9    100    217           185,5              60                    DE, PL, IN, CR
                                                                191 + X-ray Optics            185      85    100                                               CHN, DE, FR, PL, UK, US
                                                                125 ** Electron Spectr.        255     105    150                     200                        CHN, DE, FR, IT, HU, RU
             Spectr. for Recoil                         192     142     50            221                                DE, FR, GR, IT, HU, RU, US
             Ions and Electrons
             Imaging Fast                         228     78     150                                                 DE, FR, IT, HU, RU, US
             Forward Spectr.   Laser Setup           865     265    600            225      200     137                    RO, DE, SE, FR
             Infrastructure/Ope                         220     150     70                                                    CHN, DE, PL, SE

 * includes man power cost
 ** includes also HITRAP subproject (PSP-code
                                       SPARC Money matrix

                                                           To be     To be To be      Total
                                             Costs FAIR_ applied    applied applied pledges,    Participant country
 PSP-                          costs Costs
             Package                       collaborat DE*  for by    for by   for   no R&D      (FAIR member and
 code                         SPARC FAIR
                                               ion        Germany    others R&D      (DE +         nonmember)
 1.3.1      SPARC SUM         10 480   5298   5182   5368

           Cooled, Decel. and Extracted         3951    1476   2475   1496   867,1    475             2838,1       DE, RO, PL, RU
               Ions FLAIR Building                                             50                                 RU Low Energy Cave      980     880    100                    225                        DE, FR, CN, RO, JO
                                                                                               IN, SE UK, PL, DE, AT, HITRAP Facility      596     596     0
          Reaction                       65      0     65            172,2                                DE, CHN, GR, US
          Ion-Surface                      445      0     445                                               NL, PL, SE, AU, RU
          Interaction X-ray Studies        430      0     430           109,9    200                            PL, DE, NL
          g-Factor                      240      0     240           127                                       DE, SE
          Mass,8                      650      0     650                                                     IN, DE
          Measurements Laser experiments    545      0     545           458                                       DE, UK
 *includes man power cost
           Present external funding SPARC/GSI-AP:
           DAAD: 2 grants
           INTAS grants
           EU:     EURONS (running)
           HGF: 3 Helmholtz Young Investigator Groups
           Emmy Nöther Young Scientist Group
           BMBF Verbundforschung:      4M€
           National funding: Poland, Romania, Japan, Sweden


Additional funding sources for the SPARC experiments
Man power
Experimental Collaborations - FAIR cooperation

Technical Design Reports (TDR) for all experiment and installations
within SPARC are being prepared

                                   Spokesperson Meeting GSI, Feb. 09
                                             total                 AP    Collab.    Add.   Total   Duration
 WP                    Package                         from
                                             costs               [FTE]   [FTE]     [FTE]   FTE      [years]
                                                     3rd party

            Laser Experiments                590        0        6.5      20        5      31.5
(1.1)    Laser Cooling                       330        0          5       5         5      15        5
(1.2)    High-Intensity Laser                260        0         1.5      15        0     16.5       5

              High-Energy-AP                 260        80        4       16        0      20
(2.1)    High-Energy                         110        0          2       2         0      4         5
(2.2)    Res. Coherent Exc.                   50        50         1       12        0      13        5
(2,3)    Pair Production                     100        30         1       2         0      3         5

                 AP at NESR                  5554      550       34.5    86.5       31     152
(3.1)    Electron Target                     1310       0          3       3         3      9        3-4
(3.2)    Internal Jet Target                 807        0          2       4         4      10        4
(3.3)    Spectr. for Hard X-rays              90        0          2       2         2      6         3
(3.4)    Spectr. for Soft X-rays             130        0          2       1         3      6         3
(3.5)    Calorimeter                         1000      500         4       16        0      20        4
(3.6)    2D / Polarimeter                    317        0          6       15        3      24        4
(3.7)    X-ray Optics                        185        0          1       2         1      4         5
(3.8)    Electron Spectrometer               210        0         0.5      3        0.5     4         5
(3.9)    Spectr. for Recoils and Electrons   192        50         2       4         2      8         5
(3.10)   Imaging Fast Forw.Spectrometer      228        0         0.5      3.5       1      5         5
(3.11)   Laser Setup                         865        0          9       33        9      51        5

(3.12)   Infrastructure/Operation            220        0         2.5      0        2.5     5         5
                        Structure: Managing group+
      Collaboration Board (CB) + representatives of working groups
Electron and electron-positron spectrometers   HITRAP
Lanzhou, Tata, CEA Saclay, IKF, GANIL          Mainz, MSU, IAP-FFM, FZ-Jülich, MPI-K,
Local contact: Rido Mann/X-W Ma                Vienna, Cracow, Groningen, Stockholm
                                               Local contact: Wolfgang Quint
Laser spectroscopy and laser/Ion interaction
MBI, Paris Sud, MPQ, LLNL, TUD, Stockholm,     Target developments (in ring)
Mainz, Belfast                                 TSL, IKF Frankfurt, GSI
Local contact: Thomas Kühl                     Local contact: R. Grisenti
                                               Electron cooler - target developments
Low-energy experiments                         Budker Institute, MPI-K-HD, MSL, Giessen
Lyon, Vienna, Bukarest, Giessen, IMP           Local contact: Christophor Kozhuharov
Local contact: Angela Bräuning-Demian
                                               Photon and x-ray spectrometers
Photon detector development                    Jülich, Harvard, Mainz, IKF, Cracow, Kielce,
Jülich, Harvard, Mainz, IKF, Cracow, Kielce,   Swierk, IMP, Uni HD
Swierk, IMP, U-Heidelberg                      Local contact: Heinrich Beyer
Local contact: Thomas Stöhlker                 COLTRIMS
                                               GANIL, MPI-K-HD, IKF, KSU, Catania
Theory: Atomic structure and Collisions
                                               Local contact: Siegbert Hagmann
Dresden, Gothenburg, Heidelberg,
Kassel, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Stockholm,        High-energy experiments
St. Petersburg, Lanzhou                        RIKEN, Lyon, GSI, Stockholm
Local contact: S. Fritzsche                    Local contact: Dieter Liesen

            Close contacts with FLAIR, Biology and Material, and EXL
Collaboration Board (CB) since 22.11. 07
   F. Currell represents UK
   D. Fluerasu repres. Romania
   M. Pajek represents Poland
   V. Shabaev represents Russia
   G. Garcia represents Spain
   Y. Yamazaki represents Japan
   X. Ma represents China
   D. Dauvergne, H Rotthard represent France
   E. Silver, J. Tanis, represent USA
   T. Kirchner, A. Müller, Th. Stöhlker, A. Wolf, repr- Germany
   L. Tribedi represents India
   R. Schuch represents Sweden
   J. P. Santos repres. Portugal
   T. Zouros represents Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy

   Spokesperson (R. Schuch S), deputy spokesperson (M. Pajek P),
    local contact (Th. Stoehlker D).
    Quantum Dynamics in Extrem Fields: The Program of the
                   SPARC -Collaboration
Scientific Goal: Precision Studies of the Quantum Dynamics of Atomic Systems
                in Critical and Super-Critical Fields

Discovery Potential:
 new concepts for QED in extreme fields
 correlated many-body dynamics via
   ultrashort and super intense field pulses
 precision determination of fundamental
   constants (, me)
 proof of fundamental symmetries
 discovery of new decay modes of nuclei
 determination of fundamental nuclear
   properties via atomic data

                                                   SPARC                 NESR
Observables: high-resolution x-ray, electron,      Experimential areas
positron, projectile and recoil-ion spectroscopy
Estimated Investment and Manpower for SPARC

       7 new positions needed for SPARC
          Collaboration Members(254, 83inst.,28countr.)

                          Collaboration Board (CB)

                    Spokespersons/       Major country and
                     local contacts     project representativ

                  Working groups with contact persons
  Low-E HCI          Laser cooling            HITRAP                    HP Laser
  Detectors                                                              e- target
                     internal target        COLTRIMS
  High-E HCI                                                            ion sources
Theor structure     e- spectrom.            x-ray spect.            Theor.dynamics

       Close contacts with FLAIR, Biology and Material, and EXL
            collaborations for coordination of installations

                             5th SPARC Workshop Sept. 23– 28, 2008, Predeal, Romania
HITRAP U92+ at rest
overview in the re-injection channel at ESR
                                                                Cooler trap
                                                                • magnet
                                                                • electrodes
                                                                • HV-cage
                   successful tests of                               beam line
                   • beamlines
                   •decelerator structures
                   • detectors                         Experiments
                   • bunchers
                   • emittance meter
                   with beams from ESR

                                   IH-structure+       LEBT+
   Double-drift-buncher            MEBT            RFQ Cooler-trap