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					  ECE 370 a Design Assignment # 1A

                                          Inductor Design

       Design an inductor with the following specifications:

       a) Nominal inductance: L = 2.8 + 0.1N µH , where N is the last digit of your Student ID;

       b) Accuracy: not more than 5% deviation from the nominal value;

       c) Mounting: #AW30 wire on 1 MΩ resistor body, soldered ends;

       d) Nominal operation frequency: 7.335 MHz.

      Your design must be verified by the direct measurements of the inductance at the nominal
frequency. Quality factor of the inductor must also be measured by the direct method and by the
method of resonance curve.

                                          Software design

       Design software which

     a) Calculates number of turns n necessary to build an inductance of a given value L ; plots
dependence n(L) using equation on the page 4 of the Lab manual

       b) Calculates approximate value of the resistance of the coil using parameters of the wire;

     c) Calculates value of the capacitor needed in the circuit shown in Fig.1 on the page 2 of the
lab manual;

       d) Calculates and plots frequency response of the circuit shown in Fig. 1

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