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					                                    Chatswood Golf Club Limited
                              LIST OF OFFICE BEARERS (2010 – 2011)

                                       BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                                                J. Benn

                                           Vice Presidents:
                  H. Peterson                                          D.J. Hamilton

      Captain:                              Vice Captain:                          Treasurer:
   B. Woodmansey                              M Morrissey                         A. Hall-Watson

Mrs. R. Furini                            Mrs. L. Sennitt                         Mrs. A. Richardson

           General Manager:                                                Auditor:
                 J. Watters                                            Bryan Rush & Co.

                                             G. Bartels AM

                               DURING THE FINANCIAL YEAR
                 DIRECTORS                                    BOARD
                                                 A                            B
         J. C. Benn                              16                          16
         H. Peterson                             12                          12
         D.J. Hamilton                           16                          16
         B. J. Woodmansey                        15                          16
         M. Morrissey                            11                          12
         A. Hall-Watson                          14                          16
         R.M. Furini                             16                          16
         l. Sennitt                              14                          16
         A. L. Richardson                        15                          16
         D.C. McAleer                            3                            4
         I. Henderson                            3                            4

                                  A = Number of meetings attended,
                         B = Number of meetings held whilst Director in office.

                       ON MONDAY 18TH APRIL 2011 AT 7.00PM.


A.     To confirm the minutes of the 38th Annual General Meeting of Members held on Monday
       19th April 2010.

B.     To receive and, if thought fit, to adopt the Directors’ Report, Balance Sheet, Profit and
       Loss Account, Statement of Cashflows and the Independent Auditors’ Report for
       Chatswood Golf Club Limited for the year ending 31st January 2011.

C.     To elect a Board of Directors comprising: - President, two (2) Vice Presidents, Captain,
       Vice-Captain, Treasurer and three (3) Ordinary Directors.

D.     To consider and, if thought fit, to pass as Ordinary Resolutions, the nine Resolutions
       relative to Directors and particular Members benefits as detailed in Annexure ‘A’ hereto
       and to pass as a Special Resolutions as detailed in Annexure ‘B’ hereto.

E.     To transact any other business that may be brought forward in conformity with the

By order of the Board of Directors

J. C. Watters
General Manager                                                               28th March 2011

Note: To allow for a full and detailed response to be prepared for the Annual General Meeting,
members intending asking a question(s) relating to the “Balance Sheet as at 31st January, 2011”,
“Income Statement”, “Profit and Loss Account” and “Statement of Cash Flows”, are requested to
advise the General Manager, in writing, of any such questions. All questions raised at the Annual
General Meeting will be answered at the meeting, if possible, however should additional
information be required to furnish the answer, and a written response will be supplied after the
Board of Directors next meeting.

              GENERAL MEETING TO BE HELD ON 18th APRIL 2011

To consider and, if thought fit, to pass the following resolutions as Ordinary Resolutions:

1.     “That pursuant to the Registered Clubs Act, 1976 (as amended) the Members approve
       of and agree to expenditure by the Club for the benefit of the Directors in respect of
       their services as members of the Board and any other Committee of the Club for the
       following items:
(a)    the reasonable costs of meals and beverages associated with:
       • Board or Committee Meetings, on the day of such meetings;
       • attendance on duty of Directors of the Club on other occasions;
(b)    reasonable expenses incurred by Directors in relation to other activities in the course of
       their services including:
       • entertainment of special guests of the Club, including members of golf teams of
           other Clubs;
       • travelling to and from constituted meetings approved by the Board from time to time
           (on production of appropriate documentary evidence of such expenditure);
       • attending seminars, lectures, trade displays and other similar events, as may be
           determined by the Board from time to time;
       • attending other golf clubs for the purpose of assessing their facilities and operations,
           provided such attendances are approved by the Board as being necessary for the benefit
           of the Club;
(c)    the provision of blazers and associated apparel for the use of Directors when representing
       the Club;
(d)    expenses involved in attendance at inter-club activities, sponsorship of sporting events
       deemed by the Board to be of benefit of the Club and/or community and related
       activities performed by the Board members;
(e)    reasonable costs of attendance at functions with their spouses/partners:
       • at celebratory occasions at the Club;
       • where appropriate and required, to represent the Club at other venues;
(f)    preferential starting times being allocated on time sheets to the President and Captain
       together with
       their playing partners;

       Provided that the costs to the Club do not exceed $10,000 per annum.”

2.     “That pursuant to the Registered Clubs Act, 1976 (as amended) the Members approve
       of and agree to:
       specific parking spaces being allocated to the Directors, the Club Patron, the immediate
       past-President, the immediate past-Captain and on days on which the women have prior
       rights to use the course, the Women’s’ Committee.”

3.     “That pursuant to the Registered Clubs Act, 1976 (as amended) the Members approve of and
       agree to:
       the provision of Club apparel, golf balls, lunch and beverages to members of teams
       representing the Club in any competition or event as determined by the Board”.
4.      “That pursuant to the Registered Clubs Act, 1976 (as amended) the Members approve
        of and agree to:
        preferential starting time for the women playing in the six Sunday WGNSW stroke
        medal rounds per year”

Each of these resolutions must be passed as a whole and amendments moved at the meeting will not be

   Nomination for Life Membership

6. BESSIE ROSEN member # 929
   Nomination for Life Membership

   Nomination for Life Membership

8. DAVID JOHN HAMILTON member # 311
   Nomination for Life Membership

9. ALLEN JAMES TOPHAM member # 19
   Nomination for Life Membership

Each of these resolutions (5 – 9) must be passed as separate resolutions carried by a simple majority
(that is, 50% plus 1) of eligible members present and voting at an Annual General Meeting.

                                          “ANNEXURE B”

                              NOTICE OF SPECIAL RESOLUTION
                              FOR ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
NOTICE is hereby given that at the Annual General Meeting of CHATSWOOD GOLF CLUB
LIMITED to be held on Monday 18th April, 2011 commencing at the hour of 7:00pm at the
premises of the Club, the end of Beaconsfield Road, Chatswood, New South Wales members will
be asked to consider and it thought fit pass the following resolution which is proposed as a Special
That the Constitution of Chatswood Golf Club Limited be amended by deleting Rule 73 (a) and
replacing it with the following new Rule 73 (a):
         “(a)   The Board shall not less than twenty one days before each Annual General Meeting
                and in any event within four (4) months of the end of the financial year of the Club
                report in accordance with Section 316A of the Act to those members who request
                that copies of the reports referred to in sub-rule 72 (a) below be sent to them.
                                      NOTES TO MEMBERS
1.       The Special Resolution amends the provisions regarding annual reporting to members under
         the Corporations Act to reflect changes made to that Act this year for companies limited by
         guarantee like the Club.
2.       The Corporations Act now provides that the Club only has to send a copy of the financial
         reports who request to receive it. The Club still has to send to members notice of the Annual
         General Meeting and other business which must be sent to members, such as Special
3.       Members are asked to notify the club if they wish to continue to receive a copy of the
         financial reports.
4.       To be passed the Special Resolution must receive votes from not less than three quarters of
         those members who being eligible to do so vote in person on the Special Resolution at the
5.       Under the Registered Clubs Act members who are employees of the Club are not entitled to
         vote. Proxy voting is prohibited by the Registered Clubs Act.
6.       Amendments (other than minor typographical corrections which do not change the substance
         or effect of the Special Resolution) will not be permitted from the floor of the meeting.
7.       The Board of the Club recommends the Special Resolution to members.
Dated:      March 2011                       By direction of the Board

                                             John Waters
                                             Secretary Manager

                               CHATSWOOD GOLF CLUB LIMITED
                                                  A.B.N 54 000 990 616
                                              DIRECTORS' REPORT
The Directors present their report together with the financial report of Chatswood Golf Club Limited for the year ended 31st
January 2011.

The names of the directors in office at any time during or since the end of the financial year are:

Name and Qualifications                 Experience and Special Responsibilities

Benn, J. C                              Currently President. Board member since 2009.
                                        Mr Benn is an education consultant.
Peterson. H                             Currently Vice-President and Chairman of House.
                                        Board member since 2010. Mr Peterson is a company director.

Hamilton D.J                            Currently Vice-President and Chairman of Greens. Board member since
                                        1994. Off the board between 2000 - 2002. Mr Hamilton is an electrical
Woodmansey B.J                          Currently Captain and Chairman of Match.
                                        Board member since 1995. Mr Woodmansey is an architect.

Morrissey, M                            Currently Vice-Captain. Board member since 2010.
                                        Mr Morrissey is a sales manager.

Hall-Watson, A                          Currently Treasurer and Chairman of Finance. Board member since 2009.
                                        Mr Hall-Watson is a retired financial controller.
Sennitt, L                              Board member since 2009. Mrs Sennitt is a retired school teacher.

Furini, R.M                             Board member since 2007. Mrs Furini is a small business owner.

Richardson, A.L                         Board member since 2009. Mrs Richardson is a biochemist.
Henderson, I                            Board member since 2008. Mr Henderson retired from the board in 2010.
                                        Mr Henderson is a retired businessman.

McAleer, D.C                            Board member since 2009. Mr McAleer retired from the board in 2010.
                                        Mr McAleer is a self employed consultant.

During the financial year, 16 meetings of directors were held. Attendances were:

                                                      Directors' Meetings
Directors                        No. Eligible To Attend                  No. Attended
Benn, J.C                                    16                                16
Peterson, H                                  12                                12
Hamilton D.J                                 16                                16
Woodmansey B.J                               16                                15
Morrissey, M                                 12                                11
Hall-Watson, A                               16                                14
Furini R.M                                   16                                16
Sennitt, L.                                  16                                14
Richardson, A.L                              16                                15
McAleer, D.C                                  4                                 3
Henderson, I                                  4                                 3

Directors have been in office since the start of the financial year to the date of this report unless otherwise

                               CHATSWOOD GOLF CLUB LIMITED
                                               A.B.N 54 000 990 616

                                             DIRECTORS' REPORT

The principal activity of the company during the financial year was to provide the facilities of a licensed
club to members and guests and to promote sporting activities.

The entity's short term objectives are to:

            • provide the best possible golf course and clubhouse facilities to members.

            • encourage new membership.

            • remain financially viable to achieve the above objectives.

The entity's long term objectives are to:

            •   establish and maintain membership relationships that foster the game of golf; and

            • be sustainable and strive for continuous improvement so as to offer the best possible golfing
              and social amenities to members.

To achieve these objectives, the entity has adopted the following strategies:

            • the Board strives to attract and retain quality management and staff who are committed to
                providing high standards of service levels to the members. The board believes that attracting
                and retaining quality staff will assist with the success of the club in both the short and long term.

            • maintain rigorous control over the clubs finances to ensure the club remains viable and
                 is able to continually upgrade the course and clubhouse for the benefit of members and
                 encourage new membership.

            • the Board is committed to meet consistent standards of governance best practice and provide
                clear expectations of professional accountabilities and responsibilities to all members.

The entity is incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001 and is an entity limited by guarantee. If the entity
is wound up, the constitution states that each member is required to contribute a maximum of $1.00 each
towards meeting any outstanding obligations of the entity. At 31 January 2011 the collective liability of
members was 1,322 (2010: 1,313 ).

                                CHATSWOOD GOLF CLUB LIMITED
                                            A.B.N 54 000 990 616


A copy of the Auditor's Independence Declaration follows this Directors' Report.

Signed in accordance with a resolution of the Board of Directors.

                   J. C. Benn                                                 A. Hall-Watson
                    President                                                    Treasurer

Dated:      23/03/2011


To the directors of Chatswood Golf Club Limited:

I declare that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, during the year ended 31st January 2011 there have been:

i.    no contraventions of the auditor independence requirements as set out in the Corporations Act 2001 in relation to the
      audit; and

ii.   no contraventions of any applicable code of professional conduct in relation to the audit.

The audit opinion expressed in this report has been formed on the above basis.

Chartered Accountants

       D R Conroy                                            Sydney
        Principal                                            Date :           23/03/2011

                           CHATSWOOD GOLF CLUB LIMITED
                                           A.B.N. 54 000 990 616

                           FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31st JANUARY 2011

                                                                   Notes          2011         2010
                                                                                    $            $

Sale of goods                                                                       456,397      475,422
Rendering of services                                                             1,555,593    1,454,722
Contribution - Ladies                                                                     -       18,758
Other revenue                                                                        60,456       60,709
Total revenue                                                        2            2,072,446    2,009,611

Cost of Sales                                                        3             (178,853)     (185,699)
Employee benefits expense                                                          (803,384)     (736,140)
Entertainment, marketing and promotional costs                                      (11,189)       (4,081)
Property expenses                                                                   (40,754)      (36,982)
Other expenses from ordinary activities                                            (925,833)     (799,978)
Total expenses                                                                   (1,960,013)   (1,762,880)

Earnings before depreciation, amortisation expense and                              112,433      246,731
finance costs

Depreciation and amortisation expense                                3             (155,925)    (169,563)
Finance costs                                                                       (65,978)     (68,475)

Profit (Loss) before income tax                                      3             (109,470)       8,693

Income tax expense                                                   1                    -             -

Net Profit (Loss)                                                                  (109,470)       8,693

Other Comprehensive Income                                                                -             -

Total Comprehensive Income                                                         (109,470)       8,693

                           The accompanying notes form10 of these financial accounts.
                           CHATSWOOD GOLF CLUB LIMITED
                                           A.B.N. 54 000 990 616

                              STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION
                                   AS AT 31st JANUARY 2011

                                                                     Notes           2011       2010
                                                                                       $          $
Cash and Cash Equivalents                                              5              525,562    538,381
Trade and Other Receivables                                            6               73,489     20,410
Inventories                                                            7               23,482     21,091
Investments                                                            9               10,135     11,019

TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS                                                                  632,668    590,901

Property, Plant and Equipment                                          8            6,732,389   6,739,940
Investments                                                            9                    -           -
TOTAL NON-CURRENT ASSETS                                                            6,732,389   6,739,940

TOTAL ASSETS                                                                        7,365,057   7,330,841

Trade and Other Payables                                               10             344,034    287,351
Short Term Provisions                                                  12              92,587     94,142
Short Term Borrowings                                                  11             101,562      2,651
Other                                                                  13             466,800    456,910

TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES                                                           1,004,983    841,054

Long Term Borrowings                                                   11             992,099   1,012,342

TOTAL NON-CURRENT LIABILITIES                                                         992,099   1,012,342

TOTAL LIABILITIES                                                                   1,997,082   1,853,396

NET ASSETS                                                                          5,367,975   5,477,445

Retained Earnings                                                                     747,543     857,013
Reserves                                                               14           4,620,432   4,620,432

TOTAL MEMBERS' FUNDS                                                                5,367,975   5,477,445
                                                                                            -           -

                           The accompanying notes form part of these financial accounts.
                               A.B.N. 54 000 990 616

                   AS AT 31st JANUARY 2011

                                                Reserves       Retained       Total
                                                    $             $             $

Balance at 31st January 2009                       4,620,432     848,320    5,468,752

Total Comprehensive Income                                         8,693        8,693

Balance at 31st January 2010                      4,620,432      857,013    5,477,445

Total Comprehensive Income                                      (109,470)    (109,470)

Balance at 31st January 2011                      4,620,432      747,543    5,367,975

                         The accompanying notes form12 of these financial accounts.
                           CHATSWOOD GOLF CLUB LIMITED
                                             A.B.N. 54 000 990 616

                                STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS
                           FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31st JANUARY 2011

                                                                    Notes         2011          2010
                                                                                    $             $

Receipts from Trading                                                              2,290,239     2,204,237
Payments to Suppliers and Employees                                               (2,175,721)   (2,030,406)
Interest and Distributions Received                                                    7,463         4,054
Interest Paid                                                                        (65,978)      (68,475)

Net cash provided by (used in) operating activities                  20              56,003       109,410


Proceeds on Disposal of Non-Current Assets                                                -         1,518
Proceeds from Investments                                                               883       158,954
Payment for Property, Plant & Equipment                               8            (148,374)      (70,460)

Net cash provided by (used in) investing activities                                (147,491)       90,012


Proceeds from Borrowings                                                             88,058        15,620
Repayment of Borrowings                                                              (9,389)     (200,626)

Net cash provided by (used in) financing activities                                  78,669      (185,006)

Net increase/(decrease) in cash held                                                 (12,819)      14,416

Cash at 1 February 2010                                                             538,381       523,965

CASH AT 31 January 2011                                            20 & 5           525,562       538,381

                            The accompanying notes form13 of these financial accounts.
                                 CHATSWOOD GOLF CLUB LIMITED
                                                  A.B.N. 54 000 990 616

                            FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31st JANUARY 2011

The financial statements of Chatswood Golf Club Limited as an individual entity, incorporated and domiciled in Australia.
Chatswood Golf Club Limited is a company limited by guarantee.

Basis for Preparation
Chatswood Golf Club Limited has elected to early adopt the pronouncements AASB 1053: Application of Tiers of Australian
Accounting Standards and AASB 20102: Amendments to Australian Accounting Standards arising from Reduced Disclosure
Requirements to the annual reporting period beginning 1st January 2010.

The financial statements are general purpose financial statements that has been prepared in accordance with Accounting
Standards,- Reduced Disclosure Requirements of the Australian Accounting Standards Board and the Corporations Act
Australian Accounting Standards set out accounting policies that the AASB has concluded would result in financial
statements containing relevant and reliable information about transactions, events and conditions. Material accounting
policies adopted in the preparation of these financial statements are presented below and have been consistently applied
unless otherwise stated.

The financial statements have been prepared on an accruals basis and are based on historical costs, modified where applicable
by the measurement at fair value of selected on-current assets, financial assets and financial liabilities.

Income Tax
The Company is a non-profit sporting organisation and consequently its income is exempt from tax under section 50-54
of the Income Tax Assessment Act.


Inventories are measured at the lower of cost and net realisable value.

Property, Plant and Equipment
Each class of property, plant and equipment is carried at cost or fair value less, where applicable, any accumulated
depreciation and impairment losses.


Freehold land is measured at fair value.

Plant and equipment are measured on the cost basis. The carrying amount of property, plant and equipment is reviewed
annually by Directors to ensure it is not in excess of the recoverable amount from these assets. The recoverable amount is
assessed on the basis of the expected net cash flows which will be received from the assets employment and subsequent
disposal. The expected net cash flows have not been discounted to their present values in determining recoverable amounts.

The depreciable amount of all fixed assets and capitalised lease assets, but excluding freehold land and buildings, is
depreciated on a straight line basis and diminishing value basis over their useful lives to the Company commencing from the
time the asset is held ready for use.
Depreciation has not been provided on buildings as the original cost is not readily identifiable in the books and any
adjustment would not be material. Any future development of the clubhouse will be depreciated in accordance with
Australian Accounting Standards.

                                  CHATSWOOD GOLF CLUB LIMITED
                                                   A.B.N. 54 000 990 616

                             FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31st JANUARY 2011


The depreciation rates used for each class of depreciable assets are:

                    Class of Fixed Asset                                        Depreciation Rate
                    Improvements                                                2.5%
                  Course and Irrigation                                         10%
                  Plant and Equipment                                           20-33%
The assets' residual values and useful lives are reviewed, and adjusted if appropriate, at each balance sheet date.
An asset's carrying amount is written down immediately to its recoverable amount if the asset's carrying amount is greater than
its estimated recoverable amount.
Gains and losses on disposals are determined by comparing proceeds with the carrying amount.
These gains and losses are included in the income statement. When revalued assets are sold,
amounts included in the revaluation reserve relating to that asset are transferred to retained earnings.
Impairment of Assets
At each reporting date, the Company reviews the carrying values of its tangible assets to determine whether
there is any indication that those assets have been impaired. If such an indication exists, the recoverable
amount of the asset, being the higher of the asset's fair value less costs to sell and value in use, is
compared to the assets carrying value. Any excess of the assets carrying value over its recoverable amount
is expensed to the income statement.

Leases of Fixed assets, where substantially all the risks and benefits incidental to the ownership of the asset, but not the legal
ownership, are transferred to the company are classified as finance leases.
Finance leases are capitalised, recording an asset and a liablility equal to the present value of the minimum lease payments,
including any guaranteed residual values. Leased assets are depreciated on a straight line basis over their estimated useful
lives where it is likely that the company will obtain ownership of the asset. lease payments are allocated between the reduction
of the lease liability and the lease interest expense for the period.

Lease payments for operating leases, where substantially all the risks and benefits remain with the lessor, are charged as
expenses in the periods in which they are incurred.

Industry and Geographical Segments
The company's activities are the Conduct of a Registered Club in Australia.
Employee Benefits

Provision is made for the company’s liability for employee benefits arising from services rendered by employees to balance
date. Employee benefits arising from annual leave and long service leave have been measured at their undiscounted amounts.

Contributions are made by the Company to employee superannuation funds and are charged as expenses when incurred.
Revenue from the sale of goods is recognised upon the delivery of the goods to customers.
Interest revenue is recognised on a proportional basis taking into account the interest rates applicable to the financial assets.
Dividend revenue is recognised when the dividend is actually received.
Revenue from the rendering of a service is recognised upon the delivery of the service to the customers.
All revenue is stated net of the amount of goods and services tax (GST).
Goods and Services Tax (GST)
Revenues, expenses and assets are recognised net of the amount of GST, except where the amount of GST incurred is not
recoverable from the Australian tax office. In these circumstances the GST is recognised as part of the cost of acquisition of
the asset of as part of an item of the expense. Receivables and payables in the statement of financial position are shown
inclusive of GST.
For the purpose of the statement of cash flows, cash includes:

(i)      cash on hand and at call deposits with banks or financial institutions, net of bank overdrafts; and
(ii)     investments in money market instruments.

                                  CHATSWOOD GOLF CLUB LIMITED
                                                    A.B.N. 54 000 990 616

                           NOTES TO AND FORMING PART OF THE ACCOUNTS
                              FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31st JANUARY 2011

Comparative Figures
Where required by Accounting Standards comparative figures have been adjusted to conform with changes in presentation for
the current financial year.

Financial Instruments

Recognition and initial measurement

Financial instruments, incorporating financial assets and financial liabilities, are recognised when the entity becomes
a party to the contractual provisions of the instrument. Trade date accounting is adopted for financial assets that are
delivered within timeframes established by marketplace convention.

Financial instruments are initially measured at cost plus transactions cost where the instrument is not classified as at
fair value through profit or loss. Transaction costs related to instruments classified as at fair value through profit or loss
are expensed to profit or loss immediately. Financial instruments are classified and measured as set out below.

Classification and subsequent measurement

1. Financial assets at fair value through profit or loss

Financial assets are classified at fair value through the profit or loss when they are held for trading for the purpose of short
term profit taking. Realised and unrealised gains and losses arising from changes in fair value are included in profit or loss in
the period in which they arise.

2. Loans and receivables

Loans and receivables are non-derivative financial assets with fixed or determinable payments that are not quoted in an
active market and are subsequently measured at amortised cost using the effective interest rate method.

3. Held to maturity investments

Held to maturity investments are non-derivative financial assets with fixed maturities and fixed or determinable payments,
and it is the entity's intention to hold these investments to maturity. They are subsequently measured at amortised cost
using the effective interest rate method.

4. Available for sale financial assets

Available for sale financial assets are non derivative financial assets that are either designated as such or that are not
classified in any of the other categories. They comprise investments in the equity of other entities where there is neither a
fixed maturity nor fixed or determinable payments.

5. Financial Liabilities

Non derivative financial liabilities (excluding financial guarantees) are subsequently measured at amortised cost using the
effective interest rate method.

                                CHATSWOOD GOLF CLUB LIMITED
                                                 A.B.N. 54 000 990 616

                           FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31st JANUARY 2011

Critical Accounting Estimates and Judgments

The directors evaluate estimates and judgments incorporated into the financial report based on historical knowledge and
best available current information. Estimates assume a reasonable expectation of future events and are based on current
trends and economical data, obtained both externally and within the group.

Key Estimates - Impairment

The Company assesses impairment at each reporting date by evaluating conditions specific to the Company that may
lead to impairment of assets. Where an impairment trigger exists, the recoverable amount of the assets is determined.
Value in use calculations performed in assessing recoverable amounts incorporate a number of key estimates.

Key Judgments - Provision for Impairment of Receivables

The directors believe that the amount included in accounts receivable is recoverable and no provision for impairment has
been made at the end of the financial year.

                                CHATSWOOD GOLF CLUB LIMITED
                                                 A.B.N. 54 000 990 616

                             FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31st JANUARY 2011

NOTE 2 – REVENUE                                                                     2011        2010
                                                                                        $           $
Operating Activities:
 Sale of Goods
   - Bar Sales                                                                   456,397     475,422

  Total Sale of Goods                                                            456,397     475,422

  Poker Machine Takings                                                           56,135      98,785
  Competition Fees & Club Events                                                 325,373     219,099
  Annual Subscriptions                                                           747,927     723,236
  Functions, Caterers, Rent, Room Hire Sales                                      56,665      26,653
  Green Fees                                                                     369,493     406,303
  Building Levy                                                                        -      (9,900)
  Interest Received                                                                7,463       4,054
   Profit/(Loss) on disposal of non-current investments                                -         182
  Other Income                                                                    52,993      47,019

Total                                                                           2,072,446   1,990,853

  Contribution - Ladies                                                                 -     18,758

Total Revenue                                                                   2,072,446   2,009,611


Profit from ordinary activities before income tax has been determined after:

(a) Expenses

Cost of Sales:
  Bar                                                                            178,853     185,699
Total Cost of Sales                                                              178,853     185,699

Depreciation of Non-Current Assets:
  Improvements                                                                    40,001      40,001
 Course & Irrigation                                                              28,763      15,559
 Plant and Furniture                                                              85,973     109,600
 Poker Machines                                                                    1,188       4,403
Total Depreciation                                                               155,925     169,563


Remuneration of the Auditor of the Company for:
 - Auditing the Financial Report                                                  17,850      15,900
 - Other Services                                                                      -           -
 - Under Accrual Last Year                                                             -
                                                                                  17,850           -

Cash on Hand                                                                      12,400      12,400
Cash at Bank                                                                     513,162     525,981
Deposits                                                                               -
                                                                                 525,562           -

                                CHATSWOOD GOLF CLUB LIMITED
                                                A.B.N. 54 000 990 616

                           FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31st JANUARY 2011

NOTE 6 – TRADE AND OTHER RECEIVABLES                                                                  2011              2010
                                                                                                         $                 $
Sundry Debtors and Prepayments                                                                     73,489            20,410
                                                                                                   73,489            20,410


Stock on Hand                                                                                      23,482            21,091
                                                                                                   23,482            21,091


Freehold Land at Fair Value                                                                     4,810,198         4,810,198
Land Sub-Division Costs                                                                            89,802            89,802
                                                                                                4,900,000         4,900,000

Building Improvements                                                                           1,578,340         1,578,340
Less Accumulated Amortisation                                                                    (118,675)          (78,674)
                                                                                                1,459,665         1,499,666

Total Property                                                                                  6,359,665         6,399,666

Course and Irrigation Improvements
Course and Irrigation at Cost                                                                     284,643           261,655
Less Accumulated Depreciation                                                                     (88,585)          (72,137)
Total Course and Irrigation Improvements                                                          196,058           189,518

Plant and Furniture & Fittings
Plant and Furniture & Fittings at Cost                                                          1,760,462         1,647,392
Less Accumulated Depreciation                                                                  (1,585,114)       (1,499,142)
Total Plant and Furniture and Fittings                                                            175,348           148,250

Poker Machines
Poker Machines at Cost                                                                            240,163           240,163
Less Accumulated Depreciation                                                                    (238,845)         (237,657)
Total Poker Machines                                                                                1,318             2,506

Total Property, Plant and Equipment                                                             6,732,389         6,739,940

An independent valuation of the freehold land held by the company was undertaken by Nicholas Brady Valuations, a certified
practising valuer. on the 14 February 2008. The valuation was based on an assessment of fair value of the land. Fair value is
defined in accordance with AASB 116 Property, Plant and Equipment as the amount for which an asset could be exchanged,
between knowledgeable, willing parties in an arm's length transaction.

a) Freehold land at Beaconsfield Road. Valuation of freehold land at $4,900,000.

                                CHATSWOOD GOLF CLUB LIMITED
                                                A.B.N. 54 000 990 616

                           FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31st JANUARY 2011

Movements in Carrying Amounts

Movement in the carrying amounts for each class of property, plant and equipment between the beginning and the end of the
current financial year:
                                                         Course and
                                        Land and       Improvement         Plant and
                                        Buildings              s           Furniture Poker Machines           Total
                                             $                 $               $               $                $

Balance at the beginning of year            6,399,666           189,518         148,250             2,506          6,739,940
Additions                                           -            35,303         113,071                 -            148,374
Transfers in                                        -                                 -                                    -
Transfers out                                                                                                              -
Disposals                                           -                 -               -                  -                 -
Depreciation expense                          (40,001)          (28,763)        (85,973)            (1,188)         (155,925)
Carrying amount at the end of year          6,359,665           196,058         175,348              1,318         6,732,389

                                                                                                      2011                2010
NOTE 9 - INVESTMENTS                                                                                     $                   $

Westpac Family Restaurants Property Trust                                                               -                1,948
Juniors and 2nd Regiment                                                                           10,135                9,071
                                                                                                   10,135               11,019


Members House Account                                                                             130,993            99,120
Trade Creditors and Accruals                                                                      213,041           188,231
                                                                                                  344,034           287,351

Term Loan                                                                                          80,000                    -
Hire Purchase                                                                                      21,562                2,651
                                                                                                  101,562                2,651
Hire Purchase                                                                                      72,099             12,342
Term Loan                                                                                         920,000          1,000,000
                                                                                                  992,099          1,012,342

The club has a bank term loan facility of $1,000,000 secured over the property and assets of the Club at Beaconsfield
Road, Chatswood.


Provision - Annual Leave                                                                           68,685               74,498
Provision - L.S.L.                                                                                 23,902               19,644
                                                                                                   92,587               94,142

Aggregate Employee Entitlements Liability                                                          92,587               94,142

                                CHATSWOOD GOLF CLUB LIMITED
                                                A.B.N. 54 000 990 616

                           FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31st JANUARY 2011

                                                                                                     2011         2010
                                                                                                        $            $
Number of employees at year-end                                                                       16           16

Superannuation commitments
The Company contributes to the following superannuation plan for employees:

Club Plus Superannuation Fund

Types of benefits
The funds provide benefits that represent the accumulation of contributions to employers, providing lump sum or annuity
benefits upon retirement, death or disability.
The Company is under a legal obligation to contribute 9% of each employee’s base salary to a superannuation fund.
Details of contributions during the year are as follows:

Employer contributions to the plans                                                                62,286      56,227


Members Subscriptions in Advance                                                                 466,800      456,910


Capital Reserve                                                                                   500,734     500,734
Special Juniors Reserve                                                                             5,000       5,000
Asset Revaluation Reserve - Land                                                                4,114,698   4,114,698
                                                                                                4,620,432   4,620,432


The following were key management personnel of the Company at any time during the reporting period,
and unless otherwise indicated were directors for the entire period:

Non Executive Directors                                                     Executive
BENN, J.C                                                                   WATTERS, J.

Unless otherwise stated, transactions with related parties are on normal commercial terms and conditions
no more favourable than those available to other parties.
The key management personnel compensations included in "Employee Benefits Expense" as follows:

Short-term employee benefits                                                                     107,930       99,936
Other long term benefits                                                                             -            -
Termination benefits                                                                                 -            -
                                                                                                 107,930       99,936

                                 CHATSWOOD GOLF CLUB LIMITED
                                                  A.B.N. 54 000 990 616

                            FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31st JANUARY 2011

 Mr. D. J. Hamilton, a Director of the Company, received contracts in his professional capacity as an electrical contractor.
Transactions entered into during the year totalling $2,393 with Mr. Hamilton are within normal customer relationships and
on terms and conditions no more favourable than with other third party suppliers.

Apart from the details disclosed in this note, no director has entered into a material contract with the Company since
the end of the previous financial year and there were no material contracts involving directors' interest existing
 at year-end.
From time to time, directors of the Company, or their director-related entities, may purchase goods from
the Company. These purchases are on the same terms and conditions as those entered into by other Company
employees or customers and are trivial or domestic in nature.


The Company operates in one industry in Sydney, New South Wales the principal activity being that of a licensed Golf club.


The Club is incorporated and domiciled in Australia as a Company.

The registered office of the Company is:
 Chatswood Golf Club Limited
 Beaconsfield Road


a) Financial Risk Management

The Company's financial instruments consist mainly of deposits with banks, short term investments, accounts receivable
and payable, loans, bills, and leases. The director's overall risk management strategy seeks to assist the company in
meeting its financial targets, whilst minimising potential adverse effects on financial performance.

Risk management policies are approved and reviewed by the board of Directors on a regular basis. These include the credit
risk policies and future cash flow requirements.

Financial Risk exposures and management

The main risks the company is exposed to through its financial instruments are interest rate risk, liquidity risk and credit risk.

1. Interest rate risk
   Interest rate risk in managed with a mixture of fixed and floating rate debt.

2. Foreign currency risk
   The company is not exposed to fluctuations in foreign currencies.

3. Liquidity risk
   The company manages liquidity risk by monitoring forecast cash flows and ensuring that adequate unutilised
   borrowing facilities are maintained.

                                 CHATSWOOD GOLF CLUB LIMITED
                                                  A.B.N. 54 000 990 616

                            FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31st JANUARY 2011

4. Credit risk
   The maximum exposure to credit risk, excluding the value of any collateral or other security, at balance date to recognised
   financial assets, is the carrying amount, net of any provisions for impairment of those assets, as disclosed in the balance
   sheet and notes to the financial report.

   There are no material amounts of collateral held as security at the end of the financial year.

   The company does not have any material credit risk exposure to any single receivable or group of receivables under
   the financial instruments entered in to by the co-operative.

   Credit risk is managed and reviewed regularly by the Board of Directors. It arises from exposures to customers as well as
   through deposits with financial institutions. The Board of Directors monitors credit risk by actively assessing the rating
   quality of counter parties.

5. Price risk
   The company is not exposed to any material commodity price risk.

b) Financial Instrument Composition and Maturity Analysis

The table below reflects the undiscounted contractual settlement terms for financial instruments of a fixed period of
maturity, as well as management's expectations of the settlement period for all other financial instruments.

                                           Weighted         Fixed interest       interest
                                           Average           maturing in       maturing in      Non-interest
                                      Notes Rate            1 year or less      1-5 years         bearing               Total
2011                                          $                   $                 $                $                   $
Financial assets
Cash and Cash Equivalents                     1.44%                513,162                 -         12,400              525,562
Total                                                              513,162                           12,400              525,562

Term Loan and Borrowings                      6.50%                                1,013,661               -        1,013,661
Total                                                                  -           1,013,661               -        1,013,661

c) Net fair values of financial assets and liabilities
   For financial assets and liabilities the fair net value approximates their carrying value. No financial assets and financial
   liabilities are readily traded on organised markets in standardised form other than listed investments, forward exchange
   contracts and interest rate swaps. Financial assets where the carrying amount exceeds net fair values have not been written
   down as the company intends to hold these assets to maturity.

                                 CHATSWOOD GOLF CLUB LIMITED
                                                   A.B.N. 54 000 990 616

                            FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31st JANUARY 2011

                                                                                                      2011       2010
                                                                                                         $          $
Finance lease commitments
Payable minimum lease payments
Within one year                                                                                    29,051       3,888
One year or later and no later than five years                                                     83,774      14,564
Minimum lease liability payments                                                                  112,825      18,452
Less : Future finance and lease charges                                                           (19,164)     (3,459)
                                                                                                   93,661      14,993
Lease liabilities provided for in the financial statements:
Current                                                                                            21,562       2,651
Non-current                                                                                        72,099      12,342
Total lease liability                                                                              93,661      14,993

Operating Lease Commitments
Non-cancellable operating leases contracted for but not capitalised in the financial statements
   not later than 1 year                                                                            7,771       4,026
   later than 1 year but not later than 5 years                                                    10,185
                                                                                                        -       6,039
   later than 5 years
                                                                                                   17,956      10,065

Capital expenditure commitments
Capital expenditure commitments contracted for:
   Not later than one year                                                                               -          -


Reconciliation of Cash
For the purposes of the statement of cash flows, cash includes cash on hand and in banks
and investments in money market instruments, net of outstanding bank overdrafts. Cash
at the end of the financial year as shown in the statement of cash flows is reconciled to the
related items in the balance sheet as follows:

Cash on Hand                                                                                       12,400      12,400
Cash at Bank                                                                                      513,162     525,981
                                                                                                  525,562     538,381

Profit/(Loss) from ordinary activities after income tax                                           (109,470)     8,693
Non-cash flows in profit from ordinary activities
Depreciation                                                                                      155,925     169,563
Net (profit)/loss on disposal of Non-Current Assets                                                     -        (182)
(Profit)/loss on Revaluation of Investments                                                             -           -

Changes in Assets and Liabilities
(Increase)/Decrease in Trade and other Receivables                                                 (53,079)   (14,161)
(Increase)/Decrease in Inventories                                                                  (2,391)      (400)
Increase/(Decrease) in Trade and Other Payables                                                     56,683    (56,241)
Increase/(Decrease) in Other Liabilities                                                             9,890    (12,030)
Increase/(Decrease) in Short Term Provisions                                                        (1,555)    14,168

CASH FLOWS FROM OPERATIONS                                                                         56,003     109,410

                             CHATSWOOD GOLF CLUB LIMITED
                                              A.B.N. 54 000 990 616

                                      DIRECTORS' DECLARATION

The directors of the company declare that:-

           the financial statements and notes are in accordance with the Corporations Act 2001.

           a.       comply with Australian Accounting Standards; and

           b.       give a true and fair view of the financial position as at 31st January 2011 and of the performance
                    for the year ended on that date of the company;

    2.     in the directors’ opinion there are reasonable grounds to believe that the company will be able to pay its
           debts as and when they become due and payable.

This declaration is made in accordance with a resolution of the Board of Directors

    J. C. Benn                                                                          A. Hall-Watson
     President                                                                             Treasurer

Date:           23/03/2011

                                 CHATSWOOD GOLF CLUB LIMITED
                                       A.B.N. 54 000 990 616
                                     INDEPENDENT AUDITOR'S REPORT
Report on the Financial Report
We have audited the accompanying financial report of Chatswood Golf Club Limited, which comprises the statement of
financial position as at 31 January 2011, the statement of comprehensive income, the statement of changes in members
funds and statement of cash flows for the year ended on that date, a summary of significant accounting policies and other
explanatory notes and the directors' declaration of the company.

Directors' Responsibility for the Financial Report.
The directors of the company are responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of the financial report in accordance with
Australian Accounting Standards - Reduced Disclosure Requirements (including Australian Accounting Interpretations)
and the Corporations Act 2001, and for such internal control as the Directors determine is necessary to enable the preparation
of the financial report that is free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error.

Audit Responsibility

Our responsibility is to express an opinion on the financial report based on our audit. We conducted our audit in accordance with
Australian Auditing Standards. Those Auditing Standards require that we comply with relevant ethical requirements relating
to audit engagements and plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance whether the financial report is free from
material misstatement.

An audit involves performing procedures to obtain audit evidence about the amounts and disclosures in the financial report. The
procedures selected depend on the auditor's judgment, including the assessment of the risks of material misstatement of the
financial report, whether due to fraud or error. In making those risk assessments, the auditor considers internal control relevant
to the entity's preparation and fair presentation of the financial report in order to design audit procedures that are appropriate in the
circumstances, but not for the purpose of expressing an opinion on the effectiveness of the entity's internal control. An audit also
includes evaluating the appropriateness of accounting policies used and the reasonableness of accounting estimates made
by the directors, as well as evaluating the overall presentation of the financial report.

We believe that the evidence we have obtained is sufficient and appropriate to provide a basis for our audit opinion.


In conducting our audit, we have complied with the independence requirements of the Corporations Act 2001.

Auditor's Opinion
In our opinion:

a.   the financial report of Chatswood Golf Club Limited is in accordance with the Corporations Act 2001

     i. giving a true and fair view of the company's financial position as at 31 January 2011 and
        performance for the year ended on that date; and

     ii. complying with Australian Accounting Standards - Reduced Disclosure Requirements (including
         Australian Accounting Interpretations) and the Corporations Regulations 2001.

Chartered Accountants

D R Conroy
Principal                 154 Elizabeth Street SYDNEY NSW 2000                                     Dated:                           23/03/2011

                              CHATSWOOD GOLF CLUB LIMITED
                                             A.B.N. 54 000 990 616

Core and Non Core Property

Section 41J of the Registered Clubs Act 1976 requires the club to disclose its core and non-core property
as defined in the annual report. The Club's core property comprises the defined Land and Buildings of the club
situated at Beaconsfield Rd, Chatswood. The Club owns no non-core property.

                        DIRECTORS REPORT TO THE MEMBERS

                                    President’s Report

I am pleased to present the 39th Annual Report of Chatswood Golf Club for the year ended
31st January 2011.

General operations
The last financial year presented a considerable challenge regarding the Club’s financial
circumstances partly because of the extremely variable weather conditions which
significantly impacted on the Club’s operations during the latter half of 2010 and early

I sincerely thank my fellow directors for the hard work, time and effort they have given to
the Board and to all members during the year. The Club’s working committees always
generate busy agendas over what has been a concerted twelve months of activity.

Current directors bring a mixture of considerable experience in the Club’s activities
together with exceptional professionalism and enthusiasm regarding the Club’s future. Our
thanks are given to Mr Martin Morrissey who is not standing for re-election as Vice

The Board is also mindful of the administrative leadership given by our Club staff headed
by the General Manager John Watters. In addition our Course Superintendent David Toon
and his green staff have worked tirelessly to improve the course and playing conditions
during the year. The Board and all members are grateful for our staff’s unstinting

During the past year the Club recorded a loss of $109,470. This disappointing outcome
resulted from expenditure on planned course improvements and equipment renewal
during the first half of the year failing to be recouped with anticipated income during the
3rd and 4th quarters partly because of exceptional weather conditions.

While above average rainfall from October helped improve the course its persistent
regularity restricted playing opportunities by members and the public which severely
reduced green fees and competition income. Normally strong player patronage during
December and January also declined because of extremely hot weather which drove
golfers not only from Chatswood but from most golf courses across Sydney.

The Treasurer will report that the bulk of the financial loss was attributable to
unprecedented downturns in green fee revenue, bar trading and consequent diminished
poker machine receipts.

Although expenditure was curtailed over the last three months of operations the Club’s
revenue reduction was significantly higher than anticipated.

Offsetting these income streams the Club’s cash situation remains sound and membership
income increased. Revenue rose substantially from the use of the Club’s facilities, a
positive indicator that the Club is increasingly regarded as a quality venue centre for
business and community groups as well as functions, weddings and anniversaries.

Operations - Course
Early in 2010 the Board made a deliberate decision to invest in course improvements by
fertilising fairways and improving soil textures in the greens and surrounds. This
expenditure paid handsomely in the third quarter when members enjoyed some of the
best playing conditions ever experienced on the course.

Leasing new, modern equipment supported this course investment with improved greens
and surrounds as well as better management of roughs and course surrounds.

Notwithstanding more recent difficult weather conditions the overall course quality
continues to justify this investment decision.

A major strategic planning task culminated in the 10-Year Asset Management Plan that
was released during the third quarter. Many members joined greens staff and consultants
to contribute to that extensive review. Their support and participation is greatly
appreciated by the Board.

Arising from this seminal investigation certain sub-committees are reviewing plans for
major course development, namely completing the water plan that aims to irrigate the
entire course along with improvements in water harvesting and containment that will be
aided by the planned desilting of the dam and rectifying the persistent leak.

Other areas of course improvement included designs for upgrading the greens capital
facilities and the installation of a fuel storage tank and equipment wash down bay along
with improved landscaping around the course.

Greens personnel worked tirelessly to maintain overall course standards, a process not
assisted by the extremely variable weather experienced since October last year. The
Board sincerely thanks David Toon and all staff for their support. Lachlan Ridgewell
deserves special commendation for capably leading our green staff during the 16 weeks
David took long service leave from late October.

Charlies Angels continue to willingly assist paid staff with invaluable support for a wide
range of course maintenance and general improvement services. Many ladies also
supported landscaping and garden maintenance. Thank you everyone for your generous

Operations – Administration
The administrative personnel worked hard to achieve improved member services while
keeping administrative costs under strict control.

Following the cessation of the Club’s catering services by Saffron Catering Mr Oni Djarip
was engaged to provide catering and bistro services. His exceptional cuisine has been
widely acclaimed by members and guests since he commenced in early January.

Operations - Ancillary
House continues to expand the use of the Club’s modern facilities aided by concerted
efforts by Ms Jennifer Brown to secure wider corporate and function use from business and
corporate clients. All members are encouraged to consider using the Club for family
occasions including birthdays, anniversaries and special events such as weddings and
social occasions.

The Club was advised its re-zoning application for the block of land immediately adjacent
to the entrance had been approved by Willoughby Council. This positive result was
somewhat tempered with the knowledge that government needs to sign off on this
approval hopefully within the next 6-9 months.

The Club is also negotiating with Willoughby City Council to confirm arrangements
regarding certain walking tracks on Club land together with parallel discussions involving
lease renegotiations on crown land comprising sections of the 5th and the 6th, 7th and 8th
holes. The Club’s current lease concludes at the end of October 2012.

In November the Club celebrated its 75th anniversary of its founding in 1935. A wide
variety of golf events and associated functions attracted strong member support while
many former members – including golfing champions – also attended. The Club was
pleased that the Mayors of Willoughby and Lane Cove participated during the celebratory
week along with our ever popular Patron Mr Greg Bartels AM. Sincere thanks are given to
the dozens of members who worked tirelessly to ensure that celebration was such a
resounding success.

The Board is grateful to the many members who have actively supported the Club over
the past twelve months. As golf clubs experience challenges with fluctuating player
participation and increasing operating costs the Board hopes members will continue their
patronage and encourage wider community involvement in the Club’s extensive golfing
calendar and function program.

John Benn

                                  TREASURER’S REPORT

The financial result for the year was very disappointing, but it is important to note that our
financial position is still strong with retained earnings able to support such a loss, and our
cash position is comfortably within the facilities provided by Westpac. We had a positive
net inflow of cash from operations of $56,003. We invested in new plant and equipment,
the largest in possibly eight years, to the value of $148,374. This was financed in part by
hire purchase leases of $88,058.

We made a Net Operating Loss of $109,470 for the year (compared with a profit of $8,693
last year). The loss has been mainly the result of reduced revenue from Bar Trading down
$28,900, Poker Machine Trading down $39,700 and Green Fees down $32,200; a total
revenue loss of $100,800.
In addition to these revenue losses the major areas of expenditure for the Club are Course
and Administration. The variances for these two business areas against last year and
budget were:
  Course expenses $43,048 (6%) over last year and $13,821 (1.8%) over budget;
  Administration expenses $44,621 (10.6%) over last year and $4,867 (1.0%) over
Offsetting these revenue losses and over expenditure was the very satisfactory result from
the utilization of Lilian’s where we realised a Trading Profit of $33,800 (162%) above last
year and budget.
From these major highlights our net result was the loss of $109,470. The Board through
the General Manager identified the risks to our financial position once the bad weather
started impacting our revenue and from August, on a monthly basis, we either made a
small profit or loss, demonstrating that costs against revenues earned are being managed.

SEGMENT RESULTS - Segment results which are how your Board sees the monthly
results are as follows, with last year’s figures in brackets:
       BAR TRADING – gross revenue $456,397 ($475,422); net profit $36,680
       LILIAN’S TRADING – gross revenue $56,665 ($26,654); net profit $54,691
       POKER MACHINE TRADING – gross revenue $56,135 ($98,758); net profit
       $51,943 ($91,686).
       MATCH – gross revenue $233,657 ($219,099); net result $84,352 ($76,722). This
       year the additional $2 on comp fees has raised $13,233. This money is being
       specifically used for Course improvements.
      MEMBERSHIP – net income $747,927 ($718,943).
      GREEN FEES – net income $327,543 ($359,785).
      ADMINISTRATION - total expenses $465,828 ($421,208).
      HOUSE – total expenses $237,125 ($238,736), a satisfactory result.
      COURSE – total expenses $776,223 ($733,175), Machinery Repairs and
      Maintenance were 56% higher than last year which initiated the replacement of
      several machines during the year.
      BALANCE SHEET – overall the position is satisfactory. The purchase of the new
      machinery has been with a Hire Purchase facility and is reflected in the changes to
      the borrowings as shown in Note 11 of the financial statements.

Most retail businesses continue to report difficult trading conditions. Margins are being
reduced and discretionary spending is being reduced to give consumers the chance to
increase savings in these uncertain times. Competition for sporting dollars continues to be
aggressive with many supposed prestigious clubs in our geographic area offering no entry
fee and very competitive green fees. We lost a number of members who took up offers of
membership from these clubs.

We are looking to improve our capability to compete for the ‘casual’ golfer’s green fees
and to promote our course for corporate events. This will have to be balanced with the
needs of members but in the end, in order to keep our membership fees as competitive as
possible, we have to provide for increased revenue from green fees. In addition
Administration and Course expenses will go up with increases in externally driven costs
and our gradual return to greater office services and course improvements. We will also
look to further funding for the capital works on the course for the Water reticulation,
Facilities for the Green Shed and Fuel storage, and Landscaping improvements. The
2011–12 year will continue to require careful control over expenditure as we continue to
look for new initiatives to increase revenue from green fees and utilisation of our House

I would like to thank the General Manger and his staff for the support and effort that they
have put into the accounting functions of the Club, and the Board for their continuing
acceptance of the restraint required to ensure that we manage our expenditure within the
revenues we are generating.

Alan Hall-Watson

                             GENERAL MANAGER’S REPORT

Once again it is an honour reporting to the members of Chatswood Golf club. The past
year we were able to move forward compared to the extremely tight constraints of
previous years. Time was spent updating a range of administrative practices including
annual staff reviews and evaluations related to job responsibilities and practices. A range
of agreed mutual outcomes were initiated for all positions.

Work has begun producing a course presentation standard and procedures manual as well
as a Club House standards procedures manual. These important standards of presentation
for the Club will be presented to the incoming Board.

During the year we have updated the Club’s telephone system and computers and
installed a new printer in the Pro Shop. We have also changed our IT support provider to
enable us better security and overall support for our system with reduced costs for call out

Considerable time was spent researching and attaining information so that Chatswood Golf
Club’s website became one of the industry leaders. During the year we updated the look
and use of our website to focus on core business streams; functions, weddings,
conferences, public golf and membership. I would like to thank the marketing committee
and special thanks must go to Damien Town for the considerable time and effort that he
put in for this project.

The 2010 Run Property Pro Am was a very successful event. Not only was the Club able to
secure Run Property as the major sponsor for three years but 60 professionals (including
the noted PGA player Peter Lonard) and 156 members and guests enjoyed the day on a
meticulously presented course thanks to David Toon and the green staff. Players on the
day also enjoyed the delicious offerings prepared by Chef Ryan and his team from Saffron

We also secured a long term sponsorship from Tooheys which will see four special
sponsored events during 2011.

For the second year in a row the Club was nominated for the prestigious City Pro Am of
the year award. Although unsuccessful such nomination from PGA professionals indicates
Chatswood can match it with the best golf clubs in Sydney.

I am also extremely grateful to our supplementary Pro Am sponsors and I look forward to
their continued support for this event in the coming years.

This year we were also nominated for the local business awards for the first time and
received the award for the best club/entertainment venue.

The disappointing financial result for the year was disappointing and definitely not helped
by over 110 days of rain many of which inconveniently occurred on weekends or
competition days. The down turn in green fees alone equates to one extra group of four
players per day. The decrease in bar sales equates to only 10 extra drinks sold each day.

In discussions with other competing golf club managers I know clubs similar to us are
feeling the pressure of increasing operating costs and reduced patronage, partly because
of the incessant rain late last year but also because of 40-degree plus heat in late January
and February.

This year we will be looking at ways to increase our green fee income, bar sales, corporate
days and continue to promote Lilian’s to local business, residents and members.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for their effort in 2010;
Course - David Toon, Lachlan Ridgewell, Arthur Papas, Matt Smith, Jason Anear, Matt
Rayner and our casuals.
Bar – Will Steinhauer, Vivien Der Tateossian, Nicola Hughes, Dominique Fox, John Tobin,
Daniel Der Tateossian, Ronnie Benjamin and other casuals.
Office – Jennifer Brown, Lorraine Crowfoot, Margaret Shonk, Corinne O’Sullivan and
Michelle Hernandez.
Pro Shop – Allen & Janet Topham, Mark Sullivan, Greg Lynch, Andrew Campbell and
Peter Allan.
Saffron Food Services – Ryan & Megan Baird, Lisa Cameron, Toni Vourlos and other
staff. Since January we have been pleased that Oni Djarip is back at Chatswood offering
his excellent cuisine for members and guests.

Lastly I would like to thank the Board of Directors and sub-committee members for their
continued support throughout the year.

John Watters
General Manager
                                  House Report

Dear Fellow Members
My last 12 months on the board has posed a solid learning curve for me in
leading House through the tight fiscal challenges which continue to face this club.
Simultaneously the agenda of House has been to work on progressive outcomes
for club growth. Not the least of these activities has been the recent change to
the club’s catering services resulting in Oni rejoining the club as chef.

The following report to members will summarise some of the items of business
which have concerned House over the last year.

House committee has typically met 4 or 5 days prior to monthly board meetings.
It functions mostly as a small committee comprising Rhonda Furini, Jennifer
Brown, the bar manager (previously Will now Nick when available) with myself as
chair. I take this opportunity to formally convey my appreciation for the input and
commitment of those other House committee members and to personally thank
them. I particularly wish to thank my fellow director Rhonda Furini who is an
amazingly hard worker for this club. I find Rhonda’s commitment, tenacity and
dedication to the affairs of House is nothing less than outstanding

Having followed my predecessor Ian Henderson into office a year ago I have now
had ample time to reflect on his report and comments to members. I now pickup
where Ian Henderson left you in his final report by echoing his sentiments - that
“this past 12 months continue to be a most difficult period not only due to lack of
funds but through lack of support by a majority of members”. Also “the same
faces attending club events” and following this “hopefully members will come to
….. value the camaraderie present …..” These are strong words of Ian’s but
remarks on which I entirely agree and draw member’s attention to once more for

Not only the operation of the golf course but its clubhouse also needs the
patronage of all members to make the wheels go forward. For every member to
patronise one or two of the events House places on offer each year would be an
enormous help to the financial bottom line of this club and therefore the
achievement of our joint goals for the course itself.

If every member would plan to ‘dine-in’ at the club a couple of times a year,
bringing a friend or two with them for company spending say $50/head each (not
a big price these days) the drag that House currently places on this club’s ability
to fund golf course improvements which we all want, could be significantly
reduced. With this as the target House has taken some small steps toward
making the clubhouse more attractive to use so that not only might ‘members
and their guests’ but the local community also be attracted to make greater use
of our great facility.

The employment of Jennifer Brown in the office has seen the marketing & sale of
functions both private and corporate grow into a significant income stream for the
club. The problem seems to be that many members do not seem to want to use
the club for anything other than their golf.

Though all credit must go to Jennifer and her colleagues for their efforts in
marketing and sales of functions, this has required the ongoing support of House
to ensure the club’s facilities are suitable for these functions to become the
repetitive business & growth income stream desired. Thankfully this is well in
hand and so it has been on this basis broadly that expenditure was justified and
approved by the board for spending during 2010-11

 The items approved by the board were agreed vital to supporting a successful
function marketing program being undertaken in the club. House items purchased
during 2010-11 have been:-

   •   Cost effective low power and intimate table lighting for Lilian’s restaurant
   •   Cocktail tables and bar stools for use in both the Spike Bar & Lilian’s
   •   Mounting the overhead projector to the ceiling making corporate functions
       more professional and easier for connecting the club’s audio/visual
       equipment to a laptop computer for use during corporate functions
   •   Dressing up Lilian’s with use of 3 simple mirrors as wall decoration
   •   Installing of an acoustic shutter in order to reduce spill of noise from après
       golf socialising in the Spike bar spilling over into Lilian’s and disturbing a
       formal speech which may be taking place requiring concentration and
   •   Approval by the board to purchase a room divider enabling the use of
       Lilian’s to be more varied than previously to accommodate more than one

House committee has also endeavoured to provide a flow of live entertainment in
the club recently in order to support & compliment the use of Lilian’s restaurant
and foster other club events such as dinner/dances with a theme. Unfortunately
as Ian Henderson pointed out a year ago these events have mainly attracted “the
same old faces” !

Another target market for the club recently has been to make stronger contact
with the local community living around us, in order to encourage their patronage
of our facilities here. This has involved a number of letterbox drops as well as
some local radio advertising. My sincere thanks go to those selfless members who
have given their own time so freely to collect flyers from the office by the
hundreds and drop them to nearly 2000 houses in the area

House committee in conjunction with marketing and administration will need to
keep working on that magic formula that will attract a higher level of involvement
inside the clubhouse than is current - especially with male members. The sooner
we can find out what to do to make this happen, the quicker other more
important projects to improve our golf course will become a reality. Meanwhile
House committee will continue trying to encourage members to come along to
some event which we in House trust will be enjoyable …. please do give this some
thought ?

Meanwhile House will continue to pursue the goals of this club in 2011-12 to
increase patronage of the great facilities Chatswood Golf Club offers to its
members & guests.

Many Thanks !
Howard Peterson, VP and Chairman of House

                                     MATCH REPORT

It has been another busy year for the Match Committee, with the organisation of the
weekly fixtures, special events and Pennants.

We extend a special thank you to all those who helped out with the planning and running
of events around the 75th Anniversary celebrations.

Unfortunately, our Pennants teams have not performed as well as would have expected
based upon the promise shown last year. However, we thank them all for their keen
involvement and for upholding the competitive spirit and friendliness associated with the
Chatswood Golf Club towards its sporting opponents.

As many of you will know, the course has recently been measured by officials from the
NSWPGA with a view to providing a CCR for our course based on three separate tee plate
locations. These ratings should be available before July 2011.

The sponsor for this year’s Pro Am was Run Properties and we thank them and the
organising team, led by John Watters for what turned out to be a memorable day. This
was in no way diminished by the setting of a new course record by professional Ryan
O’Flaherty with 61, however as Colin Wade-Ferrell pointed out on the day, the amateur
record still stands at 62.

Despite our approaches to local schools with offers of free tuition and golf, we have had no
serious response which would have allowed us to start up Junior and/or Cadet
programmes. We have however, seen the rise of two or three budding junior stars who
are playing and winning in our member’s competitions.

With a view to forming an Encourage Shield team for 2011, Match has made a
recommendation to the Board to allow a low price joining/annual fee for Juniors from
which a programme can be implemented with the help of Pro Shop staff.

Congratulations to all those players who won a Major Trophy in 2010.

Brian Woodmansey
Club Captain

                            2010 MAJOR TROPHY WINNERS

        Club Champion                     Andrew Lauder
      B Grade Champion                     Paul Wilbow
      C Grade Champion                      Gary Oddy
      Masters Champion                   Stephen Wilson
  Club Foursomes Champions         Stephen Wilson & Marc Wilson
      B Grade Foursomes
          Champions              Michael Tessarolo & Clive Harding
      C Grade Foursomes
          Champions                  Paul Webb & Clive Whitlock
                                      John Benn & Anne Louise
 Mixed Foursomes Champions                  Richardson
  Match Play Championship
          A Grade                         James Greathead
          B Grade                           Thomas Ahn
          C Grade                          Russ Tuckwell
       Medal of Medals                       Vince Mico
      Cock of the Walk               Paul Webb & Clive Whitlock
  Summer Singles Knockout                   Tony Savage
           AIF Cup                          Leigh Walker
    Diggers Steel Helmet                     Ken Maish

          Champion                    Anne Louise Richardson
      Bronze I Champion                    Ruth Ireland
     Bronze II Champion                    Denise Woods
    Foursomes Champions            Helen Chapman & Jackie Potter
     Foursomes Bronze I
          Champions                  Kaye Wilson & Lisa Deakin
     Foursomes Bronze II
          Champions                 Shirley Breheny & Pat Oliver
       Singles Knockout                    Dianne Ramsey
      Four ball Knockout          Helen Chapman & Rose Tompsett
       CGC Gold Medal                       Tina Sansom

                                    COURSE REPORT

The 2010/11 year has been a mixed year with the golf course. The rainfall up to
November was good (at times too good as there were quite a few competition days lost to
rain) but then we had the driest summer in 8 years which hampered all the new mounding
work along the right hand side of the 12th fairway and dried up all the fairways. To
complicate the matter further we had irrigation problems with the main pump breaking
down and numerous breaks in the irrigation lines that are past their used by date.

Other improvements on the course apart from the mounds on the 12th fairway which
prevent storm water from scouring out the fairway and will allow us to improve the soil
profile were the installation of irrigation into the area back from green on the 15th and
relaying of new turf to improve the wear areas.

We have reshaped the area in front of the 12th tee and begun to make a native garden on
the right hand side of the path leading away from the tee but this project has halted while
we wait for large rocks to be put in place.

The report from David Worrad (our agronomist from Living Turf) advised us to clear the
camphor laurels from around the 10th, 11th & 12 greens to give better airflow and more
sunlight to the surrounds. This has been an ongoing task all year and the results are there
for all to see.

We leased some new machinery during the year to replace some old worn out ones. They
were a Greens mower, Tees mower, Roughs mower and a new Greens roller. This will cut
down our maintenance bill and the new roller is a lot easier to get around the course
saving time on labour.

The Greens and Course Asset Management Plan split up our operation into three areas:
Water, Facilities & Landscape. Committees were formed to identify problems and bring the
course and infrastructure up to a modern day level.

The Water committee has gone through an intensive program of meetings and have
thoroughly investigated the task of installing a total irrigation system for the course
including all the fairways, greens and tees. Some work has already been completed in that
the bore pump near the 3rd green has been replaced and the jammed bore pump behind
the old willow has been removed and a new bore pump installed. Metering has been
installed on both these pumps and the one behind the 16th tee. These bore pumps are the
cornerstone of our solution to water the course in a prolonged dry spell. Work is
proceeding on the exact amount of the course that will be irrigated and we will then put
the scheme out to tender.

The dam will be dredged and the leak repaired during winter. Swaines Creek will also be
dredged. I would like to thank all the Water committee for their efforts during the year.
We should be very grateful for the amount of time they donated to the Club in pursuit of
this scheme including the green staff who were involved in out of work hours. The
committee comprised David Bromell (Chairman), Len Hutton(Water Consultant), Dave
Hamilton, Lyn Sennitt, John Benn (Directors), David Toon, Lachlan Ridgewell & Matt Smith
(green staff).

The Facilities committee looked into the OH & S ramifications of our operation and came
up with proposals for a Convault fuel tank and an ESD Waste2Water washdown unit to
comply with current legislation. The Board has agreed and a DA is in Council now waiting
for approval.

The green shed itself was looked at and there are plans being drawn up and costed to
improve the facilities for our green staff. This committee was made up of John Gabriel,
John Govan, Dave Hamilton, Pete Carroll, David Toon & Lachlan Ridgewell.

The Landscape committee is slow going as lot of the projects need money and water but
we are moving forward. The committee is basically an extension of the greens committee
comprising David Toon, Lachlan Ridgewell, Dave Hamilton, Lyn Sennitt and Richard

I would like to thank David Toon and his staff for their efforts during the year and
especially Lachlan Ridgewell who took the reins while David was on leave. Thanks also to
Lyn Sennitt for all her work and support on the Greens Committee and to Brent Sennitt for
his continual support of the Asset Management Plan.

2003 1243mm
2004 909mm
2005   878mm
2006   914mm
2007   1539mm
2008   1041mm
2009   906mm
2010   1265mm

Dave Hamilton
Greens Chairman

                                   CHARLIE’S ANGELS

Yet again the Angels have made an enormous contribution to the upkeep of the course
and surrounding areas. Organised with military precision by Richard Munge they have
come every Monday and completed many tasks, some of which are listed below.

Concreting holes in the carpark, ongoing cleaning of drains in the carpark and on the
course, repairing garden walls, repairing and improving paths, cutting back lantana,
cleared behind the 13th tee, maintaining and improving the practise area, debris clean up
after storms, repairing course entry gate, repair kerbing, repaired sand bins, constructed
protection for water meters, repaired tee rails, repaired fertiliser shed doors, repaired and
replaced seats, repaired ball washers & bubblers, removed dead trees and bushes from
course, cut down camphor laurel trees and much more.

Our thanks go to all the Angels but they desperately need some more volunteers to come
and share the ‘fun’ on Monday mornings. Contact myself or Richard Munge if you are

Dave Hamilton
Greens Chairman

                             MARKETING SUB-COMMITTEE

The committee continued to undertake support for the Club across its four main areas of
responsibility: marketing to sustain membership levels, undertake programs to support
wider community use of the Club’s facilities, sustain communication to members and the
immediate community and increase corporate and public use of the Club’s facilities and
the course.

Significant growth in social membership was achieved during the year in an attempt to
foster wider community participation in the Club and its facilities. This subscription
segment is critical to bolster generally static membership growth in golf clubs generally as
other more prestigious clubs eliminate or significantly reduce the cost impost and previous
entry restraints on new membership. Membership growth in golf clubs is also being
curtailed by social inhibitors and economic conditions. The time and cost associated with
golf competition further combine to pressure membership growth in many golf clubs.

Club website
During the year the Club significantly upgraded its website following an extensive review
of other golf clubs around Australia and considering communication changes occurring
with online and email networking processes. This major upgrade could not have occurred
without the support of members Damien Town and Paul Murphy from Chisel Design. The
Club’s website continues to record exceptional ‘hits’ from the general public. The high
percentage of members having online access means the site is widely used by members
for competition bookings and Club information generally. Another phase of the website
development will be implemented following new photography and course and club video
footage that was secured earlier this year.

Publicity and communication
In conjunction with House committee community information continue to be distributed
throughout the immediate residential surrounds of the Club to encourage attendance at
Club functions and events. Two highly successful Mental as Anything concerts in May
attracted exceptional community patronage while Sunday afternoon jazz programs
continued to be promoted.
The Club’s 75th anniversary celebrations gained wide media publicity within the North
Shore Times as did the outstanding fund raising undertaken by the Women’s Committee
for the charity StreetWork.
Wider patronage to the Club’s Family Christmas afternoon suffered because of a torrential
downpour 40 minutes before the opening. A Christmas carol evening held in conjunction
with Holy Trinity Church was successful and will probably become an annual event.

Member satisfaction survey
An online satisfaction survey to members was strongly supported with many constructive
– and genuinely honest - comments received. The Club is grateful for member
participation, the details from which will continue to be assessed by the Board and its

The Club is grateful for the contribution made by committee members to these
deliberations. In addition the many members who supported the marketing and publicity
distribution processes are sincerely thanked for their efforts.

John Benn


Schools in the local area were canvassed for interest however response was disappointing.
It seems other local clubs may have already performed in school golf programs.

Junior membership at Chatswood has been on the decline for some time, plans are
underway to address this during the New Year. Also review of junior subscription costs is
currently being undertaken and hopefully this will encourage more interest in junior

During the Christmas holidays CGC, in conjunction with the Pro Shop, ran a Junior Golf
Clinic with some success. Of our junior members approximately six attended and were
given instruction in various aspects of the game.
Plans are being reviewed for further school holiday clinics and also for junior-only weekend
competitions. These would be of short duration – 3 to 6 holes – encouraging participation,
fun and instruction in the various skills needed.

CGC is currently investigating “Encourage Shield” requirements as we now have a part
squad of juniors who are interested in participating. This competition is run during Q3 &
Q4 and we now need to ascertain interest from our remaining junior members to make up
our team.

Thanks must be given to our Pro Shop staff who gave their time free of charge in running
our clinic and for all the advice given over the last year.
Lastly I would like to wish “Toppy” and Janet all the very best for the future.

Martin Morrissey
Vice Captain


During 2010 we recorded a net loss of 29 members over the previous year. The most
significant loss was in the 7-day membership category (56). The majority of these
members joined longer courses that have increasingly been reducing there joining fees
and relaxing their waiting periods. In total 142 playing members resigned and these were
replaced in part by 114 new playing members throughout the year who joined on the
various monthly specials.

It is our plan to continue to seek new members throughout this year and again we will
push for social membership in the local area. We will continue to promote our membership
fees as they are, without the extra burden of a joining fee.

On a much brighter note we were very successful with our new social membership
category where we have gained 132 social members since August. Social membership
gave members a small house account and member’s discounts on green fees and bar
purchases. This in turn gained us more repeat business from social players. It is our aim
to again promote this category of membership throughout the coming year. 25 new social
members have joined in this category so far this year.

Again I ask this year for members’ support in assisting the Club and Board in attracting
new members.

              2009/10 2010/11                                 2009/10     2010/11
   7 Day          451         395                Senior 3        3             2
                                                 (5 Day)
   6 Day          153         143                Senior 3        2             2
                                                 (7 Day)
   5 Day          228         220                Student         22           11
    Life          10           9                 Country         9            11
  Emeritus        24           22                 Junior         7            4
Senior 1 (7       6            7                Sub-Junior       17           12
Senior 1 (6        2           2                Non-Playing     153           133
Senior 1 (5        8           8                  House         204           289
Senior 2 (7        3           3                 Honorary        1             1
Senior 2 (6        0           0                   Staff         8             8
Senior 2 (5        2           2                 TOTAL         1313          1284

John Watters
General Manager

We regret with sadness the passing of the following Members: -

Henry Colley
David Eldridge
Desmond Giffney
Joan Hunt
Jean Keen
Philip Stoney
Don Wedlock

                                  WOMEN GOLFERS

2010 Achievements and Highlights include:
   • Our Golf Champion Anne Louise Richardson for the fifth year in a row
   • Our Bronze 1 Pennant Team won for the third year in a row and we won
       the Gordon Shield for the first time since 1983!
   • The Inaugural Patron’s Trophy was launched by Greg Bartels AM
   • CGC 75th Double Diamond Anniversary Celebrations
   • We raised $13K for StreetWork for our Charity supporting disadvantaged youth in
      our local community.

Golf Champions
Congratulations to our Club Champion, Anne-Louise Richardson on her fifth consecutive
win. Our Bronze 1 Champion was Ruth Ireland and Bronze 11 Champion was Denise
The Open Foursomes Champions were Helen Chapman and Jackie Potter, Bronze 1
winners were Kaye Wilson and Lisa Deakin, Bronze 11 winners, Shirley Breheny and Pat
Oliver. The winner of the Chatswood Gold Medal was Tina Sansom and the winner of the
WGNSW Weekend Combined Medal was Jacqui Cooper.

Pennant Teams
In 2010 we fielded seven Women’s Pennant Teams. Our Bronze1 team won for the third
year in a row and the Gordon Shield team were winners. The Weekend Team finished in
second place. Congratulations to all those who participated and proudly represented

The Patron’s Trophy (Greg Bartels AM)
The inaugural Patron’s Trophy was won by Lorraine Hancock, and presented by our Patron
Mr Greg Bartels AM.

75th Birthday Celebrations
Women contributed significantly to these celebrations which involved the following:
     • Women’s Closing Day with the launch of the Commemorative Cook Book;
        produced by a dedicated team in a distinctive format with recipe contributions
        from many members. A superb effort with 1,000 copies sold!
     • Cocktail Party; a re-enactment of the Opening Ceremony in 1935 with
        celebrities Sue Prell, Pat Reilly (Mayor) and Allen Topham.
     • Women’s Invitational Golf Day; proved a success with many guests playing in
        competition for the first time and subsequently becoming members.
     • Presentation Dinner; with an extraordinary number of past Presidents, Captains
        Champions and members. The attendees acknowledged our Professional Allen
        Topham for his support, commitment and loyalty to CGC over 33 years.

Contribution to our local Community
Charity Day once again was outstanding due to the hard work of the Charity Committee
who sought sponsorship and donations from many sources and also to the generosity of
the members and guests. We donated $13,000 to StreetWork and special thanks to that
team of workers and the Committee who made that day memorable. In addition to the
main Charity we held special golf days and raffles to raise money for The House With No
Steps ($1000), Salvation Army ($554).
These achievements were possible due to the commitment and support of the many
women members who devoted their talents and time selflessly to promote CGC.

2010 Committee and Supporters
2010 has been an eventful and successful year for Women members under the tireless
and expert leadership of President, Lou Greenwood and Captain, Faye Crooks. On behalf
of all women members I would like to thank Lou and Faye and outgoing Committee
members, Glynne Wood and Jan Freed for their valuable contribution to CGC.

Many thanks to our three women Board members Rhonda Furini, Anne Louise Richardson
and Lyn Sennitt for their constructive input and commitment towards the management of
the Club.

Special thanks to the gardening team for their ongoing work towards the beautification of
our Clubhouse gardens.

The new team 2011
Our new is President, Lyn Sennitt and Captain, Helen Chapman with new Committee
members, Tina Sansom (Vice Captain), Kay Turnbull and Fidelma Tobin have started this
year enthusiastically with the assistance of Faye Crooks (Vice President) Yvonne Hall-
Watson (Secretary), Heather Hampson (Treasurer), Lorraine Hancock (Handicap
Manager), Wilma Reed (Mentor Coordinator) and Denise Woods. Pat Oliver continues as
our very efficient and hard working Veteran’s Delegate.

This year I look forward to working with John Benn and the Board, in promoting Women’s
golf at CGC and in particular continuing the Course and Greens planning and
implementation for the benefit of all members.

Lyn Sennitt

                                     OH&S REPORT

In June 2010, the OH&S Committee met with Anthony Thornton from MONIT OH&S
Monitoring, to investigate OH& S issues.
A report was presented to the Board highlighting various matters, with some major issues
needing urgent implementation.
The OH&S Committee has since the presentation of that report implemented many of the
suggestions, with others in the pipeline.
We have in the last year:
       -purchased forks for the bobcat to aid the green staff in lifting items such as bags
       of fertiliser etc.
       -purchased a lifejacket and oar for the rowboat
       -purchased a jack to help with lifting in the workshed
       -moved the fire extinguisher to outside the workshed
       -installed a racking system for the fuel shed
       -removed trees and shrubs which were impeding drains around the shed
       -tagged all electrical equipment
       -purchased spray suits for the green staff.
The report highlighted serious issues that need to be addressed relatively urgently, but
which involve considerable expenditure, including:
        -addressing the sub-standard condition of the Greens Shed and facilities for the
        greens staff, with special regard to the toilet and shower facilities
        -the upgrading of the recycling and washdown bay
        -installing a Convault fuel tank.
These issues have been considered by the10 year Asset Management Plan Committee, and
will be implemented at an appropriate time, with the purchased and installation of
Convault fuel tank being implemented currently.
Other proposals that the OH&S will implement in the next months are:
        -regular skin cancer checks for the Greens staff
        -blood levels (chemical sprays) to be checked for Greens staff.
        -First Aid courses to be undertaken by as many staff as possible.
        -the removal of machinery and rubbish clutter in and around the shed

Anne-Louise Richardson

                          DEFENCE SERVICES ASSOCIATION

The spirit of the integral Defence Services Association (DSA) is kept alive at the Club
nowadays by a handful of ex-service personnel, including national servicemen, and the
on-going enthusiastic and considerate support of the Club’s Board of Directors. The DSA is
very grateful to, and commends, the Board for that support, exemplified by the creation
and contesting last year for the first time (and won by John Webb and Russ Tuckwell), the
new Chatswood Golf Club Australian Armed Forces Remembrance Trophy. In this context,
I am heartened by the Club’s intentions to re-invigorate the DSA’s annual golf day
(formerly Diggers’ Day – see below) and shifting the date to co-incide, as close as
possible, with Remembrance Day (11 November).

The DSA remains financial and continues to be administered by me and Honorary
Treasurer, Frank Howe, with the auditing assistance of Club member, John Green. Without
seeking in any way to discount the inherent slowly and sadly vanishing ‘camaraderie’
factor, the primary raison d’etre of the DSA was always about charitable fundraising.
Illustrative of this endeavour is that the DSA has donated annually to Sydney Legacy
alone over the past quarter-century sums of money totalling some $30,000.00. Of late,
these donations would not have been possible without the sale of golf balls by Mrs Robyn
Irwin. On behalf of the Association, I thank her again profusely for her unfailing
contribution to the cause.

The fact remains that the DSA’s active player numbers continue to shrink as age takes its
toll. Moreover, mortality inevitably plays its role, so typified by the death recently of the
much admired gentleman and Club member, Lloyd Dobson. Lloyd was a long-time
generous donor of prizes that complemented the RT Forsyth Trophy. For a number of
years after he was physically unable to keep playing golf, Lloyd would come to the Club
immaculately attired on then Diggers’ Day and welcome the field home at the 18th green.

Retiring Club Professional, Allen Topham, would recall with fondness the frenetic staging
of the now legendary           Diggers’ Days with their shotgun starts, multiple-prize
opportunities, popular totalisator, strategically placed (and well-stocked!) food outlets and
‘watering holes’ and full fields and more of veterans and their guests. The days concluded
with grand club dinners, at times ‘black-tie’. As indicated above, it was all in aid of
fundraising to support the DSA’s charities, principally Legacy. The DSA was always deeply
indebted to Allen and his-pro-shop teams for their vital contributions to Diggers’ Days.
We wish Allen and Janet all the very best and for fair winds and following seas in their
future endeavours.

The Club traditionally observed ANZAC Day in 2010 under the baton of Club President
John Benn. A short ceremony in the upper memorial garden was followed by morning tea
in the clubhouse. Howard Peterson, as usual armed with trumpet on this day, added to the
reverence of the occasion with his stirring playing of The Last Post and Reveille.
The Association’s annual Golf Day was conducted on Saturday 9 October 2010. The AIF
Cup on the day went to member and past winner Leigh Walker and the R T Forsyth Trophy
was won by John Matthews and John Hibbett. I have already mentioned, in the first
paragraph above, the names of the inaugural winners of the new Remembrance Trophy.
The Diggers Helmet in 2010 was won by Ken Maish. John Benn and Russell Tuckwell
represented the Club at the 75th Governor’s Legacy Golf Trophy competition staged at The
Australian Golf Club on 18 November 2010.

It remains for me to acknowledge, with great gratitude, the assistance afforded the DSA
over the year under report by General Manager John Watters and his willing staff in the
office. And, finally, I salute the continuing presence and influence of my predecessor, Greg
Bartels AM, our Club’s esteemed Patron.

Ralph Derbidge

Captain RAN (Rtd)
President – Defence Services Association

                                 Chatswood Golf Club Limited

                 Minutes of the 38th Annual General Meeting of Members
               Held at the Club house on Monday 19th April 2010 at 7.00pm

PRESENT        Brian Woodmansey (President), David Hamilton (Vice President), Ian Henderson (Vice
               President), Alan Hall-Watson (Treasurer), John Benn (Vice Captain), Rhonda Furini
               (Director), Lyn Sennitt (Director), Anne Louise Richardson (Director) and 198 voting
               members (Register attached to stored minutes).

IN ATTENDANCE          John Watters (General Manager)

Brian Woodmansey: Good evening everyone and welcome to the 2010 Annual General Meeting. There are
some apologies and I’ll ask John Watters to read them out.

APOLOGIES      Greg Bartels (Patron), David McAleer (Captain), David Conroy, Atham Tsamouras
               (Auditor), Judy Royal, Vince Callaghan, Alison O’Brien, Marg McCarthy, Kerry Robson,
               Damien Town, Ralph Derbidge, Anna Scarf, Gary Oddy, Terry McCart, Bill McCabe, Steve
               Wilson, Ron Swanson.

Brian Woodmansey: Can I have a mover and seconder for the apologies. Moved Don Wedlock, seconded
Terry Fitzgerald. I request that the apologies be accepted and I ask the General Manager to read the
notice convening the meeting.

John Watters; Notice is hereby given that the 38th Annual General Meeting of members will be held at the
Club house on Monday 19th April 2010 at 7pm. Business:
    a)     To confirm the minutes of 37th AGM of members held on Monday 11th May 2009.
    b)     To receive and if thought fit to adopt the directors’ report, balance sheet profit and loss
           account, statement of cash flows and the independent auditors report for Chatswood Golf
           Club Limited for the year ending 31st January 2010.
    c)     To elect a board of directors comprising a President, two Vice-Presidents, Captain, Vice-
           Captain, Treasurer and three ordinary directors.
    d)     To consider and if thought fit to pass as Ordinary Resolutions the four resolutions relative to
           directors and particular members benefits and as detailed in Annexure A hereto.
    e)     To consider and if thought fit to pass as Special Resolutions the two resolutions relative to
           amended constitutional changes relating to voting processes and amended constitutional
           changes relating to legislation changes in the Club’s constitution as detailed in Annexure B

    f)      To transact any other business that may be brought forward in conformity with the

Brian Woodmansey: Are there any comments on last year’s minutes? Do I have a mover and a seconder
that the minutes of the 37th annual general meeting be accepted as a true and correct record of that
meeting? Moved David Royal, seconded Roger Catchpole. Approved.

Brian Woodmansey: There were four points raised in last year’s minutes that we must go through.
Lorraine Hancock asked a question on the probability or otherwise of proxy voting. Proxy voting is not
allowed under the registered clubs act. There is a proposal for you tonight for a different kind of voting,
one which is pretty unique here. That’s all I’m going to say about it at this stage but that will occur later.
Colin Wade-Ferrell asked that we have a trophy at some time during the year for George Clarke who
passed away the year before. We haven’t actually done that one yet but we will look at that this year.
Leigh Walker requested an additional bundy clock which we purchased.
Suzie Charnock asked whether the board would consider that the women’s captain could sit on the board.
Unfortunately nothing was done about that this year either.

         I think there was a comment about it, that the men don’t get to vote for the women captain, but
         the club votes for the men’s captain.

Brian Woodmansey: Yes, there was a reply by Richard Oliver, something along the lines of voting and
election procedures. We’ll examine this issue this year.

Brian Woodmansey: The president’s report for this year, the 38th annual report to members. Members
are advised there is a $8,693 profit after the amalgamation of funds from the Women’s Committee. We
have paid off $200,000 from our loan account with Westpac mainly relying on retrieving $150,000 from
the Westpac Family Trust. At this stage we’re not actually sure if that’s the total amount of money to be
retrieved from the Westpac Family Trust. Obviously can’t be definite: it may be more but they are a very
difficult group of people to actually get in contact with and get some real facts. Our starting loan
therefore is down from $1.2 million to $1 million. Over the year we paid $68,475 on interest on the loan.
As a remarkable effort from John Watters and the whole of the administration staff we have managed to
cut admin expenses by $210,000. Now that’s a huge amount of money going down there. Personally I’m
sure the board thanks John Watters for that.
The downside of that was of course the admin staffing generally during the week and sometimes on
Sundays was not all it should have been, in numbers anyway. We have rectified that. We probably here
turned the flame down on our expenditure and our service to members to the projection of $210,000. We
do have to report a new lady in the office for five days of the week and we do have someone who comes
on Sundays and does the cards and that’s why you’ve probably seen the results in the newspaper again
recently. John was also active in the promotion of the pro-am this year, getting one of the finest sponsors
around, BMW. That is not continuing this year, but I am sure that John will find someone else. So I
thank him and all the people who made that a great day.
The administration staff - Lorraine Crowfoot and Margaret Shonk - thank you very much for your efforts
this year. I think they understood that we had to save money somewhere along the line and they have
been very supportive.
We have essentially lost 50 playing members at the end of last year, and no doubt some on the condition
that the course was not quite as good as it should be. Unfortunately the course was probably in its worse
condition, just before the end of the year. That we are making great strides to rectify. Many of our new
members are younger players, members around the club that do have the opportunity now of joining
much more salubrious golf clubs that you might say are none more salubrious than Chatswood. I’d
probably agree with you there. But in their mind they go off and they can join another golf club. For
$5000 they can join Ryde-Parramatta that’s why we have to try a lot harder to maintain the condition of
our golf course which you’ll hear more about with the strategic plan being brought in a month’s time.
The lease renewal for the land down by the river on our river holes is due in 2012. John Watters and
myself have attended Council inspections with the general manager and I know John speaks to the mayor
on recommendations so we get ourselves into a good position before 2012 comes up and so they know
who we are and know what our problem is. We do have very good relations with council. So we really
have to try hard with that as we don’t want to go back to a 13 or 14 hole course. The land which you can
all probably recall is the last piece of land, at the gate, right at the end of Beaconsfield Road is on
exhibition. The land rezoning has been delayed because state government has asked every council in
NSW to put in a new local environment plan in which our small piece of land is contained. They put a
notice up about it the other day that they are now considering probably 50 or 60 other pieces of land
which are actually being rezoned at the same time, many of them much more contentious than ours,
which is a single dwelling piece of land to be rezoned.
We have received a letter from Willoughby Council stating what the zoning of the old land is and we’ve
received one for all our various parts of land here. To answer the Council’s question in the first instance
in receiving the rezoning approval we employed Urbis to act on our behalf and we’ve got back to them in

the past few days and actually asked them to write a response to Council because I think its very
important that we do that and show them.
A couple of retirees this year. Our Vice-President Ian Henderson in his position on the board as house
chairman but Ian has been there giving his support to the pennant teams on all the home games,
working hard and I’d like to thank him very much. Captain Dave McAleer can’t be with us tonight. I’d like
to thank Dave again for coming back and putting in another year. Thank you David.
Finally I’ll leave you with the thought that this is our 75th year anniversary. There are lots of events
mainly towards the end of the year that are being organised and I’d like you to support those. Support
some of the functions we have or all the functions. The main thing I’d like to say is the prices are going to
go up and prices are going up all the time electricity, water, etc, etc. Someone’s got to pay for it, if we
can do it in a simple way such as buying a few drinks after playing golf I know the ladies are very good at
it, chips and drinks, but on the vast majority of other days, the members play golf and then go home.
Just a couple of middies helps a lot.
That’s all I have to say for the moment. Are there any questions?

I invite the Treasurer, Alan Hall-Watson, to submit the financial report.

Alan Hall-Watson: Thank you Brian. Ladies and gentlemen, the financial report has been published and I
do not intend to go all the way through it as detailed for you. I just have a couple of comments to make.
It is pleasing to report that we did make a small profit particularly including the ladies consolidated
position and it was a positive cash flow for the year. My only response is that it is the operational people
who deserve recognition and that is John Watters and the significant decrease in administration costs and
for David Toon for holding course maintenance costs as low as possible. However, I don’t think we can
continue at this reduced level of expenditure. External costs such as electricity, water and rates will go up
but we have to fund more expenditure on course costs and lift the resources on the administration side to
provide the services the members expect and are entitled to. On the year to date basis relative to last
year for the first two months of this year our total income reported was $204,000 which is the same
income for the same two months last year. House and admin expenses are just under last year. Golf
course expenses are $23,000 over from last year for the first two months. This is mainly in wages, turf,
seeds and fertilisers. So our net result we are $15,000 below where we were last year. I consider this to
be a very satisfactory result, however, membership is and will be our major concern. While I have said
course expenditure will have to be carefully monitored it has to be maximised to ensure we have a course
to keep current members and attract new members. Are there any questions?

        Don Wedlock: I’d like to raise a few comments and suggestions on the profit & loss report. It’s
        important that we did get a profit, the main profit $7,000 last year, $8,000 this year the way the
        profit was earned is concerning. We’re $203,000 down in income and we made our profit by
        reducing our expenditure by $210,000. The direction we’re going, we’re losing money each year.
        Our income is going down and in order to make our profit we cut our expenses. So to try and
        improve the club we need our income to grow and control our expenditure. Its concerning that
        we’re down in every profit area except for greens fees and poker machines. We’re down in the
        other four areas. I raise this point that we are down, and I am disappointed to see that we’ve put
        what we’ve already spent in a year. With all due respect to the people who work in the marketing
        committee we spent $4,000 on marketing. I believe that’s ridiculous. I think we should be
        spending at least $40,000 on marketing. We should have a presence in the North Shore Times
        every month. We should be advertising to new members. In relation to Northbridge GC their
        current advertisements says free entry with every membership and you get a free set of clubs if
        you want to be a new member. I don’t see why we can’t advertise on Chatswood railway station.
        It’s the biggest railway station on the North Shore. it’s an easy place to advertise, it’s very cheap,
        reaches a lot of people and new members. So I raise the issue which must be concerning to us
        all. We spent so much money on extending the club, over $1 million. To do this sort of thing and
        we’re going to lose our market share, the club will suffer so where is the income going to come
        from? We’re losing income, and I suggest we’ve got to spend much more on marketing. So I
        guess I’m putting forward some ideas but raising an important point about our profit and I am
        really concerned about the loss of income.

Brian Woodmansey: Your points are very valid and well taken. I appreciate the thought you have put into
that. I can only pass onto the incoming board the need to look at ways to increase income. We would
have been in dire straits if we hadn’t decreased expenses but it doesn’t mean we are going to have a
successful business if we are not generating income. We have to do that.

Brian Woodmansey: I now invite David Hamilton chairman of greens to give his report.

David Hamilton: First of all I’d just like to thank the effort put in by Charlies Angels this year, coming
down every Monday morning to help the little bits around the course to save the greens staff from doing
it and allowing them to spend more time on the course. Unfortunately their numbers are diminishing.
Once upon a time they were 50 or 60 strong, and now they are down to 10 at the best, so more
volunteers are needed. Just see Richard Munge or myself. Your efforts would be greatly appreciated on a
Monday. The course: we’ve had a long and humid summer, the second most humid in over 50 years. This
caused problems in the greens as it has on many other courses around Sydney. I’ve listed the major
works going on during the year in the report however there is more work to be carried out, extending the
green on the 11th and finishing the mounding on the 15th. We’ll also be replacing the rear areas leading
into all the bunkers.

During the year David Worrad, a turf agronomist, gave us a report on our greens, tees and fairways. He
suggested some slight changes to the biological program, but three main flaws were pointed out. The
water supply, being only five megalitres, and high sodium levels in the middle of summer. Two, improve
the air flow and light penetration needed to all greens and tees, and three we have a very high labour
requirement for grass maintenance with steep banks requiring hours of whipper snippering. This leads
into the fact that over the last 6 months the greens committee have been compiling a 10 year asset
management report under the guidance of Brent Sennitt. Thank you very much for your help Brent. This
report was submitted to the board last Monday and their going through it. The new board members will
be briefed next week so I don’t have much to really tell you about what’s in it because the board has to
go through it first. It’s the biggest undertaking that’s happened with greens in my 20 odd years as a
member here. Apart from that it’s about engaging a water consultant to look at increasing water storage
on our golf course.
We need a new greens shed, it doesn’t conform to OH&S requirements. There can be a trouble there and
includes all of the course improvements. The course improvement committee initiated by Andrew Lauder
and continued on with Dave McAleer, Brian and myself and other people, and a huge input from John
Benn. So there’s heaps of stuff in there that you can have a look at, a very detailed report, rather thick.
Staff recruitment and retention is a problem here. We’ve lost another 1st year last week, so we’re down
to 5 full time staff and 2 casuals, but in those full time staff there are only three qualified greenkeepers,
and that does make it very hard to get a lot of stuff done. Back in 1995 we had 10 full time staff, and a
part-time mechanic and six of them were qualified green keepers. We’ve sunk a long time in the next 16
years. Considering the problems confronting the course, I’d like to thank the superintendant Dave Toon
and all of his staff, for their whole hearted efforts during the year.
Before we get onto questions from everyone we have had something sent into us by Rob Hastings - three
pages of questions and queries about the golf course. I will try and answer most of it now, but some of it
has been included in the asset management plan that all members will have a chance further down the
track to have a look at.

The reason the board decided to drain the bunkers is quite an expensive thing and it will only last 3-5
years in a lot of places. We’re not allowed to drain bunkers anywhere, we can’t do so into the creeks or
the Lane Cove River. So we purchased a bunker blaster which the ladies probably will have seen on a
Tuesday and Thursday. Unfortunately due to overtime limitations we don’t have the staff to be doing that
on a Saturday. That’s why unfortunately the Saturday members will have come across bunkers full of
water on some occasions.
Well the state of the course, Rob did mention before Christmas, and it was in pretty poor condition. We
hadn’t had a lot of rain and I’d say there are a lot of courses in Sydney that suffered from the same
problems. Out of the last month’s superintendant magazine there’s articles from Cabramatta, Avondale,
Carnarvon, Roseville and Pennant Hills golf clubs and the superintendants talk about all the same the
problems that we have had here on our course. The super at Carnarvon actually said he looked out at his
course, and he’s been there for 19 years, and it’s the worst he’d ever seen it look. There’s not much we
can do about it, we can’t fight the weather, and we don’t have automatic course watering. And that’s the
difference by letting your course look good the whole year round, if it doesn’t rain, we’re going to look
awfully dry, that’s what happens.
Tees, Rob lists more than half the tees here being in terrible condition. Unfortunately there are some tees
here, 6 and 5 definitely, are very poor in summer. This is because the trees have grown up so high; they
get very little sunlight and little airflow. There’s not a lot we can about it on those two tees, we’re not
allowed to touch anything on it without council permission. And that makes it very hard. It will come
better during winter, recently oversewn with rye, a winter grass. Some of the other tees particularly
about the colour, a lot are coach grass, which goes dormant in winter and comes alive in summer. The
12th tee is the best it’s been in over 20 years, since we cut down trees around it to let more sunlight and
wind flow through, which is what the economist report suggested that we do as far as possible.
The other questions he’s brought up in this report will be answered in the course asset management plan,
which will be shown to members as soon as the board has gone through it. Are there any questions?

        John Green: I heard we’d be able to extend our water at the bottom down in the area that
        already exists, I heard that its $30,000 for us, we would triple our water supply and I wonder
        why we didn’t go ahead with it?

David Hamilton: That is the main area we would be looking at, it’s never been brought forward as costing
$30,000. The machinery mentioned in Geoff Sawkins’s time and Carl Callaghan’s time was not capable of

doing that. Apart from very large machines at a great expense, however the machinery that they do have
now is capable of doing that sort of thing. I couldn’t comment on the price as being $30,000.

        John Green: Forget the numbers, doesn’t the government give us a substantial commitment to
        work safety.

David Hamilton: There are government grants, and this is all detailed in the course asset management
plan. Lyn Sennitt has spent countless hours studying golf courses in Sydney and Victoria. It is a very
involved document. We are looking into that and we will need to go to the government about increasing
our water supply. We’ll be making applications but first we must engage a water consultant to do a water
plan and they will guide us through the process.

        John Green: When do you think this will happen?

David Hamilton: Well we have this report here, which we’ve submitted to the board last week. We’ll
submit it to the new board members tomorrow and move on that as soon as possible. I suggest that we’ll
be reviewing water consultants at the board meeting by the end of May.

        John Green: So we’re moving toward improving our water supply. How long do you think that will

David Hamilton: These things don’t happen overnight. Until we get started I can’t give you a timeframe
or when it will be completed.

        Rob Hastings: My personal belief is that this course is in an appalling state. I listened to you last
        year go through all this. In my letter I clearly stated four errors which you did bring up, but you
        did not bring up that there is no sand or that in terms of draining problems that you looked at it,
        but nothing was done. I said in the letter how hard is it for greens staff to cut edges? If we don’t
        have a good course then we will lose members. I also said that I’ve played on a number of
        courses after Christmas and I did not find one in such a bad state. The fact is this course is not in
        a good condition. You can say we’re fixing it, but we’re not.

David Hamilton: In the report, I did say we’ve only got a staff of 7, five full and two casuals, and we can’t
get around to doing all these things and need to concentrate on the course because we don’t have
enough staff. That’s bought forward in course management.

        Rob Hastings: Back to the point. How efficient is the overall process? If you say that you can’t do
        it, then what you’re saying is that it can’t be done.

David Hamilton: I’m not saying it can’t be done. We were put forward in November for an award by the
PGA as the best Pro-Am course in Sydney. We did not win but there was a lot of money put into overtime
to prepare the course for the Pro-Am that we just can’t do during every day of the week.

        Rob Hastings: Would you be prepared to ask the members here to give a show of hands those of
        which think that the course is in good condition?

David Hamilton: What’s that going to achieve?

        Rob Hastings: I think you’d be getting a full view of membership. I don’t think it’s in good
        condition and the fact is that there are people in the room who think this course is awful.

David Hamilton: The greens committee is aware that more work needs to be done on the golf course
that’s why...

        Rob Hastings: Well that’s the understatement of the year.

David Hamilton: Well you are entitled to your opinion, but that is why we spent the last six months of the
year compiling this report. Next question please.

        Geoff Sawkins: This is a comment on the size of our water storage; we only have five megalitres.
        Tripling the size of storage would be quite great. But you’ve got to remember, when we get
        10ml’s of rain the dam fills up. It’s never been half empty, it’s always been half full. We also get
        water that comes in from Swaines Creek, I think that if we have $30,000 we’d be far better off to
        replace the bore behind the willow tree, that hasn’t been in use for over 10 years and in the long
        term we’ll be getting water off the sewer system there. I think it was ‘96 that the golf course up
        at Gordon got money off the government to put in a sewerage treatment tank. Nothing’s
        happened there yet, but it will one of these days.

        Don Wedlock: One quick suggestion, the bunkers are a problem, and I know it is a staffing issue
        as you said, and you get rain on a Tuesday night and Friday night and the bunkers are full. One
        particular day from memory was the club championship last year, and we must have had some
        rain on the Friday night, and then we played the club championships with the bunkers pretty full
        all the way round. Why can’t there be GUR for that event? It just wasn’t good enough for a club
        championship. You’d try and drop your ball and it would just end up back in the water. Why can’t
        we have GUR?

Brian Woodmansey: That’s up to match. That was done recently in a recent event we had here but that
should be up to match to make that ruling.

David Hamilton: Just back to bunkers, we did put 60 tonnes of extra sand in during the year. It’s not as
though they never get sand put in. And remember as golfers tend to rake out backwards it draws sand
away from the bunker centre. I’m not saying that’s the only reason.

        A comment from Saturday on the work you are doing down around the 10th, clearing out the
        trees, creating the airflow which you’ve done on the 12th, and I think that’s fantastic. A
        recommendation I’d like to make to the board is one of the frustrations members have I believe
        is the lack of information about what’s happening on the course. You turn up and coming down
        the 15th, there’s a huge load of dirt sitting there, and you think what on earth is that there for?
        There’s all these things happening around the course and I understand the difficulty for the staff,
        but Charlie’s Angels does a truckload of work and it gets mentioned once a year maybe at the
        AGM. I would really like to see something in Airswings or a regularly communication on it, maybe
        it’s in this report that is coming out, but information on what’s going to be happening on the
        course and I think you’d find that if people knew what was happening, you’d see members more
        willing to help. They would be able to see things are going to progress a lot faster or they just
        want to know what’s happening. Right now I think there are a lot of assumptions being made
        based on people not knowing what’s happening.

Brian Woodmansey: We’ll put an update in Airswings every month as to what the Angel’s are doing.

        Not only what the Angels are doing though, but everything else on the course.

Brian Woodmansey: You mean the greens staff and so on?


Brian Woodmansey: Any other questions? Thank you. I invite the Chairman of House Ian Henderson to
give the House report.

Ian Henderson: Good evening. This year again was fairly difficult, lack of finances, but we did get a few
things done, changed a few things that could give us an income. First of all, I would like to thank John
Benn, Rhonda Furini and Lyn Sennitt my committee, who went above the call of duty to support house
duties this year. If it had not been for them we wouldn’t have succeeded in some of the areas we had
arranged. Regrettably, a lot of the members didn’t attend, and we saw the same faces at the same
functions throughout the past 12 months, which was a disappointment to me. As you know, we changed
our caterers; we introduced them to you at the last AGM 12 months ago. They are now a profitable
operation to the club, whereas our last caterers were not, it was costing us money. I think you’ll find I’ve
not had any complaints about the food, and we’ve tried to make the Friday and Saturday evening dinners
more bistro type.
We’ve changed this room to be known as Lilian’s on Beaconsfield, and that was a very successful
As far as expenditure, we’ve had the blinds put in on the balcony, makes a big difference during the
summer months, particularly with afternoon functions, where we have had weddings and others. It used
to get quite hot in here.
Thanks again John, would you please convey this to your staff, I think you’ll all agree that the bar staff
and office staff have done a great job.

Brian Woodmansey: Are there any questions? Thank you. I invite Vice-Captain John Benn to present
match reports and Juniors.

John Benn: I’ll present the match, marketing and junior reports and take questions. Just some general
comments first. Despite course conditions and weather - the board finds it difficult to control weather
conditions and if there is someone who could do that, could they please raise their hand, and we’ll add
them to the board - I think generally our patronage, certainly with the ladies and also with the men on
Wednesday’s, Fridays and Saturday’s, has been strong. There has been excellent fields overall and we
thank you for that support. Match has tried to reciprocate in terms of the variety of match events that are
held. We hope that you are involved in those, if you haven’t been happy, please let us know, tell the
The new handicap system has been introduced and certainly some people’s handicaps have changed.
Steve Wilson has gone from 4 to 2. We’ll try to keep you updated in Airswings with the changes. At the
moment it involves a 10 round review, and soon it will be under a 20 round review. What that does to
your handicap, I’ll leave to your discretion.

Our major pennants played well this year. I congratulate them. Our master pennants will start in two
weeks in a very high quality division. As usual I know all our pennant teams represent the Club with
distinction. On behalf of the board can I sincerely congratulate our mixed pennant team. They were
beaten in the semi-final. Would everyone join me in congratulating our pennant representatives on their
2010 achievements.
Regarding the Pro-Am, I refer to David Hamilton’s comment that the club was nominated as one of the
best courses to host a Pro Am. Unfortunately we were pipped by Castle Hill which I believe has around 20
greens staff. I would like to congratulate all the trophy winners, they are all listed. Colin Wade-Ferrell
keeps appearing on the championship board since he first appeared in the mid-1980s. Congratulations
Colin for a fine championship win. Anne Louise Richardson won the ladies championship again, for the 4th
year in a row. Well done Anne Louise.

       Everyone up there works for nothing, and we should offer them a pat on the back. We all sit
       around here and complain and whinge, but I think they all deserve a pat on the back.

Our marketing sub-committee was rejuvenated this year. Don Wedlock you are hereby appointed to the
marketing committee. Your first mission is to approach the treasurer and secure more funds for this year.
We did run a series of membership programs. They have been very successful and members lost have
been replaced by new members. But we should operate more on a program targeted expenditure. I
choose those words carefully. It’s very easy to throw away money and this club does not have the money
to do that. We want to use our money wisely with paid advertising. If I could just jump into the report
that some of the work being done on our website development is to alert all our members via email. If
you do have an email, I ask that you give it to the office. It saves costs and the club can contact people
much quicker. Some of the details you have discussed we can communicate to you quickly. You’ll be
informed and we can let you know what the club intends to do in various areas. A website upgrade
proposal will go to the next board meeting but the website needs a lot of work. We shall be working hard
to create a really fantastic website for the club.
Marketing works hand in hand with house. I thank Ian for all your efforts and cooperation we’ve enjoyed
together. Our Christmas celebration was a great success. We are trying to increase our sponsorship with
other club functions. We need to increase our income on this facility and we can do that through
marketing efforts. I thank the committee publically for their support and their vision for this club.

Are there any questions?

I’ve talked with a number of clubs regarding junior membership in golf. Unless there is an enormous
effort given to the promotion of junior golf, and I know over the years Allen Topham has done a
tremendous amount of work in that regard. There are difficulties but none that can’t be overcome. I’m
encourage by the fact that Toppy, Mark and Greg, plus a number of other people I’ve spoken to, wish to
support junior golf. I see a stronger future over the next few years. We’ve had great junior members.
Yes, we lose them to A-grade clubs but some juniors who commenced their golf on this course now
occupy professional appointments in courses around Australia. We are a great breeding ground for junior
golf for a range of reasons. We’ve tried to work in conjunction with the Jack Newton Junior Golf
Foundation and that has to be extended. We must do more work in schools, we need to encourage
specific competitions and we need to do a lot more. Are there any questions?

Brian Woodmansey: Thank you John. The General Manager will now speak on the membership reports.

John Watters: Thank you Brian. As you can see by the report there, I have adjusted the numbers from
last year, it was stated as 1373 as a total last year, when it’s actually 1404. It’s now down to 1313 from
last year to this year. I can say it’s one of major focuses to promote new members. I can thank a lot of
the members here for introducing new members, and we are happy to give our members bonuses for
introducing members to the club. If we look at the numbers, there’s a few dropped in house numbers,
which is insignificant, but we look at the 7 day members, we have lost 94 7-day members, 15 6-day and
20 5-day members. We look at those numbers and that equates to about $148,000 income. I can tell you
that this is one of our main focuses, to see these numbers, and make sure these numbers are rectified to
where they should be. Any questions?

        Jan Grass: I would like to ask why the house membership fees were deducted down from $11 to
        $2. I mean that sounds ludicrous. What other club in Sydney can you get house membership for

John Watters: To answer the question Jan it was a marketing program to get the local community down
to this club. We need people to spend money in the bar, in functions, and on the Friday and Saturday
nights. By law, the cheapest amount you can offer a house membership is $2, we saw it as a key factor
to try and get a lot of the locals down. John Benn pointed out that we had a Christmas party in
December. I was here with a lot of other people. The majority of people that were there on that day
weren’t members of this golf club. We hadn’t seen these people before. We are looking at this as another
strand of income so that we aren’t turning towards our members and main source of income, who play
golf. So that’s why it was reduced to $2.

        How many of those people who were here at the Christmas party on that day joined at the club?

John Watters: I can’t give you those figures off the top of my head.

        Do you do exit interviews on the members who leave? Do you look at their length of membership
        in relation to their age of the members that leave? Is it the older people we are losing, or the
        younger people who are going to flashier clubs. What’s their reason for leaving?

John Watters: This is the first year we’ve actually undertaken ringing people who haven’t rejoined,
ringing people who have left. John Benn and his marketing team have been fantastic, coming in during
their own time and ringing up all the people who have not renewed to find out the answers to those
questions. They went into our system, at my request, and actually looked at what makes up our system,
is it males or females, retired, young business people? It’s an interesting scenario, but something we’ve
just started, and that we’ll be looking at this year. It’s never been done before, and is very new to us, but
I can guarantee you that it’s started now and will continue.

        Howard Peterson: I would like to make a comment regarding the membership for $2. The Cove
        tennis club are offering memberships for $2 and I understand that’s gone quite well for them. I’d
        also like to comment on the relationship between the condition of the course and the number of
        people who are resigning. I’m also a member at North Ryde and the reasons I joined here was
        because I could not get a time slot, the sheets are always full because they have on course
        watering, particularly around Christmas time, and the condition was better there than it was
        here, so I don’t know whether the two are related but I think they would be.

John Watters: Thanks Howard. We did have a group of people who played on a Sunday and they
informed us they were leaving due to the condition of the course. Since then two of those people have
rejoined and said we think things are changing. So we are here for you, we are hearing what you are
saying. These directors are all here on your behalf, the members. We need to hear specific
encouragement to get this club back to the days of what it was earlier. We had a group of younger guys
who played here because it was cheaper, even though they wanted a longer course. Now when they were
offered to join a longer course where there wasn’t a joining fee, they could. We can’t compete with that.
We’ve got to do things better, smarter and the involvement of all of our members. That’s our aim for this
year, next year and into the future.
Are there any more questions? Thank you very much.

Brian Woodmansey: Thank you John. I ask Lou Greenwood to please present the Women’s Committee

Louise Greenwood: Good evening everyone. On behalf of the 358 women members, I am pleased to give
the report on the women’s committee. In light of tonight, it is very pleasing to look around the room and
see so many members attending the clubs AGM. 2009 has been a very enjoyable and successful year for
the women, and I would like to thank and congratulate them. As Brian mentioned, the club champion for
the fourth time in a row was Anne Louise Richardson, and it’s worth noting that the only other member
the late Jan Cogswell won four consecutive championships. Our Bronze 1 champion was Lyn Sennitt, and
our Bronze 2 Champion Betty Warren, the Foursomes champions were Anne Louise Richardson and
Heather Hampson. The Bronze 1 winners were Rhonda Furini and Lyn Sennitt, and the Bronze 2 winners
Carmel Heazlewood and Coralie Mansfield, the winner of Chatswood Gold Medal was Cathy Mathieson.
The winner of the weekend women’s gold medal was won by Helen Toovey. The women’s lunch was
enjoyed by all of our women members and was an excellent celebration of the 2009 pennants results
with the Bronze 1, 3, 4 teams all bringing the shields back to Chatswood.
I’d like to thank John Benn for the introduction of the inaugural penultimate trophy and the pennant
medal. We appreciate his consultation with the women and that the women’s pennants teams have been
invited to participate in both those events.

On behalf of the women’s membership I’d like to think our outgoing women’s members committee Ruth
Ireland and Rhonda Furini. Thank you to all the members who have been hardworking and supportive. It
takes a great deal of time to run the committee and a special thanks to Faye Crooks who has done a
wonderful job as the woman’s Captain in her first year. Pat Oliver has completed more than 10 years as a
veteran’s delegate and continues to do an excellent job in this role. We’ve had 40 new women members
join in 2009 and we held a new members’ morning tea and have also introduced a round table discussion
on a monthly basis. We’ve also continued the mentoring buddy program. Thank you to Jan Freed for
coordinating the program and for all the members who have volunteered to be buddies for the 27 new
playing members.
Not only are our younger members important to us so to are our senior members. In 2009 we introduced
a function to celebrate 70th, 80th and 90th birthdays at a luncheon in the club. It was an opportunity to
recognise the wonderful contribution these women have made to the club. It was very enjoyable and I
know we will be doing it again this July.
Due to the generosity of so many of members we were able to raise over $10,000 on charity day last
year which was very gratefully received by Jonathon Morris from Royal North Shore Hospital. The
hardworking committee deserves a special thank you.
In addition to the charity day we raised $735 for the Breast Cancer Institute, $417 for the Salvation
Army, and through the sale of old golf balls found on the course and collected by Robyn Irwin, $2937 to
Legacy and the Oncology Department at Royal North Shore. This is an initiative that I think Roger
Catchpole was intending to introduce to the men. A total of more than $14, 000 to charity in 2009 is
something we can all be proud.
We are grateful for the support of our long serving professional Allen Topham as well as Mark Sullivan
and Andrew Campbell. The ladies are also very pleased to have the popular Greg Lynch back in the pro
shop. Thanks also to Dave Toon and his team who continue to make the effort of improving the golf
course despite low finances.
With many other functions we’ve been very well looked after by Ryan and Megan in catering, Will and all
the other bar staff and also John Watters and the admin staff.
This is my final year as women’s president; I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the board
during this past year. I am aware that it’s not been an easy year, but I am also aware that all members
of the board have worked hard to improve
finances and facilities and endeavouring to improve the golf course with limited available funds. On
behalf of the women’s membership, I’d especially like to thank Rhonda Furini, Anne Louise Richardson
and Lyn Sennitt for the time and energy they have put into the club. I’d also like to thank those board
members who are resigning from the board and recognise the contribution they have made to the club.
I’d particularly like to thank Treasurer Alan Hall-Watson who has worked hard with us to achieve an
outcome that satisfies the auditors and the board and all of our statutory obligations and that also
maintains the financial autonomy over how the Women’s Committee manages their funds. Thank you

In conclusion as we celebrate our 75th year of this club’s beginning, I’m sure the women of Chatswood
Golf Club will continue to make a difference to this great club we are so proud. Thank you for your

Brian Woodmansey: Thank you Louise. Any questions?

       Roger Catchpole: I’d like to say how privileged and honoured I am to have been mentioned in the
       women’s committee report. I can’t remember previously a male being congratulated for an
       initiative. I’d like to advise members though, that this came about by a congratulatory email sent
       to Louise for raising this money. I didn’t realise at the time that I would end up planning to
       introduce this to the men. The only thing I felt I could do after hearing the report was to advise
       the board that it has been introduced to the men, initially to Dave McAleer who unfortunately
       wouldn’t be here to speak on my behalf. But to advise that the incoming vice captain Martin
       Morrissey is going to take this up with my full support.

       Joan McKay: I’d like this meeting to compliment Lou on the way she has managed the ladies the
       past 3 years.

Brian Woodmansey: We thank you all.

Brian Woodmansey: The Defence Services Association is headed by Ralph Derbidge. Ralph has written
something, so I’ll run through some of the more important points. The ranks of the club’s Defence
Services Association continue to shrink as members pass on or find themselves no longer able bodied to
play golf.
Fundraising for worthy causes remained the principle objective, Sydney Legacy and the Oncology unit at
Royal North Shore Hospital benefited from the large sum of $3000 each, and a further $2000 was
donated to the Chatswood Golf Club. These donations were made possible by the sale of golf balls by
Robyn Irwin.

The Club was recognised by representation of Frank Howe of the combined Chatswood RSL Sub Branch at
the Willoughby Legion dawn service where he presented a book to the Willoughby children’s library. The
usual ANZAC service followed by morning tea in the clubhouse was also held. Thank you for the
member’s contributions to the day.
I acknowledge that the likes of many of the people who have assisted the association during the course
of the year. Any omissions are regretted. Additionally I welcome the council members Greg Bartels and
Ken Knight. They have contributed selflessly to the association and they deserve all my gratitude.

Brian Woodmansey: I now move that the Treasurer second the motion of the director’s reports,
statements and financial reports, profit and loss accounts, statements of cash flows, independent
auditor’s reports be approved. Do I have a proposer? Seconder? A show of hands from the floor please.

The next item will be the election of the Board. The president, two vice-presidents, captain, vice-captain,
treasurer and three ordinary directors. All existing positions are therefore now vacant.
I inform members that the new President Mr. John Benn will be elected un-opposed. With great pleasure
I hand the meeting over to John.

John Benn: Thank you President Brian. Thank you members, thank you ladies and gentlemen. This is a
great honour. I’ve been a member of the club for nearly 40 years and I have lived on the course
perimeter on the 15th for nearly 42 years. I have enjoyed the course over all that time. I’ve enjoy playing
competitive golf for the club over nearly 40 years. Most of all I have enjoyed the friendship of the
members who I see gathered here. I have enjoyed their golfing companionship, I have enjoyed the
challenges that they have given to me, and I hope to the game, the game of golf which brings us
together. I’m very grateful to accept the role of President. It is a great privilege to serve the Club and its
members. If for some reason you feel that service is inadequate, you need to vote me out. If you
determine that the board and its sub-committees are not achieving the targets that we set out to meet
over the next few years then you need to raise those issues. If we don’t meet those targets then question
them and if necessary vote them out. We are your delegates and I trust we can serve you adequately.

I can assure you as president I hope I can encourage board members and yourselves to support the club
and continue its growth. I welcome the opportunity to be your president and I thank you for the honour.

We originally had three nominations for the position of vice-president. One of those nominations has been
withdrawn so I’m pleased to advise that Mr David Hamilton and Mr Howard Peterson have been appointed
to the positions of vice-president.

It seems David’s been on the board ever since the board existed. He’s the longest standing board
member. Members may not have been aware of Howard’s background so for the next few minutes I’ve
asked Howard to give some information on his background so you can get to know him, because as I said
before, he is accountable to you.

Howard Peterson: Thanks John. Well I’m 62, I’ve been a member of the club for 22 years, since 1998. As
I said, I’m also a member of North Ryde. I’m married to Tricia and we have three kids, Chris age 24,
Michael 22 and Emily age 12 and we live in Lane Cove North. I thank you for electing me unopposed; I
was prepared to battle for it. I’d like to thank my proposers Leigh Walker and Wayne, thank you very
much. I’d also like to thank the outgoing board and all of you members who I’ve known and played with.
What I do for a living: a lot of people think I’m a professional musician, and I used to be, many years ago
but my business is to design and develop gas detecting devices. Down there on the 5th tee we have a
whole host of it. My business is basically engineering, its sales, marketing and its bringing products that
I’ve developed to market. For example in 2008 we were asked to develop a device that detected
methamphetamines and we produced about 1000 of those. You probably don’t know that criminals
produce methamphetamine: illegal products in rented houses in the kitchen and bathroom facilities. We
developed a detection device that was fitted like a smoke detector, they wouldn’t know it was there and it
would transmit a signal to a computer and when methamphetamines were being produced it would
produce a gas called phosphate and this would be detected. I have a very strong background in sales and
marketing and I think these are the very strong qualities that I can bring to the board not only as an
engineer but as an entrepreneur. I totally concur with Don’s comments to do more marketing and selling
the club. We have a great spot here. You only have to go to two or three other clubs to realise what a
great spot it is and we just need to fine tune it a little bit. We’re short of funds but I’m sure that there are
things we can do once we get our heads together. So I’m hoping that anyone who has an idea will send it
through. My email address will be available if people have ideas and they want to contact me. In short
thank you very much.

John Benn: David Hamilton would you like to say a few words or have you said enough? David’s been on
the board since 1994 and has been a member for 21 years.

David Hamilton: I’ve said enough.

John Benn: Howard, thank you. We look forward to your contribution to the board.
There was one nomination for captain, and that is Mr. Brian Woodmansey hence I declare Brian Club
Captain. Congratulations Brian.
Brian has been on the board since 1995, he’s an architect and he’s been at the club for 25 years. I am
personally delighted Brian is staying on the board as there are some serious issues that Brian has alluded
to. Two of those issues include negotiations with Willoughby City Council and the other issue concerns the
sale of this block of land on Beaconsfield Road. Those two issues are fundamental to the Club’s long term
future success. Brian’s seen carriage of those two issues over the past few years and to have lost Brian’s
input would have been a loss for the club. I am pleased you’re staying on and I know the board will look
to your counsel, wisdom and experience in these two areas but in contributing to the club overall.

We have one nomination for Vice-Captain - Martin Morrissey. Some of you may not know Martin so I’ve
asked him to provide a brief history of his background.

Martin Morrissey: Along Howard’s lines, I’m 54 years of age; I’ve been a member since September 2006.
Very briefly, work history, I’m a mechanical engineer by trade however I’ve been in the sales industry in
a niche market of industrial chemicals for the last 20 years, current position I’m working for a Melbourne-
based chemical company. As Vice Captain I believe you have to promote a junior program because
without juniors you are not going to have major pennants players in the future. I’m not sure what we’ve
done in the past but with enthusiasm I’m going to give it a really good go. My experience from a juniors
and seniors point of view I’ve been heavily involved in sport for the past 25 years, specifically as a player
and manager and coach with a few Rugby League clubs on the North Shore so I feel I’ve grabbed a fair
bit of experience from a juniors point of view. As far as Chatswood Golf Club is concerned, I thoroughly
enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie I’ve experienced over the past few years. I see it as a real honour
to be nominated and given the position of Vice Captain.

John Benn: Thank you Martin. I’ve had discussions with Martin over the past few weeks and every time
we’ve bounced ideas off each other. I think he will make a great contribution to the board.
We had one nomination for the position of Treasurer - Mr Alan Hall-Watson. Congratulations Alan. Do you
want to say a few words or not?

Alan Hall-Watson: No thanks.

John Benn: What Alan doesn’t know about finance is not worth knowing. Alan’s been a director since
2009 and he’s been a club member for 11 years.
We now come to the voting and election of three ordinary directors. We have six nominations for these
positions. On the way in you would have received a ballot paper, I hope you haven’t screwed that up. As
John said on the way in, you will need to put an X in three of the six boxes. Please don’t mark anymore
or the vote will be declared invalid. There was a question to John on the order of the ballot paper and
John said this was done by a blind ballot by two independent members and nominees were drawn in the
ballot order. John would you like to make a comment on this.

John Watters: I’d like to thank Jan Grass and Warren Chapman who both helped me with that ballot to
make sure it was done perfectly. So thank you.

        Geoff Hasler: If a member wishes to only vote for only two candidates or one, will that vote be
        considered invalid?

John Benn: No you will need to vote for three.

        Geoff Hasler: Under what basis?

John Benn: I’d believe under directives in the Constitution.

        Geoff Hasler: It’s not in the Constitution.

John Benn: Well I will need to read through the constitution. Now this may be totally illegal, but I’ll do it
anyway. Can I have a show of hands for those who feel voting should be for all three nominees? I think
that’s a majority. I’m sorry Geoff but I think that’s the most democratic way to resolve the issues. That
may be an issue we need to address as a board, but we’ll need to vote for three candidates. Can we pass
the microphone to Rhonda Furini? I won’t introduce Rhonda any more than that. We want to give
potential directors sufficient time to give background information but I’ll limit their comments to two
minutes each.

Rhonda Furini: Good evening, I’m Rhonda Furini; I’m a retired business woman. I have good attention to
detail and am extremely passionate about golf and our club. As a director of house for the last three
years my goal is to make Chatswood Golf Club enjoyable to all those who access it, a club we can all be
proud of. This is my 4th year of nomination. I have been a member of the club for 16 years as a six day
member. I was on the women’s committee for five years up till 2009. I am also involved in the club’s
special promotions, events and fundraisers. For the Club’s future I see more involvement from the local
community, making it a place to go to, not just for golf but for other qualities that the club house has to
offer. We have a unique location and with improvements that I have assisted to make happen, such as
new chairs in the foyer, tables and chairs and blinds for the balcony, in attempt to make it comfortable all
year round for members and guests. I wish to continue to value the club’s profile to attract new members
and to make sure we have a fabulous clubhouse for the members to enjoy after a game. Thank you.

John Benn: Thanks Rhonda. Could I ask Lyn Sennitt to address the meeting please.

Lyn Sennitt: Good evening, my name is Lyn Sennitt and I’m married to Brent Sennitt who is also a
member of Chatswood Golf Club. My first association with the club was in 1978 when I first came to live
in Sydney and then I rejoined in 1996 as a weekend member and played in women’s and mixed pennants
teams. I have a bachelor of education and have been teaching for over 36 years, my last position was as
an assistant principal. As a teacher and administrator, I was actively involved in all aspects of all school
life to help educate our future generations. As a school executive I was instrumental in leading the staff
and school community in the areas of strategic preparation, planning and marketing and evaluation.
Since retiring I have become a regular weekday member as well as still playing on Sundays. I have had
some golfing success in 2007 & 2009. I won the singles knockout and last year the bronze 1 champion
and together with Rhonda the bronze foursomes championship. One of my most rewarding experiences
has been representing the club. In 2008 I joined the Women’s Committee and now hold the position of
Vice President. On my past year on the board I have been on the house and greens committee and that
has provided me with a sound understanding of the various operations of the club. This is also my third
year on the greens committee as the women’s representative and the board member. In my role in the
greens committee I have contributed significantly to our new greens and course management plan and
ensure that the members continue to be informed of the phases and implementation of the plan. As a
board and committee member I have been involved in much of the organisation of Chatswood Golf Club
and will utilise my skills to build an informed, collaborative and supportive environment for all club
members. I believe my passion for golf, enthusiasm for promoting Chatswood, and my active
involvement with all members will assist me to make this a positive year. Thank you

John Benn: Thanks Rhonda. Would Sue Prell please come forward to address the meeting?

Sue Prell: Members, I have probably outstretched anyone else, this is my 42nd year of membership. I was
a physical education teacher and I taught for 26 years, I was also head teacher of the girls for the last 15
years. I started a north shore girl’s school hockey team; we started with 12 teams and ended up with
100 teams ranging from North Sydney to Asquith. When I first joined the club I was a weekend member
and helped run the committee. After retirement and being able to play week days I became a member of
Charlies Angels for many years. I have been chairperson for our body corporate for the last 13 years so I
know about running meetings. I am conscious to see that the board communicates more regularly with
the members. I was interested to hear about this new plan that was going through. I am particularly
interested in building a junior membership and I look forward to working with Martin. I am very anxious
to start a school children’s championships and the inaugural championships held here at Chatswood. They
did it at Bondi and it was extremely successful. It’s now held in the school holidays and it’s done in
conjunction with the Jack Newton Junior Golf Foundation. I think if we could get out to the schools and
encourage more schools to have golf as one of their sports and have the Wednesday to do the school
sport. I feel sure that I could work cooperatively with all the other board members and I look forward to
serving you as part of the board.

John Benn: Thank you Sue. Anne Louise Richardson.

Anne Louise Richardson: Good evening everyone, I’ve been a member here since 1994 when I played
readily in pennant teams and top competitions. I am a biochemist but I work part time as a research
scientist. I have a passion for this club and would like to see the development of this club. I was elected
to the board last year and I’ve been on the OH&S committee and the match committee. It’s been a very
sharp learning curve which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. It’s been tough, but I feel I’ve been able to
contribute to the decision making on the board. The past year we’ve had to consolidate quite a bit
financially and there’s been some tough decisions that have had to be made for the sake of the future of
the club really, due to the hard work of the greens committee. This plan that’s been put together looks
really good and I hope to be here to put it into operation. I feel some continuity within the board would
benefit the club immensely and I would be honoured to represent you on your board for the next year.

John Benn: Thank you Anne Louise. Russ Tuckwell can you address the meeting.

Russ Tuckwell: Good evening, my name is Russ Tuckwell. I’ve been a member for seven years. My
golfing achievements, well I’m a hacker. It’s not the first club I’ve been a member of. I’ve been at Moore
Park where I sat on the board for two years as the handicapper, that was a few years ago. I spent a few
years overseas and when I returned I looked for a club that I would enjoy playing golf at. I must admit
this club impressed me and hence I joined. What’s impressed me was the clubhouse and the friendliness
of the people and the outgoing nature and the camaraderie that is going here, that is not apparent at
many other clubs. I’m not going to tell you how old I am, I’m too old. I’m currently working as a senior
officer in the department of education and training, responsibilities including their IT organisation. So I
know a few teachers and teaching staff. My experience from a sporting side has been varied. I have
served on a cricket committee as secretary. I have led the Lane Cove Junior Rugby League Club,
coached, refereed and done all the usual things in the lifetime of being involved in sport. The reasons I’m
willing to be on the board is I feel I have something to give back to a club I’ve gotten so much out of it
and to participate in its development in the future. We’ve heard much about what’s wrong with it but I
really want to highlight what’s been so great about it. I feel I can conquer particularly maximising the
return we make in this beautiful clubhouse. It’s about time we started to see some return on it. Like
everyone here I have an interest in the condition of the course. It’s a wonderful course and has great
potential and we nitpick over a few things but now we’ve got the clubhouse going we really need to focus
on what is a valuable asset in terms of the course itself. On that perspective I recommend you give me
your vote and let me join your board.

John Benn: Thank you very much. As the last of the six nominees can we hear from Paul Hansman?

Paul Hansman: Members of the board, fellow members, my name is Paul Hansman. I’ve been a member
for over 20 years. Like John Benn I grew up on the golf course and still live there now. I was a member
of the board in 2001 and 2002, looked after the greens committee and match committee and also ran the
Juniors when we had the pennants team and the Eric Apperly Shield, now I think we only have two
juniors, so I’d like to improve that. I think the state of the course really needs work done and I’ve very
glad John Benn is doing all this so we can attract new members, new juniors and even more public to
enjoy this clubhouse that we built.

John Benn: Thank you Paul. To complete the ballot, I hope you all have a pen, if not can you secure one.
Can you please mark three crosses, and when you’ve done that, take your time, and mark it in the box
against the nominee. As a general comment the quality of the six nominees is quite outstanding. When
you have marked the three crosses against your respective choice can you fold the paper and pass it to
the centre aisle.

John Benn: Voting closed.

While the scrutineers are counting your votes could I comment regarding the future of our club both
short and long term. I hasten to add I’m not trying to avoid anything in the interim I just think it’s easier
that we save the general questions till after they’ve counted the votes.
These comments are my own personal views. You may have read a statement that I put on the
noticeboard downstairs. Some of you may have seen that, some not. I’d like to very briefly comment on
some of the visions that I’d like our board to think about, debate and discuss in relation to the vision for
Chatswood Golf Club. There will be a lot of work that the board needs to do and I would suggest that
work covers a couple of areas. I’ve written some statements to help outline that future. To establish a
club’s strategic plan, that addresses issues of course improvement, future golf development
opportunities, access to water, achievable short and long term financial goals, effective cash flow
management, consistent governance policies and committee procedures, and professional staff
improvement. There’s a lot in those objectives which touch on many of the concerns that you have raised
here. We do need more water, a water management and control system and we need it urgently. It’s
shown as a central tenet in the development document. We do need to address all those issues in terms
of future course development: there’s a mile of information there that we as club members, not just the
board, can assist and contribute towards. It’s so encouraging to hear the positive comments that come
from members. If you think you can add an opinion, bring it on. We are not the be all and end all of
information required to take this club forward. I have seen this already in a number of sub committees
and a number of areas in which people wish to contribute in very positive ways to the club’s future. Short
and long term financial goals and strong cash flow, well there’s a lot of work in that. We need to plan
where we’re going and the way the committees are operating. Regarding the strategic plan for a course
improvement program, I’ll suggest to the board that we develop a strategic plan for match and for house
regarding the utilisation of this facility so we can generate additional income. Also the finance and
administration committee will review its tasks. The professional development of our club staff is a key
area of support. We need to develop our staff, develop their capabilities and improve their service, just as
we improve ourselves and the board. We need to oversee targeted programs to optimise our members.
Yes we’ve lost members but we attract new members. Anybody in marketing knows that to spend a
dollar to recover the dollar we’ve lost is a dollar wasted. We don’t need to do that. There are reasons why
people have left. We want to know those reasons. We already know a lot of those reasons, but we need
to look at plans where we can optimise our membership. There was one comment made about North
Ryde where you can’t get a game. We exist for our members and if they can’t get a game because our
membership is overcrowded then we aren’t running the club for our members. The money that we get
from over-booking not worth it in terms of our member support program. We need to increase club
patronage, our use of facilities and that’s a house function plan that we need to look at seriously. We
need effective communications. We need to be talking to you and you need to be talking to us. We may
not agree at all times but unless you get those issues off your chest then we can’t serve you. If you have
an issue bring it up to one of the directors or alternatively put it in brief written note to the board and we
can then support you in that feedback. It won’t go unanswered. We also need to build a supportive,
harmonious and engaged club community and that involves a whole range of issues among the members
and within our communities. Our Mental as Anything concerts coming up are designed to do a number of
things, firstly to engage the members, secondly to create a community environment so that people know
this club exists, and it exists for music, cultural events, dinners, functions and golf. There is an enormous
amount of work we can do on our community relations program. I’ll be presenting these ideas to the
board so we can achieve successes and go forward. As I’ve said, these are my personal views. I hope the
other directors will also make suggestions to the strategic plan of this club.
We haven’t got any adjudication yet, so I’ll open the meeting for general business. Any questions please?

        Joan Elliston: I really think it’s terribly important that the directors follow what’s in the
        constitution; I mean why have a constitution if we don’t follow what’s bound by it? The
        constitution provides that the ballot shall be counted by two or more tellers, appointed by the
        chairperson of the meeting, who shall also appoint two or more scrutineers, to observe the proper
        conduct of the ballot. Now with all due respect you were not the chairperson before this meeting
        began. If the scrutineers were appointed this morning, they were not appointed by the
        chairperson of this meeting.

John Watters: Let’s hear it please Joan.

        Joan Elliston: The constitution says that the ballot shall be conducted at this meeting, not at the
        one that was in existence at 9am this morning. It’s this meeting that is conducting the ballot.

John Benn: I’ll take that on board, thank you for that comment Joan. Personally I was aware of those
who were the scrutineers and I know John talked with Brian.

        Joan Elliston: Scrutineers have to be appointed at this meeting.

John Benn: Point made, it will be taken on board. Yes we will comply with the constitution Joan.
Page three of your business page of the AGM is annexure A. I raise it to consider and if agreed to pass an
ordinary resolution in relation to Appendix A. The four resolutions related to the directors and particularly
to the members benefits are detailed in your business papers. The material presented is the same as
which was presented last year. I present that annexure to you and I ask that someone on the board will
second that motion.

        Do we have to vote on that every year?

John Benn: Yes, yes we do.

        Joan Elliston: Where we have in the resolution blazers and associated apparel, can I ask what the
        associates’ apparel might be?
        Is the blazer just restricted to the men and if so it is much cheaper to have women on the board?

John Benn: Apparel won’t be restricted to the males. The blazer that Brian’s wearing has been around for
the past 20 years I think. Are there any other discussions on Annexure A? I put it to a vote: those in
favour please raise your hands.
I declare Annexure A carried.
I move to Annexure B. There are two Special Resolutions which have been included in the business
The first Special Resolution, and we will vote on these separately, came out at least year’s AGM. The
comment was made by Lorraine Hancock suggesting proxy votes. It raised the issue of members who are
unable to attend the meeting as we are here tonight but should still be able to vote for board members.
The special resolution was tabled at a board meeting on the 25th March. Subsequent to that meeting four
of the directors approved that resolution. This included the annexure outlined in the First and Second
Special Resolution. At the time three other directors were actually away from the club. The resolution was
not actually discussed at that meeting. An email was sent to all directors and a number of directors did
not respond to that email which contained that annexure. The difficulty is that we’ve had some discussion
with our solicitor on this matter as the resolution was presented to the AGM as approved by the board. In
previous occasions where we’ve emailed issues for approval when a board member wasn’t present, which
is very rare, but where an issue is raised that’s required an approval we’ve worked on the basis that
silence is consent. Now that may or may not be a good approach and I can see issues which may arise.
So the question that has come up in relation to these resolutions is that although the board is broadly in
approval of this resolution I know some members have issues with the way it was presented. Quite apart
from the intent of the resolution some people will be concerned that providing a six day period following
the closure of nominees in fact may discourage members from coming to the AGM. The reason that this
period was involved, and this was discussed with the solicitor, is that there was a feeling that as a
democratic organisation we wanted as many members as possible to take part in voting for board
members. They’ll be members who tonight have sent along apologies, who for a number of reasons
cannot attend tonight. I know a number of them would have been very interested to participate in the
voting process. The board has sought to adopt that democratic approach. The approach certainly saves
time in what is occurring now. Some people may argue that it may limit people coming to the AGM and I
regard that as a valid point. I hope that members do come for other reasons than voting for the
nominees. We’ve discussed tonight, raised points of issue regarding the operations of the club and I hope
that’s the format and reason why we come to AGM’s. So there’s a number of issues both for and against
this special resolution. If you vote for both resolutions, the first and the second, voting needs to be
approved by 75% of voting members. Five people can agree for a separate ballot and John has ballot
forms for a separate ballot if required. I know also that voting is only open to eligible financial members
and that’s required for all voting. In a sense, and this is under the solicitor’s direction, I am at the mercy
of the meeting. As chair person I proposed the first Special Resolution and I hope the Treasurer will
second it.

Alan Hall-Watson: I second the motion

John Benn: I call for discussion on the points I have raised.

        Sue Prell: John you have said that four members of the board have approved it, what about the
        other five.
        Who were the four?

John Benn: I’m not going to name the four.

        Sue Prell: So really it wasn’t a majority of the board that the resolution be presented?

John Benn: Sue thanks for the question. Perhaps I should have been a little clearer why this situation has
arisen. The resolutions came with a considerable volume of audited and financial information that was
presented at that meeting on 25th March. The additional information which included all the committee
reports, including the wording of the resolution background information, was tabled at that meeting but
there was no formal discussion on those resolutions. In a sense I believe they were almost taken as read.
The second Special Resolution which I’ll ask John Watters to speak to, was, from my point of view,
passed over. I think a lot of directors thought, yes, that’s ok, it’s merely part of a constitution renaming.
I don’t know if that was the general feeling but there was no discussion. That was an oversight and I am
prepared to acknowledge that. The resolution should have been addressed at the March meeting.

        Louise Greenwood: I would like to speak against the motion. I would like to say this before I
        speak. I’d like to ask you, aren’t you concerned that for something as important as changing
        something that’s been in the club’s constitution probably since when the constitution was written
        that the board didn’t go to more trouble to inform all members of the board, to be aware what
        the special resolution was about, to discuss it at a formal board meeting. I gather from other
        members of the board that it wasn’t at a regular board meeting, or they certainly weren’t even
        aware that it had been tabled. It wasn’t a discussion, and I am disappointed, right or wrong,
        whether the resolution was good or bad that it was handled in that format.

John Benn: I accept the comment.

        Louise Greenwood: I would like to oppose the resolution for two main reasons. I think that we
        risk losing what we have here tonight. Here tonight we have a room full of interested,
        participating, loyal members, who want to be active members of the club, they want to hear from
        the reports and the directors and subcommittees. They want to be able to ask questions and get
        answers. We want to congratulate the board on when they’ve done a good job and also hold the
        board accountable if we wish. But if we had voted for our board prior to the AGM I’d understand
        that we would not be able to vote at the AGM. We must vote before hand, according to the tabled
        papers, if there is a vacancy. Why would most people be loath to come out if they’ve already read
        the reports online? I feel that most people will think that what’s the point in coming out, we’ve
        already voted? And I think that would be a terrible shame for the club, it would look bad on the
        club. What we have here tonight is a healthy and transparent meeting and it shouldn’t be
        changed. The second reason, which I feel needs to be mentioned just briefly. It will not give us
        the opportunity to vote for the best candidates for the board. I personally feel its beneficial to
        having women on the board. They bring a different set of skills, they present a third of the
        membership, but what I think is most important is that we are given an opportunity to see the
        candidates. How can you expect a man who is walking past the office putting in his ballot to know
        whether the best candidate on the sheet is a woman, and likewise you are unlikely to get women
        to vote for a faceless man on a sheet that they haven’t met and don’t know anything about. So
        we will lose the opportunity as a club to choose the best candidates. And I think that would be a
        very bad thing, not a men verse women thing, but just a very bad thing for the club in general.
        So I ask everyone to think very strongly about that and to oppose the resolution, maintain what
        we have here tonight, which is healthy and democratic.

John Benn We do respect what is going on with the members and we realise that the procedures relating
to board nominations, if this resolution were passed, would need to be reviewed. Clearly the personal
representations that you’ve seen tonight would need to take a different form so members can make a
creditable vote based on the nominee’s credentials. You may think the proposed resolution is too
impersonal and there’s a more personal way to vote at the AGM. That may be the case.

        Di Hearn: My main query is how the board can put forward something which only four of the
        board approved when the majority didn’t. It’s not a majority, maybe if you’d have five you would
        have had an argument, but not with for it’s less than 50%.

        John Gabriel: I’m certainly for this resolution that people vote in this resolution. I’ve been a
        member for five years, and due to travel reasons this is only the 2nd AGM I’ve been able to
        attend. Being disenfranchised from is a harsh word, but not being able to vote for the board is a
        right for consensus. I would suggest that the people who are intending to stand for board, do as
        every other voting scheme that I have come across, be required to put up a few outlines on their
        experience and why they are standing, basically putting in writing what people have said tonight.
        Looking around at the room, there are about 250 people here. We have a membership of 1300,
        why is it that the board is being elected by a very small minority? On a second point, there seems
        to be a concern among the women that they are not going to be represented on the board. Now I
        have two comments to that: first of all if there is sufficient concern by the women that there isn’t
        sufficient representation on the board of the women then yes an amendment could be suggested
        that says have three women, three men on the board, and realistically when given the general
        lack of interest of people, as far as I know, talking to most of the members on the club, they
        don’t care who is on the board as long as they are doing their job correctly. So I want to suggest
        that in order to allow more members to vote we pass this resolution.

        Can I make a correction to that? He said we have 1300 members; well it’s actually 767 voting

John Benn: Yes, we’ll have the last question thank you.

        Barrie Breeze: Certain companies have caused a bit of controversy, NRMA I’m thinking of for one.
        How many members of NRMA vote? If we do votes by proxy for this club, realistically, how many
        members are going to vote? Would there be any more voting than the people here now? Would
        all of these people even vote? When I look around here and see the goodly number of people,
        and come out here till 10 o’clock, then I would vote against the resolution.

John Benn: Thank you Barrie. I proposed the resolution and it’s been seconded. It will be presented for a
vote. Yes, another question?

        Joan Elliston: I’m not sure that you can do with people’s comments of the terms on the special
        resolutions, not how it’s being held but the terms of it.

John Benn: Yes I know what you are saying and there are protocols the board would need to address if
the resolution was approved by a 75% majority of members at tonight’s AGM.

        Joan Elliston: It’s just that I feel very strongly about the precise terms of the resolution and I fear
        that it may not have been taken on board by everybody who is going to vote.

John Benn: I can only comment that members received the information in an email along with the other
AGM details. I hope people read the details regarding the AGM.

        Joan Elliston: That’s not what I meant. The precise wording of the resolution raises grave
        concerns in my mind and I’m not sure that everybody else would.

John Benn: Thanks for that comment Joan. The resolution has been proposed and seconded. Can I have
a show of hands of those who approve the resolution? I declare the resolution lost.
The second special resolution relates to various constitutional aspects that face the club. I’ve asked John
Watters to comment on this.

John Watters: Thanks John. In relation to the second special resolution it has nothing to do with any
persons rights as a member; it has nothing to do with voting and nothing to do with what we generally
do day to day. What it’s got to do with is certain legislation, certain bodies, the Gaming Machine Act, has
now been changed. It is basically dotting I’s and crossing T’s for our constitution to be up to date with
latest government bodies. There’s not a lot to it, I’m sure Joan’s read through it and having the benefit of
a legal background. There’s nothing hidden in there, it’s just talking about the definition of the Gaming
Machine Act and the Liquor Act being updated in the Constitution. The licence in court and the certificate
of registration be replaced by the Casino, Liquor and Gaming Control Authority and Licensing according to
the Liquor Act. So it’s changing its names of certain acts to come in line with the constitution. Are there
any comments?

        One question regarding D. In the event that a notice of charges issued to a member pursuant to
        subparagraph I of paragraph A, the board shall have the power to suspend that member, rather
        than the president. What do we mean by the board?

John Watters: It just takes the focus off the president for making a decision on one particular incident. It
now turns it around so the board will make the decision instead of just one person.

        Is that a majority?

        Well you’d assume so.

        You’d have to get the board together to meet meanwhile this person who has not done the right
        thing by the club has no action taken.

John Benn: The process would be that various communications would generally take place regarding
those circumstances and that would be discussed by the board.

John Watters: Just so we can all be clear here, we are a registered club. Yes we are a golf club but we
are still under the registered clubs Act and therefore the licence in court is now different and has been
replaced with the licence underneath it, Casino and Liquor and Gaming Control, so we are still a
registered club and the licensing court has now been changed to a different name and that’s all that this
is saying.

John Benn: I’ll now propose the resolution. Can I have a seconder?

John Benn: The seconder Brian Woodmansey. Can I have a show of hands for those who move we pass
the resolution? I think we have a 75% majority. I’m sure we do. The resolution is passed.

Thank you for your patience in relation to those two issues. I’m sorry discussions were drawn out. I
apologise for that but I don’t apologise for being clear in my honesty to members regarding that first
special resolution.

Can I advise you that the three successful nominations for directors for 2010 are Rhonda Furini, Anne
Louise Richardson and Lyn Sennitt. Can I please have a seconder that the ballot papers be destroyed?
Thank you Roger Catchpole. Congratulations to Rhonda, Anne Louise and Lyn for their re-election.

We now come to the final point, which covers any questions in relation to the board.

        James Robertson: Excuse my ignorance but one of the things mentioned was that our greens
        shed doesn’t meet OH&S standards. What does that mean if OH&S show up, do they shut our
        greens shed down, or shut the course down?

David Hamilton: They’d shut the greens shed down, so the course would be over the barrel for some
time. There are moves to fix these problems, its just taken time with money, but it’s got to be moved. So
yes that is a priority.

        Roger Catchpole: There’s a lot been mentioned by the board about this new plan and in linking
        that with the word communication which I’ve heard at every AGM for the past few years, could I
        maybe ask you to consider that a half yearly meeting with the members, this is where we’re
        sitting, this is a review, putting it up on noticeboards and putting up financial plans on
        noticeboards doesn’t seem to work. It always seems too late, but if we had a plan that we had a
        half yearly review, we don’t have to have any motions, not resolutions, we just have a free
        exchange with what the board is thinking, what its plans are. So we can dually interact with you.

John Benn: My answer from my point of view and I trust the board’s point of view is yes, yes and yes.
There will definitely need to be a strong level of interaction and its starting next week with a board

meeting in relation to this proposal. I take on the comments of all members here tonight. We need to do
more and you need to demand more of us that we do more. Are there any further questions?

        Sue Prell: I’d just like to make sure that the lady members get a report on a regular basis as to
        what is going on, what the board is discussing. I’m really directing that at our board lady
        members, that they give us feedback.

John Benn: What I’ve tried to do tonight is that we have open dialogue with all members along with the
issues of targeted communication. We can and will segment and develop this communication. Are there
any other questions?

        Don Wedlock: Two quick things the disabled car parking spaces, we have two and its essential we
        have them, I’m glad we do. One’s adjacent to the ramp coming up and the other is adjacent to
        the front entrance to the club, the first thing you see when you pull up is the back end of a
        rundown old car, which is usually a disabled car. Can we not just relocate that next to the other

John Benn: Thanks Don, we’ll take that issue on notice.

        Don Wedlock: One more thing, in terms of presentations and to new members, the men’s locker
        room is pretty disgraceful, I think management should get down there and check things out. And
        it’s not a money problem it’s a cleaning and maintenance problem. The windows in the bathroom
        area have been filthy for years. We’ve got old furniture down there which keeps dumped on the
        men’s locker room because we can’t find anywhere else to dump it and it’s just a cleaning and
        maintenance issue that can be fixed quite easily.

John Benn: Thank you Don. Are there any other questions?
If there are any more questions following tonight’s meeting please email them to

        Sue Prell: I just want to congratulate the outgoing board and the incoming board and let’s look
        out to a positive new year.

John Benn: Thank you Sue. I have a few thanks I wish to make. Thank you all for attending tonight’s
AGM. Thank you to those members who stood for a board position but were not elected. It’s a sign of
enthusiasm in any club that people want to support and people wish to contribute. Thank you for that
support and contribution. We need this support in the future and we’ll be calling on you and others to
help the board achieve the tasks before it. I thank our auditors who do a great job. I’d also like to thank
our caterers Ryan and Megan Baird. Saffron is here to serve you. I’d like to thank our professional Allen
Topham and his wife Janet. As you know Allen’s been here for eternity, well for 33 years, and also Greg
Lynch. Can I also thank John Watters; he’s doing a wonderful job and supports the board and our
members. His administration team members are mentioned in the annual report and I thank them most
sincerely. I’d like to add Jennifer Brown who has joined the team and she’s doing a great job. Lastly I
sincerely thank the new 2010 directors for taking on what is going to be a very challenging program for
the next 12 months.
I declare the Annual General Meeting closed and I invite all members to adjourn to enjoy some

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.40pm.

                                Chairman                                 18 April 2011


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