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138th Annual Summer Conference
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                                                       July 15-18, 2007
                                                    The Saratoga Hotel
                                           Saratoga Springs, New York
NYPWA’s 138th Annual Summer Conference
                                       July 15-18, 2007 • The Saratoga Hotel • Saratoga Springs, New York
      OPENING ADDRESS - MONDAY, JULY 16                                            AGENDA AT A GLANCE
                                                                        Sunday, July 15
We Don’t Make Widgets                                                     3:00 pm - 6:00 pm    Exhibitor Setup
                              Organizations in health care, gov-          3:00 pm - 6:00 pm    Registration
                              ernment, education and the service          6:00 pm              Welcome Reception
                              sector have tried hard for decades          9:00 pm              Hospitality Suite by CSC
                              to implement the quality break-           Monday, July 16
                              throughs that revived American              7:30 am - 8:45 am    Breakfast Buffet
                              industry. Unfortunately, most               8:00 am - 5:00 pm    Registration
                              improvement initiatives are built           9:00 am - 5:00 pm    Exhibits
                              on the industrial age thinking of           9:00 am - 10:30 am   Board of Directors’
                              the past. Obsessed with producing                                Meeting
                                                                          9:00 am - 10:30 am   Staff Development
                              quality, defect-free widgets, they
                                                                                               Association Meeting
                              are of little relevance to today’s          9:00 am - 10:30 am   Attorneys’ Meeting with
                              knowledge workers. Managers are                                  State Agency Counsel
                              hindered by 3 myths:                        9:45 am - 10:45 am   Deputy Commissioners’
  We don’t make widgets: What we do is squishy and intan-                                      Leadership Meeting
                                                                          10:30 am             Coffee Break by Cúram
  gible; it is hard to measure and even harder to improve.
                                                                          11:00 am - 1:15 pm   Opening Address & Lunch
  We don’t have customers: They didn’t choose us; they have               1:30 pm - 3:00 pm    Concurrent Workshops
  to use us, and there is nowhere else they can go.                       3:00 pm              Coffee Break by EDS
                                                                          3:30 pm - 5:00 pm    Concurrent Workshops
  We’re not here to make a profit: There is no incentive to               6:00 pm - 7:00 pm    Exhibitors’ Reception
  improve, and we are often punished for being efficient.                 7:00 pm              Dinner on Your Own
                                                                          9:00 pm              Hospitality Suite by CSC
We Don’t Make Widgets is a fast-paced, hands-on presentation
for people who are not in the business of manufacturing.                Tuesday, July 17
Rather than glossing over the differences between government              7:00 am - 8:00 am   Commissioners’ Breakfast
and everyone else, this talk delves into them and presents                8:00 am - 8:45 am   Commissioners’ Business
proven techniques that lead to customer-centered results.                                     Meeting
                                                                          7:30 am - 8:45 am   Breakfast Buffet
Ken Miller is the founder of the Change and Innovation Agency and         8:00 am - 5:00 pm   Registration
author of We Don’t Make Widgets. He was chosen by Fast                    9:00 am - 5:00 pm   Exhibits
Company Magazine as one of the nation’s top change agents and             9:00 am - 10:30 am  Concurrent Workshops
has spent his career applying his radical ideas in the most difficult     10:30 am            Coffee Break by Accenture
change environments.                                                      10:45 am - 12:15 pm Concurrent Workshops
                                                                          12:15 pm - 1:15 pm Lunch
                                                                          1:30 pm - 5:00 pm   Concurrent Workshops
The opening address will be preceded by welcoming remarks                 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm   Reception
by state agency leaders and local government officials.                   7:00 pm - 9:00 pm   Banquet
Presiding: John P. O'Neill, President, New York Public Welfare            9:00 pm             Hospitality Suite by CSC
Association                                                             Wednesday, July 18
                                                                          7:30 am - 8:45 am    Breakfast Buffet
                                                                          8:00 am - 10:30 am   Registration
 NYPWA Policy Development Series                                          9:00 am - 11:00 am   Fiscal Meetings
                                                                          9:30 am - 11:00 am   State and Local
 The NYPWA is featuring a series of small, intimate policy                                     Commissioners’ Dialogue
 development workgroups of local DSS commissioners.                       9:30 am - 11:00 am   Legal Committee Meeting
 These groups will meet throughout the course of the                      12:00 pm             Conference Adjourns
 conference to discuss key policy issues identified by our
 Board of Directors in relationship to evolving state policy            Attorneys’ CLE Information
 initiatives. State agency administrators will be invited to            Our legal sessions are under consideration for a
 join in the discussions on select topics. Public policies for          combined total of six or more CLE credits.
 child welfare, financial assistance programs, Medicaid                 Information will be posted on
 and adult services will be addressed.                                  when approval is received.
             SUNDAY • JULY 15                          bureaucracies, counterproductive measurement sys-
                                                       tems and conflicting stakeholder interests. All of
3:00pm - 6:00pm
                                                       these issues are compounded when the agency is of a
Exhibit Setup and Registration
                                                       regulatory or compliance nature. You will learn a
4:30pm - 6:00pm                                        systematic way to develop innovative solutions to
Conference Registration                                address these challenges.
6:00pm                                                 Presenter:
Welcome Reception                                      Ken Miller, Change & Innovation Agency

9:00pm                                                 Streamlining Medicaid Enrollment
Hospitality Suite • Sponsored by CSC                   This session will describe goals and activities to
                                                       streamline and simplify public health insurance pro-
             MONDAY • JULY 16                          grams, especially Medicaid: What is the overall
                                                       vision; what steps are we taking to get there; how do
7:30am - 8:45am                                        we make it work?
Breakfast Buffet

                                                                                                                    SUNDAY • JULY 15 / MONDAY • JULY 16
8:00am - 5:00pm                                        Linda LeClair, Director, Bureau of Medicaid/FHP
Conference Registration                                Enrollment, Division of Coverage and Enrollment,
                                                       NYS DOH Office of Health Insurance Programs
9:00am - 5:00pm
Exhibit Area Open                                      Organized for Performance
9:00am - 10:30am                                       Child support is a uniquely performance driven pro-
NYPWA Board of Directors’ Meeting                      gram. The federal government monitors, audits and
                                                       offers incentives to states meeting federally-established
9:00am - 10:30am                                       performance thresholds. New York’s local districts
Attorneys’ Meeting with State Agency Counsel           have performed well and continue to meet federal
                                                       performance thresholds. The child support provisions
9:00am - 10:30am
                                                       of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 pose new chal-
Staff Development Association Business Meeting
                                                       lenges for the state and the local districts. In addition,
9:45am - 10:45am                                       many child support offices have expressed concern
Deputy Commissioners’ Leadership Meeting               about local staff turnover and an aging workforce.
                                                       This session is designed to engage local child support
                                                       professionals in discussions with similarly-sized dis-
Coffee Break • Sponsored by Cúram
                                                       tricts to address ideas and practices being used to
11:00am - 12:30pm                                      maximize performance with available resources.
Opening Plenary Session                                Presenter:
12:30pm - 1:15pm                                       Monique Rabideau, Principle Education Specialist,
Lunch                                                  NYS Child Support Enforcement Program, NYS
1:30pm - 3:00pm
                                                       IT Initiatives
Concurrent Sessions                                    OTDA-LDSS Data Access & Reporting Initiatives,
Customer-Centered Government • Part I                  including SOS, WRTS, WTW, and the Commissioner
This two-part session is sponsored by the NYPWA        Dashboard will be discussed.
Deputy Commissioners’ Leadership Network and is        Presenters:
designed for upper level local DSS administrators.     Martha Hoffman, Project Manager, IT, NYS OTDA
Priority is given to members of the Network and any    Patricia Lynch, Project Manager, IT, NYS OTDA
new deputy commissioners who wish to attend, as
                                                       Freedom of Information Law: Developments
well as any interested local DSS commissioners.
                                                       and Best Practices
As pressure mounts on government agencies to be        An overview of the New York State Freedom of
more customer-focused or citizen-centered, agency      Information Law, with a focus on the current law
managers are struggling to find the right methods to   and recent amendments. Presenters will discuss case
respond to the challenge. Unfortunately, traditional   law and best practices for compliance with the
private sector approaches to customer satisfaction     Freedom of Information Law and the interaction of

rarely succeed when adopted by government.             the Freedom of Information Law and the Personal
Government organizations often face immense            Privacy Protection Law.
                   Presenters:                                                 Presenters:
                   Kerry Delaney, Senior Attorney, NYS OTDA                    Melissa Bucher, Coordinator for the South End
                   Alicia Sullivan, Senior Attorney, NYS OTDA                  Community Partnership for Safe Families, Albany
                   Linda Hunt, Senior Attorney, NYS OTDA                       County CYF
                   Performance-Based Contracting                               Nancy Travers, First Deputy Commissioner, Child
                   New York City will be piloting a new financing              Protective Services, Westchester County DSS
                   model for foster care agencies on July 1, 2007. We          Philip Goldstein, Progam Coordinator, Child
                   are, in this new model, called IFF—Investment               Welfare Training Division, Westchester County DSS
                   Funding for Families, allowing contract providers to        3:00pm
                   have flexible, predictable funding that is not based
                                                                               Coffee Break • Sponsored by EDS
                   on a per diem model. Learn why we changed our
                   approach and what we hope to accomplish.                    3:30pm - 5:00pm
                   Presenters:                                                 Concurrent Sessions
                   Dawn Saffayeh, Assistant Commissioner, Strategic
                   Resource Management, NYC-ACS                                FFFS Performance and Accountability
                   Judith Wolpoff, Deputy Budget Director, NYC-ACS             Chapter 57 of the Laws of 2007 requires OCFS and
                                                                               OTDA to provide quarterly performance and expen-
                   Welfare Fraud and Ways to Reduce It
                                                                               diture data for programs funded through TANF on a
                   This session will deal with the importance of getting
                                                                               county-specific basis. The performance and account-
                   all workers in your agency to help detect welfare
                                                                               ability requirements also apply to TANF-funded con-
                   fraud and to take steps to prevent it. Fraud prevention
                   starts at the “Front Door” and requires eligibility staff   tract programs administered at the state level, as
                                                                               well as the Intensive Case Management allocations

                   participating in the process to help reduce it. There
                   will be examples of the importance of good working          made to districts. This session will provide a discus-
                   relationships with the District Attorney’s Office, Law      sion of new requirements for submission of perform-
                   Enforcement Agencies and outside agencies.                  ance and accountability information.
                   Presenters:                                                 Presenters:
                   John Scott, Social Services Investigator, Genesee           Virginia Scala, Assistant Chief Accountant, Bureau
                   County DSS                                                  of Financial Services, NYS OTDA
                   Michael Kowalczyk, Social Services Investigator,            Carolyn Oleyourryk, Principal Accountant, Bureau
                   Genesee County DSS
                                                                               of Financial Services, NYS OTDA
                   Judy Gardner, Supervising Social Services
                                                                               Dale Peterson, Director, Transitional Programs,
                   Investigator, Wyoming County DSS
                                                                               Division of Employment and Transitional Supports,
                   Strengthening Community Partnerships and                    NYS OTDA
                   Family Engagement                                           Jane Wagner, Social Services Representative, Bureau
                   The South End Community Partnership, through the            of Housing Services, NYS OTDA
                   use of the ‘Family Team Conferencing’ model, recog-
                                                                               Child Welfare Caselaw Review
                   nizes the role that community members and informal
                   family supports play in family preservation and             An informative, captivating and engaging explo-
                   keeping children safe. This evolution of service            ration into recent court activities. Join Margaret Burt,
                   delivery recognizes the need to reach families earli-       Counsel to the NYPWA, in a journey examining the
                   er in an effort to mitigate or even prevent incidences      twists and turns in case law that have emerged over
                   of abuse or neglect. Real life examples of families         the last six months.
                   who have participated in Family Team Conferences
                   (FTC) will be shared along with examples of what
                                                                               Margaret Burt, Esq., Counsel to the NYPWA
                   the South End Community Partnership network has
                   brought to the community.                                   Current Issues in Child Support
                   Westchester County DSS will discuss their experi-           This session will address current planning, policy
                   ences in piloting the differential response approach        and implementation matters at DCSE. Topics will
                   in two district offices. Implementation successes           include current operational matters, recently imple-
                   and challenges, including outcomes achieved in the          mented procedures and an update on policy matters
                   pilot, will be shared. The presenters will also             emanating from federal and state legislation.
                   describe the advancement of the family engagement

     4             model of practice, which is based in differential           Presenter:
                   response principles.                                        Lee Sapienza, DCSE, NYS OTDA
Enrollment and Systems Update                            Presenters:
This joint Medicaid eligibility and systems workshop     Anthony Restaino, Commissioner, Niagara County DSS
will update participants on current program topics       Sharon Sloma, Deputy Commissioner, Niagara
as well as systems issues. Workshop participants are     County DSS
invited to attend this focused session and bring vari-   Mary Lou Woods, Case Supervisor B, Niagara
ous issues for discussion among fellow local col-        County DSS
leagues and state DOH staff.                             Jodie Newton, Principal Social Services Worker,
                                                         Niagara County DSS
Presenters:                                              Traci Hilliard, Accounting Supervisor, Niagara
Linda LeClair, Director, Bureau of Medicaid/FHP          County DSS
Enrollment, Division of Coverage and Enrollment,         Brian Kane, Director, Support Enforcement and
NYS DOH Office of Health Insurance Programs              Financial Recovery, Niagara County DSS
Gabe Deyo, Division of Program Operations and            Michael Stroh, Stroh & Associates
Systems, NYS DOH Office of Health Insurance
Programs                                                 Juvenile Justice Indicators and Detention
                                                         Reform — Next Steps
Programmatic Innovations in Responsible                  In April 2005, the NYS OCFS established the New

                                                                                                                   MONDAY • JULY 16 / TUESDAY • JULY 17
Fatherhood                                               York State Task Force on Juvenile Justice Indicators
New York is very much at the front of promoting the      to develop a set of indicators to support state and
new frontier of welfare reform, responsible father-      local juvenile justice planning. The Vera Institute of
hood. In the last year we have enacted a first in the    Justice facilitated the work of the Task Force over an
nation, State Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) tar-       18 month period. The indicators, based on data
geted to non-custodial parents (predominantly            collected from stakeholder agencies, address the
fathers) and also funded several pilot programs          following operational areas: arrest, referral to court,
throughout the state aimed at assisting fathers in       detention, court processing, and disposition. Vera
meeting the financial and emotional responsibilities     will share the juvenile justice indicators and
of being a parent to their children. The workshop        highlight some of the many analyses that local
will present up-to-date findings and successes of the    jurisdictions can conduct using the data. Onondaga
Strengthening Families through Stronger Fathers          and Erie Counties will share their experiences and
Initiative. We will also present other community-        successes in detention reform.
based initiatives and best practices of responsible      Presenters:
fatherhood programs.                                     Annie Salsich, Senior Program Associate, Center on
Presenters:                                              Youth Justice, The Vera Institute of Justice
Kenneth Braswell, Assistant Program Manager, NYS         Mary Winter, Commissioner, Onondaga County
                                                         Probation Department
Fatherhood Initiative, NYS OTDA
                                                         Michael Weiner, Commissioner, Erie County DSS
Michelle Haab, MS, Coordinator, The Parent Success
Initiative                                               6:00pm - 7:00pm
Kirk Francis, Program Director, Youth at Risk            Exhibitors’ Reception
Linda Rodriguez, Program Director, SEEDCO
Gregory G. Owens, LMSW, Director of Special
                                                         Dinner on Your Own
Projects, NYS OCFS
Customer-Centered Government • Part II                   Hospitality Suite • Sponsored by CSC
Ken Miller, Change & Innovation Agency                                 TUESDAY • JULY 17
                                                         7:00am - 8:00am
Make It Your Business to Plan
                                                         Commissioners’ Networking Breakfast
In these challenging times of having to do more with
less, you need to find ways to work smarter, not         8:00am - 8:45am
harder. Niagara County DSS initiated a unit plan-        Commissioners’ Business Meeting
ning process for all aspects of the department. How      7:30am - 8:45am
the program started, difficulties encountered and        Breakfast Buffet
successes achieved will be covered in the presenta-
                                                         8:00am - 5:00pm
tion. Unit planning allows for members of a work
                                                         Conference Registration
unit to develop their own goals, outcomes and work

ground rules in conjunction with the department’s        9:00am - 5:00pm
mission and values. You can’t afford not to plan.        Exhibit Area Open
                    9:00am - 10:30am                                           Presenters:
                    Concurrent Sessions                                        Anne Marie Costello, Director, Bureau of
                                                                               Compliance and Customer Service, NYS DOH Office
                    Dealing with the Difficult to Serve                        of Health Insurance Programs
                    Patient/Client                                             Linda LeClair, Director, Bureau of Medicaid/FHP
                    Albany County APS has developed a discharge pro-           Enrollment, Division of Coverage and Enrollment,
                    tocol with local hospitals, which addresses the needs      NYS DOH Office of Health Insurance Programs
                    of individuals who would otherwise be discharged
                    into homelessness, placing a strain on Adult Services      Successful Initiatives that Help Move Exempt
                    and the shelter system. A Program Services                 Individuals to Employment or Disability
                    Coordinating Committee, including representatives          Benefits
                    from hospitals, law enforcement, mental health, sub-       This workshop will provide information on the New
                    stance abuse treatment providers, shelters and adult       York City WeCARE and the Chautauqua County
                    protective services, meets to discuss the needs of
                                                                               contracted initiative with Industrial Medical
                    high risk, hard to serve adults and find ways to link
                                                                               Associates that were implemented to better assess,
                    individuals with the services they need.
                                                                               link to services/benefits and manage individuals
                    Presenters:                                                with health/mental health and/or drug and alcohol
                    Patty Willsey, Director, Adult Services, Albany            barriers to employment.
                    County DSS
                    Terese Seastrum, Discharge Planner, Northeast              Presenters:
                    Health, Memorial Hospital                                  Joan Randell, Associate Deputy Commissioner,
                    Bill Dickson, Director of Clinical Services, Albany        NYC-HRA

                    County Department of Mental Health                         Kirk Maurer, Commissioner, Chautauqua County DSS

                    Evidence-Based Models as an Alternative to                 What Is Going on with Child Welfare
                    Placement in JD Cases: The Connection                      Funding on a National Basis?
                    between Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice                 This presentation will include a discussion of other
                    The presentation will describe the planning process        states’ innovations, federal funding trends, options
                    and implementation of NYC’s first effort to bring          for NYS and current hot federal issues. This session
                    evidence-based models to the front-end of juvenile         is designed especially for fiscal administrators who
                    delinquency proceedings as an alternative to place-        want to stay on top of national developments and be
                    ment. The presenters will discuss the importance of
                                                                               poised for what might be headed our way.
                    collaboration among juvenile justice stakeholders
                    and how hurdles in development were overcome. In           Presenter:
                    particular, the challenges from the perspective of the     William T. Gettman, Jr., Deputy Commissioner for
                    local social services agency that is providing the slots   Administration, NYS OCFS
                    as an intensive preventive program and from the
                    perspective of the juvenile prosecutor’s office will be    Integrating Perspective of Interdepartmental
                    highlighted.                                               Collaboration: Creating a Single Point of
                    Presenters:                                                Access and Accountability
                    Ronald Richter, Deputy Commissioner, Family                The Departments of Social Services, Mental Health
                    Legal Services, NYC-ACS                                    and Juvenile Justice have worked collaboratively to
                    Laurence Busching, Chief, Family Court Bureau,             develop a service model that empowers and sup-
                    NYC Law Department                                         ports children and families served by the child wel-
                                                                               fare system, the secure and non-secure and the men-
                    Connecting Children to Health Care
                                                                               tal health community at large. This collaborative
                    The session will describe the state’s campaign to
                                                                               effort has brought about “one door” access for all
                    ensure health coverage for every child in New York
                    State. It promotes Medicaid, Family Health Plus and        children and families in Erie County experiencing
                    CHPlus as health insurance, and embraces adoles-           behavioral and emotional difficulties. Demographics
                    cents as well as younger children. The campaign will       on Erie County, statistics on the Family Services
                    develop strategic partnerships with other public agen-     Team, the process by which a Memorandum of
                    cies/programs to maximize opportunities for connect-       Understanding (MOU) was established, utilization of
                    ing families to enrollment. Among the strategies is a      a single M.I.S. across all three disciplines, the current

     6              school initiative that will be launched to coincide with   status of service delivery and the challenges faced
                    expansion of Child Health Plus next fall.                  will be discussed.
Presenters:                                               Commission on Quality of Care and Advocacy for
Marie Morilus-Black, LCSW-R, Director, Family             Persons with Disabilities
Voices, Erie County Department of Mental Health           Sue Karicher, Supervisor, Adult and Family
Pasquale (Neno) D’orazio, Clinical Director, Erie         Services, Columbia County DSS
County DSS                                                Barbara Brundage, Director, Regulatory Affairs Unit,
Local District Operations Overview: Size                  Cynthia McDonough, Associate Attorney, Office of
Matters                                                   Counsel, OMRDD
Frequently Child Support Coordinator Surveys
include requests for information on how a particular      Child Support Coordinators’ Roundtable
task or issue is handled in other districts. Many fac-    Directors of child support enforcement will meet to
tors contribute to how a county child support unit        discuss current issues.
operates, including district population size and eco-
nomic health, budgets, staffing and local Family
                                                          Scott Cade, Deputy Commissioner, Child Support
Court operations. Size often dictates how operations
                                                          Enforcement, NYS OTDA
are handled—while larger districts are able to have
specialists, smaller districts need their workers to be   Indian Child Welfare Act: Collaboration with
more versatile.                                           Tribes
Presenters:                                               Tune in to valuable information that will assist you
Patricia Peck, Supervising Support Investigator,          in understanding the procedures necessary when the
Child Support Enforcement, Chenango County DSS            child may be enrolled as a member of an Indian
Randi Johnson, Director, Support Collection Unit,         tribe, including special rules regarding removals,
Oneida County DSS                                         Article Ten findings, terminations and adoptions.

                                                                                                                     TUESDAY • JULY 17
Martha Allers, Child Support Enforcement Director,        This presentation will cover the legal requirements of
Support Collection Unit, Dutchess County DSS              the Indian Child Welfare Act. You will also be treat-
Sherri Wood, Child Support Enforcement Unit               ed to excerpts from a new DVD training tool that is
Manager, Monroe Couny DSS                                 available to local districts’ voluntary agency supervi-
                                                          sors to train caseworkers on compliance.
Coffee Break • Sponsored by Accenture                     Presenters:
                                                          Rhonda Mitchell, ICWA Coordinator, St. Regis
10:45am - 12:15pm                                         Mohawk Tribe DHS
Concurrent Sessions                                       Jonathan Wool, Social Services Attorney, Legal
                                                          Affairs, Franklin County DSS
Investigation and Service to Vulnerable                   Kim Thomas, Native American Services, NYS OCFS
Adults with Developmental Disabilities                    Margaret Burt, Esq., Counsel to the NYPWA
In 2006, the state enacted legislation to amend a law
that was intended to step up the commitment of the        Employment Opportunities through Skills
NYS Office of Mental Retardation and                      Advancement
Developmental Disabilities (OMRDD) for ongoing            Program providers representing state and local con-
responsibilities for persons with developmental           tractors will discuss targeted job skills training/voca-
disabilities who live in the community. The law           tional education programs that help recipients enter
requires a new OCFS-OMRDD Memo of                         the workforce with enhanced job skills. State staff
Understanding (MOU) on reporting and                      will discuss efforts to increase the number of job
investigating reports of adult abuse. Local districts     skills training offerings available for public assis-
have entered into these mandated agreements with          tance recipients so they may increase opportunities
their local OMRDD Developmental Disability                for job retention and wage progression.
Services Office (DDSOS). The new MOU will be the
focal point for a discussion on the roles of the
                                                          Michelle Urbanczyk, Bridge Administrator, SUNY
MD/DD system and local districts. The panel will
                                                          University Center for Academic and Workforce
include OMRDD/DDSO, OCFS and Commission on
Quality of Care representatives, as well as a local
                                                          Sandra Bonner-James, Supervisor Eligibility
district PSA Supervisor.
                                                          Examiner, Westchester County DSS
Presenters:                                               Lonnie Spinozza, Supervisor Eligibility Examiner,
Paula A. Vielkind, Children & Family Services             Westchester County DSS
Specialist 2, Bureau of Adult Services, NYS OCFS
Patricia Johnson, Esq., Assistant Counsel,
                                                          Barbara Guinn, Director, Welfare-To-Work, NYS
                                                          OTDA                                                        7
                    What You Need to Know about Managed                      Lureen McNeil, Deputy Director of NYC Operations/
                    Care!                                                    Director of Recovery Services, NYS OASAS
                    What are the different Managed Care Programs             12:15pm - 1:15pm
                    available? What benefits are covered? What is the        Lunch
                    difference between Medicaid Managed Care and
                    Managed Long Term Care? Where can consumers              1:30pm - 3:00pm
                    and county staff get more information about              Concurrent Sessions
                    managed care? What reports are available, and
                    where do I go to get them? Are the reports usable for    OTDA TAMA Training Update on Temporary
                    planning or evaluation purposes? Do I need internet      Assistance, Food Stamps and Child Support
                    access or an HPN account to get the information?         Enforcement and Collection
                    These are just a few of the questions that will be       Staff from TAMA will be on hand to share informa-
                    answered.                                                tion on current training initiatives within OTDA,
                    Presenters:                                              including Food Stamps, Temporary Assistance and
                    Jennifer Dean, Director, Bureau of                       Child Support Enforcement and Collection.
                    Intergovernmental Affairs, Division of Managed           Presenters:
                    Care & Program Evaluation, NYS DOH Office of             Mike Prevost, Kevin Sullivan, John Thompson,
                    Health Insurance Programs                                Carlise Lovelady, Regina Andrews, Stephanie
                    Sandi Sanzo, Director of Medical Services, Broome        Boshart, Desiree Dukes, Lisa Rounds, Jason Moran,
                    County DSS                                               TAMA Contract Managers, NYS OTDA
                    Fiscal Roundtable                                        Patrick Mills, TAMA Systems Assistant, NYS OTDA
                    Topics including claim form changes, an update on        Will Zwink, Director of Training, NYS OTDA

                    the OSC HEAP project, system updates, child wel-         Multidisciplinary Response to Child Abuse —
                    fare finance and other items of interest to fiscal
                                                                             Basics to Best Practice
                    administrators will be discussed.
                                                                             During the last three years there has been increased
                    Presenters:                                              attention to multidisciplinary team investigations of
                    Rick Radzyminski, Chief Accountant, Office of            certain child abuse and neglect reports. This
                    Budget, Finance and Data Management, NYS OTDA            workshop will provide a review of current statutory
                    Dennis Lassi, Business Systems Analyst 4, NYS            definition, in addition to OCFS program
                    OCFS                                                     expectations for funding and implementing
                                                                             mulidisciplinary child abuse investigation teams.
                    Can We Talk? A Shared Vision for Families                Local social services attorneys who guided the
                    Affected by Substance Abuse                              development of the multidisciplinary teams in their
                    For the past fifteen months, OCFS, OCA and OASAS,        counties will share their experiences.
                    along with our county and NYC partners, have been
                    participating in an In-Depth Technical Assistance        Presenters:
                    (IDTA) project sponsored by the National Center on       Charles Carson, Attorney, NYS OCFS
                    Substance Abuse and Child Welfare. The focus of this     Renee Rider, Program Support, NYS OCFS
                    New York Partnership for Family Recovery has been        Thomas Hess, Bureau of Program Development,
                    on families with substance abuse problems involved       NYS OCFS
                    in the child welfare and family court systems.           John Sylvester, Social Services Attorney, Livingston
                    Workgroups have focused on cross systems training        County DSS
                    opportunities, funding issues and developing prod-       Janet Tullo, Senior Assistant County Attorney,
                    ucts to support responsive cross systems practice. The   Dutchess County DSS
                    Shared Values and Guiding Principles Statement and       Hear the Latest on the LTHHCP and TBI
                    the guidance on practice from screening to discharge
                    will be shared. Dialogue will be encouraged on how
                                                                             “Everything Old Is New Again” for The Long Term
                    to bring this to our collective work.
                                                                             Home Health Care Program (LTHHCP). This 1915c
                    Presenters:                                              waiver program began in the late ’70s as a progres-
                    Larry Pasti, Director, Bureau of Planning &              sive idea to avoid institutionalization of individuals
                    Intervention Design, NYS OCFS                            who desire to remain at home. It is due for renewal
                    Christine Sabino Kiesel, Statewide Child Welfare         in 2008. The Department is proposing changes that
                    Court Improvement Program Manager, Office of             will more effectively address the needs of individu-

     8              Court Administration, Division of Court Operations,
                    Office of ADR & CIP, Oneida County Family Court
                                                                             als in their homes. LDSS feedback on proposed
                                                                             changes is critical to the effective use of community
resources. This session will also explore the “Impact      ment strategies for adults who have failed to comply
of War: Brain Injury Update on a Federal Grant to          with work requirements. Given that over 20 percent
the TBI Program.” Under the auspices of the Federal        of cases include an individual who is not engaged in
TBI Act, NYS received a TBI Implementation Grant.          efforts to secure employment due to being sanc-
The Grant, in partnership with the Brain Injury            tioned, resources must be invested and new strate-
Association of NYS, will address the needs of men          gies developed to fully engage these individuals.
and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan
with brain injuries. It will assess the barriers and       Presenters:
constraints to optimal, accessible, seamless care and      Kirk Maurer, Commissioner, Chautauqua County
support services for military personnel, reservists,       DSS
veterans and their families, and will respond to those     Sandra Gilliland, Employment Director, Cayuga
needs with the appropriate outreach, information           County DSS
and support.                                               John James, Welfare-To-Work, NYS OTDA

Presenters:                                                Performance-Based Contracts: Forging Ahead
Doreen Sharp, Health Policy Associate, NYS DOH             Join in an interactive discussion on implementing the
Office of Long Term Care                                   new requirements for performance/outcome-based
Diane Jones, Health Care Surveyor 2, NYS DOH               contracts. The work done to date to survey current
Office of Long Term Care                                   county practice, develop self assessment protocols
Pat Gumson, Director, TBI Waiver, NYS DOH                  and provide technical assistance to counties will be
Judy Avner, Executive Director, Brain Injury               reviewed. A discussion on how to proceed to
Association of NYS                                         strengthen county accountability for results and
Managing for Performance                                   linking this initiative to county plans will be held

                                                                                                                    TUESDAY • JULY 17
Many districts have achieved high levels of program        with participants.
performance. In order to maintain and further              Presenters:
enhance child support performance, districts should        Jane Lynch, Deputy Commissioner, NYS OCFS
understand why the remaining caseload does not             Larry Pasti, Director, Bureau of Planning &
have paternity or support established. This session        Intervention Design, NYS OCFS
will discuss DSS experiences in reviewing caseload
and how such information can be used to manage             3:30pm - 5:00pm
performance.                                               Concurrent Sessions
Kevin Boyle, Assistant Director, DCSE, NYS OTDA
                                                           Legal Tools in Support of Protective Services
                                                           for Adults
Local DSS Fiscal Policy Dialogue                           This workshop will be an overview of the several
This is a local district only session. DSS fiscal admin-   legal tools available to the Commissioner of Social
istrators will discuss the various pieces of informa-      Services in support of Protective Services for Adults.
tion that they have acquired throughout the confer-        We will discuss Access Orders, STIPSO’s, Update
ence and the impact on social services. This is an         issues in Article 81 Guardianship, Representative
opportunity to share best practices and to discuss         Payee issues and how to use the Banking Law in
what others have done to put their districts in what       cases of financial exploitation.
they believe to be a better position financially.
Explore how your colleagues continue to handle the         Presenters:
changes with regards to FFFS, such as, decisions that      Rose Mary Bailly, Esq., Executive Director, NYS
are made regarding additional programs that were           Law Revision Commission
previously funded separately.                              Debra Sacks, Esq., Senior Staff Attorney, Sadin Law
                                                           Institute, Brookdale Center for Healthy Aging and
                                                           Longevity, The City University of New York
This session will be facilitated by local DSS fiscal
administrators.                                            Child Welfare Services Medley: They’re
Full Engagement: Outreach and Engagement                   Playing Our Song!
Strategies for Sanctioned Adults                           At this multi-faceted session you will:
District representatives will report on strategies         • Learn how the Teaming model emerged in
employed under the Intensive Case Services funding           Massachusetts as a CFSR Supervision Strategy

to enhance outreach and assessment services to iden-         and how it is being implemented in pilot districts
tify reasons for noncompliance and develop engage-           in NYS.
                                          • Explore the Substance Abuse/Child Welfare              local and state managers and clients. Learn about
                                            Collocation Project that is operating in nine local    how local districts will be involved in working with
                                            districts. CASAC staff are located in CPS offices to   the Roadmap vendor to identify SWMS functionality.
                                            be immediately available to screen and refer family
                                            members involved with both CPS and PINS cases          Presenters:
                                            for appropriate substance abuse and prevention         Gail Adams, SWMS Project Manager, IT, NYS
                                            services. There is a formal evaluation component       OTDA
                                            to the project.                                        Carolyn Karins, Director, NYS OTDA-DETS

                                          • Find out more about the McKinney-Vento Pilots          Identification and Prevention of Vicarious
                                            that are currently in development including the        Trauma and Secondary Traumatic Stress in
                                            state minimum funding, how the dollars can be          Child Welfare Workers
                                            allocated and the pilots that are in development.      Vicarious trauma (VT) and secondary traumatic
                                          Presenters:                                              stress (STS) are conditions that result in individuals
                                          Gail Haulenbeek, Director of Program Monitoring,         experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress dis-
                                                                                                   order from hearing about others’ traumatic experi-

                                          NYS OCFS
                                          Jim Brustman, Project Coordinator, CDHS                  ences. Social Services workers are at extreme risk of
                                          Larry Pasti, Director, Bureau of Program Planning,       experiencing these conditions. A description and the-
                                          NYS OCFS                                                 oretical background of STS, as well as information on
                                          Kathleen R. DeCataldo, Executive Director,               the prevention and treatment of STS for workers
                                          Permanent Judicial Committee on Justice for              individually and on an organizational level, will be
                                          Children                                                 shared.

                                          Nursing Home Transition and Diversion                    Presenter:
                                          Waiver and Money Follows the Person                      James Caringi, MSW, Doctoral Candidate, Social
                                                                                                   Work Education Consortium, State University of
                                          Conference attendees will be provided with new
                                                                                                   New York at Albany, School of Social Welfare
                                          information on the implementation of the Nursing
                                          Home Transition and Diversion waiver and the             6:00pm - 7:00pm
                                          Money Follows the Person demonstration program.          Reception
                                          Presenter:                                               7:00pm - 9:00pm
                                          Bruce Rosen, Director, Nursing Home Transition &         Annual Banquet
                                          Diversion Waiver, NYS DOH Office of Long Term
                                          Care                                                     9:00pm
                                                                                                   Hospitality Suite • Sponsored by CSC
                                          Now You See it, Now You Don’t: Child
                                          Support Chargebacks                                                 WEDNESDAY • JULY 18
                                          This presentation, which is designed for both fiscal
                                                                                                   7:30am - 8:45am
                                          administrators and child support coordinators, will
                                                                                                   Breakfast Buffet
                                          identify each child support function included in the
                                          quarterly chargeback process. For each function          8:00am - 10:30am
                                          identified, it will explain the source of the expendi-   Conference Registration
                                          ture and the allocation methodology, taking into con-
                                                                                                   9:00am - 11:00am
                                          sideration fixed costs, annual adjustments, reim-        Fiscal Meetings
                                          bursable amounts and processing timeframes.                 • Fiscal Administrators’ Association
                                          Presenter:                                                  • Fiscal Committee
                                          Kevin Boyle, Assistant Director, DCSE, NYS OTDA          9:30am - 11:00am
                                          SWMS: The Roadmap                                        State and Local Commissioners’ Dialogue
                                          The Statewide Welfare Management System (SWMS)           9:30am - 11:00am
                                          Project goal is to upgrade the legacy eligibility and    Legal Committee Meeting
                                          benefit authorization systems, while improving busi-
                                          ness processes, services and case management with a      12:00 pm
                                          single integrated view of upstate and New York City      Conference Adjourns
                                          case/client data. One of the SWMS initiatives is the
                                          “Functional Roadmap” Request for Proposals. This

                                          RFP is being used to develop complete functional
                                          requirements that better meet the needs of workers,
         NYPWA’S 138                                 TH
                                                          ANNUAL SUMMER CONFERENCE
                                                           J ULY 15-18, 2007
 1. Complete the Conference Registration form (upper portion) with all applicable information. Complete and return the form to the
    New York Public Welfare Association office with your voucher, check, or credit card information.
 2. Meals ARE included with overnight hotel packages at The Saratoga Hotel. If you want to order meals only, and do not need
    lodging, use the “Meals Order Form” below. Send it, with payment, directly to the NYPWA by Friday, June 15, 2007. Please
    note, meals are NOT included with the cost of conference registration, they must be purchased separately. Overnight hotel
    package meal tickets will be available at The Saratoga Hotel Registration Desk under the name listed on the hotel registration
    form. Tickets purchased with the Meals Order Form below will be available at the NYPWA Registration Desk.
 3. Carefully read the Hotel Reservation Policy, noting that the cut-off date for hotel registration is Friday, June 15, 2007.
 4. Complete the Hotel Registration form with all applicable information — be sure to check the correct rooming package and return
    the form to The Saratoga Hotel.

Refund of registration fee, less a $15 administrative fee, will be made only when received in writing and postmarked by June 30, 2007.

                                                                            Name _______________________________________________
                                                                            Title ________________________________________________
                                            Before             After
                                           June 1st          June 1st       County/Agency _______________________________________
                                                                            Address _____________________________________________
   Full Conference Attendance             $131.00            $146.00        City, State, Zip ________________________________________
   One-Day Attendance                      $84.00             $92.00
                                                                            Phone _____________________ Fax _____________________
  Please note that meals must be purchased separately if you are            Payment Type:         Check      Voucher         Credit Card
      not purchasing a room package at The Saratoga Hotel.                           MasterCard           VISA           Exp.: ________
PAYMENT OR VOUCHER MUST ACCOMPANY REGISTRATION FORM                         Number: ______________________________

If you are not ordering a hotel package, all meals must be purchased individually through the NYPWA by completing this
MEAL ORDER FORM. Return the completed form with payment directly to the NYPWA.
Name: __________________________________________________ Title: _____________________________________________
County/Agency: __________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________
Phone: _______________________ Fax: _______________________                         City, State, Zip: ___________________________________

                                                                           PRICE                                 SELECTION
     SUNDAY, JULY 15
      Reception                                                            $38.50
     MONDAY, JULY 16
      Breakfast                                                            $18.00
      Lunch                                                                $20.50
      Reception                                                            $40.50
      Breakfast                                                            $18.00
      Lunch                                                                $20.50
      Banquet                                                              $36.00
                  Please make your entree selection:                  Salmon              Beef
      Breakfast                                                            $18.00
                                                                              TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED: ________
     Please state any special dietary needs:          Kosher          Vegetarian           Other: _________________________

                                   Please submit conference registration and/or meals form with payment to:
                           PHONE: (518) 465-9305 · FAX: (518) 465-5633
       NYPWA’S 138                          TH
                                                 ANNUAL SUMMER CONFERENCE
                                                  J ULY 15-18, 2007
                                 HOTEL REGISTRATION FORM
  To reserve a hotel room, please fill out the form below and mail or fax it to the hotel no later than Friday,
  June 15, 2007. Please review the hotel reservation policy carefully before sending in your reservation.

HOTEL RESERVATION POLICY: This form must be used. All hotel reservations must be received by The Saratoga Hotel no
later than Friday, June 15, 2007, at which time the NYPWA room block will be released. Hotel reservations made after
Friday, June 15, 2007 will be accepted subject to availability. Reservations cannot be accepted by telephone. All rooms
must be guaranteed with either a credit card or advance deposit. Vouchers should be addressed to the hotel. Check-in
time is 3:00 pm. The Saratoga will facilitate storage of luggage if necessary. Check out time is 11:00 am. One form per
CONFIRMATIONS: Hotel room confirmation will be mailed directly to you from The Saratoga Hotel.
TAX EXEMPT DOCUMENTATION: Send tax exempt certificate when paying by check, credit card or voucher (one voucher
per person).
MEAL TICKETS: If you have selected a package that includes meal tickets, they will be available at The Saratoga Hotel
Registration Desk upon arrival. The meal tickets will be addressed to the attendee’s name listed on the reservation.
HOTEL CANCELLATION POLICY: To avoid a charge, reservations MUST be cancelled 48 hours prior to arrival.
NOTE: If you reserve a double room and your roommate cancels, you will be responsible for paying the single room
rate. Package rates are subject to applicable taxes. If tax exempt, a tax exemption certificate must be presented prior to

                                                                  Includes 3 nights’ lodging; Sunday - reception; Monday -
NAME: ____________________________________________                breakfast, lunch, reception; Tuesday - breakfast, lunch,
                                                                  banquet; Wednesday - breakfast
COUNTY/AGENCY: ___________________________________
                                                                     Single Occupancy.........................$614.40
ADDRESS: __________________________________________                  Double Occupancy......….............$456.90 per person
                                                                        Tuesday Banquet Selection:              Salmon   Beef
                                                                  PACKAGE 2: MONDAY ARRIVAL - WEDNESDAY DEPARTURE
TELEPHONE: _________________ FAX: _________________               Includes 2 nights’ lodging; Monday - lunch, reception;
                                                                  Tuesday - breakfast, lunch, banquet; Wednesday - breakfast
ARRIVAL DATE: __________       DEPARTURE DATE: _________
                                                                     Single Occupancy.........................$423.00
IF SHARING                                                           Double Occupancy.......................$322.00 per person
                                                                        Tuesday Banquet Selection:              Salmon      Beef
NAME: ____________________________________________
                                                                  ROOM ONLY
COUNTY/AGENCY: ___________________________________                For those conferees who wish to stay one night only, the
                                                                  special conference room rate will be $140.00 single and
ADDRESS: __________________________________________               $158.00 for double occupancy. If a second night is needed
                                                                  you will be charged the hotel selling rate.
                                                                  NO MEALS INCLUDED.
TELEPHONE: _________________ FAX: _________________                Sunday, July 15              Single              Double
                                                                   Monday, July 16              Single              Double
PAYMENT TYPE                                                       Tuesday, July 17             Single              Double
  CHECK (ENCLOSED)     VOUCHER (ENCLOSED)        CREDIT CARD      Specify Special Needs & Requests (Dietary and/or Rooming):
CREDIT CARD: ________________________ EXPIRES: _________          _______________________________________________________

                                              THE SARATOGA HOTEL
                                              ATTN: RESERVATIONS
                               534 BROADWAY • SARATOGA SPRINGS, NEW YORK 12866
                      PHONE: (518) 584-4000 • FAX: (518) 584-7430 • TOLL FREE: 888-999-4711

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